Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The word Bethi is not available in English lexicons though the officials then posted as Political Agents of the British Crown for Princely States were well acquainted with this word in context of the Kingdom of Dhenkanal in Orissa.

In Orissa’s unique Encyclopedic Dictionary, Purnachandra Bhashakosha, its author Gopal Chandra Praharaj has created its English synonym. According to this authority, the word Bethi means, “Forced labour”. (Purnachandra Ordia Bhashakosha, p.5875).

Before independence, Bethi was the method of measuring the subjects’ loyalty in the kingdom of Dhenkanal.

Subjects were being forced to work for the King without any remuneration; even without any expectation.

Whosoever was reluctant to perform Bethi was termed a traitor and consequently tortured by the King.

During the reign of King Shankar Pratap Bethi becoming unbearable, peoples had woke up against the tyranny under leadership of Baishnav Charan Pattanayak, addressed respectfully as Veer Baishnav.

Though the Communist Party of India guided the movement, the Congress Party had also supported it.

Eventually known as Praja Mandal Andolan, the movement had grown massive on Veer Baishnav’s clarion call for extermination of Kingship and had spread to all the Princely States and had ultimately succeeded.

Kings were forced to merge their States in India to escape wrath of the commons.

Had it not happened, the India that was independent in the night of August 14, 1947 could never have had the geographic shape that the world is now able to see.

But the tricks of Time have subjected the son of the same King to Bethi this time in a different pattern.

Self-proclaimed “sainik” of Sonia Gandhi, K.P.Singhdeo has to make propaganda for contesting candidates of the Congress Party in Orissa in Election 2009 without being rewarded with any constituency for himself or for his son and even without any expectation.

He is to do this not as a politician wedded to a political economy; but as a “sainik” of Sonia Gandhi to show that he is loyal to the lady autocrat of Congress!

What a trick Time has played!


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Son of the former king of Dhenkanal, ill-famed for having killed Baji Raut through his mercenaries engaged to extinguish peoples’ fight for freedom, who had to merge his State with Union of India to escape peoples’ wrath, Sri K. P. Singhdeo is a self-proclaimed soldier of Sonia Gandhi and naturally, therefore, after being “appointed” as President of the Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee by the lady autocrat of Congress, he is supposed to have been doing his duties under directions of Sonia.

Hence, when Rohit Pujari, President of Orissa Pradesh Youth Congress till he resigned in disgust a couple of days ago, attributed his resignation to unbearable spread of stench in Congress as constituencies are being sold away to mafia and capitalists at huge costs in ignoring the youth that have contributed their might to keeping the party active after it was rejected in general elections, whom to blame, Sonia or Singhdeo?

Congress obviously is deep in shenanigans over ticket distribution.

It is alleged that the list prepared by the PCC is being tampered with at the behest of lobbyists that are trying to procure the constituencies of their respective choice for mafias they represent even as leaders with genuine concern for Congress have been trying to foil the selling away of party tickets to mafias and to ensure allocation thereof to genuine workers instead.

This is why announcement of candidates’ list is getting delayed; admit senior ‘leaders’ of Congress in Orissa.

Against such a scenario, it is interesting that the lady autocrat of Congress has declared that there is no better candidate for the Prime Minister post than Sri Manmohan Singh in Congress. This assertion of Smt. Gandhi, who does not know the fellows that really work for her party, is enough to show to what low the party has declined.

Under her grip the party has become such bizarre that provincial leaders are unable to understand as to who of the members in their province are genuine ones to whom party tickets could be allotted without hesitation.

The lady who does not know her party in reality and has ruined its internal democracy to keep it under her personal grip so that her son rules de facto over it, can possibly not find any other Indian than the ruiner of India’s pledge for socialism, Manmohan Singh, for the top post. In fact, during his incumbency, he has shown how sincerely he could serve the foreigners’ interest as evidenced in the nuke deal. For Sonia, nothing could be more splendid than this. Congress needs hands that would support her ally with Singh, “come what may”!

