Scribes stress on action against rowdy medicos and IIC of Mangalabag P.S.

Cuttack based scribes belonging to both the print and electronic media, in a signed memorandum to Orissa’s Director General of Police today stressed on action against medicos who kidnapped two reporters of Naxatra News from the medicine indoor of SCB Medical College on June 15 and tortured them in wrongful confinement for more than two hours. They also demanded stern action against the inspector-in-charge of Police of Mangalabag PS for discernible siding with the rowdy medicos.


Members of the presidium of Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) Prasanta Patnaik and Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and coordinator of Save the Samaja Forum Pabitra Maharatha accompanied the aggrieved scribes in a major rally to Police headquarters. In absence of the DGP, the memorandum was received by Additional DGP Mr. Sanjib Marik.

tortured journalist briefs the ADGP

The tortured scribes, Chittaranjan Samantray and Debasis Mohanty gave a detail description of how they were shanghaied into wrongful confinement in a hostel of the medical college by a gang of around a hundred medical students and interns and physically tortured. They were forced to kneel down for hours and then forced to proceed to the same medicine indoor for begging apology before the indoor patients before whom on June 14 they had raised objections to what the house surgeons had said about the father of Samantray.

Samantray’s father was admitted into the medicine ward for treatment. The house surgeons pronounced that the senior Samantray had developed damage in both his kidneys and insisted that he should be shifted to a private hospital. Samantray was shocked, because no pathological investigation had indicated about any damage to the kidneys and he protested. This irked the house surgeons and they started rebuking him in filthy language. An embarrassed and shocked Samantray tried to capture the highly atrocious conduct of the medicos; but obstructed, he went to the unit head and professor of medicine, Dr. Siddharth Das and placed before him his grievances. Dr. Das rushed to the spot and investigated into the matter and as all co-patients of the indoor ward corroborated the allegations raised by Samantray, asked the errant medicos not to work in the same ward. This further irritated the medicos.

When next day, June 15, he had come to attend his father, his co-reporter Debasis had also come with him to meet the professor in his indoor chamber in matter of his ailing mother. Seeing them in the indoor corridor, the miscreant medicos jumped on them and whisked them away into the hostel, where they were kept in wrongful confinement and tortured.

The gory part of the incident is that the IIC of Mangalabag Mr. Shariffudin having come to the spot on SOS message from the affected scribe remained a silent spectator of the torture and willfully neglected to register the FIR filed by them and was later seen entertaining the miscreant medicos in his chamber and registering a parallel FIR filed by them in order to create a confusion in course of criminal justice dispensation.


About 50 scribes, while collectively presenting their Memorandum, informed the ADGP that the same IIC is terrorizing them and urged upon him to investigate into his conduct and discipline him. Besides the two victims of medico-police atrocity, the memorialists included, amongst others, Pradip Sahu,Navdeep Das,Cittaranjan Mishra, Satchidanand Behera, Gopal Mohapatra, Matrudatta Mohanty,Prasanta Mohanty, Jyotiprakash Rao, Bikash Sharma, Abhi Mohanty, Amardev Nayak, Rajkishore Panda, Pratap Chandra Sahoo, Devi Prasanna Khuntia, Rajkishore Mohanty, Ch. Jagannath Patra, Satyajit Mishra, Saroj Kumar Mallik,Ajaya Kumar Das, Pabitra Maharatha, Prasanta Patnaik and Subhas Chandra Pattanayak.

The ADGP has assured to take suitable action in the matter and expeditiously.

Land Ceiling was Nandini’s landmark contribution: Brinda Karat

nandini's birthday

One of the most popular Information Ministers India has ever had and former Chief MInister of Orissa late Nandini Satpathy was paid glowing tributes for her progressive contributions when her 82 birthday was observed with deliberations on “Social divisions in the society and the ways to overcome it” in the State Information Center (Jaya Dev Bhawan) on June 10.

CPI(M) Politburo member Brinda Karat and Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhury were the guests. Satpathy’s son and carrier of her legacy Tathagat, who, besides being a member of Indian Parliament in the Loksabha, is the editor of Dharitri of which she was the founder, presided.

Brinda focused on why, despite death, Nandini is alive.

She was in lifelong link with the people in the grassroots and had used her power to usher in progressive reforms with specific purpose to help the downtrodden proceed towards prosperity, which has kept her alive, she said.

She had joined politics, as a conscious revolutionary initiated into marxism, epitomizing the ideals of her famous elder father Bhagavati Panigrahi, and despite her metamorphosis into power politics under the canopy of the Congress party, she had not drifted away from her original revolutionary ideals while holding positions in the Central Council of Ministers and accepting Chief-ministerial responsibilities in Orissa,said Brinda.

It is she who had generated dreams for employment through industry in Orissa by establishing such employment generating undertaking in the public sector and in order to self employment in agriculture, she had not only used her chief-ministerial powers to formulate and promulgate a first of its kind Land Reforms Act, but also had made the most landmark contribution to progressive economy by promulgating land ceiling in Orissa, that was yet again a pioneering step towards liberating the most essential raw material of a agricultural society – the land – from concentration in the hands of a few people who do not cultivate.

A multi-dimensional personality, she was a colorful politician that epitomized elite manners but remained glued to expectation of the poor in right earnest which was reflected in her administration, addressed to pro-poor programs and in her literary works spangled with dreams and aspirations of the disadvantaged, she said.

With the petals of her observation on Nandini, Brinda dwelled on the topic of how to overcome social division. The traditional divisive factors like castes and communal identities apart, economic inequality has emerged as the divide that needs be effectively removed if social division is to be tackled, she said. Concentration of wealth in marginal few to the impoverishment of the majority is the problem that the conscious citizens everywhere are battling against. She was sure, mass resentment against social divide will succeed, because the people are increasingly getting more informed and meretricious assurances of pro-rich power-holders are reaching the last stage of reliability. Determined mass involvement in movements against the existing divide will expedite its end, she said.

Audience responded to Brinda’s observation with standing ovation.

Echoing Brinda, national Congress spokesperson Ms. Chowdhury, as the chief speaker, observed that change is inevitable, as Indian society, despite continuity of social divide, has changed from a stage of ‘Sati’ to women making their marks of success in public domains. That the governments, over the times, have framed various progressive laws such as Right to Education Act, is evidence of the change the society is marching towards. She stressed on mass awakening against factors of social division, as “the onus is on us to bring the changes”, she said.

