Nabin Patnaik Regime Has Turned Out To Be Nightmare For Women Of The State, Reminds OGS In A Fresh Memorandum To Governor

In the matter of Pipili gang-rape-cum-murder, the Orissa Gana Samaj (OGS) repeated its demand for investigation by CBI and speedy penal action on all the rapists and their protectors amongst politicians, police and medical officers without loss of time. On its behalf, the following memorandum was submitted today by its delegates to Governor Murali Chandrakant Bhandare.

Respected Rajyapalji,
We feel terribly hurt and disgusted as despite our consistent campaign, appeal and warning Babina Behera’s life could not be saved. This is undoubtedly a defeat for ethics, laws and institutions thriving for democracy in Orissa. Her death has put a big question mark before the trial of the mass rape case since all circumstantial evidences had been destroyed earlier or not taken care of within the necessary time frame either by deliberate neglect or by possible manipulation and maneuvering, thus making a mockery of the process of prosecution. There has been also criminal negligence by doctors in providing most immediate treatment. 

Justice which seemed difficult and looked distorted now seems to be being buried. But still Orissa Gana Samaj thinks all is not gone. If the government of Orissa is serious about punishing the culprits despite their strong links with powerful elements in the ruling BJD it can still do a lot and get justice for the families of the dead sufferers.

As we have all already apprised you in our last appeal in the second week of March 2012, the Orissa Gana Samaj was formed by aggrieved political parties in opposition, agonized intellectuals, activists and political organizations and citizens to get justice for Babina and similar cases across the state concerning helpless women who have been victims of sexual crimes and criminal conspiracies involving politically powerful elements. Because of the campaign of the Orissa Gana Samaj the government did concede to a few demands by dismissing the Inspector -in charge of Pipili police station and by arresting all accused. The agriculture minister was also dropped from the cabinet. But no steps were taken to strengthen the prosecution and to go for a CBI investigation of the Babina rape and attempt to murder case as it involved the rape and death in mysterious circumstances of another girl three years back. If you may kindly recollect, the following concerns and demands were raised in our appeal to you seeking your kind and immediate intervention.

“The Nabin Patnaik regime has turned out to be nightmare for women of the state and this has been abundantly proved in the Pipli gang rape case and all other rape cases reported from across the state. 

A dalit girl who could gather the courage to depose before the court in a rape case of her friend Pravati Behera by powerful local elements with ruling party affiliations three years latter herself becomes a victim of gang rape by the same forces. Not only that, the earlier victim also has mysteriously died giving rise to speculation of a well thought out murder and not suicide as officially stated. The incidence that occurred on November 28, 2011 causing the gang rape and attempt to murder of the dalit girl who was witness to the rape of 2008 was also part a criminal conspiracy. In both cases the complicity of the police and ruling pary MLA and Minister of Agriculture in the crime has been subject of strong suspicion. The way the police handled the whole case in the last three years and the way the state run hospitals behaved recently with a dying victim of rape could no more be kept away from public eyes. The Nabin Patnaik government has no answer and no convincing explanation to offer. Simply ordering a judicial inquiry or suspending a police official will not bring justice to the victims- one who has died and the witness of the dead who is battling for life since November 2011. If one of the accused could be arrested now after so many hue and cries was created, why the culprits were not arrested and tried before-asks any conscientious citizen of the state. 

Without wasting any further time as presumably you are aware of the developments in the Pipli gang rape case we would like to put forth the following demands with the expectation that as head of state in odisha you will kindly intervene at the earliest and put a check on the erosion of hope for justice in Odisha today.

1. All ruling party elements connected with the crime/accused to be having links with the criminals must immediately be arrested and put behind bar under charges of murder, conspiracy, abetment to rape and murder etc. The Doctors who have neglected treatment of Babina at Pipili, Capital Hospital as well as at S.C.B. Medical College Hospital must be prosecuted for negligence of duty amounting to murder.

2. A CBI investigation of the cases of rape and death of Pravati Behera as well as that of Babina Behera must be taken up immediately.

3. The officers in police hierarchy including DG police and home secretary must be sacked and arrested so that it will discourage the cadre/officers from becoming party to the crime/criminal conspiracies at any level.

4. All rape cases/gang rape cases in the state must be reviewed by an independent body and cases closed before judicial verdicts must be reopened.

5. All rape victims must be enabled to lead a normal life and they must be adequately rehabilitated including the Pipli gang rape victim.

6. Those who have died/got killed/committed suicide next of their kith and kin must be financially compensated.”

7. Cases against Gana Samaj ;leaders is a well planned design to throttle the opinion and fundamental rights and freedom of speech , must be dropped. 

