(Sri Tusarkant Satpathy, a former Banker, is a noted name in both print and social media. His observations on Mr. Modi’s first year on chair is considered very relevant for the general public as well as administration. Therefore, we devote our pages to the same.)

Tusarkant Satpathy:

[Let not a stand-in-comedian star in a full length movie: If, according to Modiji, Dr. Manmohan Singh was a Maunmohan Comedian at the behest of Madam Soniaji, HE(MODIJI) himself is not less at the behest of Nagpur House.]

On 26th May 2014, Modiji had taken oath as Prime Minister of India and assumed official charge of the same w.e.f. 27.5.2014. He started his functioning with an ORDINANCE for appointment of the Principal Secretary in PMO, Sri Nripen Mishra and completed 1st year of his rule on 26th May, 2015 with Land Acquisition Ordinance. Meanwhile he has undertaken “31 U-Turns” as below.
Before last general election, Modiji had thundered “We will pursue Dawood inside Pakistan the same way like USA targeted OSAMA BIN LADEN”.
-But on 05.05.2015, Minister of State, Home Affairs said in the Parliament “We do not know where Dawood is” Which was, exactly told by Congress on 07.05.2013 (So, is there any difference between both of them, Congress and BJP)
The handing over of even one square inch of Indian Territory would be violation of basic structure of the constitution.
As we know from Keshabananda Bharati case, the basic structure of the Constitution cannot be altered. How then it is being altered now with “yes” to land swapping by Modiji? India will lose 10048 acres of land more to Bangladesh spread over 111 enclaves in comparison to 51 enclaves of Bangladesh.
–Why such U-tern?
“It will reach the age of the Finance Minister” (then Sri Chidambaram).
“Whose Age it will reach now”?
-And how the Finance Minister Of State Sri Jayanta Sinha told that “Rupee at 63/64 Vrs Dollar Is good for Economy”
India Born Richard R Verma, did not object when Indian Govt. served Notices on 9000 NGOs because none of them were funded by The US Entities. His indignation surfaced when US Outfits came under scrutiny
-Why Not such outburst by Sri Verma is being taken up by Modiji with his friend, to whom he had very fondly addressed as “Barrack” during the latter’s Delhi Visit , even without the customary Pre-Fixing of “ Mr.”?
Prime Minister Modi is himself the recipient of unprecedented, even Fawning Media Coverage (No National Leader in the past has had his Speech and Mega Events like In the Madison Garden Spectacle Broadcast In full by the Channels) said the other day “The Media has taken upon itself the Responsibility of spreading Lies against me”. That is an unkind outburst, especially when armies of Cyber Activists are ever present to demolish Modi critics in various Sites ( By Sri TJS George In The New Sunday Indian Express Dt 10.05.2015 -The Express Group is Out And Out BJP Supporter)
-Why Such Somersault?
-Oh Mediawale, Kya Ho Gaya.
The RSS and BJP might well have taken the position during Manamohan Singh years that there should be no Dialogue with Pakisthan but Modi as PM is wise enough to recognize merits of Diplomacy.
-Was there no Diplomacy then?
Thirty six Rafale planes from France are to be bought by India directly and rest to follow suit. But during UPA rule, It was decided that 18 numbers would be purchased and rest 108 Numbers would be assembled at HAL in India with France Technology ,which has been given a Go Bye In the present Agreement.
-Is it Patriotism and “Make In India” Syndrome?
8. MAHARASTRA STATE AGRICULTURE MINISTER SRI EKANATH KHADSE On 09.05.2015 Sri Khadse denied the claims of his counterpart in the Centre Sri Radha Mohan Singha (Agril. Minister at Centre) that only 3 Farmers had committed suicide in Maharastra since January 2015 ( Under BJP rule) saying ‘He had submitted a detailed report on farmer deaths’. He further said “I had personally handed over a detailed report to Sri Singha in New Delhi . Only he can say, why he said so” Khadse said. (The New Sunday Express dt 10.05 2015)
-Will any answer emerge as to why the figure was lowered abysmally?
(1) The above is a very good slogan but how come the Union Home Secretary advises over telephone the Governors of States to resign?
(2) How a twice charge-sheeted person like Salman Khan is chosen as an Icon of Swachha Bharat programme of the Prime Minister and how was he a 1st row invitee of the P.M.’s swearing in ceremony ?
(3) How the Prime Minister congratulates Ms. Jayalalitha on the same day of her acquittal pending scope for appeal by Karnataka Govt. in Supreme Court? Would it have not been proper if such congratulation would have been extended after her taking oath as Chief Minister? Is it to garner support in RAJYASABHA for the Land Acquisition Ordinance to get passed?
(4) Why Modiji is reluctant to initiate CBI inquiry in respect of MINES SCAM in Orissa though he is empowered to do so as per recommendations of the Shah Commission?
(5) An IAS Officer has been served with ‘Show Cause Notice’ by Chhatisgarh Government for having put up a Sun Glass while meeting the Prime Minister.
-If these are not symptoms good Governance, then what are?
When the UPA-II had introduced this Bill, Sri Yasawanta Sinha, (Finance Minister in Mr. Vajapayee’s time), being a BJP MP in Opposition had vehemently opposed the same. But most surprisingly, his own son Sri Jayanta Sinha, as Finance Minister of State in Modiji’s Govt. introduced the same and got passed with help of Congress. This led to comparing the action with Hindi song “Papa Kahate hein bada Naam Karega – Beta Hamara Yesa Kam Karega” By Trinmul M.P. Derek O. Brien.
-Why such U Turn ?
During UPA-II Bill on the matter, Sri Rajnath Singha as BJP President and Madam Sushama Swaraj as leader of Opposition had wholeheartedly supported the Bill which was also cleared by the present Speaker of Lok Sabha and the then head of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the matter Smt. Sumitra Mahajan. Now, taking a complete U-Turn, Mr. Prime Minister, who as Chief Minister of Gujarat then had not opened his mouth is saying “Our support to the bill then was a mistake”. Is it to teach both the above mentioned leaders a lesson, because at some point of time, they also had eye on Prime Minister’s Chair. He is also not caring to the demands like ‘consent clause / social impact’ of his own RSS outfits like Bharatiya Kishan Sangh and Swadeshi Jagran Manch.
-When own people are ignored for the interest of Corporates, who cares for the demands of poor farmers!

