A Prime Minister of no self-respect

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is sad that Sri Manmohan Singh has not yet resigned.

He should have asked the Congress President to suspend Rahul Gandhi forthwith for stark indiscipline, immediately after he called him nonsense in training the obnoxious word for the ordinance he crafted to protect elected representatives from the sway of the Supreme Court judgement in WP ( C ) 490 of 2005 and WP ( C ) 231 of 2005 delivered by Justice A. K. Patnaik on July 10, 2013 issuing a mandamus for debarment of a jailed person from contesting election and for immediate disqualification of a convicted criminal from membership of any legislative house.

Had Sonia not heard him, he should have resigned. But he has not.

He stands sans any credibility now.

He should have quashed his scheduled Sunday talk with his Pakistani counterpart after Nawaz Sharif’s asinine remark equating him with a dehati aurat got spread by a Pakistani reporter to the total embarrassment of India. But he did not.

Barkha Dutt’s acrobatics notwithstanding, India is not accepting that Sharif’s dehati aurat was just a misconstrued pick from “an allegorical tale” he had told on a cup of tea.

Singh is of course a master in keeping mum on serious allegations. And, now also he shall do nothing but keeping mum.

History shall record him as a prime minister of no self-respect.

Konark temple owes its philosophical origin to Langudi

Konark temple owes its philosophical origin to Langudi.

The Nonsense

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The son of the lady autocrat of the party of family factotums – the Congress – has given a remote slap on the face of prime minister Manmohan Singh for the nonsense he concussed the country with, in pursuit of  his design to keep Indian Houses of representatives sanctuaries of rogues.

And, to condemn the prime minister’s action as wrong and nonsense, he preferred to address the press!

In a just and welcomed-by-the-people-judgment, the Supreme Court of India had tried to cleanse the houses of people’s representatives of the criminals that infest the ramparts of democracy. Except only one party, i.e. the Communist Party of India (CPI), all other major parties have their packs of criminals in the legislative houses. The highest number of criminals that have entered into the Parliament and Assemblies belong to the Congress party when the second highest numbers of them are  members of BJP. On the basis of data collected from candidates’ affidavits submitted while filing nomination papers, 30% of elected representatives are stark criminals/ fellows with criminal records. In order to help democracy get rid of the criminals, the Supreme Court had delivered a historic case law that deserves to be regarded as the wisest step for safeguarding Indian democracy at the present juncture. 

In stead of honoring the case law created by the Supreme Court, the criminal-dominated political parties – the ruling Congress with the majority of criminals followed by the main opposition BJP – formed a nasty nexus to foil the case law. And, the prime mister, who, had the criminals not been ruling the roost, should never have thrived in power, ensured that a law be made by the Parliament to assure the criminals of continuity in their privileged positions and the Bill in this respect, despite being anti- people, got nod in the upper house of Parliament, as birds of the same feathers flocked together.

The lower house of Parliament could have also passed it had technicalities permitted. Span of the session of the lower house was expanded to play this trick upon the people. But in this country, nasty designs do not always click.

With the session over, criminals – majority in the Congress – started fidgeting, as , in an environment of judicial screening, uncertainty grew over the Bill, which was clearly contrived to foil the mandamus issued by the Supreme Court.

So, the ordinance was coined. With a seasoned sycophant of the Congress autocrat in the chair of the country’s President, it was expected that, despite the right-wingers’ drama of objection, the ordinance will get signed and enforced.

It was never witnessed by any that the son of the lady autocrat of the Congress had any objection to the said ordinance. Manmohan Singh is such a docile acolyte of the Congress autocrat that he prided recently in saying that he would consider it a privilege to work under Rahul Gandhi, who, in his opinion should be the best choice for the prime minister post. So, only an idiot can take it, that, Singh had preferred the ordinance without the approval of the Congress autocrat or her son Rahul. 

