The Samaja Editor is under Enforced Hallucination

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

A front page boxed clarification in today’s edition of The Samaja published in fidgeted reaction to the statement of ‘Save The Samaja Forum’ in a press conference yesterday, gives a pathetic feeling that its editor is now under enforced hallucination.

The Samaja was invited to the press meet and had also deputed a reporter to cover the event. The said reporter had not only heard the joint conveners of the Forum, Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and Sri Prasanta Patnaik addressing the Press, but also had been supplied with a copy of the written statement on which both the conveners had elaborated.

But, instead of publishing the information transmitted to his representative in the press meet, including document-based allegation of forgery against the Servants of the People Society (SoPS), and massive, unpunished misappropriation of the funds of The Samaja by functionaries of the SoPS, and unfair labor practice resorted to by the dubious occupiers of The Samaja, the editor has published the boxed clarification, denigrating therein the persons that are trying to save The samaja.

This clarification has failed to deny the allegation that the SoPS has hijacked The Samaja by forging a will of Pt. Gopabandhu Das.

It has failed to deny the allegation of massive misappropriation of the funds of The Samaja by the SoPS functionaries.

It has failed to counter the fact-based revelation of monstrous irregularities in finances of The Samaja.

It has failed to deny unfair labor practices resorted to against leaders of the employees association.

It has failed to produce the true will, if any, of Gopabandhu Das, if that differs from the one had exposed on 8 August 2012 and the Forum had displayed in the press meet and distributed amongst the media persons including the representative of the editor, yesterday.

But, instead, in fidgets, it has tried to tell the people that by challenging the genuineness of the will, the Forum has raised fingers at the morality of Lala Lajpat Rai, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rajarshee Purusottam Das Tandon, Balwantrai Mehetta, Bishwanath Das, Radhanath Rath and Krushna Kant et cetera, they having led the SoPS in the past.

The issue is not the morality of the persons named above by the editor. The issue is loot of The Samaja on the basis of a forged will.

The SoPS must show the people if any will, other than the one exposed and discussed by the and displayed in the press meet and circulated to the Press by the Forum, is under its possession.

Only thereby, there shall be no question on the morality of any.

Otherwise, the question we have raised cannot die.

The SoPS, which appears now as a body of forgers engaged in active exploitation of a forged will of Utkalmani to their individual and collective benefit, cannot escape under the smokescreen of morality of the persons the Samaja editor has named in his misconceived clarification.

And, what a farce, and what a tragedy!

The press meet and the Save The Samaja Forum and this reporter, who had stumbled upon the so-called will of Gopabandhu and on examination had rejected its genuineness, are all in one reflection of vested interest, the editor has said.

As we know the editor personally, he being a member of our fraternity for decades, and a close colleague of ours in the Media Unity for Freedom of Press that has been fighting against every hurdle to freedom of expression, it is very paining for us to see that he has suppressed the press statement of the ‘Save The Samaja Forum’, which tantamount to suppression of information and, on the other hand, has, in his published clarification, used obnoxious terms against the very people that are trying to save the Samaja from the grip of forgery, embezzlement and irregularities and from the environment that is killing the spirit of Utkalmani.

As we know the editor, and know of his adherence to journalistic ethics, we are sure, in normal condition, he could never have done this disservice to journalism.

Obviously he is under enforced hallucination.

Save ‘The Samaja’ Forum Demands for Salvaging the Paper from Servants of the People Society

The urge to stand with the people’s paper of Orissa – The Samaja – and to extricate it from the labyrinth of problems created by vested-interest members of the Servants of the People Society (SoPS), has given birth to ‘The Save The Samaja Forum’, said its joint conveners Subhas Chandra Pattanayak and Prasanta Patnaik, in a Press Conference at Bhubaneswar this evening.

They raised three issues of urgent public importance in their statement. We produce below the text:

Immediate Investigation needed into whether or not Gopabandhu’s will is fake.

