Official Language officially mutilated: Will the Chief Minister please respond?

Roving Reporter

Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has wilfully mutilated the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 by way of two successive amendments in 2018. This has rendered inconsequential the very purpose of creation of Orissa as a linguistic State.

Founder of Bhasha Andolan, Orissa Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak has emailed him on 11th January 2019 to correct his wrong. The CM has not yet responded.  The email is shared below with the people of Orissa, as the Assembly is scheduled to commence its session on the 4th of February.


Hon’ble Sri Naveen Patnaik,

Chief Minister

Sub: Orissa Official Language Act mutilated through Amendment, 2018: Request for re-amendment to do away with the defects and for action against the Officer(s) responsible for rendering even the Hon’ble Chief Minister inconsequential

Ref: Cabinet Resolution Dated 14.3.2018 on Orissa Official Language Act, 1954

Noble Sir,

At the risk of repetition apropos my mail dated 29.6. 2018, may it be recalled that, you were kind enough to nominate me as a member to the Ministerial Committee on implementation of the Odisha Official Language Act, 1954. In that capacity, I had conducted a deep research into why the Act, being de jure in force since 1954, was de facto defunct and found out the following defects in the body of the Act, enforced on 14.10.1954:

1. The Government was not empowered in the Act to frame Rules to implement the Act; and

2. There was no provision of punishment against contravention of the Act.

Accordingly, I had given my advice on 3.9.2015 with draft outlines of two legislation – one, for empowering the Government to frame the Rules and the other, for provision of punishment against non-use of Oriya as official language.

I am personally grateful to you for your ultimate acceptance of the above two advices and for amendment of the Act accordingly.

The 1st advice was implemented in Ordinance dated 21.5.2016, later given the Law form in Odisha Official Language (Amendment) Act, 2016.

The 2nd one was given a form of Law in the Odisha Official Language (Amendment) Act, 2018 by insertion of Section 4-A.

But, Sir, under the guise of this noble work, assented to by the Governor on 23.6.2018, mischief was played to kill the very purpose of the Act and the purpose of the creation of the State of Odisha as well, as it was deliberately linked to Cabinet Resolution dated 26.12.2017, which had proposed to reduce the scope of the Act with other highly objectionable ingredients.

In my mail dated 29.6.2018, I had urged upon you to repeal this notorious Section and to please restore the Act to its original form by making a fresh amendment with flawless provision of punishment for its violation. I quote from the said mail for your ready reference here below:

The State Cabinet met again under your Presidentship on 14.3.2018. It superseded the defective Resolution dated 26.12.2017 on the Act and, almost entirely agreeing to our demand, it made it clear that for nonworking in Oriya, only the erring employee and official will be punished, not the Department. In complete acceptance of our argument it resolved, “as there is no provision for imposing penalty against the Officers and employees who are violating the provisions of the notifications under the Act, Government have decided to bring the amendment immediately providing penalties for such erring Officers and employees…so that they will implement the provisions of the notification in its letter and spirit” (Para 2 and 3 of the Press Note of the GA & PG Department, dated 14.3.2018).

But, Sir, your above noble decision has been rendered inconsequential in the amendment drafted by bureaucracy and adopted by the Assembly, for reasons detailed below:

Firstly, the Statement of Object and Reasons of the Amendment do not carry the Reasons spelt out in the above quoted resolution of the Cabinet meeting presided over by you on 14.3.2018. It is based on the superseded resolution of 26.12.2017, completely suppressing the resolution dated 14.3.2018.

Secondly, while illegally using the superseded resolution dated 26.12.2017, the officer concerned has also tampered with the said resolution. When, even that Resolution had laid down that for nonuse of Oriya the Department AND the employees will be suitably punished, the amendment, claiming to have been based on that resolution, provides for punishment to employees OR Department, which is blatantly unauthorized and illegal.

