Forgery in the Samaja: Trade Union’s FIR registered Against SoPS Members and IAS (Rtd) Suresh Chandra Mantry

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The forgery committed on Gopabandhu’s Will having been exposed, President of Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association Sri Deviprasanna Nayak had put the information before the IIC of Cantonment Police Station, Cuttack on May 12, 2015 demanding criminal action against the members of the Servants of the People Society as well as a retired IAS officer Suresh Chandra Mantry and a former Editor of the paper Sri Gopalkrushna Mohapatra, for use of the forged Will despite knowing that the same is forged. After inordinate delay of around three weeks, the IIC has registered the FIR on May 31, 2015, under sections 420/465/467/468/471/34 IPC, which are the major penal provisions against the crime of forgery. The punishments under these sections are very stiff.

Section 420 stipulates that “whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived any property to any person, or to make, alter or destroy the whole or any part of a valuable security, or anything which is signed or sealed, and which is capable of being converted into a valuable security, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Section 465 mandates, “Whoever commits forgery shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

Section 468 provides for life imprisonment or imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years and fine. Under this section whosoever is not give life imprisonment, shall be punished with imprisonment up to ten years with fine. Its language is: “Whoever forges a document which purports to be a valuable security or a will, or an authority to adopt a son, or which purports to give authority to any person to make or transfer any valuable security, or to receive the principal, interest or dividends thereon, or to receive or deliver any money, moveable property, or valuable security, or any document purporting to be an acquittance or receipt acknowledging the payment of money, or an acquittance or receipt for the delivery of any moveable property or valuable security, shall be punished with *[imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine”. * Subs. by Act 26 of 1955, s. 117 and Sch., for “transportation for life” (w.e.f. 1-1-1956).

Section 468 provides that “Whoever commits forgery, intending that the *[document or Electronic Record forged] shall be used for the purpose of cheating, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine”. * Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document forged” (w.e.f. 17-10-2000)

But Section 471 is for users of forged Will. The fellow who uses a forged Will shall be punished with imprisonment and fine. It says, “Whoever fraudulently or dishonestly uses as genuine any *[document or electronic record] which he knows or has reason to believe to be a forged **[document or electronic record], shall be punished in the same manner as if he had forged such **[document or electronic record]. * Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document” (w.e.f. 17-10-2000). ** Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document forged” (w.e.f. 17-10-12000)

And, Section 34 provides punishment to gang of criminals. It says, *”When a criminal act is done by several persons in furtherance of the common intention of all, each of such persons is liable for that act in the same manner as if it were done by him alone”. *Subs. by Act 27 of 1870, sec. 1, for the original section.

So, the criminals in the forte of the Samaja and SoPS are now to face the law that calls for imprisonment and fine.

The two fellows who had forged the Will of Gopabandhu – former ministers of Orissa and editors of the paper, Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra –  have died before their crime was detected. Another criminal Manu Bhai Patel has died recently. Another accused – Santosh Kumar Muduli is also dead. Udaynath Sadangi whose name is in the written information is also dead. The trade union shall demand for posthumous punishment to them as they were individually and collectively perpetrators and users of the forgery.

Some other fellows who have been named in the FIR, but not shown as accused, will hopefully come to books by the time the charge sheet would be ready.

The accused enlisted by the investigating officer, pending final updatation of the list, are: (1) Manubhai Patel, (2) Raj Kumar, (3) Deepak Malviya, (4) Vimsen Yadav, (5) Prasanna Vadan Mehta, (6) Onkar Chand, (7) Niranjan Rath, (8) Kirtibhai Pandya, (9) Ajay Kumar, (10) Gopalkrushna Mohapatra, (11)Suresh Chandra mantry, (12) Santosh Kumar Muduli and (13) Lingaraj Mishra. The first and the two last accused persons are, as mentioned supra, dead.

