The Motherland of Oriyas is Orissa; no other name in Anthem desirable

My essay in Orissa’s major daily Surjyaprava shows why no other name than Orissa is desirable in the State Anthem as and when a law is framed to make it possible.  Here it is:

Governance of Orissa in Oriya // Gateway to open today after heroic battle of the people

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Odiare Shasana

ama bhasa ama rajabhasaOnly a few hour left. The heroic battle of the people of Orissa for governance of Orissa in Oriya shall step into the 2nd phase of success at 10.30 AM today in Orissa Secretariat, as the Government’s statement affirming its decision for use of Oriya in every aspect of administration as per its agreement with the Odia Bhasa Sangrama Samiti, will come alive.

The first phase of success had come on July 8, 2015 Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik created a committee of five ministers to work with seven representatives of the Odia Bhasa Sangram Samiti that was spearheading the mass movement for implementation of the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 languishing since the day of its legislation.

The Committee


According to decision of the Chief Minister, a joint action committee for implementation of the Official Language Act was formed with Sri Debi Prasanna Mishra, Bikram Keshari Arukh, Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak, Arun Kumar Sahoo and Pranab Prakash Das – all ministers and Sankarshan Parida, Gajanan Mishra, Dr. Subrat Kumar Prusti, Dr. Bhagavan Prakash, Dr. Natabar Satapathy, Journalist Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and Baishnab Charan Parida MP – all representatives of Odia Bhasa Sangram Samiti. Linguist Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak was taken into this committee where Principal Secretary of Law, Principal Secretary of GA, Director of Odia Bhasa Pratisthan were members from the executive side. Joint Secretary of GA department was taken in as convener of the Committee.

In its first formal meeting, when Dr. Prakash could not attend due to his absence at Bhubaneswar, the ruling party MP Baishnav C. Parida, despite being a member, had unsuccessfully tried to derail the discussion on selfish ground. He has been spewing venom against the Chief Minister whenever an opportunity comes and wants to use the language issue as a whip to beat the CM with. On seeing that the meeting was proceeding in the right direction he was obviously frustrated and the unnecessary noise he made was out of that frustration.

Govt. statement in the website

However, the meeting had proceeded with very clear and constructive cooperation of the rest of the representatives of the Bhasa Sangram Samiti. Three resolutions were adopted in this meeting. (1) Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak would draft and submit a language policy; (2) an user-friendly website dedicated entirely to implementation of the Language Act would be created and (3) members of the Committee would advance their suggestions as should be helpful in implementation of the Act.

Accordingly, when Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak has submitted a draft Language Policy Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak has submitted draft of the legal tools necessary for implementation of the Act. Both these documents have been placed in the site created in Oriya for Orissa.

Any legitimate citizen of Orissa can submit his observation and/or suggestions in the matter of implementation of the language Act in a specific page provided in the site and can watch official responses thereto.

The site will not only ensure governance of Orissa in Oriya, but also empower the general public to intervene in case of any deviation.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Come Dasahara, the profiteers are diverting people from the essence of this unique reminder of agro-matriarchal-militancy to their network of exploitation under festivities of no relevance to the real concept of Durga. Two decades ago I had analyzed the issue on 25 September 1995 which was published in the Dasahara issue of Dharitri on 01 October 1995 under the caption: DURGA THARU KETE DURA DURGA?

Foul play of the avaricious profiteers having had the strongest ever support from the plutocratic rulers, the cult of Durga needs be studied by whosoever has any concern for the common man. Hence, I am putting it here, by scanning the article published in my book Singhavalokana (Bharata Bharati, Gajapati Nagar, Cuttack). It is in Oriya and addressed to the people of Orissa.


