Occupy BJD Campaign vows to retrieve the Party from Autocratic Grips

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Occupy BJD Campaign led by dissident leader Pyari Mohan Mohapatra had a tremendous display of support as an estimated 20,000 campaigners, in their “revolutionary congregation” (Kranti Samaroh) at Bhubaneswar today, vowed to retrieve their party from the autocratic grip of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

The Party that was created to serve the interest of the State as a regional sentinel has failed to protect the regional interests; and bereft of democratic practices, has fallen a prey to autocratic design of Naveen Patnaik, which must no more be allowed, roared Sri Mohapatra, the main architect of BJD victory in 2009 general elections.

Along with him, eminent leaders of Occupy BJD Campaign like Rajendra Prasad Singh, Jagneswar Babu, Mihir Mohanty et al made it clear that their campaign shall continue till the party is put back to democratic tracks and salvaged from commission agents.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and his yes-men in BJD are so panic-stricken that all out attempts was made all over the State to obstruct party dissidents to join the campaign.

Official machineries like the R.T.O.s and Police were used to ensure that the Occupy BJD Campaigners do not get transportation vehicles to reach Bhubaneswar.
In various political nerve-centers, the panic-struck yes-men resorted to tactics of criminal intimidation to dissuade the dissidents from attending the Bhubaneswar meet. They were subjected to physical assaults, wrongful restraints, bombardments, road-blockades, as has been captured live by media. Pelting of arsenals at the dissidents and attacks on vehicles carrying them were resorted to by the chief minister’s yes-men to frighten them away from proceeding towards Bhubaneswar to join the OBC. Yet, there were around 20 thousand members of BJD, who joined the OBC congregation.

The ruling party is discernibly in panic.

BJD members should take the opportunity offered by Pyari

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

People of Orissa are known for such disposition that it is impossible to imagine that the Congress party, the de facto owner of which is Sonia Gandhi, will get the mandate to rule, if Manmohan Singh should be continuing as Prime Minister till the election.

The people of Orissa, with their outlook inherently secular, will never vote the Communal BJP to power.

The Communists and progressive politicians are yet to unite to become fit for taking over the reign.

So, it is BJD which alone has the possibility of fetching a fresh mandate.

Yet, the mega meet it cooked at Berhampur on October 19 was to everybody’s knowledge a panic meet. Self-defense was sic passim in the speech of its ‘supremo’ Naveen Patnaik and the orations of all who spoke. The entire meet, from start to finish, was aimed at tackling the disillusionment now so discernible in the BJD rank and file. All out attempts were made to convince them that there is no threat to the party. But every worker and supporter of BJD who attended the meet was convinced that the party is in severe trouble. The reality is so very formidable that the preening prince of Bijudom, under whose autocratic control the party has drifted away from democratic norms, had to loudly hallucinate that he may or may not remain in power, but he shall have no reason to feel despaired. The sycophants of Naveen were such panic-struck that they forgot all political etiquettes and described their dissident colleagues as dogs that have betrayed the master!

All the BJD workers and supporters that had congregated there were not idiots. They understood that fear of fall has engulfed the BJD top brass.

So, BJD is in real trouble. If this condition continues, it would not be possible for BJD to bag a fresh mandate; though, till the Communists and progressive forces offer an alternative, this party is more desirable than the rest of the right-wingers.

BJD rank and file ought to understand the importance of the historical role they are to play to save Orissa from the American agents and the communalists. Therefore they ought to understand why Naveen is shuddering under fear of fall to the extent of hallucinating: “I may or may not stay in power………….”

Why should BJD get rid of Naveen

Naveen has ruined Orissa. Under his rule, the land-grabbers and mine-looters have used Orissa as their grazing ground. He has used his chief-ministerial prerogative to put the mines portfolio in the hands of first-time-ministers who, over-obliged to him by having a place in the cabinet, psychologically stay ready to carry out whatever instruction he should be giving in matters of mines allocation. Orissa has possibly suffered a loss of four lakh crores of rupees due to loot of mines; because of deliberate bestowment of the mines department to inexperienced first-timers in the cabinet (Odisha’s Proxy Mining Ministers: Sirish C.Mohanty, The Industry and Mines Observer, August 16-31, 2012, p.17). His government has collaborated with illegal mining to the drastic destruction of our eco-systems. Even the Similipal Biosphere Reserve has suffered horrific threat to its existence because of mining. He has given every reason to suspect that he has been acting a comprador, even as indigenous people are left in the lurch to perish, as Naveen has stood with the pernicious private industries. The entire State is drowned under corruption. People are distressed as disillusioned are the genuine workers of BJD.

