Thanks Delhi, you have shown, India will not help Hitler to grow despite TV Goebbels

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Whose defeat is it? Is it defeat of TV Goebbels of Modi or Prime Minister Modi?

Is victory of AAP a political victory or situational?

Be whatever way interpretations come, one thing is clear that, the National Capital State of India has established that, despite the Goebbels, India will not help Hitler to grow.

Thanks Delhi, thanks.

If not a mask of Congress, Kejriwal must act first and fast against rapists of law in Congress regime

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The devil always acts under a mask. Under a mask of Tapaswi, the demon Ravan had obtained boons from different Gods including Brahma and even Rama’s wife Sita had fallen into his trap when he begged for alms under the mask of a Vedic Sanyasi. Kejriwal bagged the second-largest chunk of votes under the mask of an antagonist of Congress, by shattering the spate of support BJP was expecting from the people of Delhi. But, instead of initiating action against the criminals that misused political and executive positions to corrupt administration during Ms. Sheila Dixit’s chief-ministry, despite the guilt unveiled by investigation, he has preferred to be a Congress dependent for power.

Ever since emergence of Kejriwal in political horizon, this site has been questioning his design. A creation, mostly of corporate media and the very same mediamen that had tried to hijack 2004 election for Vajpayee swallowing around five hundred crores of rupees in course of the misleading media campaign they had masterminded and executed, which was so very offensive, undemocratic and monstrous that a noted national newspaper editor had to confess that, that was a war between the media and the people of India, Kejriwal has acted a stooge of Congress to convert spontaneous awakening of the people against Manmohan Singh’s political economy of capitalism to campaign against corruption.

People were seeing their exchequer looted under mega scams; people were seeing the gap between the rich and the poor was widening; people were being treated as non-entities by the government(s) in nefarious design to hand over their lands and natural habitats to mine-exploiters and industrialists; people were seeing the benefits of planning flowing into coffers of the rich and the mafia; cost of living was becoming so high that the government was increasing dearness allowance for its employees again and again so that the tentacles of exploitation won’t irreparably suffer; people in the majority were denuded of their purchasing power and the power-holders, sure that they would certainly die in starvation unless life-saving food materials like rice and wheat supplied to them in the highest subsidized rate, had provided for rice, as in Orissa at the rate of rupee one per Kg; people, the helpless victims of relentless rise of price of essential commodities, perishing under starvation and slow starvation, were so miserably unable to feed their children that, the UNICEF had to report that 43% of Indian children below five years were underweight, whereas 48% were stunted due to chronic undernourishment with 20% wasting away in starvation.

On the other hand, according to researched data made available by Wealth-X, only 150 Indians possess wealth in the range of 500 million to 999 millions US $, and only 109 billionaires in the country control 20.5% of the total fortune the ultra wealthy segment comprising 7,730 individuals that possess more than 70% of national wealth in India. Because of these marginal numbers of ultra wealthy fellows, Indians in general are so abjectly poor.

When people had started linking all these ills to capitalism and their revolt was spontaneous and the capitalists knew that the mass upsurge against Manmohan Singh’s misrule will metamorphose into mass revolt against capitalism, agents were desperately cultivated to stymie the awakening of the people against capitalism.

And, for this, they needed fellows who should not have had any political identity, so that the people, disgusted with known politicians, would have no hesitation to rely upon them.

At that time, as we had exposed in this site, Anna Hazare and his gang including Kejriwal appeared on the scene and with the dedicated help of rich media, eventually converted the people’s spontaneous upsurge against capitalism-propelled misrule to campaign for a Lokpal as if Lokpal is the final panacea!

Exactly as Jaya Prakash Narayan was used in the 1970s to hijack and kill the people’s spontaneous revolt against Indira Gandhi so that status quo continues to serve the interest of the rich, Hazare and his gang was used to foil people’s uprising against capitalistic anarchy created by Manmohan Singh so that capitalism continues unhindered and unchallenged.

Despite the muck differences with Hazare, Kejriwal has succeeded in halting the revolt against capitalism and rich media is brainwashing people to accept that, not capitalism but corruption is the issue in the coming election.

And, rich media is instigating the mainstream communists to stay with this issue, even if, thereby, they are to forgo their known stance against communalism. Last evening, Sitaram Yechury agreeing to such a proposal advanced in Times Now channel deserves attention in this specific context.

