Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The word Bethi is not available in English lexicons though the officials then posted as Political Agents of the British Crown for Princely States were well acquainted with this word in context of the Kingdom of Dhenkanal in Orissa.

In Orissa’s unique Encyclopedic Dictionary, Purnachandra Bhashakosha, its author Gopal Chandra Praharaj has created its English synonym. According to this authority, the word Bethi means, “Forced labour”. (Purnachandra Ordia Bhashakosha, p.5875).

Before independence, Bethi was the method of measuring the subjects’ loyalty in the kingdom of Dhenkanal.

Subjects were being forced to work for the King without any remuneration; even without any expectation.

Whosoever was reluctant to perform Bethi was termed a traitor and consequently tortured by the King.

During the reign of King Shankar Pratap Bethi becoming unbearable, peoples had woke up against the tyranny under leadership of Baishnav Charan Pattanayak, addressed respectfully as Veer Baishnav.

Though the Communist Party of India guided the movement, the Congress Party had also supported it.

Eventually known as Praja Mandal Andolan, the movement had grown massive on Veer Baishnav’s clarion call for extermination of Kingship and had spread to all the Princely States and had ultimately succeeded.

Kings were forced to merge their States in India to escape wrath of the commons.

Had it not happened, the India that was independent in the night of August 14, 1947 could never have had the geographic shape that the world is now able to see.

But the tricks of Time have subjected the son of the same King to Bethi this time in a different pattern.

Self-proclaimed “sainik” of Sonia Gandhi, K.P.Singhdeo has to make propaganda for contesting candidates of the Congress Party in Orissa in Election 2009 without being rewarded with any constituency for himself or for his son and even without any expectation.

He is to do this not as a politician wedded to a political economy; but as a “sainik” of Sonia Gandhi to show that he is loyal to the lady autocrat of Congress!

What a trick Time has played!


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Son of the former king of Dhenkanal, ill-famed for having killed Baji Raut through his mercenaries engaged to extinguish peoples’ fight for freedom, who had to merge his State with Union of India to escape peoples’ wrath, Sri K. P. Singhdeo is a self-proclaimed soldier of Sonia Gandhi and naturally, therefore, after being “appointed” as President of the Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee by the lady autocrat of Congress, he is supposed to have been doing his duties under directions of Sonia.

Hence, when Rohit Pujari, President of Orissa Pradesh Youth Congress till he resigned in disgust a couple of days ago, attributed his resignation to unbearable spread of stench in Congress as constituencies are being sold away to mafia and capitalists at huge costs in ignoring the youth that have contributed their might to keeping the party active after it was rejected in general elections, whom to blame, Sonia or Singhdeo?

Congress obviously is deep in shenanigans over ticket distribution.

It is alleged that the list prepared by the PCC is being tampered with at the behest of lobbyists that are trying to procure the constituencies of their respective choice for mafias they represent even as leaders with genuine concern for Congress have been trying to foil the selling away of party tickets to mafias and to ensure allocation thereof to genuine workers instead.

This is why announcement of candidates’ list is getting delayed; admit senior ‘leaders’ of Congress in Orissa.

Against such a scenario, it is interesting that the lady autocrat of Congress has declared that there is no better candidate for the Prime Minister post than Sri Manmohan Singh in Congress. This assertion of Smt. Gandhi, who does not know the fellows that really work for her party, is enough to show to what low the party has declined.

Under her grip the party has become such bizarre that provincial leaders are unable to understand as to who of the members in their province are genuine ones to whom party tickets could be allotted without hesitation.

The lady who does not know her party in reality and has ruined its internal democracy to keep it under her personal grip so that her son rules de facto over it, can possibly not find any other Indian than the ruiner of India’s pledge for socialism, Manmohan Singh, for the top post. In fact, during his incumbency, he has shown how sincerely he could serve the foreigners’ interest as evidenced in the nuke deal. For Sonia, nothing could be more splendid than this. Congress needs hands that would support her ally with Singh, “come what may”!

