Many heights climbed together and all heights to reach

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In March 1999, when Smt Shailabala and Sri Gobardhan reached Patnitop, 112 km from Jammu on the highway between Udhampur and Srinagar, they were about 6,640 ft above the sea level in the Himalayas. They have climbed many heights in life together and have many more heights to reach.

PujarisShailabala Rath, a glowing flame amongst Orissa’s socialist students of the 1960s, and Gobardhan Pujari, then a distinguished leader of Students Federation, whose adherence to Marxism was a source of inspiration to his friends, found in each other their dream-epitomes of revolutionary culture that made them seek family approval for life partnership. With their marriage on February 10, 1972, they have continued as a two-in-one unit to espouse the cause of the disadvantaged, the downtrodden and the exploited, all these years, as they also have served the cause of Orissan letters.

campaigning for employment guaranteelawyers meetJustice Anang Pattanayak inaugurating Chetana BhawanBoth lawyers of eminence, specifically in areas of labor interest, they are illustrious examples of responsible conjugal life that not only is addressed to personal family, but also is noted for responsibilities to the society. Be it a campaign for guaranteed employment for the rural people or a campaign for disarmament and world peace or for the rights of the child and women, or a meet of lawyers on impact of globalization, they have contributed their might with entire consciousness to the cause they have pledged themselves to. So dedicated they are to the society that they have built up on their premises in Rourkela a hall for mass interaction on burning issues of public importance in inauguration of which Justice Ananga Pattanayak of the Supreme Court of India and former Chief of Bar Council of India Sri Jagannath Pattanayak were conspicuous by their presence and participation.

I am thankful to my friends Sura Narayan Patra and Bibhu Prasad Tripathy for telling me that they are for the time being residing in Bhubaneswar, where, as and when I want, I may not find it difficult to meet the exemplary couple.

40 years of togethernessLast year, when they celebrated their 40th marriage anniversary, their three daughters had brought out a souvenir with very rich and firsthand inputs from their classmates, colleagues and admirers. It was captioned “Murchhanara Chalishiti Basanta” (forty years long rhythm of togetherness). I wish, some publishing house should reprint it to make it available to people of Orissa, because of its inspiring revelation of four decades of selfless love and sacrifice to make the society a bit better. It would be a contribution to our living history in keeping on records how our soil is a proud mother of unsung heroins and heroes like Shailabala and Gobardhan, who, without any expectation, have always tried to make the world a better place to live in and honestly.

Women population reduced in educated districts when rises in illiterate tribal belt: Director of Census, Orissa

In a seminar on July 24 on “protection of women and law” organized by Utkal Mahila Samti, Bhubaneswar, a premier women organization of the State, on Tuesday, Director of Census in Orissa Dr. Bishnupad Sethi. IAS, came out with a startling fact that when women population is safe and in the rise, survey shows its decline in the more educated districts.

Poet Bishnupada Sethi, I.A.S. was the Chief Guest, and Dr. Mangala Prasad Mohanty, Dr. Madhumita Parida, and Dr Smita Kanunho were the guests of honor along with well known media person Prasanta Patnauiik.

Speaking as the Chief Guest Mr Sathi cited the latest population survey that revealed that the women population has been reduced in districts of Nayagarh and Khurda which have high percentage of literacy, but in contrast, the tribal districts have recorded higher women population.

Dr Mangala Prasad Mohanty, Secretary of Indian Red Crosss Society, Orissa branch, legal expert Dr Madhumita Parida and Dr. Smita Kanungo highlighted the rights of the women and legal provisions to protect them.

Journalist Prasanta Patnaik said that the women who become the victim of atrocities are not getting adequate protection from the Government and the Society. Citing the example of Paipili gang rape victim Babina Behera who sacrificed her life to protect her friend who was a victim of gang rape was not given adequate recognition for her brave act by the Governments, both in the State and in the Centre when it was no less noteworthy than that of Delhi victim Nirvaya who was honored by the USA and Indian Government.

MAHARI DANCE BY CHANDRIKA RANA AND TEAM-1SAMBAPURI DANCEThe seminar was followed by a colorful entertainment program. Famous Mahari dance by Chndrika Rana and her party, Odissi by Bibek Mohanty and Padmini Padhi, Odissi also by Kumari Rajlaxmi and Lipsa Panda, Sambalpuri by members of UMS artists. and modern dance by child artist Nupur Mohanty kept the audince spell nound for hours.

