A touching piece from David D Y Choi: Would you please let me join and work for the business site, in which you are engaged?

I am posting here a communication from one of my visitors. If it helps the writer, it would be matter of happiness for us as a communicator.

Here is what Choi has written:

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David D Y Choi
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Truth Prevails: Arun Upadhyay pays tributes to JB by revealing how conspirators had used Illustrated Weekly to tarnish his image

Orissa’s uncompromising police personality, IPS (Rtd) Arun Kumar Upadhyay, who, despite serving for decades the heartless profession of policing, has a very unique heart of culture and endless quest for our ancient knowledge, has, in a comment on our obituary on J.B.Patnaik, given a very insightful input that he was privy to and which, I feel, was most needed.

As I thank him for the privilege he granted ORISSA MATTERS to enrich its comment section, I feel that his words on JB should also be available on the home page here. People have the right to know how vested interest elements had conspired to soil him through the Illustrated Weekly.

The Weekly had begged apology for the wrongful report it had published against JB and yet, having failed to overcome the adverse impact of loss of its credibility, had to exterminate its own existence.

People are to be reminded of that.

So, here is what Sri Upadhyay has said in his comment on our posting on JB:

Janaki Babu was a great man in many respects. Even in old age he worked till 2 AM in office and again ready after 4 hours for next day’s work. While out of power, he guided me personally in Yoga practice in Satyananda Yoga Vidyalaya, Bhubaneswar. He could not overcome strong bureaucratic lobby which blackmailed him by false propaganda publications. Police chief first collected & created fake evidence and got it published in Illustrated Weekly by giving it advertisement for first time by the then OTDC Chairman Sri A. B. Tripathy. After blackmail, he became DGP. After publishing material, it was seized and story further publicized by seizing & starting criminal cases.

Even while in power, he discussed with me for 3 hours about Vedic description of Jagannatha in Jagannatha Sanskrit University. Despite some difference, he got it published from Tirupati Vidyapeetha in 2006 where he had granted Rs 50 lakhs to start Orissa chair. It looks old fashioned, but his uniqueness is obvious by his death in a sacred place Tirupati on Akshaya Tritiya date.

It will be difficult to see a similar man.

Stunning Sorrow: J. B. Patnaik Passed Away

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The greatest personality of contemporary Orissa, esteemed Janaki Ballav Patnaik, doyen of journalists of the bygone days, whose editorials were steering Orissa administration for decades before he preferred the platform of politics to better serve the people and who, till today, continued to illuminate the political sky of his State, passed away at Tirupati whereto he had gone to attend the convocation ceremony of the Rashtriya Sanskrit University. A keen student of Sanskrit, he has contributed to Oriya literature so immensely that I am not sure, if any other leader heading a State Government could ever vie with him in this respect.

In his demise, Orissa shall suffer the loss of a foresighted concerned leader who had the unique courage to tolerate his adversaries and to honor his foes.

I will cite two personal instances.

(1)               I was leading the Communist Party of India in Athgarh when he was the Chief Minister representing the same constituency. And, I was the official candidate of CPI against him. I was his most active opponent. Yet it was he, who had abdicated his seat for me and the Congress had given me its ticket that I had declined. But, I am to dwell here on another aspect of his greatness, which would show how respectful was he for foes in public life. When I managed to place my demand for construction of the Mundali Bridge on River Mahanadi to connect Athgarh directly with Bhubaneswar on road, he had not only appreciated that, but also taken immediate steps to execute the idea. Lest time be lost on tender formalities, he ordered the Bridge Construction Corporation to execute the work. But, after him, when Biju Patnaik became the Chief Minister, commission agents took over reigns of administration, the BCC was jettisoned and a private contractor namely P.C.Das was assigned to complete the Bridge. Whenever I go to my birthplace Tigiria on that Bridge, I gratefully remember the magnanimity of J. B. Patnaik who had the heart to hear his most tenacious political foe so positively in public interest. I had recalled this episode in my Oriya column ‘Singhavalokana’ in the Sambad on March 5, 1999. It is available in the Sambad Archives as well as my mega compilation of the same title, though inadvertently ‘Mundali’ has been mentioned as ‘Naraj’ therein.

