Orissa Congress Chief is Partially Correct: Congress Leaders Sabotaged the Congress

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

By openly alleging that some of the Congress leaders have sabotaged the party in election, President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee Sri Jayadev Jena has conceded defeat even three weeks before the EVMs are to come to the counting tables. He is partially correct; because he has limited his allegations only to some unidentified Congress leaders of Orissa, whereas it is the central leadership of Congress that has sabotaged the Congress in Orissa again.

This election had tremendous possibilities of victory for the Congress. Everywhere there was a strong undercurrent against Naveen Patnaik. By orientation, people of Orissa are averse to the communalist BJP. Hence BJP was not supposed to benefit from the undercurrent against Naveen. On the other hand, none of the other parties – mostly, personal attires of Pyari Mohan Mohapatra (Orissa Jana Morcha), Soumya Ranjan Patnaik (Ama Odisha), Aira Kharavela Swain (Utkal Bharata) – and left parties with no serious approach to the election, were not expected to win. So, it was only the Congress that could have acquired most of Orissa Assembly seats this time.

But for Sonia Gandhi, Naveen was not to be defeated. Like every time since Naveen Patnaik has occupied Orissa, the so-called high command of Congress has sabotaged the electoral prospects of Congress in Orissa. Members of the Congress Party in Orissa are yet to decode this mystery.

Riding on sympathy wave on death of Biju Patnaik, a wave that, in fact, in order to show his magnanimity as chief Minister, J. B. Patnaik had created by eulogizing on the man whom people had disdainfully thrown into the dustbin of time, Naveen had given such a misrule, that, the people had started repenting for having him elected.

The astute politician J. B. Patnaik, in his new avatar as PCC chief, was quite efficiently and effectively steering the campaign against malfunctioning of the BJD-BJP government and many members of the cabinet, who had founded the BJD, were also getting disillusioned and irritated over the preening prince of Bijudom.

The situation had become so anarchic that the whole of Orissa was rising against Naveen.

At that juncture, Pyari Mohan Mohapatra had come to his rescue.

He had advised Naveen to dismiss some of his ministers, notwithstanding them being founder members of BJD, by giving an impression to the public that they were dismissed on grounds of corruption.

This single trick gave a new twist to public thinking on Naveen Patnaik, as they compared Naveen’s action against his close colleagues on allegations of corruption with J.B.Patnaik’s corruption-raj wherein fellows like Indrajit Ray and Basant Biswal were given full protection. This had immediately turned the rising public aversion to Naveen Patnaik into strong public admiration for him.

Yet, his conduct as Chief Minister was too deficient to fetch for him a fresh mandate.

POSCO had already put its eyes on Orissa by then; and for Sonia-led Congress, in that context, continuance of Naveen in the Chief Minister’s chair was more important than victory of its own candidates.

Congress high Command ensured defeat of the Congress in Orissa, not only by jettisoning J.B. Patnaik from the leadership of the province, but also by giving tickets to tainted fellows whom Naveen had dismissed on grounds of corruption.

In order to help Naveen rule the roost, Congress High Command had then appointed a lightweight Jayadev Jena as PCC Chief and used fellows like the Madhya Pradesh scrap Digvijaya Singh to damage whatever semblance of determination was still alive in Orissa PCC leaders to fetch victory for their Party.

Naveen recaptured power, simply because, there was no real opposition to him from the Congress.

However, when the lightweight Jayadev Jena, sans any ability to know how deep was Congress high command’s secret agenda to keep Naveen in the Gadi of Orissa, succeeded in bridging the gap between rival groups of the party and a new hope for success of Congress was discernible in the political horizon, he was suddenly replaced with K.P.Singhdeo, to save the people from the tyranny of whose family, the Congress Party spangled with the Communists in freedom movement, had made spellbinding sacrifices, Baisnab Patnaik absorbing the bullets and Baji Raut entering into martyrdom.

Promulgating himself as “soldier of Sonia Gandhi”, Singhdeo created such a climate that the election was lost to the Congress, when it was sure to win, had Jayadev Jena not been removed.

The Congress members and admirers were shocked to the core; but none of them could dare to confront the central leadership with this reality.

It was clear that KP was killing the Congress.

Howsoever feeble, voice against imposition of her “soldier” by Sonia on members of the Pradesh Congress gathered audible proportion and lest the secret agenda of Sonia to help the POSCO agent in power in Orissa get exposed, hoodwinking assurances were given to Orissa Congress members that no more the leadership would be imposed from above.

They were told to elect their own President and the process started from the block level.

