Drum-beating of imagined dreams stupefies Orissa, as the Country has failed to punish Biju Patnaik for his treason during Chinese Aggression

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

There is a Government in Orissa that is in power for twelve years as the people are stupefied under deafening drum-beating of imagined dreams of the incumbent Chief Minister’s father, late Biju Patnaik.

The opponents of the Chief Minister in the ruling party have formed a front of their own called Jan Morcha. And, this Morcha also beats the drum of dreams of Biju Patnaik!

If anything, this is an act of vested interest political acrobats to keep the people stupefied, so that vote catching can be easier for them.

I have tried to locate if Biju had really any dreams for the people of Orissa. I have found none. I have not found any dream that Biju Patnaik had for the people of Orissa. The man, who did not make his son learn even a single alphabet in Oriya language, cannot be taken as a man, who had dreams for Orissa. If he had any dream, that was only for occupying power to misuse power for his personal benefit. But yet, drum-beating of Biju dreams has been stupefying the political conscience in Orissa. Goebbels prevails when people are too gullible to go for the truth.

The truth is that Biju was a profit fetcher from politics. He had entered into politics to drag in funds and profits for his industries and eventually had left the industrial life as politics appeared to him to be the easiest way to fetch fabulous wealth without any botheration for cultivating and repaying loans, organizing markets and paying salaries.

So, politics for Biju was a profession for personal profit. And, in pursuit of profit, he was always trying to fetch and stay in power. His sycophants are trying to hide this reality under torrents of cooked up Biju dreams.

We have heard the deafening drumbeats of Biju dreams by both the quarreling fractions of the ruling party named after him on October 19, as the Chief Minister’s mega meeting at Berhampur militated against the dissidents’ press meet at Bhubaneswar on the same day. Therefore it would be proper to recall a particular episode of Biju’s life that had occurred 50 years ago when October 19 had metamorphosed into October 20, 1962, to get a glimpse of his dreams in pursuit of which he was using political power.

On that day, China had attacked India. And in that war, India had to suffer the most ignominious defeat after independence, because persons like Biju Patnaik had their dreams to fulfill.

Brig. John Delvi in his book ‘Himalayan Blunder’ has pointed out that India lost more than 11000 square kilometers of her land to China in the 1962 war because of lack of basic essentials like warm clothing, snow boots, and glasses.

Why the Indian Army had not got these essential supplies? This is because; Biju Patnaik had played the treachery.

He had fetched a contract to airdrop essential supplies to our soldiers in the NEFA front. But, instead of delivering the essentials to our soldiers, he had sold away the same in black-markets (Lok Sabha Debates (V) (1967) 7980-7990). Because of this treason, our soldiers had lost their stamina to fight and we were in the worst of debacles after our independence.

This particular debate was generated in the environment of availability of Lt. General B. M. Kaul’s accounts on our war debacle in his book ‘The Untold Story’, published on January 01, 1967.

In this book, he had attributed the defeat partly to inadequate supply of essential necessities too.

Biju Patnaik had obtained the contract for supply of essential necessities through his Kalinga Airways in the border to our forces engaged in defense of our land. But, instead of delivering the supply to the soldiers, he had sold them in the black-market at Calcutta, at Dibrugarh, at Jorhat and other places. In the Lok Sabha debate mentioned above, when Hem Barua had rued over this, S. M. Banerjee had pointed out that when in the snow-clad battlefield on the border our soldiers were in dire need of basic essentials like warm clothing, and some of the countries like West Germany had rushed profuse amount of top quality woolens like blankets, pullovers, shocks and snow-shoes etc for use of our fighting forces, that never reached them, as the rich people grabbed them for their own comfort through the black-market fed by Kalinga Airwayss of Biju Patnaik.

Despite having sold the essential defense supplies in the black-market, Biju Patnaik had bagged Rs. 1, 78, 33, 416.00 from the exchequer towards charges of their delivery in the border (Prime Minister Nehru’s reply to Surendranath Dwivedi in the Lok Sabha on 25 January 1963)

General Kaul had tried to hush up Biju’s offenses by attempts to divert public attention from Biju to Krishna Menon for India’s debacle. He has tried to convince us that Kalinga Airways could not carry out the supply, because Krishna Menon refused to grant Biju the necessary financial assistance for procuring more aircraft to use in transportation of essentials for the soldiers. He has written,

