If there be no State terror there may be no terrorist

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In reaction to a posting captioned ‘Sabyasachi Panda: crime under colonial definition is no crime per se’ published in these pages on July 26, a reader Arun Kumar Upadhyaya has hurled a comment with obnoxious and defamatory words. As these pages are not to spread nasty reactions in filthy languages, Upadhyaya’s comment is discarded.

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To this site, terrorists are not the original cause of terror.

The word ‘terrorist’ evolved from the French word ‘terooriste’ used by king of France and his tyrant team against the leadership of the French Revolution. The said revolution was aimed at ending the autocratic rule of the king and to usher in democracy and equality. So, obviously, by origin and practice, ‘terrorist’ is a word that was and is being used against the revolutionaries by the very same fellows who violate the people’s right to live happily and use the State to terrorize the people.

Had there been no State terror, there may not be any terrorist.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

How much misrule will convince the Congress party that it is time for it to change its Prime Minister?

In a country of simpletons and sycophants like India, where majority voters are uninformed and misinformed and where corporate controlled media rules the roost in public information and where the election system is suspected of vitiation by maneuverable Electronic Voting Machines and where the main Opposition is a party of profiteers and communal fanatics, it was not surprising that the Congress could bag majority seats of the Loksabha to lead the alliance styled UPA and to have its own man Dr. Mnmohan Singh as the Prime Minister again.

But, Dr. Singh has given such a rule that, instead of saying him to vacate, the Congress general secretary Dig Vijay Singh has already said that it is time, Rahul Gandhi should take over as PM.

Nobody in the Congress has said that Rahul should not take over as the PM. Rather the party spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan has clarified that Rahul may take over as PM whenever he so decides.

This is reflective of the fact that the Congress party is conscious about the reality that Dr. Singh has become a liability.

In fact, his economic policy has ruined the economy of the common man. The official notifications on ever increasing consumer price index and ever increasing doses of Dearness Allowance for salaried officials is strong enough evidence of the fact that his government has no control over profiteers, over exploiters, over market mafia. The priority he has given to transform India into a grazing ground of foreign, specifically American nuke traders, is conspicuous by its absence in stopping exploitation of the common man by the manufactures and traders of consumer goods.

In every sphere of administration, galore are instances of misappropriation and malfeasances.

The constitutional authority, whose duty it is to locate these dangers to democracy through test audits – The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) – is being ignored by administration as in the case of MPLADS or cold-shouldered and criticized by the central ministers including even the Prime Minister himself.

The CAG in its latest report on MPLADS has said that, even though in its earlier reports (1998 and 2001) it had pointed out various lapses in the implementation of the scheme, the government had slept over them for ten and eight years respectively and when Action Taken Notes were finally produced in 2009, it was seen that the same were lackluster notes sans any real address to the issues raised and action against the practitioners of malfeasances shown.

“The current report reveals that many of the shortcomings pointed out in those two Reports still persist”, the CAG has stated.

The current Report has unveiled various types of serious mismanagement of MPLAD funds all over the country. These are such offenses that many MPs should have been taken to task and even censured in the Parliament for having hijacked through masked agents the funds allocated for the scheme in their respective areas. But, instead of that, and without insulating the scheme from MPs’ politico-personal dragnets, the amount of the fund has been enhanced, just to keep majority of them pleased to stay safe in power.

If MPLADS is a sample of how the constitutional authority of audit is being sloughed over or rendered inconsequential in real terms, the 2G spectrum is a matter where even the Prime Minister has not hesitated to embarrass the CAG.

When the apex audit reported a massive loss of about Rs. 1.76 lakh crores to the nation’s exchequer by mishandling of the allocation of the 2G spectrum in 2008, Dr. Singh had came down quite rudely upon its conduct, almost rejecting its report on the 2G spectrum scam without making any mention of it, as inaccurate, imbalanced and unfair. In a CAG conference itself, on the very same day its Report on the scam was tabled in the Parliament, he had told the CAG that it must “ensure that its reports are accurate, balanced and fair”.

He disapproved the way the audits are being conducted.

“We may benefit more if the focus of audit is not so much on minute, individual transactions”, he thundered, because the 2G spectrum audit was minute audit of individual transactions.

