FDI: Offence Against Paramountcy of India’s Parliament

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is more heinous than all the crimes against the country so far perpetrated by the Congress Party. And the perpetrators of this crime is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who with his cronies in the cabinet has been acting against the people of India in the style of serving the people.

The notification promulgating induction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Multi-Brand Retail Trading is the instant crime that will push the country back into the environment of British rule in India and will severely injure the country’s independence by making it dependant on foreigners.

All the patriots of India are openly against this crime.

And this crime is so very severe that, henceforth, till the criminals are removed from power, there shall be no rest for the patriots.

Like in the phase of nuke deal with USA, Singh will try to survive in power by using the method he had then used, which is a tested method of the Congress party since the days of his model P. V. Narasingh Rao, whose survival as Prime Minister despite loss of credibility and absence of majority in the House, was based on support availed from a section of non-Congress MPs.

Support to satyrs in red-light districts is of course not surprising. But democracy is not a red-light district.Therefore, history has seen how Rao, then the armour of the saboteurs of India’s national resolve for socialism, having been used in subjugating the country to USA hegemony through the gateway of GATT, was thrashed into the dustbin of politics, even though thereby Vajpayee of BJP was to gain. It would be wrong for Singh not to take note of this noting of history.

Damager of Parliamentary dignity

After creating an environment that killed the last session of the Parliament, Singh not only made his cabinet resolve for induction of FDI in Multi-Brand Retail Trading with a further sinister design to divert public attention from the monstrously embarrassing coalgate, but also has enforced the resolution through notification thereof in total disregard to paramountcy of the Parliament where a parliamentary action had put the issue of FDI to rest under Parliamentary jurisdiction.

Let us look into it.

In responding to a calling attention motion from Gurudas Dasgupta (CPI) and Nishikant Dubey (BJP), the then FINANCE Minister Pranab Mukherjee had informed the Loksabha on 25 March 2011 that FDI in Multi-Brand Retail Trading was objected to by majority respondents to the public discussion raised thereon by the Ministry of Commerce, as a result of which, the inter-Ministerial Committee headed by the Senior Economic Advisor to the Department of Consumer Affairs, was unable to make any recommendation.

Those who had interacted with the Committee belonged mostly to the category of farmers, small traders, villagers and Self-Help Groups. They had opposed FDI in multi-brand retail; the Minister had told the House, quoting the Committee.

The Minister had further told the House that it was a problem on which the States should be taken into confidence and had assured the House not to impose any decision before a consensus was arrived at. As leader of the Loksabha, he had repeated this assurance again on 7 December 2011.

Thus a specific assurance was repeatedly given to the Loksabha on 25 March 2011 and 7 December 2011 that FDI would rest, till the States accept the proposal and the proposal earns consensus support.

By virtue of this assurance, the issue of FDI was put under the jurisdiction the Parliament.

The Parliament, specifically the Loksabha, had to know and examine if the States were taken to confidence by Singh administration in the matter of FDI and if consensus support was available to it.

Then only the issue could have been cleared by the Parliament.

It has not happened.

Hence by promulgating induction of FDI in multi-brand retail trading, Singh and his cronies have shown savage contempt against the paramountcy of Parliament and have committed the worst ever crime against the country.

The 20th September Bandh Hartal has made it clear that except the agents of foreign interest and their mindless mad allies, the entire patriotic population in India is against FDI in multi-brand retail trading.

Crime against the Martyrs

Indians are a nation that had given thousands of heads to the martyrdom to free the country from foreigners. Manmohan Singh and his cronies, who do not belong to the gamut of freedom fighters, are nullifying the martyrs’ supreme sacrifices by throwing the country back into the grip of foreign traders. They are shattering the dreams of our freedom fighters. Such crimes against the martyrs and the freedom fighters will never be tolerated by Indian patriots. So, whosoever has patriotism has started to oppose the Singh design.

The imperial Sun will be kept set

When imperialism was epitomized by the British, they had the pride in bragging that the Sun never sets in their Empire. But it is the Indians that had forced the British Sun to set all over the world wherever indigenous people were under its imperial occupation. They will not allow the sun of imperialism rise on their soil again. Revolt of the Trinmul Congress against the UPA and resignation of all the TMC Ministers from Singh’s cabinet is just a beginning in this regard.

To us it is welknown that the traitors in power never stay in power for ever. They act against the people in the style of serving the people, till the people wake up against their treachery and throw them out of power.

