Illegal occupiers of the Samaja have made it a play ground of Journalistic Misconduct

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa’s premier newspaper ‘The Samaja’ is occupied and is being looted by Lok Sevak Mandal (Servants of the People Society, New Delhi) by using a Will purported to be of its founder-editor Gopabandhu Das, which is evidently forged by two former ministers of the State – Lingaraj Mishra and Radhanath Rath (The Samaja in Maze of Forgery, Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, published by Save the Samaja Forum, Marketed by A.K.Mishra Agencies Pvt. Ltd and also obtainable through Pabitra Mohan Maharatha at p,

Under the Lok Sevak Mandal, the paper has become a playground of forgers and offenders.

It has now become a house of journalistic misconduct inasmuch as its published authors of print editions are being misappropriated in its internet editions without them knowing of this mischief.

One such instance is poet Gajanan Mishra whose fast onto death for implementation of Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 has woke up the state to demand for governance in Oriya language.

I was thrilled to see his article on language movement in the editorial page of the Samaja on August 10. This was the published article in print version:

Gajanasn babu in Samaja_
I wanted to share the same with the global community and therefore I went to its internet edition at

I found it in editorial bracket. The picture below would show.

Editorial bracket
But when I went to the article, I found it published as editorial of the internet edition where there was no trace of its real author Gajanan Mishra. Peruse the picture –


It is a clear instance of misappropriation of Gajanan Mishra’s article for its own editorial, hiding the real author from the internet browsers in general and global / non-resident Oriyas in particular, who are keenly watching the Oriya Language Movement.

If anything, this is journalistic misconduct.

SSF calls upon the Government to protect the Samaja from Servants of the People Society

save the samaja forum

Save the Samaja Forum has called upon the State Government to initiate action against miscreant members of the Servants of the People Society (SoPS), who have occupied the daily Samaja by using apparently a forged WILL of Pt. Gopabandhu Das.

scp & pkp in public convention

The Forum held a public conference in Lohia Academy Auditorium at Bhubaneswar on Aril 27 with senior journalist Prasanta Patnaik in the Chair. Joint Convener of the Forum Subhas Chandra Pattanayak detailed the unfair labor practices, illegalities and embezzlement resorted to by the tainted members of the SoPS.

The Forum raised five demands: (1) The Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), before whom the Forum’s demand for verification of the genuineness of the WILL in question is pending, must conclude its probe without dilly-dally and take action against SoPS if the WILL it relies upon is found to be a fake one; (2) the State Government must probe into embezzlement of the Samaja revenue by SoPS members and recover the misappropriated money of the Samaja; (3) Labor authorities of the State must initiate action against Samaja/SoPS for blatant contravention of industrial and labor laws; (4) the false and fabricated cases against Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association President Sri Devi Prasanna Nayak and General secretary Sri Subash Singh must be withdrawn and (5) the State Government must save the Samaja from the grip of the SoPS, members of which are indulged in rabid misappropriation and blatant mismanagement of the funds of the Samaja.

President Sri Patnaik showed how the management of the Samaja have implicated trade union leaders in false cases and called upon media as a whole to expopse the misdeeds of the Samaja occupiers.

Amongst others, editor of Samadrusti Sri Sudhir Patnaik, editor of sachitra Bijaya Sri Kedar Mishra, editor of Janatantra Sri Vivekanand Dash, editor of Subarta Sri Pradyumna satapathy, Advocate Banamali Das and eminent educationist Prof. Narendra Prasad Das expressed deep agony over reported illegalities and immoral activities going on in the Samaja and stressed upon wider campaign against the mischief.
It was decided to widen the campaign against SoPS to save Gopabandhu’s paper from its illegalities.

Coordinator Pabitra Maharatha proposed the vote of thanks.