Now that Babina has died much to the delight of the culprits and their protectors in the ruling BJD party and government, which apparently they anticipated, the case has taken a new turn. All believers in democracy are eager to know the fate of the case. Had she opened her mouth, truth would have come out. Now since she has been silenced for ever and truth has been made to rest, a CBI investigation can only help in digging out the truth from her grave. It may not be required to reemphasize the fact that Babina’s case is no more a mass rape case. It has become a murder case now. Every murder is done with an intention. The accused may be in judicial custody now but their protectors and their partners in crime are roaming free. They have even gone to the extent of registering a FIR against the members of Odisha Gana Samaj with the single most intention of discouraging us and destroying the case. Therefore, we consider it high time for your good office to intervene and to please initiate action.

Along with other demands submitted earlier we would like to reiterate the following:

1. Ask the Chief Minister to go for a CBI investigation of the rape and murder case of Babina and her friend Pravati. It is because of her courage to get justice for her dead friend Babina paid a price in terms of her dignity and life.

2. Ask the government to book all accused in the rape case under 302 as it has also turned out to be a murder. All police officials and doctors must be immediately booked and tried in this rape and murder case.

3. Babina’s family facing harassment and torture at the instigation of antisocial and ruling party elements in the locality must be rehabilitated honorably elsewhere with protection.

4. All laws protecting women and their dignity must be implemented properly and with provisions of regular and effective monitoring.

With best regards
Yours sincerely
Prasanta Patnaik
Rabi Das
Joint Conveners along with the members


At Bargarh, the place of the State’s Health Minister, a state government doctor is running a private clinic at Khajurtikra, ignoring his posting to Kalahandi. He is pediatrician, Dr Prafulla Patra. He and his family members in a combine with criminal intent and murderous ferocity have assaulted on 19 June 2012 four of the local journalists that were trying to verify allegations of exploitation and treachery in health care that a poor patient has raised against Dr. Patra as well as the clinic.

The affected journalists are: Byomakesh Kar (Kamyab TV ), Sri Rajesh Saraf (Naxatra TV) ,Sri Badriprasad Sahu ( STV ) and Sanjib Mahapatra, editor of a Local Oriya weekly Kosal Times.

Members of Bargarh Sambadik Sangha led by its President Shankar Ballav Mishra have already called on the Bargarh District Collector Bhabagrahi Mishra on Friday to demand the arrest of pediatrician.

An FIR has been lodged against the doctor and his family for the criminal offense but the local police are yet to arrest the culprits.

In protest against this official apathy, the Media Unity for Freedom of Press ( MUFP ) held a meeting today under the Freedom Tree in Bhubaneswar, where an affected journalist narrated how he was assaulted and a group of social activists from Bargarh also described how innocent patients are being exploited by doctors like Patra, who despite being government doctors, are running private clinics and operating in connivance with rackets in health care sector.

The MUFP condemned in the strongest terms the criminal assault on the media persons and while expressing its solidarity with the Bargarh Sambadika Sangha, demanded immediate arrest of the doctor and stringent action against him for this criminal act as well as other illegal activities by him and his family members.

The MUFP held that the attack on the Bargarh-based journalists was a direct attack on freedom of press and basic human values and exhorted the district administration as well as the state government to take appropriate action against the accused doctor and his family members without any further delay.

The MUFP also assured all media colleagues in Bargarh that it stands solidly behind them and will do its best to ensure that the guilty is punished and justice delivered to the fellow professionals who were subjected to the criminal assault by the doctor and his family.

Among others, MUFP presidium members Prasanta Patnaik, Sampad Mohapatra, Subhas Chandra Pattanayak, Rabi Das,Ashok Mohapatra, Chief of MBC TV, Sharada Lahangir , Bureau Chief of ANI, Ramesh Chandra Mohanty, Sujata Mohapatra of India TV, Rasmita Das of MBC Tv, etc. attended the protest demonstration.


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Pipili gang-rape victim’s cremation gave birth to such a scene that every genuine Oriya should have liked not to have seen.

Orissa has a government that hijacked the Ambulance the victim’s father was using to take her body for funeral at Ghatikia after receiving the same from SCB Medical College, Cuttack; and, arbitrarily halted the cremation for long 51 hours till it totally decomposed.

Perpetrators of the crime being members/supporters of the ruling party, the police was used to suppress the FIR and the medical system was used to make out a case of snake bite in order to protect the criminals. As media exposed the felony, the minister, who represents the Pipili constituency, had tried to intimidate the reporters. This is why the Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) had to intervene. In its attempt to protect the journalists from the ire of the minister, MUFP involved the general public in expression of solidarity with the media persons of Pipili. This eventually gave birth to Orissa Gana Samaja (OGS), where political parties thought it prudent to unite sans their flags in demanding justice for the victim of the gang rape.

The government, then, had no other way than taking the victim to its own care and providing free advanced treatment at SCB Medical College, Cuttack.

