Intimidated Samaja Staff sign on Plain Papers: State is Silent!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

THE SAMAJA is Orissa’s iconic newspaper and belongs to people of Orissa. It was created by five most beloved leaders of the State – famous as Panchasakha of Satyavadi – for imparting political education to the people fighting for reconstruction of their divided motherland and emancipation. Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das was its co-founder and was its forefront editor.

As we have shown earlier, a low-paid shrewd servant of Gopabandhu – Radhanath Rath and an associate of the great leader, whom, despite his mental dullness he had sponsored to Politics – Lingaraj Mishra – had betrayed Gopabandhu and had forged his Will after the original was probated and discarding the probated Will, had used the forged one in all offices to grab the Samaja under cover of Servants of the People Society.

This Society, after death of these two miscreants, has seized the Samaja in its entirety and has been looting its revenue.

Like vultures fight amongst themselves over a carcass, members of this Society are in fight against each other to grab whatever benefit they can and they have reduced the Samaja premises to their internecine battle ground.

Lest the workers wake up against this, they have resorted to blatant unfair practices, have subjected the Union leaders to concocted cases, have illegally dismissed active members of the Union, pushed employees into enforced idleness and as per a press note issued by the Union, have taken signatures of some employees in plain papers by intimidating them. This is happening, because, the State Government never act against illegalities of SoPS.

The press note is in Oriya script and as this posting is addressed to people of Orissa, we give below the same for their perusal.

PN 1PN 2PN 3PN 4

We have got Gopabandhu’s Signed and Probated Will: Forgery by Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra established; State must salvage the Samaja from SoPS

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
We had been trying to find the proof of forgery committed by Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra to grab the Samaja under cover of the Servants of the People Society (SoPS) and how this society has no legitimacy to keep the Samaja under its occupation.

Finally we have got the proof.

In various articles, specifically the one captioned ‘Samaja in Maze of Forgery’  we had juxtaposed Pandit Nilakantha Das’ eye witness accounts with Prof. Sreeram Chandra Dash’s hearsay narration on writing of Gopabamdhu’s Will.

When, according to Pt. Nilakantha, the Will was written by Radhanath Rath to dictation of Gopabandhu, according to the narration of Prof. Dash – admittedly guided by Radhanath Rath, who had refused Prof. Nityananda Satapathy the access to Gopabandhu’s records under his disposal – Lingaraj Mishra had taken the dictation.

This difference was putting a stymie on my conclusion. This stymie is now removed as we have got, after year long pursuit, the original Will of Gopabandhu signed by him and duly probated.

This original Will makes it clear that Lingaraj Mishra, as claimed by Prof. Dash, had written the Will on which Gopabandhu had put his signature. But there is half truth in Prof. Dash’s narration. On juxtaposing Pt. Nilakantha and Prof. Dash together with the body of Gopabandhu’s signed Will, I am sure that Rath had taken dictation of the draft, from which Lingaraj had made the fair copy and Gopabandhu had signed that fair copy even with expansion of his instructions.

I will elaborate.

The draft dictated by Gopabandhu to his employee Radhanath Rath had ended in 8 Paragraphs.

This 8th paragraph was a single-sentenced declaratory paragraph.

It read, “Babu Jagabandhu Singh, Babu Banamali Das, Pandit Nilakantha Das, Babu Harihar Das and Babu Lingaraj Mishra are appointed hereby as executors of this Will”. Below this sentence, Gopabandhu had put his signature.

But thereafter, it occurred to him that he should make some addition, specifically in favor of his second daughter and her children.

So, he asked Lingaraj to write down his extra instructions on the very same fair copy and thus, to his dictation, Lingaraj had written down rest of the Will. In doing so he had tried to insert the dictation between the last line of Para 8 and the signature of Gopabandhu.
But the insertion could not be compressed into the available space between Para 8 and Gopabandhu’s signature.

Will_Original_Para 8
It had begun as a continuation to Para 8, but had to jump the signature due to want of space.

So, atop the signature, one finds the words:
“The executors are authorized to make cash contribution of rupees five hundred for purchase of land for my second daughter Kirtimayee and the” and beneath the signature, the rest that reads: “Estate shall bear all the educational expenses of this poor second daughter’s children”.

And, then we find Para 9 that Gopabandhu had dictated to Lingaraj on body of the fair copy of the WILL, as otherwise he could not have signed below Para 9 also.

This is why, even though up to Para 8 in the original draft, Gopabandhu had given the dictation to Radhanath Rath, in view of the fair copy produced by Lingaraj from the draft as given to him by Radhanath, and writing of the last portion in addition thereto as dictated to him by Gopabandhu, it is generally accepted that Lingaraj Mishra had written the WILL to dictation of Gopabandhu.

As I have already revealed earlier, Radhanath Rath had shrewdly inserted a sentence in Para 6 for his own benefit before handing over the draft to Lingaraj for fair copy thereof for Gopabandhu’s signature. The sentence was a mismatch and interpolation; but the same had gone into the fair copy by the “easygoing” Lingaraj and had escaped attention of Gopabandhu as he was unable to keep his composure intact under pangs of sharply approaching death. In his letter to Lala Lajpat Rai on 23.12.1927, Gopabandhu had described Lingaraj as a man who was “a bit of easygoing nature” and had “not much initiative and imagination”. Radhanth had taken advantage of this nature of Lingaraj and after interpolating the original draft with his self-centric sentence: “I had a mind to take Babu Radhanath Rath as my assistant under the Servants of the People Society, shortly”, had succeeded in getting the same carried in the fair copy of the Will prepared by Lingaraj. Lest the interpolation gets exposed, he kept draft he had taken dictation of  hidden from public gaze and refused Prof. Satapathy access thereto.

Rath, however, had preserved his handwritten draft under his personal custody; because his son Prof. Nilakantha Rath, as admitted in his publication ‘Dasa Apanenka Chithipatra’ had seen the same in his possession, before it went “missing”.