“Bijoo Patnaik, whom I had known for many years, and who had not yet become the Chief Minister, Orissa, came to see me in my office one day. …….. He told me, a fact which I knew, that owing to the limited resources of the Air Force, the External Affairs Ministry were maintaining the far-flung Assam Rifles military posts by air-drops in NEFA through the Kalinga Airways which was one of his concerns. Due to shortage of planes – which was, in turn, due to shortage of foreign exchange – the Kalinga Airways were unable to carry out this commitment fully. He, therefore, asked me if I could persuade my Defense Minister, Krishna Menon, to help in this matter by getting him the necessary foreign exchange for purchase of the additional aircraft. ………. I approached the Defense Minister ……… Krishna Menon told me that on no account was he prepared to help Kalinga Airways as it would indirectly mean that the Air Force, one of the Services under him, was incapable of carrying out this commitment. ……… No amount of argument on my part, however, was of any avail. The result was that the Assam Rifles posts remained inadequately supplied and in fact we were prevented at times from establishing more such posts, due to logistical reasons, which was operationally necessary”.

From Kaul’s accounts it is clear that the Assam Rifles military posts were being maintained by air-drops in NEFA through Biju Patnaik, much before China attacked us. And, more significantly, the Defense Minister, who was averse to his department’s contract with Biju Patnaik for the air-drops of essentials in the NEFA border, was not able to undo the contract. Obviously Biju’s patron was more powerful than the Defense Minister in deciding whether or not Biju was to continue with the contract. This most powerful man was Prime Minister Nehru. Because of Nehru, Krishna Menon was not able to discard Biju Patnaik.

Why did Menon reject Kaul’s pleadings for for Biju? It is because, he was aware of Biju’s profit motive and the illegalities Kalinga airways was involved with under his avarice. He was not willing to equip Biju with further opportunity to expand his business of treachery.

Biju had committed many offenses against the country even before the Chinese attack. One of these offenses was unauthorized use of an aircraft of his company- known to defense intelligence as a plane under contract with their department – on 26 October 1959 in secret service of a group of unidentified persons that had traveled to and fro between Calcutta and Bombay.

Questionable conduct of Biju’s airways, specifically as the defense of the country was involved, was inquired into through a committee headed by Katju. The findings of this Committee were devastating.

Had its report been placed before the Parliament in its entirety, Prime Minister Nehru’s short-sighted patronization to Biju and the felonies perpetrated through Kalinga Airways could have come to public knowledge. Therefore, Nehru’s government claimed privilege over the report and denied even the MPs to go through it, though on December 01, 1960, the Lok Sabha was fed with a vetted synopsis thereof after a lot of ruckus.

Biju was so much under the Prime Minister’s protection that the government had come out with a written statement that even though the Katju Committee had found massive irregularities committed by Kalinga airways, the government was not to terminate the contract with him.

However, the government would keep watchful eyes on Kalinga Airways so that no further irregularities it can commit, the minister had promised to the House.

But despite the promise given to the Parliament, the government failed to keep eyes on Biju, as a result of which, the defense supplies did not reach the soldiers in the battle field, but fetched profit for Biju from the black-market in places like Calcutta, Dibrugarh and Jorhat.

Minister of State (Home)Vidya Charan Shukla, as he then was, had told Atal Behari Vajpayee in reply to his star question bearing No. 785 on 28 June 1962, that the Public Accounts Committee had found many specific illegalities and forgeries,which the Kalinga Airways of Biju Patnaik had committed. He had informed that on the basis of the report, a committee of inquiry had been appointed to go into the details of the offenses and to recommend specific action to be taken. But no action was taken against him.

When the war was going on, Kalinga Airways had at least 1600 unauthorized flights on the war front. This was a serious offense. The PAC had located this offense. Who had funded these 1600 unauthorized flights over the border where the war was going on, and in the most sensitive time, has not been determined. But, surprisingly, after conclusion of the PAC report, the number of the suspicious and unauthorized flights was tampered with and in place of 1600, the figure was projected as 200. As Mr. G. G. Swell queried on who tampered with the figure of the unauthorized flights, Minister Shukla had declared, that the committee investigating into the specific offenses of Kalinga Airways, would also look into this mischief.

But, Biju never got the punishment he deserved for these offenses and treachery against the country when India was engaged in the war. Evidently though we lost 12000 square kilometers in the war, as our soldiers did not get the life-saving essentials, as Biju’s airways fed the black-markets with the same instead of air-dropping them in our military posts, the country has not yet punished him for the treason he committed. He escaped, because any action against him could also have brought to limelight the wrongful patronization Nehru had given to Biju oblivious of harms that was causing to the country.

