A prelude to a Scam to be Discussed

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
This posting is a prelude to a scam to be discussed in my next article.

The posting is positioned on a prime plot of Bhubaneswar that the location map furnished below highlights.

location of illegal cowshed

A few meters away from the Raj Bhawan (Orissa Governors official residence) on the north-western side and Sachivalaya (State Secretariat) on the north side), nearby VVIP/VIP bungalows where ministers to top officials stay, on the second street behind Bhubaneswar Club, and the back street of Bhubaneswar Kala Kendra, is this location where a gowala (milkman) has encroached about half an acre government land operating a huge illegal dairy there to the total detriment of health of the local residents since October 2004. Another gowala had started a small size dairy there which he dismantled in June 2004 due perhaps to objections raised before the Director of Estates. The area remained vacant for a few months till this encroacher stepped in. Below is the picture of the dairy under the present operator taken on 15 November 2004.

gowala nenace 2

This was then many meters distant from where the Autopsy Rd was crossing the Kala Kendra Rd and the cowsheds of the gowala were standing on the 3rd street behind Bhubaneswar Club. He was drying cow dung cakes on the uneven open space lying between the cowshed and Kala Kendra road. The following picture shows the distance of the cowshed from the Kala Kendra Rd and Autopsy Rd crossing.

gowala menace 4

The man seen walking towards the cowshed is former Additional Director of Estates. The picture was taken in the morning on 18 April 2008. On the very same day, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation had started dumping collected debris on this uneven plot to make it level for the gowala to use. The picture below shows how the gowala had started drying dung cakes on unloaded heaps of the debris.

gowala menace 3

And then the encroachment expanded. The gowala having encroached the left side of the Kala Kendra Road from the east, crossed the same to use its right side for drying the dung cakes.


The picture below was taken this morning. It shows how it has reached the Kala Kendra Road within these years.

as on 29.10.14

And, see below, how free passage on the road has been blocked by high heaps of cow dung.

Road blocked by heap of cow dung 1

This is only one instance. The entire city of Bhubaneswar is afflicted with health hazard by running of such cowsheds by milkmen on encroached prime government plots, despite the Municipal Corporation Act 2003 having banned keeping of cows and buffaloes, goats and sheep.

I will discuss the issue in my next posting.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Several of the kings in pre-independence India specifically in Orissa were so tyrant that they had imposed on the people they were torturing a tax called PITUNI KARA which was a fine in cash for being beaten. The masses ultimately woke up against such tyranny and the kings were so thrashed that they had to abdicate their thrones and merge their States in independent India.

When Congress misrule surpassed the limits, in several States in India, people refused to grant a fresh mandate to this party of the factotums of Nehru family in 1967 and thus in Orissa, one of the former kings, R.N.Singhdeo managed to form a ministry in coalition with Jan Congress, comprising Congress members opposed to Nehru family hegemony. Corruption in the state acquired elite status and defamation of political opponents and victimization of bureaucrats who did not dance to the tune of the CM’s proteges became the norms of the day. Hypocrisy stood for administration. And, as people got disillusioned, protests galore, Singhdeo with many ex-kings in his segment of the coalition, wanted PITUNI TAX to be imposed on areas where organized resistance to what he called governance, was discernible. It was strongly resented to in Orissa. Fissure in the coalition grew and the Jan Congress withdrew from the coalition. Government collapsed. People refused to give mandate to Singhdeo. Like a house of cards, his party – the Swatantra Party – also collapsed and got obliterated from political sky of India.

Emboldened by repeated return to power, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who by sheer misuse of power has reduced Orissa to a Bijudom by naming and renaming utmost majority of public institutes and welfare projects after his father Biju Patnaik with himself as its preening prince, has revived the PITUNI TAX of the kings’ concept, as informed, exploited and tortured people in rising numbers in every segment of society are demonstrating their protests against ongoing misrule.

This time, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation is being used as the medium of this punishment to still even the still small voices.

It would be wrong not to say that, in Orissa, the Governments in succession have gone against the people to please private industries and traders who prosper at the cost of the masses, as thereby, they, who run the Government, fetch fabulous financial gain.

