Kar Seva in Bakula Bana the first step towards revival of Bana Bidyalaya

Save the Samaja Forum and leadership of the employees of the daily newspaper Samaja – Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association – collectively rendered Kar Seva and removed the ugly garbages that had engulfed the seats of the statues of Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das and his famous colleagues lying abandoned in the campus of the now extinct, Jatiya Bana Bidyalaya (National School on the lap of Nature) that they had established. Eminent senior citizens and apolitical young men of Satyavadi/Sakshi Gopal area gladly participated.

After the Kar Seva, in a meeting on the spot under chairmanship of UNEA President Deviprasanna Nayak, the Pancha Sakha – Pt. Gopabandhu, Pt. Nilakantha Das, Pt. Godavarish Mishra, Acharya Harihar Das, and Pt. Krupasindhu Mishra – were fondly recalled. A former student of the Bana Vidyalaya, retired from Crime Branch of Orissa Police, Shankarshan Mishra reminisced about the excellent environment of education Gopabandhu had conceived of and executed.

Convener of SSF and Chief of ORISSA MATTERS Subhas Chandra Pattanayak made specific mention of how the Bana Vidyalaya was a “man-making institute” and how modern education moulded in the matrix of ancient Gurukula system of didacticism was building up students to work for independence and consequential prosperity of the country. He stressed on revival of the Bana Vidyalaya in the Bakula Bana and demanded that the State Government must take steps to recover the millions and millions of rupees from the Servants of the People Society that has swindled the funds generated by the Samaja in order to recreate the Bana Vidyalaya with the same, as Gopabandhu had desired. It was treated as a resolution and unanimously approved.

Local youth lights like Rajesh Kumar Mohapatra and Satyabrata Hota pledged their support to the proposed campaign for recovery of the Samaja funds from SoPS and revival of the Bana Vidyalaya with that fund.

President Deviprasanna Nayak, eminent journalist who heads the Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association, declared that UNEA will render total support to SSF in reviving the Bana Vidyalaya in the Bakula Bana and asked the authorities not to vitiate it with any non-academic activities. The Bakula Bana must have to be preserved as the revered citadel of the five most patriotic and visionary teachers, he said.

SSF co-ordinator and media consultant Pabitra Maharatha thanked everybody for the co-operation in Kara Seva and adoption of the resolution to recover the Samaja money from SoPS and revival of the Bana Vidyalaya in its original campus – the Bakula Bana.

Prominent amongst the participants were former students of the Bana Bidyalaya Shankarshana Mishra, Prakas Chandra Mishra, Sarat Kumar Mekap, and UNEA General Secretary Subash Chandra Singh.

Bakula Bana: What was it on January 26 and what did we do?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

abandoned for years

This is how the revered statue of Pandit Gopabandhu Das, famous as Utkalmani, the Crown Jewel of Orissa, whose humanitarian services to the downtrodden people has no comparison, was lying abandoned in a very sickening ugly condition in the campus of the extinct Jatiya Vana Vidyalaya (The National School of India on the lap of Nature) when in company of media consultant Pabitra Maharatha I had an occasion to visit the place.

Servants of the People Society, which misappropriates millions and millions of rupees earned by Gopabandhu’s newspaper – The Samaja – by manufacturing a false Will of the late leader, has never bothered to maintain the site.

There are many persons who boast of their blood link with Gopabandhu. None of them has ever wanted to keep his statue in a decent condition.

We in ‘Save the Samaja Forum’ (SSF) decided to discourage the disrespect shown to Gopabandhu and his friends whose statues in the Vakula Bana were also suffering similarly sickening negligence. The Trade Union of the employees of ‘The Samaja’ – the Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association (UNEA) – readily came forward to co-operate.

Gopabandhu and his friends were all eminent freedom fighters and with the principal purpose to create educated patriots to make the dreams for a prosperous sovereign republic come true, they had established the Bana Bidyalaya. We therefore decided to to offer our Kar Seva at the asthans of the Panchasakha on the Republic Day, 2014.

