DGP is Apprised of Police inaction over allegations of serious crimes against SoPS

Conveners of ‘Save The Samaja Forum’, Prasanta Patnaik and Subhas Chandra Pattanayak have attracted attention of the Director General of Police Sri Prakash Mishra, while meeting him in his Bhubaneswar camp on September 28, to the mysterious inaction of the police over serious allegations of forgery and misappropriation raised by officiating President of the Servants of the People Society (SoPS) Sri K. C. Tripathy against a pack of miscreants acting in the name of the Society.

After ORISSA MATTERS exposed how the Will purported to be of Gopabandhu Das on the basis of which SoPS has occupied The Samaja, as claimed by the same paper, is a fraudulently prepared document for illegally occupying the Samaja, the people of Orissa are determined to save The Samaja from the illegal occupiers.

The SoPS, on the other hand, in course of its business, has located misappropriation of several hundreds of crores of rupees from The Samaja revenue by some of its members while serving on its behalf in management of the paper. Serious felonies having been unveiled by the committee of investigation headed by Justice (Rtd) Arijit Pasayat, it was clear to the swindlers that the law’s long hand would certainly reach them one day. Therefore, they have allegedly occupied the SoPS and The Samaja by creation of false election papers, on knowing about which, Sri Tripathy had attracted attention of the police in writing. But the police are sleeping over his allegations as the questioned occupiers of SoPS have engaged a pack of former IAS and IPS officers to work for them.

On being personally apprised of this mischief, the DGP has assured to look into the matter.

Socialism in Coma, Can be Revived to Save India: Prof. Pralaya Kanungo

Socialism cannot be kept crushed, howsoever strong be its opponents, said Prof. Pralaya Kanungo of J.N.U. at Bhubaneswar on the occasion of birth anniversary of progressive periodical Janatantra on September 28. Though in coma, it can be revived to save India, if the supporters of political economy of socialism get earnestly united against agents of capitalism, he said.

Addressing the topic – Can contemporary media contribute to socialism in India – he, as the chief guest, observed that the phenomenal growth of Occupy Wall Street movement in the very heartland of capitalism in USA is a pointer to the fact that socialism cannot die howsoever much may the imperialists wish. The capitalists know that socialism is the ultimate purpose of the people. Therefore, they even try to convince the people of their support for socialism. The concept of ‘global social democracy’ is pregnant with this mischief, he pointed out. To defeat this mischief, conscious working journalists and sincere leaders standing for socialism must stay away from the mentality of wealth accumulation so that despite corporate impact eclipsing the monumental media organizations, socialism shall have its way to save the people, he said.

Under the sway of corporate culture, mainstream media houses are in use to cultivate their audiences as targeted consumers for the open market, said chief speaker Dr. Birendra Nayak. When socialism is not expected to have any support from big Medias, the small journals and publications even in electronic sector are forums from where socialism gets its legitimate support, he said.

Prof. Nilamani Sahu found the answer in more people adopting socialism as their creed, which may force even the bigger media houses to devote their spaces to socialism.

Editor of Janatantra, Vivekanand Das, in introducing the topic, had pointed out that both the major political parties – the congress and the BJP – are not officially against socialism; because socialism constitutes the core of the preamble of Indian constitution. Yet, socialism is not in operation, as media is failing to educate the people in this matter. It is therefore essential to examine whether or not media should address itself to socialism.

Executive editor of the journal Basudev Mohapatra, who presided over the event, observed that corporate media is busy in converting news consumers to corporate citizenship. This mischief must be consciously exposed and defeated if India is to be saved and set on the track the freedom fighters had contemplated.

