Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukharjee has justified caste-based census.

Caste as a class is a weapon devised against India by USA as V.P.Singh episode suggests.

VP had vitiated Indian politics with caste poison by transforming caste syndrome to a class syndrome. In both Pranab and VP there is similarity in motive.

What must be the motive?

Let us go back to V.P.Singh days.

A US protégé from the start, Rajiv Gandhi gradually grew suspicious of US as, by virtue of being the Prime Minister, he eventually knew the nasty games it was playing against India. His removal was essential for US.

VP, then his Finance Minister, like a bolt from the blue, hurled the Bofors kickback allegation against him and the impact thereof was so severe that Rajiv had to relinquish office.

VP wore the Janata Dal attire and to gullible voters looked like the answer to Congress misrule. It was so clear that the Communists formed electoral alliance with him, which added to his prospects as a progressive leader.

But VP and his allies failed to get mandate to form the Government. They were to depend on BJP support from outside.

This was because, the bourgeoisie in Congress that were too embarrassed by Rajiv to continue with him but too anti-people to accept an alliance with the Communists, had switched their support to BJP and helped that party of Indian traders emerge as the national alternate to Congress with 88 members in the Loksabha, a record 44 fold rise in its strength.

This sudden rise of BJP had dislodged the strategy of US to grab India as its commercial grazing ground. So, BJP was to be obstructed.

How was that possible?

Let us look at BJP’s plan to power prevalent in those days.

It was based basically on Hindu unity. If Hindus could be united, there was no chance of preventing BJP from power on its own strength. And if BJP, the party of Indian traders, alone could occupy power, US agenda to grab Indian market was never to succeed. So BJP’s vote bank, the Hindu society was never to stay united, if BJP was to be obstructed from occupying power.

How could the Hindu society be divided?

Let us look at the Hindus.

Hindus are known for their caste system. Basically of four different castes they are fragmented by innumerable sub-castes; but, despite caste-apartheid, they supplement each other on trade and industry. Because of the caste system they are far away from class consciousness and lack of class consciousness keeps them united under the banner of their religion.

So a ‘class consciousness’ on caste basis was required to weaken their religious unity.

VP was ready to do this job and by promulgating Mandal commission formula on reservation to suit “caste-classes”; he patronized to backward “class” consciousness, which politically destroyed Hindu unity and ignited “class rivalry” amongst the castes.

Were this not happened, BJP, despite being the party of Indian hoarders, profiteers, commission agents and traders, could never have been stopped from occupying power in India by its own strength.

After VP, Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherhee were the principal stooges of USA that helped it establish her hegemony over India. Behind back of Indian people they signed the GATT agreement and ruined our national mana to such extent that the country has kept mum over sacrifice of her Resolve for socialism at the alter of American globalization and tolerated the Congress party that in nexus with US Whitehouse has provided a “bonanza” to US nuke traders by signing the nuclear deal designed to force India to purchase the rotten Reactors and nuclear waste that USA was not in a position to dispose off otherwise.

Knowing well that the Reactors and nuclear waste that India would procure from USA would be disastrous to India, the same Congress party of which Pranab is the leader in Loksabha and manmohan the prime Minister, is trying to protect American interest by making a specific Law styled Civil Liabilities for Nuclear Damage Bill, 2009 which it wants the parliament to pass come what may like the nuke deal bill was passed.

If this Bill is passed, on disasters sure to come, the suppliers in USA would go scot-free when all the liability would fall upon the Public Sector Undertaking – the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) as Government enforced operator, in other words, which means, the tax-payers of India will pay for the damage the American nuke dealers would cause to our country.

Manmohan and Mukherjee et al fear that all the MPs are not traitors and hence, there may be unsurpassable opposition to this Bill.

How the obstacle to this pro-American Bill could be tackled?

Pranab Mukherjee and his likes know that the patriots in Parliament may not succeed in stopping this nasty Bill if caste-class chauvinists like the Yadavs that are in Opposition could be gained over in advance.

