Litigation and Modi Mission seem sic passim the letter of Jayanti Natarajan

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Jayanti Natarajan’s letter to Sonia Gandhi, dated November 5, 2014, was not supposed to reach the Press. But it reached the Press and got circulated.

She has not denied the letter. But, on the other hand, has added strength to it through media yesterday.

If she is to be believed, Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s role was not becoming of the position he was holding.

But, she has no grievance against Singh.

What, then, Jayanti’s letter aims at?

It aims at dragging Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to litigation for the damage allegedly done to her and her family’s reputation by forcing her to resign from the post of Union Minister of State (I/C) Environment and Forest on December 20, 2013.

To make out the case, she has first focused on what a family of high repute she hails from and then proceeded to how her personal and family reputation has been tarnished and shattered by making her resign from the ministerial post she was holding.

She has raised the question of ‘natural justice’ which was and has been denied to her at the time of and after her enforced resignation. “If indeed I had been guilty of wrongdoing, I would have been happy to have been given a chance to defend myself, and I would have emerged pure and transparent and victorious.This opportunity was not given to me” she has said.

Thus making out a case of denial of natural justice to her, she has alleged, “Until now, I have been unable to understand what was wrongdoing committed by me to suddenly receive what was virtually a sentence of death”.

And, then, she has enumerated the damages done to her in these words:

“Over the last 11 months I have undergone untold mental and physical agony, as a result of this incident. I have major health issues due to my tension and humiliation over the treatment meted out to me, and my future looks bleak”.

Possibly she is contemplating a damage suit against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, holding them responsible for her enforced resignation from her ministerial position, as she has made it clear that she never holds the then Prime Minister responsible for what made her “humiliated so brutally”.

“The then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh wrote a letter to me, accepting my resignation, in which he praised the excellent work I had done as Minister, and what he termed my valuable contribution as Minister. In these circumstances, it was clearly not the Prime Minister nor my work in Government, which led to my ouster as Minister”, she has declared.

If she is not planning to drag Sonia and Rahul to the Court, she would not have been so emphatic in confronting Sonia with how she and Rahul had denied her natural justice.

“I want to place on record, that from December 20, 2013, until now, I have still not been told by you, why I was asked to resign from the Council of Ministers, nor have I ever been asked or given an opportunity to explain, if indeed I had committed any wrongdoing” she has said while further asserting that her letter is meant to do justice to her family “legacy” damaged by her “humiliation”.

“I wish to record that I tried several times to meet Shri Rahul Gandhi and you, but was not given an appointment” whereas “I need to save the legacy of my family; or children and my future generations will not forgive me”.

Interestingly, Natarajan has depicted in her letter how she was forced against her will to attack Modi in ‘snoopgate’ . To quote her:

“While I was still a Minister, an important matter which has caused me great agitation is the fact that I was called upon to attack the present Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on what is referred to in the media as ‘Snoopgate’.

“Despite the fact that I initially refused, because I thought that the party should attack Shri Modi on policy and governance and not drag an unknown woman into a controversy, Shri Ajay Maken telephoned me on November 16, 2013, while I was on tour and asked me to come to Delhi immediately to address a press conference on the issue. I expressed my disinclination to do this, and refused the assignment, mentioning that I was a Minister at that time, and this should not be taken as the point of view of Government. I suggested perhaps an Official Spokesperson should do the Press Conference, if so desired. Shri Maken told me once again, that this was a decision taken at “the highest level” and that I had no choice in the matter. After the press conference throughout the controversy which followed I was told by Shri Maken to fiercely attack Shri Modi, on TV channels and during debates, although I was otherwise never fielded in the media after appointment as Minister”.

Considering her disposition displayed in her letter, it is difficult to accept that she was also taking orders from Maken and implementing them.

So the mention of the Modi matter, indicating that in her view it was wrong to attack Modi, has a strong indication and that is, Kalyani Natarajan is building her up for Modi Mission.

Happiest News for Orissa: Prasad is PCC Chief

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The happiest news for Orissa is that Mr. Prasad Harichandan has been appointed today as the President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee.

Prasad HarichandanHonored as the First Best Legislator of the State in 2002, Prasad had put his golden signature in Orissa politics by being the most glaring candidate of Congress against Biju Patnaik in 1990.

Since his first entry into Orissa Assembly in 1995, he has enriched legislative businesses in every respect.

His efficient and sustained efforts to espouse outstanding public demands and his legislative wisdom marked in matters of law making as well as debating on topical issues has made tremendous contributions to refinement of administration.

He has earned distinction as a highly disciplined Congress leader for his exemplary participation in all major fronts of his party – the National Students Union, Indian Youth Congress and the Party proper.