A Poem from Dr. Sudhansu Dash

Dr. Sudhansu Dash


Dr. Sudhansu Dash, a higher education teacher in English, belongs to my place Athgarh, with his ancestral home in Tarading. The Athgarh Sub-Division has given tremendous contributions to the world of letters. I find a fine incarnation of the literary excellence of my area in him. Hence, I feel it a pleasure to share one of his poems with my esteem readers. It is captioned ‘Moving with the Crowd’




Dr Sudhansu Dash

I am walking with the crowd with my mind
It is always with me
Many moving with me
On the Solid and concrete highway
I think
The crowd is going somewhere
It gives me a feeling of security with the calculated map
In fact
It is moving but not moving anywhere
No crowd has ever reached any goal
Excepting a secured falsity
I am disillusioned of it.
It goes on moving and moving before I was born
It will move after my death
The moment I start falling towards the heart
I fall to the abyss of my being
Go astray
With my heart I am alone
All that is dangerous comes out of it
Fear grasps me, possesses me
‘Where are you going
Carrying the most dangerous thing in the world?’
Nobody is with me
But me and my total loneliness.
I am at the centre of my being
Unmapped , unmeasured and fearless
From every dimension
The center without any circumference.

Stunning Sorrow: J. B. Patnaik Passed Away

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The greatest personality of contemporary Orissa, esteemed Janaki Ballav Patnaik, doyen of journalists of the bygone days, whose editorials were steering Orissa administration for decades before he preferred the platform of politics to better serve the people and who, till today, continued to illuminate the political sky of his State, passed away at Tirupati whereto he had gone to attend the convocation ceremony of the Rashtriya Sanskrit University. A keen student of Sanskrit, he has contributed to Oriya literature so immensely that I am not sure, if any other leader heading a State Government could ever vie with him in this respect.

In his demise, Orissa shall suffer the loss of a foresighted concerned leader who had the unique courage to tolerate his adversaries and to honor his foes.

I will cite two personal instances.

(1)               I was leading the Communist Party of India in Athgarh when he was the Chief Minister representing the same constituency. And, I was the official candidate of CPI against him. I was his most active opponent. Yet it was he, who had abdicated his seat for me and the Congress had given me its ticket that I had declined. But, I am to dwell here on another aspect of his greatness, which would show how respectful was he for foes in public life. When I managed to place my demand for construction of the Mundali Bridge on River Mahanadi to connect Athgarh directly with Bhubaneswar on road, he had not only appreciated that, but also taken immediate steps to execute the idea. Lest time be lost on tender formalities, he ordered the Bridge Construction Corporation to execute the work. But, after him, when Biju Patnaik became the Chief Minister, commission agents took over reigns of administration, the BCC was jettisoned and a private contractor namely P.C.Das was assigned to complete the Bridge. Whenever I go to my birthplace Tigiria on that Bridge, I gratefully remember the magnanimity of J. B. Patnaik who had the heart to hear his most tenacious political foe so positively in public interest. I had recalled this episode in my Oriya column ‘Singhavalokana’ in the Sambad on March 5, 1999. It is available in the Sambad Archives as well as my mega compilation of the same title, though inadvertently ‘Mundali’ has been mentioned as ‘Naraj’ therein.

(2)                He had got an irritant in education minister Bhagavat Mohanty. Dharitri carried a photo of Mohanty with his head on the lap of a lady when his legs were being massaged by another woman. A single line annotation beneath the picture was absolutely derogatory in meaning. That picture was enough to dismiss Mohanty from the cabinet, by then known to be in bad books of the CM. But, as I found that the three of them were posing before the camera in a public place, I diagnosed the same as a mischief of Dharitri in my column Singhavalokana. A top executive of Sambad informed me that the same being helpful to Mohanty, may displease J.B.Patnaik. Never to be browbeaten, I decided to elaborate what I had argued in my column published by the Sambad. Assuming that the same may not be carried by Sambad in that situation, I preferred it to Satakadi Hota, editor of Samaya, telling him over the phone about the background thereof. It was published in its entirety. In the night passed 12, the landline phone in my bed room rang. My wife picked up the receiver. Janaki babu was on the line. It was difficult for me to believe that it was J.B.Patnaik who was calling me in the night over phone. He normalized me in a moment. “Samaste Jai sarila pare apananku dakuchhi kebala dhanyabad janaibaku” (After all others left, I have called you to express my thanks). I was astonished. What for the thanks? He replied, “Mote eka bhul karibaru nibarttai thiba hetu” (for having saved me from committing a wrong). How is it? He replied, “Samayare apananka tarjama ti sambhabatah sathik” (Perhaps you are right in what you have analyzed). And, it was seen; Mohanty was not dismissed and continued to be in his cabinet despite all the filthy conspiracies he contrived against JB in nexus with Biswal.