In the process, people have been left at the mercy of exploiters and a climate of oppression and opportunism has engulfed administration pushing the entire working class – both in public and private sector – and self-employed ones – mostly in agriculture sector – into colonized condition. Naturally, people must protest.

One of the governments, run by J.B.Patnaik, sensing that protests in front of the citadel of power would obviously be by the well-informed ones and hence of immense impact, had contrived a method of obstructing all such protests against misrule and all possible campaigns for any alternative, by converting the vast open space kept by the original planners in front of the State Secretariat for such democratic activities, to a park named after Indira Gandhi after her demise. People of Orissa, after that, like they had thrown down Singhdeo to dustbin of time, thrashed the Congress out of office.

But, since the conversion of the democracy point to Indira Gandhi Park, despite the Governments’ insistence that people should express their concerns and/or protests in the Janata Maidan, away from the Secretariat, victims of government apathy and injustice were using the boulevards adjacent to the said park, spanning in front of the Sate Assembly up to the Master canteen square, to demonstrate their protests. Rallies and Dharana demonstrations were also being staged by the general public in expression of solidarity with the victims such as the ones conducted when the Naveen Patnaik Government became a butcher in Kalinga Nagar or its police became protector of the rapists in Pipili.

Naveen has now enhanced JB’s restrictive tactics against voices of mass conscience by imposing a PITUNI TAX in a different form.

Be it noted that the Government of Orissa rules from the City of Bhubaneswar. And, the City is run by Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation that lives under the pleasure of the Urban Development Department of the Government. Though managed on records by an elected body of ward representatives headed by a Mayor, the BMC is controlled by the Government through Laws enacted and enforced by it, through Government instructions and notifications leashing or unleashing its activities and through Government officers that administer it.

Now, this BMC has been used to tax the demonstrators to the tune of Rs.1000/- for staging their demonstration with the rider that the amount shall be recovered with penalty from leader(s)/organizer(s) of demonstration(s) if the tax amount is not paid in advance.

We mark that the Communist Party of India has staged a protest demonstration in front of the BMC office while demanding instant withdrawal of the new version of PITUNI TAX.

We deem it proper to warn the Government that if ventilation of people’s resentment against misrule is thus obstructed, the inevitable outburst of the tortured people’s wrath would be too sharp for the administration to overcome. From the former kings of Orissa who had imposed PITUNI KARA on their subjects to the former ruler of Balangir who in the attire of Orissa’s Chief Minister had taken steps to enforce PITUNI TAX, to a former journalist who had become the first CM to rule the State for a decade – all were thrashed to the dustbin by people of Orissa for having used devices to obstruct their voice against misrule. If Naveen fails to learn, it would be his mistake. This tax cannot be but anything other than a fine for being misruled in Orissa! It is better for Naveen to take note of it.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Temperature exceeds forty degree Celsius in month of February!

That too in Bhubaneswar, which was earlier marked for rejuvenating wind-chill factor even in the summer!


But true.

Bhubaneswar is being boiled in greenhouse gases.

Known a few years ago as the city of the cool breeze, where saturated ozone from the nearby Mahodadhi of Puri (wrongfully called Bay of Bengal), was in constant union with the serene murmurs of the evergreen eco-system of Buddha’s birth land Chandaka, Bhubaneswar is almost dead during the regime of Navin Patnaik and his team.

The people who have killed the city’s unique climate are trying to hoodwink the world by contriving cosmetic decorations on main roadsides.

However, Navin had tried to save the city by formulating a total ban on cow and buffalo keeping inside Bhubaneswar under the Municipal Corporation Act, 2003, hereinafter called the Act of 2003.

But his officers in the General Administration Department and in the Bhubaneswar Development Authority and in the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation have together foiled his endeavor. A suspected bribe of around a crore of rupees plays the tricks.

Greenhouse gases cause the collapse of Bhubaneswar climate, say the environmentalists.