But when the process had reached the final stage and only the PCC President was to be elected, it was clear to the Congress high command that Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra was sure to win. His election as PCC Chief was sure to be most disadvantageous to Naveen.

So, at the last moment, just before the election of the PCC chief, a Sonia emissary stymied the election and shepherded the PCC members to adopt a resolution authorizing Sonia Gandhi to decide who should head the PCC.
And eventually Sonia appointed Niranjan Patnaik to head the PCC.

Patnaik, though a seasoned politician, had also no idea that any strong campaign against Naveen was not to please Sonia to whom the South Korean POSCO was not to be displeased.

Jagdish Tytler was used to destroy the effect of the spectacular rally Niranjan had organized after taking over the PCC reign. Lest the rally be viewed as appropriate expression of mass resentment against Naveen’s misrule and a turning point in favor of the Congress, Tytler instigated enthusiasts to make force-entry into the Assembly, even as anti-Congress agent provocateurs were in their notorious best. Despite this, the legislative wing of the Congress was very ably exposing the Naveen misrule and to cite an instance, had devastated Naveen in the matter of pulse scandal. Sonia sent Tytler again to leash the legislative wing and to the utter frustration of every Congress MLA, their just steps against Naveen were forced to be withdrawn.

And, when election 2014 was due, Niranjan was discarded to revive Jayadev Jena as PCC chief!

Situation was made so sour that the Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh had to leave the Congress at the verge of election to seek an asylum in the camp of Naveen!

This site has all along exposed the motive of the Congress High Command based on circumstantial evidences. There are many disquisitions in these pages on this subject. But I would like you to peruse the following essays to get necessary glimpses of how the central leadership of Congress has continuously sabotaged the Orissa Pradesh Congress to ensure safe continuance of Naveen Patnaik in power. Jayadev Jena will specifically gain if he wants to find out who has really sabotaged the Congress in Orissa. Here are the essays:

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Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

From an Operation Table at Bhubaneswar to All India Institute of Medical Sciences at New Delhi to yet another Operation Table at my workplace city, the time was so tedious and tiring that I had decided to take another week to return to my desk. But let us forget that.

Orissa Legislative Assembly is going to resume its session today. It should rise to restore democracy’s dignity and to cultivate peoples’ confidence in the system of rule by representatives.

Chief Minister Navin Patnaik should, on his own but official accord, make a statement in the House detailing every facet of the political farce that his party BJD has forced the peoples of Orissa to watch during the intervening period.

Ramesh Raut of Athgarh, an independent candidate adopted by BJD when electioneering for the Assembly was in full swing, had resigned without stating any reason and has withdrawn the resignation in reaction to intervening developments that has exposed how democracy has been derailed in Orissa by vested interest politicians in power that Navin Patnaik heads.

As representative, Raut has replaced Ranendra Pratap Swain, who, as BJD candidate, had failed to pass the scrutiny test on the table of the Returning Officer as the BJD ticket submitted in his support was allegedly not genuine.

Navin as party chief has neither claimed that the party ticket was genuine nor has taken any action against whosoever had submitted the controversial ticket knowing the same to be not genuine. But to the bafflement of peoples of Athgarh he and his super shadow Pyari Mohan Mohapatra had taken up electioneering in support of Raut projecting him as the adopted candidate of BJD. A confused Swain had also to campaign for Raut, who, as a contesting candidate, had no confidence that he would win.

When the results came out and Raut was declared the winner, majority of Athgarh voters knew that they were defeated; because they had never voted for Raut. Manipulation of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) by lobbyists of American interest through expert miscreants helped Raut to win the way BJD in Orissa and Congress in the Center are suspected to have won, some say.

Congress leaders of Orissa know that the present Government is an outcome of EVM manipulation. But they are not in a position to say this resolutely as thereby their own party may be disadvantaged.

By the time of elections, Navin Patnaik has forfeited so much credibility that even the BJD General Secretary Dr. Damodar Raut in his journal “Sanchar” had highlighted how soiled had become the “Belgium Glass” meaning Navin’s clean face!

Demoralization had crippled the Government so much that it was seen shying at the Assembly and evading the House.

Goons donning attires of power positions were looting every welfare project, ample instances of which were gushing out of sample audits by the Comptroller and Auditor General.

Apolitical organizations including the World Health Organization were showing how public money was being swindled sans qualms as Navinraj was providing the swindlers with the environment they needed.

Occasions were there when even the Supreme Court had to strip the Navinraj layer by layer in cases of its imprudent patronization to mines-mongers.

