Better to Keep in Mind: Aircrafts are Flown by Pilots, not by Courts

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Air India should not have preferred contempt of court proceedings against its pilots in the Delhi High Court as it makes it a habitual litigant against its star employees. The Supreme Court has unambiguous rulings that the State/ Public sector should act as ideal employers and desist from dragging the employees to litigations.

When the pilots are in strike over issues relating to their career progression, it would have been better had the court not intervened and instead of ordering the pilots to join work, because their strike was causing “huge loss to the exchequer”, it could have ordered the Union Government and Air India to act as ideal employers in the light of the Supreme Court rulings and to proceed for settlement with the pilots.

Now when the Air India is so eager to settle the issue amicably with the pilots that civil aviation minister Ajit Singh has expressed readiness to reinstate all the 101 sacked pilots, it is clear that the authorities have understood their follies in creating the atmosphere of confrontation. They have precipitated the impasse by making the strike ‘illegal’ and by sacking 101 pilots on the flimsy ground of their strike being ‘illegal’.

The minister has declared, “I am ready to talk on all issues only after they join work, not before”. Why? What problem is there in talking the issues to usher in the end of the strike? The minister’s ego satisfaction is not more important than restoration of congenial fight environment.

The pilots should not be subjected to repressive steps that want them succumb to tactics of demoralization. Extinguishment of the strike through court orders should never be the choice in respect of the pilots. It is better to be appreciated that aircrafts are flown by the pilots, not by the courts or their orders. Pilots need peace of mind to concentrate on their job, which is as intricate as immensely responsible. Court verdicts cannot give them that peace.

If the minister is not capable of managing his portfolio properly, courts should not come to his rescue. The air passengers have the right to fly safely and so, the flight environment should never be endangered by putting pilots to demoralization.

Utkal Divas :: The Day that Reshaped Mother Orissa

Emancipatory Journalism Must Be Protected From Sedition Charges

By Saswat Pattanayak

As Published in Kindle

As Published in Kindle

Laxman Chaudhury’s arrest in Orissa is the latest in the series of assaults on press freedom. In the guise of fighting the Maoists, various state governments in India are now harassing journalists in an unprecedented manner. But what is more peculiar in this specific oppression of the people is the manner in which grassroot scribes associated with vernacular media are being specifically targeted.

Chaudhury from Mohana has been charged under sedition and for having waged war against the state. A committed journalist who exposed the nexus between ganja smugglers, women traffickers and the police, is suddenly declared as an enemy of the State after being framed for alleged links with Maoists. OTV reporters Khusiram Sunani and Kirti Chandra Sahu, editor of Nissan, Lenin Ray, Samaj correspondent Jagannath Bastia, Aaromv reporters Sriharsha Mishra and Kiran Mishra are also instances of journalists being harassed under similar pretexts.

Sedition is possibly the most serious charge envisioned against an unpatriotic and disloyal subject of the State. To bring up such a charge against active journalists who are championing the voice of the underrepresented clouds the vision of a vibrant democracy. Not only are the charges of sedition inappropriate to be brought against any journalist who advances the voices of dissent, but the very code of sedition needs to be reevaluated, and subsequently purged from the legal paraphernalia.

We need to remember that the original Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code (1870) defined Sedition thus: Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards Her Majesty or the Crown Representative in British India or British Burma shall be punished with transportation for life or any shorter term, to which fine may be added, or with imprisonment which may extend to three years, to which fine may be added, or with fine.

Conveniently enough, our judiciary and legislative power combines have not amended this section much, and have merely replaced “Her Majesty or the Crown Representative” with “the Government established by law”, “British India/Burma” with “India”, and the “transportation for life” with “imprisonment for life”. What has entirely gone amiss from juridical interventions is the need to rethink the absolutely abominable colonial strategies to continue enslaving human subjects in the name of loyalty to the ruling structure. Its utter disgusting to sustain such a tradition of oppression even to this date, let alone fabricate freethinking conscientious journalists into submitting to charges of so-called sedition.

What has gone missing from the critical discourse is the unique history of humankind against colonial empires. Had the unfree subjects obeyed such unjust legal systems enforced upon them, there would have never been a single instance of civil disobedience or non-cooperation, or outright opposition against social injustice. It is important to recall that revolutionaries of our freedom movements were not so much opposed to the British individuals per se. In fact, many of them were educated by British professors, admired rationalist traditions of the British, and joined internationalist forces in declaring their freedom rights. This was the reason why our leaders, moderates and extremists alike, did not prefer to incite violence against the British individuals. They were chiefly opposed to the unjust methods of the British colonial system. They demanded overhauling of the system, but did not preach hatred against the rulers. This is the approach of the revolutionaries – to heed to the peoples‘ causes and calls and stir up a new movement to replace an older unjust one. It is not mere opposition to specific political parties that is desirable for a journalist to air, but also the demand for replacement of a whole gamut of corrupt structure when it has failed its entire purpose.

Journalists, more than any other professionals, are representatives of the people’s voices. It is through their views and interpretations that some people aspire to be politicians, some administrators look for policy changes, and some judges inform themselves before releasing a verdict.