The Samaja, the premier daily of Orissa, object of people’s emotional attachment as the carrier of Utkalmani’s memories, is in a devastative quagmire due to rampant corruption and internecine quarrels amongst members of SoPS, which has kept it under its illegal ownership since the sad demise of Pt. Gopabandhu Das.

During research, we have stumbled upon “an exact photo” of what is claimed to be the ‘will’ of Pt. Gopabandhu Das. But on examination we find that it does not carry Gopabandhu’s signature and therefore we suspect that it is a fake will.

Unless the will is proved to be genuine, it would no more be correct to accept the SoPS as owner of The Samaja.

So, we call upon the SoPS to make public the genuine will of Pt. Gopabandhu Das, if any, to convince the people of Orissa that it is in rightful occupation of the Samaja and the Press and properties thereof.

We urge upon the State Government to take over the Samaja and the Press and all its related and generated properties as unclaimed properties of Pt. Gopabandhu Das and to hand over the Samaja and the Press with necessary running capital to the registered association of journalists and non-journalist employees of the Samaja for continuation of the publication of the paper and to support the arrangement with necessary regulations.

We further call upon the Government, under such circumstances, to immediately treat the SoPS members as unauthorized trespassers and by debarring them from further handling with the funds and movable, immovable properties of the Samaja, to launch a CBI investigation into embezzlement of its funds so far and to take steps for recovery thereof.

CBI investigation needed into rampant loot of revenue of The Samaja

Investigations conducted by Dr. Nilakanth Rath had exposed huge financial irregularities when Dr. Radhanath Rath was at the helm of affairs. He had even exposed how the President of SoPS had misappropriated huge money through false records of medical treatment.

When the practice of corruption did not recede and several instances of misappropriation of the revenue generated by the paper were brought to focus by informed persons and despite police action against a once blue-eyed boy the SoPS leadership stayed untouched by the law, the impact thereof continued to create a free for all environment to indulge in embezzlement of the income of The Samaja. Intriguingly, the SoPS tried to suppress the rising discontentment over the economic offenses through a stage-managed inquiry. Accordingly, an inquiry committee was constituted under chairmanship of Justice Arijit Pasayat.

In his report, Pasayat, a trustee of SoPS, has shown how a life member of SoPS and some of the employees obviously led by him did their best to obstruct the investigation. Yet, despite evidences of huge misappropriation of the funds, and illegalities resorted to in various transactions, and corruption involving crores of rupees, the Pasayat Committee did not recommend either any means of recovery or penal prosecution. It seems, the Pasayat Committee has helped the offenders escape with the loot.

So, an investigation by the CBI into the rampant financial irregularities and embezzlements going on in The Samaja under the cover of the SoPS is unavoidably urgent.

The Save The Samaja Forum call upon the State Government to take over the Samaja management to facilitate such investigation.

Unfair Labour Practices Must be Interfered with

From cases registered in Police Stations and instituted in civil courts, it is clear that corruption sic passim, internecine quarrels and rivalry have divided the SoPS into two belligerent camps. With the help of a local life member in whose context the Pasayat Committee had used words like “his life-membership has to be terminated”, the fraction led by Manubhai Patel, who at the time of Dr. Radhanath Rath had taken huge money from The Samaja fund for his personal political electioneering in Gujarat – but had not returned the money despite repeated notices – has captured the Press and the Paper. This SoPS fraction, the locus standi of which has been challenged in police as well as civil cases instituted by the officiating President Kishor Chandra Tripathi, has resorted to acute unfair labour practices against the leaders of the Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association by transferring its President to an outside of the State station and by arbitrarily reshuffling the active members of the Association / journalists and non-journalist employees in order only to create panic in them and to push them into pusillanimous conditions so as to enforce their hegemony on the newspaper set up.

The labour law implementation inspectors should have stopped this unfair practice; but they are seemingly overwhelmed by engagement of ex-IAS and IPS and IFS officers by this fraction in various positions in matter of the paper and thereby perhaps, the police is also browbeaten into silence. If this design is not defeated, it would so much demoralize the workforce that The Samaja can hardly be recovered from the injury inflicted upon it by the miscreants.