On January 25 we initiated the action by informing the people of Satyavadi about our idea of salvaging the Pancha Sakha statues from the heap of gut-wrenching negligence and disrespect. We found the Bana Vidyalaya site locked, with its key in custody of an temple executive. We met him and requested him to keep the Bakula Bana open on January 26 for our Kar Seva, giving him a printed copy of our appeal to the people against disrespect being shown to the Pancha Sakha statues. As we reached the entrance gate on January 26, we found the gate locked with garbages and litter covering the entry path. We swept them out, while waiting for the endowment caretaker to unlock the gate.

The mission was christened “Bakula Bana Safei Abhijan”. Eminent citizens of Satyavadi were one with SSF and UNEA in cleaning the garbages.

Bakula Bana safei abhijan 1safei abhijan

Then the statues as well as the podiums of Gopabandhu and the other four revered teachers were cleaned.

kar seva 1kar seva 2

The Kar Seva gave tremendous patriotic pleasure to the participants. Here is picture captured at the podium of Gopabandhu, just to facilitate a comparing with the picture at the top of this presentation.

after kar seva

After Cleaning the podium and the statue by way of kar seva, participants sat with satisfaction at the feet of the the statue of Gopabandhu (as also at the other four podiums).

sitting with satisfaction 1sitting with satisfaction 2

Young activists of Satyavadi – Satyabrata Hota, Rakesh Mohapatra et al have vowed to see that podiums of the Pancha Sakha – holier than holiness – are not any more disrespected.

The Unique Vana Vidyalaya of Satyavadi pushed into starvation death by forgers of Gopabandhu’s Will; SSF and UNEA are campaigning for its revival

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

SCP in shock before the uncared for statue of UtkalmaniAs the members of ‘Save The Samaja Forum’ and Leadership of ‘Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association’ are going to Satyavadi today, this Republic Day of 2014, to conduct a symbolic cleaning of the statutes of Pandit Gopabandhu Das and his close comrades known together as “Panchasakha” lying abandoned in the campus of the now extinct Vana Vidyalaya they had established, I shudder to recall how was I shocked to see the horrifying negligence meted out to these dreamers and path-pavers for the Republic that we claim to be ours.

Being the first focussing on the concept behind establishment of the unique institute, I would like to quote from my earlier write-up on the subject. I quote:

Spread over 22 Acres of natural forest full of aromatic plants and shrubs such as Bakula and Chhuriana, the Satyabadi Vana Vidyalaya was established by Gopabandhu in the pattern of Gurukula Ashrams of Orissa.

The river flowing near his place of birth is Bhargavi, which is so named, because the famous sage Brugu was having his Gurukula Ashram on its bank.

Gopabandhu, to whom education was the best means of emancipation, had decided to establish a school that would ensure for the children of Orissa modern education molded in the matrix of ancient method of his soil.

Naturally, therefore, he chose the well connected site of Sakshi Gopal for his school, where his intimate friends – all highly educated – in dismissing all worldly allurements and comforts joined the faculty almost sans salaries to build up a new generation of educated patriotic Oriyas. The school, adopting Gurukul System of education,was established in 1909 in the Vakula Vana of Satyavadi and had created history in education in natural environment and had earned esteem as high as that of Shanti Niketan, which, after Nobel Prize given to its founder Rabindranath Tagore in 1913 had taken the leap.

Had SoPS not pushed this school into starvation death, it was established in such a well connected place like Satyavadi near the world famous city of Puri, that, for people all over the world, the Satyavadi Vana Vidyalaya would have stood as an enticing center of education in natural environment.

Jatiya Vana Vidyalaya reduced to a sign board

Sad, the noble institute now stands only in the form of a signboard painted on the entrance gate of the Vakula Vana without any trace of it inside.