Sri Satpathy told that the main aim behind having the debate on this revolutionary subject on the birthday of the late leader was to bring in new ideas, new thoughts, new people and a new visions into our thinking process that can refine the dreams and aspirations of intellectuals of Orissa, with the experience of others who have remarkable practical involvement in overcoming the hurdles social divide creates on the way to development and thanked both the speakers for the rich input they gave to the topic.

Ms. Adyasha Satpathy presented both the guests with their respective portraits drawn by eminent artist Manas Jena to resounding applaud from the audience.

Indian postal department has issued a special post card in Nandini’s honor. Both the guests formally made the card public.
post card in honor of nandini

Naveen Govt. signs MoU with a ghost company, helps ESSAR use the same to its benefit

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The fraud Naveen Patnaik has partnered with a non-Oriya company called ESSAR Steel Orissa Ltd (hereinafter called ESSAR) is so monstrous that a Judicial Commission of Inquiry should be the minimum to probe into the offense in order to bring in discipline to errant administration.

ESSAR is facing environmental prosecution preferred by two responsible citizens of the State, Sri Sarbeswar Mishra and Sri Murli Monohar Sharma in the National Green Tribunal for having subjected River Baitarani to a stratagem of trapping through a huge intake well dug on her chest. But, action is essential against the government functionaries including the Chief Minister for injuring the people of Orissa with a MoU with a non-existent organization called Hy-Grade Pellet Limited and allowing ESSAR to use the same MoU to acquire Government Land, and to use public resources for its own benefit.

Now as the trapping of Bitarani is subjected to environmental jurisprudence in the NGT and there is every possibility of focus on the crime, ESSAR has dismantled the huge intake well it had dug on the chest of Baitarani. It is guilty of dismantling the corpus delicti of its crime when the National Green tribunal is hearing the case against the mischief.

The gory details of the offense, one believes, will come out in course of hearing before the NGT. But we are shocked to see that ESSAR has acquired huge public land and proceeded with construction of its plant, even though it has no authority to do so. The goriest part of the mischief is that it has not even signed the MoU with the State Government!

The fraud Naveen has subjected Orissa to, in this particular case, is grievous. He has made the Government in the department of Steel and Mines sign a MoU with HGPL on 21 April 2005 though by that date the company was not in existence and has forced Orissa officials to act on this MoU in favor of ESSAR!
Orissa Government officials have worked as its slaves in allocating it lands and allowing it to build up the intake well to trap Baitarani for its nefarious exploitation.

When the harmful stratagem of trapping the Baitarani was designed, it is Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who, being the minister of water resources, should have, as the custodian of public interest, acted against ESSAR. But, he didn’t act. Why he didn’t act against ESSAR, despite the discernible violation of relevant Laws, is a matter that calls for his explanation to the people.

He owes explanation to the people in many more matters.

Not accepting but acceding for sake of argument that the ESSAR is the same as HGPL, one deserves the Chief Minister’s answer as to why he has sat nonchalant when Laws of the land as well as its forests and Eco-systems are being raped by ESSAR.

He being a Chief Minister with limited powers to work under the Constitution guided by its Preamble, where from he got a carte blanche to gift away the water of Baitarani to a private firm when the River is not a creation of his Government; and the Government is not the owner thereof, but a mere custodian? And, why his Government failed to appreciate this position?

Why his government did not act to stop the construction of the illegal and unauthorized intake well, when people of different places living on the banks of Baitarani and dependent on her water, raised their voice against the illegality?

Why he did not support Sarbeswar Mishra and Murli Monohar Sharma when they, having all their democratic and peaceful attempts to save the Revered River Baitarani from being so brutally subjected to the traps of ESSAR gone unheeded to, finally preferred an application under section 18(1) read with Section 14 (1) of the National Green Tribunal Act, 2010, as responsible citizens devoted to public well-being?

Why has he not diligently acted when ESSAR has dismantled the intake well that obliterates the corpus delicti of the crime when the matter is actively under environmental jurisprudence before the nation’s Green Tribunal?

His decision as a chief minister to co-operate with ESSAR might have been driven by a desire to usher in an avenue of employment for the local public, as he has been claiming. But in reality the ESSAR system is designed to precipitate unemployment.

The ESSAR system would use Baitarani water to transport ores to inland destination through slurry pipelines is bound to do away with the scopes for road transportation.

Advocate Bibhu Prasad Tripathy, representing Mishra and Sharma in Case No. 89 of 2012 before the NGT says, drawing of water from Baitarani for transportation of iron ore through slurry pipelines and other industrial purposes directly violates environmental laws besides inflicting serious injuries on the riparian community. The Government of India in the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the government of Orissa in the Department of Water Resources, and concerned District Collectors-cum-Magistrates are evading “statutory obligations” casted upon them for protecting and improving the quality of the environment, he points out. Dismantling of the intake well is as illegal and arbitrary as construction of the same, maintains Advocate Tripathy.

When of late, his government has waked up to the cries of agriculture and has projected a special budget for agriculture, why has he been co-operating in industrial squandering away of the water of River Baitarani? Is the agriculture budget a gadget to befool the farmers?

When the MoU was signed on 21 April 2005, why was it not signed directly with ESSAR, but was signed with HGPL that had lost its life on 10 February 2005? What is the secret purpose behind this fraud?

The so-called MoU with HGPL, which Naveen administration has allowed ESSAR to use to its benefit, in its ‘General Clauges’ (G) (j), has made it a must for the State Government to withdraw all facilities offered to the company in case of non-implementation of the terms and condition, laid down under the MoU. Adherence to Environmental and Forest Laws by the Company is of cardinal importance therein.

But from communications from the Field Officers of the Government, it is seen that ESSAR has constantly contravened the Environmental and Forest Acts.

As for example, the Tahsildar of Barbil, in his report to the Collector and District Magistrate of Keonjhar, vide letter No. 3666, dated 19 October 2011 has mentioned, “there is a clear violation of the orders of the Collector for which action deemed proper may kindly be initiated against M/s Essar Steel Ltd”.