Our Finance Minister Sri Arun Jaitley and the third member of the MODI-SAHA-JAITLEY-TROIKA (As per Sri Arun Shourie) on 14.05.2015 has said ‘The indirectly elected Upper House Members are obstructing passage of Law passed by the directly elected Lower House Members .Bill after Bill, Session after Session, India’s Parliamentary Democracy is facing a serious challenge. Article 110, dealing with Money Bills, is the Constitutional remedy for such a situation. BJP had also objected to UPA-II’s allocation of important Ministries to Rajya Sabha Members as they are not directly elected by the people.

-But how Modiji has allotted most of the important portfolios like Finance, Defense, Education, Power, Oil etc. to Rajya Sabha Members ? How Sri Jaitley himself, being defeated for a Lower House Seat was holding the posts of Defense and Finance portfolios initially and now holding Finance and I & B Ministries?
As leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Jaitely had thundered on “China War Report” not being made public. But he, as Defense Minister had told “It cannot be disclosed”
– Is this not a U – Turn?
They cannot be declassified, said the present Modi Govt. But the same BJP leaders had demanded disclosure of the same while in Opposition. On 23.01.2014, (before last Parliamentary elections), Sri Rajnath Singh, as BJP President had declared in Netaji’s birth place at Cuttack “To declassify the Files”.
Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Sri Haribhai Parthibhai Choudhury had said on 17.12.2014 that ‘It is sensitive nature and bringing it into the public domain at this juncture is not desirable from the point of view of India’s relations with other countries.
-Why such opposite view now?
BJP leaders had demanded for disclosure of the names while in Opposition but in power, declared “Names can not be released because it would violate International Treaty”, the same thing told during UPA time. If, it is not U-Turn, then what is?
When in Opposition, the scheme was dubbed as wastage of tax payer’s money by the BJP leaders. But in power, the scheme is being continued.

BJP had demanded abrogation of the clause, while in Opposition but pleaded for continuance of the same in Supreme Court while in power in a case filed by an activist Ms. Sneha Singhal.
-Why so ! (Of course, the Supreme Court struck down the clause in spite of Modiji’s Government’s desired to Continue with the same.)
BJP – while in Opposition – NO – and now – in power – YES – It is most ideal scheme. -Why such divergent views. Is it because “Role of opposition parties to oppose only, including very ideal ones”?
Then critic of UPA- II’s “Total Financial Inclusion Scheme” but now adopting the same scheme with name change only.
Then critic of “Nirmal Bharat” of UPA-II but now the same scheme is operation with name change only.. The difference is “A twice charge-sheeted and once convicted person is its Icon”. -Is it symbol of SWACHHA?
As Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modiji has objected tooth and nail to the same bill of UPA – II.
-Why ‘No’ then and ‘Yes’ now!
During Sri V. P. Singh’s rule, the present Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was Union Home Minister. He, as Home Minister released some terrorists in lieu of his daughter, Dr. Rubiya Sayed, who was abducted by terrorists. Then he was called a “Deshadrohi” by the same BJP which has embarrassed him now.

Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as Foreign Minister under Sri Moraraji Desai had to come back from his China visit as during his presence there, China had invaded Vietnam. But ,when Modiji was in close embarrass of Chinese President there, the Indian map released by China was showing Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmiri as parts of China.

