Bhasha Andolan Presidium also writes to Governor against harmful Rules

Roving Reporter

The Government has tried yet again to mislead the people of Orissa in the matter of Official Language.

As the Bhasha Andolan has refused to be hoodwinked by the Government and continues its Black Flag campaign against killing of the essence of Orissa Official Language Act, which the Chief Minister has already done by inserting a new section – Section 4A – into the Act of 1954, provision of punishment against violation of the Act has been breathed in a Resolution in the Cabinet on 26.2.2019 and accordingly amendment has been proposed in the Official Language Rules, 2016. The proposal has been sent to the Governor for approval.

The mischief of the proposal lies in its germination from Sec.4A of the Act, to which the Bhasha Andolan is opposing. In an urgent meeting of its Presidium, it is resolved to oppose the move.

Accordingly, Sri Arjun Charan Samantaray, member of the Presidium, has sent an e-mail to the Governor requesting him not to approve the amendment without reading the notoriety of the Section 4A. Below is the copy of his mail:


His Excellency The Governor


Subject: Request for refusing approval to Odisha Official Language (Amendment) Rules, 2019.


Presidium of Bhasha Andolan, which has been spearheading a movement for flawless implementation of Odisha Official Language Act, 1954 is shocked to note that the government has decided in a cabinet meeting on 26.02.2019 to amend the Odisha Official Language Rules, 2016 on the basis of a new Section called Section 4A in the Act inserted in 2018.

We want to tell you that the said Section is a bad piece of legislation, which severely squeezes the scope of the Act. The said amendment was done by blatantly misleading the Assembly and in the obliteration of the relevant cabinet resolution dated 14.03.2018. The legislative intention spelt out in the ‘Statement of Object and Reasons’ of the amendment is devastating to the language right of the people of Odisha and the Legislative Assembly should not have adopted the anti-Odia legislation engineered to defeat the very purpose of the Act created and promulgated in 1954.

When the unique movement of the people of the State known as ‘Black Flag Movement’ is continuing for obliteration of the mischievous piece of legislation called Section 4A, it is sad that the State Government have proceeded to legalize the said illegal amendment by creating a fresh piece of legislation in form of the proposed amendment in the Official Language Rules, by basing it on the said Section 4A.

Founder of Bhasha Andolan Shri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, on whose original initiative the aforesaid legislative activities have been generated, has mailed you to please refuse your approval to the proposed amendment of Odisha Official Language Rules.

In supporting his justified stand, the Presidium of Bhasha Andolan, in an urgent session, has decided to oppose the proposed amendment.

I, therefore, on behalf of the Presidium, request you to please refuse approval to the proposed Amendment of the Odisha Official Language Rules and to please review the legislative exercises that have resulted in creation of the harmful Section i.e. Section 4A inserted in the Odisha Official Language Act, which is being used to amend the Odisha Official Language Rules.

Kind Regards,

Arjun Charan Samantray, Advocate

Member of the Presidium, Bhasha Andolan, Odisha

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