The war has begun. Like in 2004 to help Vajpayee stay in power and complete his notorious mission of selling away all public sector undertakings to private houses, certain operators of rich media, committed to keep capitalism protected from mass rejection, have started cultivating a climate of political confusion, by shrewd image building of Kejriwal and projection of corruption as the issue for election, even though corruption is caused by avarice that capitalism enhances.

It was necessary for the people to decide whether or not to stay with capitalism, in view of all the debacles the country has suffered since Manmohan Singh’s economic policy has infested India. But Kejriwal with the help of or under the influence of corporate media has made it a non-issue.

Yet, AAP seems acceptable

Yet, in absence of a credible Communist party, AAP seems acceptable. People, serious about freeing the country from the Congress and the communalists, are inclined to take it as an unavoidable alternative to the nakedly anti-people set-up in power. This is why, clean personalities in various areas are joining AAP. When Medha Patekar has pledged her support to it, Nandita Das allowed herself to be associated with it. That, so far apolitical people are finding AAP to be their forum of fight against political miscreants is evidenced in Devi Prasanna Nayak’s joining the new party. A principled fighter against misusers of media power, and himself an eminent desk journalist, Sri Nayak has not only joined AAP, but also has started organizing the people of his area in Jajpur district of Orissa in support of AAP. In every nook and corner of this State, young educated men and women with dedication and dreams for the country are seen expressing themselves in support of AAP.

It is incumbent upon Kejriwal and his team to ensure that their hopes are not thrown into the labyrinth of rule by the rich for benefit of the rich.

Therefore, instead of wasting time in posing the ruler in ‘Janata Darbar’, he should quickly act against culprits identified by investigating bodies.

Coming to power out of campaign against corruption, he cannot say that he does not know who was indulged in corruption during the period of his predecessor. He knows them. He needs to pass orders for their arrest immediately so that custodial investigations can help the police find out details of their crimes and pave the way for punishment to them.

If not a mask of the Congress, Kejriwal must act first and fast against the rapists of law in Congress regime.

New Year: New Danger Kejriwal

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Kejriwal is the new danger to Indian democracy. Let me explain.

Plutocracy takes over democracy in the name of ‘Aam Admi’ (ordinary citizens). But as people change the government through election, they believe that the government shall be their own, run by their own representatives.

They are duped. In the name of ‘Aam Admi’, in absence of a fighting party of the toiling masses, propounders and practitioners of political economy of capitalism, get the votes and ignore the Aam Admi in their eagerness to serve their capitalist masters. Congress had won the last election to lead UPA in the name of the ‘Aam Admi‘ (“Congresska Hath, Aam Admike saath” was its slogan). But its government became a government of repression of the Aam Admi and benevolence for the capitalists and even for the foreign traders. In plutocracy, this happens.But, because of the method plutocracy uses, ordinary citizens (Aam Admi), gullible as they commonly are, fail to understand the rich man’s tricks.

In this method, ordinary citizens use the franchise to elect their representatives, which gives them the feeling that they are the masters; but on being elected, the same representatives do not work for the ordinary citizens; because the money invested in their election campaigns having come from the rich, their administration gets addressed to the benefit of the rich. Aam Admi remains the pawn.

Kejriwal and his team has formed the government with the support of the ordinary citizens. But thereby their dependance on Aam Admi has ended as far as Delhi is concerned. Hereafter they will act in interest of plutocracy. But will act as if their steps benefit the ordinary citizens. Their steps in this regard has started. Kejriwal has passed orders for free supply of 700 liters of water to every family. Corporate media has highlighted it as a great act of benevolence. But by this who shall really benefit? Ordinary citizens in Delhi use less than a hundred liters of water per day. The rich families use more water. So, by waving the water rent for 700 liters per day, Kejriwal has ensured that the poor ordinary citizens bear the cost of the water freely supplied to the rich. This is plutocracy.

If AAP is really for the Aam Admi, the huge numbers of hugely exploited DTC employees – who have been working regularly for several years without being regularized, thereby perishing without entitlement to the benefits provided under labor laws – could have been regularized by Kejriwal, as the first step in interest of the Aam Admi, when they met him a day ago. That has not happened, because there is no difference between his and his predecessor Shila Dixit’s political economy and rule. The rule is plutocracy.