As if the CAG in its report on 2G spectrum had indulged in fault finding, made a mere guess of the quantum of loss to the country and therefore had made an unreasonable estimate, he said, “Very often, there is a very thin line between fair criticism and fault finding, between hazarding a guess and making a reasonable estimate, between a bonafide genuine error and a deliberate mistake”. He wanted the CAG “to distinguish between wrong-doing and genuine errors, to appreciate the context and circumstances of decision making process”, as if the CAG’s report on 2G spectrum was a product of lack of its comprehension of “the context and circumstances of decision making process”!

Such Prime Ministerial attempt to demoralize the apex audit body of the country created by the constitution had never been made by any Prime Minister.

Before the seriousness of this vicious assault on CAG is fully grasped by the people, the country is rocked by bomb blasts in Mumbai.

When the central home minister P. Chidambaram has said that, “despite the vast intelligence machinery that is available ………. this one slipped through”, he has also said, “Having no intelligence in this case, however, does not mean that there was a failure on part of the intelligence agencies”. This shows how the central government is running under utter confusion.

Chidambaram’s statement has different ramifications.

On one, it is being assumed that the series of blasts were aimed at derailing Indo-Pak talks. The union home minister also does not differ. This possibility “is not ruled out”, he says.

On another, it may also be assumed that the blasts might have been planned to divert public attention from the growing demands for extinguishment of corruption and retrieval of the monetary wealth of India secreted in black coffers in foreign banks by the traitors in politics, in public service, in trade and industry and their lobbyists.

Whatever be the ramifications, the reality is that, “despite the vast intelligence machinery that is available”, so many persons have been killed and injured in the series of blasts in the same city of Mumbai that was brutalized by Pak terrorists on November 26, 2008. Had the surviving culprit of that attack Ajmal Kasab been hanged in honoring the court order, in time and in the spirit of the verdict, the July 13 attack might have not taken place. But Dr. Singh’s government has, by not helping diligently the President to reject his mercy petition, created a situation for the Supreme Court to save his life. This has emboldened the enemies to terror attack again.

The Supreme Court has made it clear that if mercy petitions are not disposed off within three months of receipt of the applications, the Court would be constrained to commute death sentences to life imprisonments if moved by the culprit.

A Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in Triveniben vs State of Gujarat had refused on February 7, 1989 to place a time cap on disposal of mercy petitions. Yet, on September 18, 2009, in Jagdish v State of Haryana it has said, “A self-imposed rule should be followed by the executive authorities rigorously, that every such petition shall be disposed of within a period of three months from the date on which it is received. Long and interminable delays in the disposal of these petitions are a serious hurdle in the dispensation of justice and such delays tend to shake the confidence of the people in the very system of justice” and, thus has justified commutation of death sentences to life imprisonment in various instances, in one instance, even saying, “These delays are gradually creating social problems by driving the courts to reduce death sentences even in those rarest of rare cases in which, on the most careful, dispassionate and humane considerations death sentence was found to be the only sentence called for”.

The government of Dr. Singh, by delaying the execution of death sentence “found to be the only sentence called for” in Mumbai 26/11 offense, is foiling the sentence inasmuch as Kasab, the guilty Pak-terrorist, because of the tremendous delay in disposal of his mercy petition, is likely to use the Apex Court orders quoted supra to judicially escape the gallows.

Meretricious sympathy of Dr. Singh with the victims of the 13th July blasts is not going to show that he is not responsible for the climate of Pak-terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Because of self-defeating politics in Parliament, the country could not know the real role Dr. Singh had played as Reserve Bank Governor and Finance Minister in the matter of the notorious Pakistani Bank of terror funding, the BCCI, which had, despite warning from RAW, been allowed to operate in and from Mumbai.

But if the 13th July blasts in Mumbai took place “despite the vast intelligence machinery that is available” as the Union Home Minister has said, it was because of lack of appropriate monitoring and coordination amongst the intelligence agencies. To make the intelligence agencies accountable, the Home Minister has submitted a proposal to create a National Counterterrorism Centre (NCTC); but Dr. Singh has not cleared it as yet.

Both the Prime Minister and Home Minister are confusing the country by using the term ‘terrorism’ against both the enemies and patriots of the country – against the terrorists from beyond the border and against the Indian progressive radicals – leading to common man’s failure in differentiating between the two types. Therefore, the intelligence agencies have been failing in spotting the cross border terrorist though the common man.

