RPF must have to return the Cassette; prompt punishment to Inspector must be a must

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

RPF authorities have suspended their Bhubaneswar Inspector Sanjay Kumar Swain, who deserves to be prosecuted for hooliganism and attempt to murder, besides dismissal.

After the suspension order was issued on the spot last evening, people have allowed trains to move with effect from 9 PM. But, now, the department must move to dismiss him with retrospective effect.

Puri-Durg Express train, which was to reach Bhubaneswar at 6.40 PM on June 28, reached on 29th at 10 AM almost 16 hours behind the schedule. As is railway’s wont, the passengers were fed with announcement of short duration delay throughout the entire period, as a result of which, leaving the platform for refreshment was not even possible for them. It had ignited acrid protests and being informed of this, media had reached the Station to cover the matter.

When Kanak TV crew was recording police misbehavior to railway passengers that were expressing their natural discontentment over the harassment they were subjected to, Inspector Swain was found leading a rowdy pack of railway police in intimidating and attacking the victims of railway irresponsibility.

He was even misbehaving with the lady protesters and was found pulling their cloths, oblivious of where his unruly hands were touching their bodies. All on a sudden he marked that his ugly manners were captured in Kanak TV camera.

He rushed to the cameraman like a mad dog, thrashed the cameraman and snatched away the cassette from the camera, causing severe damage to it in front of him and the reporter. As they protested, he asked his accompanying pack of RPF Jawans to drag them to their PS. In addition to the two, the RPF dragged 10 passengers to the police station, where the two TV journalists were mercilessly beaten up.

Bhubaneswar scribes and general public rushed to the railway station seeking their immediate release. As Swain refused to respond, public resentment metamorphosed into track blockade, forcing cancellation of trains such as Chhatrapur-Bhubaneswar, Dibrugad-Chenai, Bhubaneswar-Palasa, Bhubaneswar-Jagdalpur etc.

Rowdiest conduct of Swain continued to aggravate the situation and the major Station drowned in total chaos. RPF authorities had to put the hooligan Inspector under suspension with immediate effect.

Chief of Eastern Media Ltd that owns Kanak TV, Sri Soumy Ranjan Patnaik has demanded for return of the video cassette taken away by Swain.

To us, not only the cassette must have to be returned, but also the damaged camera must have to be replaced with a new camera of its original make.

But, should the matter end here?

We advise the administration to review if a hooligan like Swain should continue in suspended animation even.

We strongly suggest, he should be subjected to prompt investigation to find out what other punishment should be given to him over and above dismissal from service.

His offenses are witnessed by the authorities before putting him under suspension. No other mode of prosecution is necessary. The only necessity is punishing him with dismissal as his hooliganism calls for his ejection from police service. What other punishment he deserves should be determined by way of further action, so that other goons in uniform should learn how to stay orderly.

Who are the Daitas and why are they being denigrated this Navakalevar?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Of all our tribes, there was a sect that was worshiping Buddha, the saver of Tribal democracy, as Sauri Narayan (Surya Narayan), because he was revered as Surya for being the giver of light (knowledge) to everybody, besides being a man of the Sun Clan (Aditya Gotra).

That, Buddha was being worshiped in Orissa as the Sun, is proved by the very fact that, in the Sun Temple at Konarka, Buddha was the deity.

Konark was the temple that was built by Langula Narasingh when almost entire India, Bengal in particular, was engulfed by Muslim invaders. It was constructed as an instance of Oriya pride after defeating the invading Muslims.

A greater disaster had not till then befallen the Muslims in any part of Hindustan, confesses Muslim historian Minhaj-i-Siraj who had also joined the war that was, to him, a ‘holy war’. A great number of Muslim warriors had attained martyrdom, he has written (The History of Bengal, Muslim period, 1973, Dr. K. R. Quanungo,pp.48-52).

To Prof. K. C. Panigrahi, the Konarka temple was designed to exhibit his (Narasingha Dev’s) power, prestige, opulence, devotion and perhaps to commemorate his victory also” (History of Orissa, Kitab Mahal, 1981, pp.413-14).

In speaking of Konarka, the world famous Art Critic E. B. Havell has said, “Here Indian sculptors have shown that they can express with as much fire and passion as the greatest European art the pride of victory and the glory of triumphant warfare, for not even the Homeric grandeur of the Elgin marbles surpasses the magnificent movement and modelling of this Indian Achilles, and the superbly monumental war-horse in its massive strength and vigor is not unworthy of comparison with Verocchio’s famous masterpieces at Venice!” (Ernest Binfield Havell, Indian Sculpture and Painting , Elibron Classics reprint. Paperback, Based on 1908 edition by John Murray, London. p. 147).

This splendid temple of Surya Narayan was dedicated to the cult of coition espoused by Buddhist Sahajayana as its founder Langula Narasingh was a votary of the Buddhist tenets of Langudi Monastery (Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Sri Jaya Devanks baisi Pahacha, pp.28-30).

Therefore, when Hindu chauvinists destroyed Konarka temple, the then king emperor of Orissa transported the Sun statue along with a statue of Jagannatha, which was being worshiped there as the visible form of Buddha, into the SriMandira complex, along with the Aruna Stambha (pivot of rising sun) for inclusion in the Jagannatha system.

When the Aruna Stambha has been installed before the Singhadwara (The main entrance to SriMandira), the Sun statue is installed in a separate temple inside the Kurma Bedha, known as Dharma Raja temple, and also, Surya Narayan temple. We know, Buddha and Surya are known as Dharma.

Priests, who belong to Brahmin caste only are keeping it under close watch. They do not allow anybody enter into the temple. When I wanted to see what is there in the temple, I had to give the priest an amount of journalistic money to procure his cooperation.

I saw the small image of Jagannatha there and to my astonishment, I saw the Sun God (Surya Narayan) being also worshiped, because some flowers were seen on his podium.

To my shock, I found the Sun God was behind a barricade of iron rods. I wanted to know why he was thus arrested. The priest, who was eager to eject me out of the temple, but a bit cooperative for the money I had given, told me that, that image was of Surya Narayan brought from Konarka temple by Purusottama Dev’s son Narasingha Dev. As the general public is not permitted to see him, since then he is kept behind the bars.

I was not surprised, because Purusottam Dev was a great patron of Brahminism and during his reign the Konarka might have been destroyed.

But I was thrilled beyond description to see the image of the Sun to whom the Konarka temple was dedicated. Out of reverence for the epitome of Oriya pride – the God of Konarka – I wanted to perform a Pradakshina (move around the pedestal of the God in devotion); but the priest disallowed me, informing that, that was never permissible.

My curiosity grew and, as a journalist, I though it prudent to locate the reason of keeping the Sun God behind iron bars, with prohibition on public entry, by entering into the barricaded area at any cost.