This reality has given birth to Jan Morcha. It is remarkable that Pyari Mohan Mohapatra, the real architect of BJD victory in 2009 election, in founding this Morcha, has no ill motive against BJD. He and his intimate colleagues in the Morcha have made it clear in their Press Meet on October 19, that, they want internal democracy to return to the party and the party be made people-centric instead of being industry-centric. The Morcha is not to act against the BJD, but wants to cleanse the party of the black sheep and corrupt, commission agents and to extricate it from the autocratic clutches.

If this happens, the people will not reject the BJD.

Thus it can be said sans hesitation that Pyari and his team in Jana Morcha have offered the last opportunity to BJD members to save their party from being rejected by the people. The rank and file of BJD should avail this opportunity and educate each other in using collective wisdom to manage the party in a democratic way.

And, the party can be managed in a democratic way only when the members would get rid of the ugliest anathema to democracy that they call ‘the supremo’.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The multi-edition daily newspaper ‘Khabara’ run by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s estranged guide Pyari Mohan Mohapatra, is having illegitimate editions since two weeks as Prof. Biswaranjan whom the paper is showing as its Editor has relinquished the post since July 1.

Registration of Press and Books Act and Rules thereunder stipulate that a newspaper, in order to be legitimate, must have an editor. And, the publisher of the newspaper is bound to declare the name of the editor before the authority designated by the Registrar of Newspapers of India. Thus, sans an editor, publication of a newspaper is not legitimate and is punishable.

Sri Mohapatra, MP in Rajyasabha, was not only an IAS officer, but also had acted as the designated authority under the Act, knows the law. Yet, he has been running the newspaper by wrongfully using the name of Prof. Biswaranjan as editor, though he has resigned since July 1.

Prof. Biswaranjan had to relinquish his post because he was informed by the management of their choice of a different person as editor. This was necessary to configure the editorial rhythm of the paper with the need of its sustenance after Mohapatra’s estrangement with Naveen, which is bound to be aggressive editorial stratagem for fund raising that Prof. Biswaranjan could never have performed. What a gentleman should have done in such a situation, he did. He resigned.

But, as his name is yet being used as editor, worried over the misuse of his name, he has issued a statement to the Press, informing the public of his resignation. I got it through Sambad.

Besides being illegal, it is unethical on part of the management of Khabar to continue with printing Prof. Biswaranjan’s name as editor.

Prof. Biswaranjan, after his superannuation in State’s Higher Education Service, was approached by Mohapatra, a former Education Secretary of Orissa, to join as editor of Khabara, which he was proposing to publish.

Being a highly creative person, who, while even serving under the government had a great constituency of readers as an accomplished columnist contributing regularly to Orissa’s mainstream broadsheets, he was carefully considered for the post, because the management was sure that , Prof. Biswaranjan’s name as Editor, would launch the paper into massive public attention. Writing for newspapers being the Professor’s hobby and habit, he had agreed and thus the Khaabar had hit the news rack on 1 June 2008 with him as its funder editor and in sputnik speed it had emerged in multi-editions, from different nerve centers of Orissa like Jaypore and Sambalpur and even from outside Orissa with heavy presence of Oriyas like Surat of Gujrat.

Many noted names from amongst professors and writers of Orissa are being used by investors in newspapers to capture readers’ attention. But, these intellectuals are in reality not the men who matter in transaction of what newspapers are meant for. Media management in Orissa looks murkier day by day.

Tempest in the Land of Scams: Ruling Party in Peril; No Alternative Visible

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

There is a tempest in the Scamsterdom.

Orissa, the land of peace-loving people, turned into a land of scams by the compradors in power, is seeing its ruling party rushing into peril. Yet there is no political alternative visible.

The BJD is breaking.