The people are waking up. The 20th September Bharat Bandh has blown the trumpet.

The Question Is: Why Should Singh Continue As PM?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is killing India. Majority Indians are suffering from slow starvation because of Singh’s wrong economic policies.

He has created the environment for price rise and when people are perishing, as none but the dishonest ones that benefit from his policies is able to afford the high cost of essential commodities, he has no qualms in saying that he is not an astrologer to predict when should the rising prices come down!

Who needs an astrologer in Man Mohan Singh? He has taken oath as the Prime Minister and he should act as the Prime Minister, not an astrologer.

It is time, he should understand that the Prime Minister’s main duty is to give a government that sees to it that people do not perish under price rise of essential foods. Price rise does not directly kill. It kills through slow starvation. Those who cannot afford the cost of food reduce their food consumption and that leads to slow starvation. Singh’s economic policy has pushed India to this sordid condition.

Free India had resolved to be a socialist country with the sole objective to emancipate people from poverty and profiteers. But Singh has sabotaged this resolve.

He, as Finance Minister under Narasingh Rao, had sabotaged India’s resolve to build up the country as a socialist republic and behind the back of the Parliament, he had subjected the country to imperialistic hegemony by signing the GATT document. His collaborator Pranab Mukherjee had then refuged to place the GATT document even before the Parliament.

In 1992, he had tendered his resignation after being held guilty by the JPC constituted to probe into the securities scam that owed its origin to his role as the Finance Minister of India. Many a Congress members of the Parliament had put tremendous pressure on everybody that mattered for removal of the adverse comment of the JPC on Dr. Singh; but the JPC did not buzz. His irresponsible assertions before the media that he was “not going to lose his sleep” because share prices were unreasonably rising had made the JPC look into his role in the discernible financial anarchy. He had to resign and he had resigned from the post of the Finance Minister. If Prime Minister Narasingh Rao had not heard Chandraswamy, his bed of tryst with the USA, the country should have been saved from the pernicious grip of the traitors that have transformed our democracy to plutocracy.

Aware of the damage his fiscal policy had done to India’s innumerable working class people, he had tried to hoodwink the sufferers by addressing to “six major tasks” in his budget speech delivered on 28 February 1994. He had described as “most important” the fifth one of these six tasks that said, “we must reorient our development policies and programs to address more effectively the problem of poverty, unemployment and social deprivation which affects a large mass of our people, particularly in the rural areas”. Sadly, he is now saying as the Prime Minister that he is unable to understand as to why price rise is hitting people so unbearably hard.

Let us see how so many times in the past he has assured the country of tackling price rise. If samples would suffice, we may recall, addressing the AICC at New Delhi on 21 August 2004 for the first time as Prime Minister, he had put his government’s priority on controlling the price rise that was hitting hard the people. He had tried to blame Vajapayee for the price rise, saying that it was due to the “misguided policies of the previous BJP led NDA government”, even though Vajpayee government’s policies were guided by the anti-socialist economic policy Singh himself had pushed the country into, as the finance minister in the Rao regime. However, members of the AICC were so disturbed over price rise that he had to declare, “controlling of prices was his government’s priority”.

But instead of controlling prices, he has all along contributed congenial climate to price rise. The Congress members have all along expressed worries over the rising woes of the people reeling as are they under unrelenting price rise that their own government is unable to undo as the country is running under anti-socialist policies of their Prime Minister.

If the Congress Working Committee is of any relevance, many of its members, in its session on 5 February 2010, had asked the government to take immediate steps to “reduce the layers of middlemen” between the farmers and consumers so that price rise may be controlled. But Singh was mum over this point. He just had said that things are “improving and soon there would be more improvement”. The CWC was not satisfied. Sensing the danger signal and driven by the desire to hoodwink the Parliament, the budget session whereof was soon to start, he appointed on the next day, i.e. 6 february 2010 a high-powered committee on price rise under the chairmanship of finance minister Pranab Mukherjee that comprised all the Chief Ministers of Congress ruled States.

But no improvement, as he had told the CWC, took place. People reeled under continuous price rise. The Parliament was rocked by the Opposition over the issue. When it commenced its budget session on 23 Feb 2010, immediately after the President’s address to the joint sitting, the united opposition stressed on discussion on the issue of price rise which led to adjournment of both the Houses.