Eminent film and TV artist  Madhumita Mohanty and social activist Asmita Patnaik from Raj Khariar were felicitated for their commendable activities .

The Samiti extended financial help for treatment of Smt Ka. Laxmi and Miss Swati Sahu for their treatment.

Advocate Arati Patnaik president of Utkal Mahila Samiti, presided over the function when Secretary Chandraprva Patnaik conducted the seminar. Chinmayee Sarangi, Ediotr, Bhija Mati and Puspaja Patnaik of Associated Media Foundation contributed to success of the event.

Modi in Orissa and the election mood

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Modi has come and gone after having a Darshan of Lord Jagannath at Puri on July 16; but he has awoken the election mood in Orissa, which, despite change of gear, Congress, the main Opposition in the State, had not been able to do so far.

My friend Prasanta Patnaik, in his column in a language daily recently, has very ably shown how political parties in Orissa are in discernible crisis in absence of second line of leadership whereas their front line leaders have lost political credibility. To him, BJP suffers also from this syndrome.

I have no reason to disagree with him; yet, there is every reason to say that from now on, Modi would matter, not the BJP in Orissa.

The allegation of communalism against him will have no effect; simply because, the allegers are also communalists. Who of the so-called secular leaders is not communal? Was the mass killing of Sikhs by the organized Congress hoodlums in 1984 non-communal? Does the Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh not display his communal color with the religious turban on his head? Are the caste-politicians, who oppose Modi, not the worst communalists themselves? Do the Communists shun religion? Can adherence to any religion be taken as non-communal? Have the so-called seculars not imposed on us a caste-based census? Is caste-identity not a communal identity? Are castes not rivals in societal space? So, is caste not carrier of community rivalry? And, is community rivalry not communalistic in character? In such circumstances, singling out Modi as communal is not tenable. So, denigration of Modi as a communal leader by the communalists will not click.

With Communists having no political consistency and hence no decisive role to play in elections, even the working class in the State, resigned to their fate and hence to supremacy of God, majority of them being Hindu, Modi’s unreserved Hindu nationalistic approach is quite capable of capturing the working class in Orissa, the land of the believers.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s exploitive meretriciousness has reached the last brim.

People of Orissa are silently watching how he has been pushing our people into abject poverty and displacement to hand over their beloved soil and natural resources and living environment to foreigners like POSCO and non-Oriya firms like Vedanta and how opposers to his tyranny and treachery are perishing in jails being framed up in false cases.

They are eagerly waiting to take the revenge in the election booths.

They are determined to avenge their insult and loss through the ballots as they had done in case of his father Biju Patnaik, in the 1960s and thereafter till his death, rejecting him at least in two consecutive elections after supporting him once. The Communists could correctly have taken up their leadership. But except the Naxals, none in the left has any credibility left.

If CPM has no hesitation in loud-thinking about having a fresh alliance with the Congress of Manmohan Singh-Sonia and the CPI national secretary feels no qualms in saying that his party would like to have an alliance with BJD, oblivious of how this party is acting against indigenous people to serve the purposes of POSCO and Vedanta and TATA and the likes in Orissa, there should be no surprise, if in public perception, official communists appear as hidden enemies of the people.

An axiom in Oriya says, “a hidden enemy is more dangerous than a known enemy”. This ancient wisdom may guide the people of Orissa to strategically support Modi in 2014. He, in his visit to Orissa yesterday, has ably ignited the electoral feeling that to save the country from the nonchalant Manmohan Singh-Sonia combine that has dragged the toiling people into unbearable economic straights, the pro-American, pro-POSCO politicians must be thwarted out of power.

This feeling will gain momentum as Modi makes more political visits, if he does not remain indecisive in naming Naveen for all the ailments Orissa has been inflicted with.

Till the nation gets the lesson that unless social ownership over all means of production is politically established, there shall be no freedom from the ills India has been subjected to, people’s emerging preference for Modi epitomizing Indian capitalism against agents of American imperialism like Manmohan Singh and his collaborators will not wane away. That the pro-American elements in BJP are not happy with rise of Modi as its campaign leader and de facto Prime Ministerial candidate, is a clear indication of how they also know that he is the man people have started looking at as the ready remedy to subservience of India to American interests.

