The Question Is: Why Should Singh Continue As PM?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is killing India. Majority Indians are suffering from slow starvation because of Singh’s wrong economic policies.

He has created the environment for price rise and when people are perishing, as none but the dishonest ones that benefit from his policies is able to afford the high cost of essential commodities, he has no qualms in saying that he is not an astrologer to predict when should the rising prices come down!

Who needs an astrologer in Man Mohan Singh? He has taken oath as the Prime Minister and he should act as the Prime Minister, not an astrologer.

It is time, he should understand that the Prime Minister’s main duty is to give a government that sees to it that people do not perish under price rise of essential foods. Price rise does not directly kill. It kills through slow starvation. Those who cannot afford the cost of food reduce their food consumption and that leads to slow starvation. Singh’s economic policy has pushed India to this sordid condition.

Free India had resolved to be a socialist country with the sole objective to emancipate people from poverty and profiteers. But Singh has sabotaged this resolve.

He, as Finance Minister under Narasingh Rao, had sabotaged India’s resolve to build up the country as a socialist republic and behind the back of the Parliament, he had subjected the country to imperialistic hegemony by signing the GATT document. His collaborator Pranab Mukherjee had then refuged to place the GATT document even before the Parliament.

In 1992, he had tendered his resignation after being held guilty by the JPC constituted to probe into the securities scam that owed its origin to his role as the Finance Minister of India. Many a Congress members of the Parliament had put tremendous pressure on everybody that mattered for removal of the adverse comment of the JPC on Dr. Singh; but the JPC did not buzz. His irresponsible assertions before the media that he was “not going to lose his sleep” because share prices were unreasonably rising had made the JPC look into his role in the discernible financial anarchy. He had to resign and he had resigned from the post of the Finance Minister. If Prime Minister Narasingh Rao had not heard Chandraswamy, his bed of tryst with the USA, the country should have been saved from the pernicious grip of the traitors that have transformed our democracy to plutocracy.

Aware of the damage his fiscal policy had done to India’s innumerable working class people, he had tried to hoodwink the sufferers by addressing to “six major tasks” in his budget speech delivered on 28 February 1994. He had described as “most important” the fifth one of these six tasks that said, “we must reorient our development policies and programs to address more effectively the problem of poverty, unemployment and social deprivation which affects a large mass of our people, particularly in the rural areas”. Sadly, he is now saying as the Prime Minister that he is unable to understand as to why price rise is hitting people so unbearably hard.

Let us see how so many times in the past he has assured the country of tackling price rise. If samples would suffice, we may recall, addressing the AICC at New Delhi on 21 August 2004 for the first time as Prime Minister, he had put his government’s priority on controlling the price rise that was hitting hard the people. He had tried to blame Vajapayee for the price rise, saying that it was due to the “misguided policies of the previous BJP led NDA government”, even though Vajpayee government’s policies were guided by the anti-socialist economic policy Singh himself had pushed the country into, as the finance minister in the Rao regime. However, members of the AICC were so disturbed over price rise that he had to declare, “controlling of prices was his government’s priority”.

But instead of controlling prices, he has all along contributed congenial climate to price rise. The Congress members have all along expressed worries over the rising woes of the people reeling as are they under unrelenting price rise that their own government is unable to undo as the country is running under anti-socialist policies of their Prime Minister.

If the Congress Working Committee is of any relevance, many of its members, in its session on 5 February 2010, had asked the government to take immediate steps to “reduce the layers of middlemen” between the farmers and consumers so that price rise may be controlled. But Singh was mum over this point. He just had said that things are “improving and soon there would be more improvement”. The CWC was not satisfied. Sensing the danger signal and driven by the desire to hoodwink the Parliament, the budget session whereof was soon to start, he appointed on the next day, i.e. 6 february 2010 a high-powered committee on price rise under the chairmanship of finance minister Pranab Mukherjee that comprised all the Chief Ministers of Congress ruled States.

But no improvement, as he had told the CWC, took place. People reeled under continuous price rise. The Parliament was rocked by the Opposition over the issue. When it commenced its budget session on 23 Feb 2010, immediately after the President’s address to the joint sitting, the united opposition stressed on discussion on the issue of price rise which led to adjournment of both the Houses.

