Utkal Bharata, Orissa’s Nationalist Rightist Regional Party Registered: Offers Alternative to BJD in Political Resolution

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Utkal Bharata is now registered as a political party.

Founded by former Parliamentarian Mahameghabahan Aira Kharabela Swain, the party has recently been registered by National Election Commission.

Its number is: 56/145/2011/PPS-1.

The Party had its third core committee session on July 30 wherein a new pattern of enthusiasm and determination to surge ahead to retrieve Orissa’s lost national pride, without in anyway affecting India’s national solidarity, was noticed. Its creed is Oriya nationalism, but it would work with undiluted respect to national integration of India. This preamble to its political objective is reflected in its very name: ‘Utkal Bharata’.

Demand for Special State Status
diminishes Orissa’s self-respect

And, in strict adherence to this objective, in its political resolution, adopted unanimously, it has rejected the idea of Special State Status that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has been seeking for Orissa. By insisting upon such a grace from the Centre, the Chief Minister has projected the State as a beggar, the resolution alleged. We won’t allow the State Government to compromise with the self-respect of the State, it declared.

Two-rupee-rice is counterproductive

Similarly, the political resolution came down heavily upon the scheme of subsidized rice being supplied to BPL people at the rate Rs.2 per Kg. This corrupting scheme, contrived for vote catching, has ruined Orissa’s agriculture sector by denuding agricultural workers of work-culture and making them lazy and lethargic. Ruin of agriculture has ruined the vast scope of rural employment that agriculture had been generating for generations, the resolution has said.

Industrial confidence shattered

Focusing on political chaos the BJD government has pushed the state into, the party has observed that Naveen patnaik’s 13 year old regime has derailed Orissa by rendering the administration rudderless. Internecine rivalry in the ruling party has become so acute and acrimonious that it does not seem to improve. Because of aimless in administration, not only agriculture is now in doldrums, but also industry has declined, corruption being at the core of affairs that affects industrial confidence. By re-induction of persons to the cabinet thrown out of the ministry earlier, the Chief Minister has established that in his government the corrupt is rewarded and this phenomenon has become counterproductive industrially too, the party holds.

Congress in nexus with Naveen

According to the political resolution, the Congress party is hoodwinking the people in matter of opposition to BJD. In reality, the Congress party has stayed a BJD’s collaborator in corruption and crime against the people as evidenced in absence of action against its MLAs who did not vote for Congress candidate in 2010 Rajyasabha election, which helped the BJD.

The other points that indicates to secret pact between BJD and Congress are: non-imposition of President’s rule after smash of BJD-BJP coalition in 2009; Central ministers visiting Orissa keeping mom over unveiled corruption in centrally funded schemes and the Centre’s blatant and deliberate reluctance to press the CBI to investigate into the mega mining scams carried out in Orissa.

This patronization to Naveen Patnaik’s misrule besides, the massive corruption indulged into by the UPA government in the Centre run under leadership of Congress has exposed the Congress as so much corrupt, that a government under Congress in Orissa cannot be countenanced, the party has said.

BJP would be opposed

On the other hand, the national principal opposition party, the BJP, which presently is in a leaderless state, it trying to coalesce again with BJD. If it materializes, in no way Orissa would benefit.

Therefore, the party resolved to keep away from the Congress, the BJP and the BJD and to oppose them, in order to give the people a transparent, competent, non-corrupt administration that would never compromise with self-respect of Orissa.

Land Health Card

Founder of the party Sri Swain, in elaborating the political resolution, declared that on coming to power, the party will use the Agriculture University as consultant to cultivators who would be provided with ‘Land Health Cards’ to guide them with scientific cultivation. So that, agricultural production would increase. It would stop the two-rupee-rice supply, so that wage earners would be active and agriculture would get proper man-power.

Academic Institutes to be referral points

Education in Orissa is so mismanaged that none of the universities and institutes is able to make a mark in national scenario. The party would change the scenario by making the academic institutes referral points to their respective locality, which would lead to enhancement in standard of education, Swain said.

High Court bench in Sambalpur
WODC Headqrs in Bolangir

While supporting the popular demand for a bench of the Orissa High Court in Western Orissa at Sambalpur, Swain stressed on shifting of the headquarters of the Western Orissa Development Council to Bolangir.

Swain’s address was laced with usual rightist rhetoric against Maoism.

Branches already in 28 districts

In placing he organizational report, Secretary of the Party, Ms. Bratati Chatterjee informed that in 28 out of 30 districts of Orissa the party has its branches whereas in the rest two districts, where district committees are yet to be formally formed, the party has already its active members who are taking up various party programs.

A distinguished group of political and non-political intellectuals watched the proceedings as observers.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Law will take its own course – is a dialogue that always emits from the lips of Chief Minister Navin Patnaik whenever the drama of his administration unveils a new scene of felony against our people.

The people have enough tolerated this idiotic dialogue because of their magnanimity. But they won’t any more.

He had no political experience when he was posted as Chief Minister by Biju’s discredited barrel-bearers, who, sans a mask, had no chance of entering into the power corridor in post-Biju Orissa. Therefore the phrase “Law will take its own course” was taken as his ploy to escape immediate responsibility pending action. But with passage of time, it was clear that he had no inclination to take any appropriate action against any illegality and he had developed the habit of saying “law will take its own course’ as a trick to cover up all illegalities.

