The Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) on July 16 has strongly condemned the attack on Sri Sushant Kumar Sahu, Editor, by a gang of supporters of Sri Nrusingha Sahu, Talcher MLA at his official quarters in the MLA Colony, Bhubaneswar on Friday, apparently at his instigation for having published a story that allegedly showed him in poor light.
In his FIR Mr Sahu has mentioned that on Friday evening he was called to the quarters of Sri Sahu by some of his supporters. As soon as he reached, he was abused and there was attempt to assault him. They have snatched away a bag from the editor which contained important documents and cash of Rs 10,000, Susant has alleged.
The MUFP has also been informed that the MLA has filed a counter FIR against Sushant. While the police  is probing into the matter, the MUFP demands strong action against the assailants as well as their instigator both by the police and the ruling Biju Janata Dal on the basis of the FIR  and for recovery of the mediaman’s bag along with the documents and the cash.

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