Why then Rahul calls the Ordinance a nonsense? Why he deliberately told the press a few hours ago that he considers the act of Manmohan Singh administration in factoring the ordinance entirely wrong and nonsense? Why?

Let Rahul give the answer. He has no right to take the nation for granted.

It may not be wrong to assume that by openly embarrassing Manmohan Singh , Rahul  wants to hoodwink the people with a new attire of emancipator. He wants to give the message that Singh’s administration is wrong and nonsense and he, as a man with sense, has no support for Singh’s nonsense. 

Speculations rife that the Congress will now press for withdrawal of the ordinance and the Singh administration shall comply with that to establish before the eyes of the people that it is Rahul who alone has the sense to eliminate administrative nonsense. 

What a monstrous farce!

If Singh has an iota of shame, he shall resign. If he refuses to resign, sycophants of the lady autocrat will force him to resign. Then Rahul shall immediately take over and as per design, reverse the priority of administration from Americanism to Aam Indian Admi. This will be ample reason to expect survival of Congress despite all the scams it has patronized and all the damages it has done to Indian democracy.

And, is it as per American design?

Citizens Convention creates a Committee to protect women

Citizens convention_podium
In a citizens convention participated by eminent activists and intellectuals comprising University Professors, teachers, journalists, lawyers, doctors, engineers and artists at Lohia Academy Auditorium on Sept.22, 2013, a Committee has been formed to ensure protection of women from atrocities.

Presided over by Prof. Aruna Mishra, the convention deliberated upon the base paper placed by social activist Ms. Bijaylaxmi Patra and was addressed by Prof. Rita Roy, Prof. Lambodar Prasad Singh, Prof. Birendra Nayak, Journalist Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Writer Aparna Nayak, Actor Narayan Pati, Urdu Poet Rehna Khanam, Er. Aksaya Das and Smt Anita Mishra amongst others.

The convention that commenced with silent standing ovation to the heroic girls and women extinguished at the alter of brutality by rapists at different corners of the country including Orissa, resolved to create a Committee to build up an environment where women will feel safe and atrocities of every sort shall stop.

A resolution to this effect was unanimously adopted, with a Committee constituted with the following members:

Advisory Body

Sj. Raghunath Mohapatra, 2. Prof. Swadhin Pattanaik, 3. Prof. Aruna
Mishra, 4. Prof. Ashutosh Parida, 5. Journalist Subash Chandra Pattanayak, 6. Prof. Sanghamitra Mishra, 7. Actor Ajit Das, 8. Prof. Birendra Kumar Nayak;

Executive Office bearers

Prof. Rita Ray (President), 1. Dr. Kanta Das Mohapatra, Scientist, 2. Smt. Gayatri Pattanaik, Principal, 3. Smt. Anita Mishra, Research Scholar, 4. Smt. Aparna Nayak, Writer, 5. Smt. Rehena Khanam, Urdu Poet, 6. Dr. Smrutirekha Mohanty, Doctor, 7. Smt. Subhra Das, Teacher & Writer, 8. Sj. Narayan Pati, Film Artist & Director, 9. Sj. Biswapriya Kanungo, Human right activist, and 10. Sj. Bipin Bihari Tripathy,Rtd Teacher (All Vice- Presidents); Smt. Bijaylaxmi Patra (Secretary); 1. Smt. Prava Manjula Brahma, Social Activist, 2. Smt. Nandita Mahato, Social Activist, 3. Smt. Binodini Jena, Teacher, 4. Smt. Sujata Dhal, Teacher,5. Smt. Sarasi Das, Artist, 6. Swosti Sangeta Dalei, Student Leader, 7. Sj. Bikram Keshari Routray, Lecturer, 8. Sj. Kishor Kumar Barik, Advocate, 9. Sj. Subhranshu Sekhar Mohanty, Advocate, 10. Sj. Sudhanshu Sekhar Tripathy, Advocate
11. Sj. Prabhu, Music Director, 12. Pratap Senapati, Research Scholar
Sangram Swain, Social Activist, 14. Dr. Biswashree Gyanna Ranjan
Nayak, 15. Niranjan Mohanty, Advocate, and 16. Subash Chandra Nayak, Social Activist (All Organising Secretaries); Saptarsini Roul (Treasurer); and