Despite having defended the finance minister on 27 February 2010, Singh knew that the entire country was condemning his administration over unrelenting rise in prices of essential commodities. He used Mukherjee to convey the so-called high-power committee on price rise. The committee met on 8 April 2010. But no solution was envisaged / encouraged.

Came the Independence Day, 15 August 2010. Singh in his customary address to the nation had to confess that majority of Indians were hit hard by price rise. He shed meretricious tears for the poor; saying, “It is the poor who are the worst affected by rising prices, especially when the prices of commodities of everyday use like food-grains, pulses, vegetables increase”. Using the statistics of inflation as the scapegoat, he, however, declared, “We are making every possible efforts to tackle the problem”.

Singh knows what efforts his government made. But 2010 passed away sans any control over prices. On 12 January 2011, he presided over a high-level meeting on price rise. Several medium and long-term possibilities of price control was discussed; but no discussion was made on how to reduce “layers of middlemen” between farmers and consumers even though, as noted supra, there was loud thinking in CWC on 5 February 2010 that the government should reduce the middlemen if price rise was to be controlled.

Instead of leading his government to curb price rise, he reshuffled his cabinet on 19 January 2011 when a team of business leaders told him on 17 January that they were “alarmed at the widespread governance deficit almost in every sphere of national activity”.

Yet the media asked him after the reshuffle as to when the people should get relief from unbearable price rise. “I am not an astrologer” he said.

Now the question is: When he has not been able to curb the price rise of essential commodities, ever since he became the Prime Minister as sample instances shown supra, even though price rise forces people into slow starvation, why should he continue in the post and in whose interest?

Democracy in Danger; We Must Change the Law for Election of the Speaker

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Makers of Indian Constitution were individually and collectively proud of their concern for the country and were eager to finalize the Constitution for expediting emergence of Indian Republic. This eagerness made them make such mistakes that now expedites the ruin of the Republic.

That, Indian Republic is in ruins does not need any proof, because we all have seen how the entire winter session of the Parliament collapsed as the Prime Minister of the tainted government did not agree with Opposition demand for constitution of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to investigate into the 2G Spectrum scam.

It was natural on part of Dr. Manmohan Singh not to agree for a JPC.

He has the experience of how injurious could be a JPC to his position.

In 1992, he had tendered his resignation after being held guilty by the JPC constituted to probe into the securities scam that owed its origin to his role as the Finance Minister of India. Many a Congress members of the Parliament had put tremendous pressure on everybody that mattered for removal of the adverse comment of the JPC on Dr. Singh; but the JPC did not buzz. He had to resign and he resigned from the post of the Finance Minister. If Prime Minister Narasingh Rao were not under the spell of Chandraswamy, his bed of tryst with the USA, Singh’s resignation should certainly been accepted and the country could surely been saved from the pernicious grip of the traitors that have transformed our democracy to plutocracy.

So, Manmohan Singh is bound to be afraid of JPC.

And, therefore, his government is not supposed to welcome the proposal for formation of JPC.

But was the consent of the government necessary for formation of the JPC? No. It was not at all necessary.

The Speaker should have constituted a JPC to probe into the spectrum scam and any or all other such financial loot that has occurred during Singh’s regime or even from the day the country has been subjected to globalization. But the Speaker did not appoint a JPC. This resulted in collapse of the entire session.

The year 2010 has progressed into 2011. But India will never progress into democracy again if the provision for election of the Speaker is not changed. As mentioned above, makers of our constitution, in absolute haste to expedite establishment of the Republic, have made many wrong provisions that have damaged our democracy. Article 93 as well as Article 178 are two such wrong provisions. both of these Articles are identical. They provide for election of the Speaker from amongst the members of the Houses. This provision equips the ruling party or ruling coalition to elect a person from its/their side as the Speaker and once elected, the power that position bestows upon the person is so alluring that it is not surprising if a Speaker sides with the government. If the role of Chatterjee in nuke deal matter in the last Loksabha could be cited as an instance, non-formation of JPC over the spectrum scam by the Speaker of the present Loksabha may not be any different.

Hence it is urgent that the Speaker should be a non-political person and should be directly elected by the people under direct supervision of the election commission. There must be a blatant ban on political parties taking any interest in the Speaker’s election. This is essential for health of Indian Parliament.