Not only journalists need to be forever shielded from sedition charges, they must work together to influence the masses to demand for abolition of such unjust colonial legacies in our legal system. If people demand Her Majesty to be ousted, so be it. And if the majority of India, impoverished in poverty and being penalized for being poor, demand the existing government – elected through fraudulent methods of indoctrination, money power and manipulations – to go, so be it.

If a grassroot journalist can be accused of sedition, then its time to reassess the executive-legislative-judiciary branches in view of their former colonial masters, and they must together be declared guilty of graver charges. Crimes against the people must be denounced far more stringently than crimes against the authorities.

Is RTI Affecting Press Freedom? Loud Thinks SCP on National Press Day

By OrissaMatters Bureau

National Press Day was officially observed in the auditorium of the Department of Information and Public Relations in the evening of November 16, with Minister of I&PR, Mr. Prafulla Samal in the chair.

Dr. Surya Narayan Mishra, Professor of Political Science, Utkal University, expressed deep dismay over failure of democracy to stay as the stable source of development of peoples and decline of space in mainstream media for the commons in various countries including India.

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and Ramesh Chandra Mohanty from the Fourth Estate expressed concern over attack on Press under applied democracy as is seen in Orissa in recent days with the Chief Minister dillydallying in taking action against police functionaries that have unambiguously cooked up false cases against reporters even as Sri Pattanayak gave a loud thinking to how shrewdly democracy is replaced with plutocracy by agents thereof in partnership with the owners of media, who attired as editors or assisted by yes-men donned as editors, take advantage of freedom of press and vet and steer information delivery process cleverly against the progressive forces, lest the hidden face of plutocracy comes out to public gaze. The situation in India is so anarchical that in the guise of freedom of information a law like the Right to Information Act has been promulgated that appears pro-people outwardly but inwardly is an instrument to do away with the conscience-keeper role of the working journalists to whom, by way of accreditation, democracy had originally equipped with the discretion to use professional wisdom in choosing what should be reportable in interest of the public. With the RTI, relevance of Press Accreditation is impaired and administration is being dragged into marketplace, which certainly is designed to develop informational anarchy. To sabotage democracy in the guise of democracy is the game that plutocracy plays and RTI as is being officially patronized needs to be reviewed in this light, said Pattanayak.

Dwelling on the precarious condition of journalists in Orissa, Pattanayak pointed out that the incumbent Information Minister, knows that his attempts to bring out a list of journalists working in Orissa is not being possible due to non-supply of acquaintance role by media organizations. But under the Press Council Act, it is the Information Department, which should have been in possession of details of the State’s journalist from the data of income and expenditure of every media house if the annual levy for the Council could have collected by the Government. It is not being done as the Government is not with the people, but with the traders that own the media organizations, he pointed out.

Prof. Biswaranjan, who after retiring from teaching Political Science in Orissa’s top ranking Government Colleges, has been working as the Editor of the daily Khabar since its inception, as the chief speaker of the evening, dwelt on the new face of media, which, to him, has evolved at par with applied democracy. Agreeing with SCP about overcast of plutocracy on political horizon of India, he went further to rue that the media having deviated from its avowed stand to stay as the sentinel of democracy, as a corollary thereto democratic process in the country has been hit hard by mobocracy. To save India from the disaster of electoral wisdom being swayed away by mobocracy, Press shall have to retrieve its role of politico-economic educator of the masses, he said. Earlier a small newspaper owner sans any invitation to speak had taken the microphone to assure the Minister in the Chair that the Press would stand with the Government. The idea was so ridiculous of the occasion that Prof. Biswaranjan, even though the paper he heads as editor is viewed as the mouthpiece of the Government because of super-chief-minister Pyarimohan Mohapatra’s shadow ownership, dismissed the idea and said, if Press would be pledged to Government there would be no Press at all.

Mr. Samal in his Presidential address assured to ensure that Press freedom is not tampered with through any official intervention. Identification of journalists active in Orissa, irrespective of where they work and with who, would soon be published in the official website and all the accredited journalists would be officially covered under insurance with provision of pension to all of them on crossing 60 in age, he declared. Departmental secretary R.N.Dash reiterated official commitment to Freedom of Press.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

A man-eater wrecks havoc. A hunter marks it. His social responsibility commands him to proceed immediately after the tiger and get the area rid of the danger. But he is not in possession of enough ammunition. He has a single barrel gun and a single bullet. He knows, he can unfailingly use that single bullet against the man-eater. So he proceeds. But he finds another tiger with the man-eater in the forest at the same time at the same place and acquainted as he is with the animals of the jungle, instantly recognizes which one of them is the man-eater.

Which of the tigers must he shoot at first? Obviously the man-eater. Because, he knows, the man-eater is the immediate danger to the society and to him as well. He knows, he cannot kill both the tigers at a time with a single bullet. If he kills the tiger other than the man-eater, the man-eater will kill him. If he kills the man-eater, the other tiger may not dare to attack him and in course of time, he may get the area rid of it.

So, to a hunter with a single bullet to use to get his area rid of the greatest danger, using the bullet against the man-eater should be an unavoidable must if the hunter is having his intelligence is integrated with his purpose.

