Orissa Governor hopeful of UUC working for Cultural Renaissance

With Pictorial input from Laxmi Prasad Pattanayak

Chancellor of Utkal University of Culture, Governor Dr. S.C.Jamir expressed hope that in times to come the University would play a crucial role in bringing about cultural renaissance in Orissa. He was the Chief Guest in the 17th Foundation Day celebrations on Monday.


Commissioner-cum-Secretary of Culture department of Orissa Manoranjan Panigrahy lauded the faculty members of the University for having carries forward the objectives of the University “in spite of numerous handicaps”. The University running in a temporary campus would soon be shifted to its permanent building and be entitled to UGC grants, he disclosed.

Ranjit Kumar Mohanty, Director of Culture wanted the teachers and the students to work unitedly for the University when Vice-Chancellor Prof. Debendranath Jena drew attention of the authorities to the problems of the University seeking early solutions, while impressing upon the fact that, the University has come a long way in terms of academic achievement “despite problems and hurdles”.

Dr. Suman Das, Registrar, presented the annual report and highlighted the activities undertaken throughout the year.

The University’s annual newsletter ‘Sanskruti’ was released by the Governor, when the Lady Governor distributed the awards and prizes.

To mark the occasion, students of Odissi and Visual Arts Departments had offered excellent entertainment and  an Art Exhibition respectively.





Students put their footprints from Sambalpur to Orissa Capital in cause of Mother Tongue Oriya

ama bhasa ama rajabhasaOriya Bhasa Sangram Samiti, under the leadership of Dr. Subrat Kumar Prusty, welcomed the students who had come walking on foot from Sambalpur to Bhubaneswar to ask the Government to ensure paramountcy of mother tongue Oriya in management of Orissa by appointing teachers in the subject of Oriya in all educational institutes within the limits of the State as the minimum duty of the Government to the people. Bhasa Sangram Samiti leader Poet and Advocate Gajanan Mishra had flagged off the foot marchers at Sambalpur on October 17.

Students from Sambalpur were joined with students from the Central University, Ravenshaw University, Utkal University and Sahantiniketan in the foot march under the auspices of Nikhila Utkal Oriya Honors Students Association.

They were welcomed and addressed by Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak, Debendra Prasad Das, Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Ajay Kumar Jena and Hemanta Kumar Rath and others.

Below are a few relevant pictures on the welcome given to them on October 31 at the same spot on Mahatma Gandhi Marg where poet Gajanan Mishra had observed his fast on to death along with other hunger-strikers for implementation of Orissa Official Language Act, 1954. The fast was withdrawn on July 08,2015 on agreement of the Government with the Bhasa Sangram Samiti for implementation of the Act, following which a Joint Action Committee with Five Ministers representing the Government and seven language activists representing the Samiti has been formed and steps as regularly being reported in this site are being taken.

PadayatrisWelcoming podium 1Foot Marchers welcomedwelcoming 1Debendra Pr. Das Dr. D.P.Pattanayak Subhas Ch. PattanayakSurendra Mohanty on Official Language


Historic Fast for Administration in Oriya Completes the 3rd day with Students Joining the Campaign

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Sangram Samiti LogoIt seems more and more language lovers are eager to observe fasting in solidarity with the Bhasa Sangram Samiti that is spearheading the movement well defined by Sri Gajanan Mishra’s fast onto death for ensuring entitlement of the people of Orissa to have their administration in their mother tongue Oriya.

Students from Colleges and Universities made the third day of the language movement more resounding by expressing their solidarity with Sri Gajanan Mishra on fast onto death at the venue of the hunger strike on Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Bhubaneswar.

On the third day, Sri Krushna Chandra Jagaddev, President of Pujyapuja Sansad has joined Sri Mishra in fast onto death when Dr. Bijay Prusti, Dr. Kulamani Nayak, former Government Chief Whip Sri Ajay Jena, Aparna Nayak, Khageswar Bal, Pabitra Mohan Samal, Priyanath Acharya have observed solidarity fasting.


