Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Two relevant books that I have already placed in Internet are in print editions brought out by Shabdasparsha, Bhubaneswar.

One is ORISSA PRADESHA SRUSTIRE GANAMADYAMA that I had authored to tell the friends of my fraternity about how our motherland Orissa could get her modern shape because of the media campaign to establish our mother tongue Oriya as the official language in the British days. The sole purpose of this write-up was to wake them up to the painful reality of how the unique era Orissa’s media had created is going astray as the Official language status of our motherland is getting ruined by our own government due to continuous contravention of Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 by the Chief Minister himself. It was aimed at reminding the members of my fraternity of their responsibility.


When the world was eager to know the significance of Nabakalebara in the philosophy SriJagannatha epitomizes, the State Government was dancing to the tune of the real antagonists of the Cult of SriJagannatha on the platform of concocted legends. To me, it was my duty to tell the world whatever best was possible on my part on the reality of Lord Jagannatha.

Both these works were available to the netizens the world over. To help non-netizens know of it, Shabdasparsha has produced the print-editions.

With pleasure, I am conveying you its invitation to the launching ceremony of both the books to be held at Red Cross Bhavan on December 29 at 6 pm.

The purpose is not to reach you only, but also to say what to know you have the right.




3 Responses

  1. Very fine sir, Without Odia bhasha, one cannot think about Odisha. But here we are, without our state official language Odia. Odia is there in the 8th Sch of Indian Constitution, Odia is there in official language act 1954, it is clear in Civil procedure code and Criminal Procedure code that the state language is the language of subordinate courts. In spite of all these we are using English, foreign language always everywhere. It is really a matter of disgrace. we are violating the laws and the Constitution. What shall we do? The judiciary, itself is violating the law and the constitution. People are at the root of democracy, we are forgetting the very norms of democracy i.e. of the people by the people and for the people. What to do? let the people think about the future course of action here in our own state, Odisha. Let the people know all sir. And you are doing it, I salute you once again here.

    • Thanks dear Gajanan babu. We shall have to take every possible step to force the government for governance of Orissa in ORIYA. Your TAPASYA shall never be allowed to go barren. Kind Regards,

    • Me like young people desperate to serve our motherland, nevertheless I am staying in Chennai for my higher education. We all seeking for a right platform, where we can be part of this upcoming transformation in Odisha / Orissa (it does not matter, after all the spelling is in a foreign language).

      It is sun like sure, the revolution for Odisha is coming sooner. We all have to ready for it, to shoulder our responsibility for out Motherland.

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