(Note: The 12th accused is not an accused in reality. He is one of the victims of the offenders. The IIC has inadvertently mentioned his name and prefixed it with a nonextistence mark, in place of, according to him, late Radhanath Rath.)

The living culprits have a gang of hounds from the pull of retired IAS officers, IPS officers, and Judges in their service as advisors, who are lobbying for killing of this FIR. They have also a powerful ally in Chief Minister’s Office, who, despite being a junior officer is being regarded as ‘Super Chief Minister’ from whom Cabinet Ministers and Secretaries including the Chief Secretary are getting instructions as if from the Chief Minister. His protection to Samaja hijackers is a great obstacle in action against located culprits that stay safe in the ramparts of the Gopabandhu Bhawan. The inordinate delay in registration of the well documented FIR is because of their pressure.

Book CoverWe in have regularly investigated into and detailed the crime and our book “The Samaja in Maze of Forgery”, very ably compiled by Sri Deviprasanna Nayak is a highly well documented book of rare meticulousness that has become an instant seller. The first edition is at the verge of necessitating a second edition, according to its publisher Sri Pabitra Mohan Maharatha. The reports of are being posted by the ‘Save the Samaja Forum’ in and the ‘save the samaja’ page in social media: Face book. It is noteworthy that the page is getting ever increasing ‘like’s everyday, which indicates that the people all over Orissa have been keeping alert eyes on this matter and appreciating the exposure.

So, despite lobby by the pack of hounds – former IAS, IPS, IFS Officers and Judges – the case cannot die sans action.

With this case, a new chapter in the history of mass action against crime by fellows, who have been dazzling under the arch of journalism misusing the media power of the Samaja, is going to be written in golden letters.

Orissa, keep watch.

Police must take stock of how the Police Station at Niali is functioning

As public protest against murder of RTI activist Krupasindhu Sahu is scheduled to be held at Niali on Feb.10, worried government has referred the matter of his murder to the Crime Branch of State Police for investigation.

In response to Saturday demand for government action in the matter, on behalf of the Chief Minister, Parliamentary Affairs Minister B. K. Arukh told Orissa Assembly on Monday that three persons accused of the murder have already been arrested when Karttik Pani, allegedly the main accused, is yet to enter the police dragnet. But he can’t escape, he assured.

Sahu’s body was found buried in the riverbed near the village of Bainchua of Niali P.S. on information obtained from Karttik’s mother Sushila Pani. Along with her, Police has arrested Pratap Jena and Manju Sahu.

Karttik is a habitual offender, currently under police scanning in five more felonious offences. He has already spent life in jail in a murder case.

Police may arrest him soon. But, more important it is to ascertain on whose behalf the RTI activist has been exterminated.

A journalist Bhavani Parija has allegedly got intimidating threats for his RTI activism. The same Niali Police has tortured him inside the Police Station forcing him to stand whole night in the Hazat on Feb.6 and then declared arrested on Feb.7 at 10.30 AM.

This is a serious syndrome. Police must take stock of how the Police Station at Niali is functioning.

Former GM of Samaja tells of a secret money transaction between Orissa CM Naveen Patnaik and Manubhai Patel of SoPS: Investigation essential

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Former General Manager of the Samaja, retired IAS officer Dandanirodh Mishra, has kept on records a secret money transaction between Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and the then Chief of Servants of the People Society Manubhai Patel, which could have been captured by secret camera had he not timely alerted the Chief Minister over phone.

In a letter to Manubhai Patel, bearing the Samaja No.253/GM/2007 dated 25.07.2007, Mishra has written, “You are aware that I had saved you from embarrassment, humiliation and ignominy by requesting the Chief Minister to have a telephonic discussion with you when you were rushing to Puri on 15th November, 2006 to collect a sum of Rs.50.00 lakhs”.