Peoples were eating stones to thrive a while even as mothers were distress-selling babies, girls were distress-selling bodies, farmers were distress-selling paddies, workers were becoming bonded and distress-selling labor, self-employed cultivators were getting displaced as Navinraj’s priority was put on private industrial projects.

Majority of the peoples in Orissa were in unbearable distress and were just waiting to avenge all the humiliation and harassment Navinraj had put them to.

It is therefore next to impossible to accept that this tortured majority voted for Navin to form the government again.

How then the BJD grabbed majority berths in Orissa?

A genuine impartial commission of inquiry can find out the truth.

But those who did not vote for BJD believe that the party grabbed the berths through manipulation of EVMs.

The congress that belittled Indian democracy by allying with President Bush, as he then was, of USA in the matter of nuke deal as well as non-alignment and in anti-constitutional partnership with the unscrupulous private trade and industry, had no chance of electoral victory as majority of Indian voters is still not devoid of patriotism. How then it emerged as the single largest berth grabber in the Loksabha?

Majority of Indians suspect that EVM manipulation played the tricks.

Exposures in global media make one understand that Americans have quite a number of expert EVM manipulators. A study conducted by Princeton University researchers had stated that New Jersey’s electronic voting system could be easily hacked about seven minutes and researchers were sure in the report that this exploit could be practically undetectable. Numerous studies have shown that it would be easy to introduce malicious software into e-voting machines and sway an election. According to the findings of a 2007 top-to-bottom review of the voting systems in California, electronic voting machines are not secure. After finding a number of security vulnerabilities in all of the e-voting machines analyzed, Secretary of State Debra Bowen had significantly restricted the use of such systems in the state, limiting them to one per polling place, only to be used by handicapped persons.

So, in USA, expertise has grown to hack EVMs to hijack elections and the administration there has marked it.

In India, the EVMs were also marked for vulnerability to manipulations and when some such instances of manipulations transpired, on specific allegations, the Election Commission had, on December 19, 2005, appointed a committee headed by Prof P V Indersen to find out if results in EVM could be manipulated and the committee in it’s report submitted in September 2006 had confirmed that manipulation was possible and had therefore suggested some measures to check hijacking of elections through EVM.

But the Central Government did not implement the suggestions.

This being the position, Congress in the Center as well as BJD in Orissa that have surprised the voters with unexpected success in fetching berths are being looked at askance even as no agency has exposed this aspect specifically so far.

Lack of exposure by any agency confirms that there is no rivalry amongst manipulation agencies in this matter. This precipitates apprehensions that a single agency, howsoever unseen it be, had engaged EVM manipulators to organize electoral victory for both the Congress and the BJD.

Both these parties, though seemingly political opponents, are of similar inner character. When Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi of the Congress are known for their pro-USA economic stances, Navin of BJD is known as the patron of POSCO that the world looks at in the rays of America.

So there is no reason not to apprehend that lobbyists of American interest to whom power in hands of Manmohan and Navin at New Delhi and Orissa respectively would look more desirable, have no role in their electoral victory through EVM manipulation.

If they have done it, they have done it in such a manner that the dull minds may not mark the mischief.

This mischief might have specifically been employed at Athgarh.

The peoples of this constituency comprising the two famous ex-States namely Athgarh and Tigiria are the peoples whom legendary freedom fighter and revolutionary Braja Kishore Pattanayak was eager to represent in the Assembly. They are the peoples who are marked for having sent to the Assembly some of Orissa’s political top brass of their time such as Radhanath Rath, Pabitra Mohan Pradhan and Janaki Ballav Pattanaik, who were proud to have represented these peoples. Raut was never known to them as a political person having even an iota of political potency. He was not known to have any education, experience and / or ability to play any noteworthy role in law making and making the government function and remain answerable. Why at all should the same peoples have found in him the stuff fit enough to represent them in the Assembly and, that too, by rejecting experienced and capable stalwarts!

A former member of Rajyasabha as well as a former Chief Engineer of Works, each at his level having enough parliamentary and executive experiences were in the fray besides a BJP candidate in this 99 plus percent Hindu dominated constituency.

In this constituency there was no possibility of a man like Raut bagging victory. If here only Raut could win that should make it clear that peoples’ confidence in Navin was so solid that a political nongrata planted by him as an adopted candidate could vanquish heavyweight rivals. That may wipe out doubts, if any, over the unexpected massive victory of BJD.

This is how Raut represents Athgarh. But shenanigans following his victory in the election are such that peoples’ confidence in democracy has been affected more severely than that by suspected EVM manipulation.