Shrewd agents of the rich

In plutocracy, shrewd agents of the rich get elected in the name and with the help of ordinary citizens – Aam Admi – and thereafter serve the rich at the cost of the poor. When people revolt, they float/promote a new outfit of politics in the name of the neglected common man that takes over the revolution with the help of the rich media acrobats and emerge as people’s heroes and grab power in the name of the new outfit and ultimately kill the awakening that could have changed the system. In emergence of AAP, this has happened. The new phase of mass awakening his been hijacked, at least in Delhi.

This is what exactly had happened in 1977 in the name of ‘Janata’ (a synonym of ‘Aam Admi’) in India, when the spontaneous Indian upsurge against Indira Gandhi’s misrule was hijacked by Jaya Prakash Narayan and his team.

In the name of ‘Janata’

In the name of ‘Janata’ (Aam Admi’), the right-wing politicians and communal chauvinists like the Jansanghists had then come to power.

Morarjee Desai had become the Prime Minister with a cabinet comprising the very same fellows whose corrupt practices as leaders of the Congress had ruined the credibility of that party, such as Biju Patnaik of Orissa; and whose rabid reactionary conduct had distanced the Congress from the people, such as the members of the Congress Syndicate, over and above the communalists and practitioners of political economy of inequality.

Those self-seekers, by their verbal attack on Indira Gandhi as the central cause of all the ills the country was subjected to, had, of course, successfully diverted the mass awakening of the people against misrule, but no sooner than that, had themselves indulged in such nefarious misrule, that the ‘Janata’ government that they had formed, had collapsed within two years of coming to power and the ‘Janata’ (‘Aam Admi’) of India were so disillusioned and demoralized that, to them, the same Indira Gandhi seemed much better than the ‘Janata’ alternative they had been misled to vote.

Democracy took a nastier turn towards plutocracy.

India became fee simple for Indira and her family and factotums with political conspiracies and scandals becoming synonymous with her government.

From then on till now, when Congress members are competing with each other to wag their tails more vigorously to establish who is more loyal to her daughter-in-law Sonia and her son Rahul than the others, India has remained a land of communal hatred, disunity, displacement, dishonesty, impropriety, and Mafiosi.

India has seen a Prime Minister in Rajiv Gandhi who patronized R. K. Dhawan, the man whose “complicity or involvement” in the murder of his mother Indira Gandhi was analytically and emphatically pointed out by Justice M.P.Thakkar in his enquiry report. Justice Thakkar was deliberately picke up to conduct the unavoidable enquiry, as, many believe, he was so close to the Gandhi family that his report would not affect any member thereof. He, in fact, did not mention any member of Indira’s family in connection with her murder. But he had not to ignore the fact that, Dhawan was “close to someone having clandestine connection with the CIA”, which, to Justice Thakkar, had built up the “heap of suspicion”.

Rewarding a person suspected to have been involved with murder of his mother by Rajiv Gandhi with sensitive politico-administrative positions is a mystery that has not yet been solved, though hands of CIA in Rajiv Gandhi’s murder is also a suspected phenomenon.

However, India has seen in post ‘Janata’ scenario, how Rajiv Gandhi’s closest circle had offered harbor to commission agents like the Italian agent Ottavio Quattrocchi that had given birth to the Bofors scandal and let him escape the dragnet of law, as Sonia Gandhi continued to boss over Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Had right-reactionaries using the name of ‘Janata’ not hijacked the mass awakening of the ordinary citizens against impairment of their democracy in 1977 elections, a time would never have come for India to be treated as a fee simple by Indira Gandhi, Rajiv and his widow and son.

The mistake of being misled

The mistake of being misled by the use of the word ‘Janata’ in 1977, not only promoted self-seekers in politics, but also ushered in such a phase that despite Prime Ministers playing treacheries against the country, people did not rise in revolt.

They did not revolt on seeing the Preamble of their Republic rendered inconsequential by Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee of Narasimha Rao cabinet when they subjected India to WTO design by signing GATT agreement behind back of the nation, in contravention of the nation’s pledge for socialism enshrined in the Preamble. When Constitution of India has provisions for amendment in any part of its body, by no way its Preamble can be changed. Amendment of the Preamble that mandates to make India a socialist sovereignty was not possible. And, therefore there was an insurmountable obstacle to make India a capitalist country. Signing the WTO agreement was the way to make capitalism the official creed of India despite the socialistic Preamble. These two fellows did that and sabotaged the country in Narasimha Rao government.