(2)                He had got an irritant in education minister Bhagavat Mohanty. Dharitri carried a photo of Mohanty with his head on the lap of a lady when his legs were being massaged by another woman. A single line annotation beneath the picture was absolutely derogatory in meaning. That picture was enough to dismiss Mohanty from the cabinet, by then known to be in bad books of the CM. But, as I found that the three of them were posing before the camera in a public place, I diagnosed the same as a mischief of Dharitri in my column Singhavalokana. A top executive of Sambad informed me that the same being helpful to Mohanty, may displease J.B.Patnaik. Never to be browbeaten, I decided to elaborate what I had argued in my column published by the Sambad. Assuming that the same may not be carried by Sambad in that situation, I preferred it to Satakadi Hota, editor of Samaya, telling him over the phone about the background thereof. It was published in its entirety. In the night passed 12, the landline phone in my bed room rang. My wife picked up the receiver. Janaki babu was on the line. It was difficult for me to believe that it was J.B.Patnaik who was calling me in the night over phone. He normalized me in a moment. “Samaste Jai sarila pare apananku dakuchhi kebala dhanyabad janaibaku” (After all others left, I have called you to express my thanks). I was astonished. What for the thanks? He replied, “Mote eka bhul karibaru nibarttai thiba hetu” (for having saved me from committing a wrong). How is it? He replied, “Samayare apananka tarjama ti sambhabatah sathik” (Perhaps you are right in what you have analyzed). And, it was seen; Mohanty was not dismissed and continued to be in his cabinet despite all the filthy conspiracies he contrived against JB in nexus with Biswal.

J.B.Patnaik was a great person. If irrationally ambitious people, constantly suffering from inferiority complex, had not tried to soil his image and to foil his practical programs, Orissa in particular and the country in general could have immensely benefited from his unfathomable knowledge, vast experience and matchless political acumen.

I stand in silence in honor of the great man, whom men of letters adore and whom people of Orissa shall remember forever.

Oriya Daily ‘The Samaja’ spews misogynistic comment against women of Western Countries

Women of Western Countries change their lovers and husbands hundred times a day, it editorially says.

Women need to be whipped to understand how precious is their IJJAT (chastity), says Sunday’s editorial column of the Samaja that had allowed itself to be used recently as the propaganda platform of Hindu chauvinist Praveen Togadia and a few months earlier had tried to whip up communal acrimony between the Hindus and the Muslims to create communal polarization before the municipal elections, for benefit of Hindu fundamentalists in Hindu dominated urban areas.

Samaja Ed. Colmn. 19 April 2015At the center of its motivation to pen and publish this obnoxious editorial lies an instance of suicide by a minor girl as her IJJAT was looted by a LAMPAT (satyr) who entrapped the victim through postings in social media: Facebook.

It has rained abuses on the social media while trying to convince the readers that because of social media many societal offenses are taking place.

The social-mediascape has become the grave yard of social values and sexual disciplines, if what it has said is material to put credence to.

It has reached the zenith of its mischief by informing its readers that evolution of social media like Facebook and Twitter has its root in the western culture wherein “women change their lovers and husbands a hundred times everyday”.

It has justified the suicidal death of the sexually exploited unmarried girl, who made sacrifices of her IJJAT being entrapped in the Facebook, by a man in guise of love.

misogynic comment of Samaja

“What other way than suicide was available to her?” it has asked, when, unlike western culture that stands for women changing their lovers and husbands a hundred time everyday, India stands for chastity that she did away with.

Where from the Samaja has got the data that in western countries “women change their lovers and husbands hundred times a day” is not revealed in the said editorial column. But, misogyny so shamelessly displayed therein is certainly an affront to ethics of journalism adopted in India.

Conflict between two activists indicates to what extent Orissa is worried over limping steps on Chit Fund

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Money saving avenues are available in plenty from postal to public sector banks in every nook and corner of Orissa. Deposits in these saving banks not only fetch higher income through interest, but also help the Government with funds for welfare of the people. But, allegedly 40,000,00 persons of Orissa, who had some money to save, did not prefer the saving banks in the public sector and, for more profit, they designed to keep the State in dark about their investable funds. They, because of their avarice, run after “profit” instead of “interest”.