Raut on 20th June handed over his single-sentence resignation letter to the Assembly Speaker at Bhubaneswar in total disregard to whatever votes he might have got under Navin’s dazzling publicity blitzkrieg and vanished into underground. Even as media made speculations that he was shanghaied into Swain’s secret den wherefrom his release was not possible before acceptance of his resignation, news spread that he had expressed in writing to withdraw his resignation. Police search parties were pressed on him and even as his family continued to air apprehensions on his life and the Speaker had to issue a summon on him warranting his appearance by 5th July, he surfaced on 4 July 2009 to confirm to the Speaker in his official chamber his withdrawal of resignation and to say that he wants to continue as a member.

By then the political environment of Orissa was already under stench that the shocking silence of the Chief Minister over disappearance of his adopted winner from Athgarh was emitting.

It was emerging that Swain was subjected to a well planned jettisoning by Navin as he was a man who despite being in the treasury bench had no hesitation in castigating the administration in the floor of the Assembly for the marked instances of misrule. He was deliberately not provided with the ticket till the last day of filing of nomination. Selected BJD supporters who filed the nomination papers projecting Swain as the party candidate did not file a genuine ticket. The party boss did not convey to the Returning Officer that Swain was the candidate of BJD. As the nomination papers were rejected, BJD did not raise objections against that; but Raut was readily adopted. Even as Swain has been fighting a case against alleged illegality in rejection of his nomination, Navin kept mum over the resignation and disappearance of Raut in a manner that helped spreading speculations projecting Swain as the villain. The Speaker personally had received the resignation. The way time elapsed without any discernible action at his end, peoples started suspecting that he was perhaps under pressure not to accept the same.

Both the august offices of the CM and the Speaker are lowered in public esteem in this matter. The way BJD’s adopted member has played havoc with democratic dignity is so baffling that Navin who enjoys to be described as the Supremo of his party should explain as to why he had found Raut qualified for his party support and why the votes of Athgarh should not be subjected to public audit to prove that public support to him in Orissa is so real that a man like Raut could win on his goodwill. Another aspect of this sordid drama is that Raut has revealed that Swain through his goons has been insisting that he should refund him the amount of Rs. Two crores that he had invested in his election with the hope that he would vacate the seat for him soon after results were declared. There should be an inquiry to ascertain the truth in this averment as it indicates the bribe given to voters, whosoever besides EVM manipulation if any had voted for Raut.

There should be no doubt over how this event has drastically damaged peoples’ confidence in applied democracy in Orissa. The Assembly should rise to restore peoples’ confidence in right earnest as otherwise the set of members that are supposed to steer the State for next five years may be viewed as enemies of democracy for all times to come.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

A man-eater wrecks havoc. A hunter marks it. His social responsibility commands him to proceed immediately after the tiger and get the area rid of the danger. But he is not in possession of enough ammunition. He has a single barrel gun and a single bullet. He knows, he can unfailingly use that single bullet against the man-eater. So he proceeds. But he finds another tiger with the man-eater in the forest at the same time at the same place and acquainted as he is with the animals of the jungle, instantly recognizes which one of them is the man-eater.

Which of the tigers must he shoot at first? Obviously the man-eater. Because, he knows, the man-eater is the immediate danger to the society and to him as well. He knows, he cannot kill both the tigers at a time with a single bullet. If he kills the tiger other than the man-eater, the man-eater will kill him. If he kills the man-eater, the other tiger may not dare to attack him and in course of time, he may get the area rid of it.

So, to a hunter with a single bullet to use to get his area rid of the greatest danger, using the bullet against the man-eater should be an unavoidable must if the hunter is having his intelligence is integrated with his purpose.

Whosoever loves India and wants to get its political jungle rid of the man-eater, must act against the Congress that has not only sabotaged our national pledge for socialism, but also has been sabotaging our democracy by promoting dynastic hierarchy. Sonia’s two children are being projected as “prince” and “princess” by her factotums as well as by the media in India. What a shame!

This is the party that had given birth to Khalistani terrorism and this is the party that also had allowed Pakistani terrorism spread its tentacles in India by allowing BCCI conduct its business here in blatant disregard to warnings issued by our intelligence agency, RAW. In these pages, there are discussions on how its governments from Indira Gandhi to Rajiv Gandhi to Narasingh Rao had promoted and protected the Pakistani dirty bank of terror, BCCI.

According to Lucy Komisar, “ BCCI was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, a dirty offshore bank that then-president Ronald Reagan’s Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) used to run guns to Saddam Hussein, finance Osama bin Laden, move money in the illegal Iran-Contra operation and carry out other “agency” black ops. President George W. Bush had tried to justify his act to extinguish Hussein by stating that he had links with Bin Laden. Komisar reported that critics had dismissed that statement as an invention. But “they were wrong. There was a link, but not the one Bush was selling. The link between Hussein and Bin Laden was their banker, BCCI.