Thirdly, the scope of the Act originally covering the whole of Orissa and all and every Office in the State of Orissa, the amendment has reduced this scope to “extensive use of Oriya Language”, which clearly means that the Act will not be used in whole of Orissa and in all and every office in the State. No amendment can kill the basic purpose of the Act.

Thus Sir, your intention to amend the Act to make it flawless for implementation of the Act “in its letter and spirit” has been brutally done away with by the mandarins while drafting the amendment.

These gross mistakes were overlooked by the Minister Mr. Arukh who moved the Bill in your absence and who just read out the reply to the debate as obviously prepared by the scheming mandarin that had drafted the amendment with a deliberate design against the people of Orissa.”

Obviously, no serious attention was paid to this mail, as a result of which, attempts were made to enforce this illegality on the people of Odisha and their language in Odisha Official Language (Second Amendment) Act, 2018.

This amendment is illegal on the following two grounds:

(1) It has legalized the tampering of the Cabinet resolution of 26.12.2017 while retaining the word OR; and

(2) It has kept the notorious Section 4-A alive, which being based on the resolution of 26.12.2017, over and above the numbers of mischief detailed above, puts the implementation of the Act under the mercy of the departments.

Under the circumstances, I request you to be pleased to please repeal Section 4-A along with Section 3-A from the Odisha Official Language Act in the coming session of the Assembly and to please bring in fresh amendment to quantify the punishment for contravention of Act, as per the Cabinet resolution of 14.3.2018. I also request you to quantify the punishment for contravention of the Official Language Act, as has been done in the Odisha Shops and Commercial Establishment (Amendment) Act, 2018.

Let us the people of Odisha feel that anglicized bureaucracy is not making a farce of the noble decision of our Hon’ble Chief Minister in the matter of our Official Language.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Founder of Bhasha Andolan, Orissa


Naveen will leave Orissa Bankrupt: Media should start educating the people

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Professional aloofness displayed by physicians may not be found faulty; but the same in media is unfortunate and blatantly anti-people. Media must be the medium of public education in matter of management of the State.
Orissan media is oversaturated with fellows that pursue the only mission of ingratiating with the ministers, and bureaucrats whom ministers rely upon. Media houses in Orissa run mostly by economic offenders encourage their representatives in this mission so that powers that be may protect them at times of need.

This is why ruling BJD and Chief Minister’s blatant failure in protecting Orissa’s interest in matter of Polavaram project is not yet known to the people. Similarly the people have not yet known that this government is pushing the State into bankruptcy.

The State Finance Minister has told member Dillip Ray in response to his question, on 14th December that the loan of the State shall reach by the amount of Rs. 56,540.13 crores putting debt load on every citizen to the tune of about Rs. 14 thousand. This financial year itself shall be loaded with a loan amount of Rs.12, 800. 38 crores that surpasses all the previous borrowing records.

Loan for development is not unusual. But, the peculiarity in this is that, the State government is borrowing increasingly higher amounts year after year without any workable planning for repayment. It has already impoverished the State denuding her of valuable natural resources and reducing her to a greasing ground of avaricious anti-people non-Oriya industries; and more dangerously, by ruining the peasants’ confidence on self-employment in their traditional agriculture.

There is no easy way for the people to know if the borrowing is productively used and if so, why instead of repaying the loans the State has been borrowing higher amounts every year to reach the state of bankruptcy. Audit Paras on wrongful expenditure and loot of exchequer are galore; but no penal action against any offender is discernible. Why? Shouldn’t media come forward to focus on it?

Governor moved to send back the arbitrarily passed Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Bill-2015

A Civil Society Delegation led by former Finance Minister Panchanan Kanungo has submitted on 9th September, 2015 a memorandum to the Governor of Orissa requesting him to send back the ‘Odisha Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Bill-2015, which was arbitrarily passed by government on 27th Aug,2015 in total absence of legislative environment.

We put below the contents thereof on records:

Subject: Request for sending back the recently passed Odisha Government Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Bill 2015 to Odisha Legislative Assembly for reconsideration under the first proviso to Article 200 of Constitution.

