Governance of Orissa in Oriya // Gateway to open today after heroic battle of the people

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Odiare Shasana

ama bhasa ama rajabhasaOnly a few hour left. The heroic battle of the people of Orissa for governance of Orissa in Oriya shall step into the 2nd phase of success at 10.30 AM today in Orissa Secretariat, as the Government’s statement affirming its decision for use of Oriya in every aspect of administration as per its agreement with the Odia Bhasa Sangrama Samiti, will come alive.

The first phase of success had come on July 8, 2015 Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik created a committee of five ministers to work with seven representatives of the Odia Bhasa Sangram Samiti that was spearheading the mass movement for implementation of the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 languishing since the day of its legislation.

The Committee


According to decision of the Chief Minister, a joint action committee for implementation of the Official Language Act was formed with Sri Debi Prasanna Mishra, Bikram Keshari Arukh, Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak, Arun Kumar Sahoo and Pranab Prakash Das – all ministers and Sankarshan Parida, Gajanan Mishra, Dr. Subrat Kumar Prusti, Dr. Bhagavan Prakash, Dr. Natabar Satapathy, Journalist Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and Baishnab Charan Parida MP – all representatives of Odia Bhasa Sangram Samiti. Linguist Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak was taken into this committee where Principal Secretary of Law, Principal Secretary of GA, Director of Odia Bhasa Pratisthan were members from the executive side. Joint Secretary of GA department was taken in as convener of the Committee.

In its first formal meeting, when Dr. Prakash could not attend due to his absence at Bhubaneswar, the ruling party MP Baishnav C. Parida, despite being a member, had unsuccessfully tried to derail the discussion on selfish ground. He has been spewing venom against the Chief Minister whenever an opportunity comes and wants to use the language issue as a whip to beat the CM with. On seeing that the meeting was proceeding in the right direction he was obviously frustrated and the unnecessary noise he made was out of that frustration.

Govt. statement in the website

However, the meeting had proceeded with very clear and constructive cooperation of the rest of the representatives of the Bhasa Sangram Samiti. Three resolutions were adopted in this meeting. (1) Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak would draft and submit a language policy; (2) an user-friendly website dedicated entirely to implementation of the Language Act would be created and (3) members of the Committee would advance their suggestions as should be helpful in implementation of the Act.

Accordingly, when Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak has submitted a draft Language Policy Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak has submitted draft of the legal tools necessary for implementation of the Act. Both these documents have been placed in the site created in Oriya for Orissa.

Any legitimate citizen of Orissa can submit his observation and/or suggestions in the matter of implementation of the language Act in a specific page provided in the site and can watch official responses thereto.

The site will not only ensure governance of Orissa in Oriya, but also empower the general public to intervene in case of any deviation.

Kanungo Couple’s Statues Installed In Salagan


Statues of former Estate owner Kshirod Chandra Kanungo and his wife Mahindramani Kanungo were installed today in Salagan near Chowdwar in presence of Justice B.P.Das, Justice B.P.Roy and Justice Shatrughna Pujahari. Sri and Smt. Kanungo had passed away on August 10, 1999 and May 11, 2001 respectively. Both of them were highly humanitarian in nature. They were of immense spiritual quest and to them, education was the only way to emancipation. Hence, they had always helped whosoever was deserving help to have education.

Their 3rd son, eminent Mining Engineer Jatindranath and his wife Smrutirekha (Montreal, Canada) played key role in installation of the statues. 2nd son eminent Textile Technologist Ratindranath (Ahmedabad) conducted the ceremony. Eldest son-in-law Journalist Subhas Chandra Pattanayak released the souvenir containing tributes to the late couple by family members and friends. Kshirod babu’s eldest daughter Prof. Sabitarani Kanungo, second daughter-in-law Smt. Pratima Kanungo,  second daughter Smt. Gitarani Kanungo (Reader, Rtd) and her husband Sisir Ranjan Mohanty (OAS Rtd), 3rd daughter Smt. Namita Kanungo and her husband Ananta Kumar Das (BDO Rtd) were present. The eldest son of the revered couple, internationally acclaimed academic in the fields of Psycology, Behavioral Science in Business management and Leadership, Prof. Rabindranath Kanungo, unable to attend the function due to age and health, sent the following message:

“They had a nature you could not help loving
And hearts that were purer than gold
And to those who knew them and loved them
Their memory will never grow cold”.