“But the link went beyond the dictator and the jihadist — it passed through Saudi Arabia and stretched all the way to George W. Bush and his father. The Bushes also benefited privately; one of the Bank’s largest Saudi investors helped bail out George W. Bush’s troubled oil investments” (Inter Pres Service, April 5, 2007).

When against this report of Komisar we recollect the 10th Lok Sabha debate on the Motion on collapse of BCCI (discussed in the preceding posting) that showed how Sri Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister was protecting the dirty Paki bank and the outgoing Loka Sabha debates that showed how as the Prime Minister he subjected us to a nuke deal that was coined by the BCCI beneficiary George W. Bush to provide American traders with a “bonanza”, we feel it justified to diagnose the Congress as the man-eater in India’s political jungle, specifically as it wants the same Manmohan Singh to continue as the PM.

But this man-eater cannot be killed by bullet. It must be killed by ballot.

In a democracy killing of a political party means removing it from power. But in a democracy like India. a party like the Congress cannot be removed from power through mere wishful thinking. Support must be given to a party that is as strong as the Congress. Otherwise, that would be squandering way the ballots and an indirect support to the Congress. In view of this, support to BJP should be the priority preference.

If BJP is supported, Congress could be removed. Patriotism requires Congress to be removed.

Communists have a historical responsibility in making it feasible.

They should come out of the misconceived cocoon of secularism.

All political parties including the communists are communal.

Whosoever does not accept Indian Constitution as his / her only religion and does not work for elimination of all other platforms of theism that are known as religions and prescribes or promulgates codes of conduct parallel to or in contrast with the spirit of Indian constitution, whatever be their names, are communal in their respective environment.

Whosoever displays any religious symbol as his own in the public that comprises members or followers of other religions does so only in order to exhibit the greatness of his or her religious practice; hence is communal.

Whosoever worships any god or recites any religious code in public when the entire public does not belong to his / her own path, is communal.

Political parties of India including the Communists cannot show that they are parties of peoples who are not communal.

So, opposing the BJP under the assumption that it is the only communal party is a misconception from which the Communists should extricate themselves.

By opposing the BJP as communal and by supporting the Congress as secular, the Communists have neither strengthened Communism in India nor have served the common man’s interest in India.

Manmohan Singh’s regime has forced more people to perish under poverty. The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector, appointed by the central government in 2004 to assess the real condition of the unorganized workforce and recommend a better deal, has handed over the final report to the PM. According to it’s finding, 836 million people, comprising 75 percent of India, live on less than Rs. 20 a day!

On the other hand, sample audits conducted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has umpteen times unveiled misappropriation of welfare project funds under Singh’s tenure. The CAG even has said, a sum of Rs.5000 crores from the exchequer has simply vanished! And the looters have enjoyed so much immunity in Manmohan Singh’s regime that not a single instance of any of them having been punished for the loot has come to our knowledge.

Singh’s regime has encouraged plutocracy take over India. This is clear from 1285 men of many crores contesting as candidates against 548 Lok Sabha constituencies this election. The Congress has planted candidates from this category in majority of Lok Sabha constituencies where it is in fray. According to scrutiny of property list submitted by contesting candidates, this is the party that tops the list of crorepati candidates fielded by all the parties. The property list of candidate in election for 15th Lok Sabha clearly shows that money grabbers and black money hoarders in more numbers and in organized manners are eager to hijack our democracy and are in actual advantage. Power has gone to their hand ever since Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister dragged us into GATT and day-by-day they are grabbing power more organizedly. 1285 multimillionaires/ billionaires in fray in 543 Lok Sabha constituencies to represent our peoples of whom about 75 per cent numbering 836 millions perish in slow starvation being bound to live on Rs.20 per day as per report of the latest official commission, is perhaps the worst quagmire our democracy has fallen into. Manmohan Singh’s economic policy has dragged our motherland to this sorry state. And this has been possible because of Communists’ support to Singh despite knowing his role as Finance Minister.

Congress must be isolated to save our country from agents of imperialism. Besides, the dynastic hierarchy that the Congress has promoted must be defeated to save our democracy. The treachery Congress has played against our country in the nuke deal must be avenged. Those who prefer personal political interest to India’s are bragging about forming non-Congress-non-BJP fronts under attire of secularism. Any such front will not serve India. If India is to be saved, it is to be saved from Manmohan Singh, it is to be saved from the collaborators of Manmohan Singh it is t be saved from agents of American imperialism, from the facilitators of plutocracy, from the hijackers of our democracy, from the factors of dynastic hierarchy. Support to any other party than the BJP by the smaller parties would be disastrous to our democracy at the moment.