bhasa sangram on 3rd day

Today’s participants, with Sankar Parida in chair, were addressed by eminent men of letters such as Dr. Devi Prasanna Pattanayak, Bibhuti Pattanayak, Pradyumna Satpathy, Prof. Natabar Satpathy, Prof. Dr. Ramesh Behera, Dr. Subrat Prusti, Leader of Orissa secondary School teachers Prakash Mohanty, eminent Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik, CPI leader Narayan Reddy, former Minister Panchanan Kanungo, Gandhian Padma Charan Nayak, Sharat Chandra Bhadra, Arya kumar Jnanendra, Kshirod Prasad Singhdeo, Nishan Editor Lenin, social activist Sudarsan Das, Columnist Tusarkant, Amitav Khilar, Manoj Jena, Sujata Sahani, Manasmita Nayak, Shantanu Kumar Suna, Dr. Chittaranjan Behera were amongst a galaxy of speakers who supported the movement and called upon the government of Orissa to immediately freedom of administration from non-Oriya language. They reminded the Government of its unavoidable responsibility to act according to Orissa Official Language Act, 1954.

Wake up Naveen, Stop Preening, Save Gajanan Mishra and friends on Fast

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The historic fast unto death in demanding use of Oriya as official language as per the original Official Language Act 1954 has reached the third day. Poet Gajanan Mishra is a senior citizen, who, as per his declaration, is on fast-unto-death since July 1. Poet Sanjib Parida of Dhenkanal and poetess Madhumita Samal of Bhubaneswar have joined him since the first day of the fast and ORISSA MATTERS chief Subhas Chandra Pattanayak has observed solidarity fast on the second day, i.e. July 2.

Sangram Samiti Logo


Oriya Bhasa Surksha Samiti is organizing the language movement.

On the third day, Sri Krushna Chandra Jagaddev, President of Pujya Puja Samsad, has joined Gajanan babu in Fast unto death when Dr. Bijay Prusti, Dr. Kulamani Nayak,Khageswar Bal, Aparna Nayak, Priyanath Acharya, Santos Pands and former government Chief Whip Ajaya Jena have begun their solidarity fast. The list of Oriya poets and authors and Oriya nationalists who are eager to join the fast for the mother tongue is flowing in from all parts of Orissa.

By the second day, the venue as been respectfully visited by famous Linguist Dr. Devi Prasanna Pattanayak, poet Ramakant Rath, poet Jagannath Prasad Das, poet Amiya Pandab, poet Umakant Raut, Dr. Shubhashree Lenka, Secretary of Orissa Sahitya Academy Ashwini Kumar Mishra, Advisor of the Oriya wing of Central Sahitya Academy Gourhari Das, Member of Central Sahitya Academy Bonoj Tripathy, Working President of Sachivalay Lekhaks Sangha Rasanand Sahu, Its Secretary Kamal Kumar Mohanty, Bhuban Mohan Mohanty, eminent social activist Rituparna Mohanty, political heavyweight Niranjan Patnaik, Ama Odisha Chief Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, CPI (M) leaders Janarddan Pati, Ali Kishore Patnaik, Santosh Das, AAP convener Dhanadakant Mishra, Samajvadi Party State President Rabi Behera, former MLA and All India People’s Forum State Convener Radhakant Sethi, Kalinga Sena Chief Hemanta Rath, Dr. Karttikeswar Patra, Ajay Jena, Arya Kumar Jnanendra, freedom fighter Bhavani Charan Pattanaik, Gandhian Padma Charan Nayak, former minister Panchanan Kanungo, former central Minister Braja Kishore Tripathy, BJD MP Baishnav Charan Parida, Abhay Samantray, Prof. Biswaranjan, Prof. Natabar Satpathy, Prof. Pabak Kanungo, Yantrana Parikshit, Kabita Parida, Social activist Devendra Kumar Das, Eminent Journalist Barendra Krushna Dhal, Pradyumna Satpathy, Tusarkant Satpathy, Pradosh Patnaik, Prasanta Patnaik, Kedar Mishra and many others, who have also pronounced their all out support to the cause espoused by Sri Gajanan Mishra.

When on the first day, Sambad Editor Soumyaranjan Patnaik, Subartta Editor Pradyumna Satpathy, ORISSA MATTERS chief Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Prof. Biswaranjan, Rabi Behera and others pointed out what unfathomable harm has been done to Orissa by the State Government’s distance from the language of the people, and called upon Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to take immediate tuition in Oriya language to speak in Oriya and to understand Oriya so that he can evaluate his own administration by interacting with the people of Orissa, while stressing on compulsory use of Oriya in all spheres of administration, on the second day, Sri Barendra Krushna Dhal, Janarddan Pati, Santosh Das, Ali Kishore Patnaik, Dhanadakant Misgra, Radhakant Sethy, echoed the same feeling of the people of Orissa.