Mishra has mentioned of a “scheduled programme” with the CM for receiving the money in person. But as, instead of meeting the CM as per the “scheduled programme”, he was “rushing to Puri” in response to a telephonic call from somebody whom he “assumed to be the Chief Minister” because of the “scheduled programme” with Naveen Patnaik, Mishra got a secret message that the transaction was likely to be captured by “string” cameras. He immediately had alerted the Chief Minister and persuaded him to discuss the matter with Manubhai.

Whether or not the “scheduled programme” for the clandestine deal was re-scheduled is a matter that needs investigation.

Mishra has attached this document to his letter dated 22 May 2009 to IIC, Cantonment Police Station, Cuttack with reference to Cantonment P.S. case No.88/2006 corresponding to No. 436/2007 on the basis of FIR lodged by him as the General manager of the Samaja and Cantonment P.S. case No. 27/2007 corresponding to No. 436/2007 on the basis of complaint petition of Pradeep Kumar Pandey vide ICC No. 332/2007.

But, because Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is bound to be investigated into in context of the “scheduled” secret deal of Rs.50 lakhs with Manubhai Patel, the police is not daring to proceed in the matter.

The same Manubhai Patel is now using the same Naveen Patnaik to keep his illegal grip over the Samaja intact.

Save the Samaja campaign holds a whole city cycle rally in Cuttack against false prosecution of employees and inaction against swindlers of Samaja funds

campaign commences at College Sqr

Save The Samaja Forum (SSF), spearheading a principled campaign against the fraud and felonies of Servants of the People Society, which, having illegally captured the premiere newspaper of the State is ruining it, held a significant cycle rally with black flags and black badges that covered whole of the city of Cuttack on June 07, 2013 in the afternoon, highlighting the necessity of mass action for saving the Samaja from the network of corruption, misappropriation, malpractice and exploitation of labor.

set to start

Led by joint conveners of the Forum Sri Prasanta Patnaik and Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and the President of Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association (UNEA) Sri Devi Prasanna Nayak, the rally commenced from the Netaji statue in the College sqr of Cuttack, the birthplace of Netaji Subhas and covered the entire city by touching all its central nerve centers. When the rally reached the Samaja office area, it was witnessed by the unholy occupiers of the paper and photographed by them. There was massive distribution of speaking leaflets elaborating the purpose of the rally, which the agents of the Samaja hijackers were seen collecting. But ethics of journalism has become such an anathema to conduct of the paper now, that it has preferred to blackout the rally.

The cycle rally under black flag was the first of its kind the City has ever witnessed.

It was a very effective attempt to make people aware of how the paper they have built up has been hurled into the hell by its illegal occupiers.

campaign vehicle

The rally was fortified with appropriate slogans ranting the air, even as a pre-recorded audio CD was transmitting the message of SSF from the accompanying Sankalpa Rath, the vehicle, equipped to carry the messages to every nook and corner of Orissa to involve the people with the pledge (Sankalpa) to save the Samaja, which is their own paper built up with their financial contributions and readership support.

The Whole City Cycle Rally starting at 4 pm from the College sqr, ended at Dolamundai sqr after involving the general public with the campaign at important nerve centres of the city.

Joint conveners of SSF, Prasanta Patnaik and Subhas Chandra Pattanayak addressed the people at the ending point after an introductory speech by Sharanaravinda Ojha. Both of them called upon the Government to ensure that the ADM of Cuttack expedite his investigation into SSF allegations that the Servants of the People Society has occupied the Samaja by forging a WILL of Pt. Gopabandhu Das. The Registrar of Newspapers for Orissa was moved by the SSF to quash the false ownership of the Samaja and to take legal action against the miscreants who have been wrongfully posing as owners of the paper. On receipt of this communication from SSF, the RNI has asked the Cuttack ADM to investigate and report. But the ADM has yet to show promptness in the investigation. So the SSF leaders stressed upon expeditious investigation in this matter.

They also stressed upon the urgent need of action against the financial bungling going on in the Samaja, as unveiled by an Inquiry Committee headed by Justice Arijit Pasayat, despite the same being a captive committee of the organization.

