Orissa Assembly Starts With Obituary

The fourteenth Legislative Assembly of Orissa began its seventh session on 17th with obituary respects paid to former minister Batakrushna Jena, former legislators Ramachandra Hansda, Jagannath Das, Aswini Kumar Behera, Mrutyunjaya Pal, Gajanana Nayak and the men in uniform died in fight against Naxal revolutionaries since the last session.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik put forth the official version of obituary followed by Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh, BJP leader K.V.Singhdeo, NCP leader Amar Prasad Satapathy and CPI’s Adikand Sethi.

The House stood in silent ovation after Speaker P. K. Amat paid tributes on behalf of the House.

Junagarh Follow-up: Police Official Punished for Attack on Press

The police officer responsible for atrocious attack on Press persons at Junagarh of Kalahandi district has been punished with transfer.

The Kalahandi Journalists through their Association have in a message thanked Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) for expressing solidarity with their fight for justice.

They have called off their protest agitation on August 16 after the officer-in-charge of Junagad PS, who had attacked and instigated other police men to attack the media persons covering the local farmers’ agitation was transferred and the authorities assured the journalists that no false cases will be slapped against them.

MUFP has expressed satisfaction over the victory of the Journalists of Junagarh and Kalahandi in their principled and united battle against official attempt to gag the Press and has laid stress on similar action everywhere in the state as and when media persons are subjected to any sort of atrocity.

We Are To Work For Our Independence

The independence, for which our martyrs had sacrificed their lives, our freedom fighters had perished in prisons, is yet to come.

We are to work for our independence.


A government run by persons with no concern for the common man but with devotion for foreigners like POSCO is definitely not in consonance with what the month of August means for Indians. No wonder, the government of Orissa brutalized the unarmed farmers agitating against officially created threat to their profession and living environment at Junagarh on the very first day of August 2011.

It also tried to strangulate freedom of Press on this first day of the month of Indian freedom as lathi wielding police smashed a local journalist covering the brutal attack on the farmers whom the government has left at the mercy of the money lenders, millers, hoarders, black-marketeers, land grabbers and exploiters.

The media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP), in a statement, has strongly condemned the attack and demanded stringent action against the police person and officials under whose instructions the attack was perpetrated.

Below is the statement:

The Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP )is in possession of video evidence of the unprovoked attack by a lathi wielding cop on fellow media person Khageswar Dhangdamajhi, reporter of Nav Bharat and Arjii, a local weekly who was present during the police lathi-charge on agitating farmers in Junagarh on the 1st of August. The MUFP not only condemns the police attack on a media person carrying out his professional duty it also strongly supports the vociferous local demand for stringent action against the official for resorting to goondaism and deliberately targeting a media person on duty. The MUFP expects the state government to order a top-level probe into the incident and suspend the official immediately on the basis of the visual evidence submitted by fellow journalists.

Supreme Court Of India Should Act KR Pura In Matter Of Athgarh

“We are of the opinion that when a nomination paper is presented it is a bounden duty of the Returning Officer to receive the nomination, peruse it, point out the defects, if any, and allow candidates to rectify the defects and when the defects are not removed then alone the question of rejection of nomination would arise,” the Supreme Court of India has ruled in the matter of a case pertaining to rejection of a candidate’s nomination in RK Pura Assembly constituency of Karnataka in 2008 by the RO in 2008.

Kavitha Mahesh, a candidate, whose nomination was rejected by the RO, not at the time of receiving, but on the day of scrutiny for publication of final list of candidates, facilitating election of Nandiesha Reddy in absence of proper contest, had moved the Karnataka High Court for nullification of the said election on ground of illegal rejection of her papers. That was challenged by Reddy in the Apex Court.

In dismissing Reddy’s appeal, a bench of Justice H.S.Bedi and Justice C.K.Prasad of the Supreme Court has held, “Any other view, in our opinion, will lead to grave
consequences and the Returning Officers may start refusing to accept the nomination at the threshold which may ensure victory to a particular candidate at the election”.

This exact point I have repeatedly discussed in these pages in the matter of rejection of nomination of Ranendra Pratap Swain by the RO in Athgarh constituency.

The observation and ruling of the Supreme Court in RK Pura matter applies entirely to the case of Athgarh pending before it.

The Returning Officer has butchered democracy in Athgarh and that needs to get back life. The Orissa High Court has declared the election of the ruling party’s adopted candidate null and void. But the Supreme Court is yet to deliver its verdict as the case has, through special leave , landed before it.

Democracy cries to get back life in Athgarh. The Supreme Court should not make any delay as revival of democracy should never be delayed.

The issue has been answered by the Supreme Court in RK Pura matter. It should be applied to the Athgarh case as the issue is exactly the same.