Its president Naveen Patnaik, has suspended Pyari  Mohan Mohapatra, the real architect of the party’s 2009 electoral victory, due to jitteriness over news that he was trying to snatch away from him his twelve years old position as head of the State’s political government. The action is authored to dismiss him.

A year ago, on 23 May 2011, I had foreseen this. My caption was, “If Pyari Mohapatra is not dismissed, he will replace Naveen Patnaik as CM“. My analysis has come out correct. What I had expected to happen, has happened.

To stay safe in power, Naveen has played such stunts many times earlier. Whenever he has apprehended threat to his position from any member of the party, he has dismissed him/her from the cabinet or party post, even from the party, hurling unestablished charges and on flimsy grounds. To save his own skin, when a scam is exposed, he has also found scapegoats in any of his colleagues.

This time, along with Mohapatra, he  has suspended two MLAs and dismissed three ministers from his cabinet because of suspicion that they were one with Pyari in the internecine rebellion.

But like the ministers or members dropped from the cabinet and/or dismissed from the party on earlier occasions, these persons are not the victims of Supremo-syndrome. These are the people, who, in the pack of sycophants constituting BJD, are of leadership quality reflected in their wisdom to  revolt against the scams that have ruined Orissa.

Along with time, the rebels in BJD are bound to rise in numbers. Orissa is devastated by so many scams in the regime of Naveen Patnaik, that, people are looking at everybody known as his loyal colleagues with suspicion as a possible  scamster for which,  many in BJD, who are not involved in the scams, are feeling very awkward, embarrassed and  suffocated.

They are in BJD, simply because there is no alternative available to them.

But they also know that the BJD brand will not help them in the next election.

Therefore they will try to explore if any alternative to Naveen could be discovered or built up.

Pyari Mohapatra has taken the first welcome step in this regard.

Many of BJD members will join him in course of time as people will wake up to save their State, which is bound to happen, and it would be increasingly clear that siding with scamsters will lead to their rejection in election.

By demanding CBI investigation into mining scams, Mohapatra has made it clear that saving Orissa from the scamsters will be his principal approach to election.

Mohapatra’s distinction

In fact, Mohapatra was the brain behind electoral victory of BJD in the last election. He shattered Naveen’s two-term old coalition with BJP by choosing its strongman K..V.Singhdeo’s political nerve centre Bolangir as the launching pad of his unilateral battle against BJP. He surprised everybody including his party by pronouncing his declaration to plant BJD candidates in all the constituencies in Orissa. Heavyweights in BJD, such as Dr. Damodar Raut did not hesitate to criticize Mohapatra’s assertion; but there was none to stop his steps.

Mahapatra’s steps not only broke the coalition with the rightist BJP, but also paved the way for electoral understanding with the left, thereby giving the party of compradors a cover of progressive color, which helped it face the electorate in a renewed spirit. Had it not happened, Dr. Raut who is leading the present attack on Pyari, might himself not have returned to the Assembly, the left being of immense influence in his area.

Mohapatra’s declaration that, in all the constituencies under occupation of BJP, there shall be his party candidates, also instantly ignited hope and aspiration in  the low lying constituency level leaders of BJD for berths in the legislature, resultantly waking them up to ensure victory for the party, while leaving the unprepared former ally entirely perplexed.

This is why BJD had won.

BJD had won not because of popularity of Naveen, but because of assertive acumen of Pyari, which augmented the feeling of freedom to contest that the BJD workers in BJP constituencies were not having till then, because of the coalition.

Had Mohapatra not done this with determination and in time, the results of the election would have been different and Naveen could not have become the Chief Minister again.

The position was such, that,  had he wanted, after the election, except at best a dozen of coastal area MLAs and a single MLA from Ganjam, all other MLAs of BJD could have stood behind him and instead of Naveen, he could have become the CM.

Yet, like Chanakya (Pyari was being aptly called Chanakya of BJD so far) he preferred to remain a king maker and therefore, it became possible for Naveen to become the CM , for the first time, on the strength of a single party, not of a coalition.

Naveen’s Predicament

But, curiously,  when in the preceding two terms of heading a coalition with BJP, he had not faced any rebellion, either in the segment of allies or in his own party, Naveen is facing it now while heading his own party government and  to such of his wit’s end, that he is not able to distinguish between personal loyalty and political prudence.