It is a shame that he is unable to understand what the law says. Umpteen times, in these pages, we have shown instances of his inability to understand the laws; Ardhendu Sarangi’s case being the latest.

In my last discussion in this matter, I have shown how Sarangi obstructed medico-legal steps of the on-duty doctors of capital hospital in order to suppress the criminal offense perpetrated in the privacy of his residence. From tampering with the cuprous delicti to concealing the crime commissioned, every punishable aspect of his criminal conduct has been exposed therein.

The apprehension expressed therein that cultivation of a surrogate offender in exchange of money for saving their skins by the Sarangis might not be ruled out has almost come true as the man, arrested by Police, has disclosed how he succumbed to allurement of job and cash offered by the Sarangis in claiming responsibility for the offense he never committed. A TV channel report having carried this disclosure, local newspapers have made headlines thereon and though 3 days have elapsed, neither Sarangis nor the police have dared to deny it.

So, the Sarangis, particularly Ardhendu is guilty of concealment of the crime committed by him or any or all of his family, individually or collectively, in the guarded privacy of his residence on May 21, 2008 against life of class IV employee Ramesh Sethi, who was illegally pressed on domestic works. He is guilty further of keeping the crime concealed by cowing down on-duty doctors of capital hospital and for having intervened in discharge of their medico-legal duties. If the disclosure hinted to above is not incorrect, Sarangi is guilty of cultivating a surrogate offender to conceal the crime and to derail the legal investigation.

Chief Minister Navin Patnaik can save his own skin if he peruses the legal position discussed in these pages in this specific matter and, being the Police minister himself, initiate action against the Police Officer who has deliberately sloughed over Section 39 of Cr.P.C. and relevant sections of IPC as yet and collaborated with Sarangi in projecting a surrogate offender in an attempt to protect the real offender in this case.

During last eight years in power he has not been able to learn Oriya even when non-Oriya officers posted to Orissa are finding it easy to learn this beautiful language within two to three months of their posting. Therefore I have my doubts on his ability to learn. Whether or not he is able to learn the law in this case is a matter for him to prove for which it would be desirable on his part to discard the “law will take its own course” dialogue and act.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa’s worst ever government has neglected the cause of IIT as a result of which instead of commencing on the soil of Orissa it would start functioning in West Bengal’s Kharagpur where it shall continue till people force the administration to amend its conduct.

On March 28, 2008, when the Central Government declared through a Press note that “actual establishment” of the IIT “would depend on how quickly the concerned State Government responds by allotting adequate land at suitable location”, we in these pages had urged upon the State Government to “rise promptly to the occasion and offer land for the Institute without loss of time”.

We had recalled how “Orissa had lost the National Institute of Science to West Bengal, as the State Government did not offer land for it in time”.

On enquiry, we had found that though the National Development Council (NDC) had endorsed the IIT for Orissa as far back as in December 2007, the State Government was sitting idle over it.

By that time, four of the eight IITs endorsed by NDC had already been announced, one each for Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh.

Had Orissa Government acted watchfully, we had noted, it should have already kept the lands ready to offer for the purpose.

The Chief Minister could have asked the Resident Commissioner at New Delhi to pursue the matter. The State Government keeping itself abreast of every development should have taken all steps to expedite it while keeping the necessary land ready for the Institute and also a building ready for its commencement.

We had warned Orissa Government that delay in allotment of land may mar the possibility of IIT getting started in Orissa.

And, that has happened.

Orissa IIT is not going to start in Orissa. It will start in West Bengal’s Kharagpur as Navin Patnaik’s government, busy in satisfying the land thirst of Anil Agrawal, Ravishankar gangs has failed to locate land for this most Institute IT.

It may not be out of place to mention here that a group of netizens who have acted as Orissa’s sentinels, had aired sincere concerns as the central government had first announced four out of the eight IITs endorsed by NDC in four States leaving Orissa in the lurch.

Taking the cue, Navin Patnaik, along with his sycophants had tried to divert public attention from his misrule by instigating the general public of Orissa to rise in revolt against Central Government on the IIT demand.

It is a shame that the same person has sat nonchalantly over the issue and has not bothered to allot necessary lands for the IIT as a result of which it has failed to start on Orissa soil.

Who to blame? Our people have taken a wrong decision under compelling circumstances to have a kera Oriya as our Chief Minister, who instead of treating Orissa as the motherland, has been posing as if it is his father’s fiefdom.

If you need an example to show how democracy dwindles into self-defeat when peoples do not cast informed votes but cast their votes in a flow of emotion, you can cite Orissa without any hesitation.

Orissa is the most melancholic example of self-defeat; because, being the first State in whole of India to have resurrected itself only on the basis of a very unique mass upsurge to save its beautiful and ancient language from the evil designs of non-Oriya neighbors like the Bengalis, it has fallen into the hands of a kera Oriya, whom sycophants of yester years’ political hypocrite and mafia Biju Patnaik have clamped on the gullible people as the Chief Minister of the State, who after grabbing power, has remained more busy in transferring Orissa’s lands and natural resources to non-Oriyas than in providing necessary lands to the landless inhabitants of the State and in protecting lands of even the marginal farmers from the pernicious trap contrived by non-Oriya traders and land grabbers.