What was the order of the Collector that the Company (ESSAR) contravened?

To see the order, we go to the Collector’s communication No. 960/G & M of 4 August 2011 that tells ESSAR, “In this context, you are hereby noticed not to undertake any construction activities in the non-forest land till final approval orders of diversion of forest land for the project is received”.

It transpired from the same order of the Collector that ESSAR had not submitted any valid document “regarding permission for installation and construction of the project from the Government”. So, it was asked to “show cause with proof of documents” within seven days.

This information gives birth to another question: How in absence of valid documents regarding permission for installation and construction of the project” the Collector/ concerned officials have allocated lands for the project? Have they acted under telephonic instructions of somebody whose telephonic order is too powerful to be ignored? Who that somebody is else than the Chief Minister?

It deserves mention that there was no relevant response to the Collector’s notice; and obviously therefore, the Collector had to ask the Tahsildar to visit the spot and report if his orders were honored.

The Tahsildar visited the site of ESSAR project on 19 October 2011 and reported on the same day that “civil works like construction of boundary wall ……. was going on involving masons and laborers”.

So, ESSAR was caught red-handed by the Tahsildar while contravening the Collector’s prohibitory orders.

Why the Collector had to issue the prohibitory Orders?

This was because, he was forced to issue such an order under compulsion of circumstances, as the company continued to violate the Environment and Forest laws and “public complain” was rising in velocity at his end.

The company had earlier been booked under Orissa Forest Act 1972 for blatant brutalization of the reserved forests while proceeding with laying slurry pipelines sans any authority and legality.

From “show cause notice” issued by Forest Range Officer of Champua Range on 25 June 2011 vide No. 350, it transpires that ESSAR had excavated the soil and laid the slurry pipe line “without forest clearance” and had stored slurry pipes in Naibuga Reserve Forest in which “connection” OR case No. 67ch was instituted against it.

The Collector also mentions of OR case No. 66CH of 2011-12 under the Forest Act while confronting it with the following words: “Prior to obtaining the approval of Govt. of India, MOEF as required under Forest Conservation Act, your agency have already laid pipelines and started construction work in the non-forest land which violates point 4.4 of Chapter 4 of the guidelines of the F.C.Act, 1980 as the project involves both forest and non-forest land. ……………….. Also you have violated the condition at point 4.4 of the F. C. Act, 1980 by constructing a beneficiation plant over 80.0 acres of non-forest land”.

In his Memo No. 5758 captioned “violation of guidelines of Forest Conservation Act, 1980 by M/s Essar Steel Orissa Ltd” sent to the Chief Conservator of Forests on 6 July 2011, the Divisional Forest Officer of Keonjhar has informed, “In spite of repeated instructions, the user agency (ESSAR) has continued the work of laying slurry pipe line and construction of beneficiation plant in non-forest area violating the guidelines of Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980”.

On spot visit we found that it has also laid slurry pipe line on forest land and on public roads. At the top of all its illegal activities, it had constructed the huge intake well on the Chest of Baitarani, which it has now dismantled after NGT has taken up the case against it.

These are just a few samples of how the company has contravened the terms and conditions of the MoU signed with HGPL, if at all it is bound to the same.

Naveen Patnaik is required to explain to the public as to why his government has not withdrawn itself from the said instrument so far, in view of the stipulations laid down in the MoU itself.

New Year Exposure // Orissa Chief Minister suspected to have acted a Comprador

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

With Naveen Patnaik as the Chief Minister, it was not possible for the State Government to say ‘no’ to Reliance. Hence the government contrived an idea to shift Orissa’s busiest Bus terminus from Badambadi of Cuttack to a new venue in order to help Ambani acquire the most precious land in the most densely populated City.

Orissa High Court in a recent judgment has quashed that allocation to Reliance.

But when the conspiracy was being cooked up, in order to eliminate possible public outcry over the design, the administration was used to convince the people that the most densely populated ancient City of the State needs a large ultramodern Bus terminus in a vastly specious open land in the outskirts.

the foundation stoneFor this purpose, Naveen had laid the foundation of the new Bus stand in Sector 15 of Abhinav Bidanasi of Cuttack Municipal Corporation, on February 10, 2004 on a very vast picturesque stretch of open land adjoining the Naraj Barrage Bungalow on the bank of River Kathjory overlooking the great water body created by the Barrage.

Besides the Mayor of Cuttack Ms.Nibedita Pradhan and Deputy Mayor Madhusudan Sahu, Corporators Dharmesh Nayak and Pramod Behera, the political acolytes of Naveen Patnaik that had witnessed the foundation were Cuttack MP Bhartruhari Mahtab, Urban Development Minister and a resident of Cuttack City Samir De, Works Minister Kalandi Behera, Housing Development Minister and a resident of Cuttack City Ranendra Pratap Swain, and Finance (State) Minister Panchanan Kanungo. Even as the above named occupiers of Cuttack Municipal Corporation have been rejected by the city inhabitants, except Mahtab, all other occupiers of ministerial berths have lost their positions. Swain was unceremoniously dismissed from the council of ministers for reasons known only to Naveen Patnaik and then debarred from contesting the Assembly polls through the kitchen room conspiracy. He fought against the man whom Naveen had helped to bag his constituency and won the battle in the Supreme Court and then won the by-election that has put him back in the Assembly as a member. Behera, who had to resign from the cabinet on exposure of his conduct as the patron of hooch killers, now represents the constituency of Cuttack Sadar, where, in the climate of reservation of constituencies for Scheduled Caste people, he was just a Hobson’s choice.

All the above witnesses to the foundation of Baimundi Bus Stand laid by the Chief Minister on February 10, 2004, have personal, social, economic and political interest in the Cuttack City. Yet within these eight years, none of them has queried about what happened to the said Bus stand. None of them has asked Naveen Patnaik as to why the area developed by the Cuttack Development Authority with huge investment from the State Exchequer, was not proceeding with the construction of the Bus stand, even though, as political activists, they have been witnessing that the Badambadi Bus stand has been creating massive traffic hazards due to inadequacy of its compound and shrinkage thereof due to Naveen’s love with land grabbers like Reliance.