Protection of environment and wild life, preservation of culture and social values are areas where his silent but steady contributions have made their unique marks.

Most importantly, he is a man of erudition, of research and knowledge.

As a minister, even though the time was short and the period was transitional, he had made the best use of his position in giving Orissa the only University of Culture of India – the Utkal university of Culture.

Orissa’s Institute of Mathematics and Application owes its origin to the efforts of Prasad. The concept of Community Policing was also his.

He is a successful fighter who has disproved the outstanding aphorism of Lord Acton that “power tends to corrupt”. He is, despite long innings in positions of power including ministership, has never indulged in any corruption.

In him, people of Orissa – in disaster by the ruling BJD; and by nature, abhorrent to communal BJP – see the best answer to their search for a leader who can bring in the desired change.

Prasad has a unique distinction of being an absolutely non-controversial personality in the Congress party. So, to save the State from BJD misrule and lurking BJP menace, it is expected that the Congress rank and file will unitedly stand with him.

Pending Determination of Unsound Mind, Singhvi Should Quit Parliament

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

“Assuming them(the contents of the CD) to be true, (which they certainly are not), would disclose only something private and consensual giving a cause of action only to aggrieved family members (who have stood completely by me) and to no one else” (Abhishek Manu Shinghvi when resigning from the Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Law & Justice ).

If his carnal conduct “assuming” to be true, as he says, was “private and consensual giving a cause of action only to aggrieved family members” is worth legality, Singhvi is certainly not qualified to claim that “no one else” has any right to find therein any “cause of action”.

He is a member of India’s Parliament in the Rajyasabha and that gives every citizen of India the right to be worried if his “private” conduct dismantles the discipline and probity expected of him.

The video in question displays indecent scenes of sex indulged into by a male who looks like him when he was still the head of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on personnel, law and justice and a female whom a lady lawyer of Delhi has identified as a lady lawyer she knows.

Before the general public could know of this video, Singhvi, an astute lawyer well versed in the tricks of law, succeeded in putting a judicial injunction on media organizations, which, to his information, were in possession of the CD carrying video records of his “certainly not true” extramarital sex. The court was shown that the video in question was a morphed one inasmuch as his driver, who, Singhvi had alleged, was threatening to tarnish his public image for settling a personal grudge as he had refused to enhance his salary, has confessed to have fabricated the video. And, then he has taken steps to keep the driver’s version beyond judicial test of reliability thereof by informing the court of a settlement, arrived at out-of-court with the driver.

But, if the lady who features in the sex video, which, as per Singhvi’s statement was “consensual”, is truly a high profile lawyer of Delhi High Court with practice also in the Supreme Court as claimed, the matter cannot and must not end with the driver’s driven confession in the court or Singhvi’s information to the court of out-of-the-court settlement with the said driver; because, as innuendoes wallop, the lady was caught in the act of bartering the pleasure with Singhvi for help in elevation to the bench from the bar, as he, heading both the Standing Committee of Parliament on Personnel, Law and Justice as well as the Law and Justice Department of the Congress party that rules India through Sonia Gandhi as UPA Chairperson and Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister, was in the position to help her fulfill her ambition.

The court injunction has failed to obstruct circulation of the video and / or the news.

As people are increasingly being conscious of how heinous crimes in India are not being readily remedied because of availability of judicial cold-storage facilities to crime-based litigations in form of stay and injunctions, they have used social media to see and discuss the video.

Going by the number of hits the video has obtained in course of its circulation in social and online medias, several lakhs of viewers have already watched it.

Presumably, all the people connected with Singhvi – in the circle of his relations, in his profession, in his party and in the Parliament – have seen the video.

Social media being internet media, I have been trying all these days to find out if any of them comes out in the internet with reason to report that the male satyr displayed in the sex video is not Singhvi. But, I have not seen any. This makes me inclined to assume that almost all that know Singhvi personally, are believing that he is the male satyr in action in the sex video.

When thus the assumption tilts towards Singhvi, the lady in the nasty act is also named by people who know her. Surprisingly she stays conspicuous by her silence. On the other hand, suspecting that she was partnering with Singhvi with an eye on an superior judiciary position, one Sarbajit Roy, residing at B-59 Defense Colony, New Delhi 110024, has already made an application under RTI to the Central Public Information Officer, Supreme Court of India, to locate if she has any mention anywhere in relevant records that can justify the suspicion.

