Sad News to share: Harabala Patnaik no more

final MEETHarabala Patanik, wife of eminent freedom fighter and one of the founders of C.P.I. in Odisha Late Raghunath Patnaik of Olasingh village in Khurda district passed away at 5.45 a.m. on Friday ( 6th December ) at Bhubaneswar. She was 92 and has left behind her 3 sons and 8 daughters, a large number of grand and great grand children.

Daughter of a respectable Sarbarakar of erstwhile raja of Nayagarh late Banchhanidhi Patnaik , Harabala, though had no formal education, became very much active socially and politically after her marriage with Raghunath , who had left his education while a student of Ravenshaw College , Cuttack to join the freedom struggle. Subsequently when her husband joined the Communist Party of India under leadership of Bhagabati Charan Panigrahi as one of the founder members, she boldly faced harassment of the police.

The comrades while in underground use to come in deep nights through a secret door while her husband was away in party mission and she had to cook for them without hesitation. According to many veteran leftist leaders, she was not only feeding them with good food at the odd hours of night, she was also packing enough dry foods and rice etc, for them to sustain for weeks while underground.

She had entertained with tasty food to leaders like Naba Krushna Chaudhury, Dr Hare Krushna Mahtab, Manmohan Mishra, Godavarish Mohapatra, Godavarish Mishra, Banamali Patnaik , Prananath Patnaik and many others.
Besides taking care of all her nine children she also took care of seven children of her sister-in-law Bindodini who died at a young age.

She was a mother figure for all the local people and was loved and respected by one and all. Harabala’s eldest son Prasanta is a media person of repute while her second son Pravat is an entrepreneur in Andhra Pradesh. Her third son Dr Pragati who was serving the deprived people of Nagaland had fell victim to the bullets of separatists and fourth son is engaged in business. Her eldest daughter Prativa who was married to freedom fighter and ideal teacher Kanhu Charan Patnaik expired two years ago. Rest of her children are well established in their own fields.

When her body was taken for cremation a large of people from Olasingh and adjacent villages joined to pay their last respect to the departed soul.

The name Kamakshya Nagar is an insult to the great battle for freedom led by Vir Baisnav: Prof. Abani Baral

vir baisnav

CPI leader Prof. Abani Kumar Baral, in addressing the celebrations of birth centenary of Vir Baisnav Charan Pattanayak at Bhubaneswar on 29 April 2013, has demanded that Kamakshyanagar be re-named Madhi, in memory of the freedom that Pattanayak had given it in leading the people’s war against the tyrant king of the ex-state of Dhenkanal.

The legendary leader of Prajamandal movement had declared war against the king of Dhenkanal and in that war, Madhi was liberated from the pernicious control of the king. So, in the history of India’s freedom movement, Madhi has a unique place. But the shrewd tyrant had wiped out the name of this historic place by changing its name from Madhi to Kamakshyanagar by the name of his son, before abdicating his throne.
Continuance of this name is an insult to the sacred memories of Vir Baisnav as well as to the martyrs this battle had given to the motherland, he pointed out while demanding that the name of Kamakshyanagar be changed back to Madhi.

CPI(M) leader Sivaji Pattanayak, Ex-Minister Prafulla Ghadei, MLA Prafulla Malik, MLA Navin Nanda and Minister Rajanikant Singh also agreed that Kamakshyanagar should be changed to Madhi in view of its historic uniqueness. Jogesh Chandra Tripathy presided over the meeting.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Immortal freedom fighter Man Mohan Mishra’s widow Nirmala Devi passed away at the age of 81 in the Ispat General Hospital, Rourkela. She breathed her last in the morning of July 12.

As long as there should be people to whom Man Mohan Mishra remains the unforgettable epitome of the romance of revolt against oppression, Nirmala Devi would remain in memory as his partner in left activism aimed at upliftment of the working class from the labyrinth of wretchedness.

Time has changed and politics has become a fortune fetching profession and India has clandestinely changed from democracy to plutocracy and traitors who have caused this change by rendering our national resolve, enshrined in the Preamble of our Constitution, for socialism inconsequential by signing the GATT agreement behind the back of our Parliament and have pushed us into the pernicious clutch of capitalism, have shockingly stayed in power at the helm of our affairs.

At such a time, when a person is eager to live only for itself, what was the life of Nirmala when she was partnering her revolutionary husband for betterment of others in the society, may remain beyond comprehension of many.

But to any one, who prides in the feeling of dwelling on a soil where this unique couple had once prioritized its agenda for emancipation of man from the chain of exploitation, it would certainly give a feeling of personal loss.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I cannot say that I am more patriotic than others. But I can certainly say that there is no body in our Country who is more patriotic than me.

I am Subhas Chandra Pattanayak of Tigiria. I am born to Late Nishanath Pattanayak who was one amongst the few freedom fighters my native land had given birth to. I am adopted and brought up by my elder father Late lamented Kanhu Charan Pattanayak, who, when the King of Tigiria sold away all his properties and left the native place to reside at Puri, was the only man who was spending most of his income at the cost of the comfort of his family to provide the bare minimum means to organize daily rituals of Lord Jagannath (PrasannamaNi), abandoned in his campus by the King, incognito, so devout was he. And, I am the grand son of Late Jagabandhu Rautray Pattanayak, the utterance of whose name, his contemporary people of Tigiria in my childhood days were saying, lessens the burden of sin, so noble was he.