What, then, has happened to the land of the Baimundi Bus stand, conceived, created, and projected as the best alternative to Badambadi?

As a new proposal to shift the Badambadi Bus Terminus to a new location in Gopalpur area on entrance to the city from Bhubaneswar side is put on the anvil, I visited the Baimundi Bus Stand site with Pabitra Maharatha, Convener of Orissa Nadi Suraksha Abhijan, who, as a resident of Cuttack city, had attended the February 10, 2004 event, to find why that project was abandoned. A young Lawyer Ayushman Mahant, who specializes in environment law, was with us.

the gate and boundary under construction
We found the area being bound by high-quality metal grills with king size gates behind the foundation stone. To our query as to why the boundary has left out the foundation stone, a uniformed man guarding the area told us that, the boundary was not of the Bus stand, but of Brindavan Garden, that has occupied the land. He could not tell us anything about Brindavan Guarden; but informed that the grill-boundary was being constructed by the officer-in-charge of the barrage.

The barrage authorities are keeping mum about the Brindavan Gardens, even though their body language suggests that they know everything about hijacking of the Bus Terminus land by Brundavan Garden.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is the Minister in charge and only an idiot can believe that the hijacking of the land he had laid foundation on for the Baimundi Bus Stand has been taken over by Brundavan Garden without his knowledge and cooperation. Construction of the metal grill-boundary around the land by barrage officials strengthens the suspicion that the land is hijacked by the help of the Chief Minister.

Believing that public memory is short, instead of uttering a single word on the Baimundi Bus Stand, the shifting of the Bus Stand from Badambadi to a new location at Gopalpur is being trumpeted. So, it is clear that the Baimundi Bus Stand project is killed clandestinely.

If it is so, then Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik owes an answer to the public as to why this project for which he had laid the foundation stone in 2004 is so clandestinely killed.

the land on the barragethe barrage
And as the Water Resources Department is constructing the iron grill boundary of Brundavan Gardens on the Bus Stand land, the Chief Minister who holds the said department should also tell the public, who this Brundavan Garden belongs to and why his department is constructing the boundary of this garden.

This is necessary; because, whomsoever member of the local public we talked to is suspecting that the Chief Minister has acted a comprador to help Brindavan Garden acquire this vast precious picturesque land of immense public importance and interest by causing clandestine termination of the Baimundi Bus Terminus of which he himself had laid the foundation stone on February 10, 2004.

FDI: Offence Against Paramountcy of India’s Parliament

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is more heinous than all the crimes against the country so far perpetrated by the Congress Party. And the perpetrators of this crime is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who with his cronies in the cabinet has been acting against the people of India in the style of serving the people.

The notification promulgating induction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Multi-Brand Retail Trading is the instant crime that will push the country back into the environment of British rule in India and will severely injure the country’s independence by making it dependant on foreigners.

All the patriots of India are openly against this crime.

And this crime is so very severe that, henceforth, till the criminals are removed from power, there shall be no rest for the patriots.

Like in the phase of nuke deal with USA, Singh will try to survive in power by using the method he had then used, which is a tested method of the Congress party since the days of his model P. V. Narasingh Rao, whose survival as Prime Minister despite loss of credibility and absence of majority in the House, was based on support availed from a section of non-Congress MPs.

Support to satyrs in red-light districts is of course not surprising. But democracy is not a red-light district.Therefore, history has seen how Rao, then the armour of the saboteurs of India’s national resolve for socialism, having been used in subjugating the country to USA hegemony through the gateway of GATT, was thrashed into the dustbin of politics, even though thereby Vajpayee of BJP was to gain. It would be wrong for Singh not to take note of this noting of history.

Damager of Parliamentary dignity

After creating an environment that killed the last session of the Parliament, Singh not only made his cabinet resolve for induction of FDI in Multi-Brand Retail Trading with a further sinister design to divert public attention from the monstrously embarrassing coalgate, but also has enforced the resolution through notification thereof in total disregard to paramountcy of the Parliament where a parliamentary action had put the issue of FDI to rest under Parliamentary jurisdiction.

Let us look into it.

In responding to a calling attention motion from Gurudas Dasgupta (CPI) and Nishikant Dubey (BJP), the then FINANCE Minister Pranab Mukherjee had informed the Loksabha on 25 March 2011 that FDI in Multi-Brand Retail Trading was objected to by majority respondents to the public discussion raised thereon by the Ministry of Commerce, as a result of which, the inter-Ministerial Committee headed by the Senior Economic Advisor to the Department of Consumer Affairs, was unable to make any recommendation.

Those who had interacted with the Committee belonged mostly to the category of farmers, small traders, villagers and Self-Help Groups. They had opposed FDI in multi-brand retail; the Minister had told the House, quoting the Committee.

The Minister had further told the House that it was a problem on which the States should be taken into confidence and had assured the House not to impose any decision before a consensus was arrived at. As leader of the Loksabha, he had repeated this assurance again on 7 December 2011.

Thus a specific assurance was repeatedly given to the Loksabha on 25 March 2011 and 7 December 2011 that FDI would rest, till the States accept the proposal and the proposal earns consensus support.

By virtue of this assurance, the issue of FDI was put under the jurisdiction the Parliament.

The Parliament, specifically the Loksabha, had to know and examine if the States were taken to confidence by Singh administration in the matter of FDI and if consensus support was available to it.

Then only the issue could have been cleared by the Parliament.

It has not happened.

Hence by promulgating induction of FDI in multi-brand retail trading, Singh and his cronies have shown savage contempt against the paramountcy of Parliament and have committed the worst ever crime against the country.

The 20th September Bandh Hartal has made it clear that except the agents of foreign interest and their mindless mad allies, the entire patriotic population in India is against FDI in multi-brand retail trading.

Crime against the Martyrs

Indians are a nation that had given thousands of heads to the martyrdom to free the country from foreigners. Manmohan Singh and his cronies, who do not belong to the gamut of freedom fighters, are nullifying the martyrs’ supreme sacrifices by throwing the country back into the grip of foreign traders. They are shattering the dreams of our freedom fighters. Such crimes against the martyrs and the freedom fighters will never be tolerated by Indian patriots. So, whosoever has patriotism has started to oppose the Singh design.