Singhvi resigning from the Parliamentary Standing Committee sans any disapproval thereof by the Congress party that had given him that position and getting dropped from party positions such as the party chief in its department of law and justice and party spokesmanship, has given the public clear indication that his close colleagues in the Congress do not accept his claim that the “contents of the CD” are “certainly not” true.

In the circumstances, it is essential for Singhvi to come out of the cocoon of out-of-court settlement that he has weaved with his driver projected as the manufacturer of the video and convince the country that he does not know the lady in the said video and in reality the male satyr therein is not he.

The matter getting murkier everyday with serious implications for body politic as well as for judiciary, it is essential for the Court to elicit from the driver the details of how he morphed Singhvi into the sexual act and to test his version on the matrix of science in different labs including foreign labs within its discretion and under secrecy to be disclosed along with the final verdict.

Appropriate examination of the video can also determine if it is morphed or genuine.

These are urgent and unavoidably essential necessities.

Pending this essential, it is urgent for the Congress to ask Singhvi to resign from the Rajyasabha or else, for the parliament to refer him to a competent court to know if he is not of “unsound mind”.

Satyriasis as viewable in the video is a mental disorder and the shenanigans so far observed are indicative of abnormal developments. Both the phenomena may be interpreted as effects of unsound mind.

The Constitution of India under Article 102 (1) (b) has stipulated that “a person shall be disqualified for being chosen as, and for being, a member of either House of Parliament – if he is of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent court”.

The development, when the person is already a member, protected under parliamentary privileges, makes it necessary for the Parliament to test whether or not the person is of “unsound mind”, so that, democracy, of which the Parliament is the protector, does not go haywire.

Pending this determination, Singhvi should be made to quit the Parliament till at least it is proved that the male satyr in the sex video is not he.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The austerity farce being staged by the ruling “holy cows” has come to be looked at with curiosity as the Prime Minister Mr. Man Mohan Singh’s Minister of State for External Affairs, Shashi Tharoor, untrained obviously in Congress hypocrisy, has, on Wednesday, failed to remain tamed in carrying out instructions sans reaction.

Asked while social networking as to what class of travel should he prefer to fly into his constituency, his reply was, “Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows.”

Taking into consideration the class of the fellows that constitute the so-called Indian National Congress, Tharoor’s statement is not at all unbecoming of him. But he is yet to know that the Congress is not a political party as a party should be, but a mere club of holy cow’s sycophants, where birds of the same feathers are “appointed” to flock together in service of the holy cow. In this club, Tharoor’s mention of “holy cows” is bound to be viewed by the sycophants as an insult to their most insulated object of sycophancy that not only emits the aura of power but also is the only cow that controls the power without being in power.

No wonder, AICC Spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan has told reporters in New Delhi, “We do not approve of this articulation”.

Wait. She has said no less than saying, “We condemn it”.

What the Prime Minister shall now do with Tharoor? Will the affront against the holy cow go sloughed over? Whither the congress is to go?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Son of the former king of Dhenkanal, ill-famed for having killed Baji Raut through his mercenaries engaged to extinguish peoples’ fight for freedom, who had to merge his State with Union of India to escape peoples’ wrath, Sri K. P. Singhdeo is a self-proclaimed soldier of Sonia Gandhi and naturally, therefore, after being “appointed” as President of the Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee by the lady autocrat of Congress, he is supposed to have been doing his duties under directions of Sonia.

Hence, when Rohit Pujari, President of Orissa Pradesh Youth Congress till he resigned in disgust a couple of days ago, attributed his resignation to unbearable spread of stench in Congress as constituencies are being sold away to mafia and capitalists at huge costs in ignoring the youth that have contributed their might to keeping the party active after it was rejected in general elections, whom to blame, Sonia or Singhdeo?

Congress obviously is deep in shenanigans over ticket distribution.

It is alleged that the list prepared by the PCC is being tampered with at the behest of lobbyists that are trying to procure the constituencies of their respective choice for mafias they represent even as leaders with genuine concern for Congress have been trying to foil the selling away of party tickets to mafias and to ensure allocation thereof to genuine workers instead.

This is why announcement of candidates’ list is getting delayed; admit senior ‘leaders’ of Congress in Orissa.

Against such a scenario, it is interesting that the lady autocrat of Congress has declared that there is no better candidate for the Prime Minister post than Sri Manmohan Singh in Congress. This assertion of Smt. Gandhi, who does not know the fellows that really work for her party, is enough to show to what low the party has declined.

Under her grip the party has become such bizarre that provincial leaders are unable to understand as to who of the members in their province are genuine ones to whom party tickets could be allotted without hesitation.