All the speakers on both the days supported the Samiti agenda for transaction of all official works in Oriya language including writing of all litigation related matters including police reports, reports of doctors asked by police or court to examine an accused or victim of crimes, all communication from Tahsils on people’s landed properties, from Blocks on welfare programs, from MPs and MLAs on their local area development funds. The Samiti’s other demands include appointment of Oriya language teachers immediately in every educational institutes, creation of official websites in Oriya, development of easily useable Oriya software for every net user to help people know of their government, making Oriya the only medium of tests for employment in Orissa, reservation of at least 75% posts in all IT companies and industries for candidates from Orissa and action against the non-Oriya officer who in a shrewd and unauthorized way has asked colleges and universities to make English the mandatory medium of education.

Your Rule is Illegal, dear CM

Dear Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, the Constitution of India has stipulated under Article 345 that English language shall continue to be used for those official purposes within the State for which it was being used immediately before the commencement of this Constitution until the Legislature of the State frames its own Official Language Act.

Immediately after independence, in the very first Assembly specially conveyed for celebration of the First Utkal Divas after independence, it was unanimously resolved by our founding fathers that when a new Government would be formed on basis of the Constitution when India would become a Republic, the same Legislative Assembly must enact without delay the Official Language Act to make Oriya the mandatory medium of administration.

And, as per this inviolable direction of the founding fathers on April 1, 1948, after the new Assembly was elected in the new Republic, “The Official Language Act” was created and enforced in 1954, wherein it was stipulated that Oriya is “to be used for all or any of the official purposes of the State of Orissa”.

Your father, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, sabotaged this Act by amending it in 1963 to the effect that English would be used “in addition to Oriya” as official language in matters of the Assembly.

Administration being answerable to Assembly, the amendment helped the non-Oriya mandarins and Oriya officers eager to gain benefits by ingratiating with your father, to replace Oriya with English, the mischief from which, people of Orissa have not yet been able to extricate themselves.

In your regime, the situations has become so unmanageable for the children of the soil, when its natural resources are being grabbed by non-Oriyas, and everywhere the officials and politicians basking under your powers have emerged as scourges beyond control. Please understand the predicaments of the people.

What the Constitution says

It seems, you do not understand the Law and therefore you are making mockery of the word ‘Law’ by always saying, “law shall take its own course”. Look at Article 210 (2) that says, if any State fails to enact its Official Language Act, after 15 years of promulgation of the Constitution, English shall be automatically discarded from use in offices. Read the provision. It is written in so simple language that a kid can understand it. I hope, you shall understand. It says, “(2) unless the Legislature of the State by law otherwise provides, this article shall, after the expiration of a period of fifteen years from the commencement of this Constitution, have effect as if the words “or in English” were omitted therefrom”

Please understand that, had Orissa not even enacted the Act of 1954, on expiration of 15 years from January 26, 1950, English would have been quashed as a language to be used in administration. So, by ruling the State in English, you have been running Orissa in an absolutely illegal manner.

Amend yourself. Stop preening and straight come to the place where the best of beloved children of this soil, have been observing fast to atone the sin of making you the CM to the total detriment of their beloved language; discard your ego of elitism and for the first time in your life, if you so want, interact with the people that are ready to sacrifice their lives for their mother tongue. Salute them for their patriotism, their nationalism, their love for their brethren disadvantaged by your non-Oriya rule. AND DECLARE ORIYA AS THE ONLY LANGUAGE OF ADMINISTRATION OF ORISSA.

Mark these pictures, because, if you have any difficulty in understanding their  language or voices, the pictures would silently depict of the pain of their hearts, in as simply way as you can understand.

photo(25)These are the people whom you have put in slow-starvation by devising the method of one-rupeean rice, They do not know English. When your police entangles them in false cases, that do not know what the police papers say.  When they get any communication from Tahsil or Block offices, they fail to understand what is written, They fail to read the English notifications, if any, on MP or MLA local area development funds, they fail to tell their grievances to officialdom that runns in English, If they get a summon from a court, they fail to understand the same. They are forced to engage lawyers who file and fight their cases in English and when the judgements after wastage of a lot of times emanate, that being in English, they fail to understand what the court says and again run into the trap of lawyers without knowing what else to do. They want all the legal matters be noted in their mother tongue Oriya, so that, they can know at least what has become their fate.


