PCC to help chit fund victims with legal assistance

Investors in chit funds deserve to get back their money and the Pradesh Congress will take all steps to ensure the recovery, asserts its new President, Jaydev Jena.

In a press release he has said that the Congress Party will never tolerate the conspiracy hatched by Naveen Patnaik led BJD Government to suppress the mega chit fund scam. The state Congress will continue its agitational programs till the last depositor get their money back, he has said.

According to the press note, the Congress will extend co-operation to all the depositors, who would want legal aid to fight in the court of law. For the purpose, the PCC is organizing to open helpline desk from block level to state level consisting of block President and one lawyer at block level, district President and two lawyers at district level and two senior leaders and three senior lawyers at the state level. These cells will be constituted to provide legal assistance free of cost to the affected people, who have filled FIR or taken the shelter of court of law.

Coming heavily down upon the CM for his unwillingness for a CBI inquiry into the chit fund fraud, Jena has attributed this reluctance to involvement of his ministers and party MLAs, MPs in the offense.

There has been the network of 95 chit fund companies out of which 25 ones like Seashore, Arthatatwa, Sharada, Astha, Green Ray etc are prominent. The crime branch has enquired into their spread and spotted the culprits; but is not revealing the names of depositors and investors under off the record directions of the Chief Minister, he has alleged.

Shri Jena has demanded release of white paper on the chit fund fraud by the Government forthwith.

Shameless Srikant, ashamed Orissa

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Self-seekers who join politics always hanker after power and change from party to party if that helps them fetch ministerial berths. The party they enter into feels burdened with them; but they survive there by ingratiating themselves with the top leader of that party and showing more aggressiveness against its rival political parties, specifically against the party they leave behind. These self-seekers have no self-respect and they tolerate any insult the party of their refuge – earlier embarrassed because of them – inflicts. Srikant Jena is no different.

He has more experience as a minister than some of the cabinet colleagues of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. With the experience of handling important departments like Industry and Urban Development in Orissa in the last part of 1980s, he rendered his services as Union Minister of State, Small Scale Industry, Agro and Rural Industries in 1990 and after a gap with parliamentary assignments as Janata Dal’s Chief Whip, he again joined the Union Ministry as Cabinet Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Tourism.

It was, therefore, expected that, when, despite anti-Congress wave in the State, he was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha in 2009, the Congress, for which he had deserted the Janata Dal, would offer him a cabinet berth that he deserved. But Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his extra-constitutional boss Sonia Gandhi wanted to offend Orissa by appointing him as a mere Minister of State, because Orissa had rejected the Congress. It was a direct assault on Oriya mana. Srikant should have refused to accept the position. But shamelessly he accepted and joined as Union Minister of State, Chemicals and Fertilizers. In the last part of 2011, he was allowed to work independently and later put in charge of Statistics and Program Implementation which he had to relinquish in October 2012. Sans any grumble he stayed satisfied with his stultification. He failed to understand that thereby Orissa was embarrassed.

Congress Party has further embarrassed Orissa in the last reshuffle of Singh’s cabinet. When a more deserving MP like Orissa’s former Chief Minister Hemanand Biswal hailing from the tribal community was not even considered for a cabinet berth, Jena was made to make a farce of himself by acquiescing into the PM’s reluctance to elevate him to the cabinet. It was a deliberate design of Sonia-Singh combine to reject Orissa’s claim for representation in the Union Cabinet as thereby the POSCO pal Naveen Patnaik is to politically gain. We have, in these pages, time and again shown, how the Congress high-command has been helping Naveen to stay in power in Orissa in order to help imperialism continue to have a docile servant as Chief Minister in the land of fabulous mines and natural wealth. The same motive of Sonia-Singh combine manifested in keeping Jena out of consideration for a cabinet berth in the last expansion of the Union cabinet. Had he even an iota of self-respect or shame, he should have resigned in protest. But to him, staying docile to the Congress autocrat is more important than staying loyal to Oriya mana.

He is shameless, but for him, Orissa is ashamed.