Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If treachery against the peoples, political opportunism and shamelessness get transformed into a single form how should it look like? It would look like political strumpets who despite being Communists have offered their support to Navin Patnaik in Orissa.

Only a couple of days ago, these fellows were projecting Navin Patnaik as agent of POSCO. Navin Ptnaik has ruined Orissa’s ecology, has squandered away Orissa’s natural resources in a way that benefits the non-Oriyas and even foreigners. He has ushered in a climate that has set Oriyas against Oriyas for benefit of non-Oriyas. The executive under him has been kept engaged for benefit mostly of the non-Oriyas and treasury-looters. To this man the Communists have offered their support!

Is Communism the private property of these fellows that they can rent out to any at anytime they like?

What is Communism?

Communism is political philosophy of human conscience.

Communism is the concept that Karl Marx had formulated for freeing people everywhere on the earth as well as the earth itself from exploitation.

The most well meaning brains and the ablest interpreters of politico-economic activities of the world pivoted on a humanitarian world outlook having supported this concept, Communism had evolved as the philosophy of informed endeavor of humanity to end capitalism and to usher in liberty for the peoples in reality.

But these fellows claiming to be Communists were hand-in-glove with the brute butcher of Communism and the shrewdest agent of Capitalism in India, Manmohan Singh, till he could procure enough numbers of political hookers to dazzle down our democracy in the drama of confidence vote enacted in the context of the nuke deal that was designed to destroy forever whatever the Country had stood for so far in nuclear matter and specifically in the matter of safety of our sovereignty.

And, now, these fellows, when the State is posted for general elections, have expressed their support for the agents of POSCO!

These fellows, of course, have developed excellent expertise in contriving justifications for their every act that in reality kills the spirit of communism. And secularism is the buzz word that they usually use in such nefarious missions.

Secularism was conceived as a remedy to communalism that had engulfed India at the time of independence.

Hindus and Muslims were after each other’s blood.

The time was so very abnormal that a fanatic in communal frenzy had to shoot down Gandhiji, the epitome of communal amity in cold blood.

Under that extraordinary circumstances the members of the Constituent Assembly were too alarmed to foresee that in future India, when persons like Manmohan Singh grab power and help international dominionism dominate over India’s political nationalism and when Indians devastated by treachery of such leaders try to save their sovereignty through religious nationalism, then the agents of international dominionism may use secularism as a weapon to weaken the urge for nationalistic expression in majority of Indians by branding that act of theirs as an act of communalism.

Thus, in post-independence India, specifically from the day of emergence of Manmohan Singh in Indian politics, secularism is being used by agents of international dominionism against Indians who want to save their country’s sovereignty by invoking their religious nationalism.

The offer of support to pro-POSCO Navin Patnaik by CPI and CPI (M), even when Abhay Sahoo, a communist activist leading poor citizens threatened by POSCO in Kujang Tahsil has been perishing in his jail, can be seen only in this light.

Are these fellows in reality Communists?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Navin Patnaik should quit the Chief Minister post simply because he was in this post as the leader of a pre-election coalition that has now collapsed.

His continuation in office would be illogical, immoral, imprudent and illegal.

If he does not resign on his own accord, the Governor should dismiss him on the ground that termination of the coalition has automatically terminated his position as leader of the coalition. He was the CM in the capacity of the leader of the coalition. When the coalition is dead, navin has no capacity to be treated as head of the coalition. So he is no more entitled to continue as the CM.

The only legal act that is bound to take place in this context is resignation or dismissal of Navin Patnaik from the post of the chief Minister.

To retain him in this post for a moment would be disregard of democracy on part of the Governor.

But the Governor can appoint him as the CM again within minutes after accepting his resignation or dropping him from the CM post. The Governor can even proceed to appoint the members of his cabinet under advice of Navin after he is appointed afresh as the CM.

The Governor ought to know that anything other than this will be illegal and anti-democracy.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The result of municipality elections in Orissa has gone clearly against the Congress.

It does not necessarily suggest that the urban peoples have expressed their faith in Chief Minister Navin Patnaik by electing BJD-BJP candidates in majority of urban wards.

There was no coalition between the BJD and the BJP in the urban sector.

This lack of coalition between the two allies that rule the state is a clear pointer to the fact that the BJP unit of Orissa has no faith in Navin. So it would be ridiculous to imagine that the peoples, who in general are the worst affected by Navin’s misrule, have expressed their faith in him in municipal areas.

In fact, Navin Patnaik, as the Chief minister, was privy to intelligence reports that the peoples were so averse to the misruling coalition that the election results may be most embarrassing for him. The fidgetiness that engulfed him eventually made him rush to wards after wards to campaign for his candidates. It was unprecedented. To say the least, no Chief Minister ever in Orissa had campaigned for ward members / councilors in Notified Area councils or Municipal elections. Navin did it. Only a man in power, who knowing loss of his credibility, losses political equilibrium to understand the finer aspect of democratic norms that a Chief Minister should stay away from elections to local-self-bodies in order to get a correct feedback on the impact of his administration, could have indulged in electioneering. Navin indulged. So, he knew and he knows that his political credibility has dwindled in Orissa. Even his partner in power, BJP knows it. Therefore the BJP had not preferred an official coalition with Navin in the Municipal elections. And, this is the reality.

So why the candidates belonging to BJD and to BJP got votes in majority of wards? The answer is very simple. Peoples of Orissa, specifically the town-dwellers, who usually are news-watchers, are well aware of how the Congress party has become a lunching pad of USA interests in India and how American lobbyists have become the so-called high-command syndicate of this party.

It would have been very unpatriotic for town-dwellers of Orissa to vote for Congress that has subjected India to American hegemony by all nefarious means.

Therefore, they were to defeat the Congress and therefore, candidates belonging to BJD & BJP have been considered as lesser evils. Now, naturally, there would be more urban bodies in the hands of the ruling coalition. But that will never mean that peoples of Orissa have faith in Navin.