They kept mum despite seeing their national undertakings being sold away in throwaway prices to private profiteers by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

They kept mum despite seeing how Prime Minister Manmohan Singh betrayed the Republic by subjugating the country to American market design by signing the nuke deal without the Parliament’s approval and by promulgating the same by using political horses including the Speaker.

They kept mum as Sonia Gandhi became the extra-constitutional boss of the Prime Minister of India and one after another, India’s constitutional sentinels like the CEC and CAG got reprimands from the PM for having exposed the illegalities and mega scams his government is involved with.

The design

So, when in the first half of 1970s people of India had spontaneously waken up to save their motherland from derailment, the right-reactionaries had got united under Jaya Prakas Narayan in the name of ‘Janata’ (ordinary citizens) to divert them from the real cause of that derailment, as a result of which the patriotic revolution which could have saved India, was forestalled.

As a result, India has become a land of commission agents, Mafiosi and mega-scams – of exploitation of the weaker segment of the population including women and children – of concentration of wealth in hands of a few forcing the majority to perish in slow starvation – of all out corruption and nonchalant administration – of displacement of indigenous people, denudation of forests and destruction of eco-systems for benefit of the avaricious private and foreign industries – of unbearable financial straits for the majority for whom food security law and low-priced rice and/or wheat has become unavoidable to avert starvation deaths – of uncontrolled black-market and price rise leading to enhancement of DA to almost 100% of the new scale of pay the government servants draw as otherwise plutocracy cannot function – and of many other ills the nation is inflicted with.

Four decades after, as the people rose in revolt again against plutocratic exploitation, and the revolution was going to take a definite shape against the pernicious economic policy of Manmohan Singh and thereby capitalism was going to face the toughest challenge to its continuance in India; exactly like Jaya Prakas Narayan of 1970s, Anna Hazare and a band of situational loudmouths including Kejriwal was picked up by the fidgeting capitalists to divert the mass awakening from revolt against capitalism to demand for a Lokpal, attributing all administrative ills to corruption. This has ensured, India stays a safe haven for the capitalists.

Kejriwal, the offshoot of Anna Hazare’s Lokpal campaign has emerged a prominent agent of plutocracy, with his inauguration as Delhi Chief Minister in the name of the Aam Admi’.

People duped

People are duped, because, they are guided by corporate media to believe, by refusing mandate to the Congress Party and by ushering in Kejriwal through their ballots, they have strengthened democracy.

Kejriwal has succeeded in blocking people’s awakening against capitalism that Prime Manmohan Sngh had perniciously clamped on India. It will take time now for the Delhi voters to know that Kejriwal is nothing but a new mask of plutocracy for extinguishment of which they had started the now aborted mass action.

And, the composition of AAP leadership is such that it shall have no class consanguinity with the Aam Admi (ordinary citizens), who, for survival only, have no other way than depending on food security law and lowest priced rice and/or wheat.

The very fact that AAP has spent Rs.30 lakhs per constituency on records is indicative of plutocracy it is wedded to.

Plutocracy has ensured that Indian elections remain so very expensive that no Aam Admi (ordinary citizen) would dare to contest. So the rich and representatives of the rich contest the elections under whatsoever non-communist banners available and on return, serve the interests of the rich.

Kejriwal and AAP have invested high amount of money in the election and have no affinity for the political economy of the poor class. On the other hand, the AAP leadership is dominated by crorepatis (high rich multimillionaires) who have wealth spanning from rupees ten millions (Dharm Vir Singh) to more than 300 millions ( Shazia Ilmi).

Impact of the rich

The Constituent Assembly of India had to deliver a pro-rich Constitution, because it was “dominated by the rich class”.

Laxmi Narayan Sahu of Orissa, on the third reading of the draft Constitution, had held it to be a repressive Constitution under which the ordinary citizens will suffer more than they were suffering under the British rule.

Dr. Ambedkar, in response, had to admit that the Constituent Assembly was unable to produce a real emancipatory Constitution because of the overwhelming majority of the rich class in the Assembly. He had hoped that when the first Parliament of India will be elected by the votes of the ordinary citizens, comprising the representatives of the poor people as they being in majority would be the dominating electors, the first task it may perform should make appropriate laws to reduce the “gap” between the rich and the poor, so that the the purpose of freedom can be achieved.

