The Issue raised by Kejriwal is of Utmost Importance

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The TV Journalists who had taken about Rs. 500 crores to brainwash Indians in support of BJP in 2004 elections are back in their shrewd trade. They are spewing venom against Kejriwal, projecting his campaign against misconduct of the Delhi Police, as “drama” being enacted in Delhi to “divert public attention from his inability to rule”. And, as seen in TIMES NOW channel, appreciators of Kejriwal action are being muzzled in discernible attempt to divert public attention from the basic issue raised by the AAP leader.

The issue is of utmost public importance. Law and order problem in Delhi is menacing. It is shameful yet well-known that the capital city of India has earned a nasty name as capital city of offenses against women. This is going on; because the Delhi Police is not answerable to Government.

The Delhi Government has no control over the Delhi Police, when the said Government is responsible for maintenance of law and order.

The main purpose of any Government is to give the people a living environment where miscreants shall not be ruling the roost. And, this environment cannot be created if the police is not controlled by the Government.

The purpose of the people of Delhi in changing a Government for a better one would be lost, if the police do not carry orders from and remain answerable to the new political Government of Delhi.

Creation of an Assembly for Delhi, with provision for that Assembly to ensure running of a responsible political Government is meaningless, if the said government is debarred from giving good governance because of being devoid of powers over the police.

Kejriwal’s ongoing Dharana demonstration is meant against this administrative anarchy. So, it is wrong to allege that he is an anarchist.

The issue he has raised is specific.

Whether the police shall be answerable to the political Government or not, is the issue.

The situation has become, and is bound to become putrefying, because the police under control of the Union Government under grip of the Congress Party is disobeying the AAP Government’s orders for giving the people an environment where miscreants shall not be ruling the roost.

Kejriwal wants change of this spoiling system.

So, the issue raised by him is of utmost importance and the step he has taken is the best step possible in the present context.

True seekers of power to people must support him.

One Response

  1. So it’s like sitting in the driver’s seat with the steering in hand, when all the controls are with the one sitting next to the driver’s seat. Strange as to how such an arrangement has been in place for so long ……………..n……………so many Govts. have functioned without any grumbling in decades so far. Therefore, it proves the ” Mili Bhagat Theory ” of vested interests as pointed out by orissamatters and therefore AAP deserves support.

    Both BJP and Congress need to take down some serious notes from all that is happening now at Delhi and steps should be initiated to put the Delhi Police under control of the Delhi Government if they really want Delhi to have the required environment where “miscreants don’t rule the roost” taking advantage of the Delhi Police not being answerable to the Delhi Government.

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