Therefore I declare that, I will not recite Vande Mataram and I accept the challenge posed by Bharatiya Janata Party to throw away from India whosoever refuses to recite it. I am proud of my noble heritage. And, I am proud of the fact that I have been incarcerated in my youth many a times because of my love for my people with my father standing firmly with me.

My father, who had contributed his might against British Raj in his own noble way believed and I do, that, India belongs also to the Muslims against whom a Hindu fanatic Bankim Chatterjee had authored the song Vande Mataram. The entire scheme of his novel Anand Math that floated this song was mischievously designed against Muslims at the behest of the Britons, who were sure of consolidation of their position and continuation of their rule if Indian population was divided into two nations on the basis of rivalry between the two religions: the caste-based Hinduism and the casteless Islam.

It was an act of misuse of an Indian pen in accordance with the divide-and-rule policy of the British.

Those who know this cannot accept it as a national song in free India.

The people who are in the habit of cheating India are playing their nefarious game by hiding the crux of the song and by misplaying selected portions with the only specific aim at perpetuating their cheating. This cheating game is a game of dishonesty and hence it cannot be accepted as patriotic.

If anything, this particular song is composed not in favor of India, never in support if India’s freedom, but only against the Muslims who were posing a threat to Brahminism. Anand Math was an attempt at convincing the common people like Mahendra through Hindu fanatics like Bhabananda that opposing the Muslims and supporting the British was the same as worshiping their Goddess.

Why the Goddess or Goddesses? Because, to the common people, agriculture being their only avocation, Goddesses were factors of production, Gods were not. This is established by the presence of Goddess in every village. Go to any village, you may not find a God there, but you must find a Goddess as the village deity. Hence attempts were being made to adopt Goddesses by Brahminism and as Brahminism was to thrive on division of the society on caste factor, the Goddesses were being increasingly projected as power-source against enemies of Brahminism i.e. the Muslims, terming them as Neries, as the Sahajayani Bauddhas, their earlier opponents were called.

Hence, Chatterjee’s emission of venom against the Muslims in Anand Math and the Song Vande Mataram was not propelled by his love for India, but by Brahminism of which he was a part.

Had there been no propagandist of the mentality Bankim Chatterjee was having, there would never have been division of Banga and subsequent division of India separating from the mainland the areas densely populated by Muslims.

Muslims did not come from outside India to form such a massive population. It is Brahminism that compelled many Indians to become Muslims.

It is Brahminism that divided Indian society into castes and reduced this splendid soil into a nasty laboratory of apartheid.

When Indians, the victims of apartheid, came in contact with the Muslims and found that, that is a religion where caste does not count, they embraced Islam.

Take for example the case of Kashmir. There was no Muslim there. But ultimately the massive majority of Kashmir people became Muslims because of caste apartheid enforced by Brahminism.

We get a picture from Kalhan’s classic work ‘Rajtarangini’. It descries how the Brahmins conspired against Queen Dida as she was not patronizing to Brahminism and after her death, beheaded from behind Sri Tunga, the most powerful protector of the liberal policies of the Late Queen.

So ruthlessly the Brahmins known as Kashmir Pundits imposed their caste supremacy that the people exploited under caste apartheid jumped into Islam which was not vitiated by caste system. They not only became Muslims en masse, but also they became so with so much revengeful resolution that they drove away the Pundits from the soil.

The entire land mass that has now become Pakistan and Bangladesh was the dwelling place of Indians where our ancient people had established their own civilization. It is the Brahmins’ supremacist mentality that has helped Islam to spread in India.

So whosoever has embraced the Muslim religion in this Sub-Continent is an Indian who has revolted against Brahminism, against Brahminic caste apartheid.

Therefore those of the Brahmins who constitute Brahminism oppose the Muslims. In other words, only those of the Brahmins, whose class interest rests on political economy of exploitation want caste apartheid to continue and hence casteless Muslims are considered by them as their worst enemies.

Bankim Chatterjee was such a Brahmin. Therefore he had conceived Anand Math against the Muslims and coined the Vande Mataram song in order to misguide the gullible people in the name of Goddesses into the trap of Brahminism, which, besides serving his class interest, was designed to fetch British support against the class enemies of the Brahmins of his orientation.

Chatterjee was so very caste-centric that he has not hesitated to support the British rule in India as under its umbrages the rule of the casteless Muslims was to end! So, if the Britons were eager to rule over our land by dividing Indian societal solidarity through incitement of Hindu-Muslim enmity, no better a server than him they could have fetched.