I gave the priest a hundred rupees note to buy his clandestine service while cajoling him to help me perform the Pradakshina.

He swallowed his reluctance, cautiously opened the barrier door and gave me a lamp to use in my round journey and went to guard the entrance advising me to come out quickly.

As I entered into the secluded inner chamber, to my astonishment I found, Gurudev Buddha was beautifully carved in a sitting position in the backside of the Sun image.

I had no camera with me to take a picture of the Buddha-Surya image, but the secret was bare before me.

People should wake up and force the administration to withdraw the barrier created inside the Dharma Raja temple and allow everybody to see how Buddha was being worshiped as Surya Narayan.

As to tribes, utterance of the word ‘Surya’ was a bit difficult, they were calling Buddha as Sauri Narayan and that was so popular that the word ‘Sauri” has been accepted as a synonym of Surya.

Being worshipers of Sauri Narayan, they were known as Saura or Sa’ara in colloquial term which later became Sabara.

I am inclined to give a firsthand accounts on them.

In Tigiria, there are three Sabara villages surrounding my own village ‘Nizgarh’. One of them, standing on the boarder of my agricultural land, is known as ‘Nuagarh Sa’ara Sahi’ and the second one situated near Gopinathpur Shasan is known as ‘Kadalibadi Sa’ara Sahi’ and the third one, near Baliput, is known as ‘Kendupalli Sa’ara Sahi’. The inhabitants are called Sa’ara or Sabara. They are all Sun worshipers.

In my childhood days, they were singing glory to the Sun to the tune of ‘Ghumura’ on Sundays in general and on Pousa Purnami (Full moon day of Pausa) in particular. In the month of Pausa, when harvested paddy crops were being sun-dried for storage in ‘Kothi’, non-Brahmin women, particularly of land-owning families, were offering special ‘Puja’ to Surya Narayan on every Sunday, called ‘Pausa Ravibar’ and the Sa’aras were being invited to play ‘Ghumura’ to please the Sun God. The ceremony was called ‘Pusa Ravibar Osa’ or ‘Pausa Ravibar Brata’.

Epic writers have tried to vitiate this Osa / Brata with legends. In “Brata Sahitya” at pp. 102-04, while narrating the Pousa Ravibar Brata with the same legends, Sri Aurobindo Pattanaik has given a slight hint to what is a real facet of this festival. He has written, “Keteka Lokagita Madhya Eha Sahita Prachalita / Ehi Gitagudikare Ashlilata Lakshya Karajae /” which means, in Pousa Ravivar Osa, the folk artists (our Sabaras) sing vulgar songs. And, we know,  vulgar yet ceremonial songs are sung in context of agricultural activities. “It is an essential agricultural rite”, notes D. N. Majumdar in ‘The Affairs of a Tribe’. I have shown in this work how the vulgar ‘Dahuka Boli’ in Jagannatha’s Ratha Yatra belongs to fertility cult. On this premise, specifically putting reliance on Sri Pattanaik’s narration above, it is clear that the Sabaras of Orissa, on basis of the songs they sing, belong to Bouddha Kamavajrayana by creed. And, in Buddhist Orissa, in agricultural households, where Buddha is worshiped as Badabadua, the Sabaras, who are popularly known as Sauras or Sa’aras, are traditional worshipers of Sauri Narayan and hence, at the end of sun worship on the Sundays of Pousa, on Pousha Purnima, they were, in my childhood days, being honored as priests.

After independence, slowly as Garjat culture got lost in the labyrinth of non-agricultural pursuits, and sanctity of harvest declined, the Sa’aras of Tigiria have lost their class distinction and their heritage has been ruined. In an environment that never suits them, they have gone into the trap of liquor and I doubt, if any of them in present generation can recall their distinguished past. I gather, now only on the full moon day of Pausa, they stay content by just a ceremonial beat of Ghumura that they designate as “Anukula”.

My only purpose behind this description is to show that Sa’aras are original worshipers of Buddha as Sauri Narayan and their sect name Saura / Sa’ara / Sabara has been derived from their class devotion to Sauri Narayan.

They are Buddhists in whom the Brahmins have all along seen their strongest rivals. This rivalry is more defined in context of SriJagannatha. When Sauri Narayan or Dharma Raja or Buddha became Jagannatha, and, due to royal mischief, particularly at the time of Purusottam Dev, Jagannatha became also a Hindu deity by superimposition of Hindu rituals over Sabari Tantra in which only Jagannatha was being worshiped till then, attempts were made to hide the Sabara dominance in the Jagannatha system and the Savaras were projected as Daitas, which they, in that situation, had accepted, because their master was also known as Dayamaya.

They agreed to be known as Dayaita in acknowledgement of their inseparability from Dayamaya Buddha, exactly as, in typical parlance of Oriyas, the people of warrior class inseparable from their weapon ‘Khanda’ (the sword) are called Khandaiata.

This Dayaita has become Daita in short. Therefore, when they locate the Daru and make a camp there to cut the identified tree for the Daru to be used in Navakalevar, the said camp is called Sabara Palli and the entire Navakalevar gets executed under Sabari Tantra known to Tantrikas as Bouddha Tantra.

In view of the points analyzed above, Sri Jagannatha belongs to the Daitas, because it is they that had made Buddha the Sauri Narayana, which subsequently has become SriJagannatha, when Indrabhuti synchronized the tribal Jagantaa-Tha with Surya Narayan and created Jagannatha out of this synchronization, giving the omnipresent Buddha a form for physical worship. Because of the synchronization, Jagannatha is yet made of wood and his color is deep dark as the brightest sun appears to the naked eyes. Because of them, SriMandira is yet a citadel of applied Buddhism, of caste-less environment, of Sabari Tantra as medium of SriJagannatha’s core propitiation.

Sankaracharya and his cohort caste-supremacists, Gajapati Divyasingh Dev, and chief temple administrator Suresh Mohapatra et all do not want Sabari Tantra to stay in vogue, as otherwise SriMandira shall stay a place of applied Buddhism. Therefore, they have been using tricks to discredit the Daitas in the guise of mismanagement of Brahma transfer and by creating mass confusion, to hijack SriMandira for the Sankaracharya.

Thinking Oriyas must rise against this mischief, if their uniqueness is to be preserved.

Investigation into Role of Sankaracharya-Gajapati-Suresh Mohapatra Gang is Essential. Political Acrobatics Never

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Now the hidden motive is discernible. Voice has been raised through media to put Sankaracharya in charge of Jagannatha till at least the end of the Car Festival. It means, the fiasco in transfer of the so-called Brahma was designed to create a situation to help Sankaracharya gain hegemony in the management of the affairs of SriJagannatha.