If the difference is not distinguished in the Home Minister’s proposal, the envisaged NCTC will be of no utility for betterment of India, as and when the PM clears the proposal and the central government constitutes it.

But, at the moment, relevant it is that Dr. Singh is sleeping over the proposal of the home minister to create NCTC for ensuring accountability of the country’s intelligence agencies, which might have made them alert enough to catch the culprits before the blasting took place.

No further proof of misrule is necessary. Look at any area, people are in ruins. But the people had never given majority mandate to the Congress party to ruin them. Hence, is it not the time for the Congress party to replace Dr. Singh with anybody that can try to change the scenario and retrieve the country’s dignity?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

One year ago on November 26, India had to face bloody terrorists from Pakistan at Mumbai. In different parts of the country different persons and organizations are observing the first anniversary of this nasty day in lighting candles in honor of victims of the terror strike and in organizing human catenae to symbolize their solidarity with the people against terrorism. Members in the Parliament have, at commencement of the day, paid homage to victims of 26/11 by standing up in silence for two minutes.

It would be wrong to describe this “anniversary” observance as an instance of how much we Indians are capable of making a farce of our patriotism.

But why are we as a nation so passive in our reaction?

We have Governments that have confused us in the matter of terrorist threats by concentrating more on projecting the opponents of exploitation as the terrorist and pressing military might to extinguish them in a style that has the mischief to dilute the definition of terrorism. The active leftists, whom the usurpers of political power have been branding as terrorists, are the persons that the exploited, wretchedly poor and helpless population, forming the majority in our country, look at as their redeemers. Instead of preserving the word “terrorist” for perpetrators of cross border terrorism, the right-wingers in power have consistently used the term for the left ultras. As left ultras enjoy political credibility because of being the strongest opponents of exploitation, the word “terrorist” as their official epithet has gained such credentials that it has lost the reason to be looked upon as a word to be despised. Most of India’s socio-political thinkers have not yet cogitated upon this point. Unless we drop the word “terrorist” from use against the left ultras, the cross-border terrorists may also be mistaken as opponents of exploitation.

November 26 calls for application of alert collective mind to this aspect. We shall have to stop use of the word “terrorist” and use of uniformed forces of the country against left-ultras if we are serious on concentration against real terrorists such as those that shocked our nation on this day last year.

But this would not be enough. We are to find out who provided the Pak terrorists the environment they needed to strike like they did in Mumbai.

It is well on records that the USA was funding and instigating Pakistan to mount terrorist attacks on India. Their Home Department Documents bear rampant evidences. But our Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh is a strong ally of USA. And, when he was the Chief of our Reserve Bank, an USA pampered Pakistani Bank called BCCI, known as the Bank of Pakistani terror-funding, had bagged RBI cooperation to spread its tentacles in India in stark disregard to warnings from our country’s main external intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing).

Even as this Bank was unmasked by USA Congressional investigations and was banned in different countries, its activities went on uninterrupted in India and then as the Union Finance Minister Dr. Singh had tried to shield it from public knowledge. Even the parliament of India was hoodwinked.

People should have the details of this sordid scenario through publication of all reports and discussions on BCCI vis-à-vis the records of USA role in instigating Pakistan against India to the extent the government knows with explanation thereto, if any, so that the real masterminds behind the creation of environment for 26/11 attack on India could be known.

The motion regarding collapse of BCCI had to collapse under a secret pact of the Congress party with the BJP, as its stalwart Jaswant Singh who had moved the motion. However, as the debate was abruptly ending, Dr. Singh had told the House that he would look into the matter afresh.

“Whatever has been said on the floor of this House I would transmit to the Reserve Bank, to our intelligence agencies. I may also inform the House that I have appointed, rather the Reserve Bank have appointed M/s. Billimoria and Company to do a comprehensive audit of the activities of the Bombay branch (of BCCI) right from the date of its inception”, he had then said.

What did report Billimoria and company? Why Dr. Singh has not revealed that to the nation so far? Why should we not look at him with suspicion, when we know the USA link with Paki terrorism and how imitable is USA to Dr. Singh?