So, for the stench in matter of party tickets, if youth leaders like Rohit, who till yesterday were in the Congress, resign and leave the party in Orissa, whom to blame? Sonia or her “sainik” Singhdeo or both or all the misguided fellows who wrongfully believe that they serve democracy by serving Sonia?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

When it is essential for India that the election 2009 should be a battle between Ganatantravad (democratism) and Golamvad (factotumism), Rohit Pujari has resigned from the President post of Orissa Pradesh Youth Congress to which he was “appointed” four years ago and has joined BJD. Obviously he has his adherence to Golamvad as both the Congress and BJD are practitioners of Golamvad. In our observation on March 20, we have defined Golamvad and shown how it acts against democracy.

After the election programs were declared, not only Pujari but around a dozen of vote mongers have changed from Congress to BJD and vice versa, all of them being followers of masters of either of these two parties.

But the way Pujari has exposed the “Sainik” of Sonia Gandhi, K.P.Singhdeo as the epicenter of corruption in allocation of constituencies, is quite speaking on what is going on in the Congress.

Businessmen close to KP are collecting money from mafias to auction out constituencies clandestinely, he has alleged, shrouding simultaneously his observation over other members of the team “appointed” by Sonia along with KP.

KP has of course promptly pooh-poohed Pujari and another member of the “appointed” Presidium of Pradesh Congress, Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra has expressed happiness over departure of a “non-functioning” element that had kept the Youth Congress “inoperative”; but none of them has rejected his allegation of corrupt practice in constituency allocation.

However, the syndrome that craves attention is that disappointed vote mongers in Congress prefer the other platform of Golamvad, i.e. the BJD although persons such as Member of Parliament Archana Nayak feeling suffocated under Golamvad have left BJD to join BJP, the only party other than the left having practiced democracy in party management.



Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

India is in the battlefield to save her democracy. It can be saved only if Election 2009 rejects political factotumism.

All the political parties except the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the left parties are parties of political factotums.

The non-BJP and non-Left parties have no internal democracy. They of course have their respective party constitutions and on provisions thereof, committees like working committee or political affairs committee etc. But these are only contrived to show that they honor democracy and therewith to hoodwink the election commission and the gullible peoples of this country. In reality, individuals own them. The factotums claiming to be members of any of these parties call their masters or owners as high command; but the media has developed the habit of describing the owner of such a party as supremo. A supremo or the high command appoints any of his or her faithful factotums to any post in the party at any point of time and the person so appointed feels no shame in celebrating the said appointment. K.P.Singhdeo’s proud assertion, after being “appointed” President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee, that he is a Sainik of Sonia provides us with an instant instance.

There are only two political ideologies in the world: Capitalism and Socialism. In India, BJP has its real creed in Capitalism (in Indian language, Punjivad), the Left parties in Socialism (Samajvad). Political Science recognizes these two isms as isms of democracy (Ganatantra). Hence we can say, Punjivad and Samajvad, notwithstanding difference in application, are applied form of Ganatantravad (Democratism). But the Congress and its descendants like Trinamul Congress, Rastravadi Congress etc and individual outfits like the Biju Janata Dal of Orissa do not belong to any of these two ideologies. Their common character suggests that they have developed Factotumism, which in Indian language can best be called Golamvad.

Election 2009 has called upon the citizens of India to choose any of the two isms: Democratism and Factotumism. To say if they support Ganatantravad or they support Golamvad.

If India is to be saved, Ganatantravad is to b supported and Golamvad is to be discarded.

In other words, in the present context, if India is to be saved, BJP is to be supported. This is unavoidable for a democrat, as the other practitioners of democracy, the Left Parties, have established that they are too confused to be relied upon.

The allegation of communalism raised against the BJP is not relevant; because every political party in India is communal.

Communalism is display of personal religious preference in public. Any display of religious symbols or manners in public that may not match with the religious practice of everybody in the society is communalism. Why a Manmohan Singh displays his turban in the public? Just to project himself as a Sikh. This is communalism. Why a Navin Patnaik starts electioneering from the citadel of Sri Jagannath? Just to display that he is loyal to the Almighty of Sri Mandira in whom the peoples of Orissa find the unending stream to quench all their religious thirst. Is he not communal? Who of the Communists have opposed public worship of Durga or Kali in Kolkata? Are they secular? Or conversely, are they not communal?