Notoriety of the Nehru Government

But, that never happened, as the caretaker Congress Government of Nehru played two notorious games to make the first Parliament advantageous for the rich.

The rich class, eager to engulf India after the British was afraid of Gandhiji.

His emphasis on programs like Village Swarajya was enough to restrict exploitation of India by the rich.

So, firstly, the Nehru Government ensured that Gandhiji, whose active guidance could have inspired the people to use the franchise for creation of the first Parliament with representatives of their own class in order to achieve economic emancipation along with political freedom, was silenced.

Reports galore that with Sardar Patel as the Home Minister, intelligence reports on threat to Gandhiji’s life were ignored.

Thus the first general election to the first Parliament could not be actively guided by Gandhiji and hence there was no voice of Gandhian (Aam Admi) economy in the first Parliament.

Secondly, the Nehru Government ensured that voice of the working class also remains absent in the first Parliament.

With deliberate design, the Communist Party of India was banned, forcing most of its leaders go underground.

Resultantly, the rich class dominated also the first Parliament.

The new danger

Ambedkar’s hope for eradication of the “contradictions” inherent in the rich class produced Constitution was shattered and lost.This happened, as the rich people elected by the poor citizens acted in their class interest.

The rich people in AAP will not act differently. They will act in their class interest. Hence, ‘Aam Admi’ will not really gain. They shall stay pawn in the game the rich play.

Therefore, Kejriwal is the new danger the country shall have to face in the new year.

Is it not better for him to quit?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said on Saturday while returning from G20 summit that, he “would be very happy to work for the Congress Party under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi”, who, to him, “will be an ideal choice for Prime Minister’s position after 2014 election”.

One regrets to mark in this statement how domesticated he has become by Fiorze (Khan) Gandhi’s heirs in power to the detriment of the dignity of our sovereignty. It is a shame for a country that an incumbent prime minister does not feel ashamed of himself while showing such naked sycophancy to Rahul Gandhi, who himself does not know if people shall vote him or not. In recent elections, in the major states, wherever he has campaigned for the Congress, the party has lost. And, future would be more resolute against the party of the American agents that has destroyed the purpose of Indian democracy, which was spelt out by our founding fathers.

Had Singh been a man with an iota of responsibility for the country and respect for his own position, he should have addressed himself to oppose the imposition of Rahul Gandhi on India as a prime-ministerial candidate by the Congress party’s lady autocrat of non-Indian origin and her factotums; because, our freedom fighters had not perished in British prisons and our martyrs had not sacrificed their lives for a dynastic rule in India.

Manmohan is till now the most malfunctioning prime minister India has the misfortune to endure. But, by disclosing his agenda to work for what would de facto be a dynastic rule, he has entirely lost his moral right to rule over whatever semblance of democracy we still are possessing.

The 12 year old Baji Raut of Orissa had not laid down his life in fighting the dynastic rule of Dhenkanal King, whose nexus with the British had unleashed the worst ever reign of terror on the soil, for independent India to be shanghaied into dynastic rule of the heirs of Firoze (Khan) Gandhi by fellows like Singh in the chair of her prime minister.

Innumerable freedom fighters had not perished in British prisons and Martyrs like Bhagat Singh had not laid down their lives to bring us our liberty, for Singh and his likes to subjugate independent India to the hegemony of American imperialism, misrule, mega scams and dynastism.

If Manmohan Singh has an ambition to work under Rahul Gandhi, it would be better for him to resign and hand him over the reign, which many of his wagon are on records eager to see since long. Any delay may mar the possibility; because, come 2014, the silent sufferers yet patriots in majority, will, sure, fix the Congress wagon.

However, from now on, it would be difficult for Indian patriots to regard Singh as upholder of their democracy; as increasingly he would be viewed as an annihilator of democracy and a man in use in making a road for a dynastic rule in the guise of democracy.

Is it not better for him to quit?

Origin and Development of Bhasmasura that Pyari Poses Shiv to Extirpate

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa’s ruling party BJD is in total disarray with depiction of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik as the Bhasmasura (the demon that tries to destroy the master by using the tricks learnt from him) by its super brain Pyarimohan Mohapatra, who is posing Shiv for his extirpation.