IMG_3857Therefore, dear Chief Minister, amidst many other reasons, they had come to the venue of the fast in hundreds of numbers. Most of them had come under the able leadership of Mr. Hemanta Kumar Rath, President of Kalinga Sena, Mark the picture below-

IMG_3849Mark what they have displayed. Above their organizational name, they have very proudly written an iconic statement  of Asoka the wicked, that reads, “Kalingah Sahasikkah”, which means, the children of Kalinga (Orissa) are by birth valorous. Dear Chief Minister, British, after grabbing Orissa through cheating and treachery, had divided Orissa and merged the divided parts in neighboring provinces to reduce our forefathers to minority in rival terrains. When Orissa raised the first sword against the British rule in India, in words of British historian G, Tounbee, it had “burst with so sudden fury ” as to threaten “expulsion” of the British(G. Toynbee, A sketch of the history of Orissa, O.H.R.J. Vol. 1&2), the senior British magistrate in charge of law and order Mr. W. Forrester had reported to Commissioner Robert Ker on 9. 9. 1818, that it would be better for the British to come to a compromise with the militia leaders of Orissa, particularly Buxi Jagabandhu, because, “the nature of the country and the DISPOSITION of the inhabitants will always present a formidable obstacle to the suppression of these disturbances either by military or police”. The Kalinga Sena by displaying Asoka’s confession “Kalingah Sahasikah” (People of Orissa are valorous by birth), is making us reminded of our national “disposition” which the British was so very afraid of. Understand that this “disposition” is yet in tact and well reflected in the fast onto death Sri Gajanan Mishra and his supporters have resorted to.

I will post here some pictures of the fasting area so that you can know that the poor people forced to slow-starvation by your administration run by non-Oriyas in English language are not the only ones that have expressed solidarity with Gajanan babu, but highly educated Oriyas whom you can never vie with in knowledge and education, are also with the fasting friends. They include Dr. Devi Prasanna Pattanayak, one of the world’s towering linguists, Bhavani Patnaik, one of your father’s closest friends, and Adhyapak Biswaranjan and Pradyumna Satpathy, the top two orators, and scores of top intellectuals of Orissa. You may see in these pictures, Barendra Krushna Dhal, Prasanta Patnaik, Gourahari Das, Kedar Mishra – men of letters and journalists of eminence. You may see here Sri Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, the ablest editor of Orissa, who, through Ama Odisha and Sambad Sahitya Ghar has given birth to a new era of literature activism. You will see here many political heavyweights expressing their solidarity. You may see here selfless social activists like Padma Charan Nayak, Tusarkant Satpathy. You may see Sankar Parida and his tireless troop of friends who have given Gajanan Babu’s endeavor the shape of a movement. And, the movement has become so speaking that even your party MP Baishnav Parida has come to the venue of fasting and stripped you layer by layer for your inability to understand why Oriya should be the only official language in Orissa. Look at the pictures:

IMG_3853IMG_3855IMG_3856IMG_3862IMG_3863IMG_3865IMG_3868IMG_3873IMG_3884IMG_3886IMG_3803IMG_3811IMG_3817IMG_3839photo(27)barendra babu and gourahari babuDr. Devi Prasanna PatnaikPradyumna Satpathyoutsourced picture of the fasting hallIMG_3809

These pictures are just a few samples of Orissa standing one with Sri Gajanan Mishra to make Oriya the official language of Orissa, which despite the law of 1954, your father and you have not allowed to be.

Never forget that the lives of Gajanan Mishra and his friends in fast are more precious than your regime.

Save his and his friends by accepting their demands.

If you don’t bother about people of Orissa, wake up Mr.Naveen Patnaik in your own interest. This time you are facing a totally different class of foes and they are Orissa’s language lovers. Wake up from the ring of non-Oriyas, act like an Oriya with love for the mother tongue, do not endanger Orissa any further and, it may be so, if you wake up to this call, you may no more require to depend on sophomoric sycophants and anti-Oriya non-Oriyas to stay in power.

Oriya would be taught in English Language! What a mad Government!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If documents can say how Orissa is being administered, this document would show how mad has become administration under Naveen Patnaik.

govt order for making English the medium of education

Orissa Assembly’s Standing Committee on Higher Education discussed with departmental Secretary Sri G. Dhal and his team officials on 23.02.2015 on how to improve higher education in Orissa. The Committee resolved that for betterment of the scenario, “English language should be mandatory in College” (Point No.7) and wanted implementation thereof. In elaborating the point to Government, the Assembly wrote at item No.11, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities be asked to print the text books in English language”.