They asked the government to look into why the police have not taken any action on well documented information of swindling of the funds of the Samaja by corrupt members of SoPS despite direction of the Orissa High Court in this regard, whereas, the same police officials have framed up the leaders of the Samaja employees in false cases as their trade union activities disadvantaged the very same gang against who well documented FIRs are gathering dusts in the Police Station.

They condemned the management of the Samaja for contravention of labor laws and extermination of work environment in the Samaja and call upon the labor department to initiate and expedite action against the management for unfair labor practices.

Editor of Janatantra Vivekanand Dash came down heavily upon the corrupt fellows that are, in the name of SoPS, busy in all sort of nefarious activities. He called upon the people of Orissa and the State government to wake up for saving the Samaja from the illegal capture of the Manubhai Patel and his gang.

President of UNEA Sri Nayak placed before the public the story of the labor side and focused on how they have been subjected to false cases for their demand for regularisation of employment of persons who for decades have been working in the newspaper without any scope for the welfare schemes created by law for the employees. This inhuman practice needs be foiled, he said while expressing gratitude to SSF for its contributions to the cause of the workers.

Pabitra Maharatha coordinated the event.

SAT confirms the illegality we had exposed: CBI or CI investigation into conduct of the CM and Police Chief must be a Must

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

With nullification of dismissal of the former Inspector-in-charge (IIC) of Pipili PS by the State Administrative Tribunal on January 17, I have no hesitation in saying that the Chief Minister of Orissa Naveen Patnaik and the Police Chief of Orissa Prakash Mishra had shrewdly collaborated with the Pipili felony of gang rape that ultimately exterminated the victim. Only a CBI or a Commission of Inquiry investigation into why the Director General of Police issued a legally untenable dismissal order to the IIC and why being the Minister-in-charge of Police, the Chief Minister had not objected to that, is now urgent to fix up responsibility as to who of these two top functionaries is guilty to what extent in the Pipili context.

As the DGP dismissed the IIC on January 24, 2012 in stark contravention of the very provision under which the dismissal was ordered, and as Orissa’s political and legal luminaries were conspicuous by their silence on this point, I had to post my views in these pages in public interest, on January 28, 2012, exposing how the dismissal was nothing but official protection given to the IIC with all the scope to get that nullified in appropriate court of law.

The SAT has now nullified the illegal order exactly as I had apprehended.

I had captioned my analysis as “Dismissal of former IIC of Pipili PS is a classic instance of how Naveen is hoodwinking the people”.

I had then written,

“The Director General of Orissa Police has dismissed the former Inspector-In-Charge of Pipili Police Station, Amulya Champatiray, for serious dereliction in duty that has endangered the life of a Dalit girl and ruined her family. The order is being used to hoodwink the people.

The guilt of Champatiray is discernible to naked eyes. So, people are happy over his dismissal. But the dismissal is discernibly farcical, because it is not legal and cannot survive the test of law.

Champatiray had protected the alleged rapists of Pipili by not registering FIR on receipt of the allegation of gang rape and of attempt to murder that has sent the victim into coma.

So, he deserves the severest of punishment and deserves no sympathy.

But, with the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik as the Police (Home) Minister, his dismissal is crafted so cunningly that despite his offenses, he shall get back his service by challenging the order of dismissal in appropriate Court of law; because no Court will allow rape of the Constitution by any Governmental authority”.

The article is available here.

I am thankful to friends, specifically Prasanta Patnaik, to have supported me at that stage. But their views, despite being most relevant, also got ignored.

Now that the apprehension I then had expressed has come true by the verdict of SAT, which is the High Court in the matter of the government employees, it is necessary for the State to abstain from killing further time in untenable preferences to higher forum of law; because no court of law including the Supreme Court can make an illegal order legal.