Majority of Indians has even in the present elections rejected the Congress and the party knows it. So it is trying to net in smaller parties to reorganize a coalition. Its further occupation of power in India will lead to total collapse of Indian democracy. In the guise of secularism this collapse must not be encouraged. The communists ought to understand this. They ought to understand that their role in supporting the Congress has already affected their credibility. It would never be a surprise if they decline in strength in the Lok Sabha after results are declared. It they support Congress again they may never gain back peoples’ faith. Then the scenario would be total disastrous for whatever semblance of democracy we still believe to be having.

In the circumstances, for the Communists – because they are the last hope for our peoples perishing in slow starvation under plutocracy whose wretchedness, as admitted by the latest official commission referred to supra, is compelling their families to live on Rs. 20 per day – priority program should be removal of Congress from power.

And, in order to do it, BJP should be used; because at the moment it is the ablest weapon that one can use against Congress, the man-eater in the political jungle of India.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa’s Chief Election Officer is in the soup as the parallel supremo of ruling BJD, Pyari Mohan Mohaparta has alleged that she is anti-BJD and she has interfered with posting of officials in order to implement her anti-BJD motive. The BJD has moved the Election Commission to enquire into her activities, he has revealed. On the other hand, the BJP and the Congress suspect that she has been helping the BJD as she has failed to act promptly against the most notorious attempt to hijack votes for BJD through manipulation in Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).

The most notorious booth that the phase 2 elections in Orissa witnessed was booth No.160 at Cuttack’s Nimasahi. It was seen that vote for any candidate of any party was being recorded by the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for BJD as the machine was indicating only the BJD symbol.

Confronted with this, the embarrassed polling officials had to stop further voting there even as both the Congress and BJP and all the participants except BJD alleged that the EVM was tampered with to divert other votes to BJD.

Malpractice in polling was rampant.

Confirming this, the Election Commission (EC) has ordered for and executed re-polling in nine booths. They are Booth No.41 (Tigiria) under Athgarh Costituency, 21 (Kolathua) under Mahanga constituency, 23 (Sadangoi) under Pipili constituency, 111 (Asia) under Badachana constituency, 159 (Rampilo) under Sukinda constituency, 26 (Mukundpur) under Dharmasala constituency, 121 (Erancha) under Niali constituency, 213 (Patilo) under Ghasipura constituency and 212 ((Badasarisa) under Bhograi Costituency.

But the EC is surprisingly silent in respect to the booth No.160 of Cuttack’s Nimasahi, where the most notorious malpractice in polling was spotted as mentioned supra.

In a curious turn of event, the EC has called for sort of explanation from the Chief Election Officer (CEO), Orissa, as to why has she not reported rigging in two booths, i.e. Booth No.112 (Bindhyagiri) and Booth No.114 (Gamein) under Nayagarh constituency even though the TV channels have telecasted the rigging live. On investigation the Revenue Divisional Commissioner is convinced that there was rigging not in two but in four of the Booths.

When 22 Booths under Nawarangpur Loksabha constituency are slated for re-polling, suspicion continues to affect the masses in all the areas where voters had to be frustrated because of defective EVMs.

Tampering with EVMs and allied malpractice apart, attempts to capture Booths by BJD goons has shocked the State such as the one exposed in the Talakusuma Booth under Patakura constituency.

Attempts were made to capture this Booth by imported goons led by a BJD member of the outgoing Assembly from Rourkela constituency.

As the genuine voters objected and the local peoples instantly rushed to the rescue of the Booth, the goons fled with the help of the police; but the MLA of BJD could not escape. He was arrested by police and later enlarged. But when Police had admitted him in the SCB Medical College, Cuttack for treatment needed, if any, as he had reported of beating by the people, he had told a major broadsheet that the son of Bedu (BJD candidate Bed Prakash Agrawal) and his associates fled leaving him behind as a result of which he had to suffer physically. His plea was that he had gone into the Booth as a BJD observer.

It was a Pyari Mohapatra induced attempt to capture the Booth, alleges Bijay Mohapatra, BJP’s contesting candidate.

His allegation does not look wild in view of the fact that the BJD’s parallel supremo had preferred to declare publicly prior to the polling that he had ousted Bijoy from BJD and has made a vow to keep him out of legislative power.