And, therefore, after moving for introduction of the Bill in March, sensing the stiffness of opposition it was to get in the Parliament, they tactfully shifted the introduction agenda to Monsoon Session, by which time, playing the caste card in census, they would have gained over loyalty of the Yadavs and their associates in Opposition, in order to pass the Nuclear Liability Bill.

So, Pranab’s statement in support of caste-based census is perhaps formulated in USA.

What is more dangerous to Indian democracy in Pranab’s design is his shrewd attempt to convince our people that the rule by foreigners is more beneficial than the practices in free India. He has stressed upon this by deliberately stating that the “caste-based census…..last conducted in the year 1931 … should have continued in post-Independence period also” As “it did not happen”, he asserted, “the UPA government has taken an initiative in this regard.”

Patriots, take note.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Son of the former king of Dhenkanal, ill-famed for having killed Baji Raut through his mercenaries engaged to extinguish peoples’ fight for freedom, who had to merge his State with Union of India to escape peoples’ wrath, Sri K. P. Singhdeo is a self-proclaimed soldier of Sonia Gandhi and naturally, therefore, after being “appointed” as President of the Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee by the lady autocrat of Congress, he is supposed to have been doing his duties under directions of Sonia.

Hence, when Rohit Pujari, President of Orissa Pradesh Youth Congress till he resigned in disgust a couple of days ago, attributed his resignation to unbearable spread of stench in Congress as constituencies are being sold away to mafia and capitalists at huge costs in ignoring the youth that have contributed their might to keeping the party active after it was rejected in general elections, whom to blame, Sonia or Singhdeo?

Congress obviously is deep in shenanigans over ticket distribution.

It is alleged that the list prepared by the PCC is being tampered with at the behest of lobbyists that are trying to procure the constituencies of their respective choice for mafias they represent even as leaders with genuine concern for Congress have been trying to foil the selling away of party tickets to mafias and to ensure allocation thereof to genuine workers instead.

This is why announcement of candidates’ list is getting delayed; admit senior ‘leaders’ of Congress in Orissa.

Against such a scenario, it is interesting that the lady autocrat of Congress has declared that there is no better candidate for the Prime Minister post than Sri Manmohan Singh in Congress. This assertion of Smt. Gandhi, who does not know the fellows that really work for her party, is enough to show to what low the party has declined.

Under her grip the party has become such bizarre that provincial leaders are unable to understand as to who of the members in their province are genuine ones to whom party tickets could be allotted without hesitation.

The lady who does not know her party in reality and has ruined its internal democracy to keep it under her personal grip so that her son rules de facto over it, can possibly not find any other Indian than the ruiner of India’s pledge for socialism, Manmohan Singh, for the top post. In fact, during his incumbency, he has shown how sincerely he could serve the foreigners’ interest as evidenced in the nuke deal. For Sonia, nothing could be more splendid than this. Congress needs hands that would support her ally with Singh, “come what may”!

So, for the stench in matter of party tickets, if youth leaders like Rohit, who till yesterday were in the Congress, resign and leave the party in Orissa, whom to blame? Sonia or her “sainik” Singhdeo or both or all the misguided fellows who wrongfully believe that they serve democracy by serving Sonia?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

When the general elections are not far away, the Orissa unit of the Congress Party is unable to rise to the occasion, as the lady autocrat, busy in enjoying the funniest show of sycophancy that her followers from Orissa are staging at New Delhi, has neither decided to change the provincial leadership nor has said ‘no’ to campaigners for the change.

Instead of building up united efforts to oust from power the BJD-BJP alliance that has ruined the State, packs of Congress members are busy in playing tricks at Delhi to oust their own State unit President even though that shatters the striking power of their organization at the general elections! Had there been an iota of internal democracy in this party, these fellows should have been taken to task for anti-party activities. But that never happens.

As it is, the Congress is presently a party of factotums of Sonia Gandhi. Every member thereof is eager to surpass the rest of the herd in displaying loyalty to Sonia. And, the lady obviously enjoys and encourages it.