What would happen after Modi takes over as Prime Minister, if he becomes, is of no relevance at the moment, as the essential need of the moment is saving our national sovereignty from the evil design of the agents of Americas. Election mood in Orissa is getting tuned up to this need.

Let him not shy at it

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The reality is that an uncalled for replacement of the statue of Utkalmani Pt. Gopabandhu Das with a very ugly looking one is inaugurated by Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in the Gopabandhu Bhawan, oblivious of timely intimation to him by the Save the Samaja Forum that, as the chief political executive of the State, he should not associate himself with the mischief that can be termed as a sacrilege. But he did not heed.

The preening prince of Bijudom, who has captured the CM chair as the son only of a man, who despite his himalayan misdeeds, had a great support base of sycophants in Orissa’s powerful segment of political opportunists, could not collect intelligence and fell a prey to machinations that the illegal occupiers of the Samaja, in nexus with his staff in the CMO, had prepared.

And the outcome is that the perfect statue of Utkalmani old statute of utkalmani has been replaced with an ugly looking one in the Gopabandhu Bhawannew statue of utkalmani.

This ugly reality demands an answer from the Chief Minister as to why did he partner with this mischief? What was the necessity of replacing a beautiful statue of Utkalmani with an ugly looking statue?

Many people in Orissa are emotional fans of Utkalmani. They are very very injured by the CM’s mindless collaborations with a gang against whom criminal charges are leveled on the basis of investigation reports and by top brasses of the organization.

But why the CM so mindlessly collaborated with the gang that committed the sacrilege? This question is directly asked to the Chief Minister. Let him not shy at it.

State in whirlpool of TTIs; Young Orissa stresses on implementation of Minister words to Assembly for safe blood from Blood Banks

YO Press meet

Orissa is in serious debacle due to spread of transmission transferable infections with deadly viruses like HIV/HBV/HCV escaping notice as outdated methods in vogue are not capable of perfect screening of blood in the blood banks, alleged Young Orissa in a Press conference on July 12 at Bhubaneswar.

Secretary of the organization, Debi Prasad Nayak presented various documents in support of his apprehension that the State of Orissa, due to nonchalance of administration, has fallen in a whirlpool of transfusion transmitted infections (TTIs). Three out of 1528 units of blood carry life killing viruses like HIV, HBV, HCV etc as the existing system of blood screening escape detection in blood banks, he said.

“According to ICMR, these viruses escape in 3 average cases of screening in1528 donated units of blood. Orissa is having 3,41,000 units of blood donations per annum in the average. This indicates that at least 669 unsuspecting patients are accepting infected blood transfusion in Orissa per year”, alleged Nayak.

Citing official statistics, he said, “there are 12,000 thalassemia patients in Orissa who thrive on blood transfusion taken at least once or twice every month. They use about 25% of the total blood received through donations. So, at least 167 thalassemia patients are suspected to be receiving blood infected with HIV/HBV/HCV viruses without them knowing of the danger. This is more serious a syndrome when there is possibility of three fold more infections as an unit of blood is now being separated into three component like platelet, plasma and pack-cell under NACO guidelines for better, larger and specific use of the life-saver. This is stark treachery against the unsuspecting patients’ he said.

Narrating how an unsuspecting patient of only 3 years, who for surgery had accepted transfusion of blood obtained from BMC hospital Blood Bank, was found infected with HIV”, he informed that the “Orissa High Court considering his complaint, had directed the State Government to pay him Rs 3 lakhs as compensation with a further directive to adopt NAT method for dependable screening of blood as the Government is basically responsible to supply safe blood to patients”.

This judicial direction was given in W.P.( C ) No.13441 of 2009 disposed of on 28.07.2011. But the State Government, as is its wont, did not pay any heed to the High Court directive.