Let us for the time being ignore Pyari’s assertions as mere sophomoric braggadocios of a retired government servant who after carrying out orders of political bosses all through his career is just basking in his surprise success in power-politics.

But, the apolitical community has a right to know as to why the CEO has kept mum as yet on this scenario of Booth Capturing?

Why has she not initiated appropriate action against the BJD MLA, who had admittedly entered into the Booth without any authority?

His plea that he had gone there as an observer of BJD cannot be countenanced as no advance intimation within the legal parameter was in public with the details of the said person vesting in him the authority to enter into the Booth and to interfere with the works of the polling staff as he has admitted.

When the BJD MLA has admitted that Bedu’s son and his Associates were involved with the free-for-all inside the Booth in question, why the CEO has not asked the Police as to how could they flee?

Why she is not clarifying as to what had really happened in the Booth, when in view of EC version on records, Video cameras must have captured the pictures live?

Moreover the occurrences in Talakusumi Booth of Patkura matches with the expressed motive of the BJD’s parallel supremo and circumstantial evidences indicate that the BJD had tried to capture the Booth.

So, why the CEO has been sleeping over this evident assault on democracy by the goons of BJD?

The parallel supremo of BJD has tried to create a cover for the CEO by alleging before the Press that she is anti-BJD. The CEO should not be pro-BJD or anti-BJD. She in fact should not be in favor or against any political party.

But Pyari’s allegation against the CEO looks more like a calculated attempt to detract public attention from her negligence to act rapidly in discernible instances of rigging and Booth capturing and from tampering with EVMs that, like the notorious one at Cuttack’s Nimasahi, visibly transformed the votes in favor of any candidate to votes for the BJD.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The shock was unfathomable not only for the Congress and the BJP but also to the peoples of Cuttack’s Nimasahi when this forenoon, it was chance discovered that marking for any party in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) at Booth No.160, was being recorded as vote for the BJD!

The Polling officials were mum even as the Presiding officer in whose hand was the control key of the EVM fumbled on watching the exposure.

The exposure rendered the Officials so embarrassingly speechless that they had to stop further use of the EVM as well as voting.

The Election Commission awaits report from the District Collector even as peoples are determined to oppose if any credibility is given to votes recorded in the booth.

Is BJD advantaged by continuation of Navin in power through the most farcical confidence vote Indian Democracy has ever witnessed?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Second and final phase of voting in Orissa is witnessing voters’ wrath against polling officers in most of the booths as till now, i.e.noon, the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) are not working.

In the first phase of election on April 16, EVM problems had affected voting in many booths. Voters had taken that to be technical defects. Many voters had gone back from the booths and the day’s last information from the Chief Election Officer had put the polling percentage at 52.6. But on April 17, the percentage was finally placed at 65.9. This enhancement was attributed to casting of votes beyond the voting time as that was allowed to compensate time lost due to defect in EVMs. This high rise in voting numbers was looked at askance in certain quarters, even though general public had accepted it as normal.

But the present scenario is so massive that many peoples suspect that the EVMs are tampered with.

The EVMs are high-tech machines created with excellent technical know-how and carry certificate of faultlessness on the basis of meticulous testing. They should not have shown such defects in normal condition; but they may develop defect only if tampered with, suggest techno-academics that we contacted.

No wonders, voters in a Cuttack booth have manhandled the polling staff suspecting tampering of the EVMs .

Apolitical intellectuals feel that there should be credible inquiry over non-functioning of the EVMs in such massive scale.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Electioneering is over. Voters will now vote in the 2nd phase of general elections in Orissa.

In my considered views, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) is the worst enemy of Orissa like the Congress Party is the worst enemy of India. Both these parties are anti-democracy inasmuch as they are structured on factotumism or, in peoples’ tongue, Golamvad run under autocrats to describe whom the Press has coined the word supremo. The members of these parties are known as workers and the workers, some of them “appointed” as leaders, act as factotums of the supremo of their respective parties.

Both of these parties also share another common character. And, that is their readiness to displace our peoples from their source of livelihood if thereby any capitalist, specifically any foreign capitalist and /or anybody who emits American aura could benefit.

So these are the two parties that our peoples should reject in interest of our democracy and I am sure if our peoples were well informed, there would never have been any possibility of any considered support for any of these parties in Orissa.

This could have been possible had the Communists not forfeited their credibility by hobnobbing with either of these parties. Lack of alternative has been forcing our peoples to mark Hobson’s choice on the ballot papers and I fear, till peoples learn to use ballots as bullets against their class enemies, there will be no end to this syndrome.