Therefore, since the day her charge was taken over by the government, she was, alive or dead, absolutely official. It was the responsibility of the government to treat her dead body officially. The government should have decided where and how to cremate her and in that, only accommodated her family members in witnessing the cremation and performing the rituals. So, instead of handing over the body to her family, the Medical College should have handed it over to the government. Government did not take over the body from the Medical College. As result of this, the father of the child had taken over the corpse for cremation.

It is shocking that, thereafter, when the corpse, as received from the Hospital, was being carried for cremation in an ambulance, the police planted its men in the same Ambulance, who, at Rasulgarh, threw out the family members accompanying the corpse and instead of allowing the Ambulance proceed for Ghatikia as desired by the father of the victim for her cremation in presence of relations present in that village, forced its driver to proceed towards Puri. As hundreds of onlookers at Rasulgarh watched it, they tried to foil the carjack by the police itself; but they were subjected to brutal beating by a police force summoned to the spot. It was incumbent upon the government to cremate the body of the victim with due dignity; but it failed. This shows how irresponsible, incompetent and confused the government is.

The irresponsibility, incompetency and confusion of the government is squarely established by the very fact that the dead body of the Dalit girl could not be given obituary respect in her own village as her family was not allowed by the caste hindus, the collaborators of the rapists and the mafia ruling the roost there to perform her last rites, even in presence of the police and the magistrates and the men who matter in administration.

Nothing can be more shameful for the people of the State than the fact that, the State could not dare to ensure cremation of the victimized child by her family members in terms of its tradition in their own village, because, failure of administration to keep under leash the hounds that tortured her to death, was too alarming for them to perform the last rites in their place of birth.

That, the government failed to have the cremation in the birthplace of Babina, the victim, has established that law is not working in Pipili and administration has no control over the area.

It has become a free land for fellows in or close to power to rape any girl of the locality, to attempt to murder her post-rape, to use police and medical officers to arrange death of the victim in medical environment so that the curpus delicti would be of no active witness utility, to keep the family of the victim under constant alarming intimidation so as to deter it from taking appropriate legal action, to purchase the silence of the victim’s relations through posthumous release of massive amount of money from the state exchequer in the style of the ruling chief minister’s help, to use a section of obliging media and village touts and vested-interest politicians to demoralize the civil-society activists through cultivated insinuations even while managing the prosecution to weaken the case by eliminating/ignoring material evidences.

Every Oriya should feel ashamed of having such a chief minister, such a government, such a network of crime and such a situation.

Geriatric Hospitals Are Essential

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Six months!

Six months without her because of whom, after passing away of my father in 1988, I was not an orphan.

My mother passed away at Bhubaneswar six months ago on December 16, 2011.

After igniting her pyre in “Swargadwar” crematorium, Puri, while waiting for the Malabhai (group of my brotherhood who performed the cremation) to come with her ashes, on the beach of Mahodadhi, my sobs had taken the following form:

(These two pages are from Dahana Daha, published on her Dwadashah)

And, while jotting down the above stanzas, I was consoling myself that the fire would immortalize my mother with the elements and make her omnipresent for me to feel her presence every moment, everywhere.

All these six months, in every moment of solitude, I have felt her presence in her omnipresent form, have taken my sleep as if in her lap, have welcomed the wee hours everyday to see how the sleeping world wakes up to her eternal call to work apace.

Working apace was my mother’s celebrated habit all her life. She was always busy in works after waking up in the wee hours till retiring around midnight. Her loving care was not limited only to the family members but also was fabulously available to the plants on our soil, to the pets in our house as well as to our relations and family friends, including the friends of the friends and to casual visitors. Everybody in our extended family, in our immediate neighborhood and of my clan in the village, was of unreserved reverence and utmost affection for her. When the news of her illness had reached them, they were as anxious for her recovery as they were in tears on getting the sad news of her demise. She was really unique. Not a moment of her life was spent in idleness. When no specific work was to be done, she was reading books and browsing through newspapers and keeping herself abreast of developments in socio-political and economic fields.

I was in USA for six months. On return, to meet her, I went to my native place Tigiria, where I had left her with my brothers before going abroad. She told me that she was having some pain in the abdomen sometimes. I brought her back to Bhubaneswar, my professional place of living. And, consulted the Capital Hospital. It is the State headquarters hospital of Orissa Government conceived originally to be what AIIMS is to government of India. But self-centric persons taking over political reign of the State since 1960, the idea was abandoned. Yet, senior specialists in different disciplines are being posted here and Professors of super-specialty departments of SCB Medical College are conducting outdoor treatment everyday in weekly rotations under orders of the Government. Under their advice I admitted my mother in the nursing home of this hospital. After a week, under their advice again, I took her to Kalinga Hospital for an endoscopic investigation. I shudder to write what happened thereafter. I am sure, had I not taken my mother to Kalinga Hospital, she would certainly have been alive as yet. Recalling that experience is so painful and frustrating that I am yet unable to find words to make a report on that. Someday, when time shall, to manageable extent, heal up the wounds of my soul, I will narrate my mother’s Kalinga Hospital phase and how brutally that shortened her life.