Our P.M. declares E-VISA to Chinese Tourists where as China issues stapled Visa to our Arunachal Pradesh residents. Sri Amit Shah, BJP President cancelled his meeting with H.H the Dalai Lama before Modi’s visit to China.

Mountain Strike Corps of 90000 personnel proposed during UPA Rule to act as a counter to the expending Chinese Military Capabilities, down sized to 29000 soldiers by the present Government before Modi’s visit to China.

India claims Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) as its territory where as China is investing hugely there.
23. 60 YEARS Vrs. 60 MONTHS:
Before election, Modiji, at the top of his eloquent voice shouted “You have given them 60 years – give me 60 months”. The 60 months period ends in May – 2019. But why all the targets now are aimed at 2022 and beyond!
-Was the pre-election rhetoric a complete hollow (JUMLA) one?
24. PRAFULLA PATEL – Down – Down – S. C. GUPTA – Up – Up:
Senior Minister during UPA-II, belonging to NCP, Mr. Prafulla Patel is the “Bidi King” of India. BJP was shouting at its top voice for no restriction on Tobacco use by UPA-II. But now, its own M.P. Sri S. C. Gupta from Allahabad, a BIDI King is also a member of “Parliamentary Standing Committee on Narcotics” for which, the ex-Health Minister Dr. Harshavardhan’s assurance that “80% of cigarette / Bidi packets would be covered by Statutory Warning from 1st April – 2015” is not getting materialized.
-What type of politics it is!
When UPA Govt. was allocating more funds for poll bound states, that was a “SIN” as was being told by BJP. But now, adoption of the same practice is a “VIRTUE”.
-Does it justifies our Oriya Idiom, “Kahi Deuthanti Paraku – Budhi Na Disai Gharaku.”?
The “SARAL” format made more “JATILA – cumbersome” by the high sounding Govt.
– Less Govt. and more Governance indeed !
While in Opposition, BJP promised to end the culture but in power, continuance of the same is the reality. Even the Civil Aviation Minister took match box in his pocket to Aero plane and boasted of the same.
– Is it the symptom of ACHHEDIN?
When in Opposition BJP was opposing cricket match with Pakistan. SHIVASHENA Party, its longest ally even dug cricket pitch in Mumbai in order not to have a cricket match between the two countries. But the present Govt. appears to allow cricket match between the two countries some time in DEC. 2015which is a matter of concern. Is it to save the Pakistan Cricket Board from bankruptcy?
-Will our money not be utilized against us as the same may be channelized to the accounts of terrorist groups!

The BJP does not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha. So, this time it is not possible to bring a motion in Parliament to make Law for the construction of Ram Temple.
He also refused to clarify if the Modi Govt. would bring in a law for Ram Temple construction once the party has the numbers in Rajya Sabha.
-(i) Will ever a bill be brought by any BJP Govt. with all the seats in both the Houses?
-(ii) Will another Advaniji emerge for a Rath Yatra in the fear of the Tea Supplier in that Rath pushing the Rama of the Rath to oblivion?
Lokpal Andolan of Shri Anna Hazare was instrumental in Modiji coming to power. BJP leaders had promised” We will do immediately”.
Where is Lokpal ? Why CIC/CVC and many important posts are lying vacant?
-And what about bringing back the BLACK MONEY stashed abroad and crediting 15 lakh rupees to each family account as was promised by Sri Rajanath Singha , the then BJP President in an election rally on 03.11.2014?
YOGAGURU Ramadev ji, who played a vital role in making Modiji PM of India, had suggested some economic formulae so as to give away all tax systems (sales tax, income tax, excise tax etc). But unfortunately, no such proposal was incorporated in the last Budget. Rather, though his name was not in the “PADMA AWARD” list, the Guru declared “I am not interested”.. Now he is crying “PADMA AWARDS” are bestowed through lobbying and corrupt practices.
-What a tragedy indeed.
‘Demand of Retrospective Tax on Corporates by UPA Govt. was bad’ but the ‘same by him now (while he is in power) is good’.

And the only difference between Congress and BJP is “In comparison to UPA-II’s last year advertisement expenses depicting photos of Madam, Dr. Manmohan and other Ministers, the Modiji Govt. in 1st year of office has expended 40%’ less’
–Oh, what a great achievement ?
Henceforth, ‘according to the honorable Supreme Court’s verdict at 13th May – 2015, all the Govt. advertisements will be MODIMAYA only. Of course “No photo of other Ministers” was objected to by the Attorney General of India which the Supreme Court overruled. NAVEENMAYA PAGES with Govt. funds are over. The learned judiciary has taken over all the elements of Administration, from Mosquito eradication to Coal / Spectrum auction. Would it not be better if political and executive wings are abolished for their inaction?
In BJP ruled State of Madhya Pradesh, 8 people linked to Madhya Pradesh professional Examination Board (MPPEB) scam have died mysteriously. It is reported that even one student having failed to pass Class-12th Examination (Rahul Yadav) secured admission to MBBS course because he is linked to an IPS Officer’s son-in-law involved in the scam
The much hype about allocation by the 14th Finance Commission on 10% extra allotment (32% to 42%) of funds to States is a hyperbole in as much as the reduction in Plan Allotment to States is upto 6% and thus the actual increase in allocation is 4% only. This has been clarified by Sri Abhijit Sen, member of the Commission.