Otherwise, as Dr. Ambedkar had portended, Indian sovereignty would crumble down due to commission agents taking over as Prime Ministers and birds of their feathers in both the sides of the Houses creating environment of continuous adjournments and collapse of their businesses.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Loksabha Speaker Somanath Chatterjee has again said that in rejecting party line in the nuke deal with USA issue, he has acted in accordance with his conscience.

Everybody acts according to his or her conscience. Even a criminal acts according to dictates of his/her conscience and never finds any fault therein until censored by collective conscience of the society.

Individual conscience is questionable. Politicians know this better than any. Therefore they organize themselves into political parties based on collective wisdom of individual members of their respective classes, lest personally they may fail to act properly.

In critical conditions individuals tend to act as they like, often improperly, behind the curtain of their personal conscience. This adversely affects the common purpose.

In a political party free pursuit of personal conscience culminating in improper acts creates anarchy. Hence collective conscience whips the individual and in the floor of the Parliament or Assembly this whip is known as Party Whip, which, if dishonored, leads to termination of membership of the person concerned from the concerned House.

Speaker Somanath Chatterjee, honored as India’s best Parliamentarian after Indrajit Gupta of CPI, knows this and hence he knows that in Parliamentary party politics individual conscience is not allowed to dishonor the collective conscience of the party one belongs to.

Hence it is sad that he is harping on importance of his individual conscience vis-à-vis the collective conscience of CPM that had put him in the Speaker’s chair.

Communists had contributed their might of so many decades long organizational excellence to make him shine as the speaker of Indian Loksabha; but after becoming the speaker, he took so little a time to shun the communists.

Power. How baffling are its manners!

However, from this the communists should learn a lesion. Any alliance with class enemies leads only to loss of class commitment and weakens the struggle of the proletariat.

Communists everywhere, irrespective of the attire they ware, must appreciate that no sentinel of the working class should be allowed to act according to individual conscience to the detriment of collective conscience formulated by the collective leadership of the party they belong to.

Individual conscience militating against collective conscience is questionable conscience and is blatantly harmful to harmony amongst the peoples who dedicate themselves to the cause of the proletariat with a common commitment.

There should be no doubt over the basic truth that war against class enemies cannot be won by tolerating individual assertions against collective wisdom in an army of the working class, anywhere anytime.

So this can be safely said that the CPM has done the best thing by dismissing Chatterjee from the party, obviously holding his individual conscience as a questionable conscience.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

They know, like what happened in confidence motion, Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh will get shields in the privilege motion in the Parliament in the matter of the nuke deal. Hence the Communists’ endeavor to usher in victory of Indian democracy will not succeed. A living democracy may march towards victory, not a dead democracy. We are a dead democracy as the democracy we had dreamt of has been replaced by plutocracy by the modern leaders of the Congress Party that the BJP, when in power, had also contributed to. The final deathblow to whatever semblance of democracy was still thriving in the fort of our belief came from the present Prime Minister and his colleagues in the design of the nuke deal with USA. To get back and revive our democracy we need to build up the second war of independence. And the Communists belonging to plutocracy’s opposite ideology can do it. For this, instead of participating in the Parliament, which has become the launching pad of plutocracy, the Communists should quit it and then only they can lead the nation in its much-needed second war of independence.

At this juncture, we may view the nuke deal updates for a moment.

There was free vote in USA both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate on the issue of allowing the USA-India nuke deal. Members of rival political parties supported or opposed it sans any party whip.Indian Parliament was debarred from expressing its wisdom in the matter through votes, as Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and his colleagues did not want democracy to work.

The USA House of Representative passed the proposal on September 28 and the Senate on 2 October 2008 by majority votes allowing President Bush to go ahead to sign the nuke deal with India. Juxtaposing this scenario with Prime Minister Singh’s year old assertion that the deal is “signed, sealed and non-negotiable” one gets shocked over the vicious game Singh has played against our country.

The deal is a “bonanza for US firms” according to eminent US policy makers as reported by the Reuters on August 5, 2007 and is “so clearly in the interest of the United States” that, Senator Joe Lieberman, known for his role in policy making and proximity to President Bush, had claimed on August 14, 2007 as was immediately reported by the Reuters, that both the Houses of USA Congress would sure support it. And, as we saw, notwithstanding opposition by eminent members of both the Treasury and Opposition, the USA Congress passed it finally on October 2, 2008.

