Child Mortality in Shishubhavan: TV Channels worsen the situation

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Shishubhavan, Orissa’s topmost tertiary centre of pediatric treatment has all on a sudden emerged as a child mortality centre because of irresponsible TV hubbub that has led to demolition of public confidence in this super-specialty institute, which has the history of putting back smiles to at least 98 percent of parents by curing their critically ill children.

There is no abnormal rise in mortality rate in the period under television focus. But the TV channels have behaved very abnormally irresponsible. They have created panic in public by reporting on how many children have died, but have never revealed how many critically ill children have been cured in the corresponding period. And they have never reported under what condition and in what stage and manner the children who died were brought to Shishubhavan.

I have studied the situation. The death rate is as usual – 1 to 2 percent.

I have studied the report, which the CDMO, Cuttack has sent to the Government basing upon the result of enquiry conducted by three senior most physicians namely Dr. Ramesh Chandra Panda (ADMO, FW), Dr. Abani Kumar Pattanaik (ADMO, Medical) and Dr. Bhaskar Kar (Spl.Paediatric, DHH,Cuttack). This report, covering the period from August 20 to 24, 2015 as referred to the CDMO clearly says that “adequate treatment was given to all the patients as per requirement” and “all the babies were critically ill at the time of admission“.

The enquiry team should have reported how many babies were admitted in the hospital during the period under reference and/or how many babies were discharged from the hospital on being cured in that time. Sadly, the reference was deficient in this regard and resultantly the enquiry did not cover this aspect. Another enquiry is being conducted by the DMET as the above report has suggested for investigation into “the cause of death” by “a panel of experts (Prof. of Paediatrics)”. We shall wait and watch what the experts would say.

But at this stage we may say that, Shishubhavan is receiving baby patients in critical / terminal stage when survival chances are almost nil.

Due to political and bureaucratic mismanagement the Health Mission has almost failed.

Under the mission, there are 682 Delivery Centres (DC) all over the State, where rural and semi-urban mothers are supposed to be helped with “trained” personnel. The mission is to help expectant mothers reach these Centres through free ambulance service under the care of ‘Asha’ assistants and get physicians’ help in delivery. In any case of complications, the patient is to be taken care of in First Referral Units (FRU). There are 49 such FRUs. Yet, if complications continue, Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) established in every district headquarters hospitals would take care of the newborns. There are 24 NICUs in Orissa.

When all these centers fail, the child is referred to the Shishubhavan, where, obviously it reaches in terminal stage. Despite this, 98 to 99 percent children survive by treatment in this hospital.

The TV channels are intriguingly silent over this splendid achievement. They have never let us know in which of the centres like DC, FRU or NICU, in what stage and condition, the child suffered wrongful treatment and why it took turn towards the worse. They have only irresponsibly focused on the Tertiary Centre – Shishubhavan – in a way to project it as a centre of child mortality.

Had the TV Channels done a bit research, they could have easily marked where the defect lies in child care that leads to death even after admission in the Shishubhavan. They have done nothing of this sort, except scathing attack on Shishubhavan. It helps only the private clinics.

I would like to point out two aspects of death, which the noising TV channels have not bothered to deal with.

In respect to the first aspect, I will cite two instances of neonatal deaths occurred during the focused period (20 to 24 August 2015). One is, a 3 days old baby of Anjulata Das of Kultia, Bhadrak who was a case of ‘Birth Asphxia’. The other is, a 4 days old baby of Sebati Bibhar of Mahulpali, Bheden, Bargarh, who succumbed to ‘Septicemia DIC’. In such critical stage, they had undergone long tedious journey on dusty roads in severely unhealthy vehicles from Bhadrak and Bargarh districts respectively. They were at the verge of death, but were not denied admission; because the tertiary centre cannot do that. They were admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where despite all available super-specialty treatment, they succumbed to ‘birth asphyxia’ and ‘septicemia DIC’ respectively. The TV channels bent upon to defame the Shishubhavan have never discussed the environment of death the babies were subjected to before reaching the tertiary centre.

The second aspect is that, all the 30 children, who died during the focused period, are of economically weaker class. Not a single one of them was of the wealthy class.