Avarice led them to wedlock with the crooks who have such an empire that the Supreme Court having ordered for CBI investigation into the offense, has not thought it proper to allow the investigating agency to act as it likes, because, perhaps it has felt that, unless constantly monitored, the highest national wing of investigation might be swayed away by the force of money the crooks command and the political patronage they enjoy in Orissa, the State of idiots where compradors rule.

The people of Orissa, as a whole, are not involved with this unethical, opportunistic partnering of avaricious investors with the black money empires and, therefore, in no way the State Exchequer should be forced to cough up money for the said investors; as, had they not been cheated, they would not have shared their “profits” with the public.

The only public concern of Orissa is, therefore, not recovery of money from the swindlers, but punishment against the swindlers for their criminal conducts. Whosoever conducts a crime must be punished, says the Laws of this land that has defined the crimes and prescribed the punishments.

Indian criminals are mostly unpunished, not only because the investigators do have secret agents of the criminals in their midst, but also because, the criminals have their patrons and protectors in the judiciary.

Against this backdrop, it is good that the apex court of India has taken onto itself the burden of monitoring the chit fund investigation by the CBI. In this, the court has also taken a risk.

The chit fund swindlers are known to the people thanks to media with marked mania to claim credit for exposing any crime committed under the nose of administration.

There are agents of the crooks in media also. Owners of media organizations and senior working journalists dragged by CBI into investigation chamber and thrown into jails as under trial prisoners makes the point clear.

Yet, it is media in general that has refused to side with the crooks and has exposed the felony of the chit fund operators and has made the general public aware of the ongoing offenses. Resultantly, social media has fabulous information on what is happening in the chit fund matter.

So, principled media and social media are keeping alert eyes on the role of CBI as well as the Supreme Court in matters of chit fund. Slowly but steadily this is making people conscious of how powers that be play havoc with their collective life by creating a climate of crimes.

Right to Information has emerged as a great weapon in hands of the people and RTI activists are making their contributions to mass awakening in this particular matter more conspicuous, as their watchful eyes continue to study the role of CBI vis-a-vis the Supreme Court.

And, as I watch, this watching upon the proceedings of the chit fund inquiry has become such an obsession with RTI activists that one of them, Jayanta Das has severely reprimanded his admired friend Alok Jena in social media – facebook.com – for rejection of an IA of Jena in the Supreme Court recently, though he knows that Jena had to take the risk of pleading his case himself in the Court against an array of astute advocates engaged by the crooks and their associates.

Das admits that Jena has been fighting the case with funds generated by mortgaging even his wife’s jewelries. Yet, when he failed to engage a lawyer, basically because of lack of funds and resultantly failed to convince the Court due to lack of personal expertise in tackling the tricks of law, the RTI activist has not hesitated to subject him to scathing criticism. This is nothing but a facet of people’s restlessness to see the crooks punished.

When an outstanding ally of Jena like Das resorts to heartless censoring of his friend over his failure to generate a favorable order on an IA petition, It suggests very strongly that the people are uncompromisingly serious in the matter of chit fund investigation and equally restless to see the crooks punished.

Here the image of the Supreme Court is at risk. People are conscious that top judicial functionaries like Justice Laxmikant Mohapatra are not yet dragged into investigation even though their link with chit fund operators is discernible. People are aware of the fact that Orissa High Court has already helped a ruling party MP save his status by allowing him to join the Parliament for a day before last limit of 60 days of absence in the House expires in his case, he being an under-trial prisoner. People are conscious that Orissa High Court has helped former Advocate General of the State escape the CBI Court hock by bagging a bail order under unprecedented judicial shenanigans the like of which had never reached people’s eyes in this State. People are shocked to see MLA Pravat Tripathy getting enlarged on bail by the High Court. All these have happened when the CBI investigation into chit fund felonies is going on under Supreme Court direction and monitoring.

The entire matter of chit fund felonies and CBI investigation thereon is a matter that rests with the Supreme Court and hence, the High Court should have refused to intervene in the cases aforesaid.

As CBI has the history of being misled by powers that be and as Indian Judiciary has history of rendering important cases inconsequential, the people are naturally worried over delays in determining and punishing the crooks that have criminally cheated about 40,000,00 people of Orissa.

The Supreme Court should review all the bails granted by the High Court and all the inactions the CBI is marked for in matter of investigations into the chit fund cheating.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Tata sky logoTelevision service provider TATA Sky is acting wild. It has blocked Oriya channels to my TV set and is sleeping over my complaint for last four days.