The imperial Sun will be kept set

When imperialism was epitomized by the British, they had the pride in bragging that the Sun never sets in their Empire. But it is the Indians that had forced the British Sun to set all over the world wherever indigenous people were under its imperial occupation. They will not allow the sun of imperialism rise on their soil again. Revolt of the Trinmul Congress against the UPA and resignation of all the TMC Ministers from Singh’s cabinet is just a beginning in this regard.

To us it is welknown that the traitors in power never stay in power for ever. They act against the people in the style of serving the people, till the people wake up against their treachery and throw them out of power.

The people are waking up. The 20th September Bharat Bandh has blown the trumpet.

The Samaja Editor is under Enforced Hallucination

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

A front page boxed clarification in today’s edition of The Samaja published in fidgeted reaction to the statement of ‘Save The Samaja Forum’ in a press conference yesterday, gives a pathetic feeling that its editor is now under enforced hallucination.

The Samaja was invited to the press meet and had also deputed a reporter to cover the event. The said reporter had not only heard the joint conveners of the Forum, Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and Sri Prasanta Patnaik addressing the Press, but also had been supplied with a copy of the written statement on which both the conveners had elaborated.

But, instead of publishing the information transmitted to his representative in the press meet, including document-based allegation of forgery against the Servants of the People Society (SoPS), and massive, unpunished misappropriation of the funds of The Samaja by functionaries of the SoPS, and unfair labor practice resorted to by the dubious occupiers of The Samaja, the editor has published the boxed clarification, denigrating therein the persons that are trying to save The samaja.

This clarification has failed to deny the allegation that the SoPS has hijacked The Samaja by forging a will of Pt. Gopabandhu Das.

It has failed to deny the allegation of massive misappropriation of the funds of The Samaja by the SoPS functionaries.

It has failed to counter the fact-based revelation of monstrous irregularities in finances of The Samaja.

It has failed to deny unfair labor practices resorted to against leaders of the employees association.

It has failed to produce the true will, if any, of Gopabandhu Das, if that differs from the one had exposed on 8 August 2012 and the Forum had displayed in the press meet and distributed amongst the media persons including the representative of the editor, yesterday.

But, instead, in fidgets, it has tried to tell the people that by challenging the genuineness of the will, the Forum has raised fingers at the morality of Lala Lajpat Rai, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rajarshee Purusottam Das Tandon, Balwantrai Mehetta, Bishwanath Das, Radhanath Rath and Krushna Kant et cetera, they having led the SoPS in the past.

The issue is not the morality of the persons named above by the editor. The issue is loot of The Samaja on the basis of a forged will.

The SoPS must show the people if any will, other than the one exposed and discussed by the and displayed in the press meet and circulated to the Press by the Forum, is under its possession.

Only thereby, there shall be no question on the morality of any.

Otherwise, the question we have raised cannot die.

The SoPS, which appears now as a body of forgers engaged in active exploitation of a forged will of Utkalmani to their individual and collective benefit, cannot escape under the smokescreen of morality of the persons the Samaja editor has named in his misconceived clarification.

And, what a farce, and what a tragedy!

The press meet and the Save The Samaja Forum and this reporter, who had stumbled upon the so-called will of Gopabandhu and on examination had rejected its genuineness, are all in one reflection of vested interest, the editor has said.

As we know the editor personally, he being a member of our fraternity for decades, and a close colleague of ours in the Media Unity for Freedom of Press that has been fighting against every hurdle to freedom of expression, it is very paining for us to see that he has suppressed the press statement of the ‘Save The Samaja Forum’, which tantamount to suppression of information and, on the other hand, has, in his published clarification, used obnoxious terms against the very people that are trying to save the Samaja from the grip of forgery, embezzlement and irregularities and from the environment that is killing the spirit of Utkalmani.

As we know the editor, and know of his adherence to journalistic ethics, we are sure, in normal condition, he could never have done this disservice to journalism.

Obviously he is under enforced hallucination.

AIDS: A Coterie of Officers use Tricks of Subterfuge against the High Court Order

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The National Blood Policy makes it a must for the State “ to provide safe and adequate quantity of blood, blood components and blood products” (Objective 1) and “to make latest technology available” (Objective 3) to the blood banks for correct screening so that patients needing urgent transfusion would get safe blood.

But the State government run by Naveen Patnaik has failed to adopt “latest technology” as a result of which AIDS is spreading through blood transfusion in Orissa. Dependents on frequent transfusion such as thalassemia patients are more vulnerable to Virus 1 (HIV-!), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV).

After we exposed this phenomenon in these pages, various news media organizations have been harping on about the urgency of adoption of latest technology in screening of blood.

In a case of a 17 month old child who is infected with AIDS after taking blood transfusion, the Orissa High Court, a year ago, had not only awarded a cash compensation worth Rs. 3 lakhs to the infected boy, but also had made it a “must” for the Government to adopt advance technology, i.e. NAT PCR method in “all the Blood Banks” for blood screening, in order to ensure supply of “safe blood” to patients. Its mandate is in these words: “Therefore, the Government must ensure that in all blood Banks the Polymer Chain Reaction (PCR) method is available to identify the virus of HIV during window period”.

Steps to Implement the Court Order

This judgment had forced the State government to review its blood screening scenario in a high level committee constituted for the purpose under the chairmanship of Dr. Pramod Meherda, IAS, M.D., NRHM & Project Director, Orissa State AIDS Control Society.

The Professors & Heads of Departments of Microbiology in VSS Medical College, Burla Dr. Sudhir Kumar Ghosh, the Professors & Heads of Departments of Microbiology in MKCG Medical College, Berhampur Dr. Binojini Parida, the Associate Professors in Microbiology department of MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, the Associate Professors in Microbiology department of SCB Medical College, Cuttack Dr. Bimoch Prajna Pati, the Drug Controller of Orissa, Ex-Director of SBTC Dr. L.N.Hati, Dr. Mangala Pr. Mohanty, Hon. Secretary, IRCS-OSB, Director of Central Red Cross Blood Bank at Cuttack Dr. Benudhar Satpathy and seven other top functionaries were members in this committee.