It is time; we should be serious about the background of 26/11 and the environment of terrorism that our motherland is subjected to.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The tenth Lok Sabha in its first session was in debate over a motion moved by BJP’s Jaswant Singh on collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which was a Pakistani Bank of terror-funding and drug trafficking. The motion was discussed in our Lok Sabha, because, under the cover created by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) this dirty Paki Bank besides having shattered the depositors including various institutions and nationalized Banks of India that had obviously under Finance Ministry pressure invested massive money in it, had ushered in danger to our security. Hints to this were given in our posting on 4th.

The then Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was exposed to have tried blackmailing tricks on George Fernandes to silent him on the question of who helped this dirty Paki Bank operate in India.
Starting his speech, Fernandes told the House that in order to “understand the ramifications of the issue”, which was “being debated upon in the House”, it should be the first thing to know, “why and how did this Bank made entry into the country and who gave permission for opening its branches”. Therefore, he said, he had written a letter to the Minister of Finance detailing why it was pertinent to know the facilitators of this Bank in India.

“In response to my letter”, Fernandes told the House, “The hon. Minister of Finance verbally unofficially communicated to me five minutes before the start of sitting of Lok Sabha, that if he gives reply to all the points raised in the letter then the previous Government, in which I was a Minister will come under clouds”.

Fernandes narrated in the House whatever he had told Dr. Singh. “I told him that I have always admitted that all Governments make mistakes. Some Governments make more and some make less. All Governments are bad. But some are worse than others”. In such circumstances, Fernandes told the House, he had requested the Minister of Finance “to bring all the facts to light”.

But Dr. Singh did not bring all the facts to light. Therefore, even after 26 / 11, we are groping in dark about how could the Paki terrorists organized the Mumbai attack.

The Lok Sabha debate shows us that Dr. Singh and his colleagues in Congress had tried to obstruct Fernandes from dwelling on facts germane to establishment of Pakistani terror network in Mumbai through BCCI and the role of Reserve Bank of India when Dr. Singh was its guiding spirit.

Attempts were made by senior Congress members like Digvijay Singh and Ministers like R. Kumarmangalam, Jagdish Tytler, Santosh Mohan Dev etc to obstruct Mr. Fernandes. As he protested and sought protections from the Chair, the Chairman said, “George Sahib, I know your trend of thought is broken a number of times”. But he could not control the Congress members who were determined not to allow Fernandes to proceed with his speech.

The attempt to stifle the discussion was so sharp and sinister that a member, Srikant Jena asked the Chairman, “Is this the way to conduct the House?” and riding over “interruptions”, the Chairman had to say, “Honorable gentlemen, I have been trying to regulate the debate with all the fairness at my command. I agree that Mr. Fernandes was frequently interrupted”.

Why was Mr. Fernandes “frequently interrupted”? It was because, facts quite uncomfortable to Congress were getting revealed.

Let us go to the debate.

Dr. Singh had told the House, “the intelligence agency had reported in 1988 that BCCI has made overtures for acquisition of property and is trying to enter the hotel and real estate business in Lucknow and Bombay in partnership with Amar Rizvi”. Fernandes wanted to know “the role of Shri Amar Rizvi in facilitating entry of this Bank into the country”. Dr. Singh agreed that there was such reports from the intelligence agency, but “nothing was found”. According to him, “The Reserve Bank of India scrutiny of BCCI, Bombay branch did not reveal financing/acquisition of real estate business/property.”

“Before the Reserve Bank of India came in, Mr. Finance Minister, the intelligence agency had come into the picture” and “the intelligence agency viewed this as a fraught on the security risk”, Fernandes reminded Dr. Singh citing from the Minister’s own statement.

But Singh’s version was very funny. The intelligence agency had wanted the matter “to be looked into” and hence “the Reserve Bank of India looked into this. And, they said that there was no truth in it”.
Slowly but steadily it was manifesting that the RBI was used to blur the intelligence report.

RBI was also used to bestow credibility upon BCCI.

The BCCI Bombay Branch Depositors Forum, C/o Bombay Cricket Association, in a document signed by four prominent persons such as Madman Mantri, President Bombay Cricket Association, M. R. Pai, President, All India Depositors’ Association, A. N. Parikh and A. Lobo, after holding a meeting of the forum, had noted that the RBI had been keeping a watch on the activities of the BCCI, as they do in the case of nationalized Banks and they have been issuing certificates. “Since the RBI has a reputation for adequately safeguarding through maintenance of substantial statutory reserves and through tight controls, the interest of the depositors of all Banks operating in India, none of us had an idea that we would be devastated by double blockage of our moneys” they had noted in the document.

