MAKE in INDIA // Questions that make us worried

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Whatever is the outcome of an election, in absence of political economy as the crux of challenge to electoral wisdom, should not the political party that captures power, make its Prime Minister refrained from allowing the foreigners own the means of production in India, where subsidy in rice or wheat is the only trick administration uses to stymie starvation death of innumerable Indians?

Should not its members, if there is any concern for the countrymen in them, oppose their PM’s call to foreigners to “make in India”?

It is a shame that PM Modi has been giving this message to the world that India has nothing to offer as “Made in India”.

Is it not an offense against the mana of India, which, as the PM, he is required to safeguard and serve?

He is asking foreigners to “make in India”. For what should the foreigners “make in India”?

Obviously, not for loss, but for profit – their own profit.

We shall give the foreigners the land they need, the water for their industries, the manpower to serve them as cheaply as possible, the infrastructure they will require as quickly as possible, and a very vast domestic market. But, the profit they will fetch would be theirs.

Is not this design meant to help the foreigners to loot and exploit India?

Isn’t the PM Modi acting in interest of foreign business empires? If not, why “make in India” at the cost of mana of India?

Is he not bringing in a new foreigners’ combine like that of the former East India Company, which had, under cover of business, pushed India into the British rule?

Is Modi’s “Make in India” call paving the path for a sort of ‘West India Company’ to grab India?

Let him explain the matter in a white-paper to reach every Indian home; because the future of India is threatened by this pro-foreigner call.

Every Indian patriot has reasons to be worried.

Modi versus India in Bihar: India won

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

BJP has been rejected by the people of Bihar. This is because; people have rejected Modi, whose role as Prime Minister has become such offensive against the purpose and essence of India that, eminent thinkers, authors, artists, scientists, achievers and other enhancers of India’s mana are returning the national honors and decorations the country was proud to have conferred on them, in protest against official nexus with enemies of national integration.

So, in Bihar, the battle was, in fact, between factors of disintegration and national integration of India.

Thus it was Modi versus India in Bihar. India has won.

It should not be forgotten that in 2014, people had given their mandate to Modi only.

The people of India had never voted for BJP.

This party of the hoarders and profiteers came to power; because, Modi is their platform personified. And, further because, the people wanted to throw the Congress into the dustbin to teach it a lesson for having forced upon them a Dracula sort of Prime Minister in shape of Manmohan Singh who enjoyed people’s devastation under capitalistic exploitation.

As the Communists were not there to be taken as an alternative, the people had none but Modi before their eyes to avenge Singh’s anti-people administration.

Hence, acceptance of Modi in 2014 was never a people’s considered decision; it was an act of collective conniption, which was, naturally, to recede in a short time.

After thrashing the congress for being the platform of the anti-India American stooge Manmohan Singh, the condition of conniption receded; and the people, on application of mind, rejected the Modi gang in Delhi and now also, they have done the same in Bihar. But this rejection in Bihar is more significant and well defined, as it has unambiguously hammered down the rising head of a Hitler in the making.

By giving majority seats to Lalu Prasad Yadav, people have shown that they view Modi as more corrupt than the fodder scam accused.

By giving more than six times higher number of seats to the Congress led by Rahul Gandhi who had hurled the word “nonsense” at the American stooge Manmohan Singh, the people have expressed their disapproval of Modi’s Americanism under the cover of his “make in India” call.

By rejecting the BJP in Bihar, the patriotic people have shown that, they will no more tolerate any new Jai Chandra to invite any new Muhammad Ghori to grab India to “make in India” for his profit.

The people of Bihar have made it clear that, the ‘East India Company’ that had paved the way for total loss of India’s independence to British avarice will not be allowed to return in the new attire of ‘West India Company’ to “make in India” to ruin India’s independence.

Therefore, in Bihar, it was Modi versus India. And, India has won.