This Forum, therefore, calls upon the state government to immediately intervene in the matter and to save the paper from the unholy nexus of illegal occupiers and retired civil servants.
Subhas Chandra Pattanayak,
Prasanta Patnaik.
29 August 2012

AIDS: A Coterie of Officers use Tricks of Subterfuge against the High Court Order

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The National Blood Policy makes it a must for the State “ to provide safe and adequate quantity of blood, blood components and blood products” (Objective 1) and “to make latest technology available” (Objective 3) to the blood banks for correct screening so that patients needing urgent transfusion would get safe blood.

But the State government run by Naveen Patnaik has failed to adopt “latest technology” as a result of which AIDS is spreading through blood transfusion in Orissa. Dependents on frequent transfusion such as thalassemia patients are more vulnerable to Virus 1 (HIV-!), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV).

After we exposed this phenomenon in these pages, various news media organizations have been harping on about the urgency of adoption of latest technology in screening of blood.

In a case of a 17 month old child who is infected with AIDS after taking blood transfusion, the Orissa High Court, a year ago, had not only awarded a cash compensation worth Rs. 3 lakhs to the infected boy, but also had made it a “must” for the Government to adopt advance technology, i.e. NAT PCR method in “all the Blood Banks” for blood screening, in order to ensure supply of “safe blood” to patients. Its mandate is in these words: “Therefore, the Government must ensure that in all blood Banks the Polymer Chain Reaction (PCR) method is available to identify the virus of HIV during window period”.

Steps to Implement the Court Order

This judgment had forced the State government to review its blood screening scenario in a high level committee constituted for the purpose under the chairmanship of Dr. Pramod Meherda, IAS, M.D., NRHM & Project Director, Orissa State AIDS Control Society.

The Professors & Heads of Departments of Microbiology in VSS Medical College, Burla Dr. Sudhir Kumar Ghosh, the Professors & Heads of Departments of Microbiology in MKCG Medical College, Berhampur Dr. Binojini Parida, the Associate Professors in Microbiology department of MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, the Associate Professors in Microbiology department of SCB Medical College, Cuttack Dr. Bimoch Prajna Pati, the Drug Controller of Orissa, Ex-Director of SBTC Dr. L.N.Hati, Dr. Mangala Pr. Mohanty, Hon. Secretary, IRCS-OSB, Director of Central Red Cross Blood Bank at Cuttack Dr. Benudhar Satpathy and seven other top functionaries were members in this committee.

Unanimous Recommendation for NAT

The Committee met on 25 Feb.2012 at the Conference hall of OSCAS. Its minutes disclose, “After thorough discussion on NAT PCR technology, the Committee unanimously recommended that the NAT PCR technology which is the latest testing facility need to be introduced for screening of the blood units to reduce the gray zone period of Transfusion Transmissible Infections like HIV-I, HIV-II, Hepatitis-B and HCV, as it is the latest and foremost technology available in India”.

The Sleeping State

Despite this “unanimous” recommendation submitted “after thorough discussion” by all the above noted illustrious microbiologists, serologists and other specialists in the Committee, the State Government did not wake up to the occasion.TTI continued to affect lives in Orissa.

We had to expose this monstrous negligence of the state to the most urgent need of the moment in these pages on 8 July 2012.

Shocking Mischief

Thereafter, on 24 July 2012, the Secretary of Health P.K.Mohapatra took a “meeting on implementation of NAT PCR in Blood Banks”.