Stressing on this document Fernandes had told the House, “In fact, it was the Reserve bank of India, which granted BCCI the license to operate in India and which audited its accounts”.

When the BCCI cheated innumerable Indian depositors by sudden closure of its operations, the employees earning wrath of the public, in a way to seek protection, had raised a case in the Bombay High Court vide Ordinary Original Civil Jurisdiction, Company petition No. 389 of 1991, wherein they had wanted to say that they cannot be held responsible for collapse of the Bank as that was functioning under strict scrutiny of the RBI, which was continuing to certify in its favor.
“We will rely upon the statement made by the Finance Minister of India on 7.8.91 that nothing illegal or irregular is found in the working of the Bombay Branch of the BCCI”. This is what they had told the Court.
Fernandes had told the House that the employees were the “poor Indians who had been employed by the Bank. They are no way at fault; they were merely working in the Bank for their livelihood. Today, they are jobless; yet they are not worried for their future. Rather, they have expressed their concern over the fate of the depositors, those who have taken loans from the Bank, those who wanted to take loans and those people, whose business has come to a grinding halt, as a result of the collapse of the Bank”.

Fernandes had further mentioned about the BCCI’s “advertisement blitzkrieg” offering huge interests. “Many innocent people and institutions got lured by these advertisements and deposited their money in the bank, in the belief that their money was in safe custody as the R.B.I. was issuing them certificates”, he pointed out.

To the embarrassment of the ruling Congress, Fernandes had hinted on a letter from the British Organization of Peoples of Indian Origin signed by a member of the Government of India’s Consultative Committee for N. R.I.’s investments, Sri Prafulla Patel, wherein it was also mentioned that Indian Citizens “had deposited about Rs. 10,000 crores in India and the U. K.” in this Bank making it clear thereby that Dr. Manmohan Singh’s assertion that the “Reserve Bank of India scrutiny of BCCI, Bombay branch did not reveal financing / acquisition of real estate business / property” was contrary to actual and was absolutely misleading.

The massiveness of misleading ingredients in Singh’s statement got exposed when it transpired that the State Bank of India in UK had given loan of 50 million dollars to BCCI. Fernandes wanted to know as to why this loan was given to the bank that was ill-famed as Pakistan’s terror-funding bank. He further alleged that the Syndicate Bank, once most successful amongst Indian Banks, had to suffer “a loss of about 200 million dollars due to the BCCI.”

In 1986 it had come to notice that some Indian companies operating from Isle of Man purchased shares of Reliance Company of the BCCI. worth Rupees two crores on the basis of share capital of 200 Pounds. The BCCI-Reliance company link was earlier revealed by Fernandes when he had told the House that in response to a letter he had addressed to Minister of Finance, “the reply was given by an official of the company and in response to that letter, M/s. Reliance Industries also wrote a letter”.

Let us take a break and look at how apolitical eyes had looked at BCCI.

SUNDAY magazine (25-31 August, 1991 issue) had noted that according to sources, “the Research and Analyses Wing (RAW) had at least from 1975 onwards consistently opposed the idea of allowing the BCCI to operate in India. Time and again, the Agency had advised the Cabinet Secretary and high-ranking politicians not to let the bank in. The intelligence agency’s advice was based on evidence that the then Pakistani owned BCCI was engaged in secretly funding the country’s nuclear programme”.

TIME magazine of April 1, 1991 had noted, “Nothing in the history of modern financial scandals rivals the unfolding saga of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International. The twenty billion dollar rogue empire, the regulators in 62 countries shut down early this month in a stunning global sweep. Never has a single scandal involved so much money, so many nations or so many prominent people.”

According to journalist Lucy Komisar , it was “a dirty offshore bank that the then President Ronald Reagan’s Central Intelligence Agency used to run guns to Hussein, finance Osama bin Laden, move money in the illegal Iran-Contra operation and carry out other “agency” black ups. ……. Its corporate strategy was money laundering. It became the banker for drug and arms traffickers; corrupt officials, financial fraudsters, dictators and terrorists…..The money BCCI stole before it was shut down in 1991 — somewhere between 9.5 billion and 15 billion dollars — made its 20-year heist the biggest bank fraud in history.