Whosoever loves India and wants to get its political jungle rid of the man-eater, must act against the Congress that has not only sabotaged our national pledge for socialism, but also has been sabotaging our democracy by promoting dynastic hierarchy. Sonia’s two children are being projected as “prince” and “princess” by her factotums as well as by the media in India. What a shame!

This is the party that had given birth to Khalistani terrorism and this is the party that also had allowed Pakistani terrorism spread its tentacles in India by allowing BCCI conduct its business here in blatant disregard to warnings issued by our intelligence agency, RAW. In these pages, there are discussions on how its governments from Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi to Narasingh Rao had promoted and protected the Pakistani dirty bank of terror, BCCI.

According to Lucy Komisar, “ BCCI was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, a dirty offshore bank that then-president Ronald Reagan’s Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) used to run guns to Saddam Hussein, finance Osama bin Laden, move money in the illegal Iran-Contra operation and carry out other “agency” black ops. President George W. Bush had tried to justify his act to extinguish Hussein by stating that he had links with Bin Laden. Komisar reported that critics had dismissed that statement as an invention. But “they were wrong. There was a link, but not the one Bush was selling. The link between Hussein and Bin Laden was their banker, BCCI.

“But the link went beyond the dictator and the jihadist — it passed through Saudi Arabia and stretched all the way to George W. Bush and his father. The Bushes also benefited privately; one of the Bank’s largest Saudi investors helped bail out George W. Bush’s troubled oil investments” (Inter Pres Service, April 5, 2007).

When against this report of Komisar we recollect the 10th Lok Sabha debate on the Motion on collapse of BCCI (discussed in the preceding posting) that showed how Sri Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister was protecting the dirty Paki bank and the outgoing Loka Sabha debates that showed how as the Prime Minister he subjected us to a nuke deal that was coined by the BCCI beneficiary George W. Bush to provide American traders with a “bonanza”, we feel it justified to diagnose the Congress as the man-eater in India’s political jungle, specifically as it wants the same Manmohan Singh to continue as the PM.

But this man-eater cannot be killed by bullet. It must be killed by ballot.

In a democracy killing of a political party means removing it from power. But in a democracy like India. a party like the Congress cannot be removed from power through mere wishful thinking. Support must be given to a party that is as strong as the Congress. Otherwise, that would be squandering way the ballots and an indirect support to the Congress. In view of this, support to BJP should be the priority preference.

If BJP is supported, Congress could be removed. Patriotism requires Congress to be removed.

Communists have a historical responsibility in making it feasible.

They should come out of the misconceived cocoon of secularism.

All political parties including the communists are communal.

Whosoever does not accept Indian Constitution as his / her only religion and does not work for elimination of all other platforms of theism that are known as religions and prescribes or promulgates codes of conduct parallel to or in contrast with the spirit of Indian constitution, whatever be their names, are communal in their respective environment.

Whosoever displays any religious symbol as his own in the public that comprises members or followers of other religions does so only in order to exhibit the greatness of his or her religious practice; hence is communal.

Whosoever worships any god or recites any religious code in public when the entire public does not belong to his / her own path, is communal.

Political parties of India including the Communists cannot show that they are parties of peoples who are not communal.

So, opposing the BJP under the assumption that it is the only communal party is a misconception from which the Communists should extricate themselves.

By opposing the BJP as communal and by supporting the Congress as secular, the Communists have neither strengthened Communism in India nor have served the common man’s interest in India.

Manmohan Singh’s regime has forced more people to perish under poverty. The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector, appointed by the central government in 2004 to assess the real condition of the unorganized workforce and recommend a better deal, has handed over the final report to the PM. According to it’s finding, 836 million people, comprising 75 percent of India, live on less than Rs. 20 a day!

On the other hand, sample audits conducted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has umpteen times unveiled misappropriation of welfare project funds under Singh’s tenure. The CAG even has said, a sum of Rs.5000 crores from the exchequer has simply vanished! And the looters have enjoyed so much immunity in Manmohan Singh’s regime that not a single instance of any of them having been punished for the loot has come to our knowledge.

Singh’s regime has encouraged plutocracy take over India. This is clear from 1285 men of many crores contesting as candidates against 548 Lok Sabha constituencies this election. The Congress has planted candidates from this category in majority of Lok Sabha constituencies where it is in fray. According to scrutiny of property list submitted by contesting candidates, this is the party that tops the list of crorepati candidates fielded by all the parties. The property list of candidate in election for 15th Lok Sabha clearly shows that money grabbers and black money hoarders in more numbers and in organized manners are eager to hijack our democracy and are in actual advantage. Power has gone to their hand ever since Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister dragged us into GATT and day-by-day they are grabbing power more organizedly. 1285 multimillionaires/ billionaires in fray in 543 Lok Sabha constituencies to represent our peoples of whom about 75 per cent numbering 836 millions perish in slow starvation being bound to live on Rs.20 per day as per report of the latest official commission, is perhaps the worst quagmire our democracy has fallen into. Manmohan Singh’s economic policy has dragged our motherland to this sorry state. And this has been possible because of Communists’ support to Singh despite knowing his role as Finance Minister.