After my analysis, were he ignorant about the law and really innocent, the Chief Minister, being the head of the political government, should have asked the DGP to withdraw the faulty order of dismissal and to proceed afresh in the matter by subjecting the IIC to domestic inquiry under necessary environment of natural justice and then to determine the dose of consequential punishment. By not doing this, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, whose party colleagues are perceived as culprits, had done his best to help the IIC escape the dragnet of law in the court of law.

It is therefore urgent that instead of raising meritless appeals in higher legal forum(s), the Chief Minister should institute an inquiry against himself and his Police Chief to prove them innocent of the conspiracy in that forum. Having instituted a commission of inquiry against himself, former Chief Minister of Orissa late R. N. Singhdeo had created precedence. Naveen should not shy at this precedence in this matter.

Orissa DGP may look at Cantonment P.S. to know how his Inspector Works

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Unless the Inspector-in-Charge agrees, no complaint can even enter into the Diary of the Police Station, says the Officer, who had received a complaint on 3 December 2012 in Cuttack’s Cantonment P.S. from Surendra Behera, an employee of ‘The Samaja’, founded by Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das, but allegedly fraudulently occupied by the Servants of the People Society. The IIC has not yet agreed to take cognizance of the complaint. So, despite the complaint legally filed in writing by the workman against a person who subjected him to criminal intimidation and wrongful confinement and another who abetted the crime, the complaint which should have been immediately registered as first information, has been kept out of attention.

The SoPS is in a quagmire of internecine battle between two groups of its members. The genuine fraction is led by its President Onkar Chand with Prof. K.C.Tripathi as acting President and the rival fraction by Manubhai Patel, which, despite brandishing an election in support of its claim to office, has not yet been able to establish the required legitimacy in the eyes of Law.

The IIC is aware of the mischief the Patel fraction is playing. In deciding Criminal Misc. case No. 569/12, U/s 144(2) Cr.P.C. instituted by the IIC of the cantonment P.S. Cuttack, the ADCP-cum-Executive Magistrate had to make mention that “coercive actions taken by the management may accentuate the tension prevailing inside the campus which may lead to wide spread chaos and can lead to risk of life and property”.

On the basis of the report of the IIC, the Court had further expressed apprehension that “highhanded attitude” of the occupiers of the Samaja may provoke stoppage of the paper’s circulation.

So, the IIC of Cantonment P.S. on whose report the Magistrate had taken cognizance of the case mentioned above, is aware of the “highhanded attitude” and “coercive action” of the occupiers of The Samaja who are yet to establish their legitimacy in representing SoPS.

One of such “highhanded” and “coercive action” is transfer and suspension of Devi Prasanna Nayak, President of the Trade Union of the employees of The Samaja.

The workforce could have gone on strike in protest against the illegality resorted to against Sri Nayak and the publication of the paper, as apprehended by the IIC as well as Magistrate, could have stopped.

But Sri Nayak, a totally disciplined, dedicated and well educated journalist, whose love, reverence and devotion to Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das is absolute, has done his best to ensure that the publication of The Samaja not stop, despite provocations.

Yet, the occupiers of The Samaja are continuing to harass Sri Nayak, because he is not willing to disobey the known authorities of SoPS, President Onkar Chand and acting President Prof. K.C.Tripathi.

They have cooked up a case of disobedience against him and have appointed a man as Inquiry Officer to make out the case against him.

This IO forced Sri Behera in a closed room in the Samaja office on 3 December 2012 to sign on dotted line on a backdated letter and kept him wrongfully confined in the room while requiring him to sign a document he was then preparing. Behera refused to comply with the wrong order and escaped from the confinement and reported to the Cantonment P.S. forthwith, seeking protection, as he was intimidated with threat to his service.

The IIC is refusing to register the information or admit it even into station diary.