To our surprise and shock, we found that all the super-specialists, serologists and microbiology Professors who, “after thorough discussion” in the previous meeting of 25 February 2012 had “unanimously” recommended that “the NAT PCR technology which is the latest testing facility need to be introduced for screening of the blood units to reduce the gray zone period of Transfusion Transmissible Infections” were kept out of this meeting and a Director of Medical Education and Training (DMET) having no role under the rules of business in the concerned matter, who was to retire from service the same month, was encouraged to lobby for the old ELISA method and to raise a bogus allegation that the High Court had delivered its verdict directing for adoption of NAT PCR for blood screening without being “apprised properly on the issue under reference”. And, it seems, such aspersions against the High Court was approved in the meeting, as is evidenced in its 1st resolution that reads, “ Special Secretary (Technical) H&FW Department, Govt. of Orissa will move file for filing a review petition against the judgement”.

New Tricks of subterfuge

It is seen from the meeting taken by the Health Secretary, that ,the Special Secretary of the Department who hails from the pool of Doctors, collaborated with the said DMET in confusing the issue with a downloaded document of Canadian Blood Banking Association “where it is mentioned that the HIV positive scenario is 1 in 2.7 million than ELISA”. The quoted observation is a conundrum and the Health secretary, before signing the minutes, has failed to notice this confusing expression. However, one is at a loss to understand when the Special Secretary with a downloaded version of Canadian Blood Banking Association was allowed to mislead the meeting, why had the Health secretary not wanted to know how the scenario is seen by Indian authorities on blood screening by NAT, specifically as India has a high prevalence of the killing viruses when Canada is almost free of these killers.

The Chilling Scenario in India

A research reported in Indian Journal of Medical Research (127, February 2008, pp 140-147) is captioned “Multicenter evaluation of individual donor nucleic acid testing (NAT) for simultaneous detection of human immunodeficiency virus-I & hepatitis B & C viruses in Indian blood donors”.

The research was based on the ground that “India has a high prevalence of HIV-I, hapatitis C & B viruses (HCV and HVB) in the blood donors but has yet to implement nucleic acid testing (NAT) in blood screening”. It had tested 12,224 samples along with their serological results obtained from representative eight blood banks in India and had submitted its findings to the Journal on 26 September 2006.

Luminaries in the field namely R.N.Makroo, N. Choudhury, L. Jagannathan, M. Parihar-Malhotra, V. Raina, R. K. Chaudhary, N. Marwaha, N. K. Bhatia, and A. K. Ganguli had conducted the research that the Department of Transfusion Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, had patronized.

They reported, “Data from our study suggested that the NAT yield for all three viruses (HIV, HCV and HVB) in India could be 29 times higher than that observed in Japan, and higher for HIV-I alone. Our observed HIV-I yield was over 515 times that observed in the US and Canada, 89 times that observed in Italy”.

So, citing a report of Canada where the prevalence of HIV-I is 515 times less than India, to frustrate the “unanimous recommendation” of the earlier committee, is not only low on merit but also is a mischievous attempt to mislead the Government.

The study cited above has concluded that its “observed NAT yield for all three viruses was 1 in 1528. This study was conducted in 2006. Now the 1 has become 3 inasmuch as every blood unit is becoming 3 units of blood products viz. platelet, plasma and pack cell. This means, if the virus was escaping EISA test in one out of 1528 samples, it would be read as three escapes in 1528 samples. This estimation relates to 2006 when HIV-I was not as wide spread as it is today. So, in every 1528 cases, it can be safely said that multiples of three cases of HIV-I infection are not being detected through screening in ELISA method.

In Orissa, blood collection has reached 3 lakh units per year. Divided into the three categories, i.e. platelet, plasma and pack cell, the total collection becomes 9 lakh units. If the 2006 study is applied to this volume of 9 lakh units, at least 1767 transfusion takers are possibly getting AIDS infected with the virus escaping detection, as ELISA is not efficient to detect the virus during the “window period”.

Orissa has 81 blood banks out of which 56 are running under joint banner of the state government and Red Cross whereas only one blood bank functions directly under the Government. rest are privately managed. Out of all these 81 blood banks the ELISA facility is also not available in 23 blood banks. After we exposed the malady, the government has ascertained through review that these blood banks having no ELISA facility are using rapid test kits to detect AIDS virus! The meeting held on 24 July under chairmanship of the Health Secretary (where he was in fact not even present) has noted this in its resolution No.2 and suggested that “No blood bank should procure any rapid test kit for hepatitis B & hepatitis C and HIV at their level”. The rapid test is a method through which the viruses escape detection. Taken into consideration, this makes it clear that non-detection of AIDS virus is alarmingly rampant in Orissa.