It is a mindless recommendation of the committee comprising MLAs namely Tara Prasad Bahinipati (Chairman of the Committee), Sashi Bhusan Behera, Bibhuti Bhusan Harichandan, Anubhav Pattnaik, Surendra sethi and Basanti Mallick. None of these members is a linguist and/or a known educationist. When they resolved to make English language “mandatory in college” they should have summoned language experts and educationists to the committee to take their considered views on what would be the impact of making English the mandatory medium of teaching in colleges. If the MLAs who do not possess didactic excellence or acclaimed expertise in language study, could not visualize if English becomes the mandated medium of instruction, what would happen to Oriya, what was the sabjanata IAS officer that represented the Higher Education department as its Secretary with his pack of officers doing? Why did he not assist the Assembly with the necessary advice that impact study of the promulgation of English as the only medium of teaching in colleges should be taken up before adding Assembly insignia to the proposal?

However, this mindless recommendation of the Standing Committee is not yet put before the Government and the Cabinet has not been made aware of this proposal, even though the matter breaths disastrous consequences. But the Secretary seems to have implemented it. Otherwise, the order posted above could not have been issued.

The desk officer who has issued the order is a Bengali namely S.K.Ghosh.  He is the Deputy Secretary by way of promotion from the rank of a clerk in the secretariat. He should have raised the issue of impact study of making English the only medium of teaching in the Colleges. He should have placed before the departmental Secretary that,  as very serious dislocations would be created in teaching if the mindless proposal of the Standing Committee is implemented, collective wisdom of the State Cabinet should be invoked.

When required to report on “action taken” on the Committee’s recommendations, the Secretary could have told the Committee that expert opinion was being taken or language impact study was being conducted or the Cabinet was being apprised of the recommendation or the Cabinet was considering on it, for example. But the fertile IAS/OAS brains in the Higher Education department, without Government (The Cabinet) approval of the Standing Committee recommendation, have implemented it as suggested by issue of instructions to all the Principals to report how far they have implemented the order.

The “Action taken note” the Higher Education Secretary has placed before the Standing Committee on 17.6.2015 at 3 PM shows that all the Principals have been “requested to furnish action taken report” as per the office order posted supra that mandates, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities to print the text books in English language”.

This means, Oriya text books shall be printed in English and Oriya language shall be taught in English. What nonsense!

Naveen Patnaik has been reading his Oriya addresses through Hindi or English alphabets typed in his PRO office for all these years. So, perhaps, the fertile brains in Higher Education department are sure, Oriya can be taught in English language with the text books in English.

This nefarious design must be quashed.

A decade ago, when Naveen Patnaik Government had conspired to eliminate Oriya as a subject in higher education, we had exposed and foiled that mischief. Now the same conspiracy having returned more menacingly, I am giving links to some of my discussions in ORISSA MATTERS in those days to say that this conspiracy is culmination of a decade long hidden agenda. Peruse these links, and wake up. We are to save our mother tongue from this mad government.

A renewed Bengali conspiracy: Thwart it. Thwart it. Thwart it.

Orissa Govt. plays its nastiest tricks against the Oriyas

The Lingua-Benga Minister be shacked

Lingua-Benga design defeated: Oriya nation wins

Not enough, National humiliation must be avenged

Happy News to Share: CBSE Topper prefers to be Engineer than hankering after Indian Administrative Service

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

RiaWhen a corrupt, incompetent, shortsighted government run by self-centric politicians and IAS  officers is pushing the State into ruin, a few brilliant students are re-kindling her hopes for a better future by fetching landmark success in their studies. One such student is Ms. Namrata Mohanty who has topped science stream of CBSE 12th in the zone comprising Orissa, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal . She has bagged 98.6% to have the top position in +2 from where ways are laid into all directions of higher education. Namrata’s preference is engineering like her father.

Her father Er. Priyadarshi Mohanty is an electrical engineer of eminence. He presently holds the position of DGM in NTPC in its Eastern Zone –II at Bhubaneswar. She is the granddaughter of scientist Jitendriyanath Mohany, former Professor in Physics in the paternal side and of Malay Kumar Pattanayak, a former top marketing executive. She owes her educational upbringing to her mother Swapna Pattanayak, who had her Masters from the State’s premier institute of higher education – The Utkal University.

A Delhi Public School student from Kolkata Deep Battacharya is bracketed with her in the top position with equal percentage. Namrata’s school is DAV Public School, Unit-8, Bhubaneswar.