Congress must be isolated to save our country from agents of imperialism. Besides, the dynastic hierarchy that the Congress has promoted must be defeated to save our democracy. The treachery Congress has played against our country in the nuke deal must be avenged. Those who prefer personal political interest to India’s are bragging about forming non-Congress-non-BJP fronts under attire of secularism. Any such front will not serve India. If India is to be saved, it is to be saved from Manmohan Singh, it is to be saved from the collaborators of Manmohan Singh it is t be saved from agents of American imperialism, from the facilitators of plutocracy, from the hijackers of our democracy, from the factors of dynastic hierarchy. Support to any other party than the BJP by the smaller parties would be disastrous to our democracy at the moment.

Majority of Indians has even in the present elections rejected the Congress and the party knows it. So it is trying to net in smaller parties to reorganize a coalition. Its further occupation of power in India will lead to total collapse of Indian democracy. In the guise of secularism this collapse must not be encouraged. The communists ought to understand this. They ought to understand that their role in supporting the Congress has already affected their credibility. It would never be a surprise if they decline in strength in the Lok Sabha after results are declared. It they support Congress again they may never gain back peoples’ faith. Then the scenario would be total disastrous for whatever semblance of democracy we still believe to be having.

In the circumstances, for the Communists – because they are the last hope for our peoples perishing in slow starvation under plutocracy whose wretchedness, as admitted by the latest official commission referred to supra, is compelling their families to live on Rs. 20 per day – priority program should be removal of Congress from power.

And, in order to do it, BJP should be used; because at the moment it is the ablest weapon that one can use against Congress, the man-eater in the political jungle of India.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh has stated that his government is embarrassed over unnecessary prosecution kept alive by Indian judiciary against an innocent man like the Italian Ottavio Quattrocchi. In reality, India is embarrassed over the role her Prime Minister is playing in patronizing anti-Indians. Let us look at that.

Dr. Singh claims credit for having defeated the 26 / 11 terror attack on Mumbai and for having subjected the lone survivor Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab to prosecution in a Special Court. This is an instance that shows the difference between Congress and BJP in handling Pak-propelled terrorism in India, he asserts.

A man, who despite being the PM of India, has not hesitated to castigate Indian judicial system for having not ended the case against the Italian broker Ottavio Quattrocchi, is claiming credit for prosecution commenced against the Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab under the same judicial system! The farce is curious.

Let us first look at Quattrocchi and then at Kasab.

Quattrocchi and the PM

Quarttrochhi is an absconder in whose context Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is looked at askance. It is for him, Sonia’s husband Rajiv Gandhi – once believed to be “Mr. Clean Prime Minister” – had come to be viewed as “Mr. Corrupt Prime Minister” and punished by the peoples of India under Bofors bribe charges.

Before Sonia’s Quattrocchi connection played the tricks, Rajiv had become Prme Minister in 1984 with 400 MPs posted by Indian voters to support him; but after the tricks were exposed, the same voters dethroned him with contempt by rejecting his party in 1989.

Even as the Indian Judicial system proceeded to determine Quattrocchi’s role in the corruption scandal and he was required to appear before the Supreme Court, the Congress leadership helped him flee India in 1993. And the Italian soon declared that he would not respond to any Indian court, as he had “no faith in India’s justice system”.

Now, in support of this arrogant and unscrupulous Italian user of corrupt practices, the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has condemned the Indian justice system in the most disparaging terms! He has said, “The Quattrocchi case is an embarrassment for the Government of India…. It is not a good reflection on the Indian legal system that we harass people while the world says we have no case”.

The words of accused Italian Quattrocchi, who is absconding from Indian Courts and the words of Dr.Man Mohan Singh, who works under leadership of Sonia Gandhi, are so strikingly similar in condemning Indian judicial system over prosecution of the charge-sheeted Bofors bribe kingpin that any proud Indian may feel ashamed of his Prime Minister, as he looks like echoing only “his master’s voice”.

Extra-Constitutional Boss of the PM

After Raiv’s death, Sonia in 1999 had resolutely supported Quattrocchi with condemning the CBI for fictitious charges leveled against an innocent man like him. “The CBI has said he is a suspect. But we have never seen the papers naming him in the deal. They should show the papers naming him in the deal”, she had said oblivious of the fact that by then three of the courts in India and one in Switzerland had already found him involved in the Bofors scandal.

Her support to Quattrochhi continues. After she became the extra-constitutional boss of the government that seemingly controls Prime Minister Dr. Singh, CBI has experienced toughest possible obstacles in proceeding against him. He is an accused against whom the Country is fighting legal battles. It is the Country that had blocked his accounts in a London Bank. But behind back of the country, the Singh government defreezed it in 2006. When he was arrested in Argentina in 2007 where upon his extradition to India was possible, Man Mohan Singh’s government asked the Indian Ambassador there not to pursue the case and the field was made congenial for him to escape. With this arranged victory, he moved the Interpol for removal of his name from the Red-Corner Notice board and Law minister H.R.Bharadwaj terming the case as “an embarrassment”, blamed the CBI for having created an unnecessary tempest on a teacup and through Attorney General Milon Banergi advised the CBI to agree to the absconder’s plea which the later has done.