Most of it was never recovered. International Banks’ complicity in the offshore secrecy system effectively covered up the money trail”.
Now let us go back to the debate.

Fernandes had quoted from the report of Enforcement Branch (EB) of the Ministry under Manmohan Singh that had said, “Another point that needs to be carefully examined in details is the source of funds provided by BCCI, London and EAB Hamburg, through the Colombo branch for purchase of shares of Reliance, on behalf of overseas firms. ….If detailed enquiries are made with the BCCI, London it may throw light as to how funds were received by BCCI, London for remittance to India for the above purpose and whom the interest/dividend and sale proceeds of debentures received from India on account of the overseas companies were actually disbursed. Such an enquiry may indicate the real persons, behind the transactions”.

That necessary inquiry was not done.

However, the EB had suspected some persons involved in India and abroad in purchase of Reliance share by NRI companies in Isle of Man and had insisted that they should be immediately interrogated and subjected to action under the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. Fernandes had brought to Lok Sabha records their names as the government had failed to act upon the EB report. They were (1) Dhirubhai Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Ltd. (2) Vinod Ambani, Company Secretary of Reliance Industries Ltd. (3) C.H. Chowksi, one of the Directors of Prabhat Fabrics Private Ltd. Stallion Private Ltd. (4) Pankaj Ishwarlal Kapadia, Share Broker (5) D. Chaturvedi, Chartered Accountant and Share holders of Companies of Isle of Man, namely (I) Krishnakant Shah and his family members of UK (II) U.C. Khamani of Djbouti (III) Praful Shah of USA and Mr. P.S.W. Henwood, Constituted Attorney of Overseas Companies of Isle of Man.

Ambani and the pack thus exposed in the Lok Sabha, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s ministry was also exposed.

Fernandes dived into the background of EB report. “The money was taken out of the country by Reliance and brought by Padiyar through BCCI into the country”. Stumbling upon this nefarious network of black banking, convinced of stupendous illegality involved, the EB has suggested for immediate interrogation and inquiry under the FER Act.
“Has the inquiry been conducted? If so, the facts thereof? What action has taken or proposed to be taken by the Government in this regard?” Fernandes had asked. But Dr. Singh had preferred not to answer.

Fernandes had raised the issue of corporate take-over to show how BCCI was “acting as a conduit for shell companies to bring into the country unaccounted money for investment in selected Indian companies, and indulging in various sub rosa activities including financing the smuggling of arms and other contraband material”. He had questioned the taking-over of Larson and Turbo by Ambani Company. The credibility of this company was so low that, he said, “The financial Institutions run by the Government of India, Life Insurance Corporation, rusticated the elected member of Ambani family by convening the very first and special meeting of the company”.

L & T was working for the defense department of India and in other fields particularly in the field of atomic power. Its former chairman under an affidavit filed in Bombay High Court had complained that his and his family members’ signatures were being forged to take over the company. Disclosing this, Fernandes had asked, “Would you like to hand over this company in the hands of the Reliance, and to its owner, Shri Padiyar, who was directly linked with smuggling out the money from foreign countries and who was transacting the business of B.C.C.I. from London?”

Dr. Singh did not react to this.

But the Congress members did not desist from stifling the discussion.

Sri Somnath Chatterjee of CPI(M), who as Speaker would be ill-remembered by history as the man that betrayed his party in the matter of Manmohan Singh’s nuke deal with USA, had at that time contributed a well-documented discussion on the motion. “The main charges against BCCI includes defrauding depositors, giving out dubious loans to select customers, acting as conduit for terrorist activities and CIA operations and having played convenient bank for corrupt rulers of Third world to salt away their illegal wealth. There is a long list of accusations of bribery of the central banks of different countries, political authorities in various countries and acting as brokers in various shady deals” he had thundered, citing various documents including the News week that said, “The CIA had intimate knowledge of BCCI’s alleged dealings with terrorists, drug dealers and corrupt Government officials all over the world.”