So, for the stench in matter of party tickets, if youth leaders like Rohit, who till yesterday were in the Congress, resign and leave the party in Orissa, whom to blame? Sonia or her “sainik” Singhdeo or both or all the misguided fellows who wrongfully believe that they serve democracy by serving Sonia?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

When it is essential for India that the election 2009 should be a battle between Ganatantravad (democratism) and Golamvad (factotumism), Rohit Pujari has resigned from the President post of Orissa Pradesh Youth Congress to which he was “appointed” four years ago and has joined BJD. Obviously he has his adherence to Golamvad as both the Congress and BJD are practitioners of Golamvad. In our observation on March 20, we have defined Golamvad and shown how it acts against democracy.

After the election programs were declared, not only Pujari but around a dozen of vote mongers have changed from Congress to BJD and vice versa, all of them being followers of masters of either of these two parties.

But the way Pujari has exposed the “Sainik” of Sonia Gandhi, K.P.Singhdeo as the epicenter of corruption in allocation of constituencies, is quite speaking on what is going on in the Congress.

Businessmen close to KP are collecting money from mafias to auction out constituencies clandestinely, he has alleged, shrouding simultaneously his observation over other members of the team “appointed” by Sonia along with KP.

KP has of course promptly pooh-poohed Pujari and another member of the “appointed” Presidium of Pradesh Congress, Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra has expressed happiness over departure of a “non-functioning” element that had kept the Youth Congress “inoperative”; but none of them has rejected his allegation of corrupt practice in constituency allocation.

However, the syndrome that craves attention is that disappointed vote mongers in Congress prefer the other platform of Golamvad, i.e. the BJD although persons such as Member of Parliament Archana Nayak feeling suffocated under Golamvad have left BJD to join BJP, the only party other than the left having practiced democracy in party management.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If persons devoid of democratic wisdom are being posted as Governors in the Provinces, the Prime Minister of the Country must be held responsible for that.

If Governors, not devoid of democratic wisdom, fail to use that wisdom in circumstance like the one that has emerged in Orissa, the Prime Minister of the Country must also be held responsible for that, as it is the PM’s duty to ensure that the Governor does not push a Province into political anarchy by helping a disqualified person to continue as Chief Minister.

If the Central Government keeps quite when a Governor helps a disqualified Chief Minister to continue, it must be assumed that he must have done so under the pressure of the Prime Minister of the Country.

For a case study Orissa offers the field.

The Governor has allowed Sri Navin Patnaik, to continue as Chief Minister and has forced the Orissa Legislative Assembly to be used as a slate on which shall be written on March 11 the avoidable alphabets of political brow beating.

The Assembly that had legislatively concluded its life on termination of the last session has been activated for the day to legitimatize an illegitimate work the Governor has done by not asking for resignation of Sri Patnaik after the alliance that had made him the Chief Minister was, on records, abolished.

Navin Patnaik was never the Chief Minister as the leader of BJD. He was never the Chief Minister as leader of a post-election coalition. He was the Chief Minister as the authorized leader of the combine of BJD and BJP that had coalesced before the election and had obtained the peoples mandate to form the coalition government. So legally, after end of the alliance, legitimacy of Chief-ministership of Navin Patnaik had ended and thereafter he was legally disqualified to continue in the same post.

The Governor has, therefore, erred in allowing Navin to continue.

The only legal step he could have taken to keep him in power was to ask for and accept his resignation after death of the alliance and to ask him to continue as caretaker CM till a new CM takes over. Even he could have appointed him afresh as the CM along with a cabinet immediately after his resignation and that should have been legal and legitimate. But sadly it never happened.

The Assembly called to business on March 11 has to decide as to whether Sri Patnaik has the majority support behind him to continue in Office! Nothing more farcical than this is possible in a Governor’s role in Parliamentary democracy.

Navin is no more entitled to continue as CM as the alliance that had put him in this position is dead. In other words, he has become disqualified, in terms of democratic prudence, to continue as CM. So how can a disqualified person be allowed to seek a confidence vote?

And, does confidence vote confirms peoples’ confidence and serves democracy?

The option of confidence vote preferred by politicians in power, has, of late, generated such sort of nasty scenarios that the peoples have started looking at it with speculative suspicions, which, in fact, injures democracy.

There is no necessity of saying that as long as there are satyrs to pay, there shall never be any dearth of prostitutes to rush to whosoever of them opens up the purse.

In politics, specifically in legislative politics, the jargon used to describe such a phenomenon in the premise of no-confidence or confidence votes is known as horse-trading.