So communalism is not the crux of concern at the moment.

The crux of concern is whether India shall stay a democracy.

India cannot survive as a democracy if political parties afflicted with supremo-syndrome occupy power. The factors and practitioners of factotumism must be kept away from power to ensure that democracy is put in hands of parties that practice democracy in their own organization.

In view of this, Communists having forfeited their credibility by shameless hobnobbing with agents of imperialism, Manmohan Singh yesterday and Navin Patnaik today, the only available practitioner of democracy in India is BJP.

And hence, if democracy is to be saved, in Election 2009, BJP is to be helped and helped by all the progressive people so that post-elections, it may morally distance itself from Arun Shouries and Pramod Mahajans and discard the plutocratic tenets that the Congress party under Sonia Gandhi with Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister has crippled the country with.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Memorabilia of the world’s unique icon of teetotalism now belong to a vintner of India, who, not for devotion to Gandhism but perhaps for projection of opulence achieved on basis of business in disregard to tenets of Gandhism, has purchased them.

If the items are real claimants to be called memorabilia of Mahatma Gandhi, there should be no doubt that Gandhiji is killed again on the auctioneer’s table.

When Gandhiji was physically killed in 1948, India was under a Congress government with Jawaharlal Nehru at the top. When Gandhiji is posthumously killed in 2009, India is also under a Congress government with the daughter-in-law of Jawaharlal Nehru at the helm of affairs. How coincidental and how sad!

There would never have been any Mahatma Gandhi had Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi not promised to his mother to remain away from wine and not have kept the promise till extinguished by bullets from the pistol of a fanatic of right reactionary political activism.

Before leaving for London in 1888 to study law, Gandhi had pledged to his mother that he would never touch wine. In the environment of UK, he fought against all odds to stick to this pledge. This pledge was in fact the anvil on which his real self was in the making. Though South Africa gave him the boost that eventually made Albert Einstein say, “Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth”, Gandhiji has confessed that for the activism he could adopt there, “the seed however was sown in England”.

So, it is clear that behind emergence of Gandiji as Mahatma, teetotalism was the main factor. In other words, teetotalism stands for Gandhism. Had Gandhism not been violated in India, wine merchants would never have emerged as power centers in the country and Gandhi’s memorabilia, if at all the articles auctioned at the East 57th Street headquarters of Antiquorum Auctioneers at New York are really so, could not have gone to a vintner.

More offending than auctioning of articles that have acquired an aura in Gandhiji’s name are the shenanigans involved.

If Government of India could have acted diligently and with devotion to Gandhiji, India should not have been subjected so helplessly to suffer the ignominy of watching personal belongings of the Father of the Nation, if at all they are that, bearing hammer hits on the auctioneer’s table.

Lest the peoples compel Manmohan Singh government, run by Sonia Gandhi, to get back Bapuji’s belongings, attempts were made to mislead the people through Tourism Minister Ambika Soni, who made a statement that the government has “been able to procure them through the services of Vijay Mallya, who was in touch with us (the government)”.

But the foul play of the Government stands fully exposed when Mallya is reported to have said that even as he was not aware of what Ambika Soni has said, “neither before nor after the auction, anybody in the government was in touch with” him.

So, obviously, either Ambika Soni or Vijay Mallya is telling a lie.

The Congress Government run by Sonia Gandhi through Manmohan Singh has embarrassed India by forcing her to silently watch articles, projected as Gandhiji’s, being subjected to hammer-hits on an auctioneer’s table. Let it not add further injury to this insult. So, let it clarify as to who of these two has told the lie and why.

