Action against Soumya by Congress for cultivating support for Congress!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

A few days ago, two young girls, while taking an opinion poll as they said, wanted to know from me whether or not I support the steps Orissa State Unit of Congress has initiated against Sri Soumya Ranjan Patnaik (SRP) for having started a mass awareness campaign in favor of the party. I asked them to go to any member of that party, as I am not a Congress member to support or oppose any of its organizational behavior.

As I know SRP, he is a very sound campaigner for any cause of public importance. Though I never accept the wrong transformation of the English spelling of Orissa to Odisha, it is only he, who had pioneered the campaign for this transformation that shepherded shortsighted politicians of all the parties into his idea, which ultimately led to amendment of the constitution of India in this respect. But, this transformation, how much we may condemn it, is the most glaring instance of his ability to initiate and lead a campaign successfully. He has made blood donation a mass movement in Orissa. His social outfit Ama Odisha is another instance of his organizational excellence. In Orissa’s social and literary life, Ama Odisha has already occupied a monumental position that no other organization in similar category has so far achieved. No other newspaper has reached the circulation and stature in Orissa than what the daily Sambada has achieved under his stewardship in less than three decades. He is the only one amongst Orissa’s politicians whose presence in every type of mass media is as conspicuous as fabulous is the volume of his intellectual activities. He is the only one amongst Orissa’s politicians after Dr. Harekrushna Mahtab, who attracts to his orbit eminent men of letters of Orissa for interactional purpose. He is the only politicians of Orissa, whose fans in every nook and corner of the State are visible; and, everybody knows, had he not joined politics, he would have emerged as the most commanding personification of vox populi, no politician could have dared to vie with. The most remarkable feature of SRP is that all the marks he has made as enumerated above are because of his personal devotion to the cause he takes up, and not because of any patronage of any political party, he, in course of his activism, has ever joined.

Such a man, who could have been a tremendous asset to the Congress party against the misruling, yet incumbent, Naveen Patnaik, has been subjected to disciplinary proceedings by the very same Congress party when the time of general elections is only a few months away.

And, for what this disciplinary action? For his use of his personal channels to cultivate support for the Congress! What next!

Personally, I am not surprised.

Ever since the great server of POSCO interest has grabbed the chiefministry of Orissa, the Congress high command has always planted persons to sabotage electoral prospects of the Congress in Orissa, so that Naveen continues to rule to help the juggernaut of American interest run sans any obstacle.

Pending Determination of Unsound Mind, Singhvi Should Quit Parliament

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

“Assuming them(the contents of the CD) to be true, (which they certainly are not), would disclose only something private and consensual giving a cause of action only to aggrieved family members (who have stood completely by me) and to no one else” (Abhishek Manu Shinghvi when resigning from the Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Law & Justice ).

If his carnal conduct “assuming” to be true, as he says, was “private and consensual giving a cause of action only to aggrieved family members” is worth legality, Singhvi is certainly not qualified to claim that “no one else” has any right to find therein any “cause of action”.

He is a member of India’s Parliament in the Rajyasabha and that gives every citizen of India the right to be worried if his “private” conduct dismantles the discipline and probity expected of him.

The video in question displays indecent scenes of sex indulged into by a male who looks like him when he was still the head of the Parliament’s Standing Committee on personnel, law and justice and a female whom a lady lawyer of Delhi has identified as a lady lawyer she knows.

Before the general public could know of this video, Singhvi, an astute lawyer well versed in the tricks of law, succeeded in putting a judicial injunction on media organizations, which, to his information, were in possession of the CD carrying video records of his “certainly not true” extramarital sex. The court was shown that the video in question was a morphed one inasmuch as his driver, who, Singhvi had alleged, was threatening to tarnish his public image for settling a personal grudge as he had refused to enhance his salary, has confessed to have fabricated the video. And, then he has taken steps to keep the driver’s version beyond judicial test of reliability thereof by informing the court of a settlement, arrived at out-of-court with the driver.