Mr. K. P. Singhdeo “appointed” by the Congress High Command as the chief of Orissa Pradesh Congress has alleged that horse-trading is being resorted to by Navin to win the confidence vote on March 11.

Who is more competent than a leader “appointed” by the supreme leadership of the Congress to presage this?

In Singhdeo’s presage, we see the reflection of what exactly had happened when Manmohan Singh had sought for confidence vote after the left parties had withdrawn support from the central government in the context of the nuke deal.

If experience counts, Congress is qualified to assume what tricks are in employment to ensure confidence vote for Navin.

Knowing that tradable flesh is not scarce in political market and knowing that it would be not difficult for Navin to win the confidence vote, why has the Congress not rejected the call of the Governor to the Assembly on March 11?

It is simply because, notwithstanding how much acrobatics it exhibits to show to peoples that it opposes Navin, the Congress has used its agents in BJD to push the BJP into unforeseen disadvantage in Orissa by suddenly but shrewdly setting shenanigans to kill the ruling alliance and thereby to shatter Advani’s calculations and on the other hand to shorten the distance it politically had from the other server of American interest such as of POSCO and its likes.

Instead of rejecting the Governor’s call to allow Navin’s majority to be tested in the Assembly, by cooperating in attending the Assembly, irrespective of whether or not it participates in voting, the Congress has helped the Governor legitimatize his illegitimate retention of Navin as CM in stark disregard of the legal position that with death of the pre-election BJD-BJP alliance, legitimacy of Navin’s incumbency had died.

The Governor is clearly in error. But behind this error, one is unable not to see the ugly face of the scheming Congress that is running the central government and through it controlling from behind the Governor.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Instead of rising to the occasion, when election schedule has already reached the peoples, the Congress party has started playing tricks even though it has plunged itself into further chaos.

In revealing its electoral strategy, Orissa in-charge Ghulam Nabi Azad asserted on March 3 that the party, set to win, would contest the election for both the Assembly and Loksabha sans any alliance with any in Orissa. It will deny party candidacy to two-time losers this time except in exceptional conditions and would not project anybody as its prospective chief minister. He, however, underlined that after the elections are over, a young member from amongst the winners would be made the CM, keeping in mind the preferences of Rahul Gandhi.

The message is most discouraging to the President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee K.P.Singhdeo, who after taking over the charges has kept himself busy in campaigning for the party. He is not young enough to fit into the frame that Azad has put forth on behalf of the so-called high command. So, after the elections, he shall have no chance to lead the Congress legislators, if per chance they return in majority.

Of course he has no choice. He has defined himself on records as a sainik (soldier) of Sonia Gandhi. And everybody knows he is “appointed” in this post by Sonia, the lady autocrat that has captured the Congress. So fate of KP would depend on the mercy of Sonia, not on democratic wisdom of Congress legislators of Orissa.

How the man who has no chance of leading the Congress legislators after elections would inspire general public to vote for the Congress?

On the other hand, the central emissary of Congress has pathetically failed to justify as to why the peoples should vote for the Congress.

He has stated that to defray the cost of subsidy on public distribution rice that State Government supplies at Rs.2 to people below the poverty line, Manmohan Singh government pays Rs.11 as against Navin’s Rs.3 for every sixteen rupees per Kg, involved.

But this attack on Nabin Patnaik’s government is most counterproductive. When Manmohan Singh is not paying the subsidy from his personal pocket, it confirms that the subsidy has been necessitated as the peoples have lost their ability to purchase the bare minimum life-saving food grains. And who but Manmohan Singh, father of the self-defeating and ruinous economic policy, is responsible for this?

To Oriyas who put Orissa above self, there can’t be anything better than defeat of Navin in elections. He has remained a cause of perennial embarrassment to the children of the soil. He has not been able to converse in Oriya despite being in power for a decade under the grace of the Oriya people. And, he has made Mother Orissa denuded of her natural resources in a fashion that suits the non-Oriyas most.

But as blisters effervesce when water boils, Navins emerge when plutocracy submerges the country. And in India, plutocracy has spread through Manmohan Singh, whom the Congress has declared to retain as Prime Minister if majority falls in its net.

Let them therefore stop vomiting allegations against Navin as Azad has done. They should, instead, tell peoples as to how they differ from Navin in the area of political economy so that the people may take a conscious decision.