People of Satyavadi silently revolted

The marble plate planted inside the campus is witness to how on 28.2.2009 the site of the Vana Vidyalaya of tremendous historic value was converted into a non-academic project by the government of Orissa. People of Satyavadi silently revolted against this. And, the project was rejected by the people.

rejected auditorium and marketing hubrejected market complex 1The project included a modern open air auditorium; people refused to use it in protest against killing of the academic referral importance of the surviving traces of the Vana Vidyalaya. The project comprised modern marketing hubs addressed to innumerable tourists that everyday visit Satyavadi. The People could have used the created facility for their commercial gain; but they rejected it, as conversion of the Vakula Vana to any non-academic use was not acceptable to them.

Media consultant Pabitra Maharatha was with me. We were shocked beyond description over how the Vakula Vana, where under the aromatic plants, Gopabandhu and his comrades were running their man-making Vana Vidyalaya collectively and on the basis of their patriotic sacrifice for the future generation, which was such superb that no other institute could be compared with it. When Shanti Niketan of Rabindranath Tagore, coming to prominence four years after the Satyavadi Vana Vidyalaya started emitting the light of knowledge, could be the only comparable institute, distinction of the Satyavadi system was more prominent, because it was based entirely on the collective endeavor and sacrifice of Panchasakha, which was not seen in the Tagore venture. Nowhere in India, such a batch of highly educated young men, fittest for high administrative positions, had sacrificed their lucrative future to make the future generation of their fellowmen equipped with education, when their motherland was in the darkest phase of her life under the British with the English Masters’ native servants imported from neighboring provinces plundering their soil.

SoPS killed the unique system

Servants of the People Society (SoPS) pushed this unique Vana Vidyalaya to starvation death by hijacking the Samaja, the money earning venture that the five comrades had established to feed the school and to keep it equipped for marching forward for all time to come. After seizing the Samaja by forging a Will of Gopabandhu, the SoPS miscreants used it in their own interest and completely ignored the Vana Vidyalaya. The Vakula Vana in the lap of which the Vidyalaya was preparing the future generation was completely abandoned and negligence to this system by SoPS functionaries was so ruthless and barbaric that the statues of Panchasakha placed on erected podiums under the tourism project were left to elements. It was unbearable to see how nasty negligence has engulfed the statues and their surrounding. Pictures would say in what condition the statues of Panchasakha are lying.

abandoned statue of gopabandhu 1Pt. NilakanthaPt. GodavarishAcharya HariharPt. Krupasindhu

The UNEA and SSF have decided to do whatever they can for restoration of the glory of the greatest place of patriotic pride – the Vakula Vana and the Vana Vidyalaya. They want the throusands of crores of rupees looted from the Samaja earnings by SoPS be recovered from the said society for revival of the Vana Vidyalaya and in commencing the campaign, podiums of the Panchasakha are going to be cleaned by them on this Republic Day. Inhabitants of Satyavadi are eager to be associated with this campaign.

SSF action plan on Bakula Bana on January 26

Servants of the People Society has swindled massive money from the revenue generated by the news daily – The Samaja – in total violation of terms and conditions on which alone it had taken over Pandit Gopabandhu Das’s Satyabadi Press.

Save The Samaja Forum has been campaigning for stoppage of this illegality. It wants all the thousands of crores of money SoPS has swindled be returned to Orissa to revive the Bana Vidyalaya and to make the expressed wishes of Gopabandhu executed.

In commencing its mission for revival of the Bana Vidyalaya, SSF will try to clean the podium and statute of Gopabandhu lying abandoned in the Bakula Bana on the Republic Day, 2014 and has requested everybody to co-operate with the mission.

bakaula bana mission

People of Satyavadi jeer at SoPS for sniveling about the Panchasakhas

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Servants of the People Society (SoPS) that has occupied ‘The Samaja” newspaper by forging a Will of its founder, Pandit Gopabandhu Das, sniveled with a 60 point bold headlines in its edition of January 3 about the Panchasakhas – Gopabandhu and his four comrades: Pandit Nilakantha Das, Pandit Godavarish Mishra, Acharya Harihar Das and Panditi Krupasindhu Mishra, who created a new epoch of education, literature, social service and sacrifice for the motherland in Orissa, which is known as the “Satyavadi Era”.