Since collective wisdom of the people of Orissa had forced Gajapati Divyasingh Dev (1793-98) to evict Sankaracharya from the SriMandira system, the successive heads of Gobardhan Math, the single role of which was to train the Brahmin priests in tricks of vitiating the Cult of Jagannatha with caste-supremacist cult, have been trying to grab again the great temple of applied Buddhism.

The incumbent Sankaracharya Nischalananda, the anti-Oriya, who hates Oriyas because of their inherent aversion to treatment of Jagannatha like any other god of Hindu pantheon; and because of that, has inherent hatred for Oriya language and Oriya culture which undoubtedly is Jagannatha culture, has been trying since long to sit at the helm of Jagannatha affairs, so that whatever remnants of Buddhist origin of the greatest deity of the Oriyas are still alive could be completely destroyed.

Despite around four decades of stay in Orissa, living with Orissa’s water, air, food and salt, Nischalanand, who has never wanted to learn and speak in Oriya (journalist Deviprasanna Nayak in conversation), has been issuing threats to Orissa government in the name of religion; and taking advantage of emergence of religion revivalists in Indian power after Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee gang completely discredited the Congress, has seemingly succeeded in checkmating the Daitas – the strongest protectors of Jagannatha’s Buddhist origin so far – by using the chief administrator of the temple Suresh Mohapatra (IAS) and Gajapati Divyasingh Dev, the two agents of Brahminism, after which his protégés have started sounding that now as the State Government has mismanaged the Brahma replacement, it should abdicate its role in matters of SriJagannatha and handover the authority to Sankaracharya.

Puppet media mostly run by corporate houses and hence subservient to the exploitative class, have dumfounded the general public with anti-Daita publicity meticulously built up with calculated dexterity of shrewd scribes and executed with unprecedented ferocity of a class of aggressors, the like of which was never witnessed in Orissa.

Victims of this nefarious design are the Dayitas, the last remnants of Buddha’s Oriya origin and the protectors of the real cult of Jagannatha.

The media as a whole is involved with such shenanigans that a senior journalist has publicly posed a question: “Are they Dayitas or Daityas?” to which, dummies have promptly answered: “Daityas (demons)”!

In aggravating the situation, Gajapati Divyasingh Dev, the spiritual sovereign ruler of Oriya hearts, who, because of being the hereditary first servitor of SriJagannatha, is so dear to indigenous inhabitants of this splendid soil, that, when a child is born, in his/her horoscope the first name to be inscribed is his, has, sadly vomited innuendos against the Daitas, apparently to discredit them to the pleasure of caste-supremacists.

As expected, communalist BJP has been with Nishchalanand.

But surprisingly, the non-communal Congress has also joined the boggy of the culture-vultures to precipitate mass disliking for the Daitas, lest thereby its paralyzed grip on Orissan politics could fetch any new flow of blood.

All those politicians, except the Communists, and all those netizens except the rationalists, and all those intellectuals who are afraid of seeing beyond the legends lest the doors of the hail opens for them after death, and all those bragging sophomores, sans any knowledge on anthropocentric manners of Jagannatha, are busy in adding their strength to motivated media to denigrate the Daitas.

But these fellows have not yet used their collective intelligence, if any, to let the people know, under whose orders, agent provocateurs had entered the secluded place to disturb the so-called Brahma transfer. Motivated media as a whole is busy in diverting people’s attention from the real issue.

Keeping a close watch on behaviors of media, we reach at five highlights: (1) Gajapati Divyasingh Dev is bitterly unhappy over Chief Minister’s silence on mismanagement of Brahma transfer and has hurled allegations of incompetency at him; (2) The sanctity of Navakalevar has been violated by link of Daitas with the ruling BJD; (3) Daitas in excess numbers have entered into the secluded area of Brahma transfer and violated the sanctity of the secret function; (4) Chief Administrator Suresh Mohapatra (IAS) is squarely responsible for the mismanagement; and (5) Authority over the temple of Jagannatha needs be vested in the hands of Sankaracharya.

Media should have taken up these points to apprise the people of reality; but it has not happened. This prods us to put our views on these points seriatim.

(1) When we look at the Gajapati, he has no legitimate authority to issue political comments. He is the ornamental head servitor of Jagannatha and his conduct in the context of Jagannatha is bound by protocols. Beyond that he has no legitimate role. Hence, he should not have allowed himself to issue political comments in media against the Chief Minister in a style more congenial to public prejudice against Daitas than cleansing the muddy environment, which the crabby elements have created to mislead the  innocent believers. On this premise, and further to what we have said in a preceding post referred to bellow, it seems that Gajapati Divyasingh Dev has been working in nexus with Sankaracharya to create an environment for him to establish his hegemony in affairs of Jagannatha to benefit of caste-supremacists.

(2) Political membership of any Daita never hampers the sanctity of any function of Jagannatha. Daitas are not 24 hour servants of the temple. Their responsibility is legally limited and they are free to join politics as they like. Father of the present Gajapati, late Birakishore Dev was a member of Orissa Legislative Assembly from Khurda constituency by embracing Jana Congress when his uncle, my close friend Raj Raj Dev was elected to Assembly from Brahmagiri as a member of the Swatantra Party and both of them were active against Biju Patnaik, father of the present Chief Minister. No ceremony of Jagannatha was affected by their political link. On the other hand, Minister Arun Sahu’s rest in a Savarpalli with Daitas or Minister Damodar Raut’s presence on a site of identified Daru or Minister Maharathy’s driving the Daru cart may be symbolic of the State’s intimate involvement with the great festival, but cannot be termed as offenses against the  sanctity of the Daru, as no such action is defined as illegal and offensive.

(3) It is admitted that four Daitas were authorized to change the secret Brahma. It is admitted that after Gajapati left the temple paying his last respects to the images to be buried after transfer of the “TejomayaDhatu”(the so-called Brahma) to new images, everybody present inside the temple system was ousted and the entrances were locked. To the shock of the four designated Daitas, around 40 persons had entered into the secluded area without any authority and any necessity. These transgressors acted as agent provocateurs to derail the schedule in blatant disregard to secrecy and sanctity of the event. As the inordinate delay continued to torment the general public, it was the duty of the Gajapati to enter into the temple as the first servitor of Jagannatha and find out the reason of delay. Then he could have seen who were the trespassers that were derailing the ceremony and should have hand them over to the police for penal prosecution. The authorized Daitas were ready to identify them. But the Gajapati did not discharge this basic duty and thereby helped the agent provocateurs hijack the day. It would be impossible now to book the said agent provocateurs.