The whereabouts of Kalinga Airways was not kept track of. The loss the nation suffered was not determined. The pilots of the airways without whose collaboration Biju could not have committed the illegalities were never interrogated. But reports were in print media that some of the aircraft had faced accidents that extinguished also the pilots whom the nation should have once interrogated to know the truth.

The drum-beaters of Biju-dreams are befooling the people by taking advantage of the country’s failure to punish him for his treason during the Chinese aggression. The Opposition Congress is not in a position to expose Biju’s treacheries; because thereby the bungling that Nehru had made, would also be exposed.

In such circumstances, use your conscience.

5 Responses

  1. I was initially impressed by the articles appearing on Orissa Matters. But later on, I carry an impression that most of these articles are thoroughly biased against a particular party and its leader which is a departure from sound journalistic principles. Apparently these articles always carry an anti-BJD stand because Subash Chandra Patnaik has a history of problems with the Late Biju Patnaik which extends to his son Naveen and his political party. I know this comment may not be published as it goes against Subash Chandra Patnaik’s views. But, I am putting my comment as I feel it necessary to do so.

    • Dear Sri Mishra,

      Thanks for the time and mind given to the article.

      I welcome your comment as I want the issue raised to be debated. I never shy at any debate over my writings. I write, because the people have a right to be informed. So, I have always tried to reach at information to the best of my ability and share researched information with the public in their interest. This is my conscious contribution to equip people with information so that they may extricate themselves from the labyrinth of misinformation. So, there is no reason to suppress your comment.

      You have written, “I know this comment may not be published as it goes against Subash Chandra Patnaik’s views”. Except misspelling my name, where is anything you have written in your comment that goes against my views? You have not countered any of the matters I have discussed. Had you countered any point, I could have appreciated that; because thereby a new scope could have been available to me to throw further lights on the issue. So, please try to establish that whatever I have written is wrong. I assure you that I will be glad to publish the same; because that would help in building up a debate and help the people know the reality.

      You have written, “Apparently these articles always carry an anti-BJD stand because Subash Chandra Patnaik has a history of problems with the Late Biju Patnaik which extends to his son Naveen and his political party”. I would have been most happy had you shown what “problem” I had with the late Biju Patnaik. I do not know if I have “a history of problems” with him. True, when he was alive and in power, I had mercilessly exposed his misdeeds in my columns with all the authenticity that journalism entailed. There was no personal bias.

      And Biju babu had known it well. Otherwise the man who, after being removed from Chief Minister post in the 1960s, had physically attacked and injured the legendary freedom fighter Pabitra Mohan Pradahan because of his criticism against his corrupt practices, would not have left me unhurt when I was stripping him layer by layer, even though he was the Chief Minister with a menacing majority in the Assembly at that time.

      Biju babu had used physical violence against several leaders that Orissa’s post-independence history has witnessed; because he was apprehensive of bias in them. I was never physically attacked by him or his goons; because I had never any bias against him; and he knew it.

      I was not merely writing against him, but was exposing him.

      Writing against anybody may be guided by personal bias; but exposing somebody when he/she is in power, is guided by journalistic ethics. Here lies the difference.

      Unless this soft thread of difference is properly understood, misconceived comments like “Subash Chandra Patnaik has a history of problems with the Late Biju Patnaik” would emanate.

      Let me take this opportunity to help you know that a journalist who is true to his profession sometimes may face insurmountable predicaments in discharging his journalistic responsibilities. Sometimes a very dear friend or a very close relation comes under the radar of his profession. At such a time, unlike others who practice nepotism, a journalist, who is true to his ethics, exposes the friend or the relation whose dubious activities come under his radar. To understand this phenomenon, you may please peruse my exposures on central Sahitya Academy in the matter of Sahitya Award 2011. There are several articles on the subject. I give you only two links. Click them to study the matter. You will find Kalpana Devi, the authoress who got the award and Bibhuti Pattanaik, convener of the Academy as the objects of my criticism in these articles. Kalpana Devi is a relation of my wife and Bibhuti Pattanaik is a very dear old friend who is also my Samudi from my only elder cousin brother’s side. It was very difficult for me, as a human being, to write against them. But I repeatedly discussed against them as that was my duty to public as a journalist. These are the two links: One and Two. Please go through them. I cannot have any personal bias on whom I have focused in these articles. There can never be any bias in my heart against Kalpana Devi or Bibhuti Pattanaik. I was bound by professional ethics to expose what illegalities I found. I could have ignored the matter too. But that would have been an offense against the society as well as an offense against my profession; because, when the people have the right to be informed, a journalist is required not to suppress any information worth publication.