However, as the first six months of her passing away have passed away, I feel it necessary to say that I could have given her proper treatment if any hospital in Orissa (in hope against hope, I had to contact and consult all who mattered in respect to her health in all the government and private hospitals in my State under reference and cross-references), could have any scope for geriatric treatment.

There is no geriatric care specialties in any of its medical colleges and in the private hospitals that are making money under brand names.

The general impression is being given to the elderly / aged patient is that his/her suffering is caused by old age, sans any concern for what impact such statements from the treating physician should be putting on the psyche of the affected.

I feel, we all will fail in our duties to our elders if we fail to force the governments to put priority on establishment of geriatric hospitals with super-specialty departments addressed to diseases that are expected to afflict the parents and the grandparents in course of time.

With massive majority in Orissa perishing below the poverty line, because of mismanagement of the mineral-rich State by commission agents in power, the geriatric problems are more menacing in rural areas, where, the available medical practitioners have no training at all in geriatric care.

No Doctor in Orissa has any training in geriatric medicines. No Nurse has any training in geriatric care.

Old persons are admitted in general wards and treated generally, with open suggestions that their diseases are “old-age-diseases”, which precipitates their debacle, as they feel they cannot be cured. This has to be stopped.

My family being a big joint family, my mother was in no dearth of caring hands. Yet, I feel, had we in the family have enough awareness in geriatric problems, and orientation in physical and psychological care of the elderly, my mother could have received more defined and desirable nursing than that she got in the hospitals. So, it is necessary that the general public be made aware of geriatric necessities.

The Panchayats and urban civic bodies need be instructed and enforced to orientalize the people within their jurisdictions on locating geriatric problems, on dealing with the elderly, on how to keep them in better health.

The MLAs and MPs Local Area Development Funds are being mostly misused and cycled into their private pockets, a small part of the booty distributed amongst their followers and false bill preparers. The funds necessary for geriatric programs can be obtained officially from the LAD funds given to MLAs and MPs.

But unless geriatric hospitals are specifically established, and super-specialty departments to deal with geriatric problems are created in Medical Colleges and Doctors as well as Nurses are given orientation training in geriatric treatment and care, the general awareness cannot be sharpened on this issue.

So, instead of squandering away Orissa’s natural resources for benefit of private capitalists, even foreign industries, shouldn’t the State Government take steps to ensure better health care for elder generations, by establishing geriatric hospitals, at least one in every district?


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Swami Nityananda, a self-styled Godman, a swindler and a sex-offender in the eyes of prosecution, enlarged on bail last year in trial for crimes including rape, is hiding when the Karnataka Police is chasing after him on recent orders of the Chief Minister to take him into custody on fresh allegation of crime and after his pet goons assaulted the reporters querying about his alleged refusal to accept court summons on charges of sexual abuse raised newly by one of his victims, a woman belonging to USA.

The criminals are using bails as their freedom to commit further crimes as the courts are not binding them to prove themselves innocent within a stipulated period. By wrongful interpretation of bail, the courts are helping criminals to hoodwink the law and to stay free to play further havoc upon the society.

It is absolutely wrong to assume that everybody is innocent until proved guilty. Judiciary from bottom to top is addicted to this wrong. Therefore, the criminals are misusing bails to their own advantage.

It is not that the bail granting judge considers the accused not guilty.

The cognizance of the case against the accused is by itself indicative of acceptance of the alleged offense as true until proved otherwise.

So, the accused, granted bail, is an offender until proved innocent.

In other words, the judge holds the accused prima facie guilty; but honoring human rights, grants him time to prove himself not guilty.

This is the concept of bail.

Therefore, every bail needs be time-bound with stipulation that the accused must prove his/her innocence within the period of bail, failing which the court should simply pronounce the punishment, provided for the offense under the penal codes.

But judiciary is not doing it. As a result of which, judges are continuing to make farce of their power to grant bails; crimes are spreading and criminals are not being properly punished and the society is not being free from the grips of the offenders, the shrewd Sri Sris, the avaricious Babas, the spiritual looking mafias, the Gurus and the Godmen.

Had the so-called Godman Nityananda not been enlarged on bail or had his bail been time-bound and had he been required to prove his innocence within the boundary of that time, he might have already been punished for the crimes he is charged with or the cause of seeing in him a menace might have been removed.

But going through the Nityananda episode one does not feel like seeing something exceptional in the self-styled Godman.

In the country of the Sathya Sais, of Jayendra Saraswatis, of Chandraswamies, of Krupalus, of Thakurs, of Dadas, of Didis, of Dhirendra Brahmacharies, of Nirmal Babas and the likes, who of the so-called Godmen is not a devil?