When to them, vehicular emissions and municipal waste are basic factors of this hazard; researchers are of firm opinion that cow dung produces more greenhouse gas than vehicular emissions. It is established that ammonia (NH3) evaporating from cow dung and urine play havoc with environment. Therefore steps were taken to clean Bhubaneswar completely of cowsheds through the Act of 2003.

The cowherds of Bhubaneswar had challenged this Law in the Orissa High Court through Orissa Milk Producers Association under the plea that by prohibiting cow keeping, the Government violates their right to life. The High Court had rejected their plea against which they had preferred a Civil Appeal before the Supreme Court of India, which was registered as Appeal (Civil) No. 940 of 2006.

In delivering its judgment on February 2, 2006, the Apex Court had rejected the Appeal and had stressed that clean environment constituting the core of Fundamental right to Life of the peoples, the gowalas cannot have the right to ruin that. Thus saying, it mandated that the Government of Orissa as well as the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation must ensure that the Act of 2003 is implemented sans any compromise and the cowherds are ousted forthwith to keep the city free of filth and stench.

It was a boon to Orissa administration with which Bhubaneswar environment could have been saved.

But the mandarins, starting from the State Chief Secretary to the BMC Commissioner, whosoever could have played any role in executing the Act of 2003 on renewed strength of the Supreme Court verdict, have willfully refused to use the boon.

It was heard on the grapevines that after defeat in the Supreme Court, the milkmen decided to purchase the support of these officers to render the failure of their Appeal in the Supreme Court inconsequential and to keep the Act of 2003 inoperative. It was heard that there are cowherds who contribute to achieve the purpose at the rate of rupees four thousand per month.

These functionaries were confronted with this allegation in these pages as well as through mails. But none of them has rejected the allegation as yet.

Around four thousand cowherds are operating illegal diaries in the city on encroached plots in blatant contravention of the Act of 2003. Consequently the city has become a den of nitrous oxide, methane and other greenhouse gases as well as noxious stinks produced by these illegal cowsheds.

Though in highly developed countries methane gas is the second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions after carbon dioxide, in a place like Bhubaneswar it is the largest. An adult cow emits 80 to 110 kilograms of methane gas over its lifetime. Four thousand illegal cowsheds in Bhubaneswar harbor at least 4,00,000 adult cows at the rate of 100 per shed in the average. Imagine where the mandarins have dragged Bhubaneswar to by not executing the Act of 2003 and by rendering inconsequential the judgment of the Supreme Court that had added strength to this Act.

In these pages, there are reports on how journalist Bibhuti Mishra and his wife Rubi have passed away in young age because of pollution caused by a cowshed in the government plot adjacent to their residence. The cowherds operating on encroached government land use dry cow dung for cooking as well as for making clouds of smoke to repel mosquitoes from the dingy sheds where they usually keep the cows. Arsenic is a known poison that burning of cow dung creates.

Inhalation of arsenic leads to severe respiratory problems and metabolic disorders. The lamented young couple, Bibhuti and Rubi, supposedly succumbed to that poison.

But the grease from gowalas is seemingly so lucrative for the mandarins that even though the brother-in-law of Bibhuti, Ajit Kumar Tripathy is the Chief Secretary of the State, no step is being taken to stop arsenic spread in Bhubaneswar by executing the Act of 2003.

Is it not time for Navin Patnaik to clear the doubts by reviewing and explaining as to why the mandarins from Chief Secretary Tripathy to BMC Commissioner Sarangi have not taken effective steps to demolish the cowsheds and to evict the cowherds and to free the government plots from their encroachments and to save Bhubaneswar from pollution, from the hazards of nitrous gases, from arsenic poison, from ammonia, from filth of cow dung and stench and from abnormal rise of temperature and collapse of its habitable climate under impact thereof?

Is it not time for these mandarins to tell the public as to why after the milkmen’s appeal failed in the Supreme Court on February 2, 2006, they have not executed the Act of 2003 and have not freed the city of the bovine-based hazards in terms of the said Act, if they have not been bribed?