How many times the peoples shall have to tolerate killing of the Father of the Nation?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Intolerance of the newly “appointed” chief of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee K.P.Singhdeo for shout of victory (jindabad) in favor of Youth Congress chief Rohit Pujari as was witnessed in Deogarh has precipitated a ban on any jindabad for any local leader in any Congress congregation in Orissa. But while contriving this elimination of applause for others, precaution has been taken not to stop singing of glory to Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul and to the man in whose favor she had mysteriously given up her seemingly possible premiership, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Media cell of KP says, except these three, jindabad may be raised at best for Rajiv and Indira Gandhi in special occasions.

Members of the extra-constitutional presidium of Congress in Orissa as well as its campaigner-in-chief know that any of them must act ex-officio object of applause in any meeting of or convened by their party till at least the general elections are over and thus there is no specific necessity of saying that the ban shall not affect them.

Congress workers, these days, have not known anything other than raising jindabad in favor of anybody who poses or aspires to be or is imposed upon them as their leader. They do not tell peoples of political economy. They do not emphasize on the importance of internal democracy in a political party. They know only one thing. That is raising jindabad in support of whoever bosses over them or whosoever represents the boss. On the other hand, whosoever wants to show himself / herself as a leader of the Congress in the village or panchayat or constituency level, cultivates sycophants in his / her sphere to raise jindabad in his / her favor. What should these fellows do if jindabad is banned?

Except Jindabad in their favor in hoodwinked or hired mouths, Congress candidates for so many years were never marked for having placed premium on political economy or any ideological issue during electioneering, at least in Orissa.

Not a single candidate of Congress party had discussed election manifesto of the party during entire electioneering last time. None of them had perused manifestos of rival parties and compared them with that of theirs and shown how the congress manifesto was better than others.

This time the same syndrome is also discernible. So far, nowhere in their meetings, they have discussed political economy. Only one thing they are saying. That is, the state government is unable to spend central government grants. The “appointed” presidium has declared that they will go to the people with this issue in their mouth. This makes it clear that their electioneering will be an act of mudslinging, not an act of politico-economic analysis.

Is mudslinging possible sans the sound of jindabad in support of the mudslinger?

With KP at the helm of affairs, Congress campaign is getting funnier day by day.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If a few fine persons are yet discernible in the Congress party in Orissa, Youth Congress President Rohit Pujari is one of them.

But to the newly “appointed” President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee, K.P.Singhdeo, he is “undisciplined”.

To teach him lessons on how to have discipline he has not hesitated to deflate him in public at Deogarh on February 19 in front of all the Congress workers of the district as well as onlooker public, just to show how apt is he in marshalling his autocratic might.

KP had gone there to attend a conference of Congress workers conveyed for stock taking of organizational condition and preparation for the general elections.

Congress is quite atrophied in Orissa and no evidence is required to prove that. This has happened to this party basically because of the distance its leaders maintained from its workers. So, it should have been appropriate for the “appointed” President of PCC to go there into the midst of workers quietly in a car and contact them with confidence in order to revive their confidence in the leadership. But KP, “appointed” by the lady autocrat of the party of the American lobbyists preferred to land there from a helicopter.

It was clear that the “appointed” PCC chief was eager to have a dazzling road show of Congress campaign.

To fit into this environment, the YC unit of the area also decided to add its color to the show. So, in a procession singing glory to their President Rohit, the YC members came to the meeting venue.

KP was irritated to watch YC members singing glory to Rohit instead of him. But when Rohit took the microphone to address the gathering and the YC members again raised slogans in his praise, it was impossible on part of KP to tolerate. He, in a conniption, dragged back Rohit from the addressing post and scathingly roared that he does not like “such type of indiscipline”.

It was not only a shock to Rohit, but also to senior members present in the podium and to the workers in the audience.

The PCC President “appointed” by the Congress autocrat could not understand that there was only youthful effervescence, no ill motive behind the behavior of the YC members. He took the slogans in praise of Rohit as an affront to his glorious presence! Whosoever showed any symptom of disapproval was browbeaten to keep quiet.

A shocked Rohit left the podium as well as the meeting venue followed by the members of YC.

And thus has begun the Congress campaign in Orissa under KP.