Unanimous Recommendation for NAT

The Committee met on 25 Feb.2012 at the Conference hall of OSCAS. Its minutes disclose, “After thorough discussion on NAT PCR technology, the Committee unanimously recommended that the NAT PCR technology which is the latest testing facility need to be introduced for screening of the blood units to reduce the gray zone period of Transfusion Transmissible Infections like HIV-I, HIV-II, Hepatitis-B and HCV, as it is the latest and foremost technology available in India”.

The Sleeping State

Despite this “unanimous” recommendation submitted “after thorough discussion” by all the above noted illustrious microbiologists, serologists and other specialists in the Committee, the State Government did not wake up to the occasion.TTI continued to affect lives in Orissa.

We had to expose this monstrous negligence of the state to the most urgent need of the moment in these pages on 8 July 2012.

Shocking Mischief

Thereafter, on 24 July 2012, the Secretary of Health P.K.Mohapatra took a “meeting on implementation of NAT PCR in Blood Banks”.

To our surprise and shock, we found that all the super-specialists, serologists and microbiology Professors who, “after thorough discussion” in the previous meeting of 25 February 2012 had “unanimously” recommended that “the NAT PCR technology which is the latest testing facility need to be introduced for screening of the blood units to reduce the gray zone period of Transfusion Transmissible Infections” were kept out of this meeting and a Director of Medical Education and Training (DMET) having no role under the rules of business in the concerned matter, who was to retire from service the same month, was encouraged to lobby for the old ELISA method and to raise a bogus allegation that the High Court had delivered its verdict directing for adoption of NAT PCR for blood screening without being “apprised properly on the issue under reference”. And, it seems, such aspersions against the High Court was approved in the meeting, as is evidenced in its 1st resolution that reads, “ Special Secretary (Technical) H&FW Department, Govt. of Orissa will move file for filing a review petition against the judgement”.

New Tricks of subterfuge

It is seen from the meeting taken by the Health Secretary, that ,the Special Secretary of the Department who hails from the pool of Doctors, collaborated with the said DMET in confusing the issue with a downloaded document of Canadian Blood Banking Association “where it is mentioned that the HIV positive scenario is 1 in 2.7 million than ELISA”. The quoted observation is a conundrum and the Health secretary, before signing the minutes, has failed to notice this confusing expression. However, one is at a loss to understand when the Special Secretary with a downloaded version of Canadian Blood Banking Association was allowed to mislead the meeting, why had the Health secretary not wanted to know how the scenario is seen by Indian authorities on blood screening by NAT, specifically as India has a high prevalence of the killing viruses when Canada is almost free of these killers.

The Chilling Scenario in India

A research reported in Indian Journal of Medical Research (127, February 2008, pp 140-147) is captioned “Multicenter evaluation of individual donor nucleic acid testing (NAT) for simultaneous detection of human immunodeficiency virus-I & hepatitis B & C viruses in Indian blood donors”.

The research was based on the ground that “India has a high prevalence of HIV-I, hapatitis C & B viruses (HCV and HVB) in the blood donors but has yet to implement nucleic acid testing (NAT) in blood screening”. It had tested 12,224 samples along with their serological results obtained from representative eight blood banks in India and had submitted its findings to the Journal on 26 September 2006.

Luminaries in the field namely R.N.Makroo, N. Choudhury, L. Jagannathan, M. Parihar-Malhotra, V. Raina, R. K. Chaudhary, N. Marwaha, N. K. Bhatia, and A. K. Ganguli had conducted the research that the Department of Transfusion Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, had patronized.

They reported, “Data from our study suggested that the NAT yield for all three viruses (HIV, HCV and HVB) in India could be 29 times higher than that observed in Japan, and higher for HIV-I alone. Our observed HIV-I yield was over 515 times that observed in the US and Canada, 89 times that observed in Italy”.

So, citing a report of Canada where the prevalence of HIV-I is 515 times less than India, to frustrate the “unanimous recommendation” of the earlier committee, is not only low on merit but also is a mischievous attempt to mislead the Government.

The study cited above has concluded that its “observed NAT yield for all three viruses was 1 in 1528. This study was conducted in 2006. Now the 1 has become 3 inasmuch as every blood unit is becoming 3 units of blood products viz. platelet, plasma and pack cell. This means, if the virus was escaping EISA test in one out of 1528 samples, it would be read as three escapes in 1528 samples. This estimation relates to 2006 when HIV-I was not as wide spread as it is today. So, in every 1528 cases, it can be safely said that multiples of three cases of HIV-I infection are not being detected through screening in ELISA method.

In Orissa, blood collection has reached 3 lakh units per year. Divided into the three categories, i.e. platelet, plasma and pack cell, the total collection becomes 9 lakh units. If the 2006 study is applied to this volume of 9 lakh units, at least 1767 transfusion takers are possibly getting AIDS infected with the virus escaping detection, as ELISA is not efficient to detect the virus during the “window period”.

Orissa has 81 blood banks out of which 56 are running under joint banner of the state government and Red Cross whereas only one blood bank functions directly under the Government. rest are privately managed. Out of all these 81 blood banks the ELISA facility is also not available in 23 blood banks. After we exposed the malady, the government has ascertained through review that these blood banks having no ELISA facility are using rapid test kits to detect AIDS virus! The meeting held on 24 July under chairmanship of the Health Secretary (where he was in fact not even present) has noted this in its resolution No.2 and suggested that “No blood bank should procure any rapid test kit for hepatitis B & hepatitis C and HIV at their level”. The rapid test is a method through which the viruses escape detection. Taken into consideration, this makes it clear that non-detection of AIDS virus is alarmingly rampant in Orissa.

Yet, the mandarines in the health department have kept the High Court oder for adoption of NAT PCR method inoperative and are conniving to go in litigation against the said order.

Just imagine, how unsafe is Orissa .

Utkal Bharata, Orissa’s Nationalist Rightist Regional Party Registered: Offers Alternative to BJD in Political Resolution

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Utkal Bharata is now registered as a political party.

Founded by former Parliamentarian Mahameghabahan Aira Kharabela Swain, the party has recently been registered by National Election Commission.

Its number is: 56/145/2011/PPS-1.

