What happened to Human Rights of his wife, Mr. Chief Justice of India?

Subah Chandra Pattanayak

Every Indian who loves his Republic should have profound respects for the Chief Justice of India. And, I have.And, therefore, on coming to know of his observation that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “is a good human being”, I want to put him the question: What happened to human rights of Modi’s wife? Is denial of human rights to the wife makes a man a good human being?

If for any reason, Modi was to terminate his conjugal relationship with his wife, he should have freed her from the marital bond by way of divorce, so as to enable her to seek conjugal love elsewhere had she wanted. He did not. He even suppressed the fact of his marriage in the affidavits under Election Laws during his contests to Gujarat Assembly. and kept it a secret that he had abandoned his wife, while legally keeping her subservient to customs that control a married woman.

Marriage is phase where the wife has the right to have sex with the husband. Marriage is, for a woman, not a machination to change her surname, but an instrument of happiness that legitimate sex ensures. In married life, child bearing or delivery is an accident, because every copulation does not lead to pregnancy. But sex is not accidental in married life. Sex is for what people marry. So for a wife, legitimate sex with the husband is her fundamental right, her most specific and distinguished human right.

And, the whole world knows, Modi’s wife was abandoned, without being set free through diverse. If anything, this is blatant violation of her human rights. Is the CJI not aware of this, at least as an Indian?

We have no objection to his remarks that Modi is “a good leader” and “a man with foresight”. But we have strong objection to his observation that Modi is “a good human being”.

The CJI who has divulged his such observations to journalists at New Delhi should place before the general public the details of the basis of his observation on Modi, because Modi is a public figure. He also should say, if relation between Judiciary and Government is excellent, what is the relation between Judiciary and Opposition? Democracy is democracy, because Opposition is the vital part of it. Opposition is no less important to the country than the Prime Minister.

The CJI should wake up and review what he has told the Press on Prime Minister Modi. Modi is a politician and politicians are full of contradictions and controversies, for which, in the public sphere, they have their opposition camps. Why should the highest judicial officer of the country be eager to tell the people that a particular political person – Prime Minister Modi – is “a good leader, a good human being and a man with foresight”.

Such terms can be termed as political propaganda. And no sane Indian should expect this from the Chief Justice of India.

4 Responses

  1. Hm… Good luck for justice in India 🙂

    Cheers from HawaiiHotel.org

  2. Chief Justice H L Dattu of the supreme court of India has described Narendra Modi to be a good leader and human being.I am not going into the correctness of his assessment.But this is a classic example of how erratically a judge can behave.Chief Justice Dattu is to retire in December this year and may be eyeing for some post retirement appointment. But he forgot, may be momentarily, that he is the incumbent Chief Justice of India and this statement may bring his impartiality into question. God forbid, if a case is filed by or against Narendra Modi, can this Chief Justice maintain the required impartiality? And, even if he does, will it carry the credence and not be questioned?

    • SURELY NO and MUST be QUESTIONED ; what do you think , will be my answer to your concluding question .

  3. Agreed 100% that the CJI had no need to go beyond the ‘ LAXMAN REKHA ‘. Of course, he has all the rights to have his own/personal opinion/views; but the position he holds has some sanctity too, therefore, he could express such statement in the privacy of his bed room and not even in his sitting/drawing room -n- definitely NOT before the arc lights of MEDIA.

    The CHAIR (which can destabilize the Prime Minister and THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA) should be most judicious and impartial and in that sense should rather have called for all the documents of the person concerned ( it is true for any person ) on his nomination filed for the assembly elections (2-times) and the related papers filed for the recent MP elections (2-places) and review them judiciously to ascertain if the omission / misinformation has been the result of deliberate foul play or not and if it is not beyond reasonable doubt, then, must take cognizance sou motto calling for appropriate judicial processes. IN THAT CASE i WOULD REALLY HAVE HAD THE PRIDE IN SHOUTING OUT LOUD AND CLEAR BEATING MY CHEST THAT i AM INDIAN.

    So sorry, Honb’le CJI, SIR.

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