(4) Suresh Mohapatra is the only person on whose secret orders the agent provocateurs must have entered the temple to derail the ceremony. Admittedly the temple system was subjected to “sodh” after the Gajapati had left. All persons present in the temple premises at that time were driven out and the doors were closed, guarded by temple police. The entire temple was surrounded by the police forces of the State Government. In that condition, no single person could have opened any door to enter into the temple. But around forty persons had admittedly entered. This was possible in only two situations. If the Gajapati should have wanted or if the Chief Administrator of the Temple should have wanted, the guarding police could have allowed them entry, otherwise never. In the instant case, Gajapati was not present, as, he being the most revered of all whom people take as the living form of Jagannatha, his presence could never have been suppressed. So, even though it cannot be said that he did not know of the scheme, it can never be said that the agent provocateurs had entered the temple under his orders. Then the only man who could have helped the trespassers was IAS officer Suresh Mohapatra, the chief Administrator of the temple, who was present on the spot. His secret instruction to someone at an entrance gate to allow the agent provocateurs to enter into the temple might not have marked as unusual at that time. Were he not to hide the truth, he should not have conducted the post-offense inquiry. Being in the center of suspicion and public disapproval, he should have asked someone else to conduct the inquiry and subjected himself to that inquiry too. His conduct is generating more suspicion in public mind.

(5) These sequences have paved the way for the caste-supremacists and their pet media to demand for handing over the temple system to Sankaracharya Nischalanand, the ethical enemy of the Cult of Jagannatha.

In lead article “Navakalevara:Legends and Reality”, the mischief of Brahma has been discussed and it has been further discussed how media is making the situation irresponsibly confusing in interest of hidden masters in another article captioned “Media act Instigator: People misled in matter of Navakalevara”. One may gain further insight into the clandestine conspiracy by visiting “Parasites activate their design: Sankaracharya invited to Bath and Rath festivals of SriJagannatha”.

Shamefully, a non-communal party like the Congress has allowed itself to be swayed away by the hidden agenda of Sankaracharya and his gang in discrediting the Daitas to the advantage of caste-supremacists who want to destroy the Buddhist origin of Jagannatha and dismiss Applied Buddhism from the Jagannatha system.

If, SriJagannatha is to be preserved in his original magnificence, emphasis should be put on investigation into Role of Sankaracharya-Gajapati-Suresh Mohapatra Gang. Political acrobatics should never be encouraged.

Stray Parrot adopts a HUMANE HOME

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Conscious of how brutally Ram Singh Munda was tortured by administration, I am not going to say where I found the parrot I am going to write about. But Mother Nature is so majestic that all of us – her children – ought to know how her magnificence manifests.

Around two weeks ago, Mancheswar area of Bhubaneswar got a sudden lash of ‘Kala Baishakhi’ (fierce flow of air often accompanied with thunder storm in last phase of summer, particularly in Orissa) that also dragged down the season’s first pre-monsoon downpour from the sky. A family was enjoying it from the comforts of a specious first floor balcony when a surge of rain-drenched wind threw thereto a bunch of green, which was making some shrilling sound. Full of curiosity, as the house lady inspected it, to her utmost surprise, she found that it was a green-feathered bird, a tender-aged parrot. Drenched thoroughly, it was trembling. The lady instantly took it into the adjoining dining hall and keeping it on her lap, covered it with worm cloths, and tried to comfort it just like she should have done to her child in similar situation.

The young parrot stayed on her lap for about an hour and revived. Then it came out of the cloth cover and jumped up to the dining table and sitting there, looked at the face of the lady as if in gratitude. The kind lady offered her fruits. But it did not accept. The family had never imagined that such a day should come when such a feathered guest would be entertained in the house. They had no cage to keep the parrot. It was already night and it would be merciless to leave it to the mercy of the inclement weather outside. So the house lady put it between pillows on her bed with the equally kind husband offering happy accommodation. But, a few minutes later, it slowly moved into her lap and spent there the entire night.

The stormy night gave birth to a bright sun. Birds flied on the sky. The family, absolutely unaccustomed with bird keeping, put the parrot on the balcony railings, so that it may fly away. But it refused to go. Rather, from the balcony railings, it jumped to the shoulder of the lady and again into the house and its body language convinced everybody that it doesn’t want to leave the house. A slice of mango was offered to it and to the family’s utmost pleasure; it happily ate the entire slice.

My sonly Pabitra Mohan Maharatha came to me day before yesterday to explore if I can suggest which department of the Veterinary Medical College Hospital should be consulted for a parrot. A parrot? I put the question, As I know he has not pet any parrot. He told me details that I have reduced to writing above and informed me the family is immensely worried as one of its legs is a bit swelling. I contacted a veterinary doctor who is very close to me and with him, we drove to the house which the bird has adopted as its own.

I found everybody in this remarkably humane house genuinely concerned for the parrot. As we occupied our seats, the house lady called the parrot with a lovely name she has given it and the response was immediate. It mounted the central table and cooperated with the doctor and sat there inspecting all of us.

It had a very minor injury in the leg, which, perhaps the ‘Kala Baisakhi’ had given. Medicines were prescribed as I am writing this report, I am told that the swelling as almost gone and it is flying out to the nearby trees when its foster mother is in the balcony; but the moment she enters into the room, it is flying in instantly and following her wherever she goes.

The lady of such humane nature is like a daughter to me and the entire family is so very close. I should have proudly disclosed her identity. But the government is so swollen headed and the law is so blind that, this unique bond between her and the stray parrot may not be read rightly by any in administration. The mistreatment given to Ram Singh Munda is fresh in my mind.

Oriya would be taught in English Language! What a mad Government!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If documents can say how Orissa is being administered, this document would show how mad has become administration under Naveen Patnaik.

govt order for making English the medium of education

Orissa Assembly’s Standing Committee on Higher Education discussed with departmental Secretary Sri G. Dhal and his team officials on 23.02.2015 on how to improve higher education in Orissa. The Committee resolved that for betterment of the scenario, “English language should be mandatory in College” (Point No.7) and wanted implementation thereof. In elaborating the point to Government, the Assembly wrote at item No.11, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities be asked to print the text books in English language”.

It is a mindless recommendation of the committee comprising MLAs namely Tara Prasad Bahinipati (Chairman of the Committee), Sashi Bhusan Behera, Bibhuti Bhusan Harichandan, Anubhav Pattnaik, Surendra sethi and Basanti Mallick. None of these members is a linguist and/or a known educationist. When they resolved to make English language “mandatory in college” they should have summoned language experts and educationists to the committee to take their considered views on what would be the impact of making English the mandatory medium of teaching in colleges. If the MLAs who do not possess didactic excellence or acclaimed expertise in language study, could not visualize if English becomes the mandated medium of instruction, what would happen to Oriya, what was the sabjanata IAS officer that represented the Higher Education department as its Secretary with his pack of officers doing? Why did he not assist the Assembly with the necessary advice that impact study of the promulgation of English as the only medium of teaching in colleges should be taken up before adding Assembly insignia to the proposal?