The US House passed it because it fulfills American purpose. Describing the nuke deal with India as “net gain” for USA, the fact sheet presented by US administration states that the US Congress supported the initiative, as “There are powerful security, political, economic, and environmental reasons to support this initiative.” The USA administration is looking forward to a “new strategic partnership with India in a way that will provide global leadership in the years ahead,” the fact sheet notes.

This motive of USA is further elaborated by Republican Senator Richard Lugar from Indiana, considered one of the most cerebral lawmakers in the US Congress, when, in addressing the US National Defense University on October 17 he categorically stated, “The bottom line is that American efforts to shape the world are unlikely to succeed fully without the cooperation of India.”

Recalling how “in response to India’s nuclear programme and tests of nuclear weapons, the United States has systematically denied broad categories of sensitive technology to India,” Lugar admitted that the United States, for decades, had placed India, into a lower tier of nations who were neither friends nor enemies. India responded by helping to lead the Non-aligned Movement in frequent opposition to US global initiatives at the United Nations and elsewhere.” So, according to Lugar, India that has exhibited its power to stay the strongest hurdle for US domination over the Globe, is a power without the cooperation of which “American efforts to shape the world are unlikely to succeed fully.”

This is why USA had been putting all pressures on India to accept her hegemony and had been planting her lobbyists and agents in India’s political positions. India has discussed this American design many times in the Parliament prompting at a time the late Swatantra Party MP Piloo Mody to come into the floor with a badge depicting assertive words, “I am a CIA agent.”

As progressive political outlook in the Country declined in course of extinction of the freedom fighters who had brought us liberty from foreign yoke, agents of plutocracy and lobbyists of USA became able to grab power and finally the United States got its committed man in Man Mohan Singh who pushed the country into its hegemony.

India that had challenged US design to subdue the world and had founded and led the NAM, after Singh grabbed the Prime Minister chair, has made shocking compromises. “We have already received some benefits from this engagement,” said Lugar, as India has been “taking a more positive outlook toward the US military presence in Afghanistan than it did originally.” Further, Lugar pointed out, “It supported our efforts to constrain Iran’s nuclear program through its votes in the IAEA Board of Governors’ in 2005 and 2006,” and added, “India has also taken a more supportive attitude toward the Proliferation Security Initiative, though it has thus far declined to join.”

Singh has repeatedly been saying that the nuke deal will solve India’s energy problems; but this most cerebral lawmaker in the US Congress has unambiguously declared that had this deal not been possible, energy problem of USA would have been unmanageable. To quote him, “The United States’ own energy problems will be exacerbated if we do not forge partnerships in India.” But how this and why? Answer is simple. USA has almost exhausted her uranium resources and is very much in want of fuel for her reactors. India has abundant stock of thorium and pushed into isolation as she was because of American conspiracy, she has developed her own unique technology of using thorium for power generation. In the guise of cooperation and partnership, it would be easy for US to grab thorium from India along with the related technology. More over, USA wants to commission new generation reactors in place of the outdated ones. Life span of a nuclear reactor is 40 years. USA has 103 nuclear reactors at the moment out of which, in September 2008, its Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has given extended life to 49 reactors, nearly half of the US total. Nearly 30 reactors are decommissioned whereas a few such as Fort St Vrain, Big Rock Point and Shoreham have been totally dismantled. The majority is in various stages of dismantling. No wonder with these reactors USA’s energy generation was in such a mess that had India not signed the agreement pledging a market to these decommissioned or about to be decommissioned reactors paving way for USA to commission there the new generation reactors, as Lugar has hinted to above, the United States’ own energy problems would sure have “exacerbated”. So Lugar holds the deal a crowning foreign policy achievement.

In other words, we have a Prime Minister who has helped President Bush to have the crowning foreign policy achievement of USA.

This would never have happened had the Communists of India not helped Singh to become the Prime Minister. Singh in his previous avatar as Finance Minister of Narasimha Rao had sabotaged Indian pledge enshrined in the Constitution to build up India as a socialist country and had opened up Indian economy to pave the path for plutocracy to kill our democracy.