The party is already in blacklist in public esteem as a party of American lobbyists. Peoples of this country have watched with horror how dishonestly Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Sonia-Pranab combine has destroyed our distinguished nuclear independence and clamped on our country a pernicious nuke deal that is designed to provide nuclear traders of USA a “bonanza” besides serving that country’s environmental interest at the cost of our own. Our peoples have also watched how horse trading was shamelessly resorted to by Man Mohan Singh in order to continue in power to further serve the American imperialistic design by destroying whatever little was left of socialism the Indian National Congress had earlier pledged itself to.

In the circumstances, the Congress under Sonia is not the Congress the peoples of Orissa are acquainted with and had supported in the past. Therefore they do not know the evil design Sonia has in stock against the Congress in Orissa.

Ever since emergence of Sonia as the supremo of the National Congress and of Navin Patnaik as Chief Minister of Orissa, the so-called Congress high command has created circumstances for defeat of Congress in the State in the general Elections, so that Navin, blue-eyed boy of USA cover POSCO could continue in power. Whoever watches dispassionately Orissa politics knows, Navin could never have won the last election. But deliberately winning candidates of Congress were denied party tickets at the last moment and in their places persons whom Navin had jettisoned from his party being convinced of their corruption, were planted as Congress candidates. Sonia set the Madhya Pradesh scrap Dig Vijay Singh as the controller of Orissa elections who emitted such signals that the voters understood that no leader of the party in the province enjoys the confidence of the “high-command” and none of them could be looked at as the prospective CM. Consequently it demoralized the contesting candidates so much that the party, which could sure have won, lost most pathetically.

Sonia is employing the same technique this time too. Her sycophants camping at New Delhi craving her “Darshan” are being encouraged to frequently appear before the media to announce that the provincial President shall soon be ousted along with the Leader of Opposition.

Nothing suits Navin more than this in this year of elections.

If Navin wins, who but the masks of America like the POSCO should benefit?

To American lobbyists who control the Congress, stay of Navin in power in Orissa is more desirable than any of Orissa Congress getting the position, as, no person, born and brought up in Orissa, can, sans qualms, handover her natural resources to non-Oriyas and non-Indians as Navin has done and does.

So, the curious reality that the Orissa provincial unit of Congress stands face to face is that the Indian National Congress under Sonia Gandhi is pushing it into defeat in the general elections that are almost at the doorsteps.

Till patriotic Oriyas rise against Navin, this agent of POSCO interest shall remain in power, it seems, as the Congress under Sonia and Singh combine will never allow the Congress to win in Orissa.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) while supporting the Left attempt in Rajyasabha to expose how Man Mohan Singh government is guilty of treachery against the country in the matter of nuke deal with USA has summed up the alert national reaction in saying that for friendship with Bush, Prime Minister Singh has sabotaged India. To quote BSP, “Bush sey yaari hai, desh sey gaddari hai”.

In these pages there are deep discussions on how the nuke deal was contrived by USA to provide a “bonanza” to the traders of that country and how in the words of their policy makers, it was entirely in interest of USA. Even the fact sheet presented by US administration after signing of the deal says that the deal will lead to increased trade and create new jobs and investment opportunities for U.S. companies. So, the deal is basically in interest of USA.

Prime Minister Singh and colleagues in the central cabinet have told us blatant lies that the deal is in India’s interest. When according to important American Senators the deal is “so much in interest of USA” that it would bring a bonanza for US trade and commerce, it should have been proper to know exactly how much in proportion to USA interest Indian interest is to be served by the deal; but Prime Minister Singh did not dare to place the reality before the country.

On the other hand, as exposed, it was a must for the Indian Parliament to approve the text of the Hyde Act as well as of the 123 agreement before the deal was signed. Singh is guilty of hiding this stipulation from the Parliament as well as from the nation.