MUFP moves the DGP for protection of Bhuban Journalists from scheming Police

Bhubaneswar, September 28, 2012: A delegation of the Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) comprising its Presidium members Prasanta Patnaik, Subhas Pattanayak and Sampad Mohapatra met the Director General of Police Mr. Prakash Mishra on September 28 in his camp office at Bhubaneswar and apprised him of how police power has been misused to intimidate the press as well as to gag freedom of expression by interfering with media responsibility to investigate into acts of illegalities that includes interviewing the suspected miscreants for news purpose at Bhuban in the district of Dhenkanal, where journalists have been implicated in cooked up cases as the inspector in charge had a grudge to settle against reporters who had exposed the nexus between the police and unsocial elements.

Mr. Mishra assured the delegates that the matter shall certainly be looked into and the press shall not be allowed to be gagged.

The MUFP delegation handed over a memorandum to DGP Mr Mishra which stated that the Police in Bhuban have implicated four local media persons in a false case as the local police had a grudge to settle with them, irritated as it was over publication of some news items exposing its misdeeds as well as certain miscreants going scot free, despite offenses even against public peace and tranquility. Reports in Odisha Bhaskar dated 19.8.2012, Samaya dated 30.08.2012 are samples of exposure on police misdeeds that explain as to why the police at Bhuban is prejudiced against the media persons.

It further said “the MUFP was informed that a large sum of money granted from MPLAD fund for renovation of a local playground has been misappropriated by a group of miscreants which the local Press had stumbled upon. And, to preempt media exposure, in an attempt to intimidate the media persons, the police have been used to implicate the journalists in the false case.

Against this backdrop, the NUFP urged upon the DGP to please ensure appropriate investigation into police misconduct exposed in news items published prior to registration of the FIR in the case in question as well as into the reasons of police haste in this particular matter and to ensure fair investigation by removing the IIC, who is allegedly personally involved with the offense.

Has Bhagat Singh’s Martyrdom Gone In Vain?

Has Bhagat Singh’s martyrdom gone in vain? -cries Prof. Nilamani Sahu in his book ‘Sahid Bhagat Singhanka Sahidatwa Byartha Ki? – written in Oriya and published by Sahid Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch, Bhubaneswar.

As the question pierces through the environment Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has pushed the country into, revolutionaries and radical thinkers celebrated the Sahid’s birthday and discussed on his relevance in the packed-to-the-capacity Nagbhusan Patnaik hall under the auspices of the Vichar Manch, on September 27.

With Manch President Natabar Sarangi in the chair, Secretary Bainshidhar Parida presented the annual report that depicted how members in ever increasing numbers are joining the organization.

Second edition of the book was released on this occasion by veteran revolutionary Kshitis Biswal. Paying rich tributes to Bhagat Singh as epitome of all revolutionary virtues, he castigated Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for malsteering India into the grip of the collapsing capitalist system.

Author of the book Prof. Sahu gave an in-depth account of political significance of Bhagat Singh that he has discussed in the book. He also dwelt on dialectics of revolution in the context of Bhagat Singh while highlighting socio-spiritual components of evolution of revolution that leads to man’s emancipation from all impediments to development.

Journalist Subhas Chandra Pattanayak recalled Bhagat Singh’s refusal to defend himself in the British Court as that would have granted legitimacy to the foreigners’ hegemony he was opposed to and India was fighting against. This oneness of conduct with the cause he pursued had of course led him to the gallows; but he has remained immortal to inspire revolutionaries for all time to come, he said.

Criticizing the latest design of non-communists to divest the masses of revolutionary leadership by calling upon Naxal leaders to join the mainstream, Pattanayak questioned their very concept of mainstream when that has helped only 0.00312% families grab 70% of national wealth in India when 43% of the country’s children, according to a HANGaMA study released by the Prime Minister, below the age of five, are malnourished; and UNICEF says, malnutrition is more common in India than in sub-Saharan Africa.

Unification of purpose and practice and unity amongst the real progressives must be a must for salvaging India from clutches of plutocracy, he stated.

Journalist Prasanta Patnaik insisted upon united fight against the system that has reduced India to a state of apathy towards the common man and the democratic governance to an obedient instrument of the looters of Indian exchequer. In the present regime of rising discrepancies, Sahid Bhagat Singh is more relevant for restoration of democracy on the right track, he said.