Indian peoples had never voted the Congress Party to form a government. They had only very clearly refused BJP a fresh mandate as the government led by it with Vajpayee as Prime Minister had strengthened plutocracy ushered in by the Congress through Man Mohan Singh. In the hotchpotch that helped the Congress Party to claim the top post Sonia was of course the choice because rightly or wrongly it had fought the elections under her leadership. In fact, general voters who had supported the Congress Party had done so keeping Sonia in mind; never Man Mohan Singh. Had the Congress Party fought the elections in the name of Singh, it would have been totally rejected. The common peoples of India could never have supported the American lobbyist who had craftily rendered the national pledge for making India a socialist democracy inconsequential and ushered in plutocracy. But Sonia did not dare to claim the PM post and instead proposed Singh’s name just at the time when the nation was awaiting a call to her from the President to take oath as the PM. There was enough stick to bit Sonia with to compel her to abdicate her claim. As for example, the episodes involving R.K.Dhavan and Ottavio Quattrochi.

The Thakkar Commission had found the needle of suspicion pointing towards Dhawan in the matter of murder of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, but instead of prosecuting him Sonia’s husband Rajiv Gandhi had rewarded him with powerful positions. Sonia and Dhawan had together taken Mrs. Gandhi to the AIIMS and starting from that till Dhawan’s reemergence as the power center in Rajivraj, the entire episode is shrouded under a mystery that is yet impregnable to the common man; but Rajiv’s wife must be knowing the real reason and if there was any hidden motive, can easily fidget over the possibility of exposure. Similarly sticky were the allegations against her Achilles’ heel Quattrochi in Bofors scandal.

These were such sticks that the powers that could have wanted Singh in the top post might have used to compel Sonia to suppress her aspiration and to suggest Singh’s name in stead for the coveted post.

Had Singh not become the PM, the USA might not have got it so easy to make India sign with it the nuke deal.

But the most baffling political confusion that shocked every supporter of suffering Indians was that the Communists of the country supported Singh in becoming the Prime Minister and helped him retain the position till he organized escape from accountability through the drama of confidence vote. This was perhaps the worst of mistakes that the Communists could ever have committed. But they committed this mistake as otherwise, according to them, the communalist BJP could have grabbed power again.

And, here they erred.

BJP is not the only party in India that is communal. India got divided into Pakistan and Hindustan on communal basis under leadership of the Congress Party. The Constitution of India has stressed that the government should so deal with religion that the peoples would get glimpses of sociological evolution of their country and would develop necessary orientation to study anthropology of religions for socio-scientific consolidation of the entire Indian society. But has the Congress, so overwhelmingly in power for so long time, not tampered with the objectives of the Constitution in this regard and not encouraged religions to ruin national solidarity and integration by allowing rival religions to emerge as political powers? How could the Communists found the Congress as non-communal?

What is communalism? Communalism is assertive display of one’s own religion in the midst of followers of other religions. If the sandalwood mark on Advani’s forehead connotes to Hindu communalism the turban on Man Mohan Singh’s head cannot but be a display of Sikh communalism. Respecting rival religions may be secularism, but displaying one’s own religion is communalism. How could the Communists conceive Mr. Man Mohan Singh as non-communal?

Is there any political party of atheists in India? No. Then all the political parties in India are active or passive peddlers of faith in fate. Faith in fate is absolutely anathema to Scientific Communism because it makes one make tryst with destiny and allows her/himself to tolerate exploitation by a better placed person.

Is there any political party in India that has affinity with atheism? Yes, only the parties of the Communists. So Communists should never have allied with any political party or politician who peddles faith and promote tolerance to exploitation and assist plutocracy.

The Communists should have noted that with emergence of Man Mohan Singh in Indian politics, economic inequality has so widened and exploitation of marginal farmers, daily wage earners, working class members and common consumers has become so ruthless that the political state has become synonymous with an exploitative state leading to dwindling of political nationalism. Hence we see emergence of regional nationalism and sub-regional nationalism. Regional and sub-regional nationalism has often resulted in local chauvinism of which ugly glimpses are recently seen in Maharastra and Bihar in Railways recruitment matter. Nationalism being the base of collective identity of human beings dwelling within given geographical limits, when political nationalism dwindles, peoples rush into religious nationalism to overcome inherent individual sense of insecurity through collective cultural identity that eventually gives birth to communalism. So unless India is changed from the present condition of exploitative state to a socialist state, communalism can never be controlled or foiled. It was a folly on part of the Communists to have supported Congress against BJP to foil communalism.

In order to change India from communalism to political nationalism, Communists must war against plutocracy. They must make peoples know that Indian democracy has already been shanghaied into plutocracy. And to start this war they should relinquish the Parliament that now seems as harboring plutocracy. They should vow not to contest elections as long as peoples are not awakened against plutocracy and every cult of faith in fate is not rejected. The Communists alone can do this because it is they that are ideologically the only ones equipped to exterminate plutocracy.