For me personally it is a matter of utmost happiness, as she is my granddaughter from my Bhaniji (niece) Lara (Swapna Pattanayak).

The Proposed Women University should be named after Bharat Chandra Nayak and established in Sambalpur

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Today is the day of Sambalpur.

This forenoon, there is going to be held a discussion on Bharat Chandra Nayak’s matchless autobiography – MOR PURBASMRUTI KATHA – in a hotel at under the banner of ‘Think Literature Festival-2014’. Reprint of the rare book is slated to be released on the occasion.

And, today, Former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam will inaugurate the 150th anniversary celebration of Sambalpur’s famous seat of learning – Chandrasekhar Behera Zilla School.

Sambalpur’s contributions to Oriya mana is immeasurable and immense. Its Indrabhuti and his sister Laxminkara were the founders of Jagannatha cult that has given Orissa its distinction as a land of culture and peace. And to modern Orissa, it is Bharat Chandra Nayak of Sambalpur who has given its new era of Women Education.

But this truth has been covered up under the debris of time.

In this posting, I will recall only Bharat Chandra.

I will call him the father of modern women education in Orissa, because, none other than him has suffered so much loss in convincing the conservative people of Orissa that emancipation is not unachievable if girls are given modern education.

When he admitted his daughters in schools where english was being taught, he was subjected to social boycott. He was born in Bolangir, but had decided to reside in Sambalpur in professional pursuit. So, Sambalpur had no congenital bond with him, and hence, no emotional attachment.
In such a condition, having a life under the conservatives who were not at all in favor of English education for the girl children, he had dared to give his daughters modern education.

It had attracted social wrath that was, for a common man, impossible to tolerate. Obnoxious posters were pasted against his daughters, and all sorts of character assassination was used as instruments to force him abandon his zeal for imparting English education to his daughters. He never faltered. Even he had to harden his heart to tolerate the cruelty of time.

Social oppression and non-cooperation by his close relations over the issue of modern education to his daughters had given him such a deadly blow that no man sans dedicated determination for a noble cause can ever withstand.

He has given a detailed description of what situations he has to face over the issue in his book MOR PUBRASMRUTI KATHA. Fortunately its reprint will be now on available. Anybody may go through the book and study the matter.

I have not seen him in my life. He had spent some days as a royal guest in my birthplace Tigiria and because he was Assistant Dewan of Dhenkanal where the cousin brother of my grand father was the Dewan, he was well received in Tigiria. From my father I came to know that he had authored a book where the famous festival of Fireworks of Tigiria – Champakadwadashi – had been described.

I had known one of his daughters who to my wife Sabita and me was Shyama Nani and had known her husband Mr. Panigrahi in whom I had seen a humanitarian Judge when he was heading the Labor Court at Bhubaneswar. But, when I failed to get the book from them, Prof Shova Roy told me that when she was the Principal of Saambalpur Women’s College, she had seen the book in the College Library. Eager to go through the book, I rushed to Sambalpur. My sisterly Prof. Laxmi Gop was the Principal of Sambalpur Women’s College. She allowed me to browse through the book in the college library and helped me to have the rare work xeroxed. And, that xerox copy gave me the opportunity to read the book deeply.

During reading the book, I can’t say why, but I must say, I was crying.

I was sure, there was none, and sure that, there can’t be any, amongst the entire population of Orissa who could have suffered so much for women education.

I remember, after finishing the book, I took a bath and attired in fresh cloths, like someone worships a deity, I put the xeroxed copy of the book on a cleaned chair in the room of the PWD IB where a suite was allotted to me for two days and offered flowers picked from the IB campus and prostrated before it, as if I was seeing Bharat Chandra Nayak dazzling in satisfaction over all his sufferings. And, from there, I had gone to the Pantha Nivas standing nearby, typed a letter using the type-writer of its office, and personally presented the same to the Collector, Sambalpur, wherein I had made a request that in honor of the great man who suffered so much for women education, the Sambalpur Women’s College should be named after him.

In a system where contributions to society and sacrifices for a cause are not counted, my endeavors could not click.

However, when the State Government is thinking of creating a Women’s University, and, suggestions are afloat to transform the Rama Devi Women’s College of Bhubaneswar to this status, I want to point out that, the proposed University be named after the greatest sufferer for women education: Bharat Chandra Nayak.