You can cite Orissa as the State where a section of its advantaged inhabitants are competing in ingratiating themselves to the Chief Minister even to the extent of trying to play his Goebbles, some with an eye on prime plots under his grace and some, eager to grab, if perchance, the non-Oriya land grabbers in their avatars as industrialists or educationists or educational industrialists or industrial educationists throw aside any orts.

The situation that helped Navin grab power in Orissa has six backgrounds:

(1) The Congress government that he succeeded had almost collapsed due to subterfuge from within by ministers like Basant Biswal and Bhagavat Mohanty;

(2) IAS Officers like D.N.Padhi having played havoc with peoples’ lives in the context of 1999 apocalypse went unpunished that provoked the people to punish the Congress government for such non-governance;

(3) Sonia Gandhi’s sophomoric handling of Orissa affairs that led to jettisoning of J.B.Pattanaik when he should have been strongly supported rendered the organization rudderless;

(4) Dramatic emergence of Giridhar Gamang as substitute of J.B. only to be shown the door the moment he suspended D.N.Padhi over polythene scam followed by a more bitter blunder of posting Hemanand Biswal as CM that resembled appointment of Subedars by Mogul Badsahs and demoralized the Congress cadres to the point of no-recovery before the general elections;

(5) Meretricious tears shed by Orissa’s circle of political hypocrites over Biju’s demise sufficed to generate a sympathy wave in the gullible hearts of simple-natured Oriyas for his bereaved family; and

(6) The political factotums of Biju Patnaik, who smelled power in the wake of such sympathy, were aware of the fact that none amongst them had any credibility to be consecrated as the CM.

So, Naveen as CM is a CM by chance; but so convinced is he of his invincibility with the main rival, the Congress, taking everyday a turn towards the worse due to Sonia-Singh combine’s unbridled lobbying for USA on the one hand and on the other, the sensitive elements in its fold getting ever more disillusioned due to mother-sponsored projection of son Rahul as the final answer to its leadership quest, that he feels that there is no necessity for him to bother for the public sector in Orissa in order to retain his position.

This is why the State has not yet bothered to allot land for the IIT and consequently it has failed to start on the soil of Orissa.

We have been accustomed to insult to our mother tongue by being compelled by the political hooligans to proceed with a kera Oriya as our CM. We will have also to be accustomed to insult over commencement of the first IIT of our State on a neighboring soil just because our State government has failed to house it.

Sycophants, where have you led us!


Let Biswabhusan of BJP lead the coalition in greater interest of Orissa.

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Assembly, in the midst of budget session has broken down. It could not conduct its business today. It was not a case of stonewalling; it was a case of continuous abandonment of the Chair by the Speaker. Never before the Assembly had experienced such a self-killing melancholy.

It is a shame that the Chief Minister has failed so measurably in leading the State that his own party MLAs have pushed the rampart of democracy into the fold of mobocracy in the matter of a lady marshal versus the Speaker.

We have suggested that the lady marshal should be first subjected to a polygraph test in order to scientifically determine as to whether she is telling the truth in raising allegation of sexual harassment against the Speaker; specifically as she has raised this allegation while facing charges for repeated dereliction in duty. If she is found to have told the truth, the ruling coalition should ask the Speaker to step down pending penal action. This being a case of honor of a lady and honor of a democracy, prompt medico-legal action for determination of the truth is seriously needed. But the Chief Minister is too confused and deficient in political acumen to proceed in right direction.

It is shocking that the CM has declared to take action against the Speaker if he would be found guilty in an inquiry to be conducted. Subjecting a Speaker to investigations by a Police team or a House Committee or a Probe Commission is detrimental to the dignity of the highly esteem office he holds. Even if the investigation remains impartial, the Speaker would continue to be looked at askance in case he gets a clean chit and that would be more harmful for democracy. So, in such instances, where a delinquent lady raises allegation of sexual harassment against the person under whose orders she has been subjected to disciplinary proceedings, the lady must be tested first with a lie dictator in order to know if she is not playing tricks to frame up the disciplinary authority and to derail the proceedings. Otherwise, in no office where women work, discipline can be maintained. If polygraph test indicates that the lady is not telling a lie, political functionaries like the Speaker must forthwith be sacked by way of political action and then, the Government can proceed to prosecute him for the crime. Chief Minister Navin Patnaik has failed to understand this point.

His reluctance to proceed promptly and diligently has encouraged publicity mongers and chaosists to rule the roost. House has collapsed before passing of the budget. As the leader of the House it was his duty and responsibility to convince the Opposition on the correctness of action he is taking; but instead, he has used confrontational stances.

The Opposition under its politically more astute leaders had taken steps today to ensure that the chair abandoned by the Speaker remains free of occupation by others. Technically they were right as the Speaker, while abandoning his chair, had not expressed from his podium any authorization to any other member including the Deputy Speaker to chair the House. So, the business of the day could not commence and the session collapsed. It could have resumed only if the Speaker would have returned to his chair. But in the afternoon, a member of the presidium, encircled by women members of the ruling coalition, tried to force-occupy the Speaker’s chair sans authority and precipitated a free-for-all situation wherein, according to the women members, modesty was the casualty.