      So, be sure that, by exposing Biju Patnaik when he was alive and was in power, I have not done anything that can be termed as personal bias against him. In exposing him, I have done my duty to the society; and nothing else.

      Let me now go back to your words. You have written, “Apparently these articles always carry an anti-BJD stand because Subash Chandra Patnaik has a history of problems with the Late Biju Patnaik which extends to his son Naveen and his political party”. Why did you conceive this idea, is not mentioned. But it is a misconceived idea, in view of what I have elaborated above.

      It is yet another extremely misconceived idea to interpret orissamatters.com discussions on Naveen Patnaik as extension of “a history of problems with the Late Biju Patnaik” to his son. When there is no “history of problems with late Biju Patnaik”, extension thereof to his son does not arise.

      Naveen is in power and because he is in power, I focus on him.

      I am not in politics and not his political rival. I have no material relationship with him and no personal animosity against him too. There is nothing personal. All my observations on him are absolutely professional. He is ruining Orissa and I am noting that he is ruining Orissa. He is helping capitalists to the chagrin of cultivators and I am noting that he is helping capitalists to the chagrin of cultivators. He is displacing indigenous people for handing over their lands to outside industrialists, even foreigners; and I am keeping that on records as entailed by the cause of living history. He is misleading people by posthumous deification of his father and I am trying to execute the duty of media to politically educate the people in this matter. He is stupefying the people by beating the drums of his father’s dream, I have focused on what sort of dream his father had. This is a duty to society that media is ordained to perform and I have honored this ordain.

      But whenever Naveen has taken any good step, I have also put that on records with my praises. You may see a sample in orissamatters.com under the title: Threat to India’s federal structure: we fully endorse what Orissa CM has written to Prime Minister.

      Thus, there is no bias against Naveen Patnaik.

      Whatever I have posted in orissamatters.com, is guided by the tenets of living history and governed by the norms of journalistic ethics.

      I believe you will find your comment published and adequately answered. Thanks again for the thought given to the subject.

  2. Biju Patnaik, the legendary man in Orissa politics as well as nationally an acclaimed personality has all along been quoted for heroism. This is a shock to us that he was instrumental to the most ignominious defeat of our nation to China, the most cowardice act ever. Please help our poor people who are still fighting to grab ‘Biju Legacy’ with all their stupidities.

  3. A SAD and revealing Article indeed.
    Soon after reading this article I was transported to the year of 1970 when I was to travel to USA for my higher studies at New York University. My family faced hardship to arrange for my travel fare of Rs.7500/- those days. I applied for a study travel loan to Canara Bank; but there was stumbling blocks on the way. Disappointed we father and son started weighing the other option of approaching ‘the Legendary’ Bijubabu at the Kalinga Tubes office at Choudwar then. I feel relieved today, however, almost after a half-century now, that we father and son did not make the trip to Kalinga Tubes Office (not that the Kind Hearted Bijubabu would have had disappointed me—for we knew he used to help many-a-needy students often those days; but that the Canara Bank did grant me the required travel grant at the nick of the moment); otherwise, I would be feeling so UNCOMFORTABLE today after reading this article, since in a way I would have been a part to that unfortunate CHINA WAR CASH utilization.

    Having said that I completely agree with Mr.Devi Prasanna Nayak’s feelings as commented above.

    And, as regard to Bhubaneswarji’s comment, all I can say is that, either he is a novice to Mr. Pattanayak’s journalistic write-ups-cum-contributions or downright a superfluous person; otherwise he wouldn’t have remarked (even in a dream) that Mr. Pattanayak ,the author of this article, has bias in his write-up. By the way Mr. Bhubaneswarji, Subhas Pattanayak could be labeled anything but a biased Journalist, therefore, please do not give misinformation to many readers here-after. As Mr. Pattanayak contends, rightly so, in his reply to your comment that you should/must come up with some contradicting piece of information/evidence before the readers, if any you have, and enlighten the subject under the scanner instead of belittling some one’s professional standing and diluting the gravity of SERIOUS UNFOLDING OF THE HISTORY (unless,of course, you have some vested interest).

    Finally, a word to the author of this article: Sir, you need not have to waste so many words on a reply; for, with as many words you could have placed before us another piece of revealing matter as always does the orissamatters.com. Thank you anyway.

  4. […] Drum-beating of imagined dreams stupefies Orissa, as the Country has failed to punish Biju Patnaik f… […]

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