English and Hindi Channels are playing in my set. So the ‘set top box’ it has provided at my place is functioning. This means, only the Oriya channels are blocked. TATA Sky has no response to my query as to why the Oriya channels are blocked. I watch the Oriya news through my TV set. It means, TATA Sky has debarred me from watching Oriya news since four days.

On the second day of this illegal blockage, on April 2, its local office wanted me to give the ‘No Signal’ (NS) message to its designated number 56633 which I did at 1.30.56 PM. It was acknowledged at 1.31.03 PM and at 1.42.22 PM the same day a work order number was communicated to me as would be seen in the record of message received through my iPhone.

TATA SKY MESSAGE SERIES 1 Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 5.34.41 PM

Even as TATA Sky failed to remove the illegal blockage of Oriya Channels to my TV set, at 1.21.33 PM on April 3, it sent me a message that read, “Your work order number regarding the technician visit is pending. Thank you for your patience, our field service team will call you soon to fix an appointment”. Below is its message.

Tata sky message  2 _Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 5.35.12 PM

When no “field service team” called me despite lapse of 25 hours, the above message was repeated on April 4 at 2.42 PM. And, as my repeated email to its help desk remained unanswered, at 4.12 PM the following message is received, which says, “We will resolve your complaint as soon as possible. In lieu of your pending complaint, your TATA Sky account is being credited with 3 days worth of your subscription charges. Below are the two messages.

TATA Sky message 3rd series_Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 6.09.52 PM

It is clear to me that TATA Sky is acting wild. It assumes that loss of watching the news in Oriya will be compensated by crediting my account with 3 days worth of my subscription charges!

Any Hindi or English channel within the package i have subscribed is viewable whereas only the Oriya channels are blocked. The moment I click on an Oriya channel, the following message spreads over the screen. It asserts that there is no signal because of cloudy outside or raining or because of loose connection to set top box which I am to set right.


There is no clouds, no rain. There is no loose connection as Hindi and English channels are viewable. The set top box is functioning. Only the Oriya channels are booked. Watch the video clips and see the game TATA Sky is playing. The video starts  with a Hindi channel and ends with the same. But above shroud spreads the moment an Oriya channel (here it is Zee Kalinga) is clicked. Clearly TATA Sky is acting wild.

Opening of Nursing Schools rather than Medical Colleges essential, says Dr. Shubhashish Sircar

Eminent physician and pediatric specialist Dr. Shubhashish Sircar has stressed upon creation of more nursing schools than medical colleges to reduce neonatal deaths in India, so alarming and calling in the world scenario. His concern published in social media on April 2 deserves attention of our thinking and responsible visitors.

Here is his version:

Neonatal and Infant deaths in India top the list in the world. With exceptions like Kerala, most of Indian provinces witness alarming numbers of death of the new born within 24 hours of birth, as per ‘State of the World’s Mothers’ released on Tuesday, which shows, over three lakh newborns in India die within 24 hours of their birth every year.

In exact numerical terms, a total of 3,09,000 babies hardly survive a day.

India accounts for 29 per cent of all such deaths — ahead even of Nigeria, Pakistan and China, a study by Save the Children says.

According to the report, of the one million babies who die each year on the day they are born, almost 40 per cent are in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is disturbing that 3,09,000 out of 4,20,000 babies across South Asia die on their first day in India.

Quoting Sample Registration Survey (SRS 2011) figures, the report says Madhya Pradesh has the highest burden of early newborn deaths (0-7 days) at 32, followed closely by Uttar Pradesh and Orissa (30). Other States with high burden of neonatal deaths are Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

Bangladesh has reduced newborn mortality by 49 per cent since 1990. Our neighboring Nepal has also reduced this mortality by 47 per cent since 1990. Community health workers reaching mothers and babies at home, and training birth attendants and medical staff in resuscitation devices to help babies breathe are factors in this progress.

What do we need to do?

We need to strengthen this basket of services with opening of Nursing Schools rather than Medical colleges. We need trained health personnel, not doctors, to address this urgent issue along with political commitment.

The starkest marker of tribal deprivation is child mortality, with under-five mortality rates among rural tribal children remaining startlingly high, at about 100 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2005 compared with 82 among all children. Three World Bank-supported State Health Systems Projects – in Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu adopted a number of innovative strategies to improve the health of tribal groups. This multi pronged strategy has not found a platform in Jharkhand. It needs to be adopted here.