So, the political economy of neonatal and child mortality was the most important aspect on which the TV channels – if they are truly concerned about baby deaths – should have focused. But they have not. Because of them and other wings of rich irresponsible media, the only most efficient and dependable tertiary centre of Paediatric treatment in Orissa having severely been defamed, parents would not dare now to bring their babies to this hospital. Resultantly, avaricious private clinics would get massive flow of patients and child mortality will stupendously rise, though there shall be no reports on that, as ill equipped private clinics mushrooming all over the State are mostly not reachable to luxuriously living TV journalists who have the notorious ability to interfere with thinking process of their viewers.

In such circumstances, it is incumbent upon the government to put TV media under leash in public interest. TV channels must not be allowed to make journalism anarchic.

Good News for Orissa: HCG Panda Curie Cancer Hospital makes latest PET CT Scanner available

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I survived cancer, not only because of Prof. Dr. N.P.Gupta of AIIMS, New Delhi, but also because of Dr. Tusar Mohapatra of Nuclear Medicine department who had conducted PET CT Scan on me to assist Prof. Gupta to free me from malignancy a decade ago.

I am thrilled to note that this unique advanced system is now available with its latest generation equipment in Orissa as HCG Panda Curie Cancer Hospital has installed it with LSO Crystal Technology, that would save many of our homeland from the disadvantage of rushing to New Delhi or to Mumbai or that type of distant destinations.

When correct and appropriate treatment and favourable outcome depends upon accurate, precise and early diagnosis of any disease including cancer, PET CT Scan is an ultramodern machine with advanced technology for very early diagnosis of disease. It plays a very important role for diagnosis. In comparison to already available imaging procedures in the medical science, i.e.; Ultra Sound, CT Scan and MRI, the PET scan is highly sensitive in detection of pathological tissues in the body like cancer, infections and inflammations.

Chairman-cum- CEO of HCG Group of Hospitals Dr. B.S. Ajai Kumar has declared that they have a planning to provide all such ultra modern facilities in diagnosis and treatment in this centre for the Cancer patients of Orissa.
Prof. Dr. Krupasindhu Panda, the Medical Director of HCG Panda Curie Cancer Hospital, maintains that 50 percent of all cancer patients get cured because of early detection and prompt medical intervention. The new facility of PET CT Scan now easily available to people of Orissa in their own state would immensely enhance the percentage of cure. Happily, Dr. Tusar Mohapatra, about whom I have mentioned above, would be available for the PET CT seekers. The Hospital is also having the services of Radiation Oncology Consultant Dr. Ranjit Kar.

PET CT ScannerPET CT Scanner not only detects the cancer tissues very early in its course, and thus aids in diagnosis, but also it correctly depicts the spread of cancer cells into other parts of the body. That helps appropriate treatment decision whereby unnecessary complicated surgical treatment can be avoided.

In comparison with expensive Chemotherapy, PET scan accurately predicts the treatment response very early in course, so that the decision to continue or discontinue and switching over to second line chemotherapy may be taken. It helps the Radiation Oncologist in giving appropriate and accurate amount of radiation in the cancer tissue. By detecting the recurrence of cancer at very early stage, PET scan helps in instituting early treatment. from cancer, PET Scan plays a very important and valuable role in case of cardiology patients whilst taking decision to go for medical management on stenting procedure or By-Pass surgery.

Patients suffering from memory loss, seizure & brain tumours are also successfully evaluated and thus correct treatment can be instituted.

Patients suffering from prolonged fever that remain undiagnosed for months after repeated and expensive medical tests are also greatly benefited by PET Scan procedure in evaluating fever.

The greatest advantage of PET scan is that the entire body can be scanned within 10 to 15 minutes time. No specific preparation is required before the scanning procedure except a small duration fasting. It doesn’t have any significant side effect.

According to Prof. Panda, the LSO Crystal technology in PET CT Scanner with decay period of 4 nano seconds gives an edge over all other diagnostic procedures facilities available.

DSC01777The picture shows that the new facility was inaugurated by Health Minister Mr. Atanu Sabyasachai on 7th this month, who, while doing so, was getting apprised of on necessity of the machine for the people. Will he learn from Dr. Panda and lead his department to procure and install this essential system in a well connected major hospital like that of the SCB Medical College by equipping the institute with the necessary department of Nuclear Medicine? There are many doctors of Orissa with their super-specialty training in Nuclear medicine, who may be offered suitable postings in the medical college for best utilization of the facility if Sri Nayak so desires. Such a facility in a government medical College would help the people to have PET CT Scan at a marginal price. But has this Government the heart for the people?