But despite this, as there still stands a case against him in a Court in India that does not fit into the design of Quattrocchi, Prime Minister Singh has aggressively attacked the legal system echoing both the words of the absconder as well as the Sonia loyal Law Minister.

Is it not time to evaluate the role of Dr. Singh in embarrassing India in her fight against the foreigner who stands at the center of post-independence India’s most stupendous corruption scandal?

Kasab and the PM

Let us now look at the other issue that involves the Pakistan terrorist Kasab. He belongs to a group of Pakistani terrorists who on 26 Nov.2008 had taken over two most reputed hotels of Mumbai.

Though termed as terror attack, theirs was obviously a suicidal attack.

They knew that their number was too marginal to keep up the attack beyond a few hours. So their attack was not for victory, but certainly for something else.

What for then their attack was meant?

It was obviously for creating a condition where exchange of fire could have totally razed down the two hotels.

But why that could have been their motive?

Manmohan Singh’s yet unstudied role

The answer probably lies in the unfulfilled motive of Pakistani terror-industry to occupy real estate and hotel trade in India.

And with this motive, there comes such scenarios that the role played by Dr. Singh in his previous avatar as India’s Finance Minister comes to mind.

It was the first session of the tenth Lok Sabha.

There was a debate on Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI).

Pakistan terrorism had got its free passage to India through this Bank.

Founded in 1972 by a Pakistani called Agha Hasan Abedi, it was, according to Journalist Lucy Komisar’s well documented contribution captioned “The BCCI Game: Banking on America, Banking on Jihad” a cover to funnel CIA funds for Osama Bin Laden’s Mujahadeen to help fight the Soviets in Afghanistan and was the banker for drug and arms traffickers, corrupt officials, financial fraudsters, dictators and terrorists.

Dhirubhai and the gang of India’s neo rich were arch collaborators of this Bank, which was their launching pad to sudden richness.

Discussing the nepharious and notorious role played by this Bank and reminding Dr. Singh of his earlier statement in the House wherein he had stated, “reports in 1988, from intelligence agency that BCCI has made overtures for acquisition of property and is trying to enter the hotel and real estate business in Lucknow and Bombay in partnership with Amar Rizvi”, Mr.George Fernandiz had wanted to know about what happened to Rizvi and what step were taken by the Government to stop acquisition of real estates and hotels by the Pakistani Bank of terror and drug trafficking.

Dr. Singh had reacted by saying, “But I also said that nothing was found “.

Singh’s modus operandi seems to be the same in both Quattrochhi and BCCI matter.

Despite reports of intelligence agencies exposing their criminal activities, Singh’s reaction remained the same: “nothing was found”.

Why Singh was eager to protect BCCI? Because this was the cover under which American activities against spread of communism was getting funded in India like elsewhere.

We will hereafter look at what happened then in the Lok Sabha.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Political hypocrisy is the worst enemy of democracy. Plutocracy has engulfed our democracy only because of political hypocrisy. The rich and the agents of the rich are contesting elections and on occupying Parliamentary floors, are framing rules and running administration for benefit of the rich.

More numbers of multi-millionaires and dreaded criminals than ever before are in the fray. This is election 2009!

Rarely independently but mainly from party-platforms they are contesting to represent our people in various constituencies.

Most of our peoples in any constituency are wretchedly poor, illiterate and innocent; but they are not multi-millionaires and / or dreaded criminals.

So, the contesting candidates and the majority of the electorate belong to two distinctly different classes.

How the class of multi-millionaires and dreaded criminals can represent our peoples that in majority comprise the wretchedly poor, illiterate and innocent?

They, in fact, will not represent our people, but will be elected as the representatives of our peoples, because they will get the votes, as the voters have no other choice than Hobson’s choice.

Our peoples have always tried to get rid of the meretricious politicians. They have changed Governments. But they have not been able to change the scenario of presence of these fellows in the political forums. Because political hypocrisy has always made them hoodwinked.

JP derailed people’s determination

As for example, when our peoples had woke up against Congress misrule and had relied upon J.P.Narayan to bring in the alternative, all the fellows, who were in the Congress party and when in power had indulged in such corruptions that the Congress party had appeared anti-people, had left the Congress and joined the JP movement and formed the Janata Party. When they fought against the Congress under the banner of this Janata Party, peoples voted the same corrupt and anti-people politicians again by believing that they were voting against the Congress!

JP was credited with fathering the first non-Congress Government in India; but in reality he had fathered a new era of political hypocrisy wherein the corrupt elements of Congress had congregated to contrive new masks for themselves that would look like non-Congress and to form, if possible, a government that would cover up their past offenses against the country and further their self-interests.

Thus, under the wave of this hypocrisy, the master practitioner of nepotism, Morarjee Desai, whose son Kantibhai had shown how an offspring of a person in power could materially prosper, had become the Prime Minister, even though his shameless practice of nepotism in the past had made major contributions to loss of credibility of the Congress.