Even though the deal is “so much in interest of USA”, the US Senate on October 2 adopted it with 13 members voting against it irrespective of party affiliations. Earlier on Sept 28 it was adopted in the House of Representatives with 117 members voting against it. Remarkable is, when 120 Democrats voted for the Bill, 107 Democrats voted against. Of the Republicans, 10 had voted against.

Thus, there was free voting on the acceptability of the deal in the US House. But, Prime Minister Singh played fraud on the peoples of India and never allowed voting on the deal in the Parliament. He was sure, the Indian Parliament would never have approved the deal and therefore, all nasty tricks were used to avoid a voting in the Parliament on the nuke deal. And, the way the so-called confidence vote on his government was organized is to stay forever the darkest spot on Indian democracy.

There is no wrong therefore in saying that Prime Minister Singh has, for friendship with Bush, betrayed India.



Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

USA has since many years been conspiring to clamp its nuclear policies on India. Now it has got a great collaborator in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Antagonism to communism being their common creed, USA has always used Indian right-wingers to advance its interests in this country. The first organized political platform available to it was the Swatantra Party. When USA was admittedly busy in supplying arms to Pakistan to help it grab Kashmir by force, the founder of this party C. Rajgopalachari (Rajaji) had openly pleaded for transfer of Kashmir to Pakistan.

The Communists had aggressively foiled that evil design and peoples of India had so resolutely opposed Swatantra Party that its leaders had to extinguish it to save their own skin. This Party was obliterated from political scenario of India. But its Kashmir stand was a proof of how this rightist party was acting as agent of USA and trying to brainwash people to accept American hegemony.

The country had to suffer the trauma of witnessing assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984 when she was the Prime Minister for the fourth term and Mr. Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, 1991 when he was going to be the Prime Minister for the second term. Both of them were assassinated in manners as meticulous and mysterious as only a super power organization can plan and carry out.

When to many people, even though the alleged assassins in both the cases have been punished, the real brains behind the ghastly crimes are not yet taken to task, to everybody it is well known that both the assassinated leaders, in latter parts of their respective political careers, had emerged as strong obstacles to advancing tentacles of USA.

After Rajiv Gandhi was wiped out, his widow, now quite conspicuous with her support to the nuke deal that “is so clearly in interest of US of America”, stayed so stoic that the Congress party under utter confusion had to agree to P. V. Narasimha Rao taking over as the Prime Minister.

Rao created history by being sentenced to three years of rigorous imprisonment with Rs.100, 000 cash fine, convicted for criminal “conspiracy” and “abatement” in the ill-famed JMM Bribe Case filed by the CBI. He could escape the punishment due to prosecution’s lackluster response to his appeal in the high court level, but he shall remain forever a black spot on Indian democracy and people will always remember that he was sentenced as above for having committed offenses under Section 120b of the Indian Penal Code (criminal conspiracy) read with Sections 7, 12, 13(2) and 13(1)(d) of the Prevention of Corruption Act as well as substantive offenses under Section 12 for abetment to the crime of bribery. His was an offense against the country but he was not charged for that. He had committed this offense against the country in order only to remain in power.

His remaining in power with Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee as his aids in the cabinet was necessary for USA. Looking back to Mrs. Gandhi’s Prime Ministerial days would help understand this phenomenon.

Mrs. Gandhi’s political partnership with the Communist Party of India had defined India’s progress towards socialism so much that the Constitution of India in its Preamble acquired absolute clarity on its objectives by expanding “Sovereign Democratic Republic” to “Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic”.

For USA, epitome of imperialism, this was the most invincible hurdle in grabbing India. There was no scope to change the Preamble, because the Constitution of India is such formulated and worded that any provision thereof may be amended, but not the objective. And, amending the provisions for amendment of the Constitution is no more a matter of simple majority in Parliament. Therefore, a conspiracy was cooked up to sabotage the Preamble by rendering it inconsequential. Singh and Mukherjee helped Rao to carry out this conspiracy. Liberalization of Indian economy and opening up Indian market to foreign trade in the guise of economic reforms were the tools.