However, with the facility offered by the HCG Panda Curie Cancer Hospital, patients of Orissa have no more to travel to distance places like Hyderabad, Mumbai or Delhi to avail this novel imaging facility. And, cost-wise, it would be certainly less than what the outside institutes charge and travel and accommodation expenses call for.

Forgery in the Samaja: Trade Union’s FIR registered Against SoPS Members and IAS (Rtd) Suresh Chandra Mantry

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The forgery committed on Gopabandhu’s Will having been exposed, President of Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association Sri Deviprasanna Nayak had put the information before the IIC of Cantonment Police Station, Cuttack on May 12, 2015 demanding criminal action against the members of the Servants of the People Society as well as a retired IAS officer Suresh Chandra Mantry and a former Editor of the paper Sri Gopalkrushna Mohapatra, for use of the forged Will despite knowing that the same is forged. After inordinate delay of around three weeks, the IIC has registered the FIR on May 31, 2015, under sections 420/465/467/468/471/34 IPC, which are the major penal provisions against the crime of forgery. The punishments under these sections are very stiff.

Section 420 stipulates that “whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived any property to any person, or to make, alter or destroy the whole or any part of a valuable security, or anything which is signed or sealed, and which is capable of being converted into a valuable security, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Section 465 mandates, “Whoever commits forgery shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

Section 468 provides for life imprisonment or imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years and fine. Under this section whosoever is not give life imprisonment, shall be punished with imprisonment up to ten years with fine. Its language is: “Whoever forges a document which purports to be a valuable security or a will, or an authority to adopt a son, or which purports to give authority to any person to make or transfer any valuable security, or to receive the principal, interest or dividends thereon, or to receive or deliver any money, moveable property, or valuable security, or any document purporting to be an acquittance or receipt acknowledging the payment of money, or an acquittance or receipt for the delivery of any moveable property or valuable security, shall be punished with *[imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine”. * Subs. by Act 26 of 1955, s. 117 and Sch., for “transportation for life” (w.e.f. 1-1-1956).

Section 468 provides that “Whoever commits forgery, intending that the *[document or Electronic Record forged] shall be used for the purpose of cheating, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine”. * Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document forged” (w.e.f. 17-10-2000)

But Section 471 is for users of forged Will. The fellow who uses a forged Will shall be punished with imprisonment and fine. It says, “Whoever fraudulently or dishonestly uses as genuine any *[document or electronic record] which he knows or has reason to believe to be a forged **[document or electronic record], shall be punished in the same manner as if he had forged such **[document or electronic record]. * Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document” (w.e.f. 17-10-2000). ** Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document forged” (w.e.f. 17-10-12000)

And, Section 34 provides punishment to gang of criminals. It says, *”When a criminal act is done by several persons in furtherance of the common intention of all, each of such persons is liable for that act in the same manner as if it were done by him alone”. *Subs. by Act 27 of 1870, sec. 1, for the original section.

So, the criminals in the forte of the Samaja and SoPS are now to face the law that calls for imprisonment and fine.

The two fellows who had forged the Will of Gopabandhu – former ministers of Orissa and editors of the paper, Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra –  have died before their crime was detected. Another criminal Manu Bhai Patel has died recently. Another accused – Santosh Kumar Muduli is also dead. Udaynath Sadangi whose name is in the written information is also dead. The trade union shall demand for posthumous punishment to them as they were individually and collectively perpetrators and users of the forgery.

Some other fellows who have been named in the FIR, but not shown as accused, will hopefully come to books by the time the charge sheet would be ready.

The accused enlisted by the investigating officer, pending final updatation of the list, are: (1) Manubhai Patel, (2) Raj Kumar, (3) Deepak Malviya, (4) Vimsen Yadav, (5) Prasanna Vadan Mehta, (6) Onkar Chand, (7) Niranjan Rath, (8) Kirtibhai Pandya, (9) Ajay Kumar, (10) Gopalkrushna Mohapatra, (11)Suresh Chandra mantry, (12) Santosh Kumar Muduli and (13) Lingaraj Mishra. The first and the two last accused persons are, as mentioned supra, dead.