But, if the lady who features in the sex video, which, as per Singhvi’s statement was “consensual”, is truly a high profile lawyer of Delhi High Court with practice also in the Supreme Court as claimed, the matter cannot and must not end with the driver’s driven confession in the court or Singhvi’s information to the court of out-of-the-court settlement with the said driver; because, as innuendoes wallop, the lady was caught in the act of bartering the pleasure with Singhvi for help in elevation to the bench from the bar, as he, heading both the Standing Committee of Parliament on Personnel, Law and Justice as well as the Law and Justice Department of the Congress party that rules India through Sonia Gandhi as UPA Chairperson and Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister, was in the position to help her fulfill her ambition.

The court injunction has failed to obstruct circulation of the video and / or the news.

As people are increasingly being conscious of how heinous crimes in India are not being readily remedied because of availability of judicial cold-storage facilities to crime-based litigations in form of stay and injunctions, they have used social media to see and discuss the video.

Going by the number of hits the video has obtained in course of its circulation in social and online medias, several lakhs of viewers have already watched it.

Presumably, all the people connected with Singhvi – in the circle of his relations, in his profession, in his party and in the Parliament – have seen the video.

Social media being internet media, I have been trying all these days to find out if any of them comes out in the internet with reason to report that the male satyr displayed in the sex video is not Singhvi. But, I have not seen any. This makes me inclined to assume that almost all that know Singhvi personally, are believing that he is the male satyr in action in the sex video.

When thus the assumption tilts towards Singhvi, the lady in the nasty act is also named by people who know her. Surprisingly she stays conspicuous by her silence. On the other hand, suspecting that she was partnering with Singhvi with an eye on an superior judiciary position, one Sarbajit Roy, residing at B-59 Defense Colony, New Delhi 110024, has already made an application under RTI to the Central Public Information Officer, Supreme Court of India, to locate if she has any mention anywhere in relevant records that can justify the suspicion.

Singhvi resigning from the Parliamentary Standing Committee sans any disapproval thereof by the Congress party that had given him that position and getting dropped from party positions such as the party chief in its department of law and justice and party spokesmanship, has given the public clear indication that his close colleagues in the Congress do not accept his claim that the “contents of the CD” are “certainly not” true.

In the circumstances, it is essential for Singhvi to come out of the cocoon of out-of-court settlement that he has weaved with his driver projected as the manufacturer of the video and convince the country that he does not know the lady in the said video and in reality the male satyr therein is not he.

The matter getting murkier everyday with serious implications for body politic as well as for judiciary, it is essential for the Court to elicit from the driver the details of how he morphed Singhvi into the sexual act and to test his version on the matrix of science in different labs including foreign labs within its discretion and under secrecy to be disclosed along with the final verdict.

Appropriate examination of the video can also determine if it is morphed or genuine.

These are urgent and unavoidably essential necessities.

Pending this essential, it is urgent for the Congress to ask Singhvi to resign from the Rajyasabha or else, for the parliament to refer him to a competent court to know if he is not of “unsound mind”.

Satyriasis as viewable in the video is a mental disorder and the shenanigans so far observed are indicative of abnormal developments. Both the phenomena may be interpreted as effects of unsound mind.

The Constitution of India under Article 102 (1) (b) has stipulated that “a person shall be disqualified for being chosen as, and for being, a member of either House of Parliament – if he is of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent court”.

The development, when the person is already a member, protected under parliamentary privileges, makes it necessary for the Parliament to test whether or not the person is of “unsound mind”, so that, democracy, of which the Parliament is the protector, does not go haywire.

Pending this determination, Singhvi should be made to quit the Parliament till at least it is proved that the male satyr in the sex video is not he.

Congress Legislators of Orissa Corroborate What This Site Had Said

Time and again we in these pages have shown how the lady autocrat called Congress High Command (CHC) has consistently been keeping the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) weakened so that her secret ally in cause of imperialism, Naveen Patnaik continues as Chief Minister of the mineral rich State to facilitate grabbing of Orissa’s fabulous mines by POSCO and the likes, comes whatsoever debacle thereby to the simple-natured indigenous Oriyas.