Respected Sir,

We the members of the civil societies and concerned citizens bring the matter to your kind notice for the appropriate constitutional steps. On 27th August 2015, the Odisha Legislative Assembly has passed the Odisha Government Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Bill 2015 and which is yet to get your assent. We find serious concerns on the whole provisions and contents of the bill, which posed a serious threat to the future land rights and livelihood of dalits, tribals, daily wage earners, slum dwellers and land less marginal farmers of the state.

It is the fundamental principle of law that the land related matters are dealt with primarily under civil laws. So “unauthorized occupation” of land couldn’t be dealt with under penal laws and any person who is occupying a place of land shouldn’t be declared as committing crime and vesting power to police to arrest the said person without warrant. Thus the Odisha Government land grabbing (prohibition) bill is contravening the procedure established by law under the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC), Central law.
It is the settled position of the law in Olga Telis Vs Bombay Municipal Corporation that the slum dwellers or pavement dwellers are not occupying public land by choice, but due to compulsion to have their shelter and livelihood. The Constitution bench of the apex court in the above noted case observed that “mnse rea” is the primary ingredient of an “offence’ and the slum dwellers or pavement dwellers are not occupying public lands in cities to commit an offence. So mere unauthorized occupation of land by them, can’t construe an offence and thus the bill in question doesn’t confirm the ratio decided by the constitution bench of the honorable Supreme Court.

The provisions of the bill in question have overriding effect on the Odisha Municipal Corporation Act, Odisha Municipality Act etc. which have been enacted by the state legislature keeping in view the basic principles of 74th amendment of the constitution.

We are indeed disturbed with the draconian provisions of the bill in question, which provide unauthorized occupation by any person including landless, homesteadless, peasants, adivasis, dalits , slum dwellers, women, third gender, physically challenged persons etc. is a crime and cognizable offence , punishable under the said bill up to seven years with a fine tune of Rs. 20,000. It’s a mockery on the poverty stricken and marginalized sections of the society. The bill doesn’t confirm to the fundamental principles of democracy, Constitution of India and more embodied with unfettered authority overriding many other state and central laws. These include Indian Evidence Act 1872, Panchayat Raj Extension to Schedule Areas Act (PESA) 1996, The Schedule Tribe and other Traditional Forest Dwellers Act (FRA) 2006, Odisha Land Reform Act (OLR) 1960, Odisha Prevention of Land Encroachment Act (OPLE) 1972, Odisha Government Land Settlement Act (OGLS) 1962 etc. The bill was passed on 27th August 2015 after the boycott of the legislator belonging to opposition political parties and even in abrogation of established parliamentary procedures.

We are also bring to your kind notice that the bill if becomes law, shall also be extended to the parts of Schedule Areas. The provisions under para 5 (2) of the fifth schedule of the constitution of India , gives authority to the Governor of the state and Tribes Advisory Council (TAC) to make special regulations for the peace and good
Governance in the schedule areas. The bill in question is ultra virus to the provisions of the Constitution in view of the above unconstitutional provisions.
Therefore, we pray.
a) To send back the Odisha Government Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Bill 2015 for discussion on the floor of the assembly for appropriate amendments in the above said provisions and with a direction to secure its compliance to the provisions made under Part-IX and Part-IXA of Constitution;

b) To make a Regulation on prohibition of land grabbing and land distribution in Scheduled Areas as required under Para 5(2) of Fifth Schedule.

With Kind Regards,

Yours Faithfully,
Sj. Panchanan Kanungo, Ex. Finance Minister, Odisha.
Sj. Rabi Das (Senior Journalist), Bhubaneswar.
Adv. Biswapriya Kanungo, Human Right Activist, Bhubaneswar.
Mr. Sandeep Pattnaik, National Council for Advocacy Studies, Bhubaneswar.
Mr. Narendra Mohanty, State Convener, INSAF, Odisha.