Sivaganga Shows Us How Hollow Has Become Indian Democracy

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Sivaganga representative in the Loksabha, P. Chidambaram has failed in his case against the election case filed against him in the Madras High Court. Yet he has remained the Home Minister of India and asserts that there are 111 election cases pending against elected MPs in Courts in the country and, hence, there is no necessity for him to resign.

His challenger Mr. Raja Kannappan of AIDMK claims that he had secured 3,34,348 votes as against Chidambaram’s 3,30,994. But by manipulation, the powerful central minister was declared elected by a margin of 3,354 votes. Among many other allegations found triable by the Court, one is: bribing of thousands of women voters belonging to self-help groups at the rate of Rs.500 each through his son Karti Chidambaram.

Chidambaram had tried to get the election petition quashed, first on technical ground, which the Court had turned down. Then he had filed a misc case seeking rejection of the election petition on the ground that it does not disclose any cause of action. This misc case is rejected too, with the observation that cause of action is convincingly disclosed.

The Court on June 7 has said, “A perusal of the various averments made in the election petition shows that sufficient material facts were made and it discloses cause of action for trial of the election petition. It also contains adequate statement of material facts on which the allegations of irregularities or illegalities in counting were founded … The contention that the election petition does not disclose any cause of action cannot be accepted.”

So, even before the final verdict comes on the election petition, it is established that Kannappan has adduced sufficient and strong material facts to justify Chidambaram’s trial for corrupt practices in election.

It is strange that instead of cooperating with the Court to close the case on proper hearing within the stipulated time, Chidambaram has played the dilatory tactics of filing misc cases one after one and stayed a MP and a Minister by stymieing the process of law, thereby denying the people of Sivaganga their legitimate right to be represented in the Loksabha without any stink of infection on democracy.

The shrewd fellows like Chidambaram are able to hijack democracy because of lack of exemplary punishment and because of absence of specific election courts.

Elsewhere in these pages we have, time and again, stressed upon creation of Election Courts in every state or Election Benches in every High Court and also in the Supreme Court with the only assignment of deciding election petitions.

From Chidambaram’s assertions it transpires that, like him, there are one hundred and eleven MPs, who are facing election cases, which means, in those 111 Loksabha constituencies, people are, because of delay in disposal of the cases, in dark about whether they have legal representation in the rampart of democracy.

Fortunately for R.P.Swain of my area, his petition has ended in his favor in both the Orissa High Court and the Supreme Court, a bit earlier; as a result of which, re-election has already been held in Athgarh_Tigiria and he has returned to the Assembly, whereby the people of my area have been able to have their legitimate representation in Orissa Assembly.

But the people of Sivaganga Loksabha Constituency are devoid of this opportunity as yet. So also, people of 111 Loksabha Constituencies in the country, of which Chidambaram has mentioned to pooh-pooh the Opposition demand for his resignation.

The fellows who manipulate elections also manipulate judicial systems to stay in illegal occupation of berths in Legislatures; because there is no specific Election Courts to decide the election cases within stipulated time.

Under subsection (6) of section 86 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 the High Courts are required to adjudicate upon election petitions continuously on “day to day” basis until their conclusion, whereas subsection (7) declares that “every election petition shall be tried as expeditiously as possible and endeavor shall be made to conclude the trial within six months from the date on which the election petition is presented to the High Court on trial.”

But normally as the High Courts are overloaded with cases of all natures, disposal of election cases, though essential for democracy, are in most cases, not even heard within the life time of a House constituted on the basis of the elections challenged.

This being a reality, the Second Administrative Reforms Commission had recommended for setting up of Special Election Tribunals to expedite timely disposal of election petitions.

But, as non-existence of such specific Tribunals/Courts are more suitable to shrewd fellows who occupy legislative berths illegally and become ministers, the above recommendation is never attended to.

Therefore, in these pages, we have been harping on about the necessity of creation of such Tribunals/Courts by Supreme Court through appropriate case laws.

In Chidambaram matter, howsoever belated it be, the Court has now removed the stymie he had cleverly put to its proceeding in the main case.

Instead of welcoming the decision and assuring to cooperate with the Court to conclude the case as quickly as possible by hearing the case “from day to day”, Chidambaram has started bragging about how his case is one of 111 such cases pending in the Courts!

Had he been any idiot in politics, the braggadocio could have been not such offensive. But he is the Home Minister of India. And, his conduct affects the country.

Will the Prime Minister wake up?

He is appointed and continues in the cabinet on the pleasure of the Prime Minister. So, it is incumbent upon the Prime Minister to say as to whether his Home Minister should resign following the rejection of his plea in the election case against him or continue to convert the case to a time-consuming instance of legal acrobatics till the life span of the present Loksabha passes away and the election case becomes infructuous.

Otherwise, this case shall show us, how hollow has become Indian democracy in the hands of Dr. Singh and his team.