A man, who loves his motherland, may expect this much from peoples that are politically pure.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) while supporting the Left attempt in Rajyasabha to expose how Man Mohan Singh government is guilty of treachery against the country in the matter of nuke deal with USA has summed up the alert national reaction in saying that for friendship with Bush, Prime Minister Singh has sabotaged India. To quote BSP, “Bush sey yaari hai, desh sey gaddari hai”.

In these pages there are deep discussions on how the nuke deal was contrived by USA to provide a “bonanza” to the traders of that country and how in the words of their policy makers, it was entirely in interest of USA. Even the fact sheet presented by US administration after signing of the deal says that the deal will lead to increased trade and create new jobs and investment opportunities for U.S. companies. So, the deal is basically in interest of USA.

Prime Minister Singh and colleagues in the central cabinet have told us blatant lies that the deal is in India’s interest. When according to important American Senators the deal is “so much in interest of USA” that it would bring a bonanza for US trade and commerce, it should have been proper to know exactly how much in proportion to USA interest Indian interest is to be served by the deal; but Prime Minister Singh did not dare to place the reality before the country.

On the other hand, as orissamatters.com exposed, it was a must for the Indian Parliament to approve the text of the Hyde Act as well as of the 123 agreement before the deal was signed. Singh is guilty of hiding this stipulation from the Parliament as well as from the nation.

Even though the deal is “so much in interest of USA”, the US Senate on October 2 adopted it with 13 members voting against it irrespective of party affiliations. Earlier on Sept 28 it was adopted in the House of Representatives with 117 members voting against it. Remarkable is, when 120 Democrats voted for the Bill, 107 Democrats voted against. Of the Republicans, 10 had voted against.

Thus, there was free voting on the acceptability of the deal in the US House. But, Prime Minister Singh played fraud on the peoples of India and never allowed voting on the deal in the Parliament. He was sure, the Indian Parliament would never have approved the deal and therefore, all nasty tricks were used to avoid a voting in the Parliament on the nuke deal. And, the way the so-called confidence vote on his government was organized is to stay forever the darkest spot on Indian democracy.

There is no wrong therefore in saying that Prime Minister Singh has, for friendship with Bush, betrayed India.



Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

USA has since many years been conspiring to clamp its nuclear policies on India. Now it has got a great collaborator in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Antagonism to communism being their common creed, USA has always used Indian right-wingers to advance its interests in this country. The first organized political platform available to it was the Swatantra Party. When USA was admittedly busy in supplying arms to Pakistan to help it grab Kashmir by force, the founder of this party C. Rajgopalachari (Rajaji) had openly pleaded for transfer of Kashmir to Pakistan.

The Communists had aggressively foiled that evil design and peoples of India had so resolutely opposed Swatantra Party that its leaders had to extinguish it to save their own skin. This Party was obliterated from political scenario of India. But its Kashmir stand was a proof of how this rightist party was acting as agent of USA and trying to brainwash people to accept American hegemony.

The country had to suffer the trauma of witnessing assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984 when she was the Prime Minister for the fourth term and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, 1991 when he was going to be the Prime Minister for the second term. Both of them were assassinated in manners as meticulous and mysterious as only a super power organization can plan and carry out.

When to many people, even though the alleged assassins in both the cases have been punished, the real brains behind the ghastly crimes are not yet taken to task, to everybody it is well known that both the assassinated leaders, in latter parts of their respective political careers, had emerged as strong obstacles to advancing tentacles of USA.

After Rajiv Gandhi was wiped out, his widow, now quite conspicuous with her support to the nuke deal that “is so clearly in interest of US of America”, stayed so stoic that the Congress party under utter confusion had to agree to P. V. Narasimha Rao taking over as the Prime Minister.

Rao created history by being sentenced to three years of rigorous imprisonment with Rs.100, 000 cash fine, convicted for criminal “conspiracy” and “abatement” in the ill-famed JMM Bribe Case filed by the CBI. He could escape the punishment due to prosecution’s lackluster response to his appeal in the high court level, but he shall remain forever a black spot on Indian democracy and people will always remember that he was sentenced as above for having committed offenses under Section 120b of the Indian Penal Code (criminal conspiracy) read with Sections 7, 12, 13(2) and 13(1)(d) of the Prevention of Corruption Act as well as substantive offenses under Section 12 for abetment to the crime of bribery. His was an offense against the country but he was not charged for that. He had committed this offense against the country in order only to remain in power.