The nation has seen how Rao’s two ministers Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee, had proved very helpful to USA by signing on dotted lines and singing to its tune in matters of GATT and WTO and refusing to place details in the Parliament.

Disgusted of this foul play, peoples of India had rejected Congress in the general elections in May 1996; but in their regime, these agents of plutocracy had destroyed democratic equilibrium so savagely that electoral wisdom could not find a clear expression. The right-wingers took advantage of it and Vajpayee took over as the Prime Minister, though for the shortest period in Indian history. But, addition of his name in the succession list of Indian Prime Ministers helped BJP acquire power again at the end of a tumultuous phase of India’s parliamentary life under two successive Prime Ministers of Janata Dal, H.D.Deve Gowda and I.K.Gujral. With the right-wingers occupying power again, USA was encouraged to advance for netting in India to its nuclear design. Vajpayee had readily agreed.

Voters of India rejected Vajpayee when he was forced to seek a fresh mandate on which he could have proceeded to sign the nuke deal with USA. So, peoples of India, by refusing a fresh mandate to Vajpayee, had refused to accept American nuke proposals.

Manmohan Singh betrayed peoples’ mandate by signing the nuke deal with the USA. The people of India could only came to know of it when, not to the Parliament but to a journalist, he disclosed that the deal is “sealed, signed and non-negotiable” and as if fidgeting, simultaneously he declared, “It is an honourable deal, the cabinet has approved it, we cannot go back on it. I told them – the Communists – to do whatever they want to do, if they want to withdraw support, so be it,” (Singh’s interview published in the Telegraph on 11.8.2007)

Why did he fidget? It was because, he was eager to hide the Hyde Act from the peoples of India as the nuke deal is the offspring of this Act that has in-built mischief to control India’s independence in nuke programs and foreign relations. He fidgeted, because, he had made the deal “sealed, signed and non-negotiable” without consent of Indian Parliament, even though the consent was a must requirement to proceed with the deal. As the World Nuclear News divulged, for the deal to materialize, “The Indian Parliament must agree to the text” of the Hyde Act. But Singh did never place the Act before the Indian Parliament lest it may disagree to the text thereof and under pressure from business houses, made it “sealed, signed and non-negotiable”.

According to the President of Indo-US Business Council, Ron Somers, the American bill for the deal “lays the foundation for major trade and investment opportunities in India for U.S. companies. As many as 27,000 high-quality jobs each year each year for the next 10 years will be created in the U.S. nuclear industry alone.Reuters quoting US top source reported on August 25, 2007 that the deal is a “bonanza for US firms”. This suffices to have an idea of how business lobby mounted on Prime Minister Singh and steered him into signing the deal.

This being the position, the scenarios that we witnessed till withdrawal of leftists’ support was mere drama serials of hoodwinking Indian peoples.

After the withdrawal of leftists’ support, as live telecasted from the Lok Sabha Hall and as peoples of India deeply suspect, wads of slush money cultivated confidence votes for a Prime Minister that has helped USA succeed in clamping its nuclear policies on India.

Come the elections, the USA won’t be able to help Singh retain his position; one may safely predict it knowing Indians’ disposition.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

July 22, 2008 is held as the darkest day in Indian democracy.

This day Prime Minister Manmohan Singh won the confidence vote; but the day, instead of being counted as his victory day, is unambiguously held by one and all as the darkest day in Indian democracy.

In the life of India this day shall remain remarkable, not for victory of democracy, but for defeat of democracy.

What happened?

Ashok Argal, Faggan Singh Kulaste and Mahavir Bhagora, three BJP Members of Lok Sabha placed a bag on the table of the LS secretary general in front of the Speaker when debates on confidence motion were going on and fished out of it 10 bundles of currency notes of Rs.1000 denomination, claiming that the cash totaling a crore of rupees that they were placing on the table was given to them in advance against Rs.9 crore offered to them as bribe to create advantage for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The house was stunned and speechless. Deputy Speaker Charanjit Atwal had to adjourn the House hurriedly.