The lady who does not know her party in reality and has ruined its internal democracy to keep it under her personal grip so that her son rules de facto over it, can possibly not find any other Indian than the ruiner of India’s pledge for socialism, Manmohan Singh, for the top post. In fact, during his incumbency, he has shown how sincerely he could serve the foreigners’ interest as evidenced in the nuke deal. For Sonia, nothing could be more splendid than this. Congress needs hands that would support her ally with Singh, “come what may”!

So, for the stench in matter of party tickets, if youth leaders like Rohit, who till yesterday were in the Congress, resign and leave the party in Orissa, whom to blame? Sonia or her “sainik” Singhdeo or both or all the misguided fellows who wrongfully believe that they serve democracy by serving Sonia?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Intolerance of the newly “appointed” chief of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee K.P.Singhdeo for shout of victory (jindabad) in favor of Youth Congress chief Rohit Pujari as was witnessed in Deogarh has precipitated a ban on any jindabad for any local leader in any Congress congregation in Orissa. But while contriving this elimination of applause for others, precaution has been taken not to stop singing of glory to Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul and to the man in whose favor she had mysteriously given up her seemingly possible premiership, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Media cell of KP says, except these three, jindabad may be raised at best for Rajiv and Indira Gandhi in special occasions.

Members of the extra-constitutional presidium of Congress in Orissa as well as its campaigner-in-chief know that any of them must act ex-officio object of applause in any meeting of or convened by their party till at least the general elections are over and thus there is no specific necessity of saying that the ban shall not affect them.

Congress workers, these days, have not known anything other than raising jindabad in favor of anybody who poses or aspires to be or is imposed upon them as their leader. They do not tell peoples of political economy. They do not emphasize on the importance of internal democracy in a political party. They know only one thing. That is raising jindabad in support of whoever bosses over them or whosoever represents the boss. On the other hand, whosoever wants to show himself / herself as a leader of the Congress in the village or panchayat or constituency level, cultivates sycophants in his / her sphere to raise jindabad in his / her favor. What should these fellows do if jindabad is banned?

Except Jindabad in their favor in hoodwinked or hired mouths, Congress candidates for so many years were never marked for having placed premium on political economy or any ideological issue during electioneering, at least in Orissa.

Not a single candidate of Congress party had discussed election manifesto of the party during entire electioneering last time. None of them had perused manifestos of rival parties and compared them with that of theirs and shown how the congress manifesto was better than others.

This time the same syndrome is also discernible. So far, nowhere in their meetings, they have discussed political economy. Only one thing they are saying. That is, the state government is unable to spend central government grants. The “appointed” presidium has declared that they will go to the people with this issue in their mouth. This makes it clear that their electioneering will be an act of mudslinging, not an act of politico-economic analysis.

Is mudslinging possible sans the sound of jindabad in support of the mudslinger?

With KP at the helm of affairs, Congress campaign is getting funnier day by day.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Congress, the party of American lobbyists, emerges also as a party of the bitterest contradiction in Orissa.

By humiliating Jayadev Jena who as its State unit chief had given his entire time for so many years to keep the discredited party alive, the lady autocrat of the Congress has made it clear that to her any leader of the party cannot be anything other than a mere political factotum.

One, who has watched how the Congress has functioned in Orissa all these years, can certainly say that Jena had been trying his best to resurrect the party and was no doubt the only untiring worker who had reached every nook and corner to stand instantly and solidly with the people fighting Navin misrule. Were the Congress having the slightest component of organizational democracy, Jena should have been rewarded; but he was to be jettisoned so unceremoniously!


Is it because he belongs to the born poor segment? One cannot say for sure, ‘no’. The cosmetic make up resorted to in replacing J.B.Pattnaik not with an equally astute, able and rich legislator such as Narasingh Mishra but with one from the forlorn segment, Ramchandra Ullaka, is definitely an indicator to this modus operandi. Had Jena not been replaced with born rich K.P.Singhdeo, Ullaka could never have been “appointed” to replace JB.

In replacing Jena with KP, the lady autocrat has transmitted the message unmistakably that she stands for the rich and the rich should rely upon her factotums.

This message was necessitated after a section of corporate giants dared to publicly express their preference for a man like Narendra Modi for the coveted post of the Prime Minister.

Secondly, it was necessitated to divert the neo-rich of Orissa from BJP to her own fold by assuring them that with KP as its new mask, the Congress would, more ably than earlier, act as their loyal guard in the State.

For a party that is not yet totally rejected in Orissa because of the dalit segments’ support, which during Indira days it had cultivated, the KP phase will expedite extinction notwithstanding how much meretricious tears the lady sheds for the downtrodden.

The trend has begun with tested members resigning in protest.