If they are not bribed to render the Supreme Court order inconsequential and to keep the Act of 2003 inoperative, they should, specifically the Chief Secretary of the State, Ajit Kumar Tripathy and the BMC Commissioner Aparajita Sarangi, tell the people, from whose exchequer they draw their salary, clearly as to who else is responsible for this offense against the Laws.

As temperature is rising under impact of greenhouse gases mostly coming from cowsheds, the responsibility of these mandarins is also rising to clarify as to whom the tortured inhabitants of Bhubaneswar should hold responsible for non-implementation of the Act that has strongly prohibited continuance of diaries and cowsheds in the capital city.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Even as we have exposed how the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has been torturing Bhubaneswar in these pages on the 7th January and on several earlier days, the High Court of Orissa has passed an Order yesterday directing the State Pollution Control Board (PCB) to file a Criminal case against the BMC Commissioner and report compliance on the 11th February.

This means, the lady IAS officer Aparajita Sarangi will face criminal prosecution within a fortnight for her criminal negligence to the health of the city.

The only work that a Municipal Body is meant to perform is management of urban waste.

BMC has utterly failed in this.

The lady IAS officer is marked for her burning zeal in demolition of the basic sources of livelihood of the local venders; but the local Press and politicians are yet to find out if the drive is tuned with concealed advantage for kiosk makers.

As we have exposed, the Commissioner has sloughed over the Supreme Court of India orders in the matter of saving Bhubaneswar from the horrific hazards afflicted upon its environment by herds of milkmen who, about 4000 in numbers, have encroached upon all lucrative locations in Bhubaneswar. The Municipal Corporation Act 2003 has put a blatant ban on keeping of cows and buffaloes etc in and around the BMC area against which the milkmen preferred their final appeal before the Apex court and the judgment passed in 2006 has rejected their appeal while making it mandatory for the BMC to oust the milkmen immediately without any compensation and/ or rehabilitation package.

Thus, though strengthened by the Supreme Court verdict, the BMC was to demolish forthwith all the cowsheds and oust all the milkmen from its limits, it has never caused that to happen.

It is inferred that this colossal failure to implement its own Law has a backhander factor behind it; the suspected volume touching the border of one crores of Rupees per month.

In the cirumstances, it is significant that the braggart pretense of development of Bhubaneswar has failed to hoodwink the High Court.

One may now hope that the Commissioner subjected to criminal prosecution for crafty deception in waste management, the BMC will rise to oust the cowherds from the city and to save its air and environment from stench and cow dung.

The lady Commissioner should be prosecuted against by name as otherwise the responsibility for wrecking havoc on inhabitants’ lives cannot be punished.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Chief Minister Navin Patnaik has told the people while addressing an audience at VSS Medical College, Burla yesterday that within a decade Orissa shall surpass all other States of India in health care.

Such high-sounding claims makes a farce of chief-ministerial responsibilities when the reality does not stand with him.

Loot of health-care funds brought on loans from the World Bank by Navin’s Ministers and Officers is well on records. But the Chief Minister has yet to take discernible steps to punish the culprits even as this is visible that he has rewarded two persons in charge of the health department when the loot was going on, the then Health Minister Prafulla Ghadei and Health secretary R.N.Senapati with the Finance portfolio, which are such positions that from there any audit or official investigation could easily be controlled or tampered with or sloughed over.

Mark any posting notifications pertaining to the health department and you will see how postings are fixed!

Posts are being clandestinely auctioned and whosoever gives the highest click gets posting to his center of choice against “any available vacancy” in that center!

Innocent doctors are being transferred from their posts to accommodate the highest bidders and representations of the Doctors as such disadvantaged are kept pending for years till palms are greased for fetching a favor.

When finally files are cleared by bureaucracy, the health minister sits over them for months together till the disadvantaged Doctors learn how to get the file endorsed to the CM.

The CM of course clears the files finally. But has he ever queried as to why the disposal of the files at the Secretary’s as well as the Minister’s level takes so much time? No. Never.

When funds are looted and posts are auctioned, and, when this has happened during his tenure without any punishment to the involved culprits, should it not be better for the CM to stop high-sounding claims of surpassing all other States in health-care in a decade?

His Burla speech suggests that he is unable to look at the reality.