Executive Members

1. Saraswati Sethi, 2. Smt. Kalpana Sethy, 3. Smt. Sujata Nayak, 4. Smt. Puspa Nayak, 5. Smt. Sanjukta Jena, 6. Smt. Kuni Akhua ,7. Saraswati Badajena, 8. Smt. Nirupama Mallick, 9. Rita Bhoi, 10. Sujata Behera, 11. Smt. Katayani Niranjan, 12. Smt. Sabita Mallick, 13. E. Santanu Kumar Patra, 14. Smt. Rama Behera, 15. Smt. Saila Barik, 16. Sj. Suresh Das, 17. Upendra Barik, 18. Manas Kumar Panda, 19. Sj. Srinibas Das, 20. Santosh Rath, and 21. Rajendra Burma

the audiance

Stick to Sambalpur, don’t dilute

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

A former minister, who heads the BJD in Kalahandi has moved his party boss -cum- chief minister Naveen Patnaik to help his district headquarters in having the High Court Bench in demand for Western Orissa. Bolangir has a similar claim. Rourkela is not far behind. This fissure amongst people of Western Orissa over where the bench should be established, as and when it becomes possible, suits the most to elements that are not in favor of creation of a bench for western Orissa.

The Western Orissa Development Council is, because of feuds and fissures amongst the inhabitants of that part of the State, having its headquarters at Bhubaneswar, to the detriment of interest of the affected people.

The feud has a historical background, in as much as the entire western Orissa was under feudal kings and landlords and separated with rival territorial nationalism for ages.
This rivalry is inherent and continues till date, as post-independence governments of Orissa have never wanted emotional integration of the people of that region.

Unless the people of Western Orissa overcome their age-old territorial psycho-differences, their dreams for affordable justice with a High Court bench in their midst, would not come true. Like the WODC continuing at Bhubaneswar, Western Orissa’s entitlement to affordable justice will continue getting smashed at the alter of the High Court at Cuttack.

So, friends in Western Orissa, if you sincerely want a bench of the High Court, do not dilute the justified demand with unjustified psycho-territorial nationalism and stick to Sambalpur, the headquarters of the Revenue Division, for the purpose of the bench.

When the British had arbitrarily annexed Orissa’s western region to the Central Province as it then was, Sambalpur was the headquarters of the Oriya tracts, which now is being identified as Western Orissa.

It is from Sambalpur, Orissa’s world outlook was redefined by the founder of Vajrayana, personifying the Uddiyana concept, Indrabhuti.

It is again Sambalpur, where resurrection of modern Orissa had commenced by retrieval of the Oriya specking tracks from the Hindi speaking Central Province.

Therefore, friends, concentrate on having the High Court bench at Sambalpur and discard district-based-differences.

Hobson’s Choice

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In absence of any real alternative, in the just concluded urban election, the voters were bound to have Hobson’s choice.

Yet, it has a trend.

Elections were held in 65 urban bodies in Orissa out of which in about 41 towns the electors have apparently preferred the ruling BJD.

When towns are habitats of richer fellows, commission agents, traders and economic offenders, swindlers of public money, tender fixers, contractors, contract killers, local mafiosi and self-centric elites to whom the misrule of Naveen Patnaik and his acolytes in BJD suits the most, no wonder, 41 of them have stood with the principal source of their benefits.

That, the Congress party has also fetched impressive support in 10 urban bodies, is indicative of the fact that, the town dwellers have become so intoxicated with opportunism and avariciousness that they feel no qualms even in supporting the party of the American agents.