It would be proper for peoples to keep watch on Congress tricks.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Intolerance of the newly “appointed” chief of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee K.P.Singhdeo for shout of victory (jindabad) in favor of Youth Congress chief Rohit Pujari as was witnessed in Deogarh has precipitated a ban on any jindabad for any local leader in any Congress congregation in Orissa. But while contriving this elimination of applause for others, precaution has been taken not to stop singing of glory to Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul and to the man in whose favor she had mysteriously given up her seemingly possible premiership, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Media cell of KP says, except these three, jindabad may be raised at best for Rajiv and Indira Gandhi in special occasions.

Members of the extra-constitutional presidium of Congress in Orissa as well as its campaigner-in-chief know that any of them must act ex-officio object of applause in any meeting of or convened by their party till at least the general elections are over and thus there is no specific necessity of saying that the ban shall not affect them.

Congress workers, these days, have not known anything other than raising jindabad in favor of anybody who poses or aspires to be or is imposed upon them as their leader. They do not tell peoples of political economy. They do not emphasize on the importance of internal democracy in a political party. They know only one thing. That is raising jindabad in support of whoever bosses over them or whosoever represents the boss. On the other hand, whosoever wants to show himself / herself as a leader of the Congress in the village or panchayat or constituency level, cultivates sycophants in his / her sphere to raise jindabad in his / her favor. What should these fellows do if jindabad is banned?

Except Jindabad in their favor in hoodwinked or hired mouths, Congress candidates for so many years were never marked for having placed premium on political economy or any ideological issue during electioneering, at least in Orissa.

Not a single candidate of Congress party had discussed election manifesto of the party during entire electioneering last time. None of them had perused manifestos of rival parties and compared them with that of theirs and shown how the congress manifesto was better than others.

This time the same syndrome is also discernible. So far, nowhere in their meetings, they have discussed political economy. Only one thing they are saying. That is, the state government is unable to spend central government grants. The “appointed” presidium has declared that they will go to the people with this issue in their mouth. This makes it clear that their electioneering will be an act of mudslinging, not an act of politico-economic analysis.

Is mudslinging possible sans the sound of jindabad in support of the mudslinger?

With KP at the helm of affairs, Congress campaign is getting funnier day by day.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If a few fine persons are yet discernible in the Congress party in Orissa, Youth Congress President Rohit Pujari is one of them.

But to the newly “appointed” President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee, K.P.Singhdeo, he is “undisciplined”.

To teach him lessons on how to have discipline he has not hesitated to deflate him in public at Deogarh on February 19 in front of all the Congress workers of the district as well as onlooker public, just to show how apt is he in marshalling his autocratic might.

KP had gone there to attend a conference of Congress workers conveyed for stock taking of organizational condition and preparation for the general elections.

Congress is quite atrophied in Orissa and no evidence is required to prove that. This has happened to this party basically because of the distance its leaders maintained from its workers. So, it should have been appropriate for the “appointed” President of PCC to go there into the midst of workers quietly in a car and contact them with confidence in order to revive their confidence in the leadership. But KP, “appointed” by the lady autocrat of the party of the American lobbyists preferred to land there from a helicopter.

It was clear that the “appointed” PCC chief was eager to have a dazzling road show of Congress campaign.

To fit into this environment, the YC unit of the area also decided to add its color to the show. So, in a procession singing glory to their President Rohit, the YC members came to the meeting venue.

KP was irritated to watch YC members singing glory to Rohit instead of him. But when Rohit took the microphone to address the gathering and the YC members again raised slogans in his praise, it was impossible on part of KP to tolerate. He, in a conniption, dragged back Rohit from the addressing post and scathingly roared that he does not like “such type of indiscipline”.

It was not only a shock to Rohit, but also to senior members present in the podium and to the workers in the audience.

The PCC President “appointed” by the Congress autocrat could not understand that there was only youthful effervescence, no ill motive behind the behavior of the YC members. He took the slogans in praise of Rohit as an affront to his glorious presence! Whosoever showed any symptom of disapproval was browbeaten to keep quiet.

A shocked Rohit left the podium as well as the meeting venue followed by the members of YC.

And thus has begun the Congress campaign in Orissa under KP.