Poet Aroop in his own voice

Sri Umakant Raut (Aroop) is a known poet of Orissa whose poems are addressed to awareness on problems of the people.

This poem, captioned Sarinahin Yuddha, Sarinahin (War has not ended, not ended) is sung by the poet.

In this poem he has come down heavily on the politicians and bureaucrats, who have derailed democracy and made majority of population dependent on mercy of the rulers.

What sort of rule they have given, when for existence in power, sycophants are pampered, vote-shepherds are cultivated, exchequer exhausted on them and on self-projection-propaganda? he has asked.

He has cried for victims of maladministration – teachers, contract workers et al – who very often gather on the Gandhi Marg with the hope that the government would pay attention to their grievances, but in response get tortured by the police. As long as the maladies are not removed, he shall continue to write such poems, he has declared.

Hear him in his voice:

6 Responses

  1. Touching TRUTHs with real revolutionary tone; unfortunately sung in the midst of DEAF Jungle of capital city excepting few in crores who care to hear …………… but they matter hardly any weight …………….. hope some day somewhere some one will pick up the thread and fly high like a KITE and that will be THE DAY !!! !! ! ?

  2. Premara Paribhaasaa boli jadi kichhi jinisa thaae, taahaa mu besh upalabdhi kari khub utphullita heuchhi . Mote jadi gotoe pate Nobel Puraskaara ra pralobhana dekhaajaae o anya pate Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak nka bhali nirapekhya o anubhabi Byaktitwankara Prema mile , mu’n chhaatire haata dei kahuchhi je mu’n dwitiya tiku bhoga karibaaku byaakula hebi . Mu’n jaane Puraskaara o Sambardhanaa paarthiba, mrunmaya o bibaadamukta nuhen ; hele Anaabila Prema re naa thaae bibaada naa kichhi paarthiba praapti . Taahaata Saaswota o Chirantana ! Kabi o Kabitaa paain aau ka’n lodaa ki?

  3. Oh! Mesmerized, electrified, rolled down. Yes…. Umakanta Babu, the fight has not finished.

    • You are right . We should not stop till the fight /struggle of humanity is not stopped; may be up to the last breath till the time our Great Cultural concept “BASUDHEIBA KUTUMBAKAM” is not established .

  4. This was written much earlier ….perhaps in 1990/91. The total verses are divided into 18 chapters and in each chapter so many stanzas are there . The above recitation is only a glimpse of the entire style of presentation . The collection of the same has been named as “AADHUNIKA GEETAA ” and each chapter dedicated to a poet . Social commitment and a call to the people to get rid of the clutch of injustice, inhumanness , anti-cultured elements etc. etc. was the tone of the poem . Till date my dream to publish it as a book (AADHUNIKA GEETAA ) is not materialised and do not know ,when going to be materialised ! But to my astonishment …..many a thoughts those had spontaneously carved out of my heart is materialised (as I see in case of Sankaracharya , Teachers` movement on Gandhimaarg , sense of love and marriage farce etc. etc . Needs blessings to translate my dream into action soon .

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