Oriya Print Media Condemns Rangabati Remix

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Rangabati remix, which has committed offence against Orissa’s State Anthem too, has been condemned by every Oriya who honors the distinction of Orissa in maintaining archaically significant specimens of her artistic and literary excellence.

There was a time, when culture vultures in neighboring states were claiming superiority over Oriya language. The issue was settled in Linguistic Survey of India where it was declared that the “Oriya language can boast of a rich vocabulary in respect of which neither Bengali nor Hindi nor Telugu can vie with it”. Years after, Bengal’s famous linguist Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee compared Oriya language with the languages of her neighborhood and declared, “Of these three speeches – Oriya, Bengali and Assamees – Oriya has preserved a great many archaic features in both grammar and pronunciation; and it may be said without travesty of linguistic truth that Oriya is the eldest of the three sisters, when we consider the archaic character of the language (I.H.Q. Vol. XXIII, 1947, p. 337).

So, the strength of Oriya lies in preservation of its unique works of literature, the speaking part of which is Orissa’s folk songs like Rangabati. Its uniqueness has been tampered with under filthy design of the avaricious rich under the banner of M.Tv.

This is blatant assault on the very libretto of the immensely popular song of Orissa by a gang in song business. This is song industry’s offensive onslaught on archaically important Rangabati song as well as on the State Anthem Vande Utkala Janani. YouTube is a platform where videos on incest sex spreads in unfathomable speed. No wonder the Rangabati remix is getting massive hits in YouTube. As incest sex is not the proof of legality because of hits the videos thereof gain in the internet platform, so also Ragabati remix, despite the heavy hits in YouTube, is not legal.

Every Oriya, conscious and proud of his/her belonging to Orissa, the unique land of preservation of her literary and musical distinction as mentioned supra, should wake up against this nefarious mischief of the new gang of tin pan alleys that has made and spread the Rangabati remix.

Eminent Editor Rabi Kanungo Condemns the Mischief

There is a brilliant editorial on the mischief in 9th July edition of Orissa’s major daily Suryaprava, authored by its editor Rabi Kanungo. He has held the supporters of the remix as similar to a son who presents to his mother a different person as his father after implanting his head on the neck of that man. As people of Orissa are keeping their eyes on the mischief, I am putting here the copy of the said editorial.

Rangabati remix_Rabi Kanungo

Orissa is equipped with unique data on its letters: Latest part of Sahitya Mahabharat launched

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

AMJournalist Asit Mohanty, the insightful untiring author, whose works cover major areas of Oriya literature, has come out with his latest part of Sahitya Mahabharat, a compilation of his column of the same caption, which Sri Soumya Ranjan Patnaik – chief of ‘Eastern Media’ where he works – released in the evening of January 27 in presence of Sri Rabi Kanungo, editor of Suryaprava, wherefrom the acclaimed column was reaching the readers every fortnight.

SM-CStyled in terms of the epic of principled battle, this part is presented as the second ‘Parva’ and with this, Orissa is now equipped with unique data that help studying contemporary Orissa’ scenario of letters, with its magnificence, and its contradictions.

The compilation provides Orissan authors with a perfect mirror to locate where black spots affect their brilliance.

The column ‘Sahitya Mahabharat’ had generated lots of interest in Orissa as its author was not in byline, but under a pseudonym: ‘Sri Sanjay’. Often hit with his depictions, fame-seekers and award mongers amongst Orissa’s persons of letters were wondering who Sri Sanjay was, even though sagacious analysis and style of the write-ups was making some of them assume that the pseudonym must be of Asit Mohanty.

Release of Sahitya MahabharatPublisher of the compilation Sri Saroj Bal of Orissa’s stylish publishing house ‘Time Pass’ used the occasion to take the curtain off Sri Sanjay. Asit Mohanty came out of the pseudonym.

Editor of Suryapraava Sri Rabi Kanungo gave a great account of the stir the caustic column was making amongst the State’s authors and how he was to disappoint many of his personal friends eager to know the real name of the columnist.

Editor of Sambad and founder of Ama Odisha Sri Soumyaranjan Patnaik, in releasing the book, expressed pride over having a colleague who so ably has acted such a sentinel of Oriya literature. True, many men of letters revolve around Estern Media. But, lest they feel embarrassed, using a pseudonym and that too in a different forum was not necessary for Mr. Mohanty, he said. Uncompromising criticism helps excellence grow and hence Orissa’s writers should welcome both the volumes of Sahitya Mahabharat, opined Patnaik.

Eminent author and scholar Prof. Biswaranjan discussed on the book. We like to share his speech verbatim. It is in Oriya language and meant for the Oriyas of the world.