However, this mindless recommendation of the Standing Committee is not yet put before the Government and the Cabinet has not been made aware of this proposal, even though the matter breaths disastrous consequences. But the Secretary seems to have implemented it. Otherwise, the order posted above could not have been issued.

The desk officer who has issued the order is a Bengali namely S.K.Ghosh.  He is the Deputy Secretary by way of promotion from the rank of a clerk in the secretariat. He should have raised the issue of impact study of making English the only medium of teaching in the Colleges. He should have placed before the departmental Secretary that,  as very serious dislocations would be created in teaching if the mindless proposal of the Standing Committee is implemented, collective wisdom of the State Cabinet should be invoked.

When required to report on “action taken” on the Committee’s recommendations, the Secretary could have told the Committee that expert opinion was being taken or language impact study was being conducted or the Cabinet was being apprised of the recommendation or the Cabinet was considering on it, for example. But the fertile IAS/OAS brains in the Higher Education department, without Government (The Cabinet) approval of the Standing Committee recommendation, have implemented it as suggested by issue of instructions to all the Principals to report how far they have implemented the order.

The “Action taken note” the Higher Education Secretary has placed before the Standing Committee on 17.6.2015 at 3 PM shows that all the Principals have been “requested to furnish action taken report” as per the office order posted supra that mandates, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities to print the text books in English language”.

This means, Oriya text books shall be printed in English and Oriya language shall be taught in English. What nonsense!

Naveen Patnaik has been reading his Oriya addresses through Hindi or English alphabets typed in his PRO office for all these years. So, perhaps, the fertile brains in Higher Education department are sure, Oriya can be taught in English language with the text books in English.

This nefarious design must be quashed.

A decade ago, when Naveen Patnaik Government had conspired to eliminate Oriya as a subject in higher education, we had exposed and foiled that mischief. Now the same conspiracy having returned more menacingly, I am giving links to some of my discussions in ORISSA MATTERS in those days to say that this conspiracy is culmination of a decade long hidden agenda. Peruse these links, and wake up. We are to save our mother tongue from this mad government.

A renewed Bengali conspiracy: Thwart it. Thwart it. Thwart it.

Orissa Govt. plays its nastiest tricks against the Oriyas

The Lingua-Benga Minister be shacked

Lingua-Benga design defeated: Oriya nation wins

Not enough, National humiliation must be avenged


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Is Orissa’s Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik acting for the criminals? The question pains me. But crimes against Orissa are too painful to feel the pain in raising this question.

Let me come to the subject.

The most revered humanitarian and founder leaders of Orissa, whose penances at Satyabadi had built up Orissa’s first section of learned, competent citizens to meet the requirements of modern Orissa at her most critical juncture of resurrection, were subjected to brutal conspiracies and their brainchild – the Samaja – was hijacked by criminals, who forged Utkalmani Gopabandhu’s Will to legalize their offense.

It was found that two former ministers of Orissa – Lingaraj Mishra and Radhanath Rath – were involved with hijacking of the Samaja by forging the Will of its co-founder Gopabandhu Das.

The newspaper, with emotional support of the people for being the newspaper of the Satyabai Panchasakha has been earning thousands of crores of rupees. But its entire revenue is being looted by the Servants of the People Society (SoPS), a body of miscreants that have killed the principal object of the organization, but have been using the forged Will of Gopabandhu in continuous crime.

When Save the Samaja Forum (SSF)  moved the RNI to drop SoPS from the ownership register of Samaja, and an inquiry was assigned to ADM of Cuttack by the RNI, the offenders filed the forged copy of the Will as genuine and yet, in its forwarding written submission confessed that only the Satyabadi Press, not the Samaja was made over to SoPS by Gopabandhu in his Will.

So, it is admittedly the fact that, the SoPS has occupied the Samaja without any legality or authority and has been looting its revenue to the tune of thousands of crores of rupees, which should have been made available to develop the Panchasakha’s Bana Bidyalaya to the stature of Jatiya Bana Bidyalaya University. Instead of developing the Bana Bidyalaya, the criminals operating under the cover of SoPS have given it starvation death, by misappropriating all the revenue generated by the Press and the Paper.

As ORISSA MATTERS continued to expose the felony, the CMO partnered with the exposed offenders and silenced the police when the Director General of Police was contemplating action against them.

We had to run from pillars to posts to retrieve Gopabandhu’s original Will in hope against hope that once the original Will would be in his hand, the Chief Minister shall not hesitate to initiate action against the offenders. We got the original Will and notified him of the same. He kept mum.

Besides ORISSA MATTERS, a specific site addressed to the subject – savethesamaja.com – was created, which carried all the reports published in the former site, with repetition thereof in social media Face Book in a specific page styled “savethesamaja”, where appreciations are rising every day.

For the convenience of non-netizens, SSF has published a compilation of those well documented postings in a book under the title “The Samaja in Maze of Forgery” available in well known book shops including A.K.Mishra.

Orissa’s greater interest is so calling and the necessity to retrieve the Samaja from the criminals that have occupied it by using a forged Will of Gopabandhu is so urgent and recovery of the multi-thousand crores of rupees they have looted from Orissa’s iconic paper by using the forged Will of Gopabandhu is so very necessary for resurrection of the Bana Bidyalaya to its desirable status of a “Jatiya Bana Bidyalaya University, that, SSF wanted an appointment with the Chief Minister to apprise him of the facts on presenting him a copy of the compilation – The Samaja in Maze of Forgery – so that the Government understands its responsibility to the people of Orissa in this specific matter. But surprisingly the Chief Minister has not yet shown the minimum courtesy of answering to our request, as if by being apprised of the crime committed against the people of Orissa, he shall commit a crime!

The Chief Minister is supposed to be the strongest sentinel of Orissa. But, his conduct shows, he is hand-in-glove with the criminals.

It pains to come to this observation.

Therefore, I put this question to all the fellows that have kept the habitual nonchalant Naveen Patnaik clamped on Orissa like filarial worms continue to keep human body loaded with the unwanted elephantine growth: Is Orissa Chief Minister acting for the criminals?

If not, I request all the BJD members to prevail upon their leader to heed to our request dated May 04, 2015, to give us time to be apprised of the issue, or if he still shies, to procure from the market the book “The Samaja in Maze of Forgery” wherein documentary evidences of forgery and loot are given, to read it deeply, to locate the felonies, to act against the criminals that have swindled multi-thousand crores of rupees from the Samaja revenue by using the forged Will of Gopabandhu, to take over the Samaja with immediate effect in view of the admitted and proven fact that Gopabandhu had never made over the Samaja to the Servants of the People Society, to recover the swindled money from that society sans any compromise and to resurrect the Bana Bidyalaya in the Bakula Bana complex where the Panchasakha had established it and had brought to it national fame more than that of Shanti Niketan till Nobel prize made Rabindranath a world celebrity. Let them discipline their leader, so that there shall be no room for us to question: Is Orissa’s Chief Minister acting for the criminals?