Dwelling on BCCI’s connection with CIA and other networks of terror worldwide, Somanath had cited a Time magazine report that divulged, “The soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and the resulting strategic importance of neighboring Pakistan accelerated the growth of BCCI’s geopolitical power and its unbridled use of the black network. Because the U.S. wanted to supply the mujahedin rebels in Afghanistan with Stinger missiles and other military hardware; it needed the full cooperation of Pakistan. By the mid-1980s, the CIA’s Islamabad operation was one of the largest U.S. intelligence stations in the world.” But the inquiry instituted in U.S. against such backdrop was limping. The Times magazine, attributing the information to a U.S. intelligence officer, had reported, “If BCCI is such an embarrassment to the U.S. that forthright investigations are not being pursued, it has a lot to do with the blind eye the U.S. turned to the heroin trafficking in Pakistan”. Similarly, in England also, because of the involvement of secret Service the investigations were being delayed by the Bank of England, Somanath had shown. It has been described as a ‘Cocaine Bank’ because of its large scale dealing in drugs and one of the biggest criminal enterprises in the world, Somanath had told the House quoting the Times magazine.

“BCCI has a definite role vis a vis funding the terrorist who have been smuggling arms into Pakistan which are being used in Punjab, Kashmir and other places”, he had stated.

“We are fighting with so much concern rightly in this country about terrorism; the whole country is now concerned about terrorism. Secessionism and terrorism, they are eating into the vitals of our country. Innocent people are being murdered. Innocent people are being kidnapped. What is happening in the country? I need not remind the hon. Members here. Everyone is highly concerned. I have no doubt about it. In such activities BCCI’s hands are seen. Therefore, should we not be extremely cautious, extremely careful and should we not revamp cur intelligence activities, particularly our economic intelligence activities, to find out what has really been happening?” He had asked.
“In that context”, Somanath had cried, “when we find that a new Branch was permitted to come up in 1983, certainly certain questions arise which I request the hon. Finance Minister to answer, because, the files are not with us. What prompted the Government to do it?” Had Dr. Singh honestly answered, the country might have been saved from terror attacks.

But he had stated, “As regards the points raised in this House in respect of reports alleging payments to Indian politicians and bureaucrats and financing of terrorist organizations by the BCCI (Overseas) Ltd., Bombay Branch, from the information available from the intelligence agencies and the Reserve Bank of India, there is no indication of specific instances or any definite information of that nature.”

What a cover up!

“Who has done this investigation, MR. Finance Minister? Has this investigation been done by your officers in the Reserve Bank? Will it be to their interest to disclose the facts?” Asked Somanath. “At what level the inquiry has been made by the Intelligence agencies? I would like to know who has made this inquiry. Where are the reports? Will you share them with the House if they are in favor of the BCCI?”

Manmohan did not answer.

“If nothing against the country’s interest has been found out, then share it with us and let us see those things”, Somnath demanded.

It was never shared.

On the other hand, the Congress had coined a secret pact with BJP to save its skin as in course of the debate the role of its leaders from Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi in helping this dirty Bank entering into India and spreading its nefarious activities had been exposed over and above unveiling of the patronization it was getting from the Ministry of Finance of the day.

To the greatest relief of Dr. Singh, the mover of the motion, Jaswant Singh had withdrawn the motion.

“In the chamber of the Speaker, …… the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and others and indeed the hon. Speaker said: why do you not concede to the fact that you would withdraw your motion at the end of the debate? So, I am bound by my word, and I seek the leave of the House to withdraw my motion” was the withdrawal statement of Jaswant.

Safe, being aware of the fate of the motion, Manmohan had told the House that he would look into the matter afresh.

“Whatever has been said on the floor of this House I would transmit to the Reserve Bank, to our intelligence agencies. I may also inform the House that I have appointed, rather the Reserve Bank have appointed M/s. Billimoria and Company to do a comprehensive audit of the activities of the Bombay branch (of BCCI) right from the date of its inception.

What had happened to that comprehensive audit? Who were the men behind the spread of the loot and terror network of that dirty Bank of Pakistan-CIA-Taliban combine in India?

When the Finance Minister of those days became the Prime Minister of these days, did he ever look at the report, if any, of audit that he had pronounced then in the Parliament?

Had the BCCI not acted as facilitator of Pakistani terrorism in India?