Our own people have become Muslims revolting against caste apartheid perpetrated by Brahminism. They were born in India and they belong to India. People like Bankim Chatterjee have forced most of the Muslims of India to think of separation because of the sense of insecurity the agents of Brahminism had injected into them in the final phase of our peoples’ war against the British. In spite of separation and in spite of the fact that they would be a marginal minority in new India on whom the fundamentalist Hindus will never stop nagging, the Muslims who have stayed in India, stayed in India. Are the fundamentalist Hindus more patriotic than they? They have remained in India because India is their motherland. They are Muslims because their forefathers had embraced Islam by revolting against caste apartheid practiced by the fundamentalist Hindus, the agents of Brahminism, who were exploiting Indian working class under the guise of religion. So Indian Muslims are patriotic Indians, more patriotic than the fundamentalist Hindus.

To impose a song as the national song for freedom, when in fact it was composed to say that freedom means freedom not from the British but from the Muslims, is an insult to our freedom. It is sad that it is being imposed as the national song by the nation’s education minister Arjun Singh. Why is he doing this? There is a reason. To arrive at it we ought to know what exactly he is.

Arjun Singh is a self-centric shortsighted political hoodlum of low caliber.

When Chief Minister of M.P. he had sided with Union Carbide that deliberately caused the Bhopal Gas catastrophe. The larking danger being exposed by the media and a Communist MLA having harped on this in the M.P. Assembly, Arjun Singh had rejected the warning and had stood firmly with the American firm. When the catastrophe happened and the local police suspecting that it was an act of testing of gas as a weapon for future use in warfare, arrested the chief executive of this operation Anderson, it is Arjun Singh who had not only set him free but also had provided him with the State airplane to escape. On arrival at his headqrs Anderson had informed the directors of his company that there is no reason to be panicked as his agents are holding positions in India that matter. So Arjun Singh is an old and time-tested pal of American imperialism.

A question may arise as to how American Imperialism is linked with imposition of Vande Mataram? The answer rests on another action that Arjun Singh has taken in recent past. That is reservation of seats in high caliber institutes of technical education. We have witnessed how menacingly the advantaged section of the society reacted against this. Indian society got polarized again on caste conflict. This reminds us of the bloody caste antagonism whipped up by V.P.Singh when as the Prime Minister he had brought into force the recommendations of Mandal Commission. Why Arjun Singh did it can be best understood by knowing why V.P. Singh had done that.

V.P.Singh had made Rajiv quit under a cloud of suspected kickback in Bofors gun deal. He had cultivated credibility for himself by allying with the Communists. The Indian middle class opportunists who were traditionally in the Congress because of their inherent aversion to the Left found it difficult to maintain that Congress was not in a mess. But they refused to support V.P.Singh, as to them he was a betrayer besides being an ally of the Communists whom they abhor. So they jumped into the camp of Bharatiya Janata Party.

This development helped the party of Indian trading community to rise from two to 88 seats in the Loksabha when both the Communist Parties were kept limited with half the strength of BJP and frustrated the USA-led imperialism that had the eyes on the vast market and massive resources of India. Rise of BJP, the party of Indian traders, was not congenial to the American interest. So it was imperative for them to clip the wings of BJP.

Besides being the party of the traders, BJP was also the party of people who had been engineering Hindu nationalism to grab power. But Hindus do not belong to one nation. They are amalgamation of various caste-nations. So a caste conflict can disintegrate the Hindu society and can curb spread of BJP. Convinced of this, V.P.Singh was prompted by his behind- the- curtain promoters to enforce, all on a sudden, the dust gathering report of Mandal and as expected, it precipitated unprecedented fissures in the Hindu society. Otherwise BJP would have bagged record braking majority in the following elections. That it could not grab power by its own strength and had to depend on coalition was because of the division of Hindu society over the Mandal mischief.

As is well known, Man Mohan Singh does not give a good government. Various popularity surveys have shown him in poor rank. If he does not improve, (and he being a stooge of imperialism is not likely to improve), the American watchdogs apprehend that BJP will benefit. Such an eventuality may derail the American plan that slowly but steadily is engulfing India; POSCO in Orissa being an example. Therefore the American agents want that the support base of BJP, i.e. the Hindu society be divided again on caste ground. And hence, Arjun Singh, their UCL tested ally, was used to precipitate a caste conflict through the seat reservation imbroglio. The present scheme of reservation being beneficial to OBC that include Ksyatriyas and Vaisyas, the proponents of Brahminism have been disadvantaged. Arjun Singh has played the Vande Mataram card to assuage their wounded feeling.

The song appeals in favor of imperialism. If it was then favoring British imperialism, its promulgation as India’s national song from today breaths of support for American imperialism when all over the world the US of America is considered as the most active opponent of the Muslims, against whom this song Vande Mataram was primarily composed.

Long live economic imperialism, die humanity. Long live religious fanaticism, die social solidarity. Those who accept these slogans may sing this song. But I do not support economic imperialism and religious fanaticism. I love my Motherland and love my people. I cherish the dreams of my father and his contemporary patriots to make India a Sovereign, Socialist,Secular, Democratic Republic and therefore I refuse to accept Vande Mataram as my national song notwithstanding what the agents of imperialism may say.