It became clear that instead of protecting democracy, the government wants protection under mobocracy.

Such ruin had never visited Orissa.

The Chief Minister should admit that it would have been better had he more experience in politics. The ruling coalition should admit this too and change the leadership. The State is in a crisis. To overcome the crisis, the ruling coalition should search for a more experienced member from its within in order to replace Navin. If I could have any role to play politically, I would have suggested that Biswabhusan Harichandan of BJP should replace Navin. The BJP strongman is not known of any specific corruption, He is more experienced in politics and is an accomplished expert in Law and more importantly, he is regarded as a strongman of Oriya nationality. The BJD should admit that though Biju sycophants are in abundance in its fold, there is none amongst its members to be chosen as a Chief Minister. Therefore, in order to save Orissa from the ongoing and ever increasing political turmoil, it should prevail upon Navin to invite the BJP stalwart to head a collective leadership.

If BJD adjusts it ego, the State may be saved.

It seems legally sound that the Assembly needs to be called afresh by the Governor to pass the budget. But by then Navin should not be in the CM chair to further mar its march under confusion.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The anti-people politicians have started venturing a new method to cover up the misdeeds of their masters when they had grabbed power so that voters may be again hoodwinked in the quickly approaching elections. Demand for award of Barat Ratna to Atal Behari Vajpayee as well as to Biju Patnaik by Advani and Navin, interpretable as the demand of BJP and BJD respectively, unfurls this evil design.

Both Vajpayee and Biju have a common identity. They are identifiable as persons thrown out of power by the people who resolutely refused them fresh mandates as in their cogent views they had misused their mandates when in power.

The fraud played on the peoples of India by Vajpayee in the name of Bharat Udaya was so conspicuous by its design against democracy that the Election Commission had to reprimand his government for misutilization of hundreds of crores of Rupees from public exchequer in his propaganda, which was politically pregnant to cover up his misrule and to deliver advantage for BJP by brainwashing the voters.

It is well on records that the EC had to order for removal of all the hoardings funded by the Central government, to highlight the achievements of his government as Vajpayee was seeking a fresh mandate in 2004. It is also well on records that the peoples of India had refused him a fresh mandate.

His tenure as Prime Minister was a tenure of mischief and conspiracy against our people.

He had a team comprising commission agents who were amassing personal wealth at the cost of the country. His blue-eyed boy Pramod Mahajan, son of a hand-to-mouth schoolteacher, amassing 2000 crores of Rupees and succumbing to family feud at a tender age under intoxicating impact of black money is a minor pointer to this.

Minor because in term of treachery against the country that Vajpayee had displayed in his solidarity with Fernandez in whose official residence collection of bribe for fixing weapon deals was exposed and whose tenure as Defense Minister had attracted scathing objections from the official auditors of defense expenditures, was so massive in mischief that Mahajan’s offense cannot but be minor in comparison.

His regime was absolutely anti-people.

Even as he was pushing the country into a denser debt-trap, he was destroying the factor of our stamina for clearing the debts by helping private profiteers usurp our nation’s sources of income, the public sector undertakings.

He was trying to destroy the relevance and desirability of all the industries and undertakings owned by our people in the public sector.

His game plan was disastrous inasmuch as thereby he was denuding the country of her national assets so that private profiteers could take over them for their own benefit. He had created a ministry of disinvestments to execute this game plan as expeditiously as possible.

What happens in personal life? Anybody of us can borrow money to improve financially by using that money in an enterprise. If that enterprise is sold away before repayment of the borrowed money, the financier takes over all other properties of the borrower to realize his claim.

As in personal life, so also is in a country’s life. The money borrowed from foreign countries and organizations can be repaid only if the means of productions in our country remain under ownership of the country. As a step towards this we had made investments in Public Sector. But Vajpayee made a disinvestments Ministry and sold away the Public Sector Units to private profiteers, oblivious of how India, unable to repay the loans sans her own sources of income, would remain vulnerable to transgression by the foreign investors.

His and the governments of the like of his had by their corrupt practices ruined our country’s economy and had made us dependant on loans from foreign countries including USA and World Bank. Instead of paying attention to development of agriculture and avenues for autonomous rural social forces that the British had deliberately ruined in order to keep us so weak that we may not gather strength to dethrone it, the post-independence power-grabbers, assisted by the elite civil servants inherited from British but retained in the new nomenclature of I.A.S., like a visitor to red-light district poses as an aristocrat on borrowed money, preferred to be projected as “Rulers” of independent India and in order to satisfy such recognition thirst, went on borrowing from foreign markets and basking with that borrowed money in the glamour of Indian rich by steering the country’s plans and programs into their profit pits in return for election funds most of which was going to their personal pockets. But none of them, except Vajpayee had created a Ministry of disinvestments and through it had sold away our Public Sector Industries and Undertakings to private profiteers.

His concentration in contributing to causes of the rich had pushed our rural population into a state of inanimation and people were succumbing to starvation. But instead of looking for remedies, he was adamant in denying starvation deaths even in the floor of the Parliament using Puppet Press for the nefarious purpose.

Therefore, his Bharat Udaya (India shining) slogan was taken by our people as a fraud played on them. They refused him a fresh mandate.