Should Dr. Singh not come up with the truth even today to save India from the pernicious grip of cross-border terrorism? Should our peoples not know who of the politicians and officials have betrayed them?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Not all that glitters is gold. So, not all the Non-Resident Oriyas (NRO) are what they look like. There are a few amongst them who emit aura of advancement in education and professions and specifically bask under the color of American link; but sometimes they give vent to such orientation that makes one see how misanthropic are they within.

One of them has posted a mail that reads as follows:

I am a bit confused. I in the following I read a lot of philosophy and a lot of good spirit-uplifting stories and how people are determined to change their fate amidst adversity, but did not get a prescription for “how to deal with naxalites”. Do we assume that all terrorists and hooligans use the same philosophy and methods? My question is why naxalite activities are strong in tribal areas but not in urban areas? Are police more corrupt in tribal areas than corrupt areas? I have answer to my own question: it is easier to hide in jungles than behind buildings. Just like tiger, elephant, bears and even snakes roam in the jungle so do the criminals, whether they exist in the name of naxalites or another violent group. USA realized this in the Vietnam war and used napam to burn down jungles. Still they lost the war eventhough they won a few battles.

Therefore, what Purna has suggested is a practical strategic approach. Men missing in the jungles of USA are searched through helicopter. Helicopter is an effective tool to search and estroy any moving object, be they animals or terrorists. We need to first accept the fact that naxalites and other violent groups are animals and have no place on the street or in the jungle. They need to be searched and destroyed physically. Those who try to study whey people become naxalite may find the reasons but have not yet found the solutions. If you arrest them and try them and imprison them, we need a lot of resources to build prisions, feed them, take care of their health and hire a lot of people to keep them behind bars. Simply destroying them is the most effective and efficient solution. The question of torture also does not arise in long-rage dissolution. The question of bribery does not arise because poeple flying in helicoptor can not be reached to be bribed. Their simple order should be “if you find any one carrying an assult weapon in a jungle, destroy them with the weapons”. I can not guarantee that any one has the guts to under take this search and destroy mission, but I do guarantee that if and when this can be done, jungle violence by human-animals will stop almost instantly.

As long as we chase them on foot, we will be just running around the circle with these human-animals throwing bullets, bribes and even brickbats at us from inside and outside the circle.
Civilized societies exist because they know how to control the uncivilized elements. Case in point: just two weeks back an Indian girl was chasing around her own mother and stabbing openly in front of every one terrorizing people in the town of Cary. Some one had the guts to call 911, Police came ordered the woman to stop, but she did not. Police gunned downed the lady instantly. Very appropriately, the police officer is being investigated for his use of force, but the criminal lady is no longer around to terrorize people. This will not be as easy for the naxalites and other violent groups, but it is doable. That is how Indian stopped Khalistan terrorists, is controlling violence in India-Pakistan border in Kashmir, and that exactly what is needed in Orissa and elsewhere. Mizoram is now prosperous because of the contribution of the Central Government Police Force and the Army. The smae thing is in the case of Nagaland. We need to send in the OMP (Orissa Military Police) for the search and destroy mission and put the local police where they belong: the police stations. Violence must be met with counter force”.

The writer of this mail lives in USA and heads a body that propagates American friendship. There are a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes in his mail. But as I am quoting his mail, I have not touched them. They help catch a glimpse of his ultra mental excitement that made him write the mail. However he is a relation of my childhood teacher and is emotionally linked to my village Tigiria. By birth he is also a highlander, belonging to ex-princely state of Dhenkanal. When Tigiria is his maternal uncle’s place my maternal uncle’s place is Dhenkanal. Therefore to me he is a man residing in my heart.

Highlanders, specifically of Orissa, are simple in mind and magnanimous in heart. Therefore I shudder to see the misandry in his mail.

Is the streak of mental terrorism sic passim in his mail cited supra any less terrifying than the terror attributed by him to the Naxals?

Or stay in USA degrades our village born simple natured brethren so low that in order to ingratiate themselves to American imperialists they feel no qualms in posting such mails calling for “destruction” of revolutionaries so that plutocracy can engulf India without any obstacle?

Cry Mother Orissa, cry. You have given birth to such children who nestled in USA are so much eager to keep the Americans pleased that they are resorting to mental terrorism in order only to please your exploiters back home and their mentors abroad. Cry Mother Orissa, cry.