Fanatical Face of Pipili: Rape is Our Prerogative; Action Against That is Not Yours

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Gana Samaj that stresses on CBI inquiry into Pipili gang-rape, is facing police action, as the local police station – ill-famed for having given protection to the rapists – has entertained a FIR against its leaders, alleging, because of them, the rape having attracted national attention, face of Pipili has been blackened.

Pipili Assembly Constituency is in strong grip of ruling party BJD. No official here is expected to act independent of BJD influence.

Here, in the village Arjungoda, on 29 November 2011, a Dalit girl was found lying like a dead body in a paddy field abandoned by perpetrators of gang-rape who had tried to murder her after raping, as her living was dangerous to them, she being the only eye witness to a 2008 rape-cum-murder they had committed; and, assuming that she was dead, they had left her motionless body to be eaten away by scavengers.

But a villager stumbled upon the poor child in that pathetic condition and notified her family.

The shocked family took her to Pipili Hospital for immediate medical intervention and informed the police. None of them came to her rescue.

The girl was then taken to the Capital Hospital at Bhubaneswar, which not only blatantly neglected her, but also to eliminate the angle of rape, probably under political pressure, tried to make out a case of snake bite.

The girl, due to willful wrong treatment, went from senselessness to coma and her reference even to the SCB Medical College failed to fetch any proper medical attention; as if revival of her sense was not in the agenda of the government doctors.

She was discharged from the medical college without any medico-legal investigation even though her family had apprised the medical officer of the gang-rape and attempted murder.

As she was thus left without medical care, in the lap of slow death, in a condition of no attention from the State as police was not taking cognizance of rape and attempted murder, the local media took up the matter.

Surprisingly, the loudmouth bigwig of BJD, Minister (as he then was) Pradip Maharathi, representing Pipili in the Assembly, till then silent, woke up to intimidate the Press for reports of the rape!

The minister’s such unexpected attack on the media made the watchdog of journalistic interest, the Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) take up the issue and eventually, under its initiative, for the first time in the post-independence history of Orissa, politicians sans their party flags got united with the civil society against the government’s design to suppress this felony, which gave birth to the Orissa Gana Samaj (OGS), with representatives of MUFP – Prasanta Patnaik and Rabi Das – as its joint conveners.

The loudmouth minister had to resign from the cabinet; the Government had to readmit the victim in the medical college afresh and to arrange for her treatment under inspection and instructions from super-specialists and medical scientists from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi; and other official organs had to get activated. The Home department had to initiate action against the police inspector who had protected the rapists and the alleged rapists were arrested, notwithstanding howsoever farcical that was.

Had the OGS not taken up the matter, the victim could never have got government attention and the possibility of prosecution against the rapists could never even have developed.

So, the ruling party, its loudmouth leader who was forced to resign in the gang-rape context, its local hoodlums to which segment the alleged rapists belong, are acrimoniously angry upon the OGS.

Now as a FIR has been filed against the representatives of OGS by a man who claims that by exposing the gang-rape, they have embarrassed Pipili in the eyes of the nation, one is inclined to accept that there are elements in Pipili to whom raping a woman is not a crime against the land, but exposing the crime is a crime. This throws light on the liking of the party that rules over Orissa, specifically when such a mischievous FIR has been entertained by the police.

Prasanta Patnaik, Convener of OGS, has demanded that the matter in its entirety be handed over to CBI for an in-depth investigation, as the State Police seems to be in habitual nexus with the criminals.

Tempest in the Land of Scams: Ruling Party in Peril; No Alternative Visible

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

There is a tempest in the Scamsterdom.

Orissa, the land of peace-loving people, turned into a land of scams by the compradors in power, is seeing its ruling party rushing into peril. Yet there is no political alternative visible.

The BJD is breaking.

Its president Naveen Patnaik, has suspended Pyari  Mohan Mohapatra, the real architect of the party’s 2009 electoral victory, due to jitteriness over news that he was trying to snatch away from him his twelve years old position as head of the State’s political government. The action is authored to dismiss him.

A year ago, on 23 May 2011, I had foreseen this. My caption was, “If Pyari Mohapatra is not dismissed, he will replace Naveen Patnaik as CM“. My analysis has come out correct. What I had expected to happen, has happened.

To stay safe in power, Naveen has played such stunts many times earlier. Whenever he has apprehended threat to his position from any member of the party, he has dismissed him/her from the cabinet or party post, even from the party, hurling unestablished charges and on flimsy grounds. To save his own skin, when a scam is exposed, he has also found scapegoats in any of his colleagues.

This time, along with Mohapatra, he  has suspended two MLAs and dismissed three ministers from his cabinet because of suspicion that they were one with Pyari in the internecine rebellion.

But like the ministers or members dropped from the cabinet and/or dismissed from the party on earlier occasions, these persons are not the victims of Supremo-syndrome. These are the people, who, in the pack of sycophants constituting BJD, are of leadership quality reflected in their wisdom to  revolt against the scams that have ruined Orissa.