Power sans proven merit

Naveen is the first man to have occupied the Chief Minister’s chair in Orissa sans any proven merit and hence, the State is in deep despair during his regime.
His father Biju Patnaik, an astute political acrobat of his time with lots of sycophants – common to influential mafias everywhere – died in a condition of rejection by the people of Orissa who had thrown him into the political dustbin after suffering a menacing misrule. J. B. Patnaik, then the State’s CM, out of political courtesy, organized a tremendous obituary for him and the magnanimous people of the State forgave him for all the damages he had done to them. And, as the people of Orissa are very simple by nature, a surge of sympathy for his bereaved family was soon seen.

Peculiar nature of the people

Let us take a short break to see how uniquely simple are the people of Orissa. I will take you to my childhood days in my native place Tigiria. Throughout the year, my father was offering a Purana Patha (recitation of epics) on the outer Veranda of our house where people of my locality, after refreshment in the evening, were gathering to hear the epics that a hired Brahmin used to recite. Ramayana and Mahabharata in Oriya were the epics that were being recited in succession. There was no electricity. The oil lamp was the only medium of light. So, beyond where the Panda was reciting the epic, there was darkness in its soothing best that the people were enjoying at the end of the active day. In that darkness the characters of the epic were, as if, reaching the rapt listeners through the rhythms of recitation, as the Brahmin , whose proficiency in adding emotions to his voice was keeping the entire environment tuned to the topic. People were coming to cheers when a hero was trouncing a villain. But they were soon in tears when the family members of the villain were crying over his death. As for example, people were cheering when Rama was making mincemeat of Ravana; but the next moment, when Mandodari was crying over the death of her husband, the cries of the same people over the demise of Ravana was gushing out in sympathy for the bereaved Mandodari. So simple were our people in my childhood days. This nature has not yet disappered despite changes.

Post-independence politico-economic complications notwithstanding, our people are, by nature, magnanimous and simple. Therefore, when Biju Patnaik died, despite the truth that, in wrath against his corruption and misrule, they had rejected him in the elections, they pardoned his offenses and joined the state obituary offered to him.

Simplicity exploited

The shrewd members of the gang of his sycophants, none of who could ever have dared to dream of occupying power in Orissa on the basis of his own strength and merit, tried to transform this obituary into a sympathy wave for his bereaved family and picking up his son Naveen as the mask, they started a political party by Biju’s name that is known as BJD. And, in the election that followed, this sympathy wave metamorphosed into ballots for Biju’s son and sycophants, who now thrive on a deliberately coined concept of Biju legacy.

So, Naveen became CM neither because of any sacrifice he has for the state, nor because of any political merit he possesses; but because of being an object of mass sympathy after becoming Baapa Cheunda (a child bereft of father).

To his good fortune, a very shrewd and intelligent former bureaucrat Pyari Mohan Mohapatra (Pyari) was available to him to give him the guidance, which he could never have got from any of the sycophants of his father, none of them having any marked political prudence, but each of them being busy in exploiting the moment to his/her personal benefit. People of Orissa became victims of their own magnanimity and simplicity.

But soon it was clear that the preening prince of Bijudom was not able to give a good administration.

Re-emergence of JB

The Congress Party had realized the mistake it had committed by replacing J. B. Patnaik with Gamango just before the elections. It tried to amend its mistake by appointing JB as the PCC Chief.

And, Naveen was no match for JB.

The scenario changed and ministers started revolting against Naveen.

JB gave a call that Naveen should quit, as he was unable to give governance. The State plunged into a state of utter confusion.

JB, as known to Pyari

While serving under JB for so many years, Pyari, the former IAS officer, had deeply understood his then political master’s peculiarities. He had understood that, JB is a man who dislikes discarding even his detractors from his circle, if once he has granted them the boon of his umbrage. He honors his foes for the good qualities, if any, discernible in them and protects the persons, howsoever bad, once they take refuge in him.

This is why he had not taken any action against super offenders like Indrajit Ray. Even sharp saboteurs like Basant Biswal and Bhagavat Mohanty were not dismissed by him despite circumstantial evidences galore to convince that they had tremendous role in Ajana Mishra gang rape episode, masterminded to expedite his removal from office.

Pyari had understood this peculiarity of JB.

The panacea Pyari prescribed

When the astute JB was humiliating Naveen and BJD leaders were at a loss to understand how to make the government functional, Pyari came to his rescue. He gave him a panacea. He advised Naveen to do what JB had never done, so as to give the people a matrix for juxtaposition of the two Patnaiks, which he was sure, would be of utmost advantage for the former.