Political hypocrisy of JP had helped all the known practitioners of corrupt practices in the country, because of whom, in course of time, the Congress had been branded as a corrupt party, to acquire credibility as leaders of “non-Congress” politics.

One such was Orissa’s Biju Patnaik.

In his first phase of his incumbency as Chief Minister, he had corrupted Orissa administration so crudely that Congress had to oust him from his post around three years ahead of when his term should have normally ended.

There were many investigations against him; but with the help of Atulya Ghosh who as Congress treasures was in know of such facts that could have embarrassed the Prime Minister, he succeeded in preempting criminal prosecutions.

Despite Cabinet Sub-Committee and CBI reports against him and despite evidences of how India had suffered humiliation in the Chinese aggression because of his treachery, no penal action was taken against him.

But the peoples of Orissa had not pardoned him. They had not only refused to support him in the next election, but also had punished the Congress party, as its Government had not instituted any criminal prosecution against Biju.

Till even 1977 he was kept rejected. JP’s political hypocrisy had revived him.

Once fallen in his trap, peoples of Orissa were getting so disgusted because of his misrule that they were rejecting him at least for two subsequent terms. So, after a win obtained though the JP generated confusion in 1977, he was rejected in subsequent two elections. And, after two terms of rejection, when internecine subterfuge that Basant Biswal had cooked up against J.B.Pattanaik had destabilized the Congress Government, Biju had grabbed the opportunity to capture power; but as always the peoples of Orissa had woke up to oust him again from office, which he had not been able to gain back till he breathed his last.

He was the embodiment of political hypocrisy that has ruined our peoples. When he was alive and was in power I had, in public interest, exposed this hypocrisy by bringing into public gaze relevant evidences through my column Singhavalokana (animadversion) in the pages of Orissa’s top-ranking broadsheet Sambad. Scanned copies thereof are available in and an e-compilation is available through and a print edition thereof is also published by Orissa’s eminent publishing house, Bharata Bharati, Gajapati Nagar, Sutahat, Cuttack.

But with his demise political hypocrisy has not died. His son Navin Patnaik has taken over the mantle of political hypocrisy. He is hoodwinking poor peoples through machinations of subsidized rice in order to bag votes in this election even though it is he who had sloughed over the pogrom perpetrated on the poorest of poor tribal peoples of Orissa at Kalinganagar when the TATA company was facing stiff resistance from them in taking away their dwelling soil.

In trying to defend his chief minister position, he has activated a scheme to supply rice at the rate of Rs. 2 a Kg to peoples bellow the poverty line when, in fact, his obsessive support to private industrial houses has pushed even self-employed cultivators of Orissa into dire poverty.

In this game of political hypocrisy, both Navin and the Congress party led by Sonia Gandhi are great collaborators.

The Central Government led by the Congress party is feeding the media with sumptuously funded advertisements to project that rice supply in this low rate is possible, because Prime Minister Man mohan Singh has allowed subsidy worth Rs.11 per Kg of rice for the poor peoples.

On this premise, Congress claims, Navin cannot claim credit entirely for himself.

Two-rupees-rice a ploy

It seems, both BJD and Congress are competing with each other in claiming credit for supply of rice in low price to the poor. But this difference is a stage-managed one to keep beyond easy public gaze their collaboration in protecting the interests of rich men.

BJD MP B.Panda Bilks Rs.32,000 crores
as BJD and Congress Act Together

As for example, together they have helped a rich politician of Orissa, Baijayant Panda, bilk the exchequer of Rs.32, 000 crores, an amount that far exceeds the amount spent on subsidy for rice.

Both Navin Patnaik and Man Mohan Singh have their own role in giving the benefit to Panda, who, otherwise, should have been forced to pay huge sum to Banks whose loans were standing unpaid.

After the matter was exposed, Panda had cited many instances of waiving up of Bank loans to huge numbers of greater defaulters at the discretion of the Government.

This shows that the Governments, both under Navin Patnaik and Mon mohan Singh are in habit of helping defaulters bilk the exchequer of several thousand crores of Rupees through organized waivers on Bank loans while trying to divert public attention from that by publicly competing with each oher to show as to how they have helped the poor in subsidizing the price of rice.

This is happening because under political hypocrisy, both Navin and Man mohan are shrewd partners, whose outwardly different but inwardly confluent purpose is serving the capitalists at the cost of the poor; to quote the latter’s Goebbles Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi in nuke deal context, “come what may”.

But why the other political parties that are contesting against BJD and Congress in Orissa are not raising the issue of this massive loot of exchequer on Panda’s account? Were it raised, the people, whose poverty is being used by Navin and Man mohan to pose as redeemers on the basis of subsidy on rice price, could have at least got a chance to compare the benefit they are getting vis-à-vis the benefit granted to a single industrialist.

This was essential in the context of the ensuing election. It even might have prompted peoples to reject the pro-poor picture both the BJD and the Congress are presenting of themselves. And perhaps, it could have helped the non-BJD, non-Congress parties. But why are they silent?

Their silence is factored by extended political hypocrisy.