This is not a solitary instance. The FIR filed by Sourav Sahu against persons that constitute the Patel fraction is gathering dust in the P.S. since 19 July 2011 despite directions of the Orissa High Court to the Police to inquire into allegations of corruption and misappropriations of the funds of the Samaja and to “proceed with the case in accordance with Law”.

nomenclature 1In the High Court case, the Director General of Police was a member of the Opposite Party. So, he knows that the Police Station had not acted against the practitioners of alleged corruption and misappropriation of funds of The Samaja.

As O.P. No.1, he had got the High Court direction dated 2 May 2011.

nomenclature 2Despite that, when no action was taken against the accused persons, Sri Sahu moved the High Court again, seeking a direction for implementation of the Court’s May 2, 2011 orders.
The DGP was also made the O.P. in this case.

And, on 14 July 2011, the High Court issued orders to immediately implement the earlier order of May 2, 2011.

Being the O.P., the DGP also received the order wherein the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cuttack was directed to ensure that action is taken without delay.

The IIC of Cantonment P.S. was to take action. But he is yet sleeping over the issue.

Is it not time for the DGP to look at the Cantonment P.S. of Cuttack and see whether or not the corrupt occupiers of ‘The Samaja’ have gained over the IIC; and if not, why is he sleeping?

Police takes Cognizance: Manubhai Patel may be brought to Books for Dirty Deeds

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

India’s famous NGO, the Servants of the People Society (SoPS) is in a quagmire of criminal activities. A gang headed by one of its former presidents – Manubhai Patel – has allegedly grabbed it in violation of its constitution and has resorted to criminal breach of trust, embezzlement and many such felonies.

Known authority of SoPS Prof. K. C. Tripathy has raised the issue in the appropriate judicial forum; but the gang has not yet been able to establish its legitimacy. It is misusing the media power of Orissa’s popular daily The Samaja, which is under its illegal occupation, to browbeat the State officials to the extent of obliteration of records in police stations.

One such instance is missing of Tripathy’s original FIR in the Khuntuni P.S. in the district of Cuttack despite receipts granted against the same. Tripathy had filed the FIR on 12 September 2012 and was sure of action against the serious offenses that he had pointed out with more then 200 pages of supportive documentary evidence. But, the entire bunch of documents along with the FIR was obliterated from the P.S. records.

The OIC, who obliterated the records even after having giving the receipt, has, in the mean time, been transferred, probably with the help of the manipulators, as going away from the P.S. was clearly in his and the gang’s interest.

The new OIC has, therefore, on 17 November 2012, obtained a copy of the FIR from the District Police Office, where it was available, as the complainant had forwarded the same to the Superintendent of Police (S.P.) seeking his intervention in the matter. And, with this copy of the FIR obtained from the S.P. office, the new OIC of Khuntuni P.S. has registered a case under section 420/34 IPC against Manubhai Patel and his gang comprising Niranjan Rath, Pravash Acharya, Bhimsen, Deepak Malviya, Raj Kumar, Ms. R. Sahoo and others.

This particular FIR is lodged on felonies resorted to in the matter of Gopabandhu Institute of Medical Science and Research (GIMSAR) founded in Madhapur of Athgarh and funded by the SoPS from the income of The Samaja.

The FIR alleges that “Niranjan Rath, Manu Bhai and their other associates presented wrong facts to the society (SoPS) about the operation of GIMSAR and dishonestly got money transferred to GIMSAR accounts for operational expenditure and salaries of the doctors and staff. The direct and indirect expenditure during the period mentioned amount to much over 3 crores ……..Major portion of the operational expenses and salaries claimed from the society through the Samaja accounts has been embezzled, siphoned off and fraudulently claimed and withdrawn”. This is a serious offense in view of the informed fact that “Niranjan Rath (had) hired staff and patients only for the days of inspection by the Government of Orissa and Ministry of Health Affairs to present that the Hospital was functioning with the required staff, equipments and facilities. Hired patients, who were paid, were kept in the Hospital to show the Hospital as functional”.