I know, he cannot dive deep into the matter. Lack of aptitude may not be the factor, but lack of time is.

So, I am giving him one example that he can readily verify and see what is happening in the name of health care in Orissa under his rule.

He stays in Bhubaneswar and uses Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) as the showcase for his administration. Therefore, let me this time show him what really happens in the BMC Hospital, specifically as this piece is on health care scenario.

The BMC decided that there should be a Laparoscopy Unit in its hospital. Accordingly orders for the instrument was issued to a handpicked supplier vide BMC letter No.18099 dated 9 August 2007 and the laparascope, bearing trademark of a German Company Karl Storz, was procured at a cost of Rs. 20 lakhs, though different clinics suggest that the price was more than double the cost in which absolutely efficient machines were available in the market.

Whether or not the cost paid was driven by bribe is a job for the CM to find out.

But what is visible on records is that no laparoscope specialist received the machine from the supplier. A nurse who did not know anything of laparascope received it. The supplier was neither asked for nor had given the demonstration to show that it was in working condition and neither any specialist was in service there at that time nor was requisitioned thereafter to operate the machine.

Laparascopy is a special branch of surgery in which every member of the team beginning from the Doctor to the Nurses needs to have intensive training and specialization. The team should have been ready before the BMC placed orders for the machine. But there was no such team in the BMC hospital in 2007 and till today, no such team is posted there. The machine is laying idle and taking a turn into junk. No body knows if it will ever work. Its warranty period that began from the day of delivery is already over.

I deliberately put this specific instance in these pages.

No expertise is needed to understand that when the order was placed with the supplier there was no environment in the BMC hospital for operation of Laparascope. The post-procurement scenario shows that ever since the supplier delivered the machine the BMC has not taken any step to build up environment for its use.

When the machine was ordered for and procured, the CM’s blue-eyed officer was the commissioner of BMC and its Chairman was one of his sycophants in the BJD. When the machine was abandoned after receiving the delivery, the CM’s blue-eyed officer was the Commissioner and the CM’s party colleague was in chair of the BMC as before. When the machine is continuously lying idle and getting into junk, the same set up is in control of the BMC with CM’s sycophants in its total control.

It is clear therefore that the purpose behind procuring the machine was not developing a laparascopy unit in the hospital, but the only purpose was to earn handsome commission out of the transaction.

Let the CM react to this reality.

If he cannot, he should abstain from high-sounding claims that in a decade Orissa shall surpass all other States in health care. It is simply bad if the peoples are hoodwinked.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) was created to save human lives from urban hazards in Bhubaneswar. But it has emerged as the worst enemy of human lives in the city. It tortures Bhubaneswar. The Law that created it is raped. A lady IAS officer, Ms. Aparajita Sarangi acts as its Commissioner and plays havoc with urban life under the wraps of deception.

A few days ago, there was an e-mail campaign amongst different e-groups of Oriya origin to project Ms. Sarangi as the most efficient urban administrator, on misconceived claims that she has transformed the city into a beautiful place to live in.

A Non-Resident Oriya, who works in USA as a Professor and doesn’t know how obnoxious is the city in reality, had initiated the campaign. Inspired as he was by the roadside paintings and sculptures that the BMC has spangled the zone spanning from the Airport to IT and Hotels hub Chandrasekharpur with, he had posted the first e-mail in this regard, he confessed. Anybody, who doesn’t regularly reside in Bhubaneswar and pays only an occasional visit to the city but does not enter into the interior, can easily be deceived by the decorations in display. All the fellows who followed suit the Professor in singing glory to Sarangi belonged to this category.

But in reality, BMC has no concern for the citizens of the city and it epitomizes the hypocrisy that Chief Minister Navin Patnaik has so far practiced to hoodwink the peoples.

Under the gloss of development it has helped contractors milk the urban funds; but health care, which constitute the core of its responsibilities, is blatantly pretermitted.