J.B.Patnaik was a great person. If irrationally ambitious people, constantly suffering from inferiority complex, had not tried to soil his image and to foil his practical programs, Orissa in particular and the country in general could have immensely benefited from his unfathomable knowledge, vast experience and matchless political acumen.

I stand in silence in honor of the great man, whom men of letters adore and whom people of Orissa shall remember forever.

Samaja finds Manubhai unworthy of editorial obituary

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Manubhai Patel alleged to have grabbed presidential chair of Servants of the People Society, which allegation he could not legally refute till his death yesterday, is found unworthy of editorial obituary in Samaja, the paper of Orissa that SoPS has illegally occupied by using a forged Will of Pt. Gopabandhu Das, its forefront founder.

The front page of Samaja has carried in its edition of today the news of Manubhai’s death. Had he been a legitimate President of SoPS, which even the paper under his occupation projected, the editorial column could have gone blank in his honor or the paper could have paid respect to him with an editorial obituary. But today’s Samaja editorial is an obituary on India’s lost hope in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

If this is not noteworthy, what else is, in Orissa today?

A former editor Radhanath Rath, whose forgery helped SoPS to occupy Samaja, had put it on records that Manubhai had taken huge amount of money from the Samaja funds to use in his electioneering with assurance to return the same after elections and despite several reminders, he had not returned the money.

Danda Nirodh Mishra, a former IAS whom Manubhai in his previous avatar as SoPS President had appointed as General Manager of Samaja, has informed the Police Chief at the call of his conscience that the amount of Rs.96 lakhs which he had told the police in FIR to have been misappropriated by Brajabhai and others, was actually misappropriated by Manubhai and in a letter he had confronted Manubhai with the swindling he had made, which, if disclosed, may put him to jail.

Many more such acts of money swindling from the Samaja funds by Manubhai Patel is known to the insiders of the Samaja.

Perhaps, therefore, their collective conscience has refused the editorial obituary in his honor.

Emergence of Prasad as PCC Chief has unnerved BJP

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Amit Shah’s speech clearly indicates that emergence of Prasad Harichandan as PCC Chief has unnerved the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The national President of BJP in his speech at Bhubaneswar on January 6 blatantly failed to elaborate, even define, the ‘Mahasangram’ he had come to launch.

State leadership of BJP had drawn up the scheme of Mahasangram (The Great War) against Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who, to them, epitomizes all dishonesty and corruption, scams and scandals from chit fund to mines and had invited Shah to give impetus to its scheme. But Shah failed to stand up to their expectation.

BJP State leaders seem to have failed to read their national leadership.

Modi had not uttered a single effective word against Naveen Patnaik in his “Vijay Sankalpa” speech at Bhubaneswar in February 2014 when pledging himself to fulfillment of Biju’s dreams – what dream, though, he had not revealed – he had, in fact given elixir to Naveen’s party named after Biju.

Now Shah has repeated the same approach by keeping mum on Naveen despite his State leaders having bared him layer by layer in matter of every wrong happening to Orissa.

BJP rank and file in Orissa is confused. They were expecting Shah to add force to their campaign against Naveen. They are discernibly frustrated.

But, in fact, Shah has indicated that the BJP central leadership is frustrated over its inability to keep the Congress party starved of leadership in Orissa.

He was very clear in his speech. He was absolutely emphatic in saying that the circle of his party’s victory could be complete only when Orissa comes to its fold. But for BJP’s central leadership, grabbing Orissa would not be possible by criticizing Naveen; it is possible if Congress does not get back its strength.