“Against the approved strength of the lecturers, professors, teachers and staff (as required for running a nursing institution and the hospital that being an institute of medical science and research) Niranjan Rath and his committee members namely Ms. R. Sahoo, Peravash Acharya, Bhimsen, and Deepak Malviya claimed money from Society’s Samaja account; whereas, in fact, there were no such lecturers, professors, teachers and staff ever appointed”, the SoPS authority has informed the Police.

Prof. Tripathy has further informed, “Month after month Niranjan also claimed salaries in cash from the Society’s Samaja account in the name of paying salaries to execute the criminal conspiracy with the ex-general manager Hemanta Sahoo, the present g.m. of Samaja Suresh Mantry and other committee members including Ms. R.Sahoo (Principal, GIMSAR), Pravash Acharya, Bhimsen and Deepak Malviya”.

On being informed by Prof. Tripathy and the Chief Executive Officer hemant Goswami of these dirty deeds, President of SoPS Omkar Chand had written to “all members and the trustees of the society for conducting an inquiry against Niranjan Rath. He had instructed the Treasurer to go to the spot and “physically inspect all the works and expenditures of GIMSAR”. But, the treasurer Deepak malviya “never did so”, the FIR has informed.

As the two top authorities of SoPS – Omkar Chand and Tripathy – appeared very disadvantageous to the miscreants, “Niranjan Rath acting with Bhimsen, Deepak Malviya, Raj Kumar, and manu Bhai started an underground design” against the two authorities “to remove them from their way” in order to escape disciplinary action and in “executing their plans”, they together “fabricated, forged and manipulated the Society minutes of April 24 and 25, 2012 and wrongly claimed that a meeting was held on June 27/28, 2012 wherein Hemant Goswami, Omkar chand and Tripathy have been removed and Manu Bhai has been made the President and Niranjan as overall in-charge of Orissa”. And, “thereafter Niranjan acting along with Ms. R. Sahoo, Pravash Acharya, Bhimsen, Deepak Malviya, Raj Kumar and Manu Bhai took forcible control of all documents and material of the society and destroyed many vouchers and other evidence pointing towards the crime. Many important files have been burnt by Bhimsen and Niranjan Rath and they have also removed many incriminating documents from the Chairman’s chamber by breaking its lock”, Prof. Tripathy has alleged in his FIR.

The predecessor of the present OIC of Khuntuni P.S. had obliterated the FIR containing all these and much more allegations. However, the incumbent OIC has taken cognizance of the matter after obtaining a copy of the FIR, as noted supra, from the S.P. office.

But Police conduct on allegations against this gang in another P.S. i.e. Cantonment Police Station of Cuttack City has sort of similarity with the misconduct of the former OIC of Khuntuni P.S.

On July 5, 2012, Prof. Tripathy’s FIR against nine persons: (1) Manubhai Patel (2) Niranjan Rath (3) Bheemsen Yadav (4) Deepak Malviya (5) Raj Kumar (6) Kirti Bhai (7) Khem Chand (8) Suresh Mantry and (9) Priyavrata Mohanty; and others “not known at present” who have conspired, aided and helped in commission of the offense, was taken into cognizance by the Cantonment P.S. for the penal offenses attracting Section(s) 120-B, 403, 409, 416, 418, 420, 424, 427, 452, 465, 468, 469 of the Indian Penal Code and other provisions as applicable (and for which description is also provided in Sections 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 43, 44, 120-A, 405, 415, 441, 463, etc. of I.P.C.).

But the Police, having taken cognizance leading to registration of a case against the alleged miscreants has slept over the issue, even though the miscreants have withdrawn the case they had instituted in Orissa High Court for quashing of the FIR.
Has the Cantonment Police been corrupted by the miscreants like the former OIC of Khuntuni P.S. is a question that needs an answer from the Police Commissioner as it is he who was first addressed in the FIR filed by the known authority of SoPS.