(Note: The 12th accused is not an accused in reality. He is one of the victims of the offenders. The IIC has inadvertently mentioned his name and prefixed it with a nonextistence mark, in place of, according to him, late Radhanath Rath.)

The living culprits have a gang of hounds from the pull of retired IAS officers, IPS officers, and Judges in their service as advisors, who are lobbying for killing of this FIR. They have also a powerful ally in Chief Minister’s Office, who, despite being a junior officer is being regarded as ‘Super Chief Minister’ from whom Cabinet Ministers and Secretaries including the Chief Secretary are getting instructions as if from the Chief Minister. His protection to Samaja hijackers is a great obstacle in action against located culprits that stay safe in the ramparts of the Gopabandhu Bhawan. The inordinate delay in registration of the well documented FIR is because of their pressure.

Book CoverWe in have regularly investigated into and detailed the crime and our book “The Samaja in Maze of Forgery”, very ably compiled by Sri Deviprasanna Nayak is a highly well documented book of rare meticulousness that has become an instant seller. The first edition is at the verge of necessitating a second edition, according to its publisher Sri Pabitra Mohan Maharatha. The reports of are being posted by the ‘Save the Samaja Forum’ in and the ‘save the samaja’ page in social media: Face book. It is noteworthy that the page is getting ever increasing ‘like’s everyday, which indicates that the people all over Orissa have been keeping alert eyes on this matter and appreciating the exposure.

So, despite lobby by the pack of hounds – former IAS, IPS, IFS Officers and Judges – the case cannot die sans action.

With this case, a new chapter in the history of mass action against crime by fellows, who have been dazzling under the arch of journalism misusing the media power of the Samaja, is going to be written in golden letters.

Orissa, keep watch.

Does your father only count, not Madhu babu, not Gopabandhu, not Baji Raut, Mr. Chief Minister?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Dear Chief Minister,
I understand that you have taken the cue from your father Biju Patnaik who transferred his great liability – Kalinga Industries – to IDC in the guise of “gift” to the people of Orissa, when he was the Chief Minister. Justice Khanna, who had presided over the Commission of Enquiry against him, despite being very remarkably lenient, had noted, “The position, as it emerges in the final analysis, is that Mr. Patnaik was able to get rid of and pass on to the IDC the LSF Plant, which in his own words was uneconomical”. In your transferring of your grand father’s old outlived house at Cuttack to the State, to be henceforth repaired and maintained by the Government, under guise of a “gift”, I see the same modus operandi. The house shall not only be a white elephant demanding heavy fodders from the State Exchequer, but also, at State cost, it shall give you your father’s posthumous political utility in power politics.

But, dear Chief Minister, if your ancestral home deserves to be repaired and prepared as a point of tourist interest, attracting people to pay homage to your father, because he had allegedly some undefined dreams for Orissa – such dreams that he had not taught you a single alphabet in Oriya – what about the ancestral homes of the real architects of Orissa, whose dreams coming true, we have our motherland retrieved from filthy grips of our neighboring States?

Does your father only count, not Madhu babu, not Gopabandhu, not Baji Raut, just for example, whose ancestral houses had built them up to make sacrifices for the motherland to the limit that has no comparison?

Would you please come out and say, why State exchequer has never been addressed to preserve their respective birth-campuses so far, despite persistent demands from the public? Why their ancestral homes have not been made State-Monuments? Why the same treatment has not been given to the houses of Laxman Nayak, Veer Surendra Sai and all other martyrs who had laid down their lives in freedom struggle?

Is it not an affront to the wise people of Orissa to squander away the State-exchequer to make a monument in the name of your father whom people of Orissa had rejected for his misrule and who had died as a man whom people had denied another term?

Are you not misusing your father after his death for personal political purpose and thereby not attracting posthumous criticism against your father as people alive in politics generally earn? Is it not real postmortem insult to your father, which you are architecting?

So, please stop posthumous political use of Biju Patnaik. Let him rest in peace.

Stop expenditure from State exchequer for the repair, renovation and extension of your ancestral home. Consult all the political parties and whosoever has research on pre-independence and post-independence personalities marked for their sacrifice for and benevolent service to Orissa. Make a list on whose house should be maintained by the State and made State-monuments. And ensure equal treatment to all of them.