Worried over the administrative negligence to such a serious hazard, the Opposition Chief Whip Sri Prasad Harichandan moved an adjournment motion on the issue on September 01, 2012. Nayak said, “Honʼble Minister of Health Dr. Damodar Raut, in his reply announced that the Govt. will use NAT method in all Blood Banks in phased manner and will start Nat Screening with immediate effect in the four most major Blood Banks in the three Medical College Hospitals and Capital Hospital. But, we regret to note, the Ministerʼs announcement has gone barren and resultantly AIDS is rising along with other TTIs in Orissa” cried the Young Orissa Secretary while informing that a “recent case of HIV infection located in the capital city is caused by unsafe blood transfusion”.

“We demand immediate implementation of the Ministerʼs announcement in the Assembly on September 01, 2012 by replacing the ELISA screening with NAT PCR Screening in the Blood Banks attached to Capital Hospital and the Hospitals of the three Government Medical Colleges at Berhampur, Cuttack and Burla and adoption of the said method in all the Blood Banks of Orissa without monetary pressure on the patients” , said Sri Nayak.

Young Orissa office bearers, Priya Pritam Mohanty, Pranab Kumar Bal, and Arobinda Mishra were present in the conference along with Nayak.

Orissa Society of the Americas heard Sam Pitroda on what is going on in the name of development in  India and Orissa

From Manoj Padhi, Moderator-OSANet

The three day long convention of the Orissa Society of the Americas (OSA) concluded on 7th of July in Chicago. It was one of the most memorable conventions in a long time. A large number of people – about 1300 to 1400 from different parts of North America as well as Orissa attended it.
Sam Pitroda addressing osa, 2013The first day of the convention was devoted to The Orissa Development. It began with a very thoughtful overview of what is going on in the name of development in  India and Orissa, presented by Mr. Sam Pitroda, an adviser to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations. It was followed by a session on Invest Orissa in which entrepreneurs from Orissa such as Ayaskanta Mohanty, Satyabrat Dutta and Debasish Patnaik among others presented their projects followed by a lively discussion. The second panel was devoted to Higher Education opportunities for Oriya students. Prof. Abani Patra of the State University of New York at Buffalo moderated it. The presenters were Prof. Richard Taub of University of Chicago, Prof. Usha Menon of the Drexel University, Philadelphia, Prof. Triloki Pandey of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Dr. Sukanta Mahapatra of New Jersey, Prof. Asit Pattnaik of University of Nebraska and Mrutunjay Suar of the KIT university, Orissa. It covered various subjects dealing with Higher Education and various opportunities available in the United States. The first day sessions ended with a report on the Buddhist Heritage of Orissa, an international symposium organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Orissa in last February. Prof. James Freeman of San Jose State University, California, was the keynote speaker in this session and it concluded with a viewing of a documentary film titled The Myth of the Birthplace of Buddha, made by Prof. Freeman.
Sj. Dinanath Pathy, a versatile artist from Orissa as the Chief Guest and Dr. Pratibha Ray as the Keynote Speaker, inaugurated this year’s OSA convention. They spoke well about the culture and heritage of Orissa and how the diasporic Oriyas can maintain it.
Various symposiums on issues such as Legal rights of NRIs and PIOs; Women’s empowerment; youth entrepreneurship; Health, Body, Mind and Spirit; Champu, Chanda and Odissi vocal competition; poetry; entrepreneurship; Jagannath culture and tradition among others were organized. People in large numbers enthusiastically participated in these forums.
The important features of this year’s convention include:
Vigorous participation by the young generation Oriyas and a very congenial atmosphere created by the positive synergy between the local chapter and the OSA national. Both young and old appreciated the cultural performances.
Three Oriya entertainers from India – Kuna Tripathy, an actor and comedian and a political satirist from Orissa, Krisna Beura, a Bollywood star singer and Sniti Mishra of SAREGAMAPA fame, participated in this event.  They entertained the audience till the wee hours on every day during the convention.
I would like to commend Gyana Patnaik, the convener, Sushant Satpathy from the OSA national and all the members of the Chicago team for orchestrating this very complex event in a very smooth and flawless manner. Unlike some of the earlier conventions, the cultural programs this year were very well organized and the time management was exemplary. Food was excellent and plenty and gracefully served by volunteers with a smile on their face.
The newly elected OSA executives,Tapan Padhi from Dallas, Texas as the President; Sikhanda Satpathy, from Washington DC, as the Vice President; Sabita Panigrahi from Canada as the Secretary; and Prasanta Ranabijuli, from Dallas, Texas as the Treasurer were installed into their respective offices at the General Body meeting during the convention.
The next OSA convention in 2014 has  been scheduled to be held at Columbus, Ohio.
Immediate past president, Orissa Society of the Americas, Annapurna Pandey has thanked every participant for success of the event