Yet, the mandarines in the health department have kept the High Court oder for adoption of NAT PCR method inoperative and are conniving to go in litigation against the said order.

Just imagine, how unsafe is Orissa .

Left, the Last Hope, shouldn’t be Lost: India’s interest instead of Singh’s, is Essential

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

What the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is doing after his office and the department under his control got exposed in the coal block scam by the Country’s highest Constitutional Authority on audit and accounts, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India?

He himself has been trying and encouraging his cabinet colleagues to damage the credibility of this Constitutional Authority, the CAG.

Such a disservice to the nation from the highest political authority is not found in any democracy.

The parties that practice economy of inequality like the BJP do not look at this intricate offense against India; because, besides being allies of the Congress in plutocracy, their role during the reign of Vajpayee was also averse to the primordial role of CAG in ensuring financial discipline a government is needed to adhere to.

But, the left parties in India too, are conspicuous by their silence over the biting reality that the Prime Minister’s attempt to denigrate the CAG is the most harmful assault on the very structure on which India’s Parliamentary Democracy stands.

Economy being the essence of the country’s life and the basis of all its activities, denigration of CAG by the Prime Minister would precipitate ruin of the credibility of the specific and the only instrument created by the founders of independent India to provide the Parliament with the necessary feedback to make the government answerable and to draw up direction of administration. So, more than the massive scam, the monstrosity of Prime Minister Singh’s attack on CAG deserves serious remedial measures.

The only remedy to this serious syndrome lies in removal of Dr. Singh from the Prime Minister post. The BJP is absolutely right in demanding his resignation as a prerequisite to discussion over the issue in Parliament. Otherwise, it would help Dr. Singh to escape by throwing further confusing tirades against the CAG, notwithstanding how harmful that would be to the economic management of the country.

In this critical juncture, instead of acting a go-between, the left should stand with the BJP in demands for Singh’s resignation. The rank opportunism of the smaller parties that have no adherence to any political economy and no track record of political probity, are susceptible to money-bag influence as has often been observed. Hence a great responsibility lies on the Left to help India get rid of the compradors and, in this respect, their plea for hearing the PM on the issue is of no real utility. If they are serious, they should strengthen the demand for Dr. Singh’s resignation. Dr. Singh’s leader Sonia Gandhi, who is on records to have asked her followers to “attack” the Opposition, must not be allowed to derail democracy by such tricks of browbeating. And, unless the Left becomes one with the BJP in refusing to be browbeaten, the country would suffer an injury that can hardly be tackled instantly.

It pains us recalling that the left’s alliance with Dr. Singh in the preceding Parliament had ushered in the era of India’s subjugation to USA hegemony, specifically in the matter of the nuke deal with that country. The gateway to a “bonanza” to US nuke traders, the Hyde Act was “signed, sealed” and made “irrevocable” by Dr. Singh behind back of the Parliament even though for signing the agreement, the prerequisite was that “the Indian Parliament must agree to the text” of the Hyde Act. The “text” of the Hyde act was not placed before the Parliament and the Left, despite vociferous protests against signing the nuke deal, had never made the point that the Parliament “must agree” or “disagree” to the “text” of the said Act. It had neither wanted the speaker to make the Parliament discuss the “text” of the Hyde Act in order to “agree” or “disagree” to the “text” thereof nor had it terminated its alliance with the Congress on the ground of treachery against the country. It continued its alliance with Dr. Singh, till, smaller fishes, sans any political ideology, were netted in to stand with him in his seeking of confidence in nuke deal context. Such acrobatics are of no gain for the country and it would be wrong again for the left to fall into the trap of debates on the coal scam before Dr. Singh, who has denigrating the CAG for the exposure of the scams in his report, resigns to ensure that through the debate, the Parliament does not become a platform of abuse of the apex auditor.