Along with time, the rebels in BJD are bound to rise in numbers. Orissa is devastated by so many scams in the regime of Naveen Patnaik, that, people are looking at everybody known as his loyal colleagues with suspicion as a possible  scamster for which,  many in BJD, who are not involved in the scams, are feeling very awkward, embarrassed and  suffocated.

They are in BJD, simply because there is no alternative available to them.

But they also know that the BJD brand will not help them in the next election.

Therefore they will try to explore if any alternative to Naveen could be discovered or built up.

Pyari Mohapatra has taken the first welcome step in this regard.

Many of BJD members will join him in course of time as people will wake up to save their State, which is bound to happen, and it would be increasingly clear that siding with scamsters will lead to their rejection in election.

By demanding CBI investigation into mining scams, Mohapatra has made it clear that saving Orissa from the scamsters will be his principal approach to election.

Mohapatra’s distinction

In fact, Mohapatra was the brain behind electoral victory of BJD in the last election. He shattered Naveen’s two-term old coalition with BJP by choosing its strongman K..V.Singhdeo’s political nerve centre Bolangir as the launching pad of his unilateral battle against BJP. He surprised everybody including his party by pronouncing his declaration to plant BJD candidates in all the constituencies in Orissa. Heavyweights in BJD, such as Dr. Damodar Raut did not hesitate to criticize Mohapatra’s assertion; but there was none to stop his steps.

Mahapatra’s steps not only broke the coalition with the rightist BJP, but also paved the way for electoral understanding with the left, thereby giving the party of compradors a cover of progressive color, which helped it face the electorate in a renewed spirit. Had it not happened, Dr. Raut who is leading the present attack on Pyari, might himself not have returned to the Assembly, the left being of immense influence in his area.

Mohapatra’s declaration that, in all the constituencies under occupation of BJP, there shall be his party candidates, also instantly ignited hope and aspiration in  the low lying constituency level leaders of BJD for berths in the legislature, resultantly waking them up to ensure victory for the party, while leaving the unprepared former ally entirely perplexed.

This is why BJD had won.

BJD had won not because of popularity of Naveen, but because of assertive acumen of Pyari, which augmented the feeling of freedom to contest that the BJD workers in BJP constituencies were not having till then, because of the coalition.

Had Mohapatra not done this with determination and in time, the results of the election would have been different and Naveen could not have become the Chief Minister again.

The position was such, that,  had he wanted, after the election, except at best a dozen of coastal area MLAs and a single MLA from Ganjam, all other MLAs of BJD could have stood behind him and instead of Naveen, he could have become the CM.

Yet, like Chanakya (Pyari was being aptly called Chanakya of BJD so far) he preferred to remain a king maker and therefore, it became possible for Naveen to become the CM , for the first time, on the strength of a single party, not of a coalition.

Naveen’s Predicament

But, curiously,  when in the preceding two terms of heading a coalition with BJP, he had not faced any rebellion, either in the segment of allies or in his own party, Naveen is facing it now while heading his own party government and  to such of his wit’s end, that he is not able to distinguish between personal loyalty and political prudence.

The situation shall not improve for him. He is in such a situation that he cannot escape the land-grabbers. He cannot extricate himself from the traps of POSCO, Vedant, Tata and the likes. None of these industries have come to Orissa on invitation of its government to execute projects planned and required by the State. They were in search of lands and mines; and have stumbled upon Orissa, where, to their advantage, compradors are in power. They have gained over the compradors in such manners that the State is waging wars on its own people at their behest. They are in a position to blackmail Naveen if at any point of time within his incumbency he dares to stop serving their interest. Thus it is not possible for Naveen to refuse to dance to the tune of the corporates.

In such a situation,  whosoever in BJD is not involved with the scams and has respect for prudence in public life and loyalty for the motherland, will rise in revolt against him and join Pyari.

Plenty of sycophants
sans leadership quality

In the last more than a decade, precisely since BJD was formed, none but Pyari has proved to be a person of leadership quality. In the party of sycophants, he alone was the man from whom, the people know, the Chief Minister was taking instructions.

Now as he has been jettisoned, Patnaik will stay surrounded by the sycophants and, by the vested interests. Plenty of sycophants sans political acumen would be of no use to Naveen. This will further push Orissa into labyrinths of scams that people would  no more tolerate. BJD ‘s peril will further deepen and deepen beyond management.

Orissa in turmoil

But it shall not end Orissa’s turmoil.

A political alternative to Naveen would be needed to save her from the scamsters, from the compradors.

Pyari, in the present environment, cannot give that alternative.

Because, being the de facto Chief Minister all these years, he cannot convince the people that he was not a party to the crimes committed by the de jure CM against the people.

To be able to offer the alternative, he is to come out with details against Naveen, because he knows where, when and how the CM has played his part in the scams.

He has started demanding for a CBI investigation into mining scam. Mining is not the only scam that has hit Orissa. The State is scam-stroke. And, Pyari knows it.