Constriction of BJP within a single urban area confirms that the urban inhabitants are so wedded to ready gain that possibility of this party being used to serve their avarice not discernible in Orissan context, its candidates have not merited consideration.

This being the reality, it is astonishing that the media houses of Orissa are wrongfully brandishing the urban polls as semi-final to 2014.

In 2014, more than 90% of the people of Orissa will take the revenge. They have been intermittently showing what they will do. When tribals of Niyamgiri system have disdainfully rejected the administration’s traps, they have rejected the fellows that have grabbed our republic. When the poor children of this soil have refused to yield to power of the State in the area pledged to POSCO, they de facto have vanquished Naveen Patnaik in the State and Manmohan Singh in the centre. When rural women are razing down liquor shops despite the administration standing with the operators, they have been defeating Naveen Patnaik. When a farmer has committed suicide, he has silently shown how resolute may be the people in terminating this phase of tyranny. When a mother is distress-selling her baby, she is showing to what extent she can go in the time of election to quash the grabbers of power. When the Western Orissa has refused elections to their urban bodies in protest against cold-shouldering the demand for a bench of the high court, it has shown how people will deal with the apathetic fellows in power.

So, unlike urban Orissa, the entire rural and highland Orissa is waiting to take revenge on Naveen Patnaik and his protecter – the so-called high command of the National Congress, that has always helped him by demoralizing the provincial leadership before every election in order to frustrate the masses.

In the realm of free choice, there shall be no BJD, no Congress.

If progressive leaders do not shun their reluctance to unite, they will fail in their duty to the people, because in absence of a reliable Left, Modi shall fill up the vacuum, howsoever weak be BJP in Orissa. That, again would be a Hobson’s choice.

Uliburu mining scam: a legal quagmire

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

We are in a quagmire. Mafia has taken over Orissa. Loot of mines knows no limit and goes on non-stop as the governments both under Naveen Patnaik in the State and Manmohan Singh in the Center have created the most congenial climate for this crime against the land.

One such loot is estimated to be of Rs.1800 crore worth, committed in Uliburu iron ore mines in Keonjhar District. Co-accused Deepak Gupta, Haricharan Gupta, Kantidevi Gupta, and Nitu Gupta have been protected from arrest by interim orders of Orissa High Court, that continues to extend the protection.

The Special Vigilance Court, Keonjhar has been stymied from proceeding in the case against the Guptas as they are not making themselves available for trial. The vigilance police could have arrested them and produced before the court; but it is unable to act, because of the interim protection given to the co-accused Guptas. When thousands of individuals are perishing in jails because of denial of bail lest they tamper with documents or gain over investigating officers or witness if not arrested and kept in custody, why the Guptas are being kept free, is a conundrum.

When a single judge protects co-beneficiaries of such a scam worth 1800 crores of rupees by granting them interim protection and such protection gets extended from time to time, looking at the affairs askance may not be entirely unnatural. In such circumstances, is it not proper for the Chief Justice of the High Court to constitute a bench with several judges to find out if such interim protection is essential in cause of justice and if these Guptas are so reliable for the High Court to enjoy its protection from arrest, why have innumerable people of Orissa are perishing in jails by rejection of their bail petitions by the judiciary? Are they unreliable? Really?

No judicial forum should make a mockery of justice by holding co-accused scamsters reliable than ordinary citizens. The interim protection given time and again to the co-accused Guptas could not have been possible had the concerned judge not been of the opinion that they are too reliable to be arrested. It conversely raises the question: Is the Vigilance police/ prosecutor in this case, not reliable in eyes of the judge? Has the judge conducted any reliability test?

A division bench comprising several judges should find the answer so that people’s faith in judiciary does not crack and they may be saved from the current legal quagmire.

Govt. must reveal what training the IAS officers obtain in USA

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Around a hundred IAS officers have been sent to USA to obtained training. They are being trained in which matter? And why USA has become their training destination?