So, our peoples that would want to exercise their voting right this time shall have to mark Hobson’s choice on ballot papers in absence of any provision to register their refusal to vote. When Hobson’s choice is unavoidable, the chooser should always try to opt for the best amongst the available lot.

On this premise, notwithstanding how much I abhor BJD and Congress, I will call upon voters of Dhenkanal Loksabha and Khandapara Vidhansabha constituencies to cast their votes in favor of Tathagat Satapathy of BJD and Soumya Ranjan Pattanaik of Congress respectively.

Were I been a voter of any of these constituencies, I could have marked my personal preference accordingly; because these two are two individuals with the stamina of standing alone against party-lines when greater interest of our peoples should so command.

Let me tell first of Sri Soumya Ranjan Pattanaik as he is the candidate of a national party.

Political identity apart, he is the father of Orissa’s first newspaper based on modernity, the multi-editional daily Sambad. As the Secretary of Orissa Union of Journalists, I had organized the working journalists of Sambad into a trade union when his father-in-law Sri J.B.Pattanaik was the Chief Minister. A scribe, who was my close associate in that organization, was dismissed and the conciliation having failed, reference of the dispute to the Industrial Tribunal for adjudication was a must. But the mandarins in the Labor Department did not refer the case and unless the case was referred for adjudication, the affected journalist was not to get justice. And the Industrial Disputes Act had given a carte blanche to the government in the matter of reference. I decided to set fire to this draconian law in front of Orissa Assembly when the House was in session. scp1The picture affixed hereto shows that when I set fire to the I.D.Act in front of the Assembly, the then leader of Opposition, Biju Patnaik had personally witnessed the event and expressed support.

This I recall only to show why should I support Soumya Ranjan. Despite such stance against him as owner of Sambad, he, as Editor thereof, had shown no reluctance to carry my column Singhavalokana (Animadversion) with utmost importance in the editorial page for years till I relinquished writing for the print media. I must put it on records that Soumya Ranjan had displayed extraordinary editorial magnanimity in publishing my writings even though sometimes those were sharp against the administration run by his father-in-law. No other person except him, as I know the newspaper owners-cum-editors of Orissa, could have preferred professionalism to personal relationship as he had in the matter of publishing my column.

So, in my opinion, Soumya Ranjan is a person, who can rise above party line to serve greater cause of Orissa.

Let me now say as to why the other candidate of my choice is Tathagat Satapathy.

He is a man of rare courage and is capable of saying ‘No’ to wrongs of the party boss if thereby Orissa’s greater interest is best served. From many instances, I will cite only two to support my preference.

In these pages there are topics that tell how he alone in BJD could emphatically say that instead of mad rush for IIT and elite institutes of education, emphasis should be on provision of water to cultivable lands. His stance irritated almost all known sycophants of Navin Patnaik; but he stood firm on his opinion.

The other instance recalls Tathagat’s principled opposition to Navin’s father Biju Patnaik.

The land-grabbers had found a great ally in Biju when he was the Chief Minister. They had contrived a design to grab the land on sea between Puri and Konark. And accordingly, establishment of Hotels of international standard was marshaled as ploys.

Biju had gained over the Congress that was in Opposition.

On 9 November 1993, Basant Kumar Biswal revealed the Congress mind in the Orissa Legislative Assembly by declaring that it would be wrong to oppose the allocation of land to the Hotel project under the plea of conservation of forests. He offered total support to Biju’s government in that matter. It is Tathagat Satapathy, a young MLA at that time belonging to Biju’s party, who vehemently opposed the move. He declared that he would never support deforestation of the sea beach in order to hand over the rare seashore land to a pack of industrialists in the guise of hotel establishment. Biju was trying to dereserve the reserved forest to facilitate transfer of the vast stretch of marine land to private industries. Tathagat had challenged that and had exposed the hidden agenda of Biju. He had gone even further to mobilize masses against the design through an editorial in Dharitri on 15 November 1993 wherein he had condemned Biju Patnaik for the treachery he was playing against our peoples by extending help to land-grabbers in total disregard to the interest of Orissa. His principled fight against this design of Biju, even when the Opposition was in his pocket, had stirred up such agitation amongst the members of Janata Dal that Pradip Maharathy had to resign from the post of Deputy Chief Whip in protest against Biju’s conduct and as many as 15 of Janata Dal MPs had to prevail upon the Prime minister at New Delhi to deny permission for deforestation.

So, from Biju to Navin, as I have marked, Tathagat has not hesitated to disapprove wrong steps taken by the party boss and to oppose such steps to the best of his ability.

This makes me feel that in BJD, Tathagat is an individual who deserves support to serve the State further, notwithstanding how bad is his party BJD.