This soft thread of tactics is not easy for the State leadership of BJP to understand.

They have not yet understood that there is no difference except the name and banner between BJP and BJD.
Both of the parties have a common master – the rich; and in their top leadership level, there is no rivalry between them exactly as there was no rivalry between Chanura and Mustika, because both of them were stooges of their common master – Kamsa.

Even BJP was never seen attacking Dr. Manmohan Singh in real political term, because Singh was working for the rich.

When Singh was exposed threadbare in the Loksabha in matter of BCCI, the initiator of the debate Sri Jaswant Singh of BJP had rendered the entire debate inconsequential by withdrawing his notice in the last moment. He had acted thus certainly under direction of the BJP leadership, because, there was no action against him for having come to the rescue of Manmohan Singh.

The BJP was seen making campaigns against Congress, but was never seen exposing Manmohan Singh.

Singh had played treachery against the country by signing the nuke deal with USA behind back of the Parliament and declaring it “sealed, signed and non-negotiable” when, in fact, it was a “must” for the Indian Parliament to “agree to the text” of the Hyde Act on the basis of which 123 agreement was to be signed.

Manmohan Singh had not placed the Hyde Act before the Parliament and the Parliament had not been given the opportunity to “agree to the text” thereof or to disagree.

BJP was well aware of this.

But when the left parties’ objection to the nuke deal had terminated their alliance with the Congress and the issue of “agreeing to the text” of the Hyde Act or disagreeing was going to come up, the BJP had diverted the attention of the Parliament from Singh’s offense of suppression of vital facts from it to a ‘notes for vote’ scandal. Its members – Ashok Argal, Faggan Singh Kulaste and Mahavir Bhagora – were used to display currency notes in the House while alleging that the bundles were paid to them in advance for votes of confidence in the PM.

Why did BJP, arch rival of Congress, rushed to the rescue of Singh in the Parliament time and again?

This was because; Singh was working for the rich.

Similar attitude of BJP central leadership is seen in case of Naveen Patnaik, the obstinate facilitator of POSCO and such likes.

BJP knows that exactly as Congress has suffered the worst ever setback because of Manmohan Singh, the BJD is to suffer the same fate because of Naveen Patnaik whose dubious role in matters of chit fund and other scams is getting unveiled by watchdogs of people’s interest. If it so happens, the resultant benefit will be derived by BJP in absence of well defined leadership of Congress in the State.

To BJP perception in the top level, Naveen would bring in his own fall because treating Orissa as fee simple for all time to come would be impossible. In that case, BJP will have the victory in absence of a united and strong Pradesh Congress.

But,with emergence of Prasad Harichandan as President of the Pradesh Congress, this comfortable feeling of BJP in its top level has vanished.

It would be very difficult for BJP to denigrate the new chief of the Congress in the state of Orissa. Prasad has nothing to be criticized for adversely. He has no distance from any provincial leader of the Congress. He is honest and a man of prudence who has made splendid mark as a minister and legislator. He is strong in his views and humble in his expression. So, he has all the ability to unite and activate the grand old party that has given us our freedom and except the nefarious period of Manmohan’s regime, has all along accommodated left views in leading the country in the progressive line.

BJP national President knows that with emergence of Prasad as PCC Chief, it would be impossible for his provincial followers to match the Congress.

Therefore the hallucination one marked in his public speech in the capital city of Orissa on January 6. His entire speech was unqualified diatribe on Rahul Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi alone, when his provincial unit had been crying for his guidance against Naveen.

Clearly, Prasad’s emergence as PCC President has unnerved the BJP.

Interpol Vice-President Uma Shankar Mishra ought to explain his position in chit fund felony

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is investigating into the chit fund felony that has shown how criminals are ruling the roost in Orissa. But, the CBI may do a mistake if it fails to assess whether or not its former Director Mr. Uma Shankar Mishra had a link therewith. Mr. Mishra is Interpol Vice President.