On our latest discussion on the subject we had exposed how Tytler was sent to force Congress legislators to end their stonewalling of Assembly on the pulse-scam issue so that Naveen Patnaik could be rescued from mounting suspicion over slow-poisoning of school-going kids and pregnant poor women, presumably on payola, through out Orissa, by supply of sub-standard split pulses mixed with highly toxic Khesari, under mid-day mill and supplementary nutrition programs through a network of Secretaries, District Collectors and political leaders comprising Ministers that had given a great bonanza to the dishonest traders. In fact, Congress legislators had acquiesced into Tytler’s pressure and resumed their participation in regular proceedings in the House.

The clandestine CHC scheme exposed in these pages, Tytler had to rush again to Orissa to intimidate the legislators so as not to allow any of them brood aloud over the dramatic end of their collective legislative wisdom in pulse-scam matter, which, if not aborted, might have led to end of Naveen misrule.

Asserting as emissary of Sonia Gandhi, Tytler warned the legislators on sunday that they need sufficient schooling on central schemes sans which issues raised randomly by them in the Assembly would continue to cause ‘much ado about nothing’ impact to the detriment of party image in public esteem.

Homilies gone home, he then wanted to know as to why the Congress was performing so poor in Orissa. But the reaction of Orissa legislators was beyond his expectation.

“The CHC is responsible” was the answer. The way the PCC president was changed at the eve of the general election and party tickets were arbitrarily channeled through favoritism at the last moment in a pattern too demoralizing to Congress workers in the field was bound to have had its adverse impact, the legislators alleged.

Tytler will visit Orissa next week, as he said, to further study the scenario. Congress rank and file in Orissa is too confused to question as to why the election to the post of PCC president was abandoned midway and why the members of the Party are not being allowed to elect their provincial leader.

Election for PCC Chief Stopped Since Lulu Would be Disadvantageous to Navin

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra, popularly known as Lulu Mohapatra, is not only an excellent organizer but also is an activist in who the ruling Biju Janata Dal sees threat to its existence in power. When BJD is in a position to raise corruption charges against any top ranking leader of the Congress Party in Orissa, it would fail to raise any such charge against Mohapatra. Because he is not known as yet for corruption.

Mohapatra has earned a distinction for his principled assaults on BJD. It is because of his astute battle against corruption practiced by the BJD government, Minister of State Rabi Narayan Nanda had to resign despite being the portfolio partner of Chief Minister Navin Patnaik in Water Resources Department.

In him, Congress has the only leader at the moment that is regarded by its student and youth wings as their own man and unfailing guide. He is politically perfectly potent and appropriately assertive to successfully challenge Chief Minister Navin Patnaik. But this is his demerit in the eyes of Congress High Command.

We have on different occasions shown in these pages how the Congress High Command has helped Navin stay in power in Orissa by cleverly sabotaging its State unit at election times.

Navin’s stay in power suits best to POSCO and the likes that by orientation, constitution and approach are pro-Americans. And who doesn’t know how pro-American is the coterie that controls the Congress party at the moment?

Were the election for PCC President been carried out as per its pronounced schedule, there was every possibility of Lulu getting maximum support. It would have been quite disadvantageous to Navin Patnaik. Hence the election has been stopped without any reason on records.

One who doesn’t understand the soft thread of this mischief may not accept this assumption. But bizarre is the game capitalists play.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

India has a federal structure on unitary basis. Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is associated with acts of offense against this constitutional structure.

He will be ill remembered in history for having sabotaged Indian Constitution from behind to facilitate advancement of plutocracy. Whenever offense against democracy through words like “Notes for votes” would be searched for, search engines would certainly display his name prominently. But we in Orissa are witnessing in newspaper front pages at present that he has no qualms in violating the federal structure of India using its unitary basis to his motivated advantage.

The peoples of Orissa are ready for election to the State Assembly as well as to the Loksabha.

As the elections knocked at the door, Chief Minister Navin Patnaik coined a scheme to hijack poor peoples’ vote by expressing his concern for their wretchedness and by offering them rice at Rs.2 a Kg.