The situation shall not improve for him. He is in such a situation that he cannot escape the land-grabbers. He cannot extricate himself from the traps of POSCO, Vedant, Tata and the likes. None of these industries have come to Orissa on invitation of its government to execute projects planned and required by the State. They were in search of lands and mines; and have stumbled upon Orissa, where, to their advantage, compradors are in power. They have gained over the compradors in such manners that the State is waging wars on its own people at their behest. They are in a position to blackmail Naveen if at any point of time within his incumbency he dares to stop serving their interest. Thus it is not possible for Naveen to refuse to dance to the tune of the corporates.

In such a situation,  whosoever in BJD is not involved with the scams and has respect for prudence in public life and loyalty for the motherland, will rise in revolt against him and join Pyari.

Plenty of sycophants
sans leadership quality

In the last more than a decade, precisely since BJD was formed, none but Pyari has proved to be a person of leadership quality. In the party of sycophants, he alone was the man from whom, the people know, the Chief Minister was taking instructions.

Now as he has been jettisoned, Patnaik will stay surrounded by the sycophants and, by the vested interests. Plenty of sycophants sans political acumen would be of no use to Naveen. This will further push Orissa into labyrinths of scams that people would  no more tolerate. BJD ‘s peril will further deepen and deepen beyond management.

Orissa in turmoil

But it shall not end Orissa’s turmoil.

A political alternative to Naveen would be needed to save her from the scamsters, from the compradors.

Pyari, in the present environment, cannot give that alternative.

Because, being the de facto Chief Minister all these years, he cannot convince the people that he was not a party to the crimes committed by the de jure CM against the people.

To be able to offer the alternative, he is to come out with details against Naveen, because he knows where, when and how the CM has played his part in the scams.

He has started demanding for a CBI investigation into mining scam. Mining is not the only scam that has hit Orissa. The State is scam-stroke. And, Pyari knows it.

So, if he is sincere to the new role he aspires to play, he must reveal all that he knows of all the scams and all the details of Naveen’ collaboration therewith.

Instead of stressing on CBI inquiry, he should divulge details to the general public and thereby help the general public treat the traitors with appropriate action.

Biju experience

Let us not forget that Biju Patnaik, father of Naveen, on capturing the Chief Minister post for the first time, by prevailing upon Jawaharlal Nehru to quash Harekrushna  Mahtab’s coalition with Bolangir’s former king R.N.Singhdeo, had generated so many scams that there was a mass uprising against him led by the students and youth of Orissa, consequent upon which he was forced out of office, though the Congress leadership in the center had given his dismissal a veil styled Kamraj Plan.

The Central Government had tried to hoodwink the people with a Cabinet Sub-Committee investigation, which, in fact, was a covering up exercise to help the bigwig of their party; but because of unrelenting protests against such protection to Biju, it had been forced to institute a probe by the CBI into allegations of scams against him.

The CBI tried its best to protect him also; but could not entirely ignore the massiveness of the scams he had masterminded and executed. It recommended for further investigation by a more powerful body alleging that the Orissa government (run by the party of Biju) did not properly cooperate with the sleuths conducting the probe.

The central government, instead of acting against Biju, slept over the CBI report.

What happened?

People punished Biju in the following general election, by bringing in the revived combine of Mahtab and Singhdeo (the coalition of Swatantra party and Jan Congress).

Biju tried to to return to power by forming a new regional party. But the people refused him mandate in the next election too.  

So, instead of demanding a CBI inquiry, Mohapatra, if he is sincere in what he says, should place details of Naveen’s role in the mining and all other scams before the general public, so that the people can take their own decision.

Unless he does it, he cannot be the expected alternative, though, because of him, the ruling party of Orissa is certainly in peril.

Congress cannot be the alternative

India of the majority Indians is perishing because of the Congress; because of Manmohan Singh’s pernicious economic policies.

The cause of India is sabotaged to provide a bonanza to nuclear traders of USA. Fraud has been played upon Indian Constitution to serve the interests of avaricious industries and corporates.