Journalist Kedar Mishra stressed upon the necessity of involving masses of marginalized culture to build up a well defined revolution against all impediments to development that Bhagat Singh had dreamt of.

Journalist Sudhir Patnaik focused on how the patriotic ideals of Bhagat Singh are most relevant now for saving India from corporate conspiracies.

Former MLA Radhakant Sethi emphasized on characterization of Bhagat Singh’s ideals.

Mahendra Parida, Nrusingh Raut, Aksyaya Das, and Ms. Puspanjali Satpathy dwelt on the contradiction the country is facing under sway of capitalism and emphasized on concentrated efforts to do away with concentration of wealth in a few hands so that benefits of balance development may be ensured to all.

Governor Orders the Government to Assist Lokpal in Probing into Atrociousness of Police in Opposition Rally

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

We had stood out from others in the media in reporting the atrocious conduct of Police in shattering the program of the main Opposition party for Assembly blockade on September 6, purely on our commitment to honor the people’s right to be informed.

At the summit of debates on the same report, on September 12 we had stressed upon the need for an investigation into whether or not the 6th September violence was government induced even while further digging out to what extent the deliberate atrociousness of the police was visible.

We are glad to report; the Orissa Governor has on September 27 issued an order for a probe into alleged police excesses in the September 6 rally. The Orissa Unit of Congress party, whose congregation was shattered in the violence had moved the Governor in this regard.

The Orissa Lokpal would conduct the probe. In a communication to the Chief Minister, the Governor has asked the Government to extend its full co-operation to the Lokpal in this matter.

The History Mamata Wrote Will Stay Shining Forever

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The history Mamata Banerjee and her brave colleagues in Trinamool Congress have written on 21 September 2012 will stay shining forever in the life of independent India.

Their decision to withdraw from Manmohan Singh government in total disapproval of the Prime Minister’s attempt to push the country back into the days of the British raj through the machinations of FDI in multi-brand retail trading is a perfect example of political conscience, so invisible in present day India, where the Marxists mingle with the Mulayams and unscrupulousness stands for leadership.

The people of India are eager to extricate themselves from the labyrinth of corruption and scams and swindling of shares and loot of natural resources and misuse of exchequer that the traitors in power have thrown them into.

Various elements have tried to use this eagerness to their own advantage. From Anna Hazare to Kejriwal to Ramdev, headlines have been hijacked to create masks for clandestine operators of black money who want the status quo to continue in a new form, away from any real effective alternative. The right-wing Opposition with a dark history of corruption and anti-people disinvestment that it was known for when in power has tried to take advantage of the new mass awakening against corruption. But nobody has come forward to make such a striking sacrifice in cause of the countrymen; nobody thought of resigning from their political posts to work for democracy, nobody has relinquished coveted posts of central ministers in protest against anti-people acts of the government as the members of TMC have done.

With Marxists hobnobbing with Mulayam despite his declaration to support the government that is busy in converting India into a grazing ground of foreigners and with BJP discernibly against the tenets of national integration because of its mindset against Muslims, Mamata is perhaps the best remedy available against all the anti-people design of the Congress Party and Manmohan Singh.

It is time; the Trinamool Congress should rise above regional limitations, and lead the nation into the position where Indians have always dreamt of seeing their Republic.

FDI: Offence Against Paramountcy of India’s Parliament

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is more heinous than all the crimes against the country so far perpetrated by the Congress Party. And the perpetrators of this crime is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who with his cronies in the cabinet has been acting against the people of India in the style of serving the people.

The notification promulgating induction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Multi-Brand Retail Trading is the instant crime that will push the country back into the environment of British rule in India and will severely injure the country’s independence by making it dependant on foreigners.

All the patriots of India are openly against this crime.

And this crime is so very severe that, henceforth, till the criminals are removed from power, there shall be no rest for the patriots.