The event was a collective act of the children of Late Kanungo and of his beloved sister late Chhayamani Mohanty (wife of late Kishore Chandra Mohanty, OAS of Kakata, Kendrapada):  Their  eldest son Er. Bijay Kumar Mohanty (Chief Engineer Electricals Rtd) and his wife Smt. Priyambada Pattanayak (Reader Rtd), 2nd son Ashok Kumar Mohanty (Reader, Rtd) and his wife Smt. Basanti Mohanty, 3rd son Dr. Binaya Kumar Mohanty (Associate Prof. Endocrinology) and his wife Smt. Supriti Mohanty (Reader, Rtd), 4th son Dr. Amiya Kumar Mohanty (Addl. Director HE Rtd) and his wife Smt. Nirupama Mohanty, Eldest daughter Smt. Shubhalaxmi Mohanty and her husband Deba Prasad Mohanty (Central Govt. Audit Officer Rtd), 2nd daughter Smt Bhagya Laxmi Mohanty (Reader) and her husband Dr. Ajaya Kumar Das (Reader) were conspicuous by their active role in the function. Grand children and great grand children of both the Kanungo and Mohanty families – from brothers and the sisters – were present. Bijay and Priyambada’s grandsons – Ayananshu and Amrutanshu – recited Vedic hymns as the Statues were unveiled by the three hon’ble Judges.

Senior members of extended family such as Ullas Kanungo, Birendra Kumar Kanungo, Smt. Charulata Kanungo, Jagdish Kanungo, and Rituraj Kanungo were facilitated.

Felicitations were also offered to members of the younger generation of the family such as Adwiteeya Mohapatra, (granddaughter of Sabitarani and Subhas Chandra Pattanayak from their daughter Suchismita), Sujot Mohanty (grandson of Gitarani and Shisir Ranjan Mohanty through their 2nd son Jyotiranjan), and Ayananshu as well as Amrutanshu (grandsons of Bijay and Priyambada through their son Suchit)

Helth CampAt the podium of the statues, a village park namely Dadhibabana Udyana was inaugurated to mark the event and a health check up camp was held by Star Club of Salagan in collaboration with Age Care Associate, Bhubaneswar. As many as 950 patients from nearby villages including Salagan received free medical check up and advice, particularly in endocrinology from a team of eminent physicians such as Dr. G. C. Nayak (Medicine) and Prof. Dr. Binaya Kumar Mohanty, Dr. Soumyasudha Mangaraj, Dr. Debarttan Jena and Dr.Pratap Mishra (all endocrinologists). The health camp was inaugurated by the President of District Board Prasanta Kumar Behera.

Chief Guest Justice Bimal Prasad Das paying a glowing tribute to the late couple, lauded the family unity witnessed on the occasion and praised the people of the locality for their pure participation in such inspiring programs.

Brilliants students of the locality were conferred with Kshirod Chandra Kanungo Memorial Award,  Mahindramani Kanungo Memorial Award sand Minati Kanungo Memorial Award.  For these three awards, Rasmi Ranjan Satapathy, Gnana Ranjan Mohapatra and Jaya Prakash Swain were selected respectively on basis of their school performances. Famous Singer Ms. Anindita Das sung a few songs in honor of the revered couple.

Volunteers such as Rajat ranjan Das, Lalatendu Das, Soumya ranjan Das, Shubham Panda, Kamalesh Sahu, Pintu Behera, Sunita Mohanty, Krushna Chandra Behera, Rakesh Das, Biswa Bimohan Das, Dharmendra Choudhury made the event a grand success under the leadership of Tusarakant Kanungo and Gutu Kanungo, President and Secretary respectively of the Star Club.