SSF rally from Cuttack to Suando: people apprised of fraud played upon Gopabandhu by SoPS

As per its program, Save the Samaja Forum (SSF) apprised the people of the fraud played upon Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das by Servants of the People Society (SoPS) in a vehicle rally that covered the area from Cuttack, the headquarters of Gopabandhu’s Samaja to his birth room at Village Suando in the district of Puri. Fans of Gopabandhu from different districts participated in the rally along with the top brass of Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association.

oblation offered by ssf

The rally started from Gadagadia Ghat after Tila Tarpana (oblations offered to the manes with handful of water sprinkled with seeds of sesamum indicum) offered to Gopabandhu in protest against demolition of his statue in the Gopabandhu Bhawan by the tainted members of SoPS, who have illegally captured the Samaja using a forged WILL of its founder.

ready to start

Motorcyclists from different districts were furbished with an accompanying auto-van displaying placards and pledges of SSF and blowing audio CDs addressed to the public on the fraud being played upon Gopabandhu since the day of his death by SoPS.

the sankalpa rathaThe special vehicle is christened “Sankalpa Ratha” (Vehicle of Pledge). Sri Devi Prasanna Nayak, President of Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association (UNEA) launched it to the cause of the campaign of SSF against fraud of SoPS in possessing and looting the Samaja.

garlanding the statue

As the “Sankalpa Rally” (Rally of resolve to save the Samaja from swindlers) at the next destination, the Joint conveners of SSF – Prasanta Patnaik and Subhas Chandra Pattanayak – gave floral tributes to Pt. Gopabandhu in the park named after him in front of the Samaja office and condemned the SoPS hoodlums for demolition of his revered statue in the Gopabandhu Bhawan.

The rally proceeded through the Cuttack city to Bhubaneswar halting in prominent nerve centers of the city to apprise people of the felonies committed by tainted members of SoPS against Samaja and Gopabandhu. President of UNEA Sri Devi Prasanna Nayak and his team took the lead.

at bhubaneswar

At Bhubaneswar, floral tributes were paid by the rally participants at Gopabandhu square. Prasanta Patnaik, Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and Devi Prasanna Nayak briefed the press on the spot about the Sankalpa Rally.

in the room where gopabandhu was bornThe rally reached Suando, the birth village of Gopabandhu in the afternoon. Heirs of Gopabandhu escorted the rally members to the room in which the immortal leader of the highest humanitarian virtues had taken birth.

Gopabandhu’s grandson by blood, Pt. Rabindra Das was sad to note that the Samaja dedicated to people of Orissa by Gopabandhu has become a hub of exploitation of employees and misappropriation of funds. That, its management is in the center of controversies is itself an insult to the sacred memories of Gopabandhu. Whosoever manages the Samaja must see to it that humanitarian values are not ignored in run after profit. When the family members of Gopabandhu were never given the original signed WILL of Gopabandhu, the document purported to be a copy thereof also does not have any room for non-humanitarian acts such as exploitation of employees, jettisoning of honesty for payola in business transaction and harassment of workers through non-payment of regular remuneration and coercive actions.

The people of the locality, on interaction, complained about how SoPS has looted the usufruct of the properties of Gopabandhu and forgotten to make any contribution to development of his birthplace and the school he had founded.

People were very happy to see that Save the Samaja Forum and employees of the Samaja organization have together launched the campaign to save the Samaja from the unholy combine of looters under the banner of SoPS.

Eminent media consultant and SSF coordinator Pabitra Maharatha managed the rally.

Cuttack City and the Samaja staff shun the scourge SoPS in offering oblations to Utkalmani

Servants of the People Society (SoPS) has so much become a scourge that even the staff of the Samaja did not join it in offering oblations to Utkalmani Pt. Gopabandhu Das on his death anniversary on June 8. The staff strength of the paper is around 400.