A Poem from Dr. Sudhansu Dash

Dr. Sudhansu Dash


Dr. Sudhansu Dash, a higher education teacher in English, belongs to my place Athgarh, with his ancestral home in Tarading. The Athgarh Sub-Division has given tremendous contributions to the world of letters. I find a fine incarnation of the literary excellence of my area in him. Hence, I feel it a pleasure to share one of his poems with my esteem readers. It is captioned ‘Moving with the Crowd’




Dr Sudhansu Dash

I am walking with the crowd with my mind
It is always with me
Many moving with me
On the Solid and concrete highway
I think
The crowd is going somewhere
It gives me a feeling of security with the calculated map
In fact
It is moving but not moving anywhere
No crowd has ever reached any goal
Excepting a secured falsity
I am disillusioned of it.
It goes on moving and moving before I was born
It will move after my death
The moment I start falling towards the heart
I fall to the abyss of my being
Go astray
With my heart I am alone
All that is dangerous comes out of it
Fear grasps me, possesses me
‘Where are you going
Carrying the most dangerous thing in the world?’
Nobody is with me
But me and my total loneliness.
I am at the centre of my being
Unmapped , unmeasured and fearless
From every dimension
The center without any circumference.

Media act instigator: People misled in matter of Navakalebar

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Sankaracharya of Puri has stressed upon immediate elimination of Government role in Jagannatha system using the delay in transfer of Brahma (life material) as his ploy. Gajapati Divyasingh Dev who offended the Oriya people by going to Sankaracharya to invite him to the ceremonial bath and Rath of Jagannatha ignoring how Sankara’s image had been deracinated from the RatnaSinghasana of Jagannatha by the heroic people of Orissa consequent upon which he has been kept out of the SriMandira system, has also echoed Sankaracharya’s tone and called upon the people of Orissa to rise in revolt against the Government in general and Daitas in particular for whom the delay allegedly occurred. Upper caste people, who have political economy of inequality as their creed and have ability to use media to transmit their motivated views, are also inciting the masses in unison with the Sankaracharya and the Gajapati. But, the Daita Niyoga, which has so far successfully defended the originality of Jagannatha from the conspiracy of Sankara and his followers, has alleged that, instead of four Daitas, the temple administration had pressed forty of them to participate, which severely affected the environment of Gupta Puja (secret performance) and created an environment of threat to the ‘life material’ to be transferred from the old bodies of the deities to the new ones, in tackling which, the appointed time elapsed. Some of these unauthorized Daitas, according to a ‘Badagrahi’ Daita Haladhar Das Mahapatra, even created violent disorders in demanding that the ‘secret material’, which the ruling elite since yore has made people believe to be Brahma, must be shown to them before transfer. They were equipped with mobile phones, discussing with unknown outsiders and transmitting the activities of authorized Daitas to unknown persons in blatant disregard to secrecy involved with transfer of the “Tejomaya Dhatu”, according to latest Statements of of the Badagrahi Daita of SriJagannatha, Jagannath Swain Mahapatra and Vidyapati Narasingh Pati Mahapatra.

This prompts us to suspect that Sankaracharya and his caste-supremacist acolytes in administration had set agent provocateurs to derail the schedule to create an environment of public wrath against the Daitas, the defenders of Jagannatha’s originality ever since his creation by Indrabhuti from Sauri Narayan Buddha.

In this nefarious game, I am sad to say, media organizations, which should have tried to equip the people with scientific analysis of anthropocentric evolution of Jagannatha as suggested by practice of human manners in Navakalebar, and should have, on the basis thereof, educated the people on its socio-political relevance, are dancing to the tune of the antagonists of Jagannatha’s originality and making unnecessary overwhelming noise over the delay in transfer of the Brahma from the old images to new ones, even though there is no canonical time table for performance of this secret conduct.

No Hindu canon applies to Jagannatha as He is not a Hindu God and the Sabara tribe, whose God is He, has no canon of its own that stipulates a time in the night for the transfer of the secret material by them from the old to the new body of Jagannatha. For insemination, night is held convenient by human beings and therefore, in Navakalebar, which is nothing but practice of human manners, night has been preferred since the idea of putting the “Tejomaya Dhatu”, called Brahma, inside the womb of Jagannatha has been materialized. There is no reason to say that if the night passes away before insemination the act is inhuman. Similarly, if the night passes away in putting the “Tejomaya Dhatu” inside the womb of Jagannatha in certain situations, it cannot be a great offense that should call for any punishment.

The entire occurrence of Navakalebar is an act of Sabari Tantra, of fertility perception, of assertion of female factor in matter of creation, of projection of the cult of coition, an act of insemination by the Sabara in the body of ‘Sabari Bali’ (the epithet used for the Supreme Being by Sabaripa, the famous Buddhist philosopher in his Charya Giti).

Jagannatha system has two distinctly peculiar projects addressed directly to the people: (1) Mahaprasada and (2) Rath Yatra.

People take Mahaprasada sans any caste conflict. And, people participate in Rath Yatra without any caste conflict. Human manners without caste conflict connote to Buddhist way of life and Buddha being Jagannatha, this way of life is what Oriya nation stands for.

When the first project takes place every day, the second project is a regular annual project in which, matching the human manners, Navakalebar occurs in interspaced years. But in both the projects, cult of coition is the guiding order.

Mahaprasada is cooked everyday on hearth to which the fire comes from the heat of coition imagined between menstruating Laxmi and lecher Narayan ( K. C. Mishra, The Cult of Jagannatha, pp.105-06). In interspaced years, Navakalebar takes place by inserting Brahma, if not Buddha’s tooth, secretly in the womb of Jagannatha. Jagannatha is the eternal female (Rajendra Kumar Mohanty, Tantra Shiromani SriJagannath, p.266) and hence the tradition of placing the “TejomayaDhatu” (vital fluid) called Brahma by the Brahmins in the womb thereof is giving birth to new body (Navakalebar). The “TejomayaDhatu” (vital fluid) is generated by coition (Tatra Sahaje Bodhichittam Jayate Sukramutpadyate / Vajra Padma Samgharsena Tejodhaturutpadyate //)

Thus, this being a Bouddha Tantric function, the Brahmins and their trainer Sankaracharya (Cult of Jagannatha by K.C.Mishra, p.125) have no role to play in this symbolic celebration of fertility. In fact, this Navakalebar has also maintained this unique tradition by keeping the caste-supremacists completely out of the core function.

Media as a whole is making noise over breakage of tradition because of non-transfer of the so-called Brahma in the night. There is no such tradition ever canonized by the Sabara, known now as Daita, in matter of night to be the only time for the transfer.