A few relevant pictures:

Sabita at her parent's statues with the statues Audience

Religious Terror is created by Religions and Weapon-manufacturing Lobbyists: Saswat Pattanayak

Twelve hours ago journalist Saswat Pattanayak in a note shared in social media had written:

“Whereas Islamic terrorism is a reality, let’s not forget that the “War on Terror” is also a religious war. Islamic terrorism may have little to gain other than causing emotional havoc. But the War on Terror, in our names, is a profiteering agenda that causes fear among the victims, unites the jingoists, and financially enriches the weapons-manufacturing lobbyists. In fact, the seeds for terrors have been planted by those very folks who are today implementing the “War on Terror” as a way to viciously perpetuate the cycle while they continue to profit from military-industrial complex and increase defense budgets with a scared citizenry meekly consenting to nationalist rhetorics”.

For whosoever shudders to see the unilateral extinguishment of hundreds of innocent civilians of Paris by a religious terrorist body that shamelessly claims credit for the brutality, in the night of Friday, I post here Saswat’s Face Book Posting:

Terrorists killed 26 and wounded 60 in Iraq yesterday. They killed 43 and injured 181 in Lebanon the day before. They killed 66 and injured 107 in Pakistan last month. And last month alone, 56 Palestinians were killed by Israeli terrorists.

Let’s stand in solidarity with Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Palestine too and change our grieving profile pictures across social media accordingly. Let’s hope that Facebook also activates “Safety Check” button for relatives of victims and potential victims of terrorist attacks in each of these regions. Not just for the folks who have relatives in France.

Sadly, this is a wishful thinking. What will happen is branding of those who are condemning selective outrage, as inhuman creatures lacking empathy. The truth is, when people are killed by terrorists in the global South, those are matter-of-factly dismissed as suicide bombings. When NATO terrorists sanction killings of innocent people, they are justified and glorified as a “Global War on Terror” instead – which is now going to be expedited in the wake of Paris, even as it has already killed well over 4 million Muslims so far.

Whereas Islamic terrorism is a reality, let’s not forget that the “War on Terror” is also a religious war. Islamic terrorism may have little to gain other than causing emotional havoc. But the War on Terror, in our names, is a profiteering agenda that causes fear among the victims, unites the jingoists, and financially enriches the weapons-manufacturing lobbyists. In fact, the seeds for terrors have been planted by those very folks who are today implementing the “War on Terror” as a way to viciously perpetuate the cycle while they continue to profit from military-industrial complex and increase defense budgets with a scared citizenry meekly consenting to nationalist rhetorics.

The need in our times is to not “other” people or to isolate “them” as suspects. The need is to come forward as one human race to combat the grounds that facilitate terrorism; to end the growing militarization that romanticizes violence as a tool of justice; to stop revenge politics which promotes retaliation across ideological spectrum.

Contrary to mainstream media claims, Paris did not happen after 9/11 – and neither of those two incidents were attacks on “western values of freedom and liberty”. Paris happened after Baghdad, which happened after Beirut, which happened after Sindh and Baluchistan. Likewise, 9/11 had happened after various militarist interventions in regions that were challenging a unipolar world order following dissolution of Soviet Union.

Yet, the righteous tears are suddenly flowing now and they were not flowing last week, because whether or not we agree, its only White Lives that Matter in the world that is still very much Eurocentric. This is yet another RIP Princess Diana moment – a fetishization of equating race with aspiration for freedom, and the selective emotions associated with such assumption. A convenient alibi to discard the reality that countries in the global South also aspire for freedom from occupation, from the hooliganism of the NATO member states that has not stopped even as there is no Warsaw today.

A historical blunder it would be to forget that it is the United States under Ronald Reagan which funded the Taliban/ Mujahidins so they could destroy a secular Afghanistan under Dr. Najibullah. An egregious oversight it would be to not hold the NATO powers accountable for the birth, rise and sustenance of ISIS – a threat from which the refugees are fleeing for safety, in a region systematically marked by political uncertainties to benefit Israeli hegemony. It was Hillary Clinton’s State Department under Obama administration that refused to brand Boko Haram as a terrorist group because the US was funding it. To kill a leader of Gaddafi’s stature, it was the NATO again which funded Al-Qaeda. In so many ways, ISIS is a direct consequence and is a beneficiary of the funding of hate, instituted by Obama administration and its Saudi allies – in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and well beyond.