Young tribal girls enter the reproductive age as victims of undernourishment and anemia,and face greater health risks as a result of early marriage, frequent pregnancies, unsafe deliveries,and sexually transmitted diseases. Women’s low social status makes them more likely to seek treatment only when the ailment is well advanced. Adolescent health, particularly tribal adolescent health needs prioritization. Without addressing adolescent health, we cannot address neonatal (NNMR) and infant mortality rates (IMR), not to talk of MMR.

There was no mention of immunization in the report. Though India boasts of the largest immunization program in the world, every year about 1.4 million children below the age of five die largely from vaccine preventable diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, measles and newborn complications like sepsis.With over 27 million newborn targeted for immunization every year, the National full immunization coverage hovers around 61 per cent, implying that over nine million children are left out.

Immunization saves lives.


Utkal Divas celebrated in JNU: Speakers expressed concern over failure of state’s mechanism

From Sankar Duriya

Orissa Students Association (OSA), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi celebrated 80th Utkal Divas on 1st April 2015 in the University premises with grand success. Shri Rabindra Nath Singh, senior bureaucrat and social activist was the chief guest on this auspicious occasion and addressed the audience extensively on development, marginality and regional disparities in Orissa.

Shri Kulamani Biswal, Director of Finance, NTPC, New Delhi was the guest of honor. He paid reach tributes to Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das and his contemporary leadership of Orissa who had fought for recreation of Orissa as the first linguistic State of India.

H.B. Bohidar, School of Physical Sciences and Chairperson, Special Centre for Nano Science was the chief speaker. He emphasized on creation of climate for quality education, health, sanitation and empowerment of marginalized sections if Orissa is to proceed towards real betterment.

Oriya Students of JNU, Delhi University and Cultural troupe of Orissa performed Samablpuri, folk dance of Koraput Dhemsa, Tribal Dance, Odissi, and many more cultural programs in the evening. Large number of audience from JNU, DU, and across National Capital Territory of Delhi participated and enjoyed the cultural program.

Odisha Students Association formed in JNU with a vision for the development of Odisha with inclusiveness, democratic ethos, and academic spirit of students’ movement for the cause of social justice, equality, and welfare of all sections of Orissa.

The Orissa Students Association (OSA), JNU also organized one day National Seminar on Development and Marginality: Locating Orissa in Contemporary India at JNU on 28th March 2015 to commemorate Orissa Foundation Day.

Amongst others, Professor Biswamaya Pati, Department of History, Delhi University; Professor Raj Kumar, Department of English, Delhi University; Dr. Prabhakar Palaka, Department of English, DU; Dr. Bishnu Nag, Department of Economics, DU; Dr. Pradyumna Bag, Department of Sociology, Jamia Milia Islamia (Central University, Delhi); Dr. Pankaj Deep, Department of Law & Public Policy, Gautam Buddha University; Dr. Tapan Kumar Mahanand, Department of Political Science, DU spoke on the occasion.

In their presentations they raised the failure of state’s mechanism and raised some important questions on the issues of social justice, regional disparities, and historical negligence of certain sections of society. They also suggested valuable ideas on the said issues.

Lastly Naveen babu vandalizes Utkal Divas

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

As every Oriya is to celebrate the best and the finest day of his collective life – the Utkal Divas – the day of resurrection of Motherland Orissa, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who has been offending the people of this splendid soil by lack of his oracy in Oriya, has lastly vandalized today the ever cherished and celebrated name of “Utkal Divas”.

His greetings to people published in form of an advertisement in Oriya newspapers, for which the State Exchequer is to cough up huge money, has made a mockery of the name of the day that our founding fathers had handed over to us for celebration for ever.

Not only he, but also his Information Minister, who is by birth a genuine Oriya, has used the same term “Orissa Divas” in his Utkal Divas Greetings. These being Government advertisements, it is clear that these fellows have used our exchequer to vandalize our day of celebration.

Earlier an offense has already been done against classicism of our language by changing the English spelling of the names of our motherland and mother tongue.