Oriya would be taught in English Language! What a mad Government!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If documents can say how Orissa is being administered, this document would show how mad has become administration under Naveen Patnaik.

govt order for making English the medium of education

Orissa Assembly’s Standing Committee on Higher Education discussed with departmental Secretary Sri G. Dhal and his team officials on 23.02.2015 on how to improve higher education in Orissa. The Committee resolved that for betterment of the scenario, “English language should be mandatory in College” (Point No.7) and wanted implementation thereof. In elaborating the point to Government, the Assembly wrote at item No.11, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities be asked to print the text books in English language”.

It is a mindless recommendation of the committee comprising MLAs namely Tara Prasad Bahinipati (Chairman of the Committee), Sashi Bhusan Behera, Bibhuti Bhusan Harichandan, Anubhav Pattnaik, Surendra sethi and Basanti Mallick. None of these members is a linguist and/or a known educationist. When they resolved to make English language “mandatory in college” they should have summoned language experts and educationists to the committee to take their considered views on what would be the impact of making English the mandatory medium of teaching in colleges. If the MLAs who do not possess didactic excellence or acclaimed expertise in language study, could not visualize if English becomes the mandated medium of instruction, what would happen to Oriya, what was the sabjanata IAS officer that represented the Higher Education department as its Secretary with his pack of officers doing? Why did he not assist the Assembly with the necessary advice that impact study of the promulgation of English as the only medium of teaching in colleges should be taken up before adding Assembly insignia to the proposal?

However, this mindless recommendation of the Standing Committee is not yet put before the Government and the Cabinet has not been made aware of this proposal, even though the matter breaths disastrous consequences. But the Secretary seems to have implemented it. Otherwise, the order posted above could not have been issued.

The desk officer who has issued the order is a Bengali namely S.K.Ghosh.  He is the Deputy Secretary by way of promotion from the rank of a clerk in the secretariat. He should have raised the issue of impact study of making English the only medium of teaching in the Colleges. He should have placed before the departmental Secretary that,  as very serious dislocations would be created in teaching if the mindless proposal of the Standing Committee is implemented, collective wisdom of the State Cabinet should be invoked.

When required to report on “action taken” on the Committee’s recommendations, the Secretary could have told the Committee that expert opinion was being taken or language impact study was being conducted or the Cabinet was being apprised of the recommendation or the Cabinet was considering on it, for example. But the fertile IAS/OAS brains in the Higher Education department, without Government (The Cabinet) approval of the Standing Committee recommendation, have implemented it as suggested by issue of instructions to all the Principals to report how far they have implemented the order.

The “Action taken note” the Higher Education Secretary has placed before the Standing Committee on 17.6.2015 at 3 PM shows that all the Principals have been “requested to furnish action taken report” as per the office order posted supra that mandates, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities to print the text books in English language”.

This means, Oriya text books shall be printed in English and Oriya language shall be taught in English. What nonsense!

Naveen Patnaik has been reading his Oriya addresses through Hindi or English alphabets typed in his PRO office for all these years. So, perhaps, the fertile brains in Higher Education department are sure, Oriya can be taught in English language with the text books in English.

This nefarious design must be quashed.

A decade ago, when Naveen Patnaik Government had conspired to eliminate Oriya as a subject in higher education, we had exposed and foiled that mischief. Now the same conspiracy having returned more menacingly, I am giving links to some of my discussions in ORISSA MATTERS in those days to say that this conspiracy is culmination of a decade long hidden agenda. Peruse these links, and wake up. We are to save our mother tongue from this mad government.

A renewed Bengali conspiracy: Thwart it. Thwart it. Thwart it.

Orissa Govt. plays its nastiest tricks against the Oriyas

The Lingua-Benga Minister be shacked

Lingua-Benga design defeated: Oriya nation wins

Not enough, National humiliation must be avenged

Eagerness to adjourn the House after obituary mention should stop

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Assembly yet again stopped from transacting its normal business by declaration of adjournment for the day after obituary mentions.