To imagine that there will be no backlash at all, despite us thriving in moral and financial superiority at the expense of the wars of our own creations, is to simply dwell in fairy tales. Except, unlike the stories, there are possibly no happy endings in sight.

In this Year’s Revival Program of Devadasi Dance Academy, it was Ghuduki

By Laxmi Prasad Pattanayak

A very unique dance and music demonstration was staged last evening in the State Information Center presently known as Jay Dev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar.

Guru Sadashiv Maharana and his troop demonstrated “Ghuduki Vadya” with accompanying songs and dance under the ‘Pratyavarttana’ ((revival) program of Devadasi Dance Academy.

maharana 1The Academy has been trying since 2011 to revive the almost extinct musical instruments with related Loka Nrutyas (folk dances) Loka Gitas (folk songs) of Orissa. The program had begun with Devadasi Nrutya in 2011. In 2012, it was a demonstration of indigenous string instrument ‘Kendara’. Similarly, in 2013, Kandhei Nacha was demonstrated. When last year’s item was ‘Mogal Tamasa’ , it was ‘Ghuduki’ this year.

Sri Maharana elaborated how the string of ‘Ghuduki’ attached to a seasoned hide of an iguana laminated on one side of a wooden cylinder produces melodious rhythms provoked by the artist who repeatedly strikes the string with a ring made of a scale of pangolin.

The ‘Ghuduki’ owes its origin to ‘Patara Saura’, a  sect of ancient Oriya tribes, Maharana said.

guru with the troop 2guru with thr troop 1guru in the background

MAKE in INDIA // Questions that make us worried

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Whatever is the outcome of an election, in absence of political economy as the crux of challenge to electoral wisdom, should not the political party that captures power, make its Prime Minister refrained from allowing the foreigners own the means of production in India, where subsidy in rice or wheat is the only trick administration uses to stymie starvation death of innumerable Indians?

Should not its members, if there is any concern for the countrymen in them, oppose their PM’s call to foreigners to “make in India”?

It is a shame that PM Modi has been giving this message to the world that India has nothing to offer as “Made in India”.

Is it not an offense against the mana of India, which, as the PM, he is required to safeguard and serve?

He is asking foreigners to “make in India”. For what should the foreigners “make in India”?

Obviously, not for loss, but for profit – their own profit.

We shall give the foreigners the land they need, the water for their industries, the manpower to serve them as cheaply as possible, the infrastructure they will require as quickly as possible, and a very vast domestic market. But, the profit they will fetch would be theirs.

Is not this design meant to help the foreigners to loot and exploit India?

Isn’t the PM Modi acting in interest of foreign business empires? If not, why “make in India” at the cost of mana of India?

Is he not bringing in a new foreigners’ combine like that of the former East India Company, which had, under cover of business, pushed India into the British rule?

Is Modi’s “Make in India” call paving the path for a sort of ‘West India Company’ to grab India?

Let him explain the matter in a white-paper to reach every Indian home; because the future of India is threatened by this pro-foreigner call.

Every Indian patriot has reasons to be worried.

Modi versus India in Bihar: India won

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

BJP has been rejected by the people of Bihar. This is because; people have rejected Modi, whose role as Prime Minister has become such offensive against the purpose and essence of India that, eminent thinkers, authors, artists, scientists, achievers and other enhancers of India’s mana are returning the national honors and decorations the country was proud to have conferred on them, in protest against official nexus with enemies of national integration.

So, in Bihar, the battle was, in fact, between factors of disintegration and national integration of India.

Thus it was Modi versus India in Bihar. India has won.

It should not be forgotten that in 2014, people had given their mandate to Modi only.

The people of India had never voted for BJP.