Like in the phase of nuke deal with USA, Singh will try to survive in power by using the method he had then used, which is a tested method of the Congress party since the days of his model P. V. Narasingh Rao, whose survival as Prime Minister despite loss of credibility and absence of majority in the House, was based on support availed from a section of non-Congress MPs.

Support to satyrs in red-light districts is of course not surprising. But democracy is not a red-light district.Therefore, history has seen how Rao, then the armour of the saboteurs of India’s national resolve for socialism, having been used in subjugating the country to USA hegemony through the gateway of GATT, was thrashed into the dustbin of politics, even though thereby Vajpayee of BJP was to gain. It would be wrong for Singh not to take note of this noting of history.

Damager of Parliamentary dignity

After creating an environment that killed the last session of the Parliament, Singh not only made his cabinet resolve for induction of FDI in Multi-Brand Retail Trading with a further sinister design to divert public attention from the monstrously embarrassing coalgate, but also has enforced the resolution through notification thereof in total disregard to paramountcy of the Parliament where a parliamentary action had put the issue of FDI to rest under Parliamentary jurisdiction.

Let us look into it.

In responding to a calling attention motion from Gurudas Dasgupta (CPI) and Nishikant Dubey (BJP), the then FINANCE Minister Pranab Mukherjee had informed the Loksabha on 25 March 2011 that FDI in Multi-Brand Retail Trading was objected to by majority respondents to the public discussion raised thereon by the Ministry of Commerce, as a result of which, the inter-Ministerial Committee headed by the Senior Economic Advisor to the Department of Consumer Affairs, was unable to make any recommendation.

Those who had interacted with the Committee belonged mostly to the category of farmers, small traders, villagers and Self-Help Groups. They had opposed FDI in multi-brand retail; the Minister had told the House, quoting the Committee.

The Minister had further told the House that it was a problem on which the States should be taken into confidence and had assured the House not to impose any decision before a consensus was arrived at. As leader of the Loksabha, he had repeated this assurance again on 7 December 2011.

Thus a specific assurance was repeatedly given to the Loksabha on 25 March 2011 and 7 December 2011 that FDI would rest, till the States accept the proposal and the proposal earns consensus support.

By virtue of this assurance, the issue of FDI was put under the jurisdiction the Parliament.

The Parliament, specifically the Loksabha, had to know and examine if the States were taken to confidence by Singh administration in the matter of FDI and if consensus support was available to it.

Then only the issue could have been cleared by the Parliament.

It has not happened.

Hence by promulgating induction of FDI in multi-brand retail trading, Singh and his cronies have shown savage contempt against the paramountcy of Parliament and have committed the worst ever crime against the country.

The 20th September Bandh Hartal has made it clear that except the agents of foreign interest and their mindless mad allies, the entire patriotic population in India is against FDI in multi-brand retail trading.

Crime against the Martyrs

Indians are a nation that had given thousands of heads to the martyrdom to free the country from foreigners. Manmohan Singh and his cronies, who do not belong to the gamut of freedom fighters, are nullifying the martyrs’ supreme sacrifices by throwing the country back into the grip of foreign traders. They are shattering the dreams of our freedom fighters. Such crimes against the martyrs and the freedom fighters will never be tolerated by Indian patriots. So, whosoever has patriotism has started to oppose the Singh design.

The imperial Sun will be kept set

When imperialism was epitomized by the British, they had the pride in bragging that the Sun never sets in their Empire. But it is the Indians that had forced the British Sun to set all over the world wherever indigenous people were under its imperial occupation. They will not allow the sun of imperialism rise on their soil again. Revolt of the Trinmul Congress against the UPA and resignation of all the TMC Ministers from Singh’s cabinet is just a beginning in this regard.

To us it is welknown that the traitors in power never stay in power for ever. They act against the people in the style of serving the people, till the people wake up against their treachery and throw them out of power.

The people are waking up. The 20th September Bharat Bandh has blown the trumpet.