To the people of Satyavadi, the sniveling in the Samaja is similar to crocodile crying over death of its victim. What SoPS and/or The Samaja under their control has done for the five comrades? they ask.

When the SoPS has been looting the Samaja revenue, it has pushed the Vana Vidyalaya into starvation death by not remitting any funds for its maintenance and improvement. The school has been completely destroyed.

The unique Vana Vidyalaya

Spread over 22 Acres of natural forest full of aromatic plants and shrubs such as Bakula and Chhuriana, the Satyabadi Vana Vidyalaya was established by Gopabandhu in the pattern of Gurukula Ashrams of Orissa.

The river flowing near his place of birth is Bhargavi, which is so named, because the famous sage Brugu was having his Gurukula Ashram on its bank.

Gopabandhu, to whom education was the best means of emancipation, had decided to establish a school that would ensure for the children of Orissa modern education molded in the matrix of ancient method of his soil.

Naturally, therefore, he chose the well connected site of Sakshi Gopal for his school, where his intimate friends – all highly educated – in dismissing all worldly allurements and comforts joined the faculty almost sans salaries to build up a new generation of educated patriotic Oriyas. The school, adopting Gurukul System of education,was established in 1909 in the Vakula Vana of Satyavadi and had created history in education in natural environment and had earned esteem as high as that of Shanti Niketan, which, after Nobel Prize given to its founder Rabindranath Tagore in 1913 had taken the leap.

Had SoPS not pushed this school into starvation death, it was established in such a well connected place like Satyavadi near the world famous city of Puri, that, for people all over the world, the Satyavadi Vana Vidyalaya would have stood as an enticing center of education in natural environment.

Sad, the noble institute now stands only in the form of a signboard painted on the entrance gate of the Vakula Vana without any trace of it inside.

Amusing it is to note that in a government high school built adjacent to the destroyed Vana Vidyalaya, a set of statues of Gopabandhu and his four famous comrades has been kept for reasons best known to authorities who have turned their eyes away from the necessity of taking stern penal action against the swindlers of revenue generated by Gopabandhu’s newspaper The Samaja.

Revenge taken on Radhanath Rath

But the people of Satyavadi have taken revenge on Radhanath Rath, who had bagged Padma Bhusana for journalism, for the treachery he had played against Gopabandhu.

People feel no qualms in alleging that Rath had swindled and misused the Samaja funds to such extent that the Vana Vidyalaya suffered a premature death due to want of funds to exist and improve. As his treachery was known to the public, there was acrimonious objection to his cremation on the ground of cremation of the five famous comrades. Proteges of Rath were forced to cremate him in a different place in view of the massive objection from inhabitants of Satyavadi and have erected a ‘memorial’ for him outside the area of the Panchasakha memorial.

In his eye-witness accounts, in his autobiography (Atma Jibanee) Pandit Nilakantha Das, Principal of the school and Gopabandhu’s friend philosopher and guide, who had donated him the Press, has narrated that Rath was taking down dictations of Gopabandhu’s Will from Gopabandhu. But in the Will published in the Samaja, it transpires that Lingaraj Mishra had taken the dictation. So the forgery was committed by either of the two in collaboration with the other. The Will published by Rath in the Samaja as “exact copy of the Will” is different from the probated Will. So, the uncalled for publication of the “exact copy” of the Will in the Samaja by Rath, knowing that the same was not the “exact copy” is a conundrum that in its stem has criminality, which should drag him into investigation even posthumously.

Naturally, sniveling about the Satyvadi Panchasakhas in Samaja has irritated the common people of Satyavadi.