His remaining in power with Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee as his aids in the cabinet was necessary for USA. Looking back to Mrs. Gandhi’s Prime Ministerial days would help understand this phenomenon.

Mrs. Gandhi’s political partnership with the Communist Party of India had defined India’s progress towards socialism so much that the Constitution of India in its Preamble acquired absolute clarity on its objectives by expanding “Sovereign Democratic Republic” to “Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic”.

For USA, epitome of imperialism, this was the most invincible hurdle in grabbing India. There was no scope to change the Preamble, because the Constitution of India is such formulated and worded that any provision thereof may be amended, but not the objective. And, amending the provisions for amendment of the Constitution is no more a matter of simple majority in Parliament. Therefore, a conspiracy was cooked up to sabotage the Preamble by rendering it inconsequential. Singh and Mukherjee helped Rao to carry out this conspiracy. Liberalization of Indian economy and opening up Indian market to foreign trade in the guise of economic reforms were the tools.

The nation has seen how Rao’s two ministers Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee, had proved very helpful to USA by signing on dotted lines and singing to its tune in matters of GATT and WTO and refusing to place details in the Parliament.

Disgusted of this foul play, peoples of India had rejected Congress in the general elections in May 1996; but in their regime, these agents of plutocracy had destroyed democratic equilibrium so savagely that electoral wisdom could not find a clear expression. The right-wingers took advantage of it and Vajpayee took over as the Prime Minister, though for the shortest period in Indian history. But, addition of his name in the succession list of Indian Prime Ministers helped BJP acquire power again at the end of a tumultuous phase of India’s parliamentary life under two successive Prime Ministers of Janata Dal, H.D.Deve Gowda and I.K.Gujral. With the right-wingers occupying power again, USA was encouraged to advance for netting in India to its nuclear design. Vajpayee had readily agreed.

Voters of India rejected Vajpayee when he was forced to seek a fresh mandate on which he could have proceeded to sign the nuke deal with USA. So, peoples of India, by refusing a fresh mandate to Vajpayee, had refused to accept American nuke proposals.

Manmohan Singh betrayed peoples’ mandate by signing the nuke deal with the USA. The people of India could only came to know of it when, not to the Parliament but to a journalist, he disclosed that the deal is “sealed, signed and non-negotiable” and as if fidgeting, simultaneously he declared, “It is an honourable deal, the cabinet has approved it, we cannot go back on it. I told them – the Communists – to do whatever they want to do, if they want to withdraw support, so be it,” (Singh’s interview published in the Telegraph on 11.8.2007)

Why did he fidget? It was because, he was eager to hide the Hyde Act from the peoples of India as the nuke deal is the offspring of this Act that has in-built mischief to control India’s independence in nuke programs and foreign relations. He fidgeted, because, he had made the deal “sealed, signed and non-negotiable” without consent of Indian Parliament, even though the consent was a must requirement to proceed with the deal. As the World Nuclear News divulged, for the deal to materialize, “The Indian Parliament must agree to the text” of the Hyde Act. But Singh did never place the Act before the Indian Parliament lest it may disagree to the text thereof and under pressure from business houses, made it “sealed, signed and non-negotiable”.

According to the President of Indo-US Business Council, Ron Somers, the American bill for the deal “lays the foundation for major trade and investment opportunities in India for U.S. companies. As many as 27,000 high-quality jobs each year each year for the next 10 years will be created in the U.S. nuclear industry alone.Reuters quoting US top source reported on August 25, 2007 that the deal is a “bonanza for US firms”. This suffices to have an idea of how business lobby mounted on Prime Minister Singh and steered him into signing the deal.

This being the position, the scenarios that we witnessed till withdrawal of leftists’ support was mere drama serials of hoodwinking Indian peoples.

After the withdrawal of leftists’ support, as live telecasted from the Lok Sabha Hall and as peoples of India deeply suspect, wads of slush money cultivated confidence votes for a Prime Minister that has helped USA succeed in clamping its nuclear policies on India.

Come the elections, the USA won’t be able to help Singh retain his position; one may safely predict it knowing Indians’ disposition.