The Party had its third core committee session on July 30 wherein a new pattern of enthusiasm and determination to surge ahead to retrieve Orissa’s lost national pride, without in anyway affecting India’s national solidarity, was noticed. Its creed is Oriya nationalism, but it would work with undiluted respect to national integration of India. This preamble to its political objective is reflected in its very name: ‘Utkal Bharata’.

Demand for Special State Status
diminishes Orissa’s self-respect

And, in strict adherence to this objective, in its political resolution, adopted unanimously, it has rejected the idea of Special State Status that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has been seeking for Orissa. By insisting upon such a grace from the Centre, the Chief Minister has projected the State as a beggar, the resolution alleged. We won’t allow the State Government to compromise with the self-respect of the State, it declared.

Two-rupee-rice is counterproductive

Similarly, the political resolution came down heavily upon the scheme of subsidized rice being supplied to BPL people at the rate Rs.2 per Kg. This corrupting scheme, contrived for vote catching, has ruined Orissa’s agriculture sector by denuding agricultural workers of work-culture and making them lazy and lethargic. Ruin of agriculture has ruined the vast scope of rural employment that agriculture had been generating for generations, the resolution has said.

Industrial confidence shattered

Focusing on political chaos the BJD government has pushed the state into, the party has observed that Naveen patnaik’s 13 year old regime has derailed Orissa by rendering the administration rudderless. Internecine rivalry in the ruling party has become so acute and acrimonious that it does not seem to improve. Because of aimless in administration, not only agriculture is now in doldrums, but also industry has declined, corruption being at the core of affairs that affects industrial confidence. By re-induction of persons to the cabinet thrown out of the ministry earlier, the Chief Minister has established that in his government the corrupt is rewarded and this phenomenon has become counterproductive industrially too, the party holds.

Congress in nexus with Naveen

According to the political resolution, the Congress party is hoodwinking the people in matter of opposition to BJD. In reality, the Congress party has stayed a BJD’s collaborator in corruption and crime against the people as evidenced in absence of action against its MLAs who did not vote for Congress candidate in 2010 Rajyasabha election, which helped the BJD.

The other points that indicates to secret pact between BJD and Congress are: non-imposition of President’s rule after smash of BJD-BJP coalition in 2009; Central ministers visiting Orissa keeping mom over unveiled corruption in centrally funded schemes and the Centre’s blatant and deliberate reluctance to press the CBI to investigate into the mega mining scams carried out in Orissa.

This patronization to Naveen Patnaik’s misrule besides, the massive corruption indulged into by the UPA government in the Centre run under leadership of Congress has exposed the Congress as so much corrupt, that a government under Congress in Orissa cannot be countenanced, the party has said.

BJP would be opposed

On the other hand, the national principal opposition party, the BJP, which presently is in a leaderless state, it trying to coalesce again with BJD. If it materializes, in no way Orissa would benefit.

Therefore, the party resolved to keep away from the Congress, the BJP and the BJD and to oppose them, in order to give the people a transparent, competent, non-corrupt administration that would never compromise with self-respect of Orissa.

Land Health Card

Founder of the party Sri Swain, in elaborating the political resolution, declared that on coming to power, the party will use the Agriculture University as consultant to cultivators who would be provided with ‘Land Health Cards’ to guide them with scientific cultivation. So that, agricultural production would increase. It would stop the two-rupee-rice supply, so that wage earners would be active and agriculture would get proper man-power.

Academic Institutes to be referral points

Education in Orissa is so mismanaged that none of the universities and institutes is able to make a mark in national scenario. The party would change the scenario by making the academic institutes referral points to their respective locality, which would lead to enhancement in standard of education, Swain said.

High Court bench in Sambalpur
WODC Headqrs in Bolangir

While supporting the popular demand for a bench of the Orissa High Court in Western Orissa at Sambalpur, Swain stressed on shifting of the headquarters of the Western Orissa Development Council to Bolangir.

Swain’s address was laced with usual rightist rhetoric against Maoism.

Branches already in 28 districts

In placing he organizational report, Secretary of the Party, Ms. Bratati Chatterjee informed that in 28 out of 30 districts of Orissa the party has its branches whereas in the rest two districts, where district committees are yet to be formally formed, the party has already its active members who are taking up various party programs.

A distinguished group of political and non-political intellectuals watched the proceedings as observers.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Law will take its own course – is a dialogue that always emits from the lips of Chief Minister Navin Patnaik whenever the drama of his administration unveils a new scene of felony against our people.

The people have enough tolerated this idiotic dialogue because of their magnanimity. But they won’t any more.

He had no political experience when he was posted as Chief Minister by Biju’s discredited barrel-bearers, who, sans a mask, had no chance of entering into the power corridor in post-Biju Orissa. Therefore the phrase “Law will take its own course” was taken as his ploy to escape immediate responsibility pending action. But with passage of time, it was clear that he had no inclination to take any appropriate action against any illegality and he had developed the habit of saying “law will take its own course’ as a trick to cover up all illegalities.

It is a shame that he is unable to understand what the law says. Umpteen times, in these pages, we have shown instances of his inability to understand the laws; Ardhendu Sarangi’s case being the latest.

In my last discussion in this matter, I have shown how Sarangi obstructed medico-legal steps of the on-duty doctors of capital hospital in order to suppress the criminal offense perpetrated in the privacy of his residence. From tampering with the cuprous delicti to concealing the crime commissioned, every punishable aspect of his criminal conduct has been exposed therein.

The apprehension expressed therein that cultivation of a surrogate offender in exchange of money for saving their skins by the Sarangis might not be ruled out has almost come true as the man, arrested by Police, has disclosed how he succumbed to allurement of job and cash offered by the Sarangis in claiming responsibility for the offense he never committed. A TV channel report having carried this disclosure, local newspapers have made headlines thereon and though 3 days have elapsed, neither Sarangis nor the police have dared to deny it.

So, the Sarangis, particularly Ardhendu is guilty of concealment of the crime committed by him or any or all of his family, individually or collectively, in the guarded privacy of his residence on May 21, 2008 against life of class IV employee Ramesh Sethi, who was illegally pressed on domestic works. He is guilty further of keeping the crime concealed by cowing down on-duty doctors of capital hospital and for having intervened in discharge of their medico-legal duties. If the disclosure hinted to above is not incorrect, Sarangi is guilty of cultivating a surrogate offender to conceal the crime and to derail the legal investigation.