We have also the experience of how BJP acts in connivance with the Congress when thereby the underworld is sure to benefit. Jaswant Singh’s withdrawal of his motion on collapse of the terror funding bank BCCI is an instance. So, there is no reason for us to believe that the BJP is sincere in its demands for resignation of Dr. Singh.

But to us, resignation of Dr. Singh is the only way to ensure an appropriate appraisal of the CAG report.

When the country has been transformed into a plutocracy by the compradors in nexus with non-communists, the Left is the last hope for our people for revival of democracy and it should not make it the lost hope.

Hence, it is now the Left’s responsibility to strengthen every voice that demands for Dr. Singh’s resignation without bothering about from beneath which flag that voice emanates. Otherwise, it will fail in its duty to our innocent people that are uninformed, less informed, misinformed.

The Samaja in Death Bed: A Reader’s Suggestion Deserves Serious Attention

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

As we are one with the people of Orissa in collective agony over the danger that ‘The Samaja’ is facing, an esteemed reader of ours, Dr. Asoka Misra, has advanced a suggestion on how to save the newspaper of the people’s beloved Utkalmani from the jaws of the Servants of the People Society (SoPS).

It is a very valuable suggestion.

Commenting on our write up that, for the first time, raised a question on genuineness of the Will of Pt. Gopabandhu Das basing on which the SoPS has occupied The Samaja, Dr. Misra has said,

“ In criminology there is an axiom: “There is no absolute or perfect Crime ” meaning thereby, any act of crime is bound to leave a trail of evidence which needs to be detected only. Great that, finally has been able to spot this fraud after many decades.…………

Now after this exposure if there is an iota of self-respect left with the SoPS, then the original WILL with the signature/thumb impression of Pt. Gopabandhu Das and witnesses thereto be published by them in The Samaja as soon as possible as suggested.

The Police and/or the appropriate authorities of Judicial system ( since the questionable WILL must have been fraudulently probated too ) of the State must take into cognizance of THE 420 of the Society concerned suo moto and IMMEDIATELY handover The Samaja Management to a NEW NGO under the direct supervision of the Hon’ble HC of Orissa, till the matter is settled lawfully in keeping with the high esteem and pride of THE ORIYAS,and unquestionably the founder of The Samaja, UTKALMANI PUNDIT GOPABANDHU DAS .

We have every reason to believe that the copy of the Will, published by us, is the genuine copy of the Will.

The Samaja had published this document as the “photo” of the Will. We have just investigated into it and have found that it is not a legally tenable document as neither Gopabandhu nor the witnesses have signed it. This leads to suspicion that Will was not even “dictated” by Gopabandhu as claimed.

From FIRs in Police Stations and from Cases in Civil Courts and from the report of investigation by a committee headed by Justice Arijit Pasayat, it transpires that there are members in SoPS who are involved in rampant misuse and misappropriation of the revenue generated by The Samaja and a document in our possession even shows that Manubhai Patel, whose locos standi as President of SoPS has been challenged by its life member-cum-President-in-charge K.C.Tripathy in a civil court, had misused the paper’s revenue in his personal political electioneering in his home province.

The Samaja needs immediate extrication from the most difficult situation it has fallen into. If the SoPS has occupied the paper and its press and properties fraudulently on the basis of a fake Will, the State Government should take over its management without loss of time and initiate every possible legal action against each and everybody involved with the crime.

Till the final decision as to who shall manage The Samaja is arrived at, its management should be handed over to the trade union of its employees, who have been producing the paper and bringing in its revenue through their dedicated and relentless service.

In this context, Dr. Misra’s suggestion deserves deep cogitation.

Manmohan Must Resign or else MPs Opposed to His Corruption Should: A Fresh Poll Alone Can Save India

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

With a Prime Minister as corrupt as Dr. Manmohan Singh, the parliamentary democracy in India has become a great farce and a tragedy.