Despite having defended the finance minister on 27 February 2010, Singh knew that the entire country was condemning his administration over unrelenting rise in prices of essential commodities. He used Mukherjee to convey the so-called high-power committee on price rise. The committee met on 8 April 2010. But no solution was envisaged / encouraged.

Came the Independence Day, 15 August 2010. Singh in his customary address to the nation had to confess that majority of Indians were hit hard by price rise. He shed meretricious tears for the poor; saying, “It is the poor who are the worst affected by rising prices, especially when the prices of commodities of everyday use like food-grains, pulses, vegetables increase”. Using the statistics of inflation as the scapegoat, he, however, declared, “We are making every possible efforts to tackle the problem”.

Singh knows what efforts his government made. But 2010 passed away sans any control over prices. On 12 January 2011, he presided over a high-level meeting on price rise. Several medium and long-term possibilities of price control was discussed; but no discussion was made on how to reduce “layers of middlemen” between farmers and consumers even though, as noted supra, there was loud thinking in CWC on 5 February 2010 that the government should reduce the middlemen if price rise was to be controlled.

Instead of leading his government to curb price rise, he reshuffled his cabinet on 19 January 2011 when a team of business leaders told him on 17 January that they were “alarmed at the widespread governance deficit almost in every sphere of national activity”.

Yet the media asked him after the reshuffle as to when the people should get relief from unbearable price rise. “I am not an astrologer” he said.

Now the question is: When he has not been able to curb the price rise of essential commodities, ever since he became the Prime Minister as sample instances shown supra, even though price rise forces people into slow starvation, why should he continue in the post and in whose interest?

Agents of Imperialism in India Continue Killing Gandhiji

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Imperialism is international. But nations also get engulfed by indigenous imperialism when political economy of communism doesn’t become or remain the creed of a Country.

India is an instance.

Imperialism’s only obstacle is communism.

Gandhiji did not support communism. But his ideology, prioritizing autonomous social forces and village self-rule, was uniquely opposed to imperialism. In fact he is the man who extinguished British Imperialism by igniting in India a movement to boycott foreign goods. Once their market was lost and profit fetching stopped in India, the British found it meaningless to continue in this country and hence they had to quit.

When a greater exploiter quits, the lesser exploiters try to take advantage. In the jungles, when a lion leaves, hyenas try to take over the carcass. Exploiters, though look like humans, are no better than the animals in manners, intention and instinct. So, when British profit-fetchers left, indigenous profiteers found India advantageous to their avarice.

But to them Gandhiji for his preference for autonomous social forces and an administration addressed to the poorest of the poor was the greatest obstacle.

If Gandhi was to guide the Constitution making of free India, the propertied class and profit mongers could never have got it easy to remove the obstacle that Gandhi’s priority on the poorest should have posed.

The First Two Crimes in Free India

The agents of imperialism in free India, in their first step, committed two crimes: (a) they killed Gandhiji by using Nathuram Godse and (b) they used the interim government led by Nehru to ban the Communist Party of India.

This helped them have a Constituent Assembly sans representation of the poor and working class.

So the Constituent Assembly became basically an Assembly of the propertied Class and the profit mongers. They framed a Constitution to suit their nefarious design and pushed the dreams of Indians who embraced every sort of suffering for the motherland during freedom movement to the labyrinth of unenforceable directive principles of state policy.

This reality is recorded in the Constituent Assembly Debates. Even as President Rajendra Prasad guardedly confessed in his concluding speech that the Assembly could not translate the dreams of the people into the pages of the Constitution because of overwhelming presence of the propertied class in the House, Dr. Ambedkar pinpointed the contradiction that the Republic of India would by birth carry, because of economic inequality made legal in the Constitution under pressure from the propertied classes, which were in majority in the Assembly. Admitting the Constitution making was menacingly influenced by the propertied class in absence of peoples’ real representatives, Dr. Ambedkar had warned that if the first Parliament to be elected on universal franchise provided for in the Constitution, doesn’t remove the contradiction and make India lawfully a land of economic equals, the advantaged people would so much exploit the poor that the victims of the inequality would eventually wake up to obliterate the system of administration, which this Constitution so laboriously has provide for.

But Nehru government did not help Parliament develop into a real House of people’s representatives.

It became the first to kill Gandhiji’s spirit after he was physically killed by Godse.