The entire interior of the City is full of solid wastes including hazardous medical wastes, filthy cowsheds, stinking excrement of cows, buffaloes, dogs and other animals. Severe lack of bare amenities in the slums is forcing the disadvantaged peoples use the roadsides for easing of their bowels. Cameras may capture how nasty is its living environment; but no camera can capture the stench that the BMC is compelling the citizens to live with.

It has been attributing its failure to dispose off solid wastes to peoples’ resentment to selection of sites for the purpose. The issue being under dispute before the High Court of Orissa, we may wait to focus on where the matter really stands. But what has happened to the only Hospital that the BMC owns and operates?

The Hospital in disarray

The BMC Hospital is in blatant disarray. Government in the Urban Development Department brings Government Doctors on deputation from the Health and Family Welfare department and posts them to this Hospital. The UD department makes the requisition for Doctors in various disciplines on the basis of the BMC’s need. The Hospital is terribly handicapped by shortage of Doctors. But the BMC is never active in pressing for filling up of the vacancies. Operation theaters are devoid of minimum amenities; indoor patients of standard food and medicines. Rooms are dirty and beds are broken. The environment is so perilous that when asked as to how he feels, a patient answered that had he ever visited hell, he should have a stock of words to express his impression! Not only it ignores the basic needs of patients, it tortures the nursing sisters who do their best to save human lives. The nurses are appointed by the BMC. They are highly skilled health workers. But the BNC has kept them devoid of regular salary and despite putting up decades long services, they are forced to perish with a paltry remuneration of around rupees fifteen hundred a month, which is much less than the minimum wages fixed under the Minimum Wages Act for unskilled workers. The Hospital is a mere sample of apathy that the BMC, busy in serving avaricious contractors, is capable of showing to health care.

The sole purpose of posting an IAS officer as Commissioner of BMC was defined by the necessity of efficient coordination amongst various departments of Orissa administration to facilitate smooth and expeditious execution of its programs and projects. The scenarios supra strongly suggest that the purpose is lost. If grace is granted on the assumption that recalcitrant attitude prevalent in different administrative departments might have contributed to such corrosion, who but Ms. Sarangi is responsible for the open rape of the BMC Act?

Open rape of OMC Act 2003

Ms. Sarangi has exhibited aggressive zeal in demolition of temporary kiosks run by marginal traders and even tiny temples built up by local peoples as community centers of worship and cultural get-together. But she has never touched the cowsheds that are run on large encroached plots by milkmen in the most lucrative locations in the capital city even though those are the principal source of unbearable unhygienic condition that the city is subjected to.

To save the city’s inhabitants and visitors from mosquito menace and from pernicious pollution, Orissa Legislature had made provisions in the Orissa Municipal Corporation Act, 2003 that had stipulated that cowsheds must stand obliterated within the limits of BMC with immediate effect. Orissa Milk Producers Association had moved the Orissa High Court against this new Law to evict milkmen from their encroached plots praying simultaneously that the Government be asked to rehabilitate them in suitable places in the city before eviction and not to impose prohibition on running of cowsheds. Orissa High Court rejected their plea. They went to the Supreme Court of India against the order of the High Court. There they also failed. The Supreme Court, in deciding Civil Appeal No.940 of 2006 arising out of SLP (C) Nos. 16362-16363 of 2004, made it absolutely clear that the milkmen must be evicted from the limits of BMC and must not be rehabilitated anywhere in the City and its periphery as “Right to environment being a fundamental right it is the duty of the State to make it sure that people get a pollution free surrounding”. The milkmen had pleaded that a former Chief Minister had assured them with rehabilitation and hence they should be given plots in substitute to run their business. Rejecting this plea, the Supreme Court had declared, “In view of the 2003 Act, even the doctrine of Promissory Estoppels will have no application”. It had further ordered that the milkmen cannot even be allowed to put up cowsheds in villages bordering Bhubaneswar. “As by reason of the Orissa Municipal Corporation Act, within the periphery of the town, dairies or cowsheds cannot be maintained, the State cannot be entitled to adhere to its earlier plan of rehabilitating them in villages mentioned therein”, it had said while observing, “Not only filth, stench and unhealthy places have to be eliminated, but the (town planning) would be such that it helps in achieving family values, youth values, seclusion and clean air to make the locality a better place to live”