This may be justified in the style of tradition; but it is a loss of a day on start of the session.

The day began on Friday with Governor’s customary address to the House as the budget session was to commence. Leader of Opposition Narasingh Mishra lost no time in accusing the Governor of being a party to the misrepresentation of facts that the misruling ministry wants to mislead the people with. When administration runs in the name of the Governor and ministry runs under his pleasure, it is not becoming of him to read out false reports on good governance without verifying the real picture of maladministration. The Governor has been notified by the Congress in due course of specific instances of misrule. This should have awoke the Governor to the reality and had it been so, his speech should have focus on how to bring remedy to the wrongs done to the people of the State. Sri Mishra’s protests not heeded to, the Congress boycotted the Governor and left the House. The second big group BJP had also deemed it proper to boycott the house on the premise of falsehood resorted to in the Governor’s speech.

After being such addressed by the Governor, agenda of obituary mentions were taken up where all the parties took part. Then the House was adjourned for the day.

Is obituary mention not enough? Was there any binding necessity to adjourn all other businesses of the day in honor of late lamented ones?

The practice should stop.

Inviolability of Official Language Act desecrated by Orissa Assembly: Governor should refuse Assent

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The winter session of Orissa Assembly that suffered premature death as the Chief Minister who commands brutal majority decided not to be answerable, has, however, been able to pass certain Law Bills drafted not at all in Oriya, but only in English language.

In passing the said Law Bills, de facto surreptitiously, under cover of the deafening commotions, the Government has blatantly violated the Orissa Official Language Act 1954, and if the Governor gives them his assent, the Laws thus made would be illegal.

The Opposition had rightly demanded for recall and rejection of the adopted Bills as they are written only in English; but the Speaker has ruled that Bills made in English are not unfit to be adopted, as English is in use in the Assembly.

The Speaker’s ruling is not challengeable in any court of law, the treasury bench is convinced. But the Governor has the right to deny his assent to the adopted Bills, because notwithstanding what the Speaker has ruled, presentation of Bills only in English was violative of Orissa Official Language Act, and, therefore, illegal. The legislative body adopting an illegal Bill is illegal.

When the Act in original had made it a must that Oriya is “to be used for all or any of the official purposes of the State of Orissa”, Biju Patnaik – father of present Chief Minister, who has not taught his son a single alphabet in Oriya – had sabotaged the primacy of Oriya language by amending this Act in 1963, in order to satisfy his personal ego of elitism and to please the non-Oriya officers, who, like their fathers in neighboring States, were always against the mana of Oriya language.

Biju was the greatest political hypocrite of his time equipped with uncanny ability to hoodwink anybody. After grabbing the Chief Minister position, he used his position for his self interest, indulged in all sorts of corruption and even sabotaged the country during Chinese aggression. Yet, he had claimed his steps to be patriotic and motivated with sacrifice for the people! Anybody who searches for Biju in these pages will get the evidences.

Destroying the spirit of Orissa Official Language Act 1954 was not a problem for this shrewd operator. He engineered an amendment in the Act in 1963. The amendment added English to be the language for use in the Assembly; but lest the people revolt, the amendment said, English would be used “in addition to Oriya”, not in exclusion of Oriya.

This shrewd amendment opened the road for use of English to the detriment of Oriya as the language of administration. Biju Patnaik had thus destroyed utility value of Oriya Language; but yet, in fear of public wrath, he had not dared to undo the primacy of Oriya language in businesses of the Orissa Assembly. The amendment had allowed English to be used IN ADDITION TO ORIYA.

The Opposition had, therefore, rightly demanded for recall and nullification of the Bills made in English language alone. The Speaker’s Ruling that there is no wrong in Bills written only in English, is, therefore, wrong.

The Orissa Assembly has clearly done a wrong to Orissa by adopting Bills written only in English, not in Oriya. But nobody except the Governor can protect the mana of Oriya at this stage.