Even the Communists co-operate

The BJP being the party of the Indian traders, it is not expected of it to discuss the Panda loan-waiver issue. In Orissa context, other parties, except the Communists, are yet to show that they are to be seriously taken. Then, why the Communists are silent?

This is because; the Communists have sided with the patron of POSCO in Orissa, Navin Patnaik!

They have, in fact, distress-sold their support to Navin as except him nobody in Orissa was financially sound to open his purse in the brothel of electoral ambition.

But they are hiding the truth and projecting this dating with the BJD autocrat as their contribution to curb communalism. This is another instance of political hypocrisy that affects our democracy.

Political Parties are required to run on political economies. Communalism does not constitute political economy. It is a cultural perversion that every political party in India is vitiated with. This perversion is produced by faith in God. Faith in God is created by inherent sense of insecurity. Sense of insecurity is generated by economic instability. Economic instability is shaped by private ownership of means of production. Private ownership of means of production is ensured, encouraged and enforced under political economy of capitalism. As long as capitalism is not defeated, communalism cannot be defeated. To support a factor of capitalism under plea of opposing communalism is a political folly that the communists have now fallen into under the canopy of extended political hypocrisy.

This hypocrisy needs be defeated. This is needed to save our democracy.



Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

India is in the battlefield to save her democracy. It can be saved only if Election 2009 rejects political factotumism.

All the political parties except the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the left parties are parties of political factotums.

The non-BJP and non-Left parties have no internal democracy. They of course have their respective party constitutions and on provisions thereof, committees like working committee or political affairs committee etc. But these are only contrived to show that they honor democracy and therewith to hoodwink the election commission and the gullible peoples of this country. In reality, individuals own them. The factotums claiming to be members of any of these parties call their masters or owners as high command; but the media has developed the habit of describing the owner of such a party as supremo. A supremo or the high command appoints any of his or her faithful factotums to any post in the party at any point of time and the person so appointed feels no shame in celebrating the said appointment. K.P.Singhdeo’s proud assertion, after being “appointed” President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee, that he is a Sainik of Sonia provides us with an instant instance.

There are only two political ideologies in the world: Capitalism and Socialism. In India, BJP has its real creed in Capitalism (in Indian language, Punjivad), the Left parties in Socialism (Samajvad). Political Science recognizes these two isms as isms of democracy (Ganatantra). Hence we can say, Punjivad and Samajvad, notwithstanding difference in application, are applied form of Ganatantravad (Democratism). But the Congress and its descendants like Trinamul Congress, Rastravadi Congress etc and individual outfits like the Biju Janata Dal of Orissa do not belong to any of these two ideologies. Their common character suggests that they have developed Factotumism, which in Indian language can best be called Golamvad.

Election 2009 has called upon the citizens of India to choose any of the two isms: Democratism and Factotumism. To say if they support Ganatantravad or they support Golamvad.

If India is to be saved, Ganatantravad is to b supported and Golamvad is to be discarded.

In other words, in the present context, if India is to be saved, BJP is to be supported. This is unavoidable for a democrat, as the other practitioners of democracy, the Left Parties, have established that they are too confused to be relied upon.

The allegation of communalism raised against the BJP is not relevant; because every political party in India is communal.

Communalism is display of personal religious preference in public. Any display of religious symbols or manners in public that may not match with the religious practice of everybody in the society is communalism. Why a Manmohan Singh displays his turban in the public? Just to project himself as a Sikh. This is communalism. Why a Navin Patnaik starts electioneering from the citadel of Sri Jagannath? Just to display that he is loyal to the Almighty of Sri Mandira in whom the peoples of Orissa find the unending stream to quench all their religious thirst. Is he not communal? Who of the Communists have opposed public worship of Durga or Kali in Kolkata? Are they secular? Or conversely, are they not communal?

So communalism is not the crux of concern at the moment.

The crux of concern is whether India shall stay a democracy.

India cannot survive as a democracy if political parties afflicted with supremo-syndrome occupy power. The factors and practitioners of factotumism must be kept away from power to ensure that democracy is put in hands of parties that practice democracy in their own organization.

In view of this, Communists having forfeited their credibility by shameless hobnobbing with agents of imperialism, Manmohan Singh yesterday and Navin Patnaik today, the only available practitioner of democracy in India is BJP.

And hence, if democracy is to be saved, in Election 2009, BJP is to be helped and helped by all the progressive people so that post-elections, it may morally distance itself from Arun Shouries and Pramod Mahajans and discard the plutocratic tenets that the Congress party under Sonia Gandhi with Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister has crippled the country with.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If treachery against the peoples, political opportunism and shamelessness get transformed into a single form how should it look like? It would look like political strumpets who despite being Communists have offered their support to Navin Patnaik in Orissa.

Only a couple of days ago, these fellows were projecting Navin Patnaik as agent of POSCO. Navin Ptnaik has ruined Orissa’s ecology, has squandered away Orissa’s natural resources in a way that benefits the non-Oriyas and even foreigners. He has ushered in a climate that has set Oriyas against Oriyas for benefit of non-Oriyas. The executive under him has been kept engaged for benefit mostly of the non-Oriyas and treasury-looters. To this man the Communists have offered their support!