A negotiation with the search engine of this site as well as in saubhasya.com would unfurl factual aspects of frauds played by Biju on our people. Without going into that, one can also know that when Biju died he was not in power. People of Orissa had refused him a fresh mandate to run the State so full of misdeeds was his administration when he was the Chief Minister.

By demanding Bharat Ratna for these rejected politicians who were refused fresh mandates by our people because of their anti-people activities Advani and Navin and for that matter BJP and BJD are trying to cover-up their misdeeds in order to play politics in their names again.

It would be an offense against our people if these censurable politicians are decorated, in case of Vajpayee alive and in case of Biju posthumously, with Bharat Ratna.

As we have earlier observed, the country’s civilian honors including Bharat Ratna, guided mostly by nepotism and favoritism, are not only Extra-Constitutional, but also are Anti-Constitution.

The individuals who have no respect for our Constitution have raised their demands for Bharat Ratna to Vajpayee and Biju.

What next!


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Political nationality has become so irrelevant for Orissa Government that when a Christian communalist leader, John Dayal, was allowed free passage into Kandhamal, a former Chief Minister of Orissa, Mr. Hemanand Biswal, though a Hindu Tribal, known for his spotlessly clear secular conduct and gentlemanly manners amongst politicians, was debarred from paying a visit to the district of Nature’s simplicity that is now burning under communal conflicts between the Christians and the Hindus.

The Central Government under Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh is no less responsible for such impasse. With Sonia, born Christian, as the uncrowned Empress of the set-up that Dr. Singh runs as the PM, Christian communalists have seemingly emerged as dictators of the terms of administration. Had it not been so, the Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil would not have left Kandhamal without meeting the affected Hindu tribes.

Patil seems to have committed himself only to the Christians under pressure from the Congress leadership. By telling the Congress party secretary Tom Vadakkan, who met him with a Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) delegation on December 31, “If you insist, the government will consider” for an inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), he has given enough indication that his ministry is ready to comply with any request if that suits the Christians.

He had not enquired from the Congress Secretary as to who was really responsible for the precipitation and what loss the other side of the tussle, the Hindus had suffered; as if trying to know of that would have been unbecoming of him! But he had lost no time in assuring the Christian delegation led by the Congress Secretary that all necessary steps to ensure protection for their members in Kandhamal would be immediately taken and proper compensation to the affected would immediately be paid.

With this mindset when he visited Kandhamal on January 2, he acted such clumsily that suggested that his only mission was as if to express solidarity with the Christian community.

Had he acted as the Home Minister of India he should have met all the rival communities and all the political parties to determine the reasons and remedies of the instant impasse. But he acted a Congress minister committed to confirm that the Christians being the minority community are the victims.

He embarrassed everybody who is against communalism by making the ministry he presides over a stooge of minority communalism.

Sycophants of Sonia are no doubt in the central ministry; but the central ministry becoming a protector of minority communalism is a misfortune for the country.

The country needs a ministry that will not protect any communalism: majority or minority.

But this is not possible in the present regime when the Prime Minister of the country is dancing to the tune of minority communalism that the Christians are playing!

Singh lent his ears to Gladys Staines, wife of Christian conversion activist Graham Staines, who the world believes to have been killed by Hindu fanatic Dara Singh, as she alleged that the Christians in Kandhamal are victims of communal conflict and lost no time in assuring her on the same day, i .e. 31 December 2007, that his Government “will not tolerate any efforts aimed at disturbing the communal harmony or secular fabric of our country”. If such calculated words of Singh were not meant against antagonists of minority communalism, his Home Minister could never have dared to completely ignore the Hindus during his assessment tour in Orissa.

India as a country is unique. It is the only country in the world where majority community has rejected the party of majority communality.

An USA interest server – as evidenced in the nuke deal – Man Mohan Singh could never have got the chance to become the country’s Prime Minister had majority Hindus of India not rejected BJP, the party of Hindutva, as to them, majority communality was also dangerous to democracy.

But it is also a country that has lost its limbs to the minority communality while extricating itself from foreign yoke. Alarmingly, the same minority communality has started asserting itself again against Indian sovereignty by test-attacking Bangladeshi authoress Taslima Nasreen at Hyderabad, by three MLAs of the Muslim Ittehadul Muslimeen (MiM) when she was addressing a press conference on August 09, 2007, even though she has practically been given Indian asylum. To say the least, the MiM action was an affront to Indian sovereignty; but to our bewilderment, MiM continues to enjoy partnership with Congress in enjoying power in Andhra Pradesh even after this assault on our sovereignty.

It would be wrong not to note that Muslim intellectuals have condemned the MiM attack on Taslima in no uncertain terms.

But despite that, in Kolkata, the activists of another outfit of minority communalism, All India Minorities Forum, unleashed such violence on its streets in demanding her ousting from there that the left front government had to pack her off with an air ticket to Jaipur, Rajsthan, on November 22, 2007 where later she alleged that she was not informed of her destination before reaching the airport. This indicates how alarming was the situation precipitated by a body of minority communalism in Kolkata, the citadel of left wing politics. But no sooner she reached Jaipur than she was shunted out to New Delhi as, of course, a guest of Rajsthan under insurmountable pressure from another organization of minority communalism, the All India Milli Council that had threatened the State with dire consequences if she was allowed stay any longer in Jaipur. On November 29, 2007, responding to her insistence that she should be taken back to Kolkata, as she alleged that she was as if in a prison in Delhi, Government of India told her stoutly that she should stay in Delhi in the condition she was required to stay or face deportation to Bangladesh from where she has come. Such a response from Government of India run by Dr. Man Mohan Singh is not surprising taking into consideration the Congress alliance with MiM that was the first to have physically assaulted Taslima at Hyderabad.