The crimes that the Congress has committed against the country ever since Manmohans and Miukherjees and Montakes and Sonia’s and sycophants have emerged as planners and leaders are so monstrous that it would be a folly to accept the Congress as the alternative to Naveen in Orissa.

This is such a party that its central leadership has helped Naveen to defeat Congress in Orissa and to continue in power. To retrieve our democracy from the grip of plutocracy that its leadership has shaped, it should be the country’s top priority to get rid of the Congress and hence it would be wrong for Orissa to accept the Congress as an alternative to the BJD.

Despite cleaner members, BJP is neither

On the other hand,  when in power, BJP was a party having a national president in a man like Banguru Laxman, now convicted with four years of rigorous imprisonment for having received money to facilitate a deal though thereby the country’s defense was to have been endangered.

Its government was a government also of George Fernandiz whose official residence was being used as a bribe hub in defense deals.

No government till then had a disinvestment ministry addressed to divest India of her industrial assets at the behest of private operators.

For the first time in India, a new pattern of culture was created and created by the BJP led government. It was the culture of corruption.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s blue eyed boy Pramod Mahajan, son of a low grade low-paid school teacher, had been able to amass an unestablished assets worth Rs.2000 Crores within a short span of time in the BJP regime.

This culture was so much in practice by BJP bigwigs that eight of its MPs were caught taking money for  putting questions in Parliament, from from fellows who had ulterior interests in those questions. The Parliament had to dismiss them from membership to save its own dignity.  

This party is also a party of real life compromise with the Congress. It had never condemned Jaswant Sinha for the farce he made of the Parliament in matter of BCCI, the bank of terror funding. There are many such instances where BJP’s expertise in sabotaging the cause of Indian democracy is so huge that depiction thereof is beyond the power of words.

For Orissa, therefore, this party may not emerge as the alternative, even though it is true that there are many in it, whom people of the State know as less corrupt and more competent than others.

Remote possibility

In the circumstances, an united left is the only credible alternative which can be made available to Orissa, if both the Communist Parties – the CPI and CPI(M) – can convince the people that they are repentant for their hobnobbing with the right viruses in the past in thirst for power and honor the revolutionaries whom the compradors are condemning and their collaborators in administration are torturing.  

Such a left combine can constitute a progressive front with Pyari babu and his team of the BJD rebels; and, if this could be possible, it may also be possible for the less corrupt elements of BJP to join hands with this front.

There are many in civil society that are opposed to Naveen Patnaik  in the cause of eco-systems, in the cause of environment, in the cause of human rights, jin the cause of right to employment, right to education, right to good health, and right to fair living et cetera.

The united left front, if it could be possible as contemplated above, can attract their active or moral support.Thus, an alternative may emerge.

But as on now it is not visible.

If Pyari Mohapatra Is Not Dismissed, He Will Replace Naveen Patnaik as CM

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The ruling BJD in Orissa is taking a bizarre turn. If its supremo Naveen Patnaik does not dismiss Pyari Mohan Mohapatra from the party, then there is every possibility of the latter replacing him as the CM.

Members of BJD are deeply disillusioned with Sri Patnaik.

In his first two terms, they were not very vociferous about his maladministration, because he was heading a coalition with BJP. But, during the last two years of his third term, more and more members of its legislative wing have stripped his government layer by layer in the legislative Assembly. The recent cabinet reshuffle is being seen as a step taken in nervous reaction to this disillusionment.

In the past, Patnaik had used the tactics of toleration if that was helpful in retention of his position. Samir De was an instance. It seems, he has been using the same tactics as regards Pyari babu.

He has, to save his own skin, used many times the tactics of jettison from his cabinet as and when headlines have focused on felonies carried out in his rule. Kalandi Behera and Pramila Mallik are instances.

He is also known for using the tactics of termination from party to preempt any threat to his leadership. Bijay Mohapatra is an instance.

He is now using tactics of induction to tame the loudmouths. Induction of Pradip Maharathy to the cabinet in recent reshuffle is an instance.

But despite all these tactics, threat to his position has not subsided.

As more and more instances of corruption come to light by way of media expositions, audit objections and judicial determinations, his credibility is plunging down sans any chance of revival and majority of the members of his party is getting discernibly disillusioned.