Chief Minister Navin Patnaik can save his own skin if he peruses the legal position discussed in these pages in this specific matter and, being the Police minister himself, initiate action against the Police Officer who has deliberately sloughed over Section 39 of Cr.P.C. and relevant sections of IPC as yet and collaborated with Sarangi in projecting a surrogate offender in an attempt to protect the real offender in this case.

During last eight years in power he has not been able to learn Oriya even when non-Oriya officers posted to Orissa are finding it easy to learn this beautiful language within two to three months of their posting. Therefore I have my doubts on his ability to learn. Whether or not he is able to learn the law in this case is a matter for him to prove for which it would be desirable on his part to discard the “law will take its own course” dialogue and act.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa’s worst ever government has neglected the cause of IIT as a result of which instead of commencing on the soil of Orissa it would start functioning in West Bengal’s Kharagpur where it shall continue till people force the administration to amend its conduct.

On March 28, 2008, when the Central Government declared through a Press note that “actual establishment” of the IIT “would depend on how quickly the concerned State Government responds by allotting adequate land at suitable location”, we in these pages had urged upon the State Government to “rise promptly to the occasion and offer land for the Institute without loss of time”.

We had recalled how “Orissa had lost the National Institute of Science to West Bengal, as the State Government did not offer land for it in time”.

On enquiry, we had found that though the National Development Council (NDC) had endorsed the IIT for Orissa as far back as in December 2007, the State Government was sitting idle over it.

By that time, four of the eight IITs endorsed by NDC had already been announced, one each for Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh.

Had Orissa Government acted watchfully, we had noted, it should have already kept the lands ready to offer for the purpose.

The Chief Minister could have asked the Resident Commissioner at New Delhi to pursue the matter. The State Government keeping itself abreast of every development should have taken all steps to expedite it while keeping the necessary land ready for the Institute and also a building ready for its commencement.

We had warned Orissa Government that delay in allotment of land may mar the possibility of IIT getting started in Orissa.

And, that has happened.

Orissa IIT is not going to start in Orissa. It will start in West Bengal’s Kharagpur as Navin Patnaik’s government, busy in satisfying the land thirst of Anil Agrawal, Ravishankar gangs has failed to locate land for this most Institute IT.

It may not be out of place to mention here that a group of netizens who have acted as Orissa’s sentinels, had aired sincere concerns as the central government had first announced four out of the eight IITs endorsed by NDC in four States leaving Orissa in the lurch.

Taking the cue, Navin Patnaik, along with his sycophants had tried to divert public attention from his misrule by instigating the general public of Orissa to rise in revolt against Central Government on the IIT demand.

It is a shame that the same person has sat nonchalantly over the issue and has not bothered to allot necessary lands for the IIT as a result of which it has failed to start on Orissa soil.

Who to blame? Our people have taken a wrong decision under compelling circumstances to have a kera Oriya as our Chief Minister, who instead of treating Orissa as the motherland, has been posing as if it is his father’s fiefdom.

If you need an example to show how democracy dwindles into self-defeat when peoples do not cast informed votes but cast their votes in a flow of emotion, you can cite Orissa without any hesitation.

Orissa is the most melancholic example of self-defeat; because, being the first State in whole of India to have resurrected itself only on the basis of a very unique mass upsurge to save its beautiful and ancient language from the evil designs of non-Oriya neighbors like the Bengalis, it has fallen into the hands of a kera Oriya, whom sycophants of yester years’ political hypocrite and mafia Biju Patnaik have clamped on the gullible people as the Chief Minister of the State, who after grabbing power, has remained more busy in transferring Orissa’s lands and natural resources to non-Oriyas than in providing necessary lands to the landless inhabitants of the State and in protecting lands of even the marginal farmers from the pernicious trap contrived by non-Oriya traders and land grabbers.

You can cite Orissa as the State where a section of its advantaged inhabitants are competing in ingratiating themselves to the Chief Minister even to the extent of trying to play his Goebbles, some with an eye on prime plots under his grace and some, eager to grab, if perchance, the non-Oriya land grabbers in their avatars as industrialists or educationists or educational industrialists or industrial educationists throw aside any orts.

The situation that helped Navin grab power in Orissa has six backgrounds:

(1) The Congress government that he succeeded had almost collapsed due to subterfuge from within by ministers like Basant Biswal and Bhagavat Mohanty;

(2) IAS Officers like D.N.Padhi having played havoc with peoples’ lives in the context of 1999 apocalypse went unpunished that provoked the people to punish the Congress government for such non-governance;

(3) Sonia Gandhi’s sophomoric handling of Orissa affairs that led to jettisoning of J.B.Pattanaik when he should have been strongly supported rendered the organization rudderless;

(4) Dramatic emergence of Giridhar Gamang as substitute of J.B. only to be shown the door the moment he suspended D.N.Padhi over polythene scam followed by a more bitter blunder of posting Hemanand Biswal as CM that resembled appointment of Subedars by Mogul Badsahs and demoralized the Congress cadres to the point of no-recovery before the general elections;

(5) Meretricious tears shed by Orissa’s circle of political hypocrites over Biju’s demise sufficed to generate a sympathy wave in the gullible hearts of simple-natured Oriyas for his bereaved family; and

(6) The political factotums of Biju Patnaik, who smelled power in the wake of such sympathy, were aware of the fact that none amongst them had any credibility to be consecrated as the CM.

So, Naveen as CM is a CM by chance; but so convinced is he of his invincibility with the main rival, the Congress, taking everyday a turn towards the worse due to Sonia-Singh combine’s unbridled lobbying for USA on the one hand and on the other, the sensitive elements in its fold getting ever more disillusioned due to mother-sponsored projection of son Rahul as the final answer to its leadership quest, that he feels that there is no necessity for him to bother for the public sector in Orissa in order to retain his position.

This is why the State has not yet bothered to allot land for the IIT and consequently it has failed to start on the soil of Orissa.

We have been accustomed to insult to our mother tongue by being compelled by the political hooligans to proceed with a kera Oriya as our CM. We will have also to be accustomed to insult over commencement of the first IIT of our State on a neighboring soil just because our State government has failed to house it.

Sycophants, where have you led us!