The outbursts by the Prime Minister in foreign lands that ‘we were a corrupt nation prior to my taking over the charge, people were leaving the country then and the trend has reversed now etc’ are not expected of a head of the Administration of the Country.

Ten years after RTI was passed by Rajya Sabha on 12.5.2005, activists face hurdles. Transparency is under cloud. No Chief Information Officer, No Manpower, Missing of Files, Diluted Laws are the orders of the day.

When FUEL prices came down heavily due to International reasons, our P.M. roared ‘It is due to my good luck’. While the benefits of sharp decline in the cost were not passed on to the customers satisfactorily, the price of petrol has gone up by Rs. 7/- during the first fortnight of May, 2015 and by Rs.18/- from February, 2015.

Observing all the U-Turns, has the sociologist Mr. Dipankar Gupta quipped “Never let up a stand-in comedian, star in a full length movie or else it will hurt every time you laugh” ?

E-mail : ID –tusar.satapathy@yahoo.co.in/ tusar1950kanta@gmail.com

Mob. : 08895857318


Modi’s Suit: Auction notwithstanding, Answer Awaited

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Auction of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name-striped suit stoutly suggests that people of India are dragging him to his size in appropriate manner in appropriate time.

Delhi, where people from all parts of India constitute the electorate, has given him glimpses of the national mood by thrashing his candidates to 3 in the 70 seated Assembly of Delhi.

People have not left him there. The moment the gigantic gorgeousness of his showy attires, particularly his name-striped suits came to public notice, they woke up to show him that they won’t tolerate being mocked at.

Had they not individually and collectively expressed in social media and group gatherings how shocked are they over ridiculous display of ostentation by the very same man whom they had relied upon because of his repeated recalling of his humble past of a tea-vending-boy, Modi would not have parted with the suit that has been sold at Rs.4.31 crores.

Ostentation on part of the Prime Minister of India is an offense of mocking at the people who thrive on subsidized cereal, who distress sale their paddy and food crops, whose children are wasting away due to hunger and undernourishment, where child labor is the source of livelihood for crores of abjectly poor families, where workers distress sale their labor, where mid-day meals in schools are offered from state exchequer as tricks to protect the ruling politicians from the exposure that in their administration school-going children die in starvation. Modi should understand this.

He should understand that he is the Prime Minister of a country, which is created with the supreme sacrifices of the martyrs, the freedom fighters whose ultimate leader was a “half naked” “Fakir” in the words of Winston Churchill, the powerful Prime Minister of the British empire to whom he had said in the Round Table Conference, “India demands complete liberty and freedom…the same liberty that Englishmen enjoy… and I want India to become a partner in the Empire. I want to partner with the English people … not merely for mutual benefit, but so that the great weight that is crushing the world to atoms may be lifted from its shoulders”. His being in tune with the simplicity of his countrymen had given him this strength.

For this oneness with the people in life-style and attire, notwithstanding differences in approach, in political economic concepts, all our emancipators from the British yoke were revering him as Mahatma. Mahatma Gandhi.

He was the greatest leader India has ever produced.

“Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe, that such a man as this one, ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth”, the great Albert Einstein had said on his 70th birthday.

His attire in which he won the hearts of his entire countrymen and led our freedom struggle to force Churchill to the round table in matter of our freedom – the same freedom that the Englishmen enjoy – was the same as of millions of his fellow beings in India.

Of course, Modi is not a Gandhian. Gandhi had said, planning must be addressed to the poorest of the poor. Modi has done away with planning. His administration is wedded to the greatest men of avarice, the greatest accumulators of wealth, the ultra-high-net-worth individuals and advantaged.

It would be, therefore, a folly to expect that he should understand the romance of sacrifice for the country and the splendor of simple dress in tune with the maximum majority of the countrymen who cherish their leader to be like them in nature and attire and concern for fellow beings and manners.

But, it would be legitimate to ask, who the person that gifted this suit to Modi was, and what his/her purpose was, and whether or not there was any favor-seeking design behind gifting of the name-striped suit, the first of its kind, to Prime Minister of India.

It would be better if the Prime Minister reveals the name of that man and help people locate him with whether or not he/she has any business link – directly or remotely – with the Government of India; because, after he obliterated people’s right to say ‘No’ to land acquisition in interest of private industry, the people are in natural agony over suspected role of compradors in administration.