However, though this interpolated self-centric sentence in Para 6 was intact in the probated Will, both of them – Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra – found that Para 7 thereof would be disadvantageous for them to grab the Samaja.

Therefore, a new draft was made in the hand of Lingaraj amending the Para 7 to suit their nefarious purpose.

This draft got typed on which an affidavit was made before the Sheristadar of the District Court, Cuttack showing the same as true copy of Gopabandhu’s Will.

As I have already shown, Rath was in constant fear that the said affidavit may someday face a challenge. So, he tried to get a ‘Certified True Copy’ of the probated copy of the Will from the District Judge Office, Cuttack, from the text thereof recorded in the register of probate. His purpose was to generate a copy with the language of the forged Will he and Mishra had created with the help of the Sheristadar, to cheat the State and the public. This was to be done by tampering with the text of the probated Will at the typing stage through a gained over typist. And, the gained over typist had done the typing accordingly. But the evil design was foiled when the the officer, who compared the typed copy with the Register before certification, spotted the mischief.

The typist was forced to apply white paint on the altered text, which was exactly the text of the forged Will and to retype thereon the correct text of the original Will. This is its photocopy:-

WILL_Probated_aborted attempt to alter the text copy
Though, thus, this attempt to tamper with the original text of the Will failed, the very endeavor to tamper with the text establishes the criminality of Rath as well as SoPS that has never tried to obtain the ‘Certified True Copy’ of the Will from the office of probate or the District Judge Office where the original Will is preserved, but has all along used the forged Will created by Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra through the Sheristadar of the District Judge, Cuttack.

It is now the responsibility of the State Government to book the SoPS for the offense of using a forged Will of Gopabandhu to occupy the Samaja, the iconic newspaper of Orissa and for having embezzled hundreds of crores of rupees of the Samaja without any authority and legitimacy.

Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra need be subjected to posthumous prosecution for the crime they have committed.

The State must take over the paper and offer it to its employees to manage it, because it is the workers who have given their labor and life to give the paper its life for 94 years and to give it the shape, stature and strength to enter into 95th year of its publication.

SoPS in offense against Utkalmani: Orissa digests, as a semiOriya rules the State

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Before Gandhiji was killed, his killer Nathuram Godse had come to him, had said “Pranam” and had pumped in the bullets to his heart in cold blood.

The word “Pranam” used by Dipak Malavya as the title of a signed editorial in the front page of the Samaja of today reminds me of that gory crime.

Malavya has projected himself as executive secretary, ‘Samaja’ board of management.

‘Samaja’ board of management is contrived and promulgated by Servants of the People Society (SoPS) of which Utkalmani Pt. Gopabandhu Das was the Vice-President before he was pushed into death in absence of timely treatment because of treachery of his servant Radhanath Rath, has illegally occupied the paper by using a forged will, which has been exposed in Rath had, in nexus with Lingaraj Mishra, prepared the forged will to grab the Samaja under cover of SoPS. And, that forgery had helped them both bag editorship of the paper and political positions like ministers.

After this reporter exposed the felony, the employees of Samaja were deeply worried over legitimacy of their employers. The shroud of doubts over legitimacy of SoPS as their employer was needed to be removed. So the Union of the employees asked the SoPS to clarify on the issue of the forged will of Gopabandhu. SoPS did not dare to answer. Repressive step were taken against union leadership to cause so much panic in the staff and to keep them intimidated that the State labor Laws implementation authorities are now flooded with industrial disputes.

Alert citizens, admirers of Pandit Gopabandhu, journalists who pride over their pursuit have formed a collective body styled Save-the-Samaja-Forum that has moved the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) to take action against SoPS for having illegally occupied the icon paper of Orissa. When the RNI was conducting an inquiry through the ADM of Cuttack to find out the truth, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s office forced the said officer to drop the inquiry midway and send a report to RNI supporting the SoPS claim. It has lead to W.P.(C) No is 11286 of 2014 and SoPS has not yet dared to counter the allegations.

Taking possession of Samaja by using a forged will of Gopabandhu, the SoPS has forced his unique Jatiya Vana Vidyalaya into starvation death and had raped and ravished all that values Gopabandhu and his famous friends of Satyavadi – revered as Panchasakha – had stood for.

Even the birthplace of Gopabandhu is criminally ignored and the famous Vakula Vana that was their seat of activities housing the open air school on the lap of nature has been thrown into elements.

All these chronic offenses against the immortal iconic leader of Orissa have been brought to attention of the Chief Minister by the SSF as well as by the Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association (UNEA).

Had a semiOriya made by accident the Chief Minister not been protecting the criminals that have occupied the samaja by using a forged will, Malavya and his team should have been in the jail by this time.

They have been trying to hoodwink the people of Orissa by engaging event managers to project themselves as legitimate owners of Samaja and worshipers of Gopabandhu since last year on occasion of his birth anniversary, after being exposed threadbare in these pages on their felonious offenses against Gopabandhu.

And, even out of this venture, pocketing money in the name of Gopabandhu appears to be a strong design. At least, one understands it from the press note released by the UNEA yesterday. Fidgeted by its impact, the so-called editorial titled ‘Pranam” has been enforced in the front page of the paper that Malavya and his gang have illegally occupied.
We give below the photocopy of the Employees’ press note and urge upon the chief minister to ask the police to act against forgery committed on the iconic leader’s last will. He has so far behaved as a semiOriya despite in power for 15 years. It is time for him to graduate into a real Oriya.

Press Release_UNEA1Press Release_UNEA2

Fish Market continues in Directorate of Secondary Education: An Instance

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik was not even in the womb of politics. Orissa Assembly had to plunge into pandemonium over a frontbencher’s allegation that the education directorate had become a fish market where every file movement had a price tag. Even ministers were one with the allegation.