This unwelcome impasse is created by disclosure of the name of a newspaper owner as a beneficiary of his loot by chit fund swindler Pradeep Sethi  in course of interrogation by the CBI.  Mr. Mishra was the founder editor-in-chief of this newspaper.

If, as reported, Bikash Swain, owner of the said newspaper – Suryaprava – has been funded by Sethi, the CBI cannot but look into how far Mr. Mishra’s involvement with Swain was innocent.

When Swain was arrested by Orissa Police in September 2010, we in the Media Unity for Freedom of Press had condemned the arrest, holding the same as violation of freedom of Press, as we believed Mr. Mishra’s version that the police action was meant to intimidate the paper, because it was exposing misdeeds of the government.

We even had had a public-Press conference in the auditorium of the Orissa branch of Red Cross Society, where Mr. Mishra had shared our podium and had come down heavily on the State Police for what he held “illegal” arrest of the founder-publisher of the paper he was editing. We even had demonstrated before the Governor’s residence in condemning Swain’s arrest.

Now as Swain’s name has come out as a beneficiary of the loot by  Sethi, we earnestly hope, he will honestly reveal his real connection with the exposed offense, specifically as the MUFP had publicly stood with him.

Swain had, in the eyes of many journalists, reason to be considered a credible man, because of the famous police officer – former Director of  CBI – Mr. Mishra’s association with him as the Editor-in-Chief of his paper, even before the paper had come out.

In reporting on the paper on the anvil by then, Orissa’s newspapers worth the name had welcomed it, specifically as a very unknown man – by profession a contractor – had roped in the former CBI chief to edit his paper and the then chief of CBI Mr. Aswini Kumar to inaugurate its office and website much ahead of the print copy reached the newsstand.

A report in Indian Express on June 4, 2009  gives us a clear picture of the day when it says,

“Launching a daily during an economic downturn would be a marketing manager’s nightmare. But Surya Prava, a soon-to-be-launched Oriya daily, is no routine newspaper, what with current CBI Director Ashwani Kumar flying in from Delhi to inaugurate its building and a former director, Uma Shankar Mishra, joining as its editor.

While Kumar yesterday inaugurated the office and the website of the newspaper, the 16-page broadsheet will be launched on January 23. The newspaper is being promoted by a little-known contractor called Bikash Swain.

Mishra, who, during his tenure as CBI director, got underworld don Abu Salem extradited from Portugal, has been employed as Editor of the newspaper”.

The report is self-explanatory and significant. It would be better for Mr. Mishra to explain this excess zeal in being associated with a person who in course of time has been named as a beneficiary of chit fund loot.

The CBI is addressed to reach the root of the crime sic passim the chit fund empire. And, in the root, are there persons like the former Director of CBI who had allowed himself to be so enthusiastically associated with a beneficiary of the loot? The people would like to know the answer.

There is no RBT in Orissa: Zoo Director ought to use the correct term ‘Mahabala Bagha’