Gandhiji’s Spirit Killed

Gandhiji had stressed on disbanding of Indian National Congress after the independence as otherwise that platform of the freedom fighters of all hue would be misused for electoral purpose by the political group in advantage of taking over power from the British. Nehru and his band killed Gandhiji’s advice and retained the Indian national Congress as their own political party and willfully misled the people of India when elections were held.

When Ambedkar’s forecast is coming true, the government is using the country’s defense forces against the very people that are trying to save the country from the system of inequality! This is happening because agents of imperialism have usurped political power.

To push India into indigenous imperialism, its right winger politicians had killed Gandhiji; but to consolidate imperialism on its soil, they are busy in killing his ideology.

They have their guide in Hitler who had built up his empire on the strength of treachery. And to succeed in treachery against peoples he invented the technique of repeatedly telling a lie so that the same would look like the truth.

Hitlerian Tricks

Gandhian concept, as observed supra, being the greatest obstacles to their design, Hitler’s followers in India have for many years been trading blatant lies against Gandhiji and have been projecting him in the negative way so that their hero Nathuram Godse gains ground posthumously and they themselves gain strength to strip our country of all the assets she still has under social ownership.

Nathuram had assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, but the Nathuramists, in soft form in the Congress and strong form in BJP, unable to obliterate Gandhian concepts, have continuously been assassinating his character in order to influence gullible Indians to stay away from following the Father of this nation.

The Congress grip over the Country having declined as a result of rampant corruption pioneered by persons like Biju Patnaik when he was in that party, the non-Congress Nathuramists got glimpses of possibility of occupying power through parliamentary activism. The general election of 1967 gave them the opportunity they were so frantically waiting for.

In that changed political climate, K.L.Gauba got it convenient to compile court papers in a book captioned ‘Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi’ that reached the public in 1969.

Gathering the hitherto unavailable court documents, the Nathuramists who belonged basically to Savarkar cult, which is the fountainhead of politics of hatred, started writing articles and books in regional languages projecting Nathuram as the patriot who had no other way than killing Gandhi to save the motherland from pro-Muslim anarchy. Despite this, they were rejected as cohorts of the killer of Gandhiji.

They changed their name many a times to hoodwink the people to believe that they were no more in Savarkar School. They killed their parent party to join Janata combine, free India’s first rudderless political farce that soon collapsed due to internecine quarrels amongst constituents to share the booty.

As the Janata jazz wagon crushed to death, they revived their own party, but could not dare to use the old name, lest their link with Savarkar eclipse.

In their new Avatar, they rather wanted people to accept them as followers of Gandhiji!

Gandhi’s Ram Became the Mask of Ravan

Gandhi was a staunch supporter of Ram. He even breathed his last with the name of Ram in his lips while succumbing to bullets of Nathuram. Gandhi has not told as to why he was so devout to Ram. Had he told, he might have pointed at two of Ram’s distinctions: one, his commitment to pledges he ever made (like standing with Sugriv and Bibhisana) and two, his respect for whosoever was not harming the society (like the tribal chief Gaha of Srungabera or the tribal lady of Pampa). Taking Gandhiji’s way of life into account, one would agree that he was highly influenced by these two specific aspects of Ram’s character and therefore had remained a follower of Ram. But, though in no way respectful to these two distinguished characters of Ram, the rightwing anarchists have adopted him as their new mask and in the name of Ram, Advani’s car traversed the whole country. In the name of Ram they heated up Ayodhya. In the name of Ram they desecrated Babri musjid. In the name of Ram they instigated the Hindus against fellow Indians. In the name of Ram they begged for votes. Gullible voters were tricked, no doubt, to accept them as Rambhaktas. But despite that they failed to get majority support. Because, to majority of Indians, they belong to the class of killers of the greatest Rambhakta, the history witnessed, the Mahatma, i.e. Gandhiji.