Politics in the name of father is a political nuisance. Becaause of you, Biju Patnaik is now a posthumous politician and therefore, is and would be attracting posthumous criticism. Sad.

Passed away 2014, so also Dhanurdhara Raut

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

DhaanubabuAdvocate Dhanurdhara Raut, a strong believer in God, was 92. Born in the soil of Banki, he had adopted Athgarh for his  residential purpose.

Though law was his profession, his passion was cultivation. We both were founder directors of ‘Athgarh Land Development Bank’. And, I have seen how emotionally he was addressed to marginal farmers’ welfare.

He was like a guardian to me all these days.

Today was his Dasah (the tenth day after death).

While returning from Athgarh after paying him my last homage, the last Sun of the year was setting invisibly under the shroud that the low pressure created at SriLanka has hurled at us. 2014 passed away drenched in untimely rain, so also, Dhanurdhar Raut under tears shed by whosoever has come in contact with him.

But the campaign for recreation of our District out of Cuttack that we both had started has yet to take the necessary momentum.

With Chief Minister at epicenter of suspicion, Chief Secretary should take all land allocation files to his custody immediately

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Allocation of housing plots and houses from discretionary quota were as per orders of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, his former cabinet colleague Samir De has disclosed. This is a serious disclosure.

Concerned files can say whether or not De’s claim is correct. Applications to affidavits, initial clerical notes to final orders of authorities are in the files.

Under Order No. 22188, dated 11.08.2014, Additional Chief Secretary Taradatt, heading a three-member Task Force comprising Commissioner-cum-Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Department as well as Special Secretary to Government in the Department of General Administration as members, had to work under the following Terms of Reference:

I. The scope of review by Task Force will cover the period to from 01.01.1995 31.07.2014 in Bhubaneswar and Cuftack urban areas in respect of (a) all cases of allotment of land/ house/ flat out of discretionary quota and (b) allotment of more than 1 unit of land/ house/ flat to members of the same family; and,
2. The Task Force should submit its findings and recommendations to Government within a period of four months. Simultaneously, the concerned agencies like BDA, CDA, OSHB and GA Department should take action on irregular allotments within this period.

The Terms of Reference is vitiated with serious mischiefs. One is: Making the Secretaries of both the departments where illegal allocations were complained of, members of the Task Force and another is authorizing in the ToR itself “the concerned agencies like BDA, CDA, OSHB and GA Department” to “take action on irregular allotments within this period” of inquiry “simultaneously”.

Such mischief strengthens the suspicion that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, as disclosed by his former ministerial colleague Samir De, is involved with the illegal allocations of housing parcels and readymade houses in prime locations to persons, some of whom have the potentiality to be used as shock absorbers in his vehicle of corruption and some others, whom he uses as his image builders and/or suppressors of news that might be carrying the capability of exposing his misdeeds.

The Task Force has already attracted criticism for not making any mention of many beneficiaries of the discretionary quota. Tallied with the reply of the concerned Minister Puspendra Singhdeo to a question in the Assembly on 11.07.2014, the TF report looks deficient. Some allege, the TF has deliberately omitted certain names to oblige undisclosed power that be; but the report strongly indicates that some of the relevant files were not made available to TF. Non-availability of files must be the reason of the TF’s inability to locate all the instances of criminal favoritism in land/house allocations. So, the TF has very rightly recommended for further in-depth investigation into the misuse of discretionary power by the Minister/Chief Minister. Either the CBI or Judicial Commission of Inquiry can conduct this in-depth investigation.

Had the Chief Minister been honest, he could have used his prerogative by this time to suspend all the illegal and dubious allocations located by TF and taking the involved properties into Government possession in State interest, should have asked the lease holders as to why the allocations would not be nullified. When the illegality in allocation has been located by the TF, the persons involved with this illegality are also known. Criminal prosecution that they deserve should have been initiated by this time.

But the Government is not moving this way, apparently because, besides influential executives – former and incumbent, and Judges of higher judiciary, and commanding commercial tycoons against whom the Government cannot go, the Chief Minister is also involved in this criminal offense.
When a very abysmally small number of news media persons are acting active sentinels of people in this matter, majority of newspapers and channels have started insinuating on credibility of the TF findings. Crabs are making the water muddy when admittedly the TF has not been helped with all required files to locate the full extent of illegal allocations.