His mandarins forced the dealers to project him as the provider of this benefit obviously with the intention to prompt the peoples below the poverty line who have continuously been suffering from slow starvation to find in him the redeemer and to vote for him.

Congress saw through the game and wanted to show the starving peoples that in making rice available to them at Rs.2 a Kg, Navin has a minor role. The major role is played by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, it wanted the peoples to know.

Accordingly, Sonia’s political factotums here built up scenarios to compel the Election Commission to order for removal of the display boards from distribution centers that projected Navin as the provider of rice in so cheap a rate.

And then the Congress Party started the advertisement adventure in newspaper majors to project Manmohan Singh as the real provider of rice in cheap rate.

The language used in these advertisements is calculatedly mischievous.

Singh’s picture prominently displayed, the Congress, whose official candidate is he this time for the post of PM, in its advertisements shows that the Food Corporation of India, working under Singh, bears the cost of rice at Rs.16 and pays Rs.11 for every Kg of rice that Navin’s government supplies at Rs.2. Hence, the State Government’s contribution is only Rs.3 a Kg as against Rs.11 contributed by the Government of Singh.

But the ad does not stop here. It goes on to say that State Government is guilty of habitual misappropriation of the central funds.

Knowing that peoples of Orissa are poetic in nature, the Prime Minister’s advertisements carry a poetic stanza in Oriya that is cleverly coined to dismiss the relevance of the State. Roughly translated into English it is: “Whatever one sees around him or her and everywhere in the State is the contribution of Manmhan Singh’s Government. Whatsoever welfare is done is done only by the assistance given by the Center. The State Government claims credit only through falsehood and treachery”.

Use of denigrating words like “falsehood and treachery” by a Prime Minister against a State Government is a serious offense against the federal spirit of the Union of India.

Manmohan Singh has not spent single paise from his father’s or his personal purse for Orissa.

He is the Prime Minister of the Union of India and the Union of India is bound to provide funds to the constituent States for welfare projects. Had he tried to stop, he would never have succeeded.

He had stopped establishment of the National Institute of Science in Orissa.

Depending as then he was on the mercy of left MPs hailing mostly from West Bengal to stay in power, he had helped that State to hijack the National Institute of Science originally earmarked by the UGC for Orissa.

We the peoples of Orissa had thrashed him politically, intellectually, morally and legally.

He had no other way than correcting himself by placing a new version of NIS that has come to be known as the National Institute of Science and Research.

Had he stopped central funding for Orissa’s welfare, we the peoples of Orissa would certainly have forced him to correct the wrong as we did in the case of the Science Institute.

So, Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister was bound to provide funds for development projects in Orissa and the members of the Parliament coming from all over the Country had ensured that Orissa gets her share at par with all other provinces.

The Prime Ministerial candidate of Congress, Manmohan Singh has no right to claim credit for what the Prime Minister of India had to do under direction of the Parliament.

Some may argue that the Congress has published the objectionable advertisements for which Prime Minister Singh cannot be blamed.

It may even be argued that the ads being in Oriya, the PM might not have known the contents thereof.

There is no reason to believe that he does not know the contents of the ads carrying his endorsement through his photo. However, now as we are publishing this remark in a global media, propounder, if any, of such argument may bring this to his notice and see if he dissociates himself from such ads and instantly.

It is never acceptable that a Prime Minister of India plays havoc with the constitutional structure of the Country through advertisements mischievously composed and intentionally published with the sole motive to obliterate the relevance of State Administration and to deliberately defame the State Government.

The issue is urgent and it craves urgent attention.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Instead of rising to the occasion, when election schedule has already reached the peoples, the Congress party has started playing tricks even though it has plunged itself into further chaos.

In revealing its electoral strategy, Orissa in-charge Ghulam Nabi Azad asserted on March 3 that the party, set to win, would contest the election for both the Assembly and Loksabha sans any alliance with any in Orissa. It will deny party candidacy to two-time losers this time except in exceptional conditions and would not project anybody as its prospective chief minister. He, however, underlined that after the elections are over, a young member from amongst the winners would be made the CM, keeping in mind the preferences of Rahul Gandhi.