Is Communism the private property of these fellows that they can rent out to any at anytime they like?

What is Communism?

Communism is political philosophy of human conscience.

Communism is the concept that Karl Marx had formulated for freeing people everywhere on the earth as well as the earth itself from exploitation.

The most well meaning brains and the ablest interpreters of politico-economic activities of the world pivoted on a humanitarian world outlook having supported this concept, Communism had evolved as the philosophy of informed endeavor of humanity to end capitalism and to usher in liberty for the peoples in reality.

But these fellows claiming to be Communists were hand-in-glove with the brute butcher of Communism and the shrewdest agent of Capitalism in India, Manmohan Singh, till he could procure enough numbers of political hookers to dazzle down our democracy in the drama of confidence vote enacted in the context of the nuke deal that was designed to destroy forever whatever the Country had stood for so far in nuclear matter and specifically in the matter of safety of our sovereignty.

And, now, these fellows, when the State is posted for general elections, have expressed their support for the agents of POSCO!

These fellows, of course, have developed excellent expertise in contriving justifications for their every act that in reality kills the spirit of communism. And secularism is the buzz word that they usually use in such nefarious missions.

Secularism was conceived as a remedy to communalism that had engulfed India at the time of independence.

Hindus and Muslims were after each other’s blood.

The time was so very abnormal that a fanatic in communal frenzy had to shoot down Gandhiji, the epitome of communal amity in cold blood.

Under that extraordinary circumstances the members of the Constituent Assembly were too alarmed to foresee that in future India, when persons like Manmohan Singh grab power and help international dominionism dominate over India’s political nationalism and when Indians devastated by treachery of such leaders try to save their sovereignty through religious nationalism, then the agents of international dominionism may use secularism as a weapon to weaken the urge for nationalistic expression in majority of Indians by branding that act of theirs as an act of communalism.

Thus, in post-independence India, specifically from the day of emergence of Manmohan Singh in Indian politics, secularism is being used by agents of international dominionism against Indians who want to save their country’s sovereignty by invoking their religious nationalism.

The offer of support to pro-POSCO Navin Patnaik by CPI and CPI (M), even when Abhay Sahoo, a communist activist leading poor citizens threatened by POSCO in Kujang Tahsil has been perishing in his jail, can be seen only in this light.

Are these fellows in reality Communists?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Memorabilia of the world’s unique icon of teetotalism now belong to a vintner of India, who, not for devotion to Gandhism but perhaps for projection of opulence achieved on basis of business in disregard to tenets of Gandhism, has purchased them.

If the items are real claimants to be called memorabilia of Mahatma Gandhi, there should be no doubt that Gandhiji is killed again on the auctioneer’s table.

When Gandhiji was physically killed in 1948, India was under a Congress government with Jawaharlal Nehru at the top. When Gandhiji is posthumously killed in 2009, India is also under a Congress government with the daughter-in-law of Jawaharlal Nehru at the helm of affairs. How coincidental and how sad!

There would never have been any Mahatma Gandhi had Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi not promised to his mother to remain away from wine and not have kept the promise till extinguished by bullets from the pistol of a fanatic of right reactionary political activism.

Before leaving for London in 1888 to study law, Gandhi had pledged to his mother that he would never touch wine. In the environment of UK, he fought against all odds to stick to this pledge. This pledge was in fact the anvil on which his real self was in the making. Though South Africa gave him the boost that eventually made Albert Einstein say, “Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth”, Gandhiji has confessed that for the activism he could adopt there, “the seed however was sown in England”.

So, it is clear that behind emergence of Gandiji as Mahatma, teetotalism was the main factor. In other words, teetotalism stands for Gandhism. Had Gandhism not been violated in India, wine merchants would never have emerged as power centers in the country and Gandhi’s memorabilia, if at all the articles auctioned at the East 57th Street headquarters of Antiquorum Auctioneers at New York are really so, could not have gone to a vintner.

More offending than auctioning of articles that have acquired an aura in Gandhiji’s name are the shenanigans involved.

If Government of India could have acted diligently and with devotion to Gandhiji, India should not have been subjected so helplessly to suffer the ignominy of watching personal belongings of the Father of the Nation, if at all they are that, bearing hammer hits on the auctioneer’s table.

Lest the peoples compel Manmohan Singh government, run by Sonia Gandhi, to get back Bapuji’s belongings, attempts were made to mislead the people through Tourism Minister Ambika Soni, who made a statement that the government has “been able to procure them through the services of Vijay Mallya, who was in touch with us (the government)”.

But the foul play of the Government stands fully exposed when Mallya is reported to have said that even as he was not aware of what Ambika Soni has said, “neither before nor after the auction, anybody in the government was in touch with” him.

So, obviously, either Ambika Soni or Vijay Mallya is telling a lie.

The Congress Government run by Sonia Gandhi through Manmohan Singh has embarrassed India by forcing her to silently watch articles, projected as Gandhiji’s, being subjected to hammer-hits on an auctioneer’s table. Let it not add further injury to this insult. So, let it clarify as to who of these two has told the lie and why.

How many times the peoples shall have to tolerate killing of the Father of the Nation?