When the Bhubaneswar College is named after Rama Devi, it would not be desirable to change its name. The Sambalpur Women’s College is not named after anybody, when, in fact, women education owes its spread in Sambalpur to the sacrifices and sufferings of Late Bharat Chandra Nayak.

The people of Sambalpur on their own accord had established the Government taken over Sambalpur Women’s College in the year 1959 when R.D.Women’s College, Bhubaneswar was not even in the womb of time. The State Government created R.D.Women’s College in 1964.

Though Shailabala Women’s College, Cuttack is senior to both of these two institutes, the College at Sambalpur is not to discard any name. So, the proposal advanced by the State Government to establish a Women University should be named after Bharat Chandra Nayak and should be established in Sambalpur, as Bharat Chandra Nayak University for Women.

No heart for the handicaps; High Court of Orissa grants Conditional Relief

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Physically challenged 19 years old Narayan Sahu of village Karatali under Chhatrapur P.S. of Ganjam district defeated his deformities in pursuit of education and made first division marks in the examination of Council of Higher secondary Education. He also bagged ranks in Orissa Joint Entrance Examination-2014 that made him eligible for admission to degree course in Ayurvedic Medical Science (BAMS) or Homeopathic Medical Science (BHMS).

Section 39 of the “The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995” provides that “All Government educational institutions and other educational institutions receiving aid from the Government, shall reserve not less than three per cent seats for persons with disabilities”.

But despite clear availability of seats, he was not included in the qualifying list for counselling to take admission as per his rank. On being subjected P.C.Board investigation at SCB Medical College, Cuttack, he was identified as physically challenged to even greater level as the limit as defined under the guidelines.

Eminent advocate Bibhu Prasad Tripathy has taken up his case in the High Court of Orissa. In a writ petition he has shown that the selection procedure adopted by the Chairman if OJEE depriving the petitioner to take admission in the BAMS/BHMS course , besides being a blatant violation of the established principle of law including the Section 39 of the “The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995” is violative even of the guidelines prescribed in Information Brochure of OJEE- 2014. It speaks of total indifference and apathy towards the Physically Challenged candidates as they have not taken a single candidate from the PC category who had attended the PC Board.

The High Court has issued interim orders for inclusion of Sahu and others in his category for counselling to take admission in their preferred BAMS/BHMS courses, while making it clear that the finality of their admission shall depend on its final verdict.

Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak’s new book on language released

Famous linguist Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak’s new book ‘Language and Cultural Diversity’ has made a hit with bibliophiles.

Release of DPP's Book

It was released on 17 September 2014 by the Chief Minister of Orissa, Naveen Patnaik, who lauded Dr. Pattanayak’s constant emphasis on initiation of education to children in their mother tongue as that only improves children’s self confidence and leads to internal educational efficiency.

Dr. Pattanayak, already decorated with Padmashree, has been recommended by the State Government for Padma Bhusan award this year.

Son of famous freedom fighter Madhu Sudan Pattanayak, he belongs by birth to Tigiria, the famous former Princely State where the scripture of what is now known as Odissi Dance – Abhinaya Darpana Prakash – as well as India’s one of the only two noted scriptures on warfare – Veera Sarvaswa – were authored. The  palm leaf manuscripts of both the scriptures are now in Visva Bharati University at Shantiniketan of West Bengal, along with hundreds of palm leaf manuscripts written by Tigiria’s people of literary excellence in the bygone princely days, which, Dr. Pattanayak had taken from the Tigiria Palace to enrich the famous Central University with its first library of ancient manuscripts.

KIIT boss in land-grabbing spree: Investigation needed into conduct of C.S.Pur Police, the daily Samaja, Bishwabhusan Harichandan and Murali Manohar Joshi

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Interpol Vice-President and former Director of CBI Sri Uma Shankar Mishra, confronted by TV channel Focus Odisha with breaking observations of ORISSA MATTERS on his link with the daily Suryaprava founded by Chit Fund beneficiary Bikash Swain, has, perhaps inadvertently, divulged how the KIIT boss Achyut Samant was also a factor behind his joining that paper. Samant has termed it unfortunate as Mishra was, according to him, not expected to name him when he had not even any remote relationship with Swain and/or Suryaprava. A small paper under his shadow ownership has carried his statement. But, in-depth investigation by experienced sleuths is needed to find out the hidden truth behind Mishra’s link with Suryaprava even in its pre-natal stage and whether or not Samant tells the truth in this context.