We urge upon the Governor to refuge his assent to the Bills adopted in blatant contravention of Orissa Official Language Act. The Act, despite the treacherous amendment in 1963, has the inviolable stipulation that Oriya shall be the language of Law, “in addition” to which, English may be entertained. When the Bills were not written in Oriya, but only in English, they violated the inviolable stipulation laid down in Orissa Official Language Act, 1954.

The Governor should appreciate this position of Law and refrain from giving the Bills written only in English, his assent.

The Legislative Assembly must not be allowed the luxury of making Laws in ways that are basically illegal.

There was no Assembly; there was anarchy, only anarchy

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Air is a must for the people to live. Food is a must for the people to live. Water is a must for the people to live. Society is a must for the people to live.

But Assembly is not a must for the people to live, if viewed from the angle of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. This is where, anyone who loves the Country that Baji Raut’s blood had contributed to create, cries in pain.

In the preceding post I have shown how he was instigating his party MLAs to create commotions in the well of the House so that Opposition demand for debates on chit fund stays stymied.

Shameful, yet vivid details of how on the first day of the session, the treasury benches engineered the ruckus and resultant adjournment by deliberate use of a loudmouth minister Pradeep Maharathy in harassing a lady MLA of BJP with sexual slangs, has come out in newspapers and TV channels, some of which even have their natal links with some of the close colleagues of the Chief Minister.

Maharathy’s monkey business was engineered when the chit fund felony was sure to be discussed, as the Speaker had with him the Opposition’s adjournment notice and the collateral call attention notice from the treasury side on the subject, against a background that was crying for the debate.

Scenario that cried out for debate

The scanning of the Chief Minister’s shadow Saroj Sahu by CBI, and the unveiling of the Chief Minister as the godfather of chit fund cheat Prasant Dash of SeaShore, and metamorphosis of a pack of the CM’s close colleagues to the status of under-trial prisoners for their roles in chit fund deals, and increasing suspicion that the chit fund crooks were mere frontmen of the Chief Minister et cetera had built up strong justification for the Assembly to take up the debate on chit fund in supersession of all other businesses. But, instead of leading the House to this necessary debate, the Leader of the House – the Chief Minister himself – instigated his sycophants to put the Assembly in strangulation till death of the session, to evade the debate on chit fund.

Why the Assembly?

In a democracy, the Government is required to convene the Assembly to place before the representatives of the people the details of its programs for betterment of the people, and to seek collective wisdom of the representatives of the people on issues affecting the State, and to explain its accounts to the representatives of the people for knowledge and approval of the people, and to report its actions taken on lacunae located by CAG and other authorized bodies so that the representatives of the people can approve or advise as they deem proper, and to answer the questions raised by the representatives of the people on various facets of administration, and to refine its Law Drafts with the legislative wisdom of the Opposition to help the people with Acts and Rules that they may use for better management of their affairs, and to obtain permission of the representatives of the people to spend for implementation of the ongoing and proposed programs from the State exchequer and funds generated.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has blatantly failed in this duty to democracy as the aborted session of Orissa Assembly has so emphatically shown. Legislative responsibility stayed subservient to arrogance of power, as the Leader of Opposition has observed.

Unseen Mischief

This arrogance comes from the massive majority he has captured by confusing the people, by naming all welfare programs of the Government by the name of his father matching the name of the party he heads and begs votes for.

Effect of inanition

For the voters, who constitute the massive majority of the population, it was impossible to understand this mischief; because, continuous slow starvation had pushed them into such a shocking state of inanition, that, comparing manifestos, analyzing political economies, locating class characters, keeping composure and casting votes for class interest was not possible for them.

That they have lost their vigor and intelligence to understand the intricacies of election and necessity of preferring the correct candidate is proved by the very fact that they have been digesting the ignominy of thriving in slow starvation with the almost entirely subsidized rice supplied to them at the rate of Rs.1 only per kg.