Sadly, the scenario has not changed. The same fish market character is yet discernible.  Director to clerks in the Directorate of Secondary Education sleep over a matter if palms are not greased and illegal orders are manufactured and enforced if pockets are taken proper care of.

I will cite a single instance.

I may cite many instances. But I am citing a single instance with the specific purpose that, for the new minister in charge of the portfolio – Sri Debi Prasad Mishra, who, unlike many of his colleagues is a sharp grasper – can pay his concentrated attention to the syndrome if a single instance is focused and reach a remedy.

So, here it is.

Sankarsan Godi Godi Sahi Bidyapitha

Director, Secondary Education, Orissa, in a letter signed by Deputy Director (NGS) on 7.5.14, has quashed the retrenchment order of Sri Dhobanath Sahu, in-charge Headmaster of this school and has allowed him “to resume in his duty in the school immediately”. This order of “so-called reinstatement” has been challenged as “illegal/arbitrary/high-handed” in W.P.(C) No.10575/2014.

Without prejudice to the case in question, it may be mentioned that the Director has created the situation for the case that has ruined the academic environment of a rural high school founded, not by the Government, but by the villagers for benefit of their children.

It is just a case study on how school education in Orissa is being imperiled by the Director of Secondary Education as his corrupt colleagues have kept the Directorate a “fish market”.

The School by the villagers for their children

As the State Government stayed apathetic to people’s demand for a High School so that the gateway to higher education could have opened for their children, the villagers of Godisahi, Godi in the district of Khurdha resolved to establish a high school by them. A man of great humanitarian concern of the locality Sri Abhay Ch. Nanda donated a decent patch of land to the villagers for establishment of the High School and the same started functioning with the collective contributions of the villagers. On recommendation of the Government, as the people had “fulfilled all the conditions for recognition”, the Board of Secondary Education recognized the private school by order No. 283 dated 8.1.1993, that helped the students graduate from the said school, which was essential for their higher education.

Churning machine of illegal TCs

The above named Dhobanath Sahu was the Headmaster in-charge of the school. He took full advantage of the recognition and made the school a churning machine of illegal certificates. Let us take into accounts only two days of a single month in order not to overload this presentation with documents. The month is May 2001 and the dates are 3 and 11. T.C. No. 1066426 was issued on 3.5.2001 to one Shyama Sunder Senapati wherein ‘purpose of leaving the school was mentioned as “For Service”. His date of admission is shown as 20.7.86 and his number in the Admission Register is shown as 15/86. Even the percentage of his attendance in the class is shown: 92.06%. But in reality, Senapati was never admitted into the School. In fact, there was no admission on 20.7.86. Obviously, Senapati wanted the TC with a date of birth suitable to him for service eligibility and he bribed heavily Sri Sahu and got the TC.

Racket of manufactured certificates

The second instance of manufactured TC is the one issued on 11.5.2001 to one Suresh Kumar Pradhan. The number of this TC is: 10066429. Pradhan is shown to have taken admission on 24.7.92 and his number in the Admission Register is shown: 26/92. The date of leaving the school is shown: 20.12.92 and the marks secured are shown ‘A’,’C’ and ‘B’ respectively against WE/SUPW, Art Education and Health/Physical Education. Yet, there is no mention of his percentage of attendance, though that is must requirement to be mentioned in the TC and he had read in the school for 17 months till the date of his leaving the school on 20.12.94. It is shown in the TC that he had left the school “For Service”. But like the previous one, this one was also manufactured against heavy payola. As records of the school shows, Pradhan was never admitted in the school, there was no admission on 24.7.92 and the Admission Register had not even reached the serial 26.

For service, authentic proof of the date of birth is essential. And, a school leaving certificate/transfer certificates (TC) carries the date of birth, legally accepted as authentic. Dhobanath Sahu churned out such certificates against huge money collected clandestinely.
Even Board of Secondary Education certificates were being generated fraudulently and sold to non-students at very heavy price in a planned manner wherein Board officials were also involved. Non-students were being sent to the Board as “regular students” for High School Examination and with the help of agents in the Board, HS Certificates were also being generated. Then Headmaster I/C Sri Sahu was handing over the same to the buyers. One such certificate bears the Serial No: M1942241. Sri Sahu has signed it on 3.12.07 as the Headmaster. But the student Nesarat Mahammad was not a student of this school.

MC in action

Such some mischief having come to the attention of the staff as well as the managing committee, before the managing committee initiate any action against his frauds, Sahu relinquished his responsibility on his own accord and requested the Secretary of the MC on 10.7.2008, that, as he was “not working properly” because of being under the load of “so many problems” , he had already “left HM and Hostel charge”; and requested him to give “HM and Hostel charge specially to Bijaya Kumar Nayak”. And, with this much intimation to the Secretary, he abandoned the school under panic.

The MC of the school, under such extraordinary situation looked into his conduct in depth. To its horror, it found that not only such fraud in generation and issuance of certificates to non-students, but also his activities included misappropriation of school properties and even selling away of a lot of classroom furniture like chairs and tables. The MC wanted to hear him in this matter. But he did not come despite repeated notices.

In its meeting No.08 of 2008, the MC recorded details of the offenses committed by Sri Sahu and unanimously adopting resolutions against him, informed the same to the Inspector of Schools,, Khurdha Circle as well as to the Director of Secondary Education and Board of Secondary Education, Orissa. The MC enumerated his offenses and resolved to dismiss him. Yet, as he had not handed over the charges, particularly the accounts of the school for 10 years under his headmastership, he was given 15 days time to handover charges as per law, failing which, as communicated to him through Advocate Ajit Kumar Patnaik on 7.11.2008, it would be deemed that he has no interest for the post and the funds not accounted for by him spanning 10 years would be treated as “misappropriated” and the MC would take “appropriate legal action” for recovery of the money.