In such a situation Naveen has only one option.

As most of the people in Orissa believe that Naveen’s administration runs according to instructions of the de facto CM Pyari Mohan Mohapatra, he can openly admit his failure, attribute the failure to his innocence and belief in the ‘Uncle’, as Pyari babu is generally known in his context.

Instead of tactics of toleration, he can use tactics of termination and oust Pyari babu from BJD, holding him responsible for the entire gamut of maladministration. In that case, he can regain his lost credibility by hoodwinking the people and further consolidate his position by instituting a commission of inquiry against him to determine how far has he corrupted administration by misuse of his position.

He knows, fellows belonging to the category of Dr. Damodar Raut, whom Pyari babu is a fifth columnist, will forget their insult and rush back to rally behind him to ensure that he does not face any debacle.

He had used tactics of termination from the party against its founding leader Bijaya Mohapatra and can use the same tactics against Pyari babu, as without such a shock effect, ways for restoration of his credibility will not open in emerging situations. As is his wont, this is not impossible. And, perhaps this is the only option available to him.

But, if he fails to do so, what will happen?

BJD cannot bag a fresh mandate.

Therefore, it would be imperative for the majority in BJD to revolt against Naveen and to replace him with Pyari babu.

In fact, if BJD is to continue in power, it can be possible only through such a step.

Had Pyari babu not engineered the collapse of its coalition with BJP and rejuvenated it by enkindling hope in BJD aspirants that were being left out under compulsion of coalition, the party, already tainted by then on many counts, could not even have faced the public in the 2009 hustings.

It is Pyari babu, who alone instigated the BJD to cut off the alliance with BJP and to put up candidates in all the constituencies that were left in the BJP fold and it is he who most aggressively had conducted its campaign both against the BJP and the Congress.

When the suddenly deserted BJP was at its wits’ end, the next major political party – the Indian National Congress, with a new President hailing from a tyrant family that during kingship had tortured its subjects beyond comparison in the history of inhumanity, was not in a position to challenge.

Astute Pyari had studied the situation and had audaciously drawn up his strategy and carried his party to the monumental success that he alone had visualized.

If he has really stymied POSCO by secretly siding with the Communists, as alleged by Dr, Damodar Raut after his ouster as a minister, then it can be said without any travesty of truth, that for the BJD in its present condition, he is the only available panacea. This party is not based on any political economy. Its only base was regionalism, which Naveen has ruined by putting indigenous people in mare’s nest in his act of serving the interest of the agents, proponents and practitioners of imperialism. So, there is no reason for the people to support this government again.

Only a change in leadership can save the ship of BJD from sinking.

If members of BJD are in a political party, they are there because of their ambitions for power and avarice for lucre.

That matters, not Naveen.

Hence, if, taking advantage of his present position, Naveen does not dismiss Pyari babu on grounds he himself can contrive or on the ground of allegation of stymieing POSCO as raised by Dr.Raut, then the BJD members, who, to feel safe to play the game of aggrandizement, need a covering canopy over their head, will replace him with Pyari babu.

If this does not happen, next election may bring in worse fellows to power in Orissa, but not the BJD.

Pramila Resigned on Conscience Ground; Where is Chief Minister’s Conscience?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

For the last eight years, under-nourished expectant mothers and school going kids belonging to the poor families in Orissa have been administered with slow-poison by the government led by Naveen Patnaik, as the officially supplied Dal to school going kids and expectant mothers under the Midday Meal (MDM) scheme and Supplementary Nutrition Program (SNP) was all along adulterated with the most harmful grain: Khesari, over and above being worm-eaten, rotten and fungus infested.

Khesari is the cheapest grain available in the market; cheapest because, it is toxic and carcinogenic. Its cultivation is banned in Orissa since around three decades.

But after bagging contracts to supply dal under the above two programs, the dishonest traders are financing farmers in advance for its cultivation and collecting the poisonous seeds in the cheapest possible rate and adulterating Arhar Dal – they are contracted to supply – with Khesari, fetching thereby profuse profit. They also import substandard dal from beyond Orissa, as vigilance police has unearthed, in lower prices and make huge profit by supplying the same in double the rate. The scam, roughly estimated, in terms of rupees, exceeds 3000 crores.