Later to tumults when it resumed, timeservers and renegades saved the government that should surely have breathed its last had the support for the Prime Minister could not have been arranged.

That the support was arranged is clear from the fact that the savers of Singh did not come out openly in his support prior to voting.

There is no evidence to show that political ideology played a role and change in ideological perception of persons who were opposing him till then, helped him bag the support he so badly needed.

This whips up suspicions that there was a secret deal behind the nuke deal.

Archana Nayak of Orissa had told TV channels, how she was offered money and whatever she should ask for in whatever forms she would prefer if only she votes for the government.

Her open allegation is most significant specifically as a few minutes after her statement the Lok Sabha witnessed how from a huge moneybag bundles of currency notes used allegedly to net in opposition support emanated to mock at the rampart of democracy.

So, obviously the support came not from politico-economic ideological reorientation, but from the moneybags pressed into action by agents of the Prime Minister.

This looks more certain as without the security check being slacked by the highest-level authority, such a huge bag stuffed with a crore of rupees could never have entered the Lok Sabha in session on the most sensitive issue since its birth.

As far as BJP members are concerned, it looks impossible on their part to have brought in such a huge bag to the Lok Sabha hall where everything was subjected to meticulous security check over and above the intelligence cover over each of them.

So, if the huge moneybag came from outside, it is normal to suspect that the agents of the Prime Minister had brought it in and in know of this, the security scrutinizers had deliberately allowed it or ignored its entry.

If the security staff did not neglect their duty and if the security scrutiny was not slacked, then it is impossible for the huge moneybag to have entered into the Lok Sabha from outside.

Then wherefrom such huge money came?

Obviously, in such circumstances, it may be suspected that the huge moneybag came from within the Lok Sabha premises and the huge money from the Lok Sabha chest.

If this must be the case, then the Speaker comes within the radar of suspicion.

Either way, the matter has shattered peoples’ faith in management of democracy. The peoples are doubly disturbed, as they doubt that the Prime Minister survived by use of moneybags.

Whether or not the Prime Minister survived by use of moneybags, this is too serious a doubt to be allowed to linger. The more time it takes to be eradicated the more damaging it will be to democracy being a factor of decline in voters’ confidence in the most important functionaries like the Prime Minister and the Speaker.

The Speaker would perhaps never have come into a state of being suspected. But knowingly or unknowingly he has allowed himself to be used by the Prime Minister or to the advantage of the Prime Minister, which has given birth to this decline.

Firstly, he should not have allowed a voteless debate over the issue in the Lok Sabha. To proceed ahead with the nuke deal, the prerequisite was, “the Indian Parliament must agree to the text” of the Hyde Act on the basis of which 123 agreement was to be signed. That we have published this prerequisite many a times in these pages indicates that the need for Indian parliament “to agree to the text” of the Hyde Act as a “must” was known to others and available to the knowledge of everybody. So, it was imperative for the Speaker to study and stress on this aspect. Had he insisted upon the need of the Lok Sabha “to agree to the text” of the Hyde Act as a “must”, the house could have debated on the “text” of that Act and “agreed (or disagreed) to the “text” thereof and the Prime Minister should have proceeded accordingly and the present debacle would never have occurred. That did not happen.

Secondly, the Speaker should have resigned from his post in honoring the party line. He was never an apolitical man to hold the post. He was there by virtue of being a member of the CPI(M) party, which had bagged the post for a party person by way of bargain in exchange of support to Congress-led UPA. When the party withdrew support, the Speaker should have relinquished the post the party had bagged in exchange of the support. But he did not do that. He gave two grounds. One, as Speaker he is apolitical and cannot be called for to act in party lines. Two, he cannot vote against the government as that would mean doing what the BJP would be doing and acting, even indirectly, in unison with a communal party like the BJP would be contrary to his political ideology as a communist. It was self-contradictory. Remaining apolitical cannot be the same as remaining antagonist to a particular political party. Moreover, for a communist, between imperialism and communalism, elimination of the former must be top priority and hence, ethically, there was no wrong in voting against the Prime Minister to save the country from imperialism, even if that meant working in unison with the communalists.