And, when majority of voters are in such a state of inanition, it was not difficult for the candidates of the ruling party with bulging purses and rains of promise, to flow in into the Assembly with overwhelming strength exactly as filthy water flows in into the river systems with destructive strength during a flood.

Result is that, the Assembly session could be aborted midway without working normally for even a day, with the Chief Minister escaping accountability.

As we saw, there was no Assembly; there was only government ignited anarchy.

At the end, an Oriya Axiom

The scenario portends a severe end; because, every anarchy ends severely.

It would be better for the Chief Minister’s sycophants, who dazzle under the pretentious feeling that their strength is never to wane, to pause, peruse and understand an Oriya axiom that suggests how severe their end shall be. Here it is:


(Achievement may reach the highest stage through illegal ways, but ends with total extinguishment.)

Their cult father Biju had experienced the correctness of this axiom.

The sycophants may do better in seeing the perfectness of this axiom in their supremo’s loss of courage to face the Opposition in the Assembly. Abrupt end of the Assembly session is indicative of beginning of the end of this strength-blind Government.

People need a Chief Minister, not a Scourge

And, if they want to save their government, it should be better for them to make Naveen Patnaik understand that in him, the State expects a Chief Minister, not a scourge.

Biju, by whose name the BJD is known, after occupying the Chief Minister post with unprecedented strength in 1961, had become such a scourge that we, then the youth and students of this State, had built up the strongest ever campaign to save our motherland from his selfish and corrupt grip. History has recorded this reality.

Even his Party – Indian National Congress – was sure that his stay in power would be a disaster for the people. Therefore, he was shunted out of Office under the pretense of Kamaraj Plan. Despite that, as he continued to act super Chief Minister from the podium of the State Planning Board, we, the student and youth of Orissa, had to rise in revolt to see him ousted from every position of power. His then supporters in the Congress party had tried to save him from the CBI inquiry and qualifying penal prosecution; and, it is well known to the history that, the people of Orissa had punished the Congress Party mercilessly in the election of 1967 for the sin of supporting Biju.

The Naveen sycophants should read this history and amend their steps, if they want to survive in power.

In Naveen Patnaik, the people need their leader, not a godfather of chit fund operators. In him the people need their benefactor, not a comprador. In him the people need an enhancer of the dignity of the Assembly, not its destroyer. The sycophants should tell him of this, in their own interest also.

To him, let it be said, that, for the people, the Assembly is never discardable, but is always desirable.

And, the people shall never stay away for ever from establishing that, they are the sovereign, and the Republic belongs to them.

Orissa Assembly//Let History not be Misled

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

“It is a pity that the Opposition continuously disturbed the proceedings of the House” for which adjournment sine die was necessary, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has said.

The pictures would show how, under his leadership and instigation, the ruling party was creating disturbances to force the Speaker to adjourn the House except when Bills were needed to be passed under the cover of ruckus so created, avoiding Opposition gaze.

BJD MLAs in the Well 1BJD MLAs in the Well 2BJD MLAs in the Well 3BJD MLAs in the Well 4BJD MLAs instigated by the CM to disturb the House

Session put to premature death, Assembly adjourned sine die

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If passing of some Law Bills as well as the Appropriation Bill – in a condition where legislative wisdom of the Opposition is not honored as   the basic necessity – is counted as success of the Government, failure of democracy would stand synonymous with this success.

Failure of democracy needs no proof, as the winter session of the Assembly has been pushed into premature death today, when the House has been adjourned sine die.