When Muslim minority communalism has in such a style asserted against Indian sovereignty in Taslima context, Christian minority communalism has not fallen behind. With the Central Government being steered by Sonia Gandhi it has become so very awesomely strong that the Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil could not dare to meet the worst affected Hindus during his tour to Kandhamal lest he earns wrath of the Christians.

It is the Christians who precipitated violence. They erected a pendal on December 24, 2007 on the main road of Brahamanigaon to celebrate Christmas. The Hindu community of the locality objected to encroachment of the main road and advised the Christians to keep the road free. Christians dismissed them, which precipitated a showdown. Hindus destroyed the illegal pendal in retaliation to which Christian militants, armed with firearms, attacked the Hindus of the locality on December 25. Hindu houses were set on fire and a Hindu activist Laxmananda Saraswati was attacked near Daringbadi when he was heading for Brahmanigaon to perform a scheduled yagna. Sensing trouble, the Police rescued affected Hindus from Brahmanigaon and sheltered them in the Police Station. But Christian militancy has become so menacing that a mob of over 500 armed Christians attacked the PS with guns to kill the sheltered Hindus precipitating a gun-battle between them and the Police in which three of the Police personnel were severely injured when four of the attackers were reportedly killed. Infuriated, the Hindus, obviously the majority community, have reacted by making Christian prayer houses the objects of their rage.

Kandhamal district has a population of about 6,00,000 out of which Christians have succeeded in converting 1,50,000 into their fold and now through militancy as witnessed on December 25, 2007, they want to expand their hegemony. So, if anything, the ongoing impasse is the outcome of Christian minority communalism in Kandhamal.

Unfortunately the Union Home Minister did not allow himself to look into this reality.

The minority commission, the official apparatus for appeasement of minority communalism, also did not look into this side of the episode where agony of the affected majority community is lying unnoticed.

Smaller political parties like the Communists or the Samajvadi Party, under political compulsions (the party of the hoarders, black-market operators and private profiteers being also the party of Hindutva), are lenient to minority communities. This helps minority communalism in a major way, as has been our latest experience in the case of Taslima Nasreen in Kolkata.

So, India has now become of favorite prop of minority communalism. Though majority community in India is Hindu, majority of Indians are averse to the party of Hindutva as being a perpetrator of majority communalism that strangulates democracy, it is also the party of black market and private profit and is of narrow outlook. So very mean-minded is this party of vested interest Hindutva that when the institution of Sikh communalism, Akal Takht recognized the assassins of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (as she then was) as martyrs, it rather enjoyed that affront to our sovereignty.

This is another blot on India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (B.J.P.), which has, no doubt, decided to look the other way simply because honoring the former Congress leader’s killers fits splendidly with its unprincipled and partisan agenda,

commented even the Sikh Times.

It is known to history that the proto-stars of this vested interest party of Hindutva had done everything to increase intensity of majority communalism during the days of freedom movement, which had conversely flared up Muslim minority communalism that precipitated the partition.

It was then the outfit of Indian traders who were eager to replace the British traders in power so that the liberated country should provide them with their cherished market.

And without communalizing the majority they had no chance of grabbing power as majority of the freedom fighters as well as the people of India had adopted socialism as the creed on which the country was to be constructed. Therefore, they had tried to communalize the Hindus, as they were the majority.

They succeeded in pushing the country into partitioning but could not succeed in taking over power from the British. In power politics the party of majority communalism i.e. Hindu communalism was not supported by majority of Indians.

An ambitious but unstable Narasimha Rao having occupied Prime Minister’s chair, USA got a tremendous chance to use its stooge Man Mohan Singh to sabotage our Constitution and to subject our country to its hegemony by tagging us to GATT behind back of our Parliament, ushering in an era of scams and subterfuge, the like of which the country had never experienced. Had this frustrating experience not pushed our people into a panic and confusion, they would never have acquiesced into a circumstance where the vested interest party of Hindutva that prides over termination of Ganhiji’s life in the hands of a criminal like Nathuram and continues to pride over his posthumous denigration, could never have come to a position of heading a coalition government in the Center. Once in power, this party of private profiteers played such havoc with the life of the majority of Indians that its government opting for a premature death, a Hobson’s choice has ushered in the Congress to power again whereupon treacheries against our people like the nuke deal with USA are being projected as Indian decisions!

Hurt again and again under such treacheries, our peoples, mostly illiterate and unemployed, are resigned to fate and as refuge under fate leads into faith in the unknown and unknown is approachable only through religion, religious nationalism is slowly but steadily replacing political nationalism that had come to us through our struggle for freedom.

