International Buddhist Seminar February Next at Udaygiri

Slowly but steadily the world is rising to the truth that Orissa is Buddha’s birthplace. A true study of Buddhist heritages in that Orissa bears can advance this knowledge. Therefore, a Buddhist Seminar is going to be organized at Udaygiri from 1st to 3rd February 2013 on the topic “International Symposium of Buddhist heritage of Odisha: situating Odisha in global prospective”. Many foreign and Indian scholars will participate in the symposium

An organizing committee is constituted by the Minister of Tourism, Maheshwar Mohanty.

With Prof. A. K. Patnaik, Vice Chancellor of Utkal of University as Chairman, the committee comprises Prof. Sadasiva Pradhan, Deptt., of Archeology & Ancient Indian History, Utkal University, Anthropologist Prof. K.K. Basa, Dr. J.K. Patnaik, Secretary, Institute of Maritime South East & Asian Studies.

Buddhist scholars interested in taking part in this seminar may contact Sunil Patnaik, Secretary, IMSEAS. His contact number is 09437100159.

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  1. Finally some results have started to show up as a result of the campaign initiated by the orissamatters ……many have been trying to shadow the AURA though.
    Never-the-less great news and WISH ALL SUCCESS.

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