Removal of this suspicion is most important for the country at this moment. So auction of Modi’s name-striped suit is not enough, the government should reveal, who had given the suit and why and whether or not he/she has any commercial interest that power corridors can better serve.

Welcome 2015

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Welcome 2015 we say, when we know, we could not have said anything else.

Modi’s ordinance to do away with the requirement of people’s consent in matters of land acquisition for industrial purpose with effect from the first day of 2015 is enough indication of what the New Year shall be for the common man. Hoodwinked votes have given him the power to do what he likes.

But even dog lovers put their tamed ones on leash if keeping them under control is necessary.


As we welcome 2015, we expect the common man to master, how to keep the political masters on the leash.

Prime Minister must not be Presidential

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

His Goebbels in pet media notwithstanding, whatever little consciousness has yet not deserted the Indians makes it clear that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is going to give an autocratic rule despite presence of a cabinet.

His tenure has begun with exhibition of scant regards for the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules framed and enforced by the President under Clause (3) of Article 77 of the Constitution of India, as all the Secretaries and top bureaucrats are given the impression that only he matters, not his ministers, in matter of governance.

And, to his Goebbels, he is a “Presidential Prime minister”!

What a wordy acrobatics!

No wonder. This happens, when journalists jettison their professional conscience and media as a whole does not bother about rising of Goebbels in their midst.

There is, of course, no wrong in June 5 call of the Prime Minister to the Union Secretaries to be “pro-people”, because that exactly is what needs be done, as mandate 2014 unambiguously bears the people’s verdict against Manmohan Singh’s anti-people governance. But sadly, the call is difficult to materialize because of overlaping contradictions.

The PM has asked the Union Secretaries to do away with archaic rules and procedures to proceed with what they perceive to be “pro-people”. It is good to do away with irrelevant rules. But, how can a Secretary or any Officer do away with any rule of the land? Keeping or quashing the rules is not assigned by Laws to the bureaucrats. It is the responsibility of the law makers. There shall be anarchy if bureaucracy is encouraged to usurp the role of Legislature. Pro-people governance, then, would melt in misrule.

Mr. Modi has offered freedom to the Union Secretaries and top bureaucrats to come to him directly with any suggestions they would like to advance or to seek his intervention when they need to resolve any issue. This is bad, because, in both these actions, the minister concerned shall stay a person of no importance.

Under the Rules of Business noted supra, every department is kept under the charge of a minister, who is answerable to the Parliament, individually and collectively as a member of the Ministry. The Secretary is answerable to the concerned Minister and is to work under his control. Allowing or encouraging a Secretary to do away with the rules and procedures, and to “directly” contract the Prime Minister with suggestions as he wants and/or to seek the PM’s intervention to resolve any issue, apparently against the minister, is nothing but disastrous to cabinet-centric political administration.

Modi’s June 5 meeting with the Union Secretaries portends bad days for whatever semblance of democracy India is still having, because a Parliamentary Democracy cannot survive if a Prime Minister becomes Presidential.

Consider Narla Road for Proposed Wagon Factory, Says Dr. Digambara Patra to Rly Minister

Former Railway Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee had informed the Parliament on 3 March 2011 of Government’s proposal to establish a Wagon Factory in Kalahandi; but despite so many months passing away, no step is taken in this regard.

Prof. Dr. Digambara Patra, presently with the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, a very active champion of Orissan interest, has reminded the present Railway Minister of his predecessor’s statement in a written memorandum and indicated that the Narla Road Railway Station in Kalahandi, which is directly connected to Bhilai, Rourkela and Vishakhapatnam steel plants, would be the most suitable location for the purpose. He has urged upon the Minister to execute the proposal on this location as thereby the backward district would get better avenues of development.

As we fully endorse Dr. Patra’s advice to Railway Ministry, we post below his mail to the Railway Minister:

Honorable Railway Minister Sri Trivedi,
CC:Honorable President of India, Smt Patil
Hornorable Prime Minister of India, Dr Singh
Honroable Chief Minister of Odisha, Mr. Patnaik
Railway Board of India
Dear Honorable Sri Trivedi,
In the parliament discussion on Mrach 3, 2011, honorable former railway minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee has kindly announced to establish a Wagon Factory in Kalahandi if land is provided, which is evident from video recorded in the parliament.
In the railway budget 2010-11 hornoable railway minister Smt Banerjee in Feb 2010 had proposed one of the railway Wagon Factories in Bhubaneswar or Kalahandi. Kalahandi has plenty of Govt. and private land available near to the railway tracks. More than 100 to 500 acres of land near Narla road railway station in Kalahandi is available and is directly connected to Bhilai, Rourkela and Vishakhapatnam steel plants, where SAIL are established. I request you to immediately establish the Railway Wagon factory in Kalahandi.
Survey for Rajim – Debhog – Dharamgarh – Junagarh – Lanigarh road – Berhampur – Gopalpur railway lines should be given importance for the infrastructure development in this maoist and backward region. This line will make direct connection between Bhilai and Gopalpur via Raipur, Debhog, Lanjigarh road and Berhampur. The line will not only make direct connection between Berhampur and Raipur but also help in connecting Kalahandi and Debhog region with Raipur as well as Berhampur.
Survey for Damanjodi to Kesinga via Kashipur and Bhawanipatna is important because NALCO, Utkal Alumina and L&T are planning their aluminium plants in Sambalpur, Jharsuguda and Sundergarh regions but their major mining interests are located around Kashipur, Thuamul Rampur, Dasmantpur and Damanjodi. A railway line connecting Damanjodi-Dasmantpur-Kashipur-Karlapat-Bhawanipatna-Kesinga will be of their interest to link their refineries and smelters cum Aluminium Parks in a shortest possible way. This will also bring Dasmantpur, Karlapat, Kashipur, Thuamul Rampur etc which are rich in minerals, one of the highest bauxites deposits in Asia, and known for their tourist opportunities to the railway map by creating infrastructure development in the backward pockets and making a win-win business opportunities for the Government, local people and mining companies, thus, such possibilities in KBKK region should be given high priority.
Kantabanji – Jeypore railway line is under survey and this line will connect Balangir, Nuapada, Kalahandi, Nabarangpur and Koraput districts and connect Khariar, Dharamagrh, Junagarh, Ampani, Nabarangpur and Koraput region directly with Raipur, Bhilai and Nagpur. The project is moving slow and construction of the line should immediately start.
It is also important to speed up the progress of under survey Lanjigarh road – Phulbani – Talcher line connecting Kandhamal, Kalahandi, Nuapada, Titilagarh (Balangir dist), Nabarangpur and Rayagada districts with Bhubaneswar by joining with Khurda-Balangir line near Puruna Cuttack (or Charichok). This will not only bring first time railway network to Kandhamal district but also make accessible to large part of inaccessible KBK and Kandhamal region from the state capital directly and help in countering maoist activities in the region. Beside that this line will facilitate alumina/coal transportation for NALCO from its refinery in Damajodi to its Smelter in Angul by reducing distance about 100 km.
KBK-Kandhamal is one of the most backward, tribal and naxallite affected pocket in the nation and above railway infrastructure and industrial development is key to its social and economic development. Therefore, Wagon Factory in the region and other railway requirement should be given highest priority. This is for your necessary and immediate action.
Thank you and best regards
Digambara Patra

Kalinga Prize Messed Up: Election Code Raped on the Podium of Indian Science Congress at Bhubaneswar

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Kalinga Prize could not be presented to Dr. Rene Raul Drucker Colin, selected for the Award 2011, as he did not come to receive the same.

The explanation churned out is that, he was not informed of award ceremony sufficient ahead of time.

But in reality, this happened, because the UNESCO was not permitted under the Rules to present the Kalinga Prize at Bhubaneswar on the publicized date.

The Kalinga Prize is awarded under and controlled by a set of Rules framed and promulgated for the specific purpose. No deviation is permitted.

Under these Rules, administered by the Director General of UNESCO, after receiving the funds from the Kalinga Foundation Trust, the Government of Orissa and the Government of India in the preceding year of the Prize, shall officially invite member countries for submission of nominations to the Secretariat of the Prize, by 15 May of the year of the Prize.

Then, under Article 5 of the Rules, the Juri shall examine the records submitted along with the nominations and “shall send an assessment on nominations and accompanying recommendations to the Director- General of UNESCO no later than 31 August of the year of the Prize”.

Then the person nominated for the Prize shall be declared and the Prize shall be awarded by the Director-General at an official ceremony held for that purpose “in the place where UNESCO celebrates World Science Day, on 10 November”.

In view of this stipulation on venue and date laid down under Article 7 of the Rules, in absence of any amendment thereto, the UNSCO had no authority to award the Prize to the selected person at Bhubaneswar on 4 January 2012. The word “shall” connotes to “must” under the Rules and hence, it is mandatory for award of the Kalinga Prize “in the place where UNESCO celebrates World Science Day, on 10 November”.

The day, 4 January, was not 10 November and the venue of the session of Indian Science Congress was not “the place” where UNESCO was celebrating “World Science Day”.

Therefore, there is no surprise in absence of the awardee and awarder of Kalinga Prize.

No wonder that the Union Minister for Science and Technology, Bilas Rao Desmukh, despite being present at inauguration of the 99th Session of Indian Science Congress on 3 January, did not stay on at Bhubaneswar to attend the Kalinga Prize ceremony even though he was advertised to address the event. Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal who was also advertised to address the prize giving ceremony as guest of honor did not thought it proper to come. Had they participated, they would have attracted punishment for violation of Election Codes, as the entire drama of Kalinga Prize was coined for the stage with the sole purpose of dazzling Panchayat voters by Biju Patnaik’s posthumous blaze created through propaganda in his favor flowing from the mouths of national and international celebrities in the sphere of science and politics.