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak White tigress Sheha has given birth to four cubs in Nandankanan zoo on July 28. But the zoo director Sudarsan Panda has repeated the wrong in speculating how many of them are of ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’ (RBT) group. Sheer nonsense. The cubs are born in Orissa’s Nandankanan zoo to Orissa’s tiger Manish and tigress Sneha. How to the zoo director any of them is a RBT? It seems, the zoo director is reluctant to claim Orissa’s tiger as Orissa’s tiger. He is unable to come out of his cocoon of copying the non-Oriya terms when Oriya terms are available. Orissa is the home of the category of tigers known in Oriya language as Mahabala Bagha. There are three popular types of Bagha in Orissa. They are: Mahabala, Kalarapataria and Baghendra. In my childhood days, in my birthplace Tigiria and adjoining princely states like Baramba, Narasinghpur, Hindol, Dhenkanal and Athgarh, there was a tiger of small size called Baghendra, which perhaps is now extinct. Kalarapataria is a sort of leopard with synonyms like Kendua and Tindua. The Mahabala is the largest kind of tiger that has profuse mention in ancient literature and scriptures of Orissa. As Buddha is by birth an Oriya, our ancestors had projected him even as Mahabala. Mahabala is referred as a Buddhist deity. The word ‘Maha’ – the greatest – is a peculiar word of assertion of Oriya mana. As for example, Orissa’s great river is named ‘Mahanadi’ (Maha+Nadi). The food coming to devotees after being offered to Sri Jagannatha Buddha is ‘Mahaprasada’ (Maha+Prasada). The sea at Puri, the seat of Jagannatha, is ‘Mahodadhi’ (Maha+Udadhi). Similarly the great tiger of Orissa, bearer of Maha Shakti (Immense strength) is Mahabala in Oriya language. Therefore, the greatest son of Orissa for all time to come, Buddha, who is being worshiped as Jagannatha, is also known and presented and worshipped as ‘Mahabala Buddha’, his illuminating body evolving from the body of the Mahabala bagha. It is sad that, Oriya officers like the zoo director, are not projecting the great tiger of Orissa by its original name – Mahabala Bagha. They fear, lest the international community fails to understand the word. They are wrong. Tiger toy from U.K.Even in England, what the Orissa zoo director wrongfully holds as RBT, is known as Mahabala. Mark the tiger toy with ‘I Love Mahabala’ T-shirt. It is so popular in U.K. and U.S.A. Children and adults there understand that Mahabala is a tiger. I fail to understand, why the zoo director is averse to call Orissa’s tiger as Mahabala bagha? And, a shame, he projects the Mahabala cubs of Orissa in the name of RBT! RBT is a confused English term which was created after the low paid servants of East India Company had occupied a weak Bengal, and had used the word ‘royal’ to self-assign them a blue blood tag. To keep this mischief alive till date may be no affront to Bengal, but is certainly an affront to Orissa, the ancient soil of patriotic pride that was the last land to be annexed by the British in India and the first land to rise in revolt for emancipation, as admitted even by the British historian G.Toynbee in the following words: “It was not long, however, before we had to encounter a storm which burst with so sudden fury as to threaten our expulsion…” (A sketch of the history of Orissa). So, on this soil of patriotic pride, Oriya officers like the zoo director, ought to practice how to project the great tiger of Orissa as Mahabala bagha. Let it be called RBT in any state; in Orissa it needs be called in its Oriya name – Mahabala Bagha – a name that carries Oriya mana and the great Oriya Buddhist  and literary heritage.

Death made her Immortal

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Life certainly ends. But, some of us live after death. Society gets from them endless inspiration always.

Shailabala Pujari Smt. Shailabala Pujari is one such person. She has defeated death on her demise and merging with the elements, has become omnipresent.
She was the most lively and brave person I have ever seen, next only to my mother.

She was terminally ill and knew that the time was not distant when the new phase she was to enter would be called death. People are mostly afraid of death. But she was never.

When I had met her in her Bhubaneswar residence, she was in winning smiles, though what others call ‘pain’ was trying to overwhelm her. I was astonished by her composure and personality that was in clear control over the pain.

Indira Jaisingh feliciated by Shailabala PujariThe last time I saw her was when Additional Solicitor General of India Ms. Indira Jaisingh received felicitations from her hand at Bhubaneswar. She was in the wheel chair and Ms. Jaisingh had come down from the podium to her to receive the same. Except being limited to the wheel chair, she was her usual self of limitless confidence and composure.

Indian wisdom has got expression in the words of Sanatsujat saying “Mrityunastiti” meaning there is no death. Life gets a new form by death, he says.

Shailabala has entered into a new form.

With journalist Deviprasanna Nayak, I had been to Rourkela to pay respects to her new form. And, as we were coming back today, Devi asked, “are the clouds in tears”? I kept mum. He looked at the rain-drenched high way, and resigned to silence again. The car was moving ahead.