So, if he is sincere to the new role he aspires to play, he must reveal all that he knows of all the scams and all the details of Naveen’ collaboration therewith.

Instead of stressing on CBI inquiry, he should divulge details to the general public and thereby help the general public treat the traitors with appropriate action.

Biju experience

Let us not forget that Biju Patnaik, father of Naveen, on capturing the Chief Minister post for the first time, by prevailing upon Jawaharlal Nehru to quash Harekrushna  Mahtab’s coalition with Bolangir’s former king R.N.Singhdeo, had generated so many scams that there was a mass uprising against him led by the students and youth of Orissa, consequent upon which he was forced out of office, though the Congress leadership in the center had given his dismissal a veil styled Kamraj Plan.

The Central Government had tried to hoodwink the people with a Cabinet Sub-Committee investigation, which, in fact, was a covering up exercise to help the bigwig of their party; but because of unrelenting protests against such protection to Biju, it had been forced to institute a probe by the CBI into allegations of scams against him.

The CBI tried its best to protect him also; but could not entirely ignore the massiveness of the scams he had masterminded and executed. It recommended for further investigation by a more powerful body alleging that the Orissa government (run by the party of Biju) did not properly cooperate with the sleuths conducting the probe.

The central government, instead of acting against Biju, slept over the CBI report.

What happened?

People punished Biju in the following general election, by bringing in the revived combine of Mahtab and Singhdeo (the coalition of Swatantra party and Jan Congress).

Biju tried to to return to power by forming a new regional party. But the people refused him mandate in the next election too.  

So, instead of demanding a CBI inquiry, Mohapatra, if he is sincere in what he says, should place details of Naveen’s role in the mining and all other scams before the general public, so that the people can take their own decision.

Unless he does it, he cannot be the expected alternative, though, because of him, the ruling party of Orissa is certainly in peril.

Congress cannot be the alternative

India of the majority Indians is perishing because of the Congress; because of Manmohan Singh’s pernicious economic policies.

The cause of India is sabotaged to provide a bonanza to nuclear traders of USA. Fraud has been played upon Indian Constitution to serve the interests of avaricious industries and corporates.

The crimes that the Congress has committed against the country ever since Manmohans and Miukherjees and Montakes and Sonia’s and sycophants have emerged as planners and leaders are so monstrous that it would be a folly to accept the Congress as the alternative to Naveen in Orissa.

This is such a party that its central leadership has helped Naveen to defeat Congress in Orissa and to continue in power. To retrieve our democracy from the grip of plutocracy that its leadership has shaped, it should be the country’s top priority to get rid of the Congress and hence it would be wrong for Orissa to accept the Congress as an alternative to the BJD.

Despite cleaner members, BJP is neither

On the other hand,  when in power, BJP was a party having a national president in a man like Banguru Laxman, now convicted with four years of rigorous imprisonment for having received money to facilitate a deal though thereby the country’s defense was to have been endangered.

Its government was a government also of George Fernandiz whose official residence was being used as a bribe hub in defense deals.

No government till then had a disinvestment ministry addressed to divest India of her industrial assets at the behest of private operators.

For the first time in India, a new pattern of culture was created and created by the BJP led government. It was the culture of corruption.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s blue eyed boy Pramod Mahajan, son of a low grade low-paid school teacher, had been able to amass an unestablished assets worth Rs.2000 Crores within a short span of time in the BJP regime.

This culture was so much in practice by BJP bigwigs that eight of its MPs were caught taking money for  putting questions in Parliament, from from fellows who had ulterior interests in those questions. The Parliament had to dismiss them from membership to save its own dignity.  

This party is also a party of real life compromise with the Congress. It had never condemned Jaswant Sinha for the farce he made of the Parliament in matter of BCCI, the bank of terror funding. There are many such instances where BJP’s expertise in sabotaging the cause of Indian democracy is so huge that depiction thereof is beyond the power of words.

For Orissa, therefore, this party may not emerge as the alternative, even though it is true that there are many in it, whom people of the State know as less corrupt and more competent than others.

Remote possibility

In the circumstances, an united left is the only credible alternative which can be made available to Orissa, if both the Communist Parties – the CPI and CPI(M) – can convince the people that they are repentant for their hobnobbing with the right viruses in the past in thirst for power and honor the revolutionaries whom the compradors are condemning and their collaborators in administration are torturing.  

Such a left combine can constitute a progressive front with Pyari babu and his team of the BJD rebels; and, if this could be possible, it may also be possible for the less corrupt elements of BJP to join hands with this front.

There are many in civil society that are opposed to Naveen Patnaik  in the cause of eco-systems, in the cause of environment, in the cause of human rights, jin the cause of right to employment, right to education, right to good health, and right to fair living et cetera.

The united left front, if it could be possible as contemplated above, can attract their active or moral support.Thus, an alternative may emerge.

But as on now it is not visible.