Thus the Supreme Court has not only rejected the plea of milkmen to have cow-buffalo-swine-sheds in Bhubaneswar, but also has approved the provisions laid down under Sections 409, 543 and 548 of The Orissa Municipal Corporation Act, 2003, which prohibit keeping animals of cow category anywhere within and around the city limits. The judgment delivered on 2 February 2006 is published in (2006) 3 Supreme Court Cases 229. So, there was no legal problem at all on demolition of cowsheds and eviction of milkmen with their herds of animals to free the city from stench and flies and mosquitoes and malaria and filariasis and threats of cancer and tuberculosis. But Ms. Sarangi, who has earned the epithet of demolition lady, has never touched the cowsheds.

There are above 4000 illegal cowsheds in the city according to a source that confides, every cowshed operator pays bribe to the tune of Rs.2000 per month to keep the 2003 Act inoperative. If it is true, at least Rs.80 lakhs is collected as bribe from the milkmen every month to protect them from eviction.

The Law is openly raped. If bribe is not the stimulant, the BMC Commissioner as well as the State Chief Secretary should state as to why the 2003 Act, which has prohibited running of cowsheds in Bhubaneswar and in total approval of which the Supreme Court of India has passed a very welfare order for eviction of milkmen without any delay sans any rehabilitation package from the area of BMC, has not been implemented so far.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Election to Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has established that for the citizens of Orissa’s capital City the Congress Party conspicuous by its docility to the lobbyists of USA is not a political party worth electoral support.

BJD has bagged 40 out of 60 wards of BMC with BJP somewhat managing to get only nine wards in a contest beyond its existing legislative alliance with BJD. Even as the new born Samrudha Orissa has gained over one ward, the voters in one-tenth of the wards have preferred independent candidates by bestowing victory upon six of them. But the Congress has not been able to obtain faith in more than two-third of the wards gone even to the party-less contestants. The party of USA lobbyists has been thrown into the dustbin; allowed to breath feebly only in four of the wards of Bhubaneswar to suffer the ignominy of mass rejection, as helplessly as traitors deserve, for the mischief it has played against India under the Sonia-Manmohan Singh gang.

But BJD’s claim that its victory is indicative of rising popularity of its autocrat master Navin Patnaik is never better than a mere braggadocio.

The BJD victory reminds me of the victory of Swatantra Party over Congress candidates in Orissa.

Congress was the party that was our common platform to fight for and win independence. Swatantra Party was the party of the vested interest rich and in Orissa, specifically of the erstwhile kings, whom, for their exploitive activities, peoples of Orissa had thrown out of their thrones with such fury and hatred that they were the first pack of princes in whole of India to have tried to escape subjects’ wrath by merging their respective States in the Union of India.

This being the background, it was absolutely baffling that the same persons who were dethroned by the peoples were winning elections against the Congress.

I was then in active politics and a heavyweight in Orissa unit of the Swatantra Party. I know the reason of victory of the ex-rulers.

The Congress had polluted administration with so much corruption and had become a party of such self-seekers and lobbyists of foreign traders and inland economic offenders like Biju Patnaik that in comparison with its leaders, the ex-rulers were being felt less harmful. Therefore in the ex-princely States the Swatantra Party was gaining victory over the Congress.

This is the precedence that voters of BMC have followed at the moment. To them Congress has become so much a party of traitors and damagers of democracy that the massive misrule perpetrated by Navin Patnaik is not more than a mole. This is why BJD has won, not for Navin’s popularity.

Every mirage has a common characteristic. It does not last long, Therefore the Swatantra Party did not last long. It lost its mask and vanished into oblivion. BJD would also collapse in internecine quarrels that is discernible in its rank and file in its self-made environment, which is akin to dense forest where predators kill each other in quarrels over more share than others of the body of the prey and no matter how much wards it grabs in BMC, when thrashed by the peoples whom truth must someday prevail, it would have no trace of it to look at.

However, at the moment, it is significant that the citizens of the capital city of Orissa have resolutely rejected the party of the USA lobbyists.