He advised Naveen to dismiss a pack of his ministers soiling them with innuendoes of corruption even though they were the founder members of his party.

This trick created an occasion of comparison between JB and Naveen in the public and gave an image to Naveen as a crusader against corruption as against JB’s cohabitation with corrupt fellows in his regime.

This was the key to his survival in CM post at that critical juncture. And, thus the former secretary to his father had emerged as ‘uncle’ to Naveen.

Since then Naveen has dismissed many ministers, as and when necessary, to save his own skin and knowing of his wont to dismiss any minister at any time, his cabinet colleagues have remained so docile that there is no real use of collective wisdom in managing the matters of the State. And, therefore, the POSCOs and the Vedantas and the Tatas and the Ravishankars and the likes have used the administration to transform Orissa to their grazing ground. People of Orissa have perished.

Abhorrence in the rise

Therefore, admiration for him is changing into abhorrence in the heart of his own followers in BJD. Biju sycophants are not leaving the party; but are opposing him in the party. This is so sharp that a person like Jagneswar Babu, regarded more as a gentlemen than a politician, has been suspended on disciplinary ground. In every district, BJD is distinctly divided into two fractions – pro-administration and pro-organization. In every nook and corner of Orissa, Congress is getting flow of support from disillusioned members of the BJD in its Parivartan Padayatra which the latter is trying to counter through Jana Sampark Yatra. The Jana Samparka Yatra itself is indicative of how abhorrence to Naveen is in the rise.

Ministers Morcha Vrs Jana Morcha

How far the Padayatra campaign of the Congress party can bring in Parivartan (the change in power) is, curiously, not the crux of public interest in Orissa. The anti-people policies shamelessly pursued by the Congress party and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh under American influence are being intently watched by the people and the Congress leadership knows that the people are waiting to give the American agents the lesion they deserve, when they are to give their verdict in elections. Individuals like Prasad Harichandan, marked for personal honesty, integrity and efficiency may win; but that won’t be a Congress win.

So, what forms the crux of public interest in Orissa is the internecine tussle that has engulfed BJD.

In every unit of BJD, members recruited by Pyari are active in organization and they are active also against their colleagues who rally round the ministers for personal benefits while neglecting the organization. The ministers boast of power and bask under self-glorification in the company of sycophants and habitual order-carriers of whosoever holds power. Genuine party workers with a bit of self-respect are blatantly ignored in every party unit. On the other hand, Pyari had inspired party workers with recognition of their political worth after deliberately extinguishing the BJD alliance with BJP by unilaterally declaring to set party candidates in every constituency. Had he not done that, Naveen would never have got MLAs to continue as CM for the third term. When innumerable people of Orissa are getting displaced because of Naveen’s nexus with the Tatas and the Ambanis and the POSCOs and the likes, when eco-systems are getting destroyed because of the same nexus, when development funds are getting looted, when welfare projects are getting derailed, when crop fields are inundated with toxic industrial ashes, when slow starvation continues, when distress sale of paddy, distress sale of body, distress sale of baby child are regular phenomena, when officers are ruling the roost, it was not unnatural for genuine BJD members to explore if Pyari could intervene and bring out a change in the stance of administration. But this has landed the party in such a jam that Pyari himself is suspended sans any scope for self-defense. Rightly for him, he has described Naveen as a Bhasmasura.

BJD is becoming murkier as the ministers and their yes-men (Ministers Morcha) want to nip in the bud the Orissa Jan Morcha that Pyari has given birth to.

The scenario may usher in an alternative

Orissa is discernibly disturbed. The scenario is shocking.

But it may usher in an alternative.

The Main Opposition – Congress – is trying to revive itself. But with compradors comprising its high command, patriotic people of Orissa will not vote for it.

Agrarians by birth, with social outlook refined by ideology of Jagannatha-Buddha, the Oriyas are a people who are proud of their ancient culture of universal brotherhood; and therefore, can never support aggressive communalism. Hence BJP has no chance of having the people’s mandate.

Left is the best alternative the people dream about. But, when CPM feels no qualms in publicly projecting Mulayam Singh Yadav as the communists’ prime-ministerial candidate, people are too shocked to rely upon them.