Our founding fathers had evolved the English spelling of these two names by using the English alphabet ‘R’ to distinguish the two different pronunciation of our 13th consonant. In our alphabet, this consonant has two pronunciations reduced to two shapes – one plain and the other with a dot underneath. The dot is provided for distinguishing the phonetical difference. The plain form of this alphabet is used at the beginning of the word that starts with it, but the same alphabet is presented with a dot underneath when it is used at the second or later place in a word.

We Oriyas understand the difference and use the two different forms of pronunciation marked by the dot under the second avatar of 13th consonant in tune with the phonetical necessity.

But how the non-Oriyas, particularly the English-speaking foreigners are to utter the said alphabet used in the second or third or any later position in a word without violating our peculiar pronunciation?

This question had engaged our founding fathers in deep cogitation for quite a long period and eventually the approximate correct phonetic presentation was evolved for the second or later placement of the particular consonant in a word with addition of ‘R’ to ‘D’ as in ORDIA. The ‘RD’ was reduced to R without compromising the phonetic peculiarity.

So, in honoring the archaic uniqueness of our language, our founding fathers had evolved the English spelling of the name of our motherland as Orissa and of our mother-tongue as Oriya.

When Naveen Patnaik, who has no oracy in Oriya, in order only to divert public attention from his misrule, indulged in the luxury of imitating Bengali or Tamil people in changing the names of their states, tried to thrive on deceit over Oriya nationalism, and his non-Oriya acolytes in administration with a hidden agenda to demolish the potency of classicality of phonetic uniqueness of Oriya, advised him to change the English spelling of the name of the State and its language, I had strongly objected to that in these pages justifying why the English spelling of Orissa should not be changed to Odisha and of Oriya to Odia.

You may read it here again:

The cabinet must not muss up Orissa

Many eminent men of letters had supported my argument, but none of them had come forward to protest publicly.

The awards or appointments available to them by pleasing the power that be, was clearly a deterrent to their speaking out against the official mischief.

I would give some more links for perusal of the late comers, such as:

Replacement of R with D is a wrong against Oriya Language

Orissa in peril: Government plays havoc with her heritage

Message of Utkal Divas: Oriyas must defeat the conspiracy against classicism of their language

Bitchy politics over classical status of Oriya language

However, over and above the links, study of the excerpt from Purnachandra Bhashakosha inserted below may help to understand the different shapes of the alphabet in question.

two forms of one alphabet in Oriya


If you read it truly, you may know how by changing the English spelling of Orissa to Odisha and Oriya to Odia, the sophomoric politicians in power have perpetrated an irreparable damage to the classicality of our language.

Fortunately for us, the contributions of our scholars from Gopal Chandra Praharaj to Debi Prasanna Pattanayak, have not gone barren and the nation of modern India has recognized Oriya as a classical language.

But then, the chief minister has not changed.

To suit his nefarious design for political gain by generating a false nationalism over change of the English spelling of the name and language of the State, now the famous day in our collective life – Utkal Divas – has been changed to Odisha Divas in the advertised message of Naveen Patnaik and his information minister.

Patnaik had shamelessly tried to claim credit for national recognition of Oriya as a classical language, even though his government had no role in it. It was a nefarious political stunt. In reality, he has no real relationship with Oriya language. He has no allegiance to Oriya language. He has no mind to protect the utility of Oriya language. He has committed heinous offenses against Oriya language by doing away with its official use inasmuch as his government has contravened the Orissa Official language Act in every sphere of administration.

The classical status given to Oriya has been challenged in the Chennai High Court through a PIL. But Patnaik has not yet prepared his government to face the challenge. Even the scholars whose contributions have fetched the classical status for our mother tongue have not been consulted so far on how to defeat the PIL in Chennai High Court and neither the Chennai High Court has been approached to drop the unnecessary litigation over our language nor the Supreme Court of India has been moved to quash the PIL before the Chennai High Court.

He has no discernible allegiance even to our State. Hundreds of our villages have been threatened with claim of West Bengal on one side and Andhra on the other side. Patnaik has not taken any tangible step so far to save our boarder.

Against this backdrop, his attempt to eliminate “Utkal Divas” by his so-called greetings on “Orissa Divas” speaks volumes of his mischief against uniqueness of Orissa.

But, sycophancy has so crippled the collective conscience of our people, that, this mischief is going unnoticed.

Sad and shameful.