The message is most discouraging to the President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee K.P.Singhdeo, who after taking over the charges has kept himself busy in campaigning for the party. He is not young enough to fit into the frame that Azad has put forth on behalf of the so-called high command. So, after the elections, he shall have no chance to lead the Congress legislators, if per chance they return in majority.

Of course he has no choice. He has defined himself on records as a sainik (soldier) of Sonia Gandhi. And everybody knows he is “appointed” in this post by Sonia, the lady autocrat that has captured the Congress. So fate of KP would depend on the mercy of Sonia, not on democratic wisdom of Congress legislators of Orissa.

How the man who has no chance of leading the Congress legislators after elections would inspire general public to vote for the Congress?

On the other hand, the central emissary of Congress has pathetically failed to justify as to why the peoples should vote for the Congress.

He has stated that to defray the cost of subsidy on public distribution rice that State Government supplies at Rs.2 to people below the poverty line, Manmohan Singh government pays Rs.11 as against Navin’s Rs.3 for every sixteen rupees per Kg, involved.

But this attack on Nabin Patnaik’s government is most counterproductive. When Manmohan Singh is not paying the subsidy from his personal pocket, it confirms that the subsidy has been necessitated as the peoples have lost their ability to purchase the bare minimum life-saving food grains. And who but Manmohan Singh, father of the self-defeating and ruinous economic policy, is responsible for this?

To Oriyas who put Orissa above self, there can’t be anything better than defeat of Navin in elections. He has remained a cause of perennial embarrassment to the children of the soil. He has not been able to converse in Oriya despite being in power for a decade under the grace of the Oriya people. And, he has made Mother Orissa denuded of her natural resources in a fashion that suits the non-Oriyas most.

But as blisters effervesce when water boils, Navins emerge when plutocracy submerges the country. And in India, plutocracy has spread through Manmohan Singh, whom the Congress has declared to retain as Prime Minister if majority falls in its net.

Let them therefore stop vomiting allegations against Navin as Azad has done. They should, instead, tell peoples as to how they differ from Navin in the area of political economy so that the people may take a conscious decision.

It would be proper for peoples to keep watch on Congress tricks.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If a few fine persons are yet discernible in the Congress party in Orissa, Youth Congress President Rohit Pujari is one of them.

But to the newly “appointed” President of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee, K.P.Singhdeo, he is “undisciplined”.

To teach him lessons on how to have discipline he has not hesitated to deflate him in public at Deogarh on February 19 in front of all the Congress workers of the district as well as onlooker public, just to show how apt is he in marshalling his autocratic might.

KP had gone there to attend a conference of Congress workers conveyed for stock taking of organizational condition and preparation for the general elections.

Congress is quite atrophied in Orissa and no evidence is required to prove that. This has happened to this party basically because of the distance its leaders maintained from its workers. So, it should have been appropriate for the “appointed” President of PCC to go there into the midst of workers quietly in a car and contact them with confidence in order to revive their confidence in the leadership. But KP, “appointed” by the lady autocrat of the party of the American lobbyists preferred to land there from a helicopter.

It was clear that the “appointed” PCC chief was eager to have a dazzling road show of Congress campaign.

To fit into this environment, the YC unit of the area also decided to add its color to the show. So, in a procession singing glory to their President Rohit, the YC members came to the meeting venue.

KP was irritated to watch YC members singing glory to Rohit instead of him. But when Rohit took the microphone to address the gathering and the YC members again raised slogans in his praise, it was impossible on part of KP to tolerate. He, in a conniption, dragged back Rohit from the addressing post and scathingly roared that he does not like “such type of indiscipline”.

It was not only a shock to Rohit, but also to senior members present in the podium and to the workers in the audience.

The PCC President “appointed” by the Congress autocrat could not understand that there was only youthful effervescence, no ill motive behind the behavior of the YC members. He took the slogans in praise of Rohit as an affront to his glorious presence! Whosoever showed any symptom of disapproval was browbeaten to keep quiet.

A shocked Rohit left the podium as well as the meeting venue followed by the members of YC.

And thus has begun the Congress campaign in Orissa under KP.