With less than half of the amount exposed by the CAG to have been lost to the exchequer because of his administration’s nexus with the looters, the entire country could have been saved from draught for all time to come.

The monstrous loot has been carried out in the departments administered by Dr. Singh. It is wrong to say that the minister-in-charge is not corrupt when corruption is discernibly so rampant in the department(s) he rules over. Hence, with the mega mega scams unveiled by CAG, Dr. Singh deserves to be considered hugely corrupt.

It is sad that the he has been trying to denigrate the CAG in reaction to the exposure. He has even started alleging that the CAG is wrong in calculation! This nasty design against the apex audit authority would most severely jeopardize the future of India. So it is urgent to defeat this design. It is urgent for the people to ask Dr. Singh to quit and it is incumbent upon the Congress Party to replace Dr. Singh with another in the PM post.

But, instead of asking Dr. Singh to resign after the mega mega scams are exposed by the CAG, the lady autocrat of the ruling Congress, has asked her party to “attack” the Opposition, which is demanding for resignation of Dr. Singh from the PM post. Such posture is aimed at reducing the Parliament to a captive Parliament. It cannot be countenanced.

The Parliament needs be saved from the assault Sonial Ganghi has instigated her party MPs to perpetrate.

Like in nuke deal tangle, it is possible for Dr. Singh to overcome the impasse by cultivating support from any of ideology-less parties susceptible to extraneous influences. The looters of the exchequer can go to any extent to render the audit report inconsequential.

For saving the country from the looters, it is essential to have a fresh election to the Loksabha.

But with Sonia sycophant in President post, this is not to happen easily.

An environment needs be developed to force the President to accept popular demands for a fresh poll.

Therefore, it would be proper for any MP having an iota of responsibility towards the Republic to resign from the Parliament which alone can build up the necessary environment for a fresh election.

If the BJP is not making a drama of opposition as it seen doing on different occasions in the past, it should lead the Opposition by asking its MPs to resign from the Parliament and create a situation for a fresh election. The left parties at this juncture should stand with the BJP, if its MPs resign from Parliament, as it seems to be the only method to get rid of the gang of compradors whose flagrant violation of laws in allowing loot of the exchequer has been convincingly exposed by the constitutional authority of audit.

Compilation of Columns are of Essential Relevance to Living History: Soumya Ranjan Patnaik

Media magnet Soumya Ranjan Patnaik, whose ‘Sambad’ tops the major broadsheets of Orissa, observed that compilations of columns are of essential relevance to living history because they try to dwell between the lines of current events. This is why, as he has been marking, columns and comments have emerged as the principal object of interest of at least 40% of the newspaper readers, he said, while launching ‘Nai O Neta’, a compilation of published articles of Dr. Netajee Abhinandan, a faculty of Political Science in the Ravenshaw University, Cuttack.

The book launching was held last evening in the conference hall of Orissa Red Cross Bhawan, Bhubaneswar, with famous poet Rajendra Kishore Panda in the chair.

Panda, also a former top officer in IAS, delivered a highly scholarly exegesis on the art of column writing, even as, to him, insight into every facet of society with ability to editorialize the findings is what makes a columnist a reader’s choice in quest for information beyond the headlines’ beaten track.

The author introduced his book while looking back on evolution of his columns.

Dr. Rajendra Narayan Das stressed on readers’ participation in promotion of publication environment, when Pradyumna Satpathy, editor of Subarta, reviewed the book.

The audience comprising eminent authors and scholars was greeted with thanks by the publisher Nrusingh Prasad Mishra of Cuttack Students Store, when Dr. Bijayanand Singh had set the event to motion by welcoming the guests to the dais. Dr. Sanjay Satpathy co-ordinated the launching ceremony.

With a note of blessings from Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak, the book consists of twenty nine published pieces on personal, socio-cultural, politico-economic topics as well as on issues germane to education, literature and civilian responsibility.