Since long, conspiring to capture Indian market and exploit the vast natural resources of India, the US of America has been using all its tricks including arranging occupation of important administrative and policy framing posts by its agents.

Therefore, it is essential that the public be apprised of by the government as to what training the officers are obtaining from USA at the cost of Indian exchequer.

The Government must reveal who of the IAS officers has acquired what expertise in which subject from training in USA and to what extent that expertise has benefited India.

The government should also tell the public as to whether or not India has the scope to reorient the officers with necessary training in India. If there is no scope, why so?

We have enough reason to term training in USA as pro-American mind-washing. So, to us, deputing IAS officers, whose service objective empowers them to “control” administration, to obtain truing in USA would be devastative to our national interest.

Let the government tell us everything clearly and unambiguously.

Unseen significance of Modi’s emergence as BJP’s candidate for Prime Minister post

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The month long drama having ended with the parliamentary board of BJP deciding to plant Modi as its prime-ministerial candidate, the ruling Congress has succeeded in its conspiracy to destroy India’s parliamentary democracy, that it had started with projecting its chairperson’s son Rahul as its choice for the post of the prime minister.

People of India are too simple-natured to understand this nasty design, the sole purpose of which is complete transformation of the country from democracy to plutocracy, which cannot be possible unless collective political wisdom is subjugated to individual overlordship.

The party of sycophants and American gizmos – Indian National Congress – in its eagerness to please the Americans, whose interests may be best served if collective wisdom of India is done away with, willfully projected Rahul Gandhi as its prime-ministerial candidate giving necessary impetuousness to the BJP to name its candidate too.

And, in the process, Narendra Modi has emerged.

From now on, for the party of the fascists, the approaching general election would be Modi-centric instead of being party-centric.

The nexus

Despite the gang of four – Manmohan Singh, Pranab Mukherjee, P.Chidambaram and Sonia Gandhi – having forced India into the grip of USA trade designs including the nuke deal and FDI, there are enough reasons for the global imperialists to apprehend that their designs may fail, if party-centric Indian parliamentary democracy wakes up to defend itself.

Manmohan Singh could have done everything the Americans might have wanted; but he couldn’t, because the party he belongs to and the parties he allied with appeared not bereft entirely of collective wisdom.

So, relegation of collective wisdom of political parties to individual overlordship under their respective banners has become essential for the foreigners that want to grab Indian markets and natural resources.

To their advantage, Indian Communists and other self-proclaimed progressive parties cherishing to be named Left, but not Communists, have lost their credibility by misguided alliance with capitalists in the power game. Regional parties are sorts of private fiefdoms of particular individuals known as the “supremo” to their followers.

And, hence, to utter misfortune of India, only the two parties – the Congress and the BJP – are able to acquire national power.

Unseen danger

Imperialism wants them both to seek mandate not in the name of the party, but each in the name of a particular individual, so that collective wisdom in their respective environment would give way to individual overlordship, which the imperialists can easily exploit to remote control India.

This is the greatest danger India is to face. Whosoever loves motherland India should think of how to extricate the country from the environment of Hobson’s choice created by the Congress and BJP nexus.

The remedy

Patriots must rise up to revive the days of freedom struggle even if militancy be the means; because, to save the motherland from the present juncture is more calling than abiding to laws that fails to foil foreigners’ evil design.

Yet it is not adequate

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Four of the gang that raped on 16 last December the Delhi girl, nicknamed Nirvaya by media, which, despite her struggle to live extinguished her life, have been punished with death sentence on September 13 for the crime committed in an “extremely brutal, grotesque, diabolical, revolting and dastardly manner”.

In delivering the verdict, additional sessions judge, New Delhi, Yogesh Khanna has observed that, their young age notwithstanding, they deserve the severest punishment; for their dastardly action had “shocked the conscience of the society and calls for withdrawal of the protective arm of the community around the convicts”.

This observation takes us to the teenager who having committed the same crime would bask in freedom after mere 3 years in a reformatory home, because of wrong notion of prosecution.

