MAKE in INDIA // Questions that make us worried

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Whatever is the outcome of an election, in absence of political economy as the crux of challenge to electoral wisdom, should not the political party that captures power, make its Prime Minister refrained from allowing the foreigners own the means of production in India, where subsidy in rice or wheat is the only trick administration uses to stymie starvation death of innumerable Indians?

Should not its members, if there is any concern for the countrymen in them, oppose their PM’s call to foreigners to “make in India”?

It is a shame that PM Modi has been giving this message to the world that India has nothing to offer as “Made in India”.

Is it not an offense against the mana of India, which, as the PM, he is required to safeguard and serve?

He is asking foreigners to “make in India”. For what should the foreigners “make in India”?

Obviously, not for loss, but for profit – their own profit.

We shall give the foreigners the land they need, the water for their industries, the manpower to serve them as cheaply as possible, the infrastructure they will require as quickly as possible, and a very vast domestic market. But, the profit they will fetch would be theirs.

Is not this design meant to help the foreigners to loot and exploit India?

Isn’t the PM Modi acting in interest of foreign business empires? If not, why “make in India” at the cost of mana of India?

Is he not bringing in a new foreigners’ combine like that of the former East India Company, which had, under cover of business, pushed India into the British rule?

Is Modi’s “Make in India” call paving the path for a sort of ‘West India Company’ to grab India?

Let him explain the matter in a white-paper to reach every Indian home; because the future of India is threatened by this pro-foreigner call.

Every Indian patriot has reasons to be worried.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Suicide can be defined as the extreme form of passive revolt against unconquerable oppression. Therefore the ever-increasing numbers of farmers’ suicide suggest that they are under such oppression, which seems to them as unconquerable.

When an individual commits suicide it may be attributed to unconquerable oppression perpetrated upon him or her by another individual or group of individuals. But when a class of people commits suicide, the oppressor cannot but be the State.

State is a power that becomes the instrument of oppression only when it falls in the hands of persons who possess it not by virtue of self-less sacrifice for the people but by being the facilitators of private industry. State then runs by State terrorism.

As far as Orissa is concerned, the State-power lies in the hands of the Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh at the center and Chief Minister Navin Patnaik in the State.

None of these two has any record of sacrifice for the people. But both of them are facilitators of private industry even of foreign origin and foreign interest. No wonder, with them at the helms of affairs, the farmers have been committing suicide in ever-increasing numbers.

Instead of embracing suicidal death as the extreme form of passive revolt against oppression, whosoever oppose oppression actively, these two functionaries notwithstanding their difference in political attires, become one in condemning them as extremists, terrorists or Naxals and unleash State terrorism to push them into homicidal deaths.

The syndrome is so serious that a man like K.P.S.Gill who is known as an eager exterminator of extremists / insurgents in the country has in a recent interview to Tehelka disapproved “Operation Green Hunt” – the latest form of State terrorism – being unleashed against people that are considered active voice of the oppressed.

It is time, all of the Indians that are not exploiters, must get united to decide as to which method of revolt against oppression is desirable: passive revolt that leads to suicide or active revolt that ensures emancipation.

Emancipation is possible only when plutocracy that has replaced democracy is removed.