Thirdly, being the guardian of probity in Lok Sabha, he should not have allowed convicted criminals to come from prisons to vote on the confidence motion. Dismissal of members for violation of probity in raising questions in the House was a strong ground to disallow convicted criminals to participate in the vote. The dignity of the House was in severe jeopardy as TV channels showed the criminals to public as they were proceeding into the Parliament to participate in voting. Deliberate or not, the Speaker did not do anything discernible to uphold the dignity of the House in this case.

Fourthly, with money bundles to the tune of a crore of rupees hitting hard the House as the money used to purchase advantage for the Prime Minister and submission of the video records depicting such serious offence against the Lok Sabha, it was imperative on part of the Speaker to defer, in cause of probity and parliamentary dignity, the vote taking till the doubts were totally cleared on earnest investigation and the culprit or conspirator fully exposed. But the Speaker did not do that.

In the circumstances, one regrets to note that if democracy in India is in danger, precipitators are both the Prime Minister and the Speaker.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In a democracy the Prime Minister should be honestly frank. But Dr. Man Mohan Singh is getting murkier.

In the nuke deal matter, his infamous braggadocios that the Left parties can “do whatever they want to do, if they want to withdraw support, so be it”, has certainly caused a lot of loss to the country. The loss of so many days in the Parliament apart, the country has drowned ever since in uncertainty over continuation of the government, which is such a phenomenon, that normal administration has gone into jeopardy.

I have, in these pages, cited sources earlier to show how the nuke deal is “so clearly in interest of United States”. I have also cited expert bodies like the Oxford Research Group to show how the nuke deal designed under the guise of power generation would be a “dangerously counter-productive energy policy – one from which the blowback may be a lot worse than higher heating bills”.

It is baffling that the government has nether paid any attention to convince the common people on economic viability, if any, of the nuke deal nor has it given details of how the deal will help the people vis-a-vis the load on exchequer that they shall have to bear.

But the most baffling is he fact that the government of Dr. Singh has subjected the deal to review by an UPA-Left joint political committee even though he had earlier declared that the deal is “signed, sealed and not negotiable”. Had the deal been “signed, sealed and not negotiable”, the same would never have been subjected to review by the joint political committee. On the other hand, he is on records to have told President Bush that his government is to overcome “certain difficulties” before proceeding further even as he had told at Pretoria that the “process of evolving a meaningful consensus back home is still on”. Thus it is clear that the deal is not yet “sealed”. If this is the position, it is clear that the Prime Minister had not told the truth in saying the deal was “sealed” and made “not negotiable”. Why then he had told a lie? He should explain his position convincingly.

On the other hand, after Hyde’s instrument was adopted by both the houses of US Senate in December 9, 06 and became a Law with President Bush’s signature, the “text” of the agreement under section 123 of the US Atomic Act of 1954 was to be agreed to by Indian Parliament. “The Indian parliament must agree to the text”, was the stipulation. Now as we know, the “text” of the deal has never been agreed to by our Parliament. When Indian Parliament has never agreed to the text of the deal, how could the Prime Minister made it “signed, sealed and not negotiable”?

Dr. Singh has told the parliament that his cabinet has approved the agreement. But he has never moved the �text� of the deal agreement in the Parliament seeking its agreement thereon and therefore the text has never been agree to by Indian parliament.

He should clarify as to why has he not moved the text of the deal in the Parliament for its agreement, when, according to stipulations, it is a “must” prerequisite for making the deal “signed, sealed and not-negotiable”. If this stipulation has been dropped, he should make us know as to when, how, why and by whom it has been dropped. We, as a people, have every right to know as to by whom or under whose direction, primacy of Indian parliament in deciding a deal like the nuke deal has thus been dropped.

If he cannot clarify on this particular aspect, it would be better for him to quit, as a nation of patriots like the Indians cannot tolerate any more their Prime Minister getting murkier.