Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee gives a great touch to Orissa’s History of Journalism

Journalist-turned media academician, presently the Prof. and Head of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal, Dr. Mrinal Chatterjee, has his signatures in almost all facets of mass media with his role as a sub-editor and later North-Orissa edition-in-charge of Sambad, as a popular anchor in radio and television programs, as screenplay writer and as an author. His lated publication is “History of Journalism in Odisha”.

The book maps the status of journalism in orissa till mid 2013, encompassing print, radio, television and web media. It attempts to provide a ringside view to the exciting and fascinating world of journalism in Orissa and to a large extent of India and to some extent of the world.It will help the media students, practitioners and scholars to know the history of Oriya journalism and also to understand the factors impacting the course of history.

From the early years of journalism to the future of journalism in Orissa, the book covers from print to web media and discusses specialty strands like business journalism, entertainment journalism and sports journalism. Cartoon and Cartoonists, Photo Journalists, Columnists, Women Journalists are focussed too, even as present trend of journalism in Orissa is discussed as is politics twined with journalism.

We very strongly recommend the book.
History of Journalism in Orissa
Readers may collect the book from the publisher ‘Sephali Communications, Sanchar Marg, Dhenkanal or from Modern Book Depot, Station sqr, Bhubaneswar.

Mrinal’s Samrat May Hit Bhubaneswar Book Fair

Anthology of Mrunal’s short fiction ‘Samrat, Kavi O Prajapati’ is  being published by Pen In during Bhubaneswar Book Fair.

It has 101 choicest short stories, published over the last decade.

Journalists on Anvil Advance Blood Donation Campaign

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal organized a blood donation camp in its campus on Friday to mark the Blood Donation Day that enlivened its Joy of Giving Week celebrations.

The students and staff members voluntarily donated the blood along with Dr.Mrinal Chatterjee, head of the institute. It was a collection of 28 units of blood, which is donated to Red Cross Society, Dhenkanal.

The camp was organized with the help of Dhenkanal District Blood Bank. Mr.Biranchi Pani, President of Dhenkanal District Blood Association and Dr. Balabhadra Ram coordinated the camp.

The IIMCians are also observing Joy of Giving Week (JoGW) this week. Kindness to the needy children, the old aged and other marginalized sections of society constitute the core of the mission of the JoGW

The students and staff members visited the Maharsi Dayananda Service Mission Orphanage, some five kilometers away from the district headquarter on Sunday. They spent the whole day with the kids and old age people.

The budding journalists organized several programmes in the orphanage including song, dance, hopscotch and games. They also distributed cloths, toys and teaching-learning materials to kids. (IIMC-Dkl)