But the good news media personnel and judiciary may not be hoodwinked and time may come, the judiciary may ask the CBI or appoint a judicial commission to investigate into the allocation scam.

It is imperative for the Judiciary to appoint such a Commission of Inquiry, because, there are Judges who have grabbed benefits from discretionary quota by swearing in false affidavits. All of these judges and their modus operandi need be brought to clear light and they need be prosecuted for punishment under criminal procedure if the judiciary is to save its own image. If it happens, the concerned files will be source of information.

Therefore, there is every reason to apprehend that concerned files may be destroyed or tampered with to save the scoundrels.

Unless the Chief Secretary, as chief of the Executive Government, immediately warrants every file of every allotment to his custody for safe-keeping thereof, the high-power investigation, which is now of immense imminence, may be defeated.

It is incumbent upon the Chief Secretary to immediately keep the files under lock and key under his direct control with such meticulousness that responsibility for illegal use of discretionary quota could be fixed and penal prosecution could succeed.

Court orders Police to register case against former Judicial Officer

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is not always that a court orders the Police to register a cognizable offence case against a former judicial officer. But retired officer of Orissa Judicial Service C.R.Dash is one such person against whom the Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate (S), Cuttack, in ICC 1001/13, has ordered the Police to take cognizance and register the FIR within 24 hours, which had been gathering dust in the Cantonment Police Station, Cuttack since 3.12.2012.

Samaja gate 1Servants of the People Society, which has illegally occupied the Samaja by using a forged will of Gopabandhu, has transformed the iconic newspaper of Orissa into a crime center, tormenting loyal employees of the newspaper with false and fabricated cases and has resorted to blatant unfair labor practices to keep the workforce intimidated. Labor officials, under pressure from the Chief Minister have sat mum when the illegal management has been trying to destroy the Trade Union of the employees – the Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association (UNEA).

In one such case against the President of UNEA, the said illegal occupiers of the Samaja had appointed a retired Judicial Officer namely C.R.Dash as domestic enquiry officer and had tactfully dragged in a low-paid Machine Helper namely Surendra Behera into where the same officer was holding enquiry into allegations against the President of the Union, Sri Deviprasanna Nayak, on 3.12. 2012 and had forced to depose in their favor as a management witness.

Dash was appointed the enquiry officer on recommendation of Niranjan Rath, on whose allegation the so-called domestic enquiry had been instituted.

He asked Behera to sign on a written, predated document, which under condition of alarm the poor worker had to comply with. The document was dated 1 .12.2012. Dash did not disclose what it was, but disallowed him to write the date under his signature. On the other hand, he prompted Behera to corroborate the management allegations against Nayak. Behera refused to give any false and prompted deposition. But Dash did not bother. He went on dictating the typist the deposition, which Behera had never made and forced him to sit mum till the dictation was over and to sign the typed sheet, after which only he can leave the enquiry hall. Behera panicked, but kept quiet. As the guard grew little inattentive, he rushed out of the room and went to the Cantonment Police Station and filed FIR against the malicious conduct of the Enquiry Officer. In the FIR he apprehended that he may be forced by the Assistant H.R.Manager to sign the paper that the EO had dictated when he should be reporting on normal duty in the night shift. He wanted protection and action against the EO and the A.H.R.M. for criminal conspiracy and act of intimidation.

The corrupt and pressurized police inspector-in-charge did not register the FIR, despite the poor workman running to the P.S. several times. He had to, finally, knock the door of justice seeking direction to the police to take cognizance of the reported offense.

In taking up the case, the S.D.J.M. (S), Cuttack, has observed in his order dated 14.10.14 that, “The alleged offences are cognizable in nature. Hence, I feel it proper, in the interest of justice, that there will be an investigation by the police with regard to the allegation leveled in the complaint”.

And, as such, he has issued orders U/S 156(3), CrPC to the IIC, Cantonment Police Station “to register the complaint petition within 24 hours of receipt of the order and to report compliance promptly”.

And, consequently on 18.10.2014, Behera’s complaint has been registered as FIR No.83 setting on motion Sections 341/294/506/465/468/469 and 34 of Indian Penal Code.