Earlier in these pages we had argued that rape being not a juvenile crime, lessening the quantum of punishment in the guise of juvenile justice is by itself a mockery of justice.

Rape is always an act of physical maturity and howsoever young may be a rapist in age, his crime is a crime that a physically mature persons commit. And, when the said juvenile’s act was the most brutal and horrific, his forwarding to a juvenile court was basically wrong on part of the police.

When the ADJ’s order is to reach the High Court for approval, it would be better if the HC reviews the entire prosecution and asks for the juvenile’s fresh trial in the court of the ADJ, on the ground that rape is not a juvenile crime despite the rapist being in juvenile age. If hanging till death a juvenile is not permitted by the law, he should get the death sentence operational after becoming a major.

The ADJ has based his judgment on the facts established in course of hearing. He has noted, “The facts show that the entire intestine of the victim was perforated, splayed and cut open due to repeated insertion of rods and hands. The convicts, in the most barbaric manner, pulled out her internal organs with their bare hands as well as with rods and caused her irreparable injuries, thus exhibiting extreme mental perversions not worthy of human condonation”. Thus, the so-called juvenile convict resting in the reformatory home is also not worthy of condonation. The minimum he deserves is that, after becoming a major, the justice system should order him hanged till death if the Friday’s verdict pronounced on the four perpetrators of the same crime, gets HC approval.

The ADJ is right in saying that a zero-tolerance policy is essential to instill amongst women members of the society the necessary faith in the criminal justice system, for which, it was just and proper to reject the convicts’ prayer for a chance for reformation on the ground of their young age. The marginally younger juvenile, on the same premise, should also be subjected to the same punishment, if not more.

Thus saying, I deem it proper to repeat, death sentence is not a deterrent to rape.

Dhananjay Chatterjee of Kolkata was hanged till death in 2004 for rape and murder he committed in 1990. But the National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB) reveals on the basis of 2007-2011 statistics that West Bengal had the largest number of crime against women in the country including rape comprising 12.7% of India’s total reported in the year of 2011. It shows that the death sentence given to Dhananjay had no deterrent effect on rapes in his own province.

When there were 20,737 rapes (about 2.4+ rapes per hour) in the country in 2007, there were 21,467 rapes in 2008 connoting to 2.48+ rapes per hour. In 2009, the number of rape was 21,397 when in 2010, it was 22,172 (2.5+ rapes per hour). A 9.2 percent increase in rape over the cases of 2010 was registered in 2011 when the numbers of rape increased to 24,206.

On the other hand, the number of rape of minor girls has increased from 5045 in 2007 to 8,541 in 2012 according to NCRB.

When in 2008, the number was 5,446, the year 2009 saw 5,336 rapes of minor girlss, The figure reached 5,484 in 2010 and 7,112 in 2011 before reaching 8,541 in 2012.

From the above official statistics it is clearly established that the crime of rape of women, even of minor girls has continuously increased in India at par with increase in consolidation of capitalism promulgated by Manmohan Singh.

As I have shown in the earlier article here, capitalism affects everybody with a constant sense of defeat notwithstanding how fabulously rich and powerful a person is. But man is an animal that never likes to be defeated. So, in a capitalist society, everybody wants to overcome the sense of defeat. As a method, the stronger resorts to rape the weaker as thereby, howsoever short-lived, a sense of victory refreshes the rapist. We have seen this syndrome in the case of sexual assault on the hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo by the then International Monetary Fund chief and French Presidential aspirant Dominique Strauss-Kahn and in USA President Bill Clinton’s admittedly inappropriate affairs with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Therefore, more than physical, rape is a psycho-economic offense. This offense cannot be curbed unless the environment of acquiring and accumulating private property is extinguished.

Death to Delhi rapists is the minimum the aggrieved society could have desired. Yet it is not enough. The political economy of rape needs be understood in order to bring out the remedy.