However, when preferential land allocation, encroachment regularization and naked encroachment by natural persons, legal persons and ghosts in and around the capital city of Bhubaneswar has become so menacingly monstrous under chief minister Naveen Patnaik that scores of acres of land are shown untraceable in official records, it is time to make Samant answerable to the society in issues relating to such offenses.

Samant is an old offender in land-grabbing and cheating. But he is yet to be punished, because, some dishonest media persons have fortified him with protective layers that they have created around him and because of his clout with Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik that he solidified by patronizing the farce of Kalinga prize in KIIT campus.

Either real or ghost doctoral degrees from manipulated or manufactured-in-paper universities have dazzled the crime-detectors of Orissa Government to such blinding effect that government cases against him have not been pursued by the government officials/prosecutors in right earnest.

Willingness of certain journalists and media houses to prostitute themselves for fellows like Samant has helped him build up the empire of land-looting and cheating without any care for the law. Around nine years ago, in second part of April 2005, I had exposed his misdeeds in the context of prostitution of the newspaper ‘Samaja’ under editorship of Ms. Manorama Mohapatra, in my column ‘Dura Adura’. It is published in my book of the same name spanning from page 82 to 86. Oriya knowing and Oriya speaking visitors to this site may peruse the same at the bottom of this posting.

In the concerned episode, Samant had attracted my attention through a headline that had castigated the people of Orissa as a mass suffering inferiority complex, because the people of Orissa were critical of the conduct of Samant. Shocked to the core over the filthy attack on people of Orissa by the Samaja of Gopabandhu Das at the behest of a Kera Bengali, I decided to look into the matter. And, I found, Samant had built up his castle with the help of the police under control of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, his ministerial colleague Bishwabhusan Harichandan and union minister Murali Manohar Joshi of BJP, over and above prostituting media houses like the Samaja.

In market design of rabid rightists education being a commercial commodity, techno-education traders had acquired eligibility for industrial plots under IDCO dispensation of which Samant had taken advantage.

It transpired from industry minister Bishwabhusan Harichandan’s reply to a question from Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra in the Assembly on March 9 that Samant’s institute had already bagged 31.149 acres of land from IDCO in the name of hostel for engineering students, 700-bedded hospital, school and other professional institutes which was not utilized as per terms and conditions; and yet he had encroached a vast area of 9.733 acres behind back of the authorities. Against this encroachment, government had filed one FIR in Chandra Sekhar Pur Police Station, Bhubaneswar. By the date of my report no other action had been taken. Why the Chandra Sekhar Pur police station did not act upon the Government FIR and what role Bishwabhusan had played in inaction of police on the FIR is yet a fit case for investigation by the CBI.

The same Bishwabhusan had told the Assembly on March 2 in reply to MLA Ananta Prasad Sethi that, Samant’s organisation had taken huge sums of money phase after phase in the name of S.C. and S.T. students and had misused the same funds. The fraud having come to records on spot inspection by the departmental director, the central government was moved not to supply further funds to the organization and to take steps for recovery of the huge funds already given. But, with Naveen Patnaik as Chief Minister, the official steps were stymied, never to start again.

According to a confidential communication preferred by the Director of Technical Education to the Secretary of Panchayatiraj department on 11.9.2001, Samant’s KIIT had swindled scores of lakhs of rupees taken from the Trisem funds in between March 1994 and December 1995 and resorted to forgery and cheating to cover up the offense.

Yet, with Murali Manohar Joshi of BJP as union minister for Human resources Development, KIIT was accorded with University status in blatant disregard to the most eligible and competent claim of the Ravenshaw College of Cuttack, since which day, the land-grabber has not looked behind.

Like the Samaja of March 31, 2005, many newspapers of Orissa are yet prostituting for Samant in mad rush for money.

But to go to the root of his offenses for salvaging Orissa from mafia raj in education as well as for bringing in end to loot of land and public exchequer, investigation is needed into conduct of C.S.Pur Police, the daily Samaja, Bishwabhusan Harichandan and Murali Manohar Joshi in matter of the abandoned actions against Achyut Samant and/or KIIT.

My article mentioned supra that had exposed the foul play is reproduced below for perusal by whosoever wants to reach the root. Study it and make up your mind to force an investigation into the malpractices unveiled therein, so that motherland Orissa may be saved from the climate of embezzlement and land loot.Edu mafia 1Edu mafia 2Edu mafia 3Edu mafia 4Edu mafia 5