Time and again school children have protested against inedible food. Even kids have succumbed to food poisoning. Their protests have always been suppressed.

It is a matter of shame that the CM and his tainted team maintain that the crime was not within their knowledge. If it is true, then it is true that these fellows have no qualification to rule the State, as they admit about their inability to understand how administration runs under them and what others say of their government.

Apart from innumerable reports in the media, which the government cannot feign ignorance about, as its information officers must have routinely placed them before the ministers concerned and the Chief Minister, it was challenged in a case before the Supreme Court of India in 2004 that the People’s Union for Civil Liberty (PUCL) had raised against the pernicious felony. In this case, the court had issued direction on how to eliminate compromise in quality of the dal procured for the purpose.

Naveen Patnaik government was so much hand-in-glove with the dishonest suppliers that it sloughed over the supreme court verdict.

This serious crime having crossed all limits, even a section of party colleague of the Chief Minister having shunned their silence over the discernible havoc being played upon the lives of the school going kids and expectant mothers, people in every nook and corner of the state had started condemning the government as vociferously as possible and the climate was taking such a turn that a violent mass uprise against Naveen’s misrule was growing wings.

There was frantic search in the fidgeted camp of the CM for avenues to escape. The only avenue readily available was jettisoning the Child and Women Welfare minister Pramila Mallik. She was summoned to the CM’s residence and on return from there, she resigned on February 5.

Press in general is one in reporting that the minister resigned, because she was asked to resign at the cost of dismissal. But Ms. Mallik as well as the super-supremo of the ruling BJD, Pyari Mohan Mohapara, who as a former bureaucrat has mastered the art of hoodwinking, maintain that she has resigned on conscience ground owing responsibility for the Dal scam, even though the state vigilance police had given her a clean chit.

Let us believe that she has resigned on conscience ground. Where has gone the Chief Minister’s conscience?

People of Orissa are in Quandary, No Doubt

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Super supremo of Ruling BJD, Pyari Mohan Mohapatra, in an interview to OTv, on the occasion of 14th foundation day of his party yesterday, has claimed that it would stay in power for the next 15 years in Orissa. Why 15, not 20 years?

The way Orissa’s mineral wealth is being looted under the umbrage of administration and squandered away by the government itself, ever since Navin Patnaik of BJD has taken over as Chief Minister, meteorologists and scientists of relevance are sure that the State shall be totally denuded of its stock within 15 years from now. And, the way Orissa has been led into the grip of non-Oriya land-grabbers; there should be no land to lease out after 10 years from now.

So, naturally after 15 years from now, if the BJD stays in power till then, Orissa shall have no natural resources to loot. There shall be nothing in Orissa to feed the power vultures any further. And naturally it should have no attraction for BJD after 15 years.

How could Mohapatra be so sure of occupying power for next 15 years in Orissa despite under Navin the plundered province has earned the ignominy of being viewed as the most wretched amongst all the States in the den of poverty in India?

Are the people of Orissa such idiots that BJD will continue in power for next 15 years? No, they are not the idiots.

In the last election they have wisely rejected the party of USA lobbyists, the Congress. In the last election, they have also rejected the party of profiteers, the BJP. They have bitterly punished the communists as, instead of initiating class war, their leaders have shown aptitude to ally with the agents of capitalism.

So, it cannot be said that Orissa citizenry has no ability to reject wrong doers.

But BJD is in power because both of its mainstream opponents – the Congress and the BJP – are so densely anti-people that rejection to BJD could have helped them and hence would have become more disastrous.

Mohapatra has composed his hope for BJD on this ground only and he knows, if his party stays in power for further 15 years, there shall be no mineral and natural wealth left in Orissa to allure the pack of his feather any more into electoral politics. This is why his stress is on 15 years from now; not on 20.

And, if EVMs are not discarded or tampering thereof is not made impossible, any combine of criminals donning attires of political parties, may occupy power sans support of the people.

So, BJD can continue in forming governments in Orissa till her entire mineral and natural resources are exhausted, which may take 15 years in the present speed of plunder.

People of Orissa are in quandary, no doubt.