Yet, there was no end to misuse of the official venue of Indian Science Congress for this political purpose.

As Dr. Colin did not come to receive the Prize, because he was not supposed to, a new contrived Kalinga Chair was given to co-winner of the 2009 Prize, Mr. Trinth Xuan Thuan by Sri Naveen Patnaik on the occasion, in clear contravention of Article 2 of the Rules.

It was not made clear that the Chair has no link to Biju Patnaik.

In 2001, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, in order to please his Haryana supporters, had availed the opportunity of the 50th anniversary of Kalinga Prize to bag a global recognition for Ruchi Ram Sahni, a great but unrecognized scientist of pre-independence India, by annexing to it a chair in his name, to which the UNESCO, after enough pressure, had agreed over specific terms and condition to the extent that the Government of India would “offer” a recipient of Kalinga Prize the proposed chair on he/she being honored with the Prize, with a certificate and a token cash to help him/her to travel to India, where, on arrival a foreign awardee or an Indian on submission of tour program, shall be treated as Government of India’s guest for two to three weeks to interact with Indian scientists in Universities and lecture venues. This “offer”, however, has neither any retrospective effect nor any life after closing of the Prize chapter.

Hence it was ultra vires of Kalinga Prize Rules to present the said chair – wrongfully described as Kalinga Chair – to 2009 Prize co-winner Mr. Thuan by the Chief Minister of Orissa on 4 December 2012 when the offer of the Chair had legally lapsed.

This makes it clear that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik used the official platform of Indian Science Congress for his personal political gain that he dose always by spreading his father’s name.

While presenting the lapsed Sahni Chair wrongfully projected as Kalinga Chair, he not only kept the community of Scientists in dark about Sahni in whose honor the Chair is created, by not saying anything on him as expected, but also tried to hijack the entire venue into memories of his father by shedding tears on the podium in trying to take full emotional benefit of the event to his personal political advantage when Panchayat Polls are already on the anvil. There was no necessity for telling on the podium that he was the second son of Biju Patnaik, but he did. His party’s political agenda was complete with Rajya Sabha member Pyari Mohan Mohapatra singing the expected glory to Biju, thus using the most important official platform of the day – the official platform of Indian Science Congress as well as the podium officially given to UNSCO for award of the Prize – for nasty political benefit when Panchayat Election process has already started and posthumous political use of Biju’s name forms the pivot for election campaign of the CM’s party in Orissa.

So, not only the Kalinga Prize has been messed up, but also the Election Laws in force now in context of Panchayat polls are raped on the official podium of Indian Science Congress at Bhubaneswar.

Will the State Election Commissioner look into this rape of Election Codes? One shall not be surprised if he does not take any action.

Absolute honesty, in reality, must a man be possessing if he, rehabilitated after retirement, acts against the rulers of the day.

So, it would be a rare phenomenon if the SEC acts in this case.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is a shame that a man who misuses his position to instigate the Police Chief of every State to go against his State Government is holding the Home portfolio in the union cabinet of India.

To charge the Police with emotional motive against the State Governments, Home Minister of India P.Chidambaram has calculatedly loaded their psyche with a venomous idea on September 15 that they “have been reduced to footballs, to be kicked here and there, from one post to another” by the peoples in power in the States.

“I ask you to search your hearts and answer the question, what is the average length of tenure of a district superintendent of police? What is the average length of tenure of a station house officer? Why do you remain silent when arbitrary postings and transfers are made by the State Governments?” He has tried to provoke them with these words.

He has sans qualms underlined that in interest of the peoples that they are “duty-bound to protect” they should revolt. “Is it not your duty, as the head of the State Police, to raise your voice not only on behalf of your officers but also on behalf of the people that you are duty-bound to protect?”

Is it becoming of the Union Home Minister to instigate Police Chiefs of the States against their respective Governments with such sort of words? If Chidambaram has felt that Police personnel are used by the State Governments as “footballs” he should have taken up the matter with the Chief Ministers and should have done the desired service to the Police by formulating and centrally enforcing a posting policy for the Police. But he has never done it. Instead, he has used the Intelligence Bureau to convey a conference of Directors General of Police and Inspectors General of Police and deliberately injected this venom into their psyche against the State Governments!

To any patriotic Indian, Chidambaram’s deliberation is a deliberate design against national integration and Center-State relationship. A man, who holds Home portfolio of Indian Union has no legitimate right to play the mischief he has played. He deserves dismissal forthwith from the union cabinet for having instigated IPS officers against their respective State Governments.

Will the Prime Minister please react?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The country expects fair dealings from the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues. But whosoever might have watched how Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s face became nasty in wrath, as Orissa MPs expressed resentment to lack of fairness in central aid to Orissa, must have been deeply disappointed.