The only tradition which is well settled and known, is that, the Brahmins and the Sankaracharya are not and never allowed to have any business in this secret act.

Instead of making obfuscating noise over the timing of transfer of the ‘TejomayaDhatu’ (Brahma, as they call it), the media should have shown why the Brahmins and their supreme guide Sankaracharya are never allowed to participate in this secret but the most sacred function. But anything anti-people in matter of culture seems to be the core passion of media at the moment.

In anything Buddhist, the people of Orissa have never allowed the Brahmins any authority. They are not even allowed to enter into the area of the Buddhist functions anywhere in the State.

In Narasinghpur where Buddha’s descendants were the rulers till merger of the States, the sword of Buddha is preserved as Pravalayudha (weapon of immense strength) (Pt. Chakradhar Mahapatra, The Real Birthplace of Buddha). After Hindu predominance engulfed the land, it is now worshiped as Pravala. Once in a year the secret worship of this weapon is performed by either the king or his authorized official who at that time becomes ‘Bada Raula’ (Buddha’s son was Rahula and hence, this epithet). During this secret worship, no Brahmin is allowed to enter into the ceremonial area. Pt. Mahapatra, who belongs to Narasinghpur by birth, has mentioned that, this function “is done strictly in seclusion and Brahmins are deprived of witnessing it” (Ibid.p.47).

In Puri, when SriJagannatha enters the Anasara Tati (secluded hut) where secret treatment commences and continues by the Sabara (Daita) Niyog after the ‘Raja Snana’ (menstrual bath) as well as when Navakalebar takes place, famous author Surendra Mohanty , whose works on Orissa’s politico-social history in his unique style have always been held with utmost importance, has also noted that, during these secret ceremonies, “the Brahmin priests are not allowed to enter the ‘Tati’, much less to worship” (Lord Jagannatha, p.24). To Prof. Prallhada Pradhan, “Buddhist practices of the Tantric period” continue as the core of the typicality in vogue in Jagannatha system (Prof. Pradhan’s Presidential Address at the 2nd International Buddhist Conference, Nalanda). Such Buddhist practices are the non-Brahmin practices that need no intervention or interpretation of any Brahmin or supporter of Brahminism.

The Brahmins, led by Sankaracharya, are eager to wipe out the Buddhist practices from the Jagannatha system and therefore, systematic campaign has commenced with showing the Daitas as the villains in media propaganda, after agent provocateurs set by these elements created the delay. It seems, they want to take advantage of the morally weak and absolutely self-centric Naveen Patnaik government to wipe out the historic and inviolable core tradition, i.e. the Sabari tradition of Navakalebar from the Jagannatha system.

Earlier in these pages, we have stressed that Jagannatha, being Buddha by origin, should be free from the priesthood and hegemony of the Brahmins. The vested-interest government, dependent on vote-bank-politics, has not dared to protect Orissa’s unique culture and remove the wrongs done to and the gaps left in the history of Orissa. Rather it has continuously kept Jagannatha under administrative control of the Brahmins by appointing Brahmin Officers as administrators. If a government officer is required to be kept in charge of the temple administration, why that must be a Brahmin officer? Any officer of any caste could be put in charge of Jagannatha temple, where Brahminism is in constant conflict with non-Brahminism. But the Government has always acted subservient to social elites and ignored our suggestions. The result is: agent provocateurs engaged by temple administration in excess of the four designated Daitas have precipitated the violation of the normative schedule of Navakalebar-2015, which has given the caste supremacists their desired opportunity to instigate the people against the inviolable Sabar tradition in core functions of Jagannatha, specifically in the phase of Car Festival that includes Snana (ceremonial menstruation bath) held regularly every year and Navakalebar held in interspaced periods in absolute consonance with human manners.

Obfuscating noise over timing of the transfer of Brahma does not contribute to ethical distinction of Navakalebar, but discussion of why human manners are entirely adopted in this unique festival that disallows the Brahmins to have any say, is essential on part of media to highlight.

It is essential for media to highlight why the entire ongoing discussion is being aimed at projecting Jagannatha as only Vishnu and nothing else, in total oblivion of Jagannatha being Buddha by origin and a creation of Bouddha Tantra.

It is essential for media to focus on why Sankaracharya has issued wrathful wordy arsenals against the State Government for having not acted under his direction in matters of Jagannatha.

It is incumbent upon the media to inform the public who engaged the agent provocateurs to derail the designated time by entering into the secluded area where the “TejomayaDhatu” was to be put inside the body of Jagannatha to thereby give finality to the concept of Navakalevar.

Shamefully, media as a whole is shy of this responsibility.

Good News for Orissa: HCG Panda Curie Cancer Hospital makes latest PET CT Scanner available

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I survived cancer, not only because of Prof. Dr. N.P.Gupta of AIIMS, New Delhi, but also because of Dr. Tusar Mohapatra of Nuclear Medicine department who had conducted PET CT Scan on me to assist Prof. Gupta to free me from malignancy a decade ago.

I am thrilled to note that this unique advanced system is now available with its latest generation equipment in Orissa as HCG Panda Curie Cancer Hospital has installed it with LSO Crystal Technology, that would save many of our homeland from the disadvantage of rushing to New Delhi or to Mumbai or that type of distant destinations.

When correct and appropriate treatment and favourable outcome depends upon accurate, precise and early diagnosis of any disease including cancer, PET CT Scan is an ultramodern machine with advanced technology for very early diagnosis of disease. It plays a very important role for diagnosis. In comparison to already available imaging procedures in the medical science, i.e.; Ultra Sound, CT Scan and MRI, the PET scan is highly sensitive in detection of pathological tissues in the body like cancer, infections and inflammations.

Chairman-cum- CEO of HCG Group of Hospitals Dr. B.S. Ajai Kumar has declared that they have a planning to provide all such ultra modern facilities in diagnosis and treatment in this centre for the Cancer patients of Orissa.
Prof. Dr. Krupasindhu Panda, the Medical Director of HCG Panda Curie Cancer Hospital, maintains that 50 percent of all cancer patients get cured because of early detection and prompt medical intervention. The new facility of PET CT Scan now easily available to people of Orissa in their own state would immensely enhance the percentage of cure. Happily, Dr. Tusar Mohapatra, about whom I have mentioned above, would be available for the PET CT seekers. The Hospital is also having the services of Radiation Oncology Consultant Dr. Ranjit Kar.

PET CT ScannerPET CT Scanner not only detects the cancer tissues very early in its course, and thus aids in diagnosis, but also it correctly depicts the spread of cancer cells into other parts of the body. That helps appropriate treatment decision whereby unnecessary complicated surgical treatment can be avoided.