By the day the Assembly was to commence, the State was entirely in turmoil due to exposure that chit fund cheats have bilked thousands of crores of rupees from more than one-fourth of the population of Orissa. Some of the close associates of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik were in judicial custody as under-trial offenders, when some more were in the investigation chamber of CBI under orders of the Supreme Court.Intriguing attempts of the State Government to use the Supreme Court to keep the CBI away from investigation into chit fund scams was not only rocking the minds of the people, but also was moving the needle of suspicion towards Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik who was marked for his patronizing cooperation with a chit fund swindling outfit SeaShore. Advocate General of the Government was apprehended by CBI for his dubious deal with another chit fund cheat under the banner name: Artha Tattwa. Shockingly, another man who was lawyer of chit fund cheat Prasant Dash was appointed as the new Advocate General, when the State was expected to prosecute the chit fund swindler. Alok Jena’s case in the Supreme Court had pointed out who of Naveen’s ministerial and party colleagues had taken how many crores of rupees from the chit fund operators; but they were not daring to counter Jena’s allegation. In such a situation, the Chief Minister was sure to have feared that the Opposition may strip him layer by layer in the Assembly over the chit fund scams. He would have been happy if the session could have not been convened. But, that was not within his power, as the supplementary budget was to be adopted and a few Law Bills were to be passed.

Modus operandi 

The House had commenced with adjournment and call-attention notices from the Opposition and the Treasury benches on the chit fund issue.

That was most troublesome for the CM.

Treasury bench members were eager to protect him at any cost, because their survival in politics was linked to his clean image.

Deliberately, therefore, a minister – Pradeep Maharathy – hurled sexual slangs at a lady member of the BJP – Radharani Panda – in the hall of the Assembly in order to provoke acrid commotions that would make the Speaker adjourn the House. Almost three days were lost to this design.

Modus operandi of the Chief Minister became clear when the treasury bench engineered adjournments under pretense of State Interest, after the House had regained normalcy with Maharathy apologizing to Ms. Panda for the nasty words he had hurled.

Further stronger methods to keep the House adjourned were devised in the guise of advice of the aforesaid Advocate General that has culminated in adjournment sine die today.

The Irony

The irony is that when the CM had not opened his lips in the House to revive the climate for it to proceed, after declaration of sine die closure, he has come out with words of allegation that the Assembly had to be adjourned sine die; because, the Opposition did not allow it to proceed. What a farce Mr. Patnaik has made of democracy in Orisa! 

The Assembly Imbroglio: Loser is the Chief Minister

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Despite fabulous majority – 117 members in a 147 seater Assembly – Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik looks like a pathetic loser, as a mere 30 member strong multi-party Opposition has put him on the mat where he does not dare to open his mouth.

At the crux of this imbroglio lies the chit fund felony.

Significantly, the Opposition is not holding the Cabinet, as a whole, responsible for this, whereas it has unambiguously pointed out at Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who seems to have acted God Father to at least one of the crooks – Prasant Dash of SeaShore.

It should have been proper for Naveen to explain his position; because he is not an individual alone, but a Chief Minister.

It is not becoming of a Chief Minister to use silence as the best method of defense.

On the 14th day of its commencement, Orissa Assembly collapsed again to adjournment till 3 PM today after less than a minute of beginning of the Question Hour.

At par with our views, the daily Sanchar, founded and guided by the most astute member of Naveen’s cabinet Dr. Damodar Raut, also has opined that, the Chief Minister shouldn’t shy at the Opposition in the chit fund matter and rather should put forth with honesty the details of the scam as has come out in course of investigation, so that denigration of the image of the Government in the eyes of the people may stop.

But, instead of correcting himself, the Chief Minister has taken refuge in the ruling of the Speaker that the chit fund matter being sub judice, cannot be subjected to debates of the House.

This plea is abysmally poor.

From what the Opposition is stressing upon, it is clear that, it wants accounts of the Chief Minister on his suspected link with chit fund crooks. The Chief Minister’s link with chit fund crooks is never before any court of law. So, it is not acceptable that the matter is sub judice. It would fit better to legislative magnanimity if the Speaker recalls his ruling and allows debates on chit fund felony without any prejudice to matters before the court. Assembly secretariat should be used to apprise the members of what exactly is su judice. Beyond that, free debate on chit fund should be allowed.