Might be Mukherjee was right in saying that the BJD MPs were not right in raising an issue not contextually concerned with the business before the House at that time. But the way he reacted reflected his irritations in his face and presented a posture not becoming of a Minister.

Orissa was discriminated against last year by Man Mohan Singh Government in the matter of central assistance to tackle the catastrophic damages wrecked by rivers in full spate. Even as Orissa damage was no less severe than that in Bihar, Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and UPA Chief Sonia, then dependant on Lalu Pr. Jadav of Bihar for survival of their Government, rushed there and announced an instant assistance of Rs.1000 crores over and above the flood of funds Lalu was pumping from the Railways to that State as flood assistance. The Center deliberately delayed in having a survey of the spate in Orissa and when, much after the deluge had receded, the Union Home Minister made a reluctant visit to evade world criticism for negligence to Orissa on political grounds, he had announced central assistance worth only Rs. 500 crores in a face-saving attempt. But that the Union Minister’s announcement was a mere joke was unveiled as in reality the Union granted only Rs.98 crores.

It is shocking and surprising that out of this amount, the Union Government now wants refund of Rs.80 crores when on records in the Loksabha it has stated not to withdraw any fund from Bihar.

Orissa is undoubtedly discriminated against in absence of a legal guideline.

Orissa MPs were provoked by this Central foul play to raise their voice against the refund demand in the Loksabha on July 10. Their concern was never wrong, even though we agree, the timing might have been.

But was it proper for Mukherjee to have jumped into a quarrel with Orissa MPs in an obnoxious manner that watching the proceedings on TV screen we got the impression of?

Besides being the Finance Minister he is the Leader of the Loksabha as Prime Minister Singh is disqualified to hold the post. We marked, instead of addressing the Speaker, Mukherjee crossed words directly with the BJD leader in Loksabha, his face showing bitter contempt towards the Orissa MPs.

It will be better if Mukherjee practices not to show nasty irritation in his face when MPs from a State get provoked to voice their resentment against their State being discriminated against by the Union.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Memorabilia of the world’s unique icon of teetotalism now belong to a vintner of India, who, not for devotion to Gandhism but perhaps for projection of opulence achieved on basis of business in disregard to tenets of Gandhism, has purchased them.

If the items are real claimants to be called memorabilia of Mahatma Gandhi, there should be no doubt that Gandhiji is killed again on the auctioneer’s table.

When Gandhiji was physically killed in 1948, India was under a Congress government with Jawaharlal Nehru at the top. When Gandhiji is posthumously killed in 2009, India is also under a Congress government with the daughter-in-law of Jawaharlal Nehru at the helm of affairs. How coincidental and how sad!

There would never have been any Mahatma Gandhi had Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi not promised to his mother to remain away from wine and not have kept the promise till extinguished by bullets from the pistol of a fanatic of right reactionary political activism.

Before leaving for London in 1888 to study law, Gandhi had pledged to his mother that he would never touch wine. In the environment of UK, he fought against all odds to stick to this pledge. This pledge was in fact the anvil on which his real self was in the making. Though South Africa gave him the boost that eventually made Albert Einstein say, “Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth”, Gandhiji has confessed that for the activism he could adopt there, “the seed however was sown in England”.

So, it is clear that behind emergence of Gandiji as Mahatma, teetotalism was the main factor. In other words, teetotalism stands for Gandhism. Had Gandhism not been violated in India, wine merchants would never have emerged as power centers in the country and Gandhi’s memorabilia, if at all the articles auctioned at the East 57th Street headquarters of Antiquorum Auctioneers at New York are really so, could not have gone to a vintner.

More offending than auctioning of articles that have acquired an aura in Gandhiji’s name are the shenanigans involved.

If Government of India could have acted diligently and with devotion to Gandhiji, India should not have been subjected so helplessly to suffer the ignominy of watching personal belongings of the Father of the Nation, if at all they are that, bearing hammer hits on the auctioneer’s table.

Lest the peoples compel Manmohan Singh government, run by Sonia Gandhi, to get back Bapuji’s belongings, attempts were made to mislead the people through Tourism Minister Ambika Soni, who made a statement that the government has “been able to procure them through the services of Vijay Mallya, who was in touch with us (the government)”.

But the foul play of the Government stands fully exposed when Mallya is reported to have said that even as he was not aware of what Ambika Soni has said, “neither before nor after the auction, anybody in the government was in touch with” him.

So, obviously, either Ambika Soni or Vijay Mallya is telling a lie.

The Congress Government run by Sonia Gandhi through Manmohan Singh has embarrassed India by forcing her to silently watch articles, projected as Gandhiji’s, being subjected to hammer-hits on an auctioneer’s table. Let it not add further injury to this insult. So, let it clarify as to who of these two has told the lie and why.

How many times the peoples shall have to tolerate killing of the Father of the Nation?