Bhagat Singh is Used to Denigrate Gandhiji

While thus devoid of majority support, they succeeded in cultivating coalition politics to their advantage and grabbed power with Vajpayee as the Prime Minister. Once in power, they decided to do two things, which they believed, would help them in overcoming the public wrath over assassination of Gandhiji. They projected Savarkar as a nationalist hero with help of a puppet section of print as well as electronic media and simultaneously projected a Communist martyr like Bhagat Singh as their hero by using the right-wingers in the reel-media. Almost half a dozen films on Bhagat Singh were produced in 1992 by this section of the reel-media and played all over the country. The tricksters in the reel-media knew that Bhagat Singh needed no introduction, as the whole of India knows him to be the most exemplary patriot. So they projected Bhagat Singh in the most inspiring form of a patriot tactfully omitting his links with communism while highlighting how he was opposed to Gandhiji. It is true, all the communists were far away from Gandhiji on the issue of world outlook and economic class role. He was against them so unambiguously that Gandhism was being held as an antonym of Communism. Therefore, difference between Gandhi and Bhagat Singh was ideologically conclusive. BJP wanted to use this difference to its own advantage. I rely upon an analysis captioned “Gandhi as the marketplace of ideas” in to conclude that BJP used the reel-media to suppress the communist aspect of Bhagat Singh and to present him as a martyr who was not supported by Gandhi. Thus it used the reel-media to project Gandhi as a man who was against the real revolutionaries while using the print and electronic media to project Savarkar as a real revolutionary. This tactics was contrived to place Savarkar, the mastermind behind killing of Gandhiji in the layer of Bhagat Singh, the martyr and to generate a feeling that Savarkar was not wrong in going against Gandhi. BJP was hoping to earn acceptability at par with Savarkar through this process. But it did not click. Despite mediacracy under its command, BJP failed.

Democracy of Gandhi’s Dream Changed Into Plutocracy

India is therefore being driven into a new trap of Nathuramism with emergence of USA cohorts in Indian National Congress, the party wrongfully projected as Gandhiji’s own.

Gandhiji’s economic ideas, though quite conservative, are strongly opposed to imperialism. So, to neo-imperialists, led by USA, he is, even posthumously, the greatest danger.

Every effort therefore is being made to divert mass attention from Gandhian method of self-reliance and his gram-swaraj concept is being butchered at the altar of globalization.

Narasinghrao government with Manmohan Singh as its Finance Minister made India a signatory to GATT to please USA led imperialism behind back of the Parliament and subjected India to machinations of WTO that sabotaged India’s pledge for socialism while generating an environment for foreign firms tightening their grip on Indian market.

Manmohan Singh government has sabotaged India’s NAM image by siding with American imperialism and has further pushed India into USA hegemony by signing nuke deal with it that not only portends debacles to our nuke-self-dependence, but also paves the way for import of over-used rotten reactors and nuclear waste of USA oblivious of the catastrophes they are bound to cause to countrymen; because thereby, the then Bush administration of USA was to fulfill its pledge to give a “great bonanza” to nuclear traders of that country besides lessening the menacing threat from the most hazardous old reactors and accumulated nuke wastes in the soil of the States.

This government is also eager to create a law to limit the liability in case of devastation caused by radiation from the rotten reactors it would bring from America to give a “great bonanza” to the nuke dealers of that country. Instead of being independent, India will be forced to remain dependent on USA and her imperialistic circle for ever after this.

These fellows in power have replaced democracy with plutocracy and instead of keeping administration addressed to the people, have encouraged the scamsters to rule the roost. Though placed under the chapter of Directive Principles of State Policy, Article 38 (2) of the Constitution has said that the State shall “strive to minimize the inequalities in income, and endeavor to eliminate inequalities in status, facilities and opportunities, not only amongst individuals but also amongst groups of people residing in different areas or engaged in different vocations”. And, by distinguishing this directive from other ones with use of two words “in particular” to stress on “strive”, it has made it absolute that it is a must for the State to minimize and eliminate inequality in income and status, facilities and opportunities amongst the citizens. But under Manmohan Singh India has become a country of inequalities in income and status, facilities and opportunities and Indians are getting displaced from their lands and living environments so that foreigners and indigenous imperialists consolidate their empires.

In the name of the poor, programs are being drawn up and profuse funds are being allocated. But every such program has the hidden agenda of helping the rich loot the maximum portion of those funds. This apprehension is based on the facts that no audit report has ever thrown any swindler into prisons for treachery against the State. On the other hand, foreigners like Warren Anderson or Ottavio Quattrocchi despite having committed crime against India have enjoyed government support during the period from UPA president Sonia Gandhi’s evolution in politics to her establishment in political power in India.

Gandhiji had risked his life to free India from the grip of imperialism. But Manmohan Singh government has pushed India into the grip of imperialism again.