During the last two months, one has witnessed various think-tank-seminars in Orissa that search for possible alliance between genuine left and democratic progressive forces, so that a viable alternative could be placed before the voters. But political opportunism promoted by the plutocrats is so very rampant that such an alternative looks very remote.

With no other alternative readily available, Pyari’s Jan Morcha may fill up the vacuum.

Strategically they may use Biju’s name to withstand what the Ministers Morcha would be doing for Naveen.

But, the genuine left and democratic, progressive forces may find in it a ready ally to save the State from anarchy.

Thus, come, October 28, with Orissa Jan Morcha defining its real shape, an alternative may emerge if the genuine left finds in it a progressive ally.

AMA ODISHA Makes a New Milestone: Commences Cast-Your-Vote Campaign

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

AMA ODISHA, Orissa’s frontline civil organization, founded by Sambad editor Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, had made the first milestone in social service sector by starting up, sticking to and constantly enhancing blood donation campaign, so essential for saving life in this State that the politico-executive government has reduced to a land of malnutrition. Its story is a success story of humanitarian activities with, I may say, no comparison. Another milestone it has established in matter of the mother-tongue by enkindling unprecedented zeal amongst students and general public for writing fault free Oriya with meticulous care. Remarkable is its consistency in steering these campaigns ahead with devotion.

The new milestone it has now founded is its campaign for conscious casting of votes by all of the voters.

In a unique congregation convened at Sahid Bhawan, Cuttack, on 23 January, the birthday of two most revered icons of patriotism, Veer Surendra Sai and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, whom the soil of this magnificent State had given birth to, founder President of Ama Odisha – Editor of Sambad – Soumya Ranjan Patnaik urged upon all of the voters to cast their votes certainly in every election to the body of representatives, as thereby only, Indian democracy can be saved from derailment. About 35 % of the voters are abstaining from casting their votes and these 35 % are those that are educated and informed. As inflow of fresh water into ponds is essential to cleanse out the putrified stock of stagnet water, so also active participation of educated and informed citizens in enfranchisement is essential for cleansing the filth from politics, he argued. He stressed on cent per cent voting in elections and declared that Ama Odisha will untiringly conduct the campaign with utmost commitment. An oath to this effect was administered on all who participated.

We entirely endorse this campaign, though to us, conscious casting of votes without distinctly defined determination to oust the saboteurs of the Preamble of Indian Constitution where was laid down the National Resolve for building the country up on the basis of socialism, from office and to bring in such a government that would transport the country from the present pernicious prison of inequality to the real sovereign reign of political economy of equality, the exercise will be futile.

To us, Indian democracy has been transformed into a plutocracy by its political rulers simply because the most conscious segment of voters are abstaining from voting. Only the conscious citizens know that unless the country is put on the track of economy of equality, it can never be saved from vested interest mafia and whatever little semblance of democracy is still in existence will eventually give way to the nastiest of plutocracies. We are sure, if the abstaining-from-vote citizens, basically belong as they to the educated and informed segment of society, decide to actively participate in vote casting, the traitors, that, despite small numbers of vote casted in their favor, have been running the political governments, will be thrown into the trash of time and a new epoch of equality and patriotism that equality alone generates, will emerge.

Therefore, to us, Ama Odisha’s cast-your-vote campaign is the last hope for revival of democracy and survival of India.

We, with this hope, wish all success to the campaign.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Anxious to show the peoples of Orissa that it is ready for the approaching elections, the Orissa Unit of the Congress Party had its “extended” executive meeting under the newly “appointed” Presidium headed by K.P.Singhdeo in the Congress Bhawan at Bhubaneswar on January 31. But at the end of it, came the display of its design against democracy.

KP kept it on records that there would be no projection of any one of the party as the prospective Chief Minister during the elections. If the party fetches majority, Smt. Sonia Gandhi would decide as to who should head the Government.

The first part of KP’s statement is ethically correct. The peoples should not support any individual projected as the CM. They should cast their votes in support of a manifesto. But the second part of his statement is notoriously anti-democracy.

Peoples of Orissa are to elect their representatives to the Assembly who, in their turn, if clubbed into a majority, should elect their leader for the CM post. But the Congress has no qualms in expressing contempt against democracy. A combine of sycophants of Sonia, who to these fellows is the supreme owner of their destiny, the Congress is determined to deny Orissa Legislators that right.

What a farce of democracy that the Congress is eager to enact!