Oriya would be taught in English Language! What a mad Government!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If documents can say how Orissa is being administered, this document would show how mad has become administration under Naveen Patnaik.

govt order for making English the medium of education

Orissa Assembly’s Standing Committee on Higher Education discussed with departmental Secretary Sri G. Dhal and his team officials on 23.02.2015 on how to improve higher education in Orissa. The Committee resolved that for betterment of the scenario, “English language should be mandatory in College” (Point No.7) and wanted implementation thereof. In elaborating the point to Government, the Assembly wrote at item No.11, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities be asked to print the text books in English language”.

It is a mindless recommendation of the committee comprising MLAs namely Tara Prasad Bahinipati (Chairman of the Committee), Sashi Bhusan Behera, Bibhuti Bhusan Harichandan, Anubhav Pattnaik, Surendra sethi and Basanti Mallick. None of these members is a linguist and/or a known educationist. When they resolved to make English language “mandatory in college” they should have summoned language experts and educationists to the committee to take their considered views on what would be the impact of making English the mandatory medium of teaching in colleges. If the MLAs who do not possess didactic excellence or acclaimed expertise in language study, could not visualize if English becomes the mandated medium of instruction, what would happen to Oriya, what was the sabjanata IAS officer that represented the Higher Education department as its Secretary with his pack of officers doing? Why did he not assist the Assembly with the necessary advice that impact study of the promulgation of English as the only medium of teaching in colleges should be taken up before adding Assembly insignia to the proposal?

However, this mindless recommendation of the Standing Committee is not yet put before the Government and the Cabinet has not been made aware of this proposal, even though the matter breaths disastrous consequences. But the Secretary seems to have implemented it. Otherwise, the order posted above could not have been issued.

The desk officer who has issued the order is a Bengali namely S.K.Ghosh.  He is the Deputy Secretary by way of promotion from the rank of a clerk in the secretariat. He should have raised the issue of impact study of making English the only medium of teaching in the Colleges. He should have placed before the departmental Secretary that,  as very serious dislocations would be created in teaching if the mindless proposal of the Standing Committee is implemented, collective wisdom of the State Cabinet should be invoked.

When required to report on “action taken” on the Committee’s recommendations, the Secretary could have told the Committee that expert opinion was being taken or language impact study was being conducted or the Cabinet was being apprised of the recommendation or the Cabinet was considering on it, for example. But the fertile IAS/OAS brains in the Higher Education department, without Government (The Cabinet) approval of the Standing Committee recommendation, have implemented it as suggested by issue of instructions to all the Principals to report how far they have implemented the order.

The “Action taken note” the Higher Education Secretary has placed before the Standing Committee on 17.6.2015 at 3 PM shows that all the Principals have been “requested to furnish action taken report” as per the office order posted supra that mandates, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities to print the text books in English language”.

This means, Oriya text books shall be printed in English and Oriya language shall be taught in English. What nonsense!

Naveen Patnaik has been reading his Oriya addresses through Hindi or English alphabets typed in his PRO office for all these years. So, perhaps, the fertile brains in Higher Education department are sure, Oriya can be taught in English language with the text books in English.

This nefarious design must be quashed.

A decade ago, when Naveen Patnaik Government had conspired to eliminate Oriya as a subject in higher education, we had exposed and foiled that mischief. Now the same conspiracy having returned more menacingly, I am giving links to some of my discussions in ORISSA MATTERS in those days to say that this conspiracy is culmination of a decade long hidden agenda. Peruse these links, and wake up. We are to save our mother tongue from this mad government.

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Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

His party senior Biswa Bhusan Harichandan, who, from the BJP segment of the ruling coalition in Orissa, holds the portfolio of Law and heads the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Higher Education, has come out with a clarification that Minister Samir Dey might have been misled by the bureaucracy to approve scrapping of Oriya language from degree curriculum in government and non-government Colleges in the State.

The whole State of Orissa is in bitter agony over the government decision to do away with Oriya study in centers of excellence in higher education like the Ravenshaw College and other 14 government and 125 non-government Colleges. It is an inexcusable insult to the national pride of the Oriyas. Politicians, irrespective of party affiliations, have expressed shock to know of this mischief. Law Minister Bishwabhusan Harichandan of BJP has said, “The Higher education department cannot scrap Oriya from the curriculum without express approval of the State Cabinet”. Many a ministers of the state have decried this decision. BJD heavyweight Sangram Keshari Berma, who heads a high-membership association of teachers, has threatened to resort to a state-wide strike against the foul play, if the minister does not withdraw the nasty order. Orissa Gana Parisad and the left parties have come down heavily on the government alleging that the Chief Minister, who does not know Oriya, has provided an anti-Oriyas with the opportunity to play havoc with the people’s mother-tongue.

Had there been anybody other than a mindless man like Naveen Patnaik in power, a Bangali by birth like Samir Dey could never have dared to pass orders to do away with Oriya in Orissa’s higher education institutions. As admitted by the Law Minister, this decision has been taken behind back of the State cabinet.

The entire Opposition, openly and senior leaders of the ruling coalition, off the record, are pointing out their fingers at the Chief Minister, who does not know the mother tongue of Orissa, for this uncalled for assault on the national identity of the Oriyas. His aversion to Oriya language proved by his conspicuous negligence to the Official Language Act of Orissa, has encouraged Samir Dey to play his foul trick against the Oriyas. If he wants to escape responsibility, he must sack Samir Dey for having caused so much damage to the Oriya pride.

No Oriya can ever forget the mischievous conspiracy Bangalis had cooked up against Orissa using the advantage of their being in the close circle of the British bosses as their “native servants”. Is Samir’s action a new version of that conspiracy? The answer cannot be a “no” unless otherwise established by an open investigation. To facilitate this, the Lingua-Benga Minister needs to be sacked summarily. So also, S.Sanyal, the Secretary of Higher education department, another specimen of Bengali-tongue bureaucrat, who, as apprehended by Harichandan, might have initiated this nasty proposal, deserves oustal from his post. Continuing Sanyal in the department of Higher education, if he has initiated the proposal to scrap Oriya from eminent Oriya Colleges, would be a danger of higher potency to Orissa.

If Naveen fails to rise to the occasion, end of his government under people’s wrath would be most welcome.