Offering Tila Tarpana (oblations offered to the manes with handful of water sprinkled with seeds of sesamum indicum) to Gopabandhu was being passionately performed in the past by the staff of the Samaja along with leading citizens of the Cuttack City on Gadagadia Ghat of Mahanadi every year on his death anniversary. But, killing of Gopabandhu’s spirit and looting of the Samaja funds by the SoPS by using a forged WILL of Gopabandhu having come to public attention, participation in Tila Tarpana under the auspices of SoPS has come to be considered an insult to the great soul.

It was, therefore, marked that the event was shunned by the Samaja staff as well as by the general public. When the SoPS life member under whose direction the event was scheduled, and a life worker whom they project as Secretary of the society’s Cuttack branch, were returning red-faced from Gadagagia on their failure to attract even a dozen of participants to Tila Tarpana, the following picture was taken. And it speaks volumes of how SoPS is being looked upon in Orissa.
sops oblation troop

Protest rally by SSF against demolition of Gopabandhu statue by SoPS to cover Suando from Cuttack

Servants of the People Society founded by Lala Lajpat Rai having usurped the Samaja by forging a WILL of its founder, Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das, has been involved in rampant misappropriation of the funds of the paper and many crimes conducted in the name of the major daily.

In order to please the Chief Minister of Orissa Naveen Patnaik by satisfying his craze for publicity and seeing his name inscribed in stone plates, the gang of illegal occupiers of the Samaja led by Manubhai Patel has demolished the well known and highly revered statue of Gopabandhu in Gopabandhu Bhawan to install another depicting Patnaik in the inauguration plate.

Aganst this ghastly sacrilege of the revered statue of Gopabandhu, on the occasion of his death anniversary, the Save the Samaja Forum will conduct a protest rally on July 8 that will start from Gopabandhu Park in front of the Samaja office and proceed to Suando, the birthplace of Gopabandhu. Click here to peruse the version of the Forum before the public in course of the rally.

The rally would comprise motor cycles and cars and a special vehicle christened Sankalpa Ratha (Car carrying the pledge of the Forum) fitted with audio system to make people aware of the illegalities going on in the Samaja, the paper they have built up by their financial support.

SSF rally schedule

Former GM of Samaja tells of a secret money transaction between Orissa CM Naveen Patnaik and Manubhai Patel of SoPS: Investigation essential

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Former General Manager of the Samaja, retired IAS officer Dandanirodh Mishra, has kept on records a secret money transaction between Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and the then Chief of Servants of the People Society Manubhai Patel, which could have been captured by secret camera had he not timely alerted the Chief Minister over phone.

In a letter to Manubhai Patel, bearing the Samaja No.253/GM/2007 dated 25.07.2007, Mishra has written, “You are aware that I had saved you from embarrassment, humiliation and ignominy by requesting the Chief Minister to have a telephonic discussion with you when you were rushing to Puri on 15th November, 2006 to collect a sum of Rs.50.00 lakhs”.

Mishra has mentioned of a “scheduled programme” with the CM for receiving the money in person. But as, instead of meeting the CM as per the “scheduled programme”, he was “rushing to Puri” in response to a telephonic call from somebody whom he “assumed to be the Chief Minister” because of the “scheduled programme” with Naveen Patnaik, Mishra got a secret message that the transaction was likely to be captured by “string” cameras. He immediately had alerted the Chief Minister and persuaded him to discuss the matter with Manubhai.

Whether or not the “scheduled programme” for the clandestine deal was re-scheduled is a matter that needs investigation.

Mishra has attached this document to his letter dated 22 May 2009 to IIC, Cantonment Police Station, Cuttack with reference to Cantonment P.S. case No.88/2006 corresponding to No. 436/2007 on the basis of FIR lodged by him as the General manager of the Samaja and Cantonment P.S. case No. 27/2007 corresponding to No. 436/2007 on the basis of complaint petition of Pradeep Kumar Pandey vide ICC No. 332/2007.

But, because Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is bound to be investigated into in context of the “scheduled” secret deal of Rs.50 lakhs with Manubhai Patel, the police is not daring to proceed in the matter.

The same Manubhai Patel is now using the same Naveen Patnaik to keep his illegal grip over the Samaja intact.