Knowing this process of metamorphosis, the vested interest elements are now active in transforming religious nationalism to religious passion. Religious passion gets expression in aggressive communalism and aggressive communalism in its natural course of applicability gets expressed in communal militancy and gives birth to communal nationalism. So, all sorts of religious nationalism in India are sharply changing into communal nationalism with devastative threat to political nationalism. When political nationalism becomes weak or irrelevant, imperialism gets it convenient to grab that nation. Agents of imperialism precipitate this situation by siding with communal nationalism, be it majority nationalism or minority nationalism.

Kandhamal is one of the laboratories of this mischief.

If you love India, defeat this mischief. Reject the agents of imperialism. Reject religions. Refuse to subdue your social entity to communal nationality.

And, to do this, you are to rise in revolt against accumulation of property in private hands. The founding fathers of our constitution had regretted that under unavoidable situations prevalent in the time of our independence they were compelled to keep right to property as a fundamental right as they were to finalize the Constitution not by “consensus” but by “accommodation” of the interests of the “propertied class”. Giving vent to his awareness of the shortcomings of the Constitution due to “accommodation” of “Right to property” as a “Fundamental Right”, Dr. Ambedkar, in his reply to the debate on the third reading of the Constitution, had said,

On 26th January 1950, we are going to enter into life of contradiction. In politics we will have equality and in social and economic rights we will have inequality. In politics, we will be recognizing the principle of one man and one vote, one value. In our social and economic rights we shall by reason of our social and economic structure, continue to deny one man one value…We must remove this contradiction at the earliest possible moment or else those who suffer from inequality will blow up the structure of political democracy which this Assembly has so laboriously built up. (Constituent Assembly Debates, Vol.XI, p.979)

The inequality, to which our countrymen are subjected to, the mischief of denial of one-man one value in social as well as economic strata, is a mischief that is protected by the Fundamental Rights over Right to property. All the communalists are the protectors of this mischief. As Ambedkar had rightly predicted, unless this mischief is removed, India will fail to retain its relevance. And, then, who, other than the imperialists, would gain?

Faith in religion, belief in fate amongst the general public helps safe accumulation of property in private hands and the inequality that spreads needs more faith in religion and more belief in fate that the religious teachers or preachers ensure. These religious teachers or preachers cook up communalism, as this is the only device to keep the exploited people divided. With people divided, a country succumbs to imperialism.

So, if you love India, if you want our motherland to retain our independence and sovereignty, understand that faith in religion, belief in fate and collaboration with communalism are the weapons of imperialism that are in use against our political nationalism.

Rise against it. Defeat this design. Raise your voice against accumulation of property in private hands. Rise to remove the contradiction imbedded in our Constitution in form of Fundamental Rights to property, the contradiction on prompt removal of which the founding father of our Constitution had put so much stress, leaving the responsibility to post-independence generation of Indians.

If you rise against inequality and rise against communalism, agents of imperialism belonging even to your own generation, espousing shamelessly the interests of foreign and inland capitalists in India, may not be in dearth to oppose you.

But do not bother. Your motherland needs you.

Kandhamal is just a point wherein you can assess this need.



Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

As a man of Tigiria, I am thrilled to know that my land has given a new contribution to the world of excellence in the shape of Surya Sahoo, who has been honored for being a champion entrepreneur in the business world.

Tigiria’s contributions to world of culture is immense.

The world famous Odissi dance, had its origin, incognito, in Tigiria. It was created by a prince of Tigiria, Jadunatha @ Jadumani Tunga Rai Simha. Later Kavichandra Kali Charan Pattanayak had given it the name of Odissi.

Prince Jadunatha had developed this wonderful dance system by amalgamating the love dance Alasha nrtya, then prevalent in the coastal belt of Orissa and martial dance of Tigiria named in his family name as Tunganrtya and codified the manners of this new dance form by providing it with a scripture captioned as Abhinaya Darpana Prakasha, which, in the words of eminent scholar Pt. Kedar Nath Mohapatra,“has got wide circulation in the land, as the classical ‘Odisi’ dance and ‘Odisi’ music were being regulated by the injunctions given in this work” (Contribution of Orissa to Sanskrit Literature, Orissa Sahitya Akademi, 1960, p. CXCIX).

Pt. Mohapatra has further noted,“Jadunatha Simha, the author of this work was a chief of the Tigiria royal family of the ex-State Tigiria, not far from the city of Cuttack” (Ibid).

Raja Gopinath Tunga Champatisimha, his predecessor in the throne had authored Veera Sarvaswa, which is regarded as the grammar of warfare that, over and above missilery, for the first time had codified the training techniques of war animals.

The world famous ikat (bandha) fabric of Orissa owe its excellence to Tigiria. This is evidenced by the very fact that all the sets of Bandha fabrics- Sadhi, Khandua, Pheta and Phuta– needed for Sri Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra during a year comes from Nuapatna of Tigiria. Madala Panji has recorded that the Gajapati King of Orissa had requested the Raja of Tigiria to prevail upon the weavers of Nuapatana to continue supply of the bandha fabrics to the deities in return of which he had offered them hereditary positions of Patra.

