MLA Jhinna Hikaka Released on Accepting Praja Court Directive to Resign from Assembly

Ruling party MLA Jhinna Hikaka is set free by abductors after 34 days of life in three different camps allegedly of Maoists on accepting the directive of the Praja Court (Court of the common man) to resign from Orissa Legislative Assembly.

In the Praja Court where 150 tribal representatives heard him, he confessed to have failed in developing the area under his constituency since his election in 2009. He confessed to have failed in ensuring good administration and in curbing the ongoing misrule. He confessed to have failed to stop police atrocities, false cases and other forms of state terror that the innocent people are being subjected to by the administration that protects the looters of welfare funds and prosecutes the opponents of lootraj. He expressed willingness to resign from the Assembly and the ruling party in protest against the government’s negligence to the people in order to make the people of Orissa aware of anti-people conduct of the administration.

To queries, he answered that the Maoists had never misbehaved with him. They are fighting against misrule in a pattern they deem proper and therefore, he has no grievance against them.

Tribals Reject Bail Offer, Demand Withdrawal of False Prosecution

Abductors, allegedly Maoists, may release Jhinna Hikaka, the hostage MLA of ruling party, if persons as per their list that include Chasi Mulia Adibasi Sangha (CMAS) members are released from jails. Government of Orissa agrees to help them if they apply for bail.

But, thousands of tribals congrigated at Kaberibadi of Bandhugaon block, on April 16, have rejected the government suggestion.

Police cases against tribals are false and fabricated and hence be withdrawn, they say. Bail does not bring the end of prosecution. So, the CMAS will not want any tribal to apply for bail, they have declared.