This party of the hoarders and profiteers came to power; because, Modi is their platform personified. And, further because, the people wanted to throw the Congress into the dustbin to teach it a lesson for having forced upon them a Dracula sort of Prime Minister in shape of Manmohan Singh who enjoyed people’s devastation under capitalistic exploitation.

As the Communists were not there to be taken as an alternative, the people had none but Modi before their eyes to avenge Singh’s anti-people administration.

Hence, acceptance of Modi in 2014 was never a people’s considered decision; it was an act of collective conniption, which was, naturally, to recede in a short time.

After thrashing the congress for being the platform of the anti-India American stooge Manmohan Singh, the condition of conniption receded; and the people, on application of mind, rejected the Modi gang in Delhi and now also, they have done the same in Bihar. But this rejection in Bihar is more significant and well defined, as it has unambiguously hammered down the rising head of a Hitler in the making.

By giving majority seats to Lalu Prasad Yadav, people have shown that they view Modi as more corrupt than the fodder scam accused.

By giving more than six times higher number of seats to the Congress led by Rahul Gandhi who had hurled the word “nonsense” at the American stooge Manmohan Singh, the people have expressed their disapproval of Modi’s Americanism under the cover of his “make in India” call.

By rejecting the BJP in Bihar, the patriotic people have shown that, they will no more tolerate any new Jai Chandra to invite any new Muhammad Ghori to grab India to “make in India” for his profit.

The people of Bihar have made it clear that, the ‘East India Company’ that had paved the way for total loss of India’s independence to British avarice will not be allowed to return in the new attire of ‘West India Company’ to “make in India” to ruin India’s independence.

Therefore, in Bihar, it was Modi versus India. And, India has won.

Mana of Orissa Resurrected at Gopalpur: Port Ready for Merchants of the World

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

IMG_4124The only All Weather Direct Berthing Port of Orissa owned and controlled by an Oriya of immense port-experience Sri Mahimanand Mishra – the Gopalpur Port – has resurrected itself as a storm-proof Port and is ready for the merchants of the world.

Two years ago, it was heavily damaged by the severe anabatic cyclone Phailin.

The damage was massive, as the storm had its landfall here. But, Neither Sri Mishra nor his dedicated team allowed themselves to be defeated. With all determination, they started the resurrection process with immediate effect. A visit to its site after the storm had inspired us to write that Phailin had failed to damage the guts of Gopalpur.

We are happy that our observation has come true and the direct berthing port is now ready for the ships.


Students put their footprints from Sambalpur to Orissa Capital in cause of Mother Tongue Oriya

ama bhasa ama rajabhasaOriya Bhasa Sangram Samiti, under the leadership of Dr. Subrat Kumar Prusty, welcomed the students who had come walking on foot from Sambalpur to Bhubaneswar to ask the Government to ensure paramountcy of mother tongue Oriya in management of Orissa by appointing teachers in the subject of Oriya in all educational institutes within the limits of the State as the minimum duty of the Government to the people. Bhasa Sangram Samiti leader Poet and Advocate Gajanan Mishra had flagged off the foot marchers at Sambalpur on October 17.

Students from Sambalpur were joined with students from the Central University, Ravenshaw University, Utkal University and Sahantiniketan in the foot march under the auspices of Nikhila Utkal Oriya Honors Students Association.

They were welcomed and addressed by Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak, Debendra Prasad Das, Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Ajay Kumar Jena and Hemanta Kumar Rath and others.

Below are a few relevant pictures on the welcome given to them on October 31 at the same spot on Mahatma Gandhi Marg where poet Gajanan Mishra had observed his fast on to death along with other hunger-strikers for implementation of Orissa Official Language Act, 1954. The fast was withdrawn on July 08,2015 on agreement of the Government with the Bhasa Sangram Samiti for implementation of the Act, following which a Joint Action Committee with Five Ministers representing the Government and seven language activists representing the Samiti has been formed and steps as regularly being reported in this site are being taken.

PadayatrisWelcoming podium 1Foot Marchers welcomedwelcoming 1Debendra Pr. Das Dr. D.P.Pattanayak Subhas Ch. PattanayakSurendra Mohanty on Official Language