Eberhard Fischer and Dinanath Pathy at Chapter 12 of Jayadeva And Gitagovinda (Harman Publishing House, New Delhi, 1995), citing their earlier research with Sitakant Mohapatra in the team captioned Orissa, Kunst and Kultur in Nordost Indian have noted,

The ikat technique of tie-dying threads before weaving to produce multicolored designs in the warp, or in the weft, or in the combined wrap and weft, was practiced by Orissa weavers since several centuries in simple forms, especially in the region of Nuapatana and Tigiria where silk was used as raw material.

Even in development of these “simple forms” to multi-designed pictorial motifs, the earliest historical documents they have discovered depict Tigiria as the source of such excellent textile technology.

The late legendary Bibhuti Kanungo had learnt this technique from a master weaver of Nuapatana, namely Arjuna Subuddhi, staying in his house for months during my childhood days and had transferred this technique to weavers of Sambalpur through Krutartha Acharya for which he was awarded by the central government. The words in the citation of felicitation that he was given bears proof of this. By adopting the Tigiria technique, Sambalpuri Vastra has surged ahead.

It is Tigiria where Mahamahopadhyaya Chandra Sekhara Simha Samanta (Pathani Samanta) had mastered astrology under the famous scholar of his time Bhubaneshwara Badapanda and it is Tigiria, that in modern times, has given the world one of the finest philologists in Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak.

But twentieth century’s only Mahakavya in Sanskrit Matrumukti Muktavali (Published by Orissa Sahitya Akademi) also comes from Tigiria, Prof. Jayakrushna Mishra being its author.

Bengalis owe the origin of their first library of palm leaf manuscripts to Tigiria, as at Shantiniketan it was begun with hundreds of such manuscripts, most of them rare and original, donated to Visva Bharati for referral use of the world by the Raja of Tigiria when Dr. D.P.Pattanayak was working there as a member of faculty.

Now Surya, as the Sun is called, has illuminated our other side of the globe.

As said above, Tigiria, though the smallest amongst all the ex-princely states of India, has a lot of contributions to many distinguished fields of human pursuits.

The latest in the list, Surya, the “champion entrepreneur in the business world” as Houston Business Journal of November 16-22, 2007 depicts, makes me as a Tigirian happy beyond description.

I thank Prof. Debasmita Misra for having shared with all of us Oriyas, through his forum ‘myodisa’ this pleasing news of this honor bestowed upon Surya.

So nicely and so aptly Prof. Misra has put his pride to pen that I think, I should reproduce it in its entirety in these pages.

This is what has said Prof. Debasmita Misra.

How many of us have come across the name of Surya Sahoo? Except for the Houston bAsi oDiAs of USA, not many.

However, if you read the Houston Business Journal of November 16-22, 2007, you will be proud to see a simple smiley face of this individual who has been honored for being a champion entrepreneur in the Business World.

Fairing originally from Panchagan, Tigiria of Cuttack District, the journal states that as a child, even while counting the stars at night, Surya Sahoo always had a technical aptitude. ‘We have seen quite difficult times in our early married days’, says his wife Kabita Sahoo. Surya graduated from NIT Rourkela in Chemical Engineering in 1986 and did his MS and Ph.D. from University of Memphis, TN in Environmental and Civil Engineering, respectively.

In 2000, Surya Sahoo, along with his wife Kabita and sons Amlan and Ishan, initiated the company called Institute of Information Technology (IIT) in the outskirts of Houston, TX. Getting vehicles where they need to be in the least amount of time possible is the goal of the Institute of Information Technology Inc. Located in The Woodlands, the privately owned company founded of Surya Sahoo, combines Geographic Information Systems technology with operations research optimization methods to provide solutions to a variety of spatially based challenges. ‘Basically we develop software applications that address the problems businesses find in their industry that are spatially based,’ says Clive Thomas, chief operations officer for the Institute of Information Technology. ‘Distance and space is a critical factor to be able to route vehicles
efficiently, and we support those challenges.’ (cf. Houston Business Journal)

Surya’s business acumen and his leadership has been recognized consistently through awards such as,

1. Fast Tech 50 Award in 2003
2. Who’s Who in the Heritage Registry in 2004-2005
3. Franz Edelman Finalist Award in 2004
4. Fast Tech 50 Award in 2004
5. Enterprise Champion Award from Fast Tech 50 in 2007

Faring from a simple oDiA family, Surya has reached a point in his career, where he has made everyone proud. Despite his achievements and accomplishments, he is a person with immense humility and generosity. He has increased his employees by 40% over the last year by expanding his operations. He is being considered now as a leading businessperson of Houston.

Surya Sahoo’s parents are Sri Bansidhar Sahoo (Retd. Asst. Engineer) and Smt. Kumudini Sahoo. His wife Kabita Sahoo’s parents are Sri Sankar Sahu (Retd. Reader in Physics) and Smt. Pravasini Sahu (Retd. Asst. Teacher) of Bargarh, oDishA. I am sure, their blessings have made Surya and Kabita to achieve what they have today.

Such achievements should be an encouragement for all oDiAs. Please join me to give a big hand to Surya and Kabita Sahoo for their success. Please pass on this message to all oDiAs so that Surya and Kabita be the inspiration in the heart of any aspiring entrepreuner. A profile of their acomplishments will appear in Duradrusti, January Edition, 2008. I have attached a brief note to this communication for your perusal.

On behalf of myodisa, I offer my sincere CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to Surya, Kabita, Amlan and Ishan.