In comparison with expensive Chemotherapy, PET scan accurately predicts the treatment response very early in course, so that the decision to continue or discontinue and switching over to second line chemotherapy may be taken. It helps the Radiation Oncologist in giving appropriate and accurate amount of radiation in the cancer tissue. By detecting the recurrence of cancer at very early stage, PET scan helps in instituting early treatment. from cancer, PET Scan plays a very important and valuable role in case of cardiology patients whilst taking decision to go for medical management on stenting procedure or By-Pass surgery.

Patients suffering from memory loss, seizure & brain tumours are also successfully evaluated and thus correct treatment can be instituted.

Patients suffering from prolonged fever that remain undiagnosed for months after repeated and expensive medical tests are also greatly benefited by PET Scan procedure in evaluating fever.

The greatest advantage of PET scan is that the entire body can be scanned within 10 to 15 minutes time. No specific preparation is required before the scanning procedure except a small duration fasting. It doesn’t have any significant side effect.

According to Prof. Panda, the LSO Crystal technology in PET CT Scanner with decay period of 4 nano seconds gives an edge over all other diagnostic procedures facilities available.

DSC01777The picture shows that the new facility was inaugurated by Health Minister Mr. Atanu Sabyasachai on 7th this month, who, while doing so, was getting apprised of on necessity of the machine for the people. Will he learn from Dr. Panda and lead his department to procure and install this essential system in a well connected major hospital like that of the SCB Medical College by equipping the institute with the necessary department of Nuclear Medicine? There are many doctors of Orissa with their super-specialty training in Nuclear medicine, who may be offered suitable postings in the medical college for best utilization of the facility if Sri Nayak so desires. Such a facility in a government medical College would help the people to have PET CT Scan at a marginal price. But has this Government the heart for the people?

However, with the facility offered by the HCG Panda Curie Cancer Hospital, patients of Orissa have no more to travel to distance places like Hyderabad, Mumbai or Delhi to avail this novel imaging facility. And, cost-wise, it would be certainly less than what the outside institutes charge and travel and accommodation expenses call for.

Oriya as Official Language: Know the Real Saboteur

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The question that hunts Orissa at the moment is: Who has sabotaged Oriya as official language of Orissa. My answer is:None but Biju Patnaik has sabotaged official use of Oriya Language.

In my column SINGHAVALOKANA in daily Sambad,  I had discussed the issue on March 14, 1996. It is available in my book of the same caption at pp. 211-217 for anyone of the blind supporters of Biju to revisit and react, if they dare.

Biju was a hypocrite and a political mafia who had created a gang of sycophants and BHATAs (bards) amongst politicians and journalists whose principal work was to project him as the personification of Oriya nationalism and thereby trap the gullible people to vote for him. But his Oriya nationalism was such a filthy junk that even today that is making grimace at us when we see that he had not taught even a single alphabet of Oriya to his children, as we watch his son Naveen Patnaik.

However, for ready reference for friends who have been wondering who is responsible for abandonment of Oriya as official language of Orissa, I deem it my duty to render in English the crux of my observation in Oriya around two decades ago. When Biju sycophants are ruling the roost, I do not know if it would be seen that the present Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is only following his father’s footprints in offending Oriya language. Yet, the people have a right to know. Hence it is here:

Biju had Sabotaged Oriya

Naveen’s father Biju Patnaik had sabotaged the Orissa Official Languages Act by inserting a provision that in the Assembly, English would be official language along with Oriya.

The Official Language Act, 1954 had stipulated that Oriya was “to be used for all or any of the official purposes of the State of Orissa”, but Biju Patnaik damaged this stipulation by amending the Act in 1963 providing for use of English “in addition to Oriya for transaction of business in Legislature of the State of Orissa”. This shrewd insertion subjected Orissa administration to predominance of English and ruined the utility of Oriya as a language.

Even when, in 1985, the then Chief Minister J. B. Patnaik fixed April 1, 1985 to be the day from which use of Oriya in all official work would be “compulsory”, and it was decided to enforce use of Oriya as the only official language by strengthening the 1954 Act with necessary amendments, and accordingly the Official Language (Amendment) Act, 1985 was taken up in the Assembly, it was Biju Patnaik, who opposed the proposal and refused to support the amendment. “We can progress further if we have international (English) language” (as the official language), he had said. He had ridiculed the idea of making Oriya the official language and had gone on elaborating, “If you go to Andhra, you will find DHUD DHUD, if you go to Karnatak, you will find FUD FUD ! Nothing you will understand there. So many languages there in our country. This is not a country at all”.

Biju was so very bitterly averse to Oriya that the PRASASANIKA SHABDAKOSHA which was ready to be published by the Law department of Orissa was thrown into the dusts on the racks of the department the moment he had taken over the chief minister’s chair, where it was kept buried from May 7, 1991 to March 16, 1995.

When J. B. Pattnaik led the people to end Biju Patnaik’s misrule and took oath again as the new Chief Minister, the Secretary of Law ordered, “Now it may be published immediately”.

But the concerned Deputy Secretary’s note on which the Law secretary passed the above order is mot speaking.

At page 126 of the concerned file the Deputy Secretary notes,

“By the time the chairman of the Shabdakosha Committee Prof. Khageswar Mohapatra submitted his report on completion of the work, the Government has changed. Language Policy of the new Government (of Biju Patnaik) was not only not clear, but also it was averse to use of Oriya language as Official Language. The then law minister (who was to carry Biju babu’s instructions) gave such orders in the file, the evil effect of which forced the Orissa Official Language Dictionary had to stay abandoned for so many years in the cold storage of official junks and as the new government has been formed by J.B.Patnaik, steps should be taken to publish the same”.

After Naveen Patnaik emerged as the Chief Minister, the said dictionary has been allowed to be misappropriated by a lady who has privately published it and charging heavy price to whosoever wants a copy thereof. Nothing else could have been done when compradors rule.

Sastriya Status threatened by Nveen’s apathy

World famous linguist Dr. Devi Prasanna Pattanayak, trade-unionist Ramachandra Khuntia – these two names I am citing, because by profession they are poles apart – have established the status of Oriya as a classical language of India where the status is not yet awarded to Bengali, Hindi and other languages that were, in the British time, trying to superimpose themselves on Oriya.

But this status is now threatened. Naveen babu has not addressed himself to this glorious achievement. To claim credit for it, he had engaged the entire administration and State funded celebrations were held after recognition of Oriya’s Sastriya status. But, when a case has been instituted in Madras High Court challenging this status, the State Government has not countered the case as yet as per sources in administration.

He neither says Oriya, nor writes in Oriya nor rules in Oriya. Yet he is in power; because, under his irresponsible administration, Orissa is over-saturated with mindless but self-centric sycophants in politics and public offices, and in Journalism.

To save Oriya language, we are to struggle hard.

And, we shall have to struggle, because, Orissa, our Mother is perishing.