Oriya Newspaper ‘The Samaja’ under illegitimate ownership; RNI silent! What next!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) was informed by ‘Save The Samaja Forum’ (SSF) founded by a section of senior journalists and admirers of Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das of Orissa, that, the Oriya daily newspaper ‘The Samaja’ is being published under illegitimate ownership, which the Press Laws do not countenance. SSF had specifically alleged that Servants of the People Society (SoPS) has been claiming ownership over the paper by forging a Will of Gopabandhu, which the RNI should investigate into and take appropriate action. The RNI is silent. It has not informed the SSF about what happened to its speaking allegation.

Before proceeding further, it would be better to mention why The Samaja deserves RNI intervention.

The truth about The Samaja is that, it has become a substandard newspaper with no adherence to ethics of journalism. Yet it is the most important newspaper for the general public of Orissa, because this is the paper that Pandit Gopabandhu Das had established.

People of Orissa have never forgotten his selfless humanitarian services to his helpless countrymen when Orissa had lost its identity under the British rule and was being plundered by non-Oriya communities of neighboring provinces working as native servants of the invaders.

People of Orissa revere him for ever; and when any of them finds any cash to spare, he / she usually prefers to donate it to the Samaja for use in relief to the disadvantaged people, as Gopabandhu had dedicated his life to provide relief to the uncared for victims of natural and man-made calamities. Hence, despite its degradation to a low standard, Samaja has remained a very unique newspaper.

Forgery and loot

This unique newspaper is under illegal occupation of SoPS that has captured it by forging a Will of Gopabandhu.

A gang of its life-members have been looting the Samaja. As we have already exposed in these pages, an enquiry committee headed by retired Supreme Court judge – Arijit Pasayat. – has also determined that the hoodlums have swindled the Samaja funds through fraudulent means. A case of misappropriation of huge sums of money in which SoPS top brass Manubhai Patel is involved is pending in a criminal court for several years, as the Samaja management does not want the truth to come out. The High Court of Orissa has issued specific direction to Orissa’s Director General of Police to act on allegations of misappropriation and misuse of the Samaja funds by the SoPS gang, which the DGP could normally never have dared to ignore. But, as the Chief Minister is gained over by the gang, the Police Chief has no guts to initiate criminal action against the miscreants.

Save the Samaja campaign

After this reporter exposed how SoPS has been using a forged Will of Gopabandhu to keep the Samaja under its grip, a body called ‘Save the Samaja Forum’ with Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and Prasanta Patnaik as joint conveners, has started a campaign to salvage “The Paper of the People of Orissa” from the illegal occupation of SoPS.

This forum has asked the RNI to enquire into the matter and take necessary action as the Law does not permit publication of a newspaper under illegitimate ownership.

The RNI had authorized the Additional District Magistrate of Cuttack to enquire into the matter and report. After sleeping over around a year, and on being informed that a writ petition has been filed in the Orissa High Court against his inaction in the matter, the ADM tried to expedite the investigation. But he has closed the enquiry midway under pressure from the Chief Minister, as the SoPS miscreants have pledged pages of the paper to his propaganda. SSF has informed this mischief to the RNI; but no communication in the matter has been received from that end.

There have been silent black flag rallies seeking official action against black deeds of illegal occupiers of the Samaja and the public have been addressed by SSF in its campaign to save the Samaja from the looters attired as life-members of SoPS.

ORISSA MATTERS has shown how the people loyal to Gopabandhu refused to associate with the SoPS hoodlums in offering oblations to him on his death anniversary. It would be an affront to the sacred memories of the great humanitarian leader if killers of his spirit and hijackers of his paper were co-operated with, they thought.

Nervous attempt to counter SSF

So, sure that people of Orissa will not cooperate with them in countering the impact of SSF campaigns, the looters of The Samaja, ganged up in SoPS, had to take shelter under the Chief Minister under pledge of pages of the paper to his political propaganda; following which, the CMO had issued oral instructions to various field officials to help these fellows project their legitimacy before the public. Yet, they could not dare to go to the people directly to show them their devotion to Gopabandhu.

Panic hiring of event managers

A private organization of event management namely Sanket was hired for around a crore of rupees to organize, on their behalf, shows of devotion to Utkalmani with a vehicle styled Gopabandhu Jyoti Rath carrying some of the SoPS hoodlums.