BSE and CI involved in the racket

As Sri Sahu continued to keep mum, a big bunch of High School Certificates arrived and it was seen that the claimants of the certificates, recommended to the Board by Sahu as regular students were not at all admitted in the school. New HM I/C Bijay Kumar Nayak refused to give them the certificates, as there was no trace of them in the school admission register. Board Secretary as well as the Inspector of Schools,, Khurdha Circle forced the new HM I/C to issue them the certificates on obtaining affidavits from them wherein they were to declare their date of birth, names of parents, addresses and that they were students of the school. That was complied with and certificates, thus, were issued under signature of the new HM I/C. This proves that the Board of Secondary Education and the Inspector of Schools,, Khurdha Circle were deeply involved with this forgery and Dobanath Sahu was running the racket of certificate manufacturing in the school with their help.

Exemplary action by MC

The offenses of Sahu were so serious that in view of his total silence over the charges and abandonment of service, he could have been dismissed from service. Yet, the MC did not dismiss him. It demoted him to the 3rd position in the cadre list of its teachers and informed him of this in its Secretary’s letter dated 4.11.2008, while asking its lawyer to serve on him the notice mentioned supra. It was an exemplary action. But this magnanimity shown to him was ignored by Sahu, as he was in active Panchayat politics by then and the demotion order had not absolved him from the offenses he had committed.

The School under Block Grant

After this demotion was effected, the School was taken into the Block Grant scheme a copy of which reached the school on 6.11.2008. Block Grants ensures a minimum amount of stable salary with financial support from the state, a step ahead towards full salary at par with government schools. The school was instructed to submit its staff list for approval of appointment by 10.11.2008, which the school complied with on 8.11.2008, showing Dhobanath Sahu in the third position in the list of teachers and staff.

Approval refused to Sahu

As transpires from Government Orders communicated through Circle Inspector’s letter No. 8202 dt.25.5.2009 and letter No. 16982 dt. 9.11.2009, the government refused to approve Sahu as a teacher, as by then it was aware of the forgery and other illegalities he had committed as HM I/C of the school. But Sahu was not to miss the chance to regular pay through the gateway of Block Grant. He was anyhow to grab approved status despite denial of approval to his appointment by the government. He cultivated the lady Inspector Priti Pratima Bhol to achieve this.

Priti Pratima Bhol gives birth to a mischief

Under his influence, Inspector of Schools of the circle Ms. Priti Pratima Bhol gave birth to a mischief that has since then destroyed the academic environment of the school under loads of litigation.

She was so gained over by Sahu that she generated a letter on 25.01.10 bearing No.986 addressed directly to him as “Headmaster in charge” of the school, wherein she gave reference of two letters she had received from Sahu on 17.11.2008 and 21.12.2009 and said:

“You reported to this office that you attended the school on dt.15.11.08 and dt. 21.12.09. But the ex-secretary of the school did not allow you to resume the duty of the school.

In this connection you are requested to proceed to the school and resume the duties properly. Any obstacles arises in the matter, may be reported to the undersigned for further course of action at this end”.

The copy of this letter was communicated to Bijay Kumar Sahoo, assistant teacher of the school, requesting him “to co-operate Sri Sahu to work in the school, threatening him simultaneously that if “any deviation arises in the matter”, he “will be held responsible for the purpose”.

Priti’s mischief is as naked as a nude in this letter. In order dated 5.2.2010 in W.P.(C) No. 2096 of 2010, the High Court of Orissa had held this order illegal with the observation that the “Inspector of schools, Khurda Circle, Khurda has absolutely no jurisdiction to thrust upon the school to accept Shree Dhobanath Sahoo as Headmaster In-charge in the said institution, which is solely within the domain of the Managing Committee”. This order was recalled on technical ground in RVWPET No.42 of 2010, in order to give a chance to Sahu to step in to the Writ Case and say his version. The issue has rested there.

But the Director of Secondary Education was duty bound to take administrative steps against Priti Pratima Bhol for her corruption discernible in the letter cited supra.

These are the points that bare her corruption:

1. She was in possession of the minutes and resolutions of the School Managing Committee Meeting No.08/08 wherein forgery and misappropriations committed by Sahu and his abandonment of service were recorded;
2. She was in possession of the order of demotion of Sahu from the post of HM I/C to the third position in the list of teachers pending enquiry into his offenses;
3. She was well aware of the fact that Sahu was no more the HM I/C, as she had accepted and forwarded to the Director the statutory information sheet in Form A-(II) signed by the new MC I/C wherein Sahu was shown in the 3rd position in the list of teachers;
4. The government’s orders denying approval to Sahu’s appointment was well within her knowledge, as it was she, who had communicated the government order to the School in her letters of 25.5.09 and 9.11.09 wherein there was no trace of Sahu in the approved list of teachers eligible for Block Grant.
5. She never made any enquiry on the on Sri Sahu’s allegation that the ex-secretary did no allow him to join his duties though he had “attended the school on dt. 15.11.08 and dt.21.12.09”.
6. From letter of Sahu dated 10.07.08 till 15.11.08, where was Sahu? If he had attended the school on 15.11.08, and the ex-secretary did not allow him resume his duties, why was he silent till 25.05.09? On the other hand, if he had written the letter to the Inspector on 25.05.09 as Ms. Bhola has mentioned, where was he thereafter till 09.11.09? Ms. Priti Pratima has not required any answer on this from Sahu. She has not even asked the School to react to Sahu’s letters. She has not even revealed what action she had taken on Sahu’s letters. Not only that, but also she has not mentioned of Sahu’s letter of what date she had to issue this mischievous letter on 25.01.10 and where was Sahu from 09.11.09 till this date.

How could she address Dhobanath Sahu as HM I/C in this letter when she knew that he was not the post holder, not even an approved teacher and a teacher under the process of prosecution for misappropriation of wealth of the school and forgery of certificates?
It was incumbent upon the Director to enquire into allegations against Sahu if the school fitted into Block Grant was to be saved. In fact, on 29.04.10 by order No.21660, the Director had asked the Circle Inspector of schools, Khurda for a factual report on the well documented allegations of HM I/C of the school. The CI was the same Ms. Bhola whose mischief, as discussed above, was at the root of all the ills the school was suffering. The representation of the HM I/C dated 13.4.10 on which the Director had sought for the report, had severe allegations against the same Inspector. The “subject” of the allegation read, “Repeated harassment being meted out to S.G.G.Bidyapitha by the C.I. of Schools, Khurda”. When the allegations were such emphatically raised against the C.I. of Schools, the Director had asked the same C.I. to to enquire into the allegations and report. What a farce!

Case in the High Court

The C.I. had made the situation so unmanageable that the school had to seek intervention of the High Court of Orissa in W.P.(C) No. 22280 of 2010. In an Order dated 22.12.2010 in Misc. Case No. 20410 arising out of the writ case, the High Court, in the interim, stayed the order dated 29.11.2010 issued by the C.I. of schools, Khurda. Interestingly, Sahu filed a misc. case to be an intervener , which the Court granted. And, he moved the Court for vacating the interim order dated 22.12.10. The Court refused to vacate the stay.

Retrenchment quashed in absence of retrenchment!

When Dhobanath Sahu’s prayer has thus been rejected in the High Court and the issue is sub judice, the Director of Secondary Education has issued an order bearing No.15089 dated 06.05.14 wherein it is mentioned that the Director “has been pleased to quash the retrenchment order of Sri Dhobanath sahu, in-charge Headmaster, Sankarsan Godi Godisahi Bidyapitha, Godi and allow him to resume in his duty in the school immediately”. Sahu was never retrenched. Which order of retrenchment the Director quashed is a conundrum.

Sahu was demoted to the 3rd rank in the faculty, pending disciplinary action. Under orders of the Government the Director refused to approve his appointment for Block Grant, obviously because of his serious misconduct. So quashing his “retrenchment” when he was not retrenched and asking him to resume as Headmaster of the school, when he was not in the approved list and there was a Headmaster legitimately in chair by being appointed by the MC and recognized by the authorities,  is an offense that only a habitual offender can do; not a responsible Director of education.

The school is a non-government school and the Director has no jurisdiction to appoint anybody as Headmaster or to quash any resolution of the MC of the school. Appointment of Headmaster “is solely within the domain of the Managing Committee”, had declared the High Court on 05.02.10 in W.P.(C) 2096 of 2010.

This illegal order has been challenged in a new writ case bearing No. W.P.(C) 10575/2014.

This is just a sample of how the fish market is continuing in the Directorate of Secondary Education, Orissa, under the very nose of the Secretary and Minister of the department.

Issue of ownership: Samaja newspaper employees seek clarification from SoPS on exposures in ORISSA MATTERS


ORISSA MATTERS has exposed how the Servants of the People Society (SoPS) has hijacked Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das’ famous newspaper The Samaja to swindle its fabulous earnings by using a forged Will. It has become clear by the ORISSA MATTERS reports available together at that SoPS has no legitimate ownership over the paper.

As the SoPS has never dared to counter the allegation, worried employees of the Samaja through their trade union – Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association – have attracted attention of the Chairman and members as well as the Trustees of SoPS to this exposure in in their letter No. 15/GS/2014 dated 24.3.2014.

Signed by Devi Prasanna Nayak, President and Subash Chandra Singh, General Secretary of the Union, the letter notes, “Even as the members of our Union are extremely worried over the litigations ffecting Servants of the People Society in internal tussles, we are in deep quagmire over the issue of ownership of the Samaja where we are employees.

“We are giving you the link to a website styles, wherein, over and above the publications in depicting serious exposures and raising serious questions on legitimacy of SoPS as owner of the Samaja are being published/ have been published.

“On behalf of the members of our Union, we request you to please peruse the articles in thia website and come out with a clear picture of the ownership over the Samaja, as otherwise employer-employee relationship being in stake, we the workers are in and bound to be in highly injurious predicament”.

SoPS is yet to answer.

Transfer Industry: Orissa’s only industry that ensures income without investment

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Transfer of government officers has become an industry in Orissa; the only industry that ensures income without investment. It affects Orissa, because it erodes work culture by promoting corruption and favoritism in administration while adversely affecting working aptitude of victims of wrongful transfers. The Chief Minister should look at the phenomenon in right earnest.

All the files of transfer of officers of class II and above rank in the Government, after what is called ‘transfer season‘, come to the C.M. for final approval. Instead of merely putting his signature in approval of the proposal, the CM should go into the pages of the transfer-files to save work culture from further erosion. Transfer affects the life of an employee and hence, manipulated transfer affects work culture by petering out the working aptitude of honest officers whom shrewd self-seekers in corridors of power make the victims.

As already noted, transfer of officers is the only industry that facilitates income without investment and this industry is very active in Orissa.

In every department there are establishment sections with ‘Dealing Assistants’ assigned with specific files for specific groups of officers where transfer proposals are basically made, and there are ‘Section Officers’ in charge of corresponding Sections through whom the proposals initiated by the Dealing Assistant reach the Joint Secretary or Additional Secretary or even a Special Secretary placed in charge of establishment. Transfer proposals initiated at the dealing assistant level thus takes a concrete shape before reaching the Departmental Secretary; and with endorsement from the Chief Secretary, the file reaches the Minister in charge of the department and from there it goes to the CM to get the final stamp of approval. Often the CM signs on dotted lines, because by that time, the CMO involved, the entire process must have been so managed that scope for the CM to say ‘no’ to such proposals would have become too scant for difference.

The entire process is vitiated with corruption. And corruption is the only fuel that runs the transfer industry under the pretense of exigencies of administration.

Transfer encompasses two sets of officers. One, who is relieved and the other, who relieves.

Relieved officers are usually the victims of machinations.

I will cite only three instances as the minimum required elaboration of patterns of the mischief.

Pattern No. 1:

In this pattern, innocent officers, having no godfathers behind them, suffer transfers, as thereby officers with backing of godfathers can be accommodated in their places.

As for example, Dr. P. C. Mahakud, a surgery specialist of capital hospital, Bhubaneswar, who had been posted there against a vacant post after serving more then 25 years the remotest areas of the State that roughly constitute the KBK region, was suddenly transferred to Nayagarh within a very short span of time, as a relation of a top functionary in the Chief Minister’s Office was eager to come to the capital hospital. In this case, Dr. Mahakud had to suffer such unjustified transfer, because, a relation of a high power person was to be accommodated in his place. He was clearly a victim of machinations at that time, though he never objected to his transfer, as to him, obeying the government was his duty.

Pattern No. 2:

In this pattern, honest officers who do not grease the palms of higher officers get transferred to disadvantageous places.

As for example, Shashi Bhusan Mohanty was District Agriculture Officer at Angul when Srinibas Rath, the then Agricultural Production Commissioner in the rank of Additional Chief Secretary, visited the place in the guise of official tour. Mohanty was asked by the private secretary of the APC to keep ready for him new sets of rest room requirements like towels and tooth brush etc, which he had done. He was again asked for new sets of the same for the next day. The accompanying staff of the APC made it emphatically clear to Mohanty that the ‘Sahib’ was not in the habit of using the same rest room materials twice. So, Mohanty supplied new sets to the APC everyday till he left. But, at the time of his departure, he served on him a detail bill for the rest room materials purchased everyday as per orders of the accompanying staff of the APC. This was not to be digested by the top officer. By that time, Mohanty, selected by the DPC for the post of Deputy Director of Agriculture, was awaiting the promotional posting. But, as an off the record punishment, he was posted to Kalahandi to be departmentally tortured by another IAS officer – Tara Datt under charges that soya bean seeds supplied by the government were lying unsold. Datt ordered for recovery of the cost of unsold seeds from his salary, though in no way he was responsible for the situation. In fact, the cultivators had rejected the seeds because of lack of their faith in the seeds supplied officially. It was often being agitated in various parts of the State that officially supplied seeds were not germinating and bearing properly. Datt soon understood the reality and withdraw his orders. But, this instance speaks of how honest officers are transferred and tortured because of reluctance to comply with dishonest desires of top bosses.

Pattern No. 3:

In this pattern, an officer is transferred not for any fault at his end, but for wrath of wrongdoers whom he/she refuses to oblige.

As for example, Labor Minister Bijayashree Rautray had to carry out oral orders of Chief Minister’s Private Secretary V. K. Pandian to transfer P.K.Mohanty, District Labor Officer of Cuttack within a very short time of his posting, because he had justly initiated action against the unfair labor practices and prosecutable contravention of labor laws by the publisher of The Samaja, the newspaper that has pledged pages to political propaganda of the CM.

These are just three samples of the practice whereupon the transfer industry stands.

In this industry, the functionaries who handle the machine of posting, have tremendous scope to earn without any investment.

While giving his final approval to any chain of transfer, if the Chief Minister looks at how the proposal is generated and vetted, I believe, this industry would pose no problem to good administration.

Let the CM use intelligence. Let him dig out how the transfer industry works. Let him find out the reason of delay beyond the normal ‘transfer season’ in preparation of the proposal for transfer and posting. Let him ascertain how much time the vetting Officer – the Joint Secretary or the Additional Secretary or the Special Secretary – takes in finalizing the transfer chain, and the reason of delay, if any, at his level; and finally when the proposal reaches the Minister, and how long time it takes to get cleared by the Minister to reach the CMO.

Every point of delay beginning from the initiation of the proposal to vetting thereof, stage by stage, and clearance of the finally vetted chain of transfer by the Minister concerned to reach the CMO is a point of bargaining for backhander. And, this is a major cause of corruption in administration and endangerment of work aptitude in the victims of machination.

The CM should look into the matter seriously if official work culture is not to be left to further erosion.

Release of J. P. Das on bail is no solution; Chief Minister ought to clarify, why the editor has escaped police action

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Court granted bail to the Samaja reporter J. P. Das on January 18. A representative of the newspaper Samaja, purported to be its Law Officer rushed to Chaudwar Jail with the bail order within a very short time and at around 3 PM got Sri Das released from the jail and sped back to drop him at his residence at Cuttack.

This is unprecedented.

This is entirely different from the age-old judicial-jail practice.

Judicial-Jail practice

Bail granted, the Court’s order usually reaches the court office without any trace of haste and stage by stage slowly proceeds to the dealing staff, who with habitual dawdling prepares the documents to be sent to the jail, which the jail staff responsible for transportation of prisoners from jail to the court and back in the jail vehicle usually carry and therefore, prisoners on bail always get released in the evening after the jail lorry reaches the jail or on the next day.

But here, this judicial-jail practice was entirely tampered with.


Is it because, the Samaja management was in a hurry to whisk away Das from the jail before the trade union of Samaja employees – Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association – reaches the jail to receive him?

Was it because, the samaja management knows that Das was made a scapegoat to save its top brass?

Was it because, the Samaja management was apprehensive of further exposure of its misdeeds unless Das was released from the jail with speedy delivery of the court oder by special messenger organized by the management?

Was it because, the management was eager to pacify Das and gain him over by convincing him of its concern for him, so that the real culprits – the executive editor et al – escape counter allegation by Das?

The judge should study the shenanigans that led to his court-office’s different treatment to bail of Das and contravention of the judicial-jail practice.

The case should have been dismissed

Had law taken its proper course, the case against Das should have been dismissed, because for the alleged offense there was no allegation against him in the FIR that had led to his arrest and legally he was not to be held responsible for the alleged offense.

Judicial conscience woke up and he got the bail; but prosecution has not withdrawn the case and therefore, he is to face trial for the offense, which he has not committed. So, release of Das on bail is no solution to his suffering. Law has been misused against him. Such misuse of law is masterminded by editorial and management controllers of the Samaja and executed by the police.

Chief Minister ought to answer

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik should ask the Director General of Police as to when the Press Laws stipulate that the editor is responsible for any news published in the newspaper, why the police had arrested and sent to jail a trainee reporter whose job is not editing at all.

As I have informed in the preceding report basing on inputs from the tortured reporter, executive editor Satya Ray called him to meet him immediately in the cantonment police station, Cuttack. A disciplined worker, he had come there to meet him. Ray introduced him to the police officer-in-charge and immediately left, whereafter he was declared arrested. We suspect, the police had apprehended the executive editor and in that, had taken the correct step. But what happened that he was allowed to escape and Das was made the scapegoat?

We need an answer to this question from the CM.

We know, the CM is partnering with the Samaja; and because of this, the police is not daring to take any action against the illegal controllers of the paper despite direction from the High Court.

Therefore, in the instant case, the CM should clarify if his office has no role in protecting the real culprits of the Samaja and correspondingly, instituting the false case against Das.

We do not know if he knows or not, his secretary Sri Pandian had forced the labor minister Bijayasree Rautray to untimely transfer the District Labor Officer of Cuttack, for ii was he who had recommended an Industrial Dispute for adjudication against the Samaja management and had entertained several allegations from workers whom the Samaja authorities have kept as casual workers despite their rendering regular service for decades. and a lot more, whom they have been torturing by way of enforced idleness, denial of salary, denial of entry to workplace, illegal transfers and suspension from service, criminal intimidation etcetera.

It cannot be accepted that the recent communal unrest generated by the Samaja editor and publisher is not known to the CM. So the CM cannot say that he is not aware of the wrong steps the police has taken against Das. He is only to clarify, why police has not taken the required steps against the executive editor and the publisher of the Samaja.

He should divulge the reason.

Samaja Reporter enlarged on Bail

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Reporter of the Samaja, Jitendra Prasad Das, framed up deliberately by the controllers of the paper, specifically the executive editor, in the communal tangle centering the major daily over publication of a forged photo of Prophet Mahammad, has been, a few minutes ago, granted bail by the SDJM, Cuttack.

Welcome Sri Das to the world of your own freedom.

J P Das with family

Thanks Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association for the courageous, principled, relentless campaign you conceived and continued for release of your friend from the jail; thanks, members of the MUFP Presidium for your unconditional standing behind Das; thanks all netizens who have raised your voice against unjustified prosecution of Das, and thanks the judicial brilliance that ensured Das’s getting back his lost liberty and finally, thanks Mrs. Das for having courageously endured the turmoil with the small kid and the elderly mother-in-law. Thanks to you friends, all again.

Sathi Salam

Whether or not Samaja was used to generate Communal unrest to influence CMC elections needs be investigated into

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak


samaja apologySamaja executive editor Satya Ray and printer/publisher Niranjan Rath (allegedly impostures in absence of valid appointment) have confessed in a front page boxed signed declaration in the news daily that they had downloaded Mahammad’s picture from google website and published the same, which precipitated damage of property and credibility of the paper. “WE had taken the published picture from the google website”, their declaration says.

Publication of the picture of Prophet Mahammad is certainly offensive.To the Muslims, he is omnipresent and beyond any conceivable limit. Hence limiting him in a picture is an offense, they feel.

Did Ray and Rath not know this truth? They knew. And knowingly they played this mischief.

Communal design

On January 14, the Muslim community was observing the holy birthday of their revered Prophet. On that particular day, Samaja hit them with the offensive picture. It was all set to ignite a stupendous communal flare up between the Muslims and Hindus when the city of Cuttack is in advance stage of CMC election, had the Muslims not restricted their expression of wrath to the offensive newspaper only. Thanks only to them, Orissa has been saved from a communal disaster. Yet, in social medias, rabid rightists have been trying to instigate the Hindus against the Muslims raising the boggy of damage of a statue of Gopabandhu in the premises of a Samaja branch office. This indicates that creation of communal passion was the basic aim of downloading the Prophet’s forged photo from the google site and publishing the same in the Samaja.

Shenanigans marked in the Samaja office in the night of January 13 lead us to fear that the publication of the prophet’s forged photo was aimed at provoking a communal conflict.

From Prof. K.C.Tripathy, a very legitimate authority of the organisation, we get that Priyabrata Mohanty, a man alleged to have misappropriated funds of the Samaja by fraudulent means, was very excitedly active in the Samaja campus in the said night, even though his work chart did not require his presence that way.

So, what was Mohanty doing?

Media arm of Hindu communalists

The Samaja is a rightwing conservative paper and a media arm of Brahminism. Its editorship is always vested in the Brahmins.

When, in its entire history, a non-Brahmin fetched the first position in an interview for editorship and was appointed the editor, he was no sooner than that thrown out, despite having given a great, modern and intellectual shape to the daily enhancing its circulation remarkably.

Its last editor Gopal Mohapatra was a Brahmin; but he is a man with a modern outlook. He was to be jettisoned.

In search of a new editor, they contacted a person who, besides being a former higher education teacher and a worthy orator, was an acclaimed editor of a daily newspaper, which he had voluntarily left. The deal was almost settled. But, when the Samaja bosses discovered that his ‘Mohapatra’ surname does not belong to Brahmin caste, but was a Karan title, the idea to take him as the editor was instantly dropped.

After Gopal Mohapatra left, a suitable hand with good public image not available, they brought back to rolls a retired desk journalist Satya Ray as executive editor.

This man is a loyal acolyte of the illegal occupiers of the Samaja.

He was marked for lobbying in the corridors of courts for the Samaja hijackers at Cuttack, despite his posting at Sambalpur, when the illegal occupiers of the paper were facing a lot of litigations.

So, Ray is their trusted man.

Yet, he is denied editorship, as he is not a man of Brahmin caste.

It is disgusting to note that all the life-members of Servants of the People Society, which has captured the paper by forging a Will of its founder, belong to the Brahmin caste.

So, the paper has a typical Hindu caste supremacist identity and design.

Its occupiers are so hard core communal chauvinists that, they feel no qualms in displaying this design in the most assertive way.

Samaja gate 1When a newspaper is ethically required to be secular, the Samaja proudly displays its Hindu communal chauvinism by sculpturing its entrance gate at the head office with Hindu God Ganesha and Hindu Goddess Saraswati.

Against this backdrop, the 13th January night shenanigans marked in Samaja head office with Prophet Mahammad’s forged photo coming out in the Samaja the very same night to hit the Muslims next morning when they must be celebrating the day of the Prophet’s birth. It was designed to ignite communal fire at a time when Cuttack City is set to have its Municipal election and the State is already on general election mode for the Assembly and the Loksabha.

Police must immediately investigate

When Ray and Rath have confessed that they had downloaded the Prophet’s photo knowing that the same was a forged photo, it is necessary to investigate into their modus operandi. They must be made bound to explain as to why had they downloaded that photo when that was not at all called for and why had the published that photo when that was not at all necessary.

With them, as the trade union of the Samaja employees has demanded, role of the Chief News Coordinator Sushant Mohanty and clinging GM Suresh Mantry needs thorough investigation.

What was Priyabrata Mohanty doing in the night of the printing of the forged photo needs in-depth investigation also.

And, when Ray and Rath admit that they were the persons to have downloaded the forged photo of the Prophet from the google site and had used that, why have they handed over an innocent reporter projecting him as sub-editor before the police, needs also to be investigated into.

Never take it lightly

The offense of the Samaja cannot be taken lightly, specifically as in social media right-wingers are making communally provocative postings in support of the Samaja and right-wing journalists, who never have opposed the ongoing unfair labor practices in blatant violation of employees’ legal rights, are organizing protest rallies as suitable to communal chauvinists that have captured the Samaja.

It can never be accepted that a newspaper like the Samaja has published a communally sensitive forged photo of Prophet Mahammad without application of mind. So, what was in their mind, must have to be unveiled by the investigative wing of the Police.

Arrest them and start the investigation. This is a demand the Government should urgently heed to.

Release the Reporter and Arrest the Editor of Samaja with the Gang Immediately: Employees Trade Union

The communal disturbances ignited by the Samaja controllers has shocked the State.

When real culprits are protected by the Police, Jitendra Prasad Das, a very innocent staff reporter purposefully shown as sub-editor, has been thrown into the jail to mislead the public.

Leaders of Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association (UNEA) have demanded for forthwith release of Das and for immediate arrest of Satya Ray, Niranjan Rath, Sushant Mohanty and Suresh Mantry, who in its views, are the real culprits.

We post below their statement:

“Sri Jitendra Prasad Das a working journalist in position of Staff Reporter of the Samaja is made a scapegoat by wrong-doing executive editor, printer/publisher and General Manager (all impostors) of the paper and has been thrown into the central jail at Chaudwar as an undertrial prisoner, for fault, which he has never committed. The wrong-doing fellows that presently control the Samaja are always using workers as scapegoats.

It is sad that the executive editor who should have owned the responsibility for offensive publication to the chagrin of a minority community, has, to save his skin, treacherously handed over Das to the Police. And the police has acted a puppet in arresting and throwing him into custody jeopardizing his right to personal and press freedom, when he is not at all responsible for the controversial posting in the paper.

The crux of the issue is that a photo allegedly of a sacred path-setter for a minority community, downloaded from Internet, was published in the Samaja in its January 14 edition. Finding it offensive, a delegation of the affected minority community had wanted to meet the general manager of the paper, but was denied audience. This irritated the community that took the conduct of the paper as an affront to their religious distinction and eventually ignited a communal passion leading to severe damage of the properties of paper as well as to its credibility. Dignity of Press was totally shattered for which the executive editor as well as the printer/publisher, news coordinator and the man who poses as the general manager are squarely responsible.

If playing havoc on communal peace and harmony and tranquil of the society is an offense, all the above mentioned four functionaries – they are impostors as there is no legal sanction behind their incumbencies- by their very irresponsible conduct, are the offenders and the police should have arrested, if that was so necessary, any or all these four persons. But, instead of doing that, the police has diverted public attention from the culprits to the entirely innocent reporter.

The UNEA strongly condemns the wrong action of police and calls upon the state to drop the case in which Sri Das has been willfully and falsely implicated.

The severe damage done to the property and credibility of the Samaja because of the highly objectionable and irresponsible conduct of the executive editor (sadly, the premiere paper has no editor) and the printer/publisher, is irreparable. UNEA demands strongest possible penal action specifically against them individually and collectively.

The UNEA therefore calls upon the police to withdraw its case against Das and to immediately arrest the gang of four – Satya Ray, Niranjan Rath, Susant Mohanty and Suresh Mantry – known to the police as Executive Editor, Printer/Publisher, Chief News Coordinator and General manager of Samaja respectively, as otherwise, relevant documents and evidences of their crime may be wiped out.

The UNEA further demands that due steps be immediately taken to ensure safety for Das in the jail as there is treat to his life from prisoners belonging to the irritated minority community.

Devi Prasanna Nayak (President),
Subash Ch. Singh (Gen. Secretary)
Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association, Cuttack