They held a meeting with the event manager of Sanket on 13 August 2013 and drew up a route chart for the “Rath”. Accordingly, the show began at Jagatsinghpur on August 16, 2013 and proceeded day by day seriatim to repeat the farce at Kendrapada, Jajpur, Bhadrak, Balasore, Baripada, Kendujhar, Deogarh, Sundargarh, Jharsuguda, Sambalpur, Bargarh, Balangir, Nuapada, Bhawanipatna, Nabarangpur, Malkangiri, Koraput, Rayagada, Paralakhemundi, Chhatrapur, Phulbani, Boudh, Sonepur, Nayagarh, Khurda, Puri, Dhenkanal, Anugul, Bhubaneswar and finally, Cuttack on 15 September 2013. They did not dare to visit the Sayabadi Bakula Bana where Gopabandhu had established his famous Vana Vidyalaya, for preservation and improvement of which he had made over the Satyabadi Press to SoPS in his last testament.

In this Will, Gopabandhu had given only the Satyavadi Press to SoPS, but not the Samaja, as it was co-founded by Satyavadi Panchasakha. But to Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra, and also to SoPS with which both of them were in nexus, the Samaja was considered a better source of income and a platform of power. So, when Radhanath Rath had suppressed the Will he had taken dictation of and in nexus with Lingaraj Mishra had manufactured a forged Will mostly for his own benefit, the SoPS had located that in the said manufactured Will, only the Satyavadi Press, not the Samaja, was given to it. Therefore, having taken over the Satyavadi Press as per the Will before them, they must have insisted upon inclusion of the Samaja in the property they were to capture. Therefore, situations might have been created to obtain a certified copy of the Will with mention of the Samaja as given to SoPS along with the Satyavadi Press. Attempts were made to create a copy of the already probated forged Will to match this plan. We, therefore, see that the words “ while the Samaja making over the charge of the Satyavadi Press to the Servants of the People Society” recorded in the preserved probated (forged) Will, were attempted to be replaced with the words “while making over charge of the Satyavadi Press and the Samaja to the Servants of the People Society” in the typed copy to be certified. At the stage of signing the certified copy of the Will, the magistrate concern located the manipulation and saved the document from being tampered with. Then, that certified copy of the original Will was discarded and another copy was forged, which is, without being certified, is in use by the SoPS, blatantly cheating the official forums including the RNI.

Secret mission of miscreants

With SSF harping on about the forgery, over and above the aforesaid two steps, SoPS has taken a third step in the escape route. A pack of illegitimate occupiers of the Samaja has visited the room called Gopabandhu’s Sathighara,where he was born in village Suando and tried to gain over members of his family by offering to build up residential houses for every branch thereof and to engage in the Samaja any member of the family branches if he/she has or will be having any qualification in journalism. This is a very serious syndrome and the hooligans must not be allowed to play this act of bribing to Gopabandu’s heirs, so that the forged Will shall stay beyond being challenged by anybody even remotely related to Gopabandhu.

Unless the RNI acts on the allegation raised by SSF, it would be difficult to save The Samaja from the swindlers and forgers.

But, the RNI is silent. What next!

Netaji and Oriya disposition

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

British was compelled to withdraw its military / police and compromise with the people in only one place in whole of India in its course of annexing the ancient soil; and, that place is Orissa.

Orissa was the last land in India to have been annexed by the British; but was the first land in India to have raised its sword against the invaders to expel them from the soil. British historian G. Toynbee has described it this way: “ It was not long, however, before we had to encounter a storm which burst with so sudden fury as to threaten our expulsion, if not from the whole of Orissa, at least from the territory of Khurda. This was the rebellion of Paiks, a kind of local militia, to whom the English conquest had brought little, but ruin and oppression” (O.H.R.J. Vol. 1 & 2).

This was, in fact, the first war of independence of India, even though it was limited to the State of Orissa. Nowhere else in India, by that time, such a war against the British was waged.

The British used its military and Police force to suppress this war, even though to its chroniclers, it was an “insurrection”. But the “insurrection” was beyond their ability to overcome.

Magistrate W. Forrester, who was in charge of Khurda, the citadel of Gajapati (KIng Emperor) of Orissa, informed this in his report to Commissioner Robert Ker on September 9, 1818 in the following words: “Since the breaking of the insurrection, very few of any consequence have ever been apprehended and it is to be feared that the nature of the country and disposition of the inhabitants will always present formidable obstacles to the suppression of these disturbances either by military or police”.

Netaji was born and brought up in Cuttack, where stands the Barabati Fort epitomizing Oriya disposition. Living in its environment the complete formative phase of life till the age of 17, he had imbibed this Oriya disposition, which had helped him fearlessly challenge Gandhi of conservative economic orientation whose anti-communist stance was paving way for the Indian rich to take over from the British oblivious of interests of the millions of India’s poor workers, marginal farmers, tribals, and the exploited lot kept “untouchable” and tortured subjects of around a thousand of kings and landlords, who, for emancipation, were daring British jails and sacrificing their lives, ensuring success of the freedom movement.

This disposition had made him declare socialism as the creed of India.

This disposition had made him fight and defeat Gandhiji’s conservative protege and planted candidate – Pattabhi Sitarammaya – in the unprecedented and incomparable election for the post of Congress President, whereupon Gandhiji had conceded that Pattabhi’s defeat was his own defeat.

This disposition had given him the strength to stay away from appointing his working committee, lest thereby his party’s resolution (even though stage-managed by the right-wing conspirers taking advantage of his bed-ridden condition) asking him to appoint the working committee members “on advice and approval of Gandhiji” was violated.

This disposition had shaped up his determination to resign rather than clinging to his Presidential position by constituting his cabinet – so that probity would not be compromised;

This disposition had made him establish Forward Bloc and subsequently to militarily challenge the British.

He had, all through his life, opposed capitalism, because the Oriya disposition he had imbibed in his formative days in the environment of the Barabati Fort had never left him.

Situation in Delhi changes; media anarchists’ conspiracy to precipitate chaos punctured

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The TV channels that were trying to execute the secret agenda of BJP to stymie the forward march of AAP would no more be able to precipitate chaos, as Arvind Kejriwal has withdrawn his Dharana demonstration after the Union Government took steps against the erring police officers. At least the present phase of their proactive plutocratic mischief in the guise of crying for democracy is over.

Kejriwal has termed it a victory for the people. But, victory is far away from reality, inasmuch as the police is yet to be put under control of the Government of Delhi.

Delhi is a place of crime, because the criminals take advantage of absence of answerability of the police to the Delhi Government. This must change and the Parliament, with the onus lying on the Union Government, must make necessary provisions for the change.

And, to make sure that the change comes, the issue raised by Kejriwal must not be belittled and/or abandoned.

The Issue raised by Kejriwal is of Utmost Importance

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The TV Journalists who had taken about Rs. 500 crores to brainwash Indians in support of BJP in 2004 elections are back in their shrewd trade. They are spewing venom against Kejriwal, projecting his campaign against misconduct of the Delhi Police, as “drama” being enacted in Delhi to “divert public attention from his inability to rule”. And, as seen in TIMES NOW channel, appreciators of Kejriwal action are being muzzled in discernible attempt to divert public attention from the basic issue raised by the AAP leader.

The issue is of utmost public importance. Law and order problem in Delhi is menacing. It is shameful yet well-known that the capital city of India has earned a nasty name as capital city of offenses against women. This is going on; because the Delhi Police is not answerable to Government.

The Delhi Government has no control over the Delhi Police, when the said Government is responsible for maintenance of law and order.

The main purpose of any Government is to give the people a living environment where miscreants shall not be ruling the roost. And, this environment cannot be created if the police is not controlled by the Government.

The purpose of the people of Delhi in changing a Government for a better one would be lost, if the police do not carry orders from and remain answerable to the new political Government of Delhi.

Creation of an Assembly for Delhi, with provision for that Assembly to ensure running of a responsible political Government is meaningless, if the said government is debarred from giving good governance because of being devoid of powers over the police.

Kejriwal’s ongoing Dharana demonstration is meant against this administrative anarchy. So, it is wrong to allege that he is an anarchist.

The issue he has raised is specific.

Whether the police shall be answerable to the political Government or not, is the issue.

The situation has become, and is bound to become putrefying, because the police under control of the Union Government under grip of the Congress Party is disobeying the AAP Government’s orders for giving the people an environment where miscreants shall not be ruling the roost.

Kejriwal wants change of this spoiling system.

So, the issue raised by him is of utmost importance and the step he has taken is the best step possible in the present context.

True seekers of power to people must support him.

The entire nation should stand with Kejriwal at this critical juncture

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Kejriwal has no political ideology. But at the present juncture, he deserves total support of whosoever loves India.

When police browbeats the political government, if people stand mute spectators, democracy shall certainly die. This is going to happen in Delhi.

As I watch what is happening at Delhi, it seems Kejriwal is the last hope for democracy. The oppressive wing of corrupt administration – the police – is refusing to cooperate with Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, and this is enough to discard all reservations against him and to stand with him like the Himalayas have stood with India so far.

Kejriwal is not a creation of any political economy. And, he is not a professional politician. In him, there is no commitment to any political economy. To people like me he is prima facie unacceptable as a political leader; because there is no political economy in his approach. Absence of political economy in his political evolution means that he is not specific in his class approach. In other words, he is not against the status quo.

Yet the way Delhi Police is opposing him makes it clear that he is the people’s Chief Minister and therefore, the anti-people wing of administrative horror is refusing to cooperate with him.

On the spot direction of Delhi Law Minister to the area police to immediately act against a pack of miscreants, engaged, to his information, in illegal activities, was a just order from a political government that has replaced a very anti-people corrupt political set-up. The police not only refused to carry out the orders of the Minister, but also shocked him with stark insubordination and obnoxious contempt for the cabinet, the law minister being a member of the collective body of ministers called the cabinet. This is sheer disgusting. No sane mind can accept that the police browbeats the State Ministry.

It is more shocking for the country that instead of supporting him in giving Delhi a working administration that acts to restore people’s confidence in their government, the two major parties in Delhi’s political arena are shamelessly spewing their venoms against Kejriwal.

In such circumstances, for people of India, the Capital City State has emerged a real battleground for democracy.

The party of profiteers, traders, hoarders, black-marketeers, public sector destroyers, disintegrators, irresponsible orators; and the party of favor seekers, shameless sycophants and dynastic rule supporters are siding with the police when Kejriwal, for the first time in Delhi’s life, is trying to make his government a people’s government.

In many articles I have posted here, I have expressed my considered views against Kejriwal, to the extent of even suspecting him as a mask of the practitioners of political economy of capitalism; because he has offered no alternative economic ideology. But, as I have been watching him since the elections to Delhi Assembly, I have increasingly got the inclination to say that he is the best to have happened to our motherland. He did not hanker after power when majority seat gainer BJP refused to come forward to honor the people’s desire to have a new government. The second position holder in terms of majority – Kejriwal – for the first time in Indian republican history, wanted direction from the people as to whether it would be proper not to form the government and on the basis of popular wish, he decided to take up the responsibility.

So, it is clear, he is a leader who is created by the people to bring out a change of rule by the enemies of the people. Leaders creat revolutions; but revolution of people against misrule has created him.

And, now, when he is trying to give the people a government of their own, the Police is refusing to take his orders, in the guise of law and order! And, the very same politicians whose misrule has ruined the people are attacking him.

It is good for India that he has refused to be browbeaten by the police and the unscrupulous politicians.

Forget party politics, forget